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Observation Task 3: Supporting Learning through the

Performing Arts: Music and Movement

Focus: Understand the importance of using performing arts in the
classroom to link with academic subjects

Objective: To encourage student teachers to identify different ways that
performing arts can be used in academic subjects

Procedure: Identify two music and movement activities students performed
in the classroom and complete the table

Table 3: Music and Movement (Example)
Observed learning Centers Description: Objective International
(include photo): (Music & Movement) Learning

The preforming Music:
Apprecixation: students show their enjoyment
art lesson was The student
through imaginative descriptions or movements
done by five Pitch: students sing at the same pitch learn about the
teachers, each Rhythm: students replicate the rhythm of a song shark family
teacher get two using a drum or clapping
and the ocean
Notation: students write music or make their own
from her student life by using
there, were ten Conservation: students remember the melody of a different
students from 5 song resource.
different classes. Movement:
They was
standing as one skip, stomp, march,
line, each two Relationship: students are aware of their partners as
act like one everyone performs
shark from the Interpretation: students use their imaginations to
move (ex. imagine you are a tree, a camel, the wind)
sharks family. (listen to the music and use your imagination to
move to the music)
Reflections on Observation Task 3: Supporting Learning
through the Performing Arts: Music and Movement

Read the questions below and choose one to answer

1. Creative thinking and reasoning have been identified and
highlighted as an essential twenty-first-century skill by many
business, education, community and government leaders. In
your opinion, do you think that this is an important skill for
children to learn? Why or why not.

The Art lesson is very important to include it to the children,
art help the child to show his skills and abilities lf creativity
and thinking. The art lesson for the child it like the free class
which is let him create and do his own work.