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Aircraft Cabin Interior System Assignment,

March 2016/1
Class: 4 AEM 2, 4 AEM 3, 4 AEM 4, 4
1.Describe in detail the Aircraft Passenger
Compartment Safety Equipments that is
MANDATORY for the operation of a
commercial flight.

2.Detail the Aircraft Flight Compartment Safety

Emergency Equipments available.

3.From the Airworthiness point of view,

describe the requirements you must
undertake when carrying out inspections and
the maintenance work on the Aircraft Galley

4. With an aid of a diagram, explain the FULL

operation of the Liquid Flush Toilet System.

ATTENTION : Assignments are to be

completed and submitted to me in my office
(Room D-2-04) latest by FRIDAY, 22 APRIL
2016 at 5.00 pm. Please take note that
late submission after the deadline shall be
REJECTED. Good luck and all the best.