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21 April 2017

Testimonial for Prana Violet Healing- Affirmations and Wand Healing

I have been suffering from plantar warts since the last 6 years. I have visited skin drs and taken oral
medicines, liquid nitrogen to burn the warts, and have been recommended surgery to remove them.
All these efforts had no impact on the warts at all. The growth did not stop and I saw no hope to
living with normal fingers and walking without my feet hurting from the corns digging into my soles.

Here are pictures of the warts and state of my feet and hands.

Left toe sole.

Right hand fingers- index, middle and ring finger

Right hand palm

Left hand index finger and nail

Left hand thumb, and nail

Right foot toe top with broken and rotted nail

Right toe sole

Right foot rest of sole- note the warts as circled.

Left sole heel

I did my first PVH workshop in January, 2017 at Ahmedabad. Here, I was introduced to Prana Violet
Healing. I experienced my first workshop of healing with wand & reading affirmations.

I have been reading affirmations and doing wand healing 2 times a day. This was recommended by
Deepa Maam and Siva P sir. Today, my plantar warts are mostly healed. These are photos to
compare the progress. And, the healing is UNBELIEVABLE. I suffered for 3 days with extreme
shooting and pricking pain in the areas with my warts. It felt like someone was sticking a needle,
knife into the wart and burning them. I was in extreme pain and I was shouting & crying from the
burning in my hands and feet.

On the fourth day, I woke up exhausted from crying myself to sleep and I see that the skin around
my warts had started becoming black and shedding. And I had tears in my eyes from joy because I
knew they were getting healed. After 2 weeks of doing this every day, the callous skin started
peeling off. Today, my warts are gone, skin is soft and pink and I have my fingers and toes back like

Here are some photos to show you the condition today.


Right Toe Skin is Pink and no warts. Nail is growing back.

Left hand thumb all healed

Left hand index finger

Right hand middle finger and ring finger

My right palm, soles of my right foot, left toe sole and my right thumb (all shown earlier with warts)
are absolutely normal too.

I am grateful to Siva P sir and Deepa Maam for this unbelievable change.

I encourage everyone to practice the affirmations and use wand for healing, it is full of miracles.


Nitu Budhbhatti