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Lesson 2

Name: Jawaher Alkaabi

Course: Practicum 2b - EDU 2803
Instructor Name: Antoinette Wiseman
Lesson 2
Personal Aims (What do YOU need to work on in order to grow
- Behaviour Management.
- Teacher Voice.
Grade Level: Subject: Learning Outcome (School code and
KG 2 English (Writing words):
lowercase t ) - Students will be able to read &
write the letter /t/.
- Students will be able to identify
the letter /t/.

Resources (what Preparation (what do you need to make

materials/equipment will you and or check before class?)
the students use? Be specific)
- Song does the speakers work or
- Morning song not?
- Letters song of sounds - Materials is it enough?
h?v=XddZMF1jAgo Key vocabulary:
- Goodbye song - Paint
- Clean up song - Follow
- White board - Trace
- Markers - Clean up
- Magnet - Find
- Papers - Write
- Pencils - Stick
- Paint
- Bottoms
- Glue
- Students names cards
- Letter /t/ flash cards
- Letter /t/ worksheet
- Colours

Introduction (warmer activity + teacher

introduction/demonstration of small group activities)

- Review previous lesson the letter t sound.

Time: 15

Independence Work:

- Students will apply the activity as shown on the circle time finding
the letter t in the class.
- Students will be able to write the lowercase /t/ on the worksheet
Group Activity:
Time: 15
min - Students will trace the lowercase /t/ by using some paint &
Time: 15 minWhole


- Clean up song for 2 minutes.

- Allow children to discuss what they did.
- Students will name some words start with the letter /t/.
- Play the goodbye song at the last 1-minute.


- I will determine if the student understood the lesson by reviewing what we

take and ask them some questions to assess them and see if they understand
the lesson or not.