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EPC 2903

Teaching Practice Booklet

Name/Descri Give the instructions When Aim of the How did/do

ption of the Observation
that the routine uses Task 4
and routine about this
routine. where
How is the
routine is (what student
used? behaviour it
hopes to (e.g. mentorin
(e.g. at the achieve) reminders by
end of the interaction by
school day such behavio
etc.; or to
ns after

1 At the beginning of the In the To let the In each morn

class, the teacher says begging of students to with the stud
Welcome the
good morning, ask them the school feel so, they lear
about what they feel, then day, and comfortable, repeating.
they start saying the Duaa. in the and they feel
begging of that the
the class. teacher is
2 After the Duaa, the teacher After Using The teacher
starts to remind the welcoming classroom about the ru
students about the routine the rules is to let rules.
by pointing the classroom students the students
chart, and also she and, be quiet and If the studen
performing the rules, then before focusing on rules, she us
the students start to follow starting the lesson, system.
the rules. the lesson and let them
in order to behave.
be quiet
and let
fusing in
the lesson.
3 The teacher ask the This routine
students "what the day helps the The teacher
Day and the
today" and they answer her students to the days of t
then she asks them what Before the know the days are learning
EPC 2903
Teaching Practice Booklet

comes after 9 and they say lesson and the also write th
10, then she chose one of start. mounts of the bored and a
the students to put number year.
10 in the date chart, and
ask the student about the
mouth. Later, she ask them
how many days do we have
in the week when they say
7 day, she ask them to sing
the week song.
The teacher starts the The teacher
4 lesson by warming up song, These by playing a
The begging of To guide
and let them move a little strategies get know it.
the lesson. them that
bit so, if they feel sleepy, help the
is the
this will help them to wake students to And this stra
lesson will
up and be happy to start engage, and because it le
the lesson. let him focus quiet and th
in the lesson the lesson.
After that she start the
lesson by a game, that
helps them to engage to
the lesson.

In the group activity which

is the center, the teacher
Students be
explains each center and
5 small indepe
then the students go to
When the know when t
After the their groups and do the
lesson is Small group lesson the te
lesson they activities.
finish, the activities help instruction o
will have small
teacher let the children in will go and d
group activity
the the
students independent
to go to learning.
activity and
that will help
each student
to learn.
6 The teacher asks each Check their The student
student about the lesson. understanding teacher ask
Assessment In the end
. or come to t
For example, in she/he of the
answer write
lesson she asks each of the lesson.
students to put the card
she/he on the board, and
EPC 2903
Teaching Practice Booklet

they have to put the word

"she" in the box that has a
picture of a girl and "he" in
the box that has a picture
of the boy.
EPC 2903 Teaching Practice Booklet


Teaching routines in the beginning of the year for KG classes is the most important thing that the
teacher should use to helps the children in the learning cycle. In my classroom, the teacher uses a suit
routine which can help the children in many ways which are to be accustomed, and they will feel
security and assist them to develop their self-discipline, and the children will understand what is coming
next in their day. Thus, that will lead to developing the children in many fields in learning.
EPC 2903 Teaching Practice Booklet

Activity Two: Planning for/Developing Routines and Procedures

Before you begin to complete the table talk a little bit about the class/lesson in which this plan for routines is to be used:
This routens is for KG 2 students, and the lesson was math, the learning object for the lesson is students will be able to know the
different between below and above, recognize above and below meaning, and make sentences using above and below. There are
some main activities that I did it in each center, and they should sharing materials. The transitions will be from the circle area to the
areas and the between the three areas.

Class/Year Routine Routine Routine

Learning Objective of the Start in the morning by Remind the students Give instructions, and
routine/procedure writing the date and the about the rules before explains the activates
day with the learning each lesson. before they going to the
(what it hopes to achieve)
object in the white centers.
Anecdotal Evidence
(e.g. pictures of your class during
the routine; posters of rules etc.)
EPC 2903 Teaching Practice Booklet

Place in todays class (when will In the begging of the Before begging the After interdicting the
you perform the routine) day, and for the lesson, also when the lesson for the children, I
learning object in the children making noise, I will explain to them the
begging of the lesson will remind them about activities.
the rules of the class.
Importance to the smooth Its important for both Its very important to This is so important, to
functioning of todays class the teacher and the have a rules in each the children to know
students, the student class, and also, its so what they will do, in
will learn the day and effective when I remind each activity, and also,
the date, and what they them about the rules when I explain it to the
will learn in this lesson because they start to whole class, so the the
and its reminder for the doing it. children will know what
teacher to know what to do in each center.
she will teach.
How well did this routine work in Its effective because This routine goes very Very well.
todays class the children recognize well, because the
the day and date. children start to behave.
If you had to teach this class over, I will show them the I will teach them the I will use the same
how would you adjust this routine materials recourse, rules with some strategy.
and why picture and videos and movements, for example
let them to guess what when I said the rules
they will learn today, they do the action of the
and for the day and the words.
date I will let the
students to try to write
EPC 2903 Teaching Practice Booklet

After the Task - Reflection

Choose 3 best practices you observed during your time in school. Reflect on these and consider why you could
implement these in a UAE KG classroom in the future. Explain how these practices will affect student learning in a KG

Thier are many strategies that I would implement it in my future teaching to make it effective learning cycle, such as using the
reward system, a lot of hands-on actitvies and using the rules poster. First of all, using reward system can manage students
behavior in many aspects, and it can evolve their performance in the class. The second technique is using lots of hands-on activities
because I notice in each TP I went to, that the children are learning through doing, and solving the activities not just sitting and
listing to the teacher, and also, using the child center in each lesson. The last system I would use in my future is put a poster that
shows the rules and each rule has a picture that shows the children how they should behave or sit in the classroom, and this poster
can evolve their manner, and let the children be quieter and listing to the teacher.
EPC 2903
Teaching Practice Booklet