It is not an easy task to summarize the life of someone who passed through so many experiences, so many difficulties, and so many sinuous paths. It happened as if INRI CRISTO had lived many lives in one only existence. The richness and singularity of his history reside on the authenticity and spontaneity of how the changes in his life happened; the details that marked his trajectory, some of which we transcribed here, inspire reflection for the undecided minds. There are countless particularities in INRI CRISTO’s life; if they were to be simply summarized, would lose the sublimity and deepness on how they happened. Therefore, we focused on the most outstanding events to enable understanding for the readers.

By Aderexi Schmidt English Spokeswoman SOUST’s Communication Adviser
CHILDHOOD INRI CRISTO reincarnated in a small village called Indaial, in the countryside of the state of Santa Catarina, Brazil. On March 22nd 1948, a midwife called Mrs. Bema delivered him to a couple of German Catholic peasants, Wilhelm and Magdalena Thais. Both of them did not know his origination and nurtured him as if he were their own son. Despite having been a circumcised Jew, since his earliest age, INRI CRISTO was providentially raised in a Catholic atmosphere so as to comprehend and demystify the dogmas imposed upon the Catholic people all around the world, mainly in the land of the Holy Cross, which is called Brazil. Since he was a boy, his life was different from the lives of other children. In his childhood, he was awakened in the still of night by clear but very terrible visions, of people groaning, creeping over their own exposed members; later on, his FATHER gave him knowledge that these visions were premonitions concerning the end of this chaotic world. So it happened until he was seven years old. Only in adolescence and when he was already grown up did they reappear a few times again. INRI CRISTO attended the school Adolfo Konder, in Blumenau (state of Santa Catarina – Brazil), only until the third primary year; he was forced to leave studying. In his early age, he had to carry water to help the woman who raised him up in her occupation of washerwoman, as she had to provide the maintenance of family. Yet in his childhood, he knew the vicissitudes inherent to material poverty. Amidst the usual jokes peculiar to boys, he did not understand why the others jeered, laughed for the fact that he was different. Only later when he was grown up he could understand the meaning of his origination and of circumcision.

inherent finalities, declare that on 03/22nd/1948, have received at our home, in the locality of Rio Morto, borough of Indaial, State of Santa Catarina (Brazil), the visit of midwife Mrs Bema, who gave us a boy whose origination were not known to us and whose true name is Inri Cristo, and we have raised him up as our son. At the age of thirteen, he became unsubmissive and started to live independently from us, constantly changing home, working as greengrocer, baker, food deliverer, etc., always in different places and even in different cities. Sometimes he passed more than a year without visiting us. From 1971 on, we started to watch him on television announcing the future of people. In the year of 1978, he visited us and said he would have to leave Brazil and return only three years later. Since then, we did not have any more information about him unless a report in the magazine Fatos e Fotos (Facts and Photos), number 1006, from 12/1st/1980, that showed him in France healing the sick and in which he said he was called Inri Cristo and was the Son of GOD reincarnated. In 1981, we got surprised by program Fantástico, from Globo TV (Brazil), when, among the crowd, he said again that he was called Inri Cristo and was the Son of GOD that returned to Earth. We got astonished because after three years of absence he had not even come to visit us. Many months later, he visited us followed by three people. We approached to embrace him but he repelled us, asserting that when he was fasting in Santiago of Chile, his FATHER, LORD and GOD revealed to him that we are not his parents but he is our Father and Father of humanity, and that his true name is Inri Cristo and not only in his name, but he is the same Christ who was crucified”).
ADOLESCENCE Since childhood, INRI CRISTO obeys one voice, one voice only and all powerful, that speaks inside his head, but until he fasted in 1979 he did not know whose voice it was. At the age of thirteen, he received orders to leave home, and abdicate home comfort. He started to peregrinate over the Earth and to live the reality of social corners. In adolescence, he worked as greengrocer, baker, food deliverer, peddler, waiter etc. He also had the opportunity to witness the proscribed roman church using the name of the poor and the needy people to practice frauds and unashamedly gather resources for her own benefit. Since his early age, INRI CRISTO could observe the hidden face of those who claim to be GOD’s servants; he observed how they present to people as paladins of just causes, however, internally, they are full of falsehood, corruption and iniquity. This made INRI CRISTO completely discredit religions and become a convinced atheist until the fasting in 1979. INRI CRISTO could never attach to anything or to anybody. Whenever he was pleased to work in a place or to live with a person, he received orders to move away, change the profession, change the city, always going ahead in obedience to the voice that commands him. THE ADULT STAGE In 1969, at the age of 21, INRI CRISTO started to live as a prophet with the gift of clairvoyance granted by his FATHER. He was the prophet of an unknown GOD (“I will come upon you as a thief and you shall now know what hour I will come upon you” – Revelation c.3 v.3). Not having consciousness of his identity, but always obedient to the voice that spoke inside his head since childhood, he started his public life as Iuri and spoke in radio stations announcing the future. He started to speak on television in 1971; his first appearance was in TV Morena, channel 6 of Campo Grande (state Mato Grosso do Sul – Brazil). Under such circumstance, his life had a huge jump; from city to city, he started to live in the hotels and to attend all social atmospheres. Before departing Brazil in 1978, he lived in the suite 951 of Hotel Copacabana Palace, in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).

