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Worksheet Day 1 :

1. Describe the setting of the story.

2. Why does the bystander tell Eliza to give the gentleman a flower? Better give him a

flower for it?

3. What does meddle (p. 20) mean?
4. What does busybody (p. 21) mean?
5. Selsey, Lisson Grove (where Eliza is from), and Hoxton are all areas of England or parts

of the city of London. Higgins can tell where various people are from after hearing them

speak. Is this surprising? Can you do the same thing for people in your country?
6. What does Higgins think about Elizas way of speaking?
7. Is Higgins polite to Eliza?
8. Does Higgins think that everyone should speak the same way?
9. On page 20, The Bystander says to Higgins You take us for dirt under your feet, dont

you? What does he mean by that?

10. On page 21, The Sarcastic Bystander says I knowed he was a plain-clothes copper.

Whats a copper? Why would he be in plain-clothes?

11. In the song, Higgins sings Why cant the English teach their children how to speak?

The main idea of the song is that Higgins thinks that:

a. English people dont teach their children how to talk.
b. English people arent taught to pronounce words correctly.
c. there are too many accents and dialects in English.
d. B & C
e. All of the above