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ruts 4 Pecan 198 Mace Read the sentences and choase the correct option to camplete them: 1. My cousin's a famous, journals $ He wies for @ newspaper 2. In hot weather, people usually wear! ‘ott + clothes to keep them fresh. 3. [think this bole of mk isnot esh. Fook at is past tet 4. My teachoris vary poite¢ she toate us very wel 5. Fmmaking 9 cake, need some ouer 6. 'm very ted. want to have aday ot + work! 1 tts relly dangerous tod gar yt 8 Serahie. iewyer —_¢, she helne peapla not ogo toa ©. Kyleie fom Wales. Ho's winen 5 10.1 would tke to have a snot ¢ 10 puton my books. 11.Tomato soup is avery common starer$ A2.Dontbe quict + just because you fee! frustrated. 13. Managers are usually busy ¢ 44.The classroom is. empty + there Is nobody there. 18.This chicken needs more time. Its sill re. oe Complete the sentences withthe correct words. Conjugate the verb in parenthesis when ‘necessary. De NOT uso contractions and be cara! with SPELLING: 4. Alotot people erie (use) thei umbrellas today because of the ran 2. |oant prepare the pie because thr rent nave apples. 3. There are many typical restaurants Inthe cy, but 'd kod (lke) some Intemational food today, 4. Mike and Patty have got a expensive sports car. 5. now many poopie do you expect tthe pany? 6 Im afraid wa cant mest next week Luis and | wie (travel) to NY. We ‘lady have the tickets, 7. Whattime do you Ikea have lunch? [want ta help the environment. Next month | em going (ga) to buy a bicycle to go fo won 2. Sometimes its gocd to have some red wire with meals, but not | much. 410.After the storm, the celing of my room got damaged. Itlooks ike its going to fall 41.00 youhave a apples for the pie? 12.There’s is milk in the frage i you want 0 drink, 13.Josept’s train wil are (arrive) in one hour. 44.1ost my wallet. Can youlendme a | money forthe bus? 18. when fruitdo you need for the dessert? oa ite the numbers 1-5 in the blanks: ‘eesmntes” Conversation 1: AN INVITATION. Put tho sentences 1 to 5 in orier make a logical enancometoa — gonversation vier 2 mat sure yet. Why? +1 What are you doing next Sunday? 4 On! realy ket, bu remember thet Helen i a vegelatian, so, I's Annie's bitnday and were having a barbecue. Wy dan you come over and join Conversation 2: AT A SHOP. Choose the options that best complete the conversation ‘Shop assistant: Welcome. Can |help you? Customer: amo toiryon tis jacket. t ‘Shop assistant: Certainly. What size would you Ike 10 try on? Customer: mee mectan one, ease + Conversation 2: AT A SHOP. Choose the onions thst best complete the conversation. ‘Shop assistant: Welcome. Gan |help you? ‘Stiop assistant SUFE. Is it a Visa or Master Card?