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Greek histories, plays and visual representations provided much more thorough portrayals of the gods, giving them beautiful

MYTHOLOGY appearances and distinct personalities

Came about a millennium The Roman gods had to
close in
before the Romans perform the same
Chronicled in the book Illiad functions as the Greek
because of
by Homer gods, but much more
their rich Roman mythology
Greek mythology speaks of
tales of consists of many battles
great tales of the
immortals and stories between
Greek histories, plays and Were more immortals
willing to see the
visual representations great pieces
fantastic stories as
provided much more of work
exaggerated lessons than
thorough portrayals of the precise historical accounts
gods, giving them beautiful Roman myths chronicled in
appearances and distinct these
the book Aeneid
Greek gods were
are another The Roman mythology has
represented with
way of two types of creation
gorgeous bodies, where
muscles, eyes, faces an Deities named after
hair would give them objects rather than
the most beautiful human personality traits.