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Collected Sorcery


Affliction 4 Touch No An ensorcelled weapon inflicts wounds that heal slowly: 1D3-1 Shadow Magic World 105
HP/week. Vigorous action re-opens wound inflicting 1D8 HP. No
physik. Heal Spell POW:POW 16
Agony 2 Sight POW: POW Causes sharp pain in targets head. Makes casting, attacking, Shadow Magic World 106
defending impossible. CONx5 roll ends spell in next round
Animal 3 Touch No Forms bond of trust with one animal. Each knows where other is. Balance Magic World 106
Friendship Duration until death or mistreatment
Babble 1 Sight MP:MP Target speaks gibberish, remains convinced they are normal Shadow Magic World 106
Banish 20 1000 m No Activity of one of 4 elements diminishes in area -- seas calm, Balance Magic World 106
Tumult radius earthquake stops, fire quenched, storm stops. POWx4 or spell fails
else points are lost
(Beast) Shape 4 Touch MP:MP Caster or target assumes specific shape for POW minutes. If Balance Magic World 106
Balance allegiance duration is POW minutes. At apotheosis,
duration is POW hours
Beckoning 10 Sight No Ground swallows undead 50 meter radius of point. Living in Light Magic World 107
Earth proximity pass Agility Roll or swallowed
Befoul 1 Touch No Caster fouls food, water, small ponds 1D8 days. Shadow Magic World 107
Birds Vision 1 Sight No Caster controls a birds vision and sees through its eyes. Balance Magic World 108
Bitter Blade 8 Touch No Imbues weapon with sorcery. Extra slashing, acid, flame, venom, Shadow Advanced 7
frost or vampiric damage. Sorcery
Blessed 3 Touch No Caster takes one less damage from any source and ignores Balance Advanced 7
Enervation unconsciousness from Major Wounds while spell in in effect Sorcery
Blood Feast 10+1 Self No Cast within 5 rounds of killing person, then eat victims flesh for Shadow Advanced 8
POW various effects. Effects last until dismissed or undone. Sorcery
Blood Song 5 Self No Takes 5 rounds to cast. Points of damage with edged weapon give Shadow Advanced 8
sorcerer like amount of Magic Points. At end of spell sorcerer must Sorcery
pass MPx5 roll or pass out
Bounty of the 4 Sight No Causes a torrent in a space 60 cubic yards equal. Required for Balance Magic World 108
Sea summoning water elementals. If far from water must pass Luck
Brazier of 4 Touch No Create Reservoir of Magic Points in a fixed object. Sacrifice 1 POW Balance Magic World 108
Power first cast. MP in focus are always used first
Break the Will 1 Touch POW: POW Target is filled with dread of the caster. POW vs. POW test, if Shadow Advanced 9
caster wins, target suffers -20% to all skill and characteristic rolls. Sorcery
Breath of 6 Touch MP:MP Target suffocates (see pg.86). CONx6 or suffer 1D6 damage/round. Shadow Magic World 109
Death Breath