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Sheena Robinson
Many adults often find themselves in unfavorable financial
situations because of the lack of financial education they re-
ceived as a child. There are many books to help adults recover
from their financial mistakes, but there are very few books
that are designed to help teach parents how to raise
up wealthy children starting from birth. That is
why Financial Parenthood is a must read for any parent rais-
ing a child in the 21st Century.

Being a traditional parent is a role you take on once you have

a child, but becoming a financial parent is by choice. This
book allows any child regardless of their economic status to
have a fair chance at living the best life possible. Parents will
learn what they should be doing at each stage of their child's
financial development and learn what the best techniques are
to setting their child up for a bright future.

By teaching your child the techniques taught in this book,

they will be well on their way to making it into Generation
Wealthy. A generation name often given to a select few.



Financial Parenthood has made it possible for every

parent to raise financially successful children by giving
them a system to follow. - Ashley Jones Amazon

Sheena is amazing! This book was the breakthrough

my family has been waiting on. It gave us hope to be-
gin teaching our children about money and it allowed
us to see that we have to help our children take control
of their future. - Samone Wilson
Sheena Robinson, The Financial Parent Consultant is a
certified financial educator, certified life coach, empower-
ment speaker, entrepreneur, and author of Financial Par-
enthood. She earned her B.A degree in Mass Communi-
cations with minors in Business Administration and
Speech Communication from Ouachita Baptist University.
She has been in the financial industry since 2008 teaching
individuals life-changing concepts to help increase their
net worth.

She is the CEO and founder of Diva 4 Wealth, an organi-

zation dedicated to impacting communities through finan-
cial education. She conducts various workshops through-
out the year centered on the organizations core values:
Education, Empowerment, Entrepreneurship, and Eco-
nomic Success. She also runs her own insurance agency.

Because of her love for young people and her desire to see
them succeed, she opened Financial Parent Academy.
The academy is a 501(c)3 that helps parents, children, col-
lege students, and growing adults. Sheena loves spending
The Financial Parent Consultant
time with her circle of love and impacting people on a
daily basis by helping them discover their full potential.

1. What was your inspiration for writing Financial Parenthood?

I was inspired to write this book from my own childhood and not learning financial skills until
I became an adult. My daughter Madison also inspired me as well. I wanted to be able to give
her a chance to have exposure to the financial world before she graduated high school.

2. What can parents walk away with after reading this book?
Parents can walk away empowered to teach their children financial education and have a clear
path to follow. They will also be able to become a financial parent regardless of how their
childhood was. They will be able to help their children have control of their own financial fu-
ture and have a solid plan to move forward once they transition into adulthood.

3. Why is it so important for parents to become financial parents?

It is so important for parents to become financial parents so that children will have exposure to
financial information. Equipping children with the necessary financial knowledge to succeed
as well as opening up accounts for children as early as possible gives them a higher chance of
living the best life possible. We see the affect of not being a financial parent daily in society.
Many adults are living in a cycle of debt, people are robbing others, and some go as far as kill-
ing others over material possessions. It is important that parents teach children that they can
become wealthy themselves and not have to envy others.

4. What are the main components of your Financial Headstart Pro-

Within the book, parents learn the five different stages of financial development children go
through and what they should be doing during each stage of the process. The main objective in
the program is to help children become independent thinkers and learn how to take control of
their future by making mistakes at a young age so as an adult they will be able to manage their
money more effectively.

5. What role do you think this book will play in the lives of future
I believe that this book can be the game changer in a lot of families if people really take it to
heart. I believe it will help take the limits off from anyone who ever felt less because they did
not come from a certain class. This book gives all families a chance to understand how to
build wealth for themselves.
Sheena Robinson
The Financial Parent Consultant

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