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Guiding Models Leading to Self-Management

We have talked about the need for students to belong multiple

times in class discussion. Alfie Kohn brings it back in his model and I

think that it ties in with the other three models about Self-

Management. As teachers we play a role in students learning to

become self-managing people. It is a skill that they should learn and

these four models have key points in teaching self-management. Haim

Ginott had the Humanistic Theory, where the teacher modeled

behavior, he believed in communication and learning is always a

personal matter to the students. With saying this there are three main

points in the intervening models that stand out to me, these include:

setting goals, choice and student responsibility.

A theme that came across clearly to me from these intervening

models was setting goals. As educators it is important for us to teach

students how to set goals, but also making sure these goals are

attainable. The models 7 Habits of Happy Kids/ The Leader in Me talked

about helping students become more goal oriented. I think that when

students learn this skill it leads to self-management. This is because

when students are able to set an attainable goal, a goal they chose

themselves, they are more focused and motivated to reach that goal,

leading to self-management. I think that once they learn to set goals,

they will continue to do this which can lead to having accountability

when it comes to their schoolwork. If the students set these goals for
themselves they are accountable for reaching them or working towards

them, because it should be something they want. When students learn

to become goal oriented they can begin to reflect and self-asses, I

think these go hand and hand because in order to set a goal, we need

to asses where we are at then set a goal from there and reflect as we

work towards that goal, what is or is not working? Becoming goal

oriented leads right into student choices, because they should be

setting their own goals.

I am a firm believer in student choice, and these intervening

models only confirm and add onto my beliefs. When we allow our

students to make choices we are giving them control of their

education, they are becoming leaders in their learning. Kohn, Dr. Fay,

Dr. Funk, Dr. Cline and Bailey each mention student choice in their

models. I really liked how Becky Bailey has the 7 Skills of Discipline,

choice being one of them. When students are given the opportunity to

make choices in the classroom, within limits like Fay, Funk and Cline

say, they are learning self-management. When we teach them to make

choices, based on their goals, they feel control of their education and

this in turn motivates them. Students choices also play into their

behavior, because they chose how they act. Teaching students to make

positive and proactive choices will lead into teaching this student

responsibility and self-discipline.

Student responsibility needs to be taught in order to teach self-

management in the classroom. I think that this theme ties all the other

themes together to really get to self-management. When we allow

students to make choices and set goals we are teaching them

responsibility, we are giving them the responsibility of their learning.

The Love & Logic model had all three of these themes in their models

and I really liked when they talked about encouraging thinking and self-

reflection. This is because we give them this responsibility and it all

leads their thoughts and reflecting on these thoughts. Once students

realize they are responsible for their learning, or at least have the

opportunity to be, we can have a class of students who self-manage.

I really enjoyed these models and what they talk and focus on.

Self-Management is a life skill and it starts in the classroom. Through

choice and setting goals for oneself, we become responsible for our

actions, where we can reflect on them and set new goals. All four of

these models made great and important points for leading to self-

managing students, as well as teachers.