(Declaration of Wilhelm and Magdalena Thais, registered in the 4th Office of Registration of Titles and Documents from Curitiba on July 15th 1986: “We, Wilhelm Thais and Magdalena Thais, for the

The gift of clairvoyance and his predestination to know the winding paths of the human soul provided that he was known and demanded by many people. Deputies, senators, judges, business men, socialites came to his presence to ask advise, orientation and to question him about the future. He showed the solution for their problems, gave them instruction and they contributed to his survival, to his walk over the Earth. So INRI CRISTO closely experienced the problems from the lowest to the highest standard of life. Through this immense laboratory of sociology, his FATHER, LORD and GOD made him deeply know the true intention hidden inside each human being, their weaknesses and miseries, the sicknesses disguised under expensive clothing, the hypocrisy and corruption of contemporary society. It was a detailed study of human sciences in the school of life, necessary for the accomplishment of his mission; that cannot be learned from books or from conventional academies.

In 1978, he received an order to depart from Brazil without leaving anything behind, completely divested of material goods. He felt inside he would embark on a journey with no return. On the 1st of September 1978, he arrived at Santa Cruz de La Sierra and on the next day he arrived at La Paz, in Bolivia. After he spoke to the Bolivians, the Paraguayans, the Uruguayans and the

Argentineans, he finally arrived at Santiago in Chile, where an independent esoteric group was prepared by the hands of Divine Providence to receive “el gran Maestro” (the great Master). They had built a rustic stone house, which had not been inhabited by anybody until INRI CRISTO arrived there; it was the place where he would fast. In September 1979, obedient to the same voice that commands him, without free-will, he subjected himself to fasting. Being the first time he fasted, INRI CRISTO did not drink water. When he was in the imminence of a starvation process, once more that voice imperatively ordered him: “Stand up!”. When he stood up, because blood delayed to rise up to his head, his hands did not help him, his arms did not sustain him, they weakened back and INRI CRISTO broke his nose by falling on the ground (the scar resulting from this fall is seen until nowadays). At this moment, blood poured out and he felt stabbing pain; then the voice told him, at this instance stronger and more imperious than ever: “Pain is necessary, blood is necessary, so when you pass through denial and reproof, you will remember the pain and the blood, which is the same blood you spilled on the cross, and then you will obtain strength to endure the hardness of reproof that awaits for you. I am the GOD of Abraham, of Isaac and of Jacob. I am your LORD and GOD, and you are my Son, the same Christ who had been crucified”. The LORD GOD revealed his previous incarnations and the mystery of his name, which had the second letter upside down (u # n). The LORD said his new name is not Iuri, but Inri, the name he paid with his blood on the cross. I.N.R.I, INRI is the name Pilate wrote above his head when he agonized on the cross, when they spat on his face, when they humiliated him, when Scriptures were fulfilled. INRI is the name that cost the price of blood. It is the new name of the Son of Man

(“To whom that wins… will I write upon him the name of my GOD… and my new name” – Revelation c.3 v.12). Nevertheless, the LORD told him that, except those to whom He revealed

directly, INRI CRISTO could not reveal his identity to anybody until a newspaper, as if it was by mistake, wrote his name correctly. INRI CRISTO was clothed with a white tunic manufactured by Berta Segura Sanches, a retired Philosophy teacher, leader of the esoteric group who waited for him in Chile.

