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Reported speech is often also called

indirect speech. When we use
reported speech, we are usually
talking about the past (because
obviously the person who spoke
originally spoke in the past). The
verbs therefore usually have to be Simple Present Simple past
Now,intake a look
the past at these examples.
am (Retrieved by Present Perfect Past Perfect
1 Present Continuous Past Continuous
Past Simple Past Perfect
know Am, Is, Are Was/ Were
the Do, Does Did
answer Will Would
s. angry.
He said he was Can Could
He said they wouldnt know the Have, has Had
02. Number the sentences with the correct Reported
01. Write the Reported Speech Speech.
using Indirect Speech.
1. Julia: The policemen have already gone.
Mrio: I will fix the car. 2. Sarah: Come here Anthony!
_____________________________. 3. Kate: Mary is a liar.
Tulio: Sarah has broken the glasses. 4. Sony: Sam is coming to New York.
_____________________________. 5. Debra: Sandra will buy a car.
Maria: The fire destroyed my house. 6. Jonh: I cant go to the stadium.
Martha: The brown is building a new ( ) She asked me to come there.
house. ( ) She said that Mary was a liar.
_____________________________. ( ) He said that he couldnt go to the stadium.
The teacher: Speak in English! ( ) I heard that Sandra would buy a car.
_____________________________. ( ) She said that they had already gone.
Richard: I can paint your bike. ( ) I heard that he was coming to New York.

Now,Use your

Grandma: Who eat the pizza?

Tasmania: I have eat it.
Grandma: Where are the animals?
Tasmania: They are in the * Write a short dialogue between
backyard. two members of your family and
Grandma: Can you help me? bring next class.
Tasmania: No, Im doing my