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caaddsmjmmxcmanSocial Function c
To retell an event for the purpose of informing and

B. Generic Stucture
Orientation : Which provides the setting of introduces
Event : tell what happened, in what sequence
Re-orientation : that is optional closure of elevants

C. Grammatical features
Focus on specific participants
We have to use past tense form of verb.
for example :

see saw seenmn

Then we should look for the Circumstances of time
And finally the use of material process
D.Example for Recount Text

Title: The Happy New Year 2016

Orientation :

On new year's eve 2016, me and my big family

celebrated it at my aunt's Saung Nagreg. There we can catch
some fish at the fish pond.

Event 1 :
My dad and the others were fishing, my mom and
the others were cooking, then I and the other kids were
playing cards inside.

Event 2 :
The one's face who lose was smeared by face
powder and I lost all the time so all my face was almost
totally white because of it.Everyone laughed happily.
Event 3 : c
The moment to the new year's eve we were outside then we
counted down. "3... 2... 1... Boom!" The sound of fireworks
and trumpets were everywhere. We started to pray and we
shouted 'Happy new year!'
Re-Orientation :
After that we ate together, we had some chats and
then finally we had some rest... It was an unforgettable

E. Macam- macam Recount Teks

Recount merupakan teks yg di gunakan untuk

menceritakan pengalaman masa lalu yg ditulis secara
kronologis. Recount teks dapat dikategorikan dalam
beberapa kelompok, yaitu :

1. Personal Recount : teks recount digunakan untuk

mencaritakan pengalaman pribadi/personal.
Contoh : Diary, Autobigraphy, biography, dan Personal

2. Factual Recount : Teks recount yg digunakan untuk

merekonstruksi informasi factual dimasa lampau.
Contoh : Police Reconstruction of Accident, Past Event
Report, Historical Essay.
3. Literary Recount : Teks Recount jenis ini bergaya suatu
roman yang digunakan untuk menghibur.
4. Procedural Recount : Teks Recount yg digunakan untuk
menunjukkan suatu proses dimasa lampau. Digunakan
untuk menyampaikan hasil eksperimen atau penelitian.
Recount Text

Nama :
Amanda Mega

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TAHUN 2016/2017

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