Photographs in the stone house by Abevere, INRI’s eldest disciple, September/1981.

INRI CRISTO comprehended his huge responsibility, as his FATHER gave him consciousness on the meaning of his condition, of his name and the difficult mission that was granted to him in the dawn of the New Age: judge humanity and establish on Earth the Kingdom of GOD. The LORD also showed him that being Christ was not a reason for joy. On the contrary. Before being recognized and accepted by humanity, he would be reproached, imprisoned, humiliated, slandered, hated, betrayed and even expelled from some countries. It was reproof he himself

said that all this was necessary so he would deeply know his people and those who are his selfproclaimed representatives and yet they are not, serving from his former name (Jesus) to satisfy their own hidden interests and deceive the reckless ones, fulfilling what is foreseen in Matthew c.24 v.5 and 24 (“For many false christs and false prophets will come in my name and produce great deeds and omens to lead astray, if possible, even the elect” – Matthew c.24 v.5 and 24). They came and cried out to the whole world: “Halleluiah! The blood of Jesus has the power”, built empires and founded radio and TV networks “in the name of Jesus”. It is convenient to point out for those who may try to fit INRI CRISTO in that biblical text: while the false christs and false prophets came in his former name (Jesus), INRI CRISTO came with a new name, the name he paid with his blood on the cross (Revelation c.3 v.12) and in name of his FATHER, LORD and GOD. AFTER THE FASTING Departing from Santiago in Chile, INRI CRISTO continued his peregrination over the Earth passing through Peru, Colombia, Venezuela and all countries of Central America, always speaking to people in public squares, radios, televisions and universities in search of meeting his children again; however he presented only as a messenger of GOD. Yet he did not openly say he is the same Christ of two thousand years ago, some children recognized him. When he arrived at Mexico, to fulfill what the LORD had told him in the fast, the newspaper Ovaciones published in the first page: “INRI, el Cristo, Hijo de DIOS, habla al pueblo y cura a los enfermos en el Quiosque de la Alameda” (“INRI, the Christ, Son of GOD, speaks to the people and heals the sick in Alameda Kiosk”). From this day on, INRI CRISTO started to publicly say he is the Son of GOD who returned to Earth. He vehemently felt the fulfillment of what his FATHER had warned him of in the fast regarding reproof. Many hated and rejected him; few loved and recognized him. He left Mexico destined for the USA. Banished, from the airport of Miami he followed directly to Spain. In Madrid, when he spoke to people in front of the Building of the English Court, due to the crowd who went to see his appearance, the police detained him and took him together with the multitude to the seat of the National Guard. As a consequence of the agitation, the general moved from his cabinet in the direction of the door; by contemplating INRI CRISTO’s face and hearing his voice, he said: “En España, Crito puede hablar donde quiere” (“In Spain, Christ may speak where he wants”). Afterwards INRI CRISTO went to Portugal, where he spoke to the people in Rossio Square (Lisbon) and lived some particularities of the Lusitanian people.

the Son of Man suffer many things and be rejected by this generation. As it was in the time of Noah, so too it will be when the Son of Man comes” – Luke c.17 v.25 to 35). But the LORD

foresaw two thousand years ago regarding his return (“But first (before LORD’s glory day) must

When he arrived at Dover, in England, they expelled him to the country of landless people. France sheltered him for nine months and was the only country to announce in the means of communication: “Lê Christ est reveu sur la terre” (Christ is back to Earth). Among all countries INRI CRISTO visited, France was the most special and significant one. In the beginning, INRI CRISTO did not know how to speak French. When he walked on the streets and did not know what he would have to eat or where to sleep, as he walked only with his inseparable white tunic, his mantle and his sandals, stripped of material goods, his FATHER showed him the beggars and said to him: “Look there, because of your representative condition, because you are my Son, you cannot beg for anything, as I am not a beggar. You cannot ask anything from anybody until your legitimate children come to you”. So INRI CRISTO fasted when he did not have anything to eat and slept even in the cemeteries and in the forest of Rambouillet when he had nowhere to sleep. But ironically, these dramatic and extremely difficult moments of his walk over the Earth were exactly the ones where INRI CRISTO most felt the living and vehement presence of his FATHER, LORD and GOD (look One Night in Paris in book AWAKENER 1st part, edited by MÉPIC). After fasting, the first words INRI CRISTO pronounced in French were: “Avec ma main, mon PÉRE guerid lês malades” (Through my hands my FATHER heals the sick). From then on, through his hands countless and notorious miracles happened; miracles that he never attributed to himself but only to his FATHER. France was the country where the signs of GOD through INRI CRISTO’s hands most occurred; this fact was registered by local press and is available in the website .

