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A Series Rockmaster Pumps

A30/A30HP/A40HP Trailer Mounted Concrete Pumps

Rockmaster: Standard Features: Applications:

Premium pump in its class, built Powerful 82 hp (61 kW)
Big Rock
with the same leading edge engi- diesel engine (continuous duty)
neering as our top-of-the line Variable Displacement Piston Grout
pumps. The Rockmaster delivers Hydraulic Pump
outstanding long term value for the (A30HP and A40HP models) Pea Gravel
money by virtue of its reliability,
Gear Pump (A30 model) Shotcrete
toughness, ease of use, durability
and pumping power. Heavy-duty S Valve
Slope Stabilization
The Rockmaster is powered by a 82 Lightweight
hp (61 kW) continuous duty diesel REED Can-Bus Solid State Electric Ponds & Spas
engine. This best-in-class power is System
the basis for the pumps versatility. Slabs
Chromed concrete cylinders for
It can be used to pump rough con- long service life
crete mixes as well as shotcrete. Rockscaping
(A40HP is recommended for higher Easy to change Piston Cups
High-strength frame design Mines
pressure applications).
The Rockmaster features an Open- Only 4 hydraulic hose groups (8 Backfill
Loop hydraulic system, a large fuel hoses total)
tank, and REEDs Can-Bus Solid State Adjustable tongue jack Foundations
Cycle Control. Fuel Filters (Pre-filter with water
Pressure Grouting
separator and spin off primary fil-
ter) a30eng0108
A Series Rockmaster Pumps
A30/A30HP/A40HP Trailer Mounted Concrete Pumps
Additional Features: MODEL A30 A30HP A40HP

Reversibility at any point in the stroke Concrete Output yd3/hr 30 30 40

m3/hr 23 23 31
Variable volume output
Concrete Pressure psi 903 903 1172
Weatherproof NEMA 4 control panel bar 62 62 81
High capacity hydraulic oil cooler Horizontal Pumping ft 900* 900* 975*
Highway rated axle Distance * m 274* 274* 297*
Electric brakes
Vertical Pumping ft 350* 350* 400*
Fenders and flush-mounted tail-lights Distance * m 107* 107* 122*
Adjustable pintle hitch
Perkins Diesel Engine hp 82 82 82
Hopper grate kW 61 61 61
Safety emergency stop function Main Hydraulic Pump Gear Pump 71cc Variable 100cc Variable
Steel pistons with urethane cups Displacement Displacement
Hard chromed concrete cylinders Concrete Cylinder in 5 5 6
Hour meter Diameter mm 127 127 152
Stroke Length in 30 30 30
Splined shaft on S Valve
mm 762 762 762
Dual hydraulic circuit Maximum Aggregate Size in 1 1 1.5
Highest standard horsepower and con- mm 25 25 38
crete pressure in class Hopper Height in 40 40 40
mm 1016 1016 1016
Optional Features: Hydraulic Oil Capacity gal 40 40 40
Radio remote control liters 151 151 151
7-function hardwire remote control (On/ Fuel Capacity gal 29 29 29
Off/Reverse/E-stop/Horn-reset/RPM con- liters 110 110 29
trol/Stroke Change) Outlet Size in 5 5 5
mm 127 127 127
Hopper Agitator (A40HP only)
Chrome wheels Dimensions Length Width Height
in 160 61 64
Hydraulic Surge Brakes mm 4064 1549 1626
2 5/16 Ball Hitch Weight (Approx.) lbs 4600 4600 4760
Screw-type Outriggers (manual, kg 2087 2087 2159
adjustable) * Theoretical distances and performance shown above are estimated using standard industry methods.
Actual performance will vary depending on the concrete pump (concrete pressure, horsepower), material (mix design, slump, local sand and rock char-
U.S. Tool Kit (for International acteristics), and delivery system (pipeline diameter, type (steel or hose) and reductions/bends.
Maximum output, pressure, and distance cannot be reached simultaneously. Specifications subject to change without prior notice.
Emergency Stroke Kit

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