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LISTEN UP! Rant Writing

Popularized by Canadian comedian, Rick Mercer, a rant is the sister

to the soliloquy and distant cousin of debate; it is an individual self-
expression, or more simply put, an opinion. It is something that the
ranter thinks should be known, and theyre not afraid to tell you
about it. A rant is usually done with wit and humour, at the same time
expressing a position, a stance, or an issue that you think is important.
The viewers should be entertained, but at the same time are left with a
lasting impression about the topic. A good rant usually includes the
A topic that is current the topic should not be threatening,
not include profanity or malign an individual reputation;
Clear and concise message;
Effectively convinces the audience of your opinion;
Clear structure:
Intro Establish the topic of the rant
Middle Provides a challenging statement which makes
the listener/viewer think....The AHA! moment;
End Wrap up with a statement that leaves the
listener/viewer with an understanding of the

Task: Create a rant in the style of Rick Mercer. Your rant will be
recorded and presented to the class (If thats okay with you). Your rant
can be about any topic you choose.

1) topic selection
ex. Government, education, social media, etc.
2) Planning
Complete your rant planner.
3) Create
You will submit:
A recording of the rant
A final copy of rant script with citations done in
correct MLA style
A works cited page (at least 2 sources)
A brief write-up of your media conventions and
speaking strategies: identify them, provide an
example from your work, explain how it works. You
can do this in the chart form, which might be clearer
(and easier).
Consider the following stylistic devices to make your rant stronger:
facts, humor, hypothetical situation, metaphor, quotation, rhetorical
question, statistics.

Use the following guidelines and questions to help you plan and
develop your Rant.
1. My topic is:
2. My purpose is:
3. My audience is:
4. My research collection (facts that I have learned to give my Rant



7. What visuals/props will you use?

9. Decide on stylistic devices that will accompany your Rant. Use
facial expressions and body language to convey your message