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Kayla Moten

Genre Analysis Assignment

Millions of people all over the world lose their lives at the hands of drug use. The

usage of drugs has become a monumental issue that has plagued the lives of an

immense number of individuals. The war on drugs has continued to destroy lives, ruin

relationships, and fill jails and prisons with minorities youth. It has enabled high up white

nationalist to silence people of color by creating drug laws that target to incarcerate

them. The war goes hand in hand with the mass incarceration of minorities and death.

Moreover, communities of color are sequentially disembodied and demoralized due to

the targets put on this class of peoples backs.

It is of grave importance to raise awareness of this situation because it is

plaguing the lives of minorities all over the world, but particularly in the United States.

More than half the individuals in prison are people color. Black men are also more than

six times as likely to be incarcerated than white men, and one out of three black men

become incarcerated throughout their lifetime. This war continues to devastate

minorities lives. Minorities often turn to drugs due to the situations and circumstances

presented around them. People of color feel as if using and selling drugs is the only way

they could make some form of lives for themselves. Due to financial depression these

individuals turn to drugs for quick profit, not thinking of the consequences and

mandatory minimum sentencing that derive from the use and distribution of drugs.

Individuals need to become aware of the misfortune occurring in this world because this

is not just a war on drugs, but a war on opportunity for black and brown individuals.

Many minorities see drugs as opportunity and have become conditioned to believe that
they will become incarcerated at some point, so they might as well make a good sum

money illegally and fast instead of it taking a longer period of time and making a lot less.

The war on drugs is not just the issues that surround drug use and distribution, but how

drugs are actually affecting the American community.

Americans minority youth needs to become aware of the circumstances occurring

across the United States. Some minorities are fortunate enough to have made it out, but

they still need to be aware of what is going on around them. Many youth have to start

selling drugs at a young age to provide for themselves and their family. As youth itIt is of

importance to youth to become knowledgeable of the world they live in, and understand

what their ancestors went through. The most important thing in this world is to become

informed because knowledge is power. Minorities turn to drugs because they lack

knowledge on the opportunities that are available around them, and the better and

everlasting lives they could possibly make for themselves. That is why it is important to

begin informing minority youth at a young age. Minority youth need to understand the

danger that comes with drugs, and what they could make out of life without selling

drugs. When minorities sell drugs, they become a part of the statistic. The sixty percent

of jails and prisons they make up. It is of importance that minorities young individuals

stay away from what makes them a part of the statistic and not get caught up in the

cycle. The cycle of drugs does not just lead to incarceration;, it leads to death. Guns

and violence go hand with drugs. When it comes to selling drugs it comes with

territories and multiple individuals, usually minorities, with guns. When guns become a

part of any equation, it usually equals death. As a result, the American people are not
only losing minorities to jails and prisons, but to death. This has had a devastating effect

on less fortunate communities.

The main purpose of this paper is to inform readers of the injustices minorities are

facing as a people. This injustices are due to America's unfair judicial system. There is a

major difference between the language used when speaking on incarceration, and the

language used when discussing death. When speaking on incarceration facts are used

to back the information and examples provided in the text. When talking about drug use

and distribution a more sensitive tone and word choice is used to describe the true

effects of something that so greatly plagues the lives of many individuals all over the


Incarceration and death are backed by facts and percentages that provide

evidence to support the facts presented in the text. The thought of the incarceration of

the minority community solely on the basis of skin color is sickening. Hundreds upon

millions of families are torn apart by the incarceration of their loved ones due to drugs.

This leads to parentless homes, financial depression, and an overall feeling of hurt and

devastation. The death of a family member is something many individuals never recover

from. Death due to drugs continues to plague the lives of many individuals and ruin

relationships. This death is not only due to drug use, but the death affiliated with

conflicts between other distributors and territories. Fact based evidence is used to

support all points made in the arguments. This is appropriate because it aids in getting

across the effects of the war on drugs in the American community. The genres used to

describe the war on drugs more in depth go hand and hand when reiterating the major

and grief affects both incarceration and death have on families/friends. The genres differ
due to the fact that one is a relationship that is made difficult because they are

imprisoned, but they could possibly have some form of communication, but will most

likely become apart of their families and friends lives again. While the result of death is

the complete end of a relationship. This greatly affects the message because the tones

of the different genres are opposite. This makes an important mark on the different

components of the war on drugs because the incarceration aspect shows the more of a

strongly informative view on the war, while the death aspect uses more of a sensitive

yet factual tone.