Despite being well received by French people, INRI CRISTO had orders to return to Brazil and provide the foundation of SOUST. He was declared a landless person in France; in this condition he returned to the land GOD gave him to reincarnate in. He arrived at Salvador (state of Bahia, Brazil) on March 21st 1981; until the date of revolution he went alone through all capitals and main Brazilian cities. The LORD told him that, while he had not founded the New Catholic Order, he could not have disciples in his company. THE REVOLUTION IN BELEM OF PARA In obedience to his FATHER, LORD and GOD, INRI CRISTO had to break the bond with his former church, the roman, annulling the effect of the words spoken to Peter: “Peter, you are Peter and upon this rock I will build my church and the gates of hell will not prevail on her” (Matthew c.16 v.18). But the gates of hell started to prevail in the bosom of the church he left; instead of preserving faithful to the teachings he left, she turned her back on GOD and became the whore of Revelation c.17, with the worst examples of behavior for mankind (Inquisition, idolatry, religious trade, selling of indulgences and sacraments, distortion of divine law and of the teachings left by Christ, introduction of pagan cults, rituals and beliefs in the bosom of Catholicism, suppression of the eternal and divine law of reincarnation from Christian doctrine, practice of pedophilia, moral dissoluteness, political plots in exchange for benefits, etc…). For these and many other reasons, on Feb. 28th 1982 the roman church was declared proscribed by the ALMIGHTY and in its place the New Catholic Order, SOUST, came into being to provide continuity to the Sect of the Nazarene (as the Christian church was known in its beginning), rescuing the pure teachings the Son of Man left before being crucified. After speaking for three consecutive days (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday before the revolution) on TV Guajará, channel 4 of Belem (state of Para, Brazil), INRI CRISTO convoked people to appear on Sunday at Dom Pedro II Square. On this historical day, Feb. 28th 1982, INRI CRISTO met ten thousand people; from Dom Pedro II Square he went to the cathedral. He interrupted the farce called mass and expelled priests, shouting: “Get out of here, liar thieves, idols worshipers, false sacrament vendors, I am Christ!”. Next he went up on the altar and performed the libertarian gesture: pulled the puppet from the cross and broke it much to the astonished look of the present people who exclaimed: “Christ! Christ! Christ!”.

He showed, through this act, he is not a puppet nailed on a cross, but the living Christ, in bone and flesh. Then, the LORD told him:

“Behold, my son, this is not your house or mine. My house is your house. This is the house of idolatry, the house that sells your name and My name. It is just like a prostitute, for while the prostitute sells her body, this house, that had been your church, sells the sacraments that are her body. Due to iniquity that prevails in all churches, this is neither my dwelling nor yours. For this reason I order you to establish my kingdom there on earth, announce to the world that this is my command. I am the GOD of Abraham, of Isaac and of Jacob. I am your LORD and GOD, the same who opened the sea for Moses to pass and gave you comfort when you agonized on the cross. I am the only LORD of heaven and earth”.
At this dramatic and extremely severe moment, the LORD spoke the name of the new catholic order; that was the birth of SOUST (Suprema Ordem Universal da Santíssima Trindade / Supreme Universal Order of the Holy Trinity, also Supreme Catholic Order of the Holy Trinity, as the words “universal” and “catholic” in the translation have the same meaning), the new and only church of INRI CRISTO, in the formation of one flock and one shepherd (John c.10 v.6). The desperate priests called the policemen, who removed people from the cathedral by force.

They took INRI CRISTO to the central police station and then to prison “São José”, where he stayed during fifteen days and left without depending on attorneys. A psychiatric board officially named by judge Dr. Jaime dos Santos Rocha and presided by Dr. Nerival Barros examined INRI CRISTO and said that, according to optimistic prospect, they could only conclude a report about the Son of Man on the day of the Last Judgment; they alleged that he acts in a superior intellectual sphere, considered atypical (as registered newspaper The Liberal, of March 1st 1982, filed in SOUST). On April 20th 1982, INRI CRISTO made the official institution of SOUST in Curitiba, capital city of Paraná state in Brazil, where he endured the longest and most bitter period of reproof that his FATHER had announced to him. He walked through the streets and squares of incredulity and reproof, thus imposing his presence and his message to the generation of hardened hearts.

