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Republic of the Philippines)

Rodriguez, Rizal) S.S



This DEED made and executed by and between:

RURAL BANK OF MONTALBAN, a domestic corporation duly organized

under Republic Act No. 720 as amended with principal address at
___________________________________________, represented by its Atty-in-Fact,
____________________________, hereinafter referred to as the VENDEE


______________________________, of legal age, Filipino citizens, married to

__________________________ with postal address at
______________________________________________________ hereinafter referred
to as the VENDOR.


WHEREAS, the vendor is the owner of the subject lot covered by TCT 516707,
particularly described as follows;

A parcel of land (Lot 1-B of the subd.plan (LRC)

Psd-154275, being a portion of Lot 1 (LRC) Pcs-
12813, LRC Cad, Res. No. N-182) situated in the
Bo. Of San Jose, Mun. of Montalban, Prov. Of
Rizal, Is. Of Luzon..

WHEREAS, the VENDEE has offered to purchase the subject property;

NOW, THEREFORE, for and in consideration of the foregoing premises and the sum of
FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND PESOS (PhP 500, 000.00) Philippine Currency,
payable in the manner stated below, the VENDOR hereby agrees to SELL, CEDE,
TRANSFER, and CONVEY to the BUYER, his/her successor/s-in-interest, and/or
assigns the above-described PROPERTY by way of Deed of Conditional Sale (DEED)
and on an AS IS, WHERE IS basis, subject to the following terms and conditions.


Sec. 1.1 Amount. The VENDEE undertakes and agrees to pay the VENDOR or its
successors-in-interest or assigns the purchase price of FIVE HUNDRED
THOUSAND PESOS (PhP 500, 000.00) Philippine Currency


Sec. 2.1. The VENDEE in able to facilitate the transfer and registration of the
subject lot, shall pay the FULL AMOUNT of the mortgaged property with the
Rural Bank of Montalban. Upon payment of the mortgaged price, the VENDOR
shall execute and Absolute Deed of Sale in favour of the VENDEE to assume full
ownership over the subject lot.

The VENDEE binds himself to pay the real estate taxes and special taxes
levied or that may be levied on the PROPERTY subject of this DEED
during the time the same is in force, when they become due and payable
or within the period provided by laws whereas the VENDEE must pay in
full the amortization required by the Rural Bank of Montalban in the
amount provided for in the Statement of Account upon receipt of the
consideration price. It is understood that failure of the VENDEE to submit
to the VENDOR or its assignee the Official Receipt for said payment shall
be prima facie evidence that the VENDEE failed to pay the mortgage on
or before the due date.


Sec. 4.1 Possession. The VENDEE may still allow the VENDOR to occupy and take
physical possession of the PROPERTY subject of this DEED after payment
of the expenses incidental to this DEED which shall include amortization
and fees for the registration of this DEED with the Register of Deeds.

Sec. 4.2 Condition for Continued Possession. Possession by the VENDOR of

the PROPERTY after full payment of the consideration is not a matter of
right and is subject to VENDEES regulation and absolute discretion. In
which case, the VENDOR agrees to peacefully and immediately vacate
the PROPERTY when the latter makes a demand to vacate.


Sec. 5.1. The VENDEE shall manage and administer the PROPERTY subject of this
DEED for all intents and purposes and his/her right to the possession
thereof shall continue as long as the terms and conditions of this DEED
are faithfully complied with.


Sec. 6.1 Ownership. The Title to the PROPERTY shall be transferred with the
VENDEE upon execution of the final Deed of Absolute Sale to be prepared
by the VENDEE after full and faithful compliance by the VENDOR of all
the terms and conditions of his DEED. The actual transfer shall be made
after the execution of an Absolute Deed of Sale in favour of the VENDEE.

Sec. 6.2 Non-transferability. The VENDOR during the implementation of this

DEED shall not sell, convey lease, cede, transfer or in any manner assign
his/her right or interest under his DEED or otherwise encumber the
PROPERTY in favor of any other party without the written consent of
VENDEE or its assignee. Any such lease, sublease, encumbrance, transfer
or assignment shall not vest in the lessee, sub-lessee, transferee or
assignee any right, the title in said PROPERTY, but shall render this DEED
null and void at the option of VENDEE. The VENDOR further warrants
that he shall not permit any lien or whatever kind or nature to attach to or
upon the PROPERTY which shall or may be superior to the rights of the

Sec. 6.3 Free access. The VENDOR shall not obstruct or interfere with the
inspection or survey of the property which VENDEE or its
assignee or any of its duly authorized representatives may
conduct from time to time.

Sec. 6.4 Warranty. The VENDOR warrants in full the truth of the representation
made in their offer for the purchase of the PROPERTY subject
hereof, and any falsehood stated therein shall be sufficient ground
for the cancellation or rescission of this DEED.

Sec. 6.5 Non-waiver. Failure by the parties to enforce strictly the provisions of this
DEED or to exercise any right, remedy or privilege hereunder
with respect to any violation by the other party shall in no case be
interpreted as a relinquishment thereof by the prejudiced party.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF the PARTIES hereto have hereunto affixed signatures

this _____ day of _______________ at Rodriguez, Rizal.

Vendee Vendor

Signed in the presence of




Rodriguez, Rizal) S.S.

I certify that on this ________ day of __________ 2017, before me, a notary public
duly authorized in the city named above to take acknowledgements, personally
appeared the following:


_____________________ _____________________
_____________________ _____________________

who was identified by me through competent evidence of identity to be the same

person described in the foregoing Deed of Conditional Sale and who acknowledged
before me that his/her signatures on the foregoing Deed of Conditional Sale were
voluntarily affixed by him/her for the purposes stated therein, and who declared to
me that he/she executed this Contract of Lease as his free and voluntary act and

This Contract of Lease consisting of four (4) pages, including this
Acknowledgment, has been signed on each and every page by the parties and their
instrumental witnesses.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I hereunto set my hand and affix my notarial seal on
the date and at the place above written.

Doc. No. ____;

Page No.____;
Book No.____;
Series of 2017.