The information presented throughout the text shaped the genre because the war

on drugs targets readers who are youth minorities because that is who the judicial

system targets when it comes to drugs. The genres are organized based on the effects

that result due to drugs. It is also backed by examples, and fact based text. Visual

imagery also contributes to the message in terms of communication features. These

genres contribute to the purpose because it supports the facts and examples posed in

the text. The war on drugs in terms of incarceration differ in delivery in terms of delivery

because like previously mentioned when speaking on incarceration, more of a harsh

tone supported by facts is used. In terms of death a more sympathetic fact based tone

is used.

Finally, The war goes hand in hand with the mass incarceration of minorities and

death because communities of color are sequentially disembodied and demoralized due

to the targets put on this class of peoples backs. The impact of incarceration and death

on the community of color is devastating. Minorities are already faced with an immense

amount of suffering and unfair treatment, and this is yet another example of
discrimination. The lack of equality still presented in the world is sickening. The unfair

treatment in the judicial system continues to tear families apart and ruin lives. Minorities

feel as if white America is against them. Evidence continues to show it is true. People of

color are not meant to succeed in this world. The war on drugs which has led to the

mass incarceration of communities of color is another example of their misfortune.

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Rubric for Genre Analysis*

Analysis Appropriat Appropriat Acceptable Analysis No focus
e choice of e choice of choice of of the on
genres. genres. genres. genre is analysis of
Specific, Analysis of General sparse; genre
developed the genre and/or and/or and/or
analysis of is generally undeveloped inappropri-
the genre. sound but analysis of the questiona ate choice
could be genres. Focus ble of genres.
Focus on more on analysis is Does not
30 pts. analysis of choice of
specific adequate, but genres. address
genres is developed may exhibit most
excellent Focus on
in some some lapses. analysis is bullet
and areas. Addresses points of
maintaine lacking
most bullet Addresses outline.
d Focus on points of
throughou analysis is some
outline. bullet
t. good and
Addresses usually points of
all bullet maintained outline.
points of . Addresses
outline. all bullet
points of

Supporting Comprehe Sufficient Adequate or An attempt No

Details n-sive and and general has been support
specific specific examples made to informati
examples examples from the add on found
from the from the genres as support or
genres genres used to inform- irrelevant
strongly appropriat support the .
support ely support analysis ation
the the and/or are analysis,
analysis analysis relevant to the but it was
and/or are and/or are topic. unrelated
relevant to relevant to or
20 pts.
the topic. the topic. confusing.

Compariso Fully Fairly Somewhat Almost no No

n developed developed developed comparison comparis
and and well- and and un between ons made
integrated integrated integrated the genres. between
Contrast compariso comparison genres.
n between compariso between the
the n between genres.
genres. the genres
20 pts. lapses.

Writing Demon- Demon- Demon- Demon- Writing is

Fluency: strates strates strates not fluent;
Clear, skillful good strates limited it is
Concise, writing writing adequate writing unclear
Correct fluency, fluency, writing fluency,
exhibits exhibits fluency; exhibits
few or no minor exhibits a fair numerous
grammar grammar number of major
and and major grammar
mechanica mechanic grammar and and
l errors. al errors. mechanical mechanical
20 pts. Academic errors. Acade errors.
voice, Academic mic voice, Academic
third voice, third person, voice, third
person, third and tense are person,
tense are person, somewhat and tense
consistent. tense are consistent. are
Writing is mostly Writing could inconsisten
clear. consisten be clearer. t. Writing is
t. Writing unclear.
is clear.

MLA and Meets all Assignmen One or more Many No

page t guidelines or major evidence
Documenta layout and guidelines major format guideline of MLA
tion citation met. A few criteria not or format format.
format minor met. errors.
criteria format
found in
assignmen errors.
and MLA

10 pts.

*Rubrics are subject to minor changes. Students will be notified if changes


Total 52


You writing is generally fluent, and you make an attempt

at analysis, but it is much too general, and I dont think
you understood the purpose of this assignment. We
should talk during my office hours about a revision.

Dr. Wynneq