P E R E N N I A L S & O R N A M E N TA L G R A S S E S

purpurea ‘Magnus’ This outstanding perennial was chosen as the 1998 Perennial of the Year. It is long blooming and has light pink-purple petals with a light brown center. Ideal for any situation. Grows to 3’ tall.

Zone 3

Hemerocallis (Daylilies)
‘Stella de Oro’ (#1)

A long-lived hardy garden plant with low maintenance requirements. Adaptable to a wide variety of soil types. Heat and drought resistant. Bloom with lily-like flowers at ends of long stems. Gold self, segments curl back slightly. Blooms early July through frost. 15”

Zone 3

Heuchera (Coral Bells)
micrantha ‘Palace Purple’ #2 10-12" 9.35 #1 6-8" 4.30

Round, basal leaves, dainty bell-shaped flowers on branched spikes. Good for edging and borders.

Zone 3

Lovely, mahogany-red foliage makes an impact all season long. Small white flowers from early to midsummer. 20".

Iberis (Candy Tuft)

Spreading low mound of evergreen foliage completely covered with masses of tiny white flowers during April & May. Good border or edging plant. #1 6-8" 4.30 A slow growing dwarf variety to about 1 ft. tall, topped with spikes of fragrant deep purple flowers. One of the most popular dwarf varieties. Grows to about 18” tall. This variety has deep lavender blue flowers and blooms about a month earlier than the species. #1 6-8" 4.95

Zone 3

CONTAINER #2 10-12" 9.35 ‘Hidcote Blue’ ‘Munstead’ CONTAINER #2 10-12" 10.95

Lavandula (Lavender)

Zone 5

Perovskia atriplicifolia (Dwarf Russian Sage) Lacey Blue Russian Sage ‘Lisslitt’ PPAF Plant Patent Fee $0.35
CONTAINER #2 10-12" 10.95

Upright, mounded perennial useful in the border, landscape or mixed containers. Large scented dark blue flowers in July and August. Easy to grow and drought tolerant. #1 6-8" 4.95

Zone 5-9

H x S: 1-1.5’ x 2-3’


Rudbeckia (Coneflower) Salvia (Violet Sage)
x superba ‘May Night’

fulgida ‘Goldsturm’ Compact, free-flowering variety with showy, dark yellow, long-lasting daisy like blossoms from mid-summer to fall. Easy to grow and it produces rapid growth. Height to 24”. A reliable border plant with gray-green leaves and dense spikes of large, deep indigo blue flowers. Height 18”. Purplish bronze leaves with pinkish flowers. Low growing plant with leaves an inch long. Very popular perennial with green foliage and beautiful clusters of reddish pink flowers which bloom from late summer through fall. Very easy to care for. Height 24".

Zone 3

Zone 4


spurium ‘Dragons Blood’ telephium ‘Autumn Joy’ CONTAINER #2 10-12" 9.35

Zone 4

#1 6-8" 4.40

Calamagrostis x acutiflora
‘Karl Foerster’ Karl Forester is among the first reed grasses to bloom in spring and the color varies depending on the time of the season. The plant is also sturdy so there’s no worry for this plant to sell. A perfect plant for any gardener. Height 4' Grass that begins to bloom in early June with a beautiful white and green color. This reed grass is very tolerant & it will do great in the sun or shade. Height 3' Perennial with green/creamy yellow foliage in grasslike clumps. Height to 15”. Great additions as a border plant or in a rock or water garden. Perennial sedge with dark green leaves edged with bright white that grow in grass like clumps. Height to 12”. Great for rock or water gardens. Grass which may grow to 20’ when established, produces long stalks of pink flower plumes. Does well in full sun. Hardy grass which is a heavy bloomer with yellow flowers. Grows upright and is very showy. 10” flower height. Drought and heat tolerant. A hardy grass that forms 4-10” tall tufts of silvery-blue and gracefully arched thin blades. One of the nicest blues and it holds its color well throughout the summer. Drought and heat tolerant.

Zone 3


Zone 4 Zone 5

Carex morrowii


‘Ice Dance’ Variegated Japanese Sedge

Cortaderia selloana
‘Rosea’ (Pink Pampas Grass)

Zone 7 Zone 4

Festuca (Sheep Fescue, Blue Fescue)
glauca ‘Boulder Blue’ glauca ‘Elijah Blue’ CONTAINER #2 10-12" 10.95 #1 6-8" 5.50


macra ‘All Gold’

macra ‘Aureola’ macra ‘Fubuki’ PP19897

This beautiful Japanese grass begins to bloom in early fall. The color will light up the garden with its golden yellow color. A perfect grass for any Japanese garden or anyone looking for that theme. Height 18". Cool season dwarf grass with cascading, satinlike foliage which is broad and variegated with cream, chartreuse and green. Fall color turns red in fall. Creamy yellow and green variegated leaves turn to a reddish-purple tone in fall. Perfect for cascading down slopes, drape over rocks, or in containers. Elegant easy shade ground cover. Blue-grey evergreen grass with creamy flower spikes that bloom from summer to winter. Does well in full sun. 24” tall. A striking accent plant with 12-24” blades of grass in tufts that are bright green at the bottom and intensely red throughout the upper part of the plant. Holds color through the first frost. You’ll love it! (Autumn Light) Zone 5 Showy Miscanthus has a silver tint to the vegetation and grows to 4’ tall. Exhibits wonderful color in the fall. (Maiden Grass, Eulalia Grass) Zone 5 Dense Clumps of foliage to 7’ tall, cascades at tips. Arching stalks with feathery, fan shaped flower clusters that open red, then become white to buff colored with age. Attractive throughout the winter. (Morning Light) Zone 5 This variety which grows from 6-8’ tall has fine silvery blooms that flower from fall to winter. Easy to grow. Makes a fine addition to any landscape. (Porcupine Grass) Zone 5 This variety has an erect habit to about 6’, with horizontal yellow/gold bars; plumes to 9’. Best used as an accent plant or as a screen. (Variegated Silver Grass) Zone 5 A graceful grass with green and white striped leaves. Grows to about 4’ high. Requires partial shade. (Chinese Fountain Grass) Zone 5 This grass forms dense mounds of graceful, arching bright green foliage. Pinkish-white summer flower plumes mature to a rose/copper bristly seed pod. 24-36” (Dwarf Fountain Grass) Zone 5 A dwarf form similar in appearance to the larger P. alopecuroides. Height to 18” (Oriental Fountain Grass) Zone 5 Clumps grow to 18” tall and have a pink plume which extends 12” over the clump. Foliage will change to more of a tan color over the winter. Upright clumping grass with 12” long pink flower spikes that arch over the foliage. Foliage turns from a green to more of a coppery brown look as the season progresses. One of the longest blooming grasses. #1 6-8" 5.40

Zone 5

Zone 6

Zone 5-9 Zone 4 Zone 5

H x S: 8-16”x18-24”


sempervirens (‘Blue Oat Grass)

Imperata (Japanese Blood Grass)
cylindrica ‘Red Baron

Miscanthus (Silver Grass)
sinensis ‘Autumn Light sinensis ‘Gracillimus

sinensis ‘Morning Light’ sinensis ‘Strictus’

sinensis ‘Variegatus ‘

Pennisetum (Fountain Grass)
alopecuroides alopecuroides ‘Hameln’ orientale ‘Tall Tails’

Zone 6

CONTAINERS #5 #2 10-12" 20.00 10.95


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