INRI CRISTO IN THE VATICAN After the institution of the Kingdom of GOD on Earth, formalized by SOUST, INRI CRISTO received an order from his FATHER to annul the final bond with his former church, the roman, whore of Revelation c.17. On Sep. 24th 1983, he arrived at the Vatican and saw personally the biggest commercial establishment seller of false sacraments in the world. The LORD ordered him to enter the temple built in the name of Peter, the worldwide center where the traitors of divine cause meet together. When INRI CRISTO contemplated the biggest idolatry center in the world inside that temple, the LORD, GOD of Abraham, of Isaac and of Jacob, spoke with vehemence: “This sick tree must dry, it does not give good fruits. Dry, sick tree, dry! Dry so that the good tree I planted gives me and my children, the children of Israel, the fruits you refuse to give”.

Obviously, when the LORD mentions the good tree, He refers to SOUST. INRI CRISTO left that place carrying in his innermost being the conviction that the sick tree will dry exterminated by the divine angel of execution called Time, that in its place the good tree planted by the hands of the ineffable CREATOR of the Universe will grow and once more the Scriptures are fulfilled. Under the force of the divine decree, the principality of iniquity began to fall in ruins. It started in 1984, with the revocation of the Treaty of Lateran, established in 1929 between the dictator Mussolini and the “pope” Pio XII, whose terms guaranteed a series of privileges to the State of Vatican. With the Senate’s approval to the proposal of the Italian premier Bettino Craxi, the city of Rome ceased to be considered sacred and many privileges so far inherent to the prelates of the Vatican were eliminated, as registered Veja Magazine on August 8th 1984. In the whole world the scandals in the bosom of the proscribed church (that always happened but were concealed from public knowledge) started to flourish abundantly. Inside book AWAKENER 2nd part there are some notorious journalistic examples. THE OFFICIAL RECOGNITION OF INRI CRISTO’s IDENTITY BY EARTHLY AUTHORITIES After overcoming a lawsuit of ideological falsehood in Federal Justice that lasted for fifteen years, INRI CRISTO obtained the official recognition of his identity by Earthly authorities. On October 24th 2000, the Eminent Justice Tribunal of the State of Paraná issued a revering sentence determining

that his new name, INRI CRISTO, be registered on all his documents (passport, ID, CPF etc.). INRI is the name that cost the price of blood on the cross. It means, in Latin, Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorum (Jesus of Nazareth, the King of Jews); in Hebrew, Iammim Nour Rouahh Iabescheh (fire, earth, water, air); it also means Igne Natura Revovatur Integra: by fire nature renews (“Him

the singular. (INRI CRISTO’s complete juridical history is available in the website ).

that overcometh will I make a pillar in the temple of my God, and he shall go no more out; and I will write upon him the name of my God, and the name of the city of my God, which is new Jerusalem, which cometh down out of heaven from my God: and I will write upon him my new name” – Revelation c.3 v.12). CHRIST, in the translation of Greek, means “the anointed one”, in

INRI CRISTO is more dangerous than any spell imagined by the superstitious minds that accuse him. He dares to teach freedom for those who long to be free; and his love for freedom is considered the greatest of any craziness. INRI CRISTO can never succumb to the weight of responsibility nor abdicate his legitimacy, much less hide his identity. He must endure indefatigably until that, reborn from the ash of reproof, totally purified, his spirit will be able to accomplish GOD’s great purpose. As he announced to the apostle John, by the time of his day and Divine Judgment, his hair will be white as snow (Revelation c.1 v.14); therefore it is necessary to wait the passing of time on Earth.

From the rags of the shaky structures of this disordered, iniquitous, corrupt and moribund society will emerge, anointed with power and glory, INRI CRISTO, the Son of GOD, who returned to judge, not to be judged anymore. All people will be stupefied seeing the Morning Star shine in rejoicing for the men with pure hearts, the simple, the humble, the righteous, the ones who love truth, hope and serve righteousness.

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