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Triangles and their Three Angles
1. What tool do you use to measure angles? __________________ What unit do you use to measure angles? __________________ 2. Each partner must carefully measure each inside angle in degrees. Record the measurement you and your partner agree on. When the bell rings, move to the next triangle.
Angle A Triangle 1 Triangle 2 Triangle 3 Triangle 4 Triangle 5 Angle B Angle C Sum of Angles

3. Add all the angles of each triangle together. Record your answers in the last column of the table above. Show your work below.

Check you addition with a calculator. 5. Record your sum on the “Class Data Table.” 6. On the back, write 2 sentences about the sum of angles in a triangle.

Class Data Table
Sum of the Angles in Each Triangle

Sum of Triangle 1 Sum of Triangle 2 Sum of Triangle 3 Sum of Triangle 4 Sum of Triangle 5



J’son Maurice Avery James Carolina Chante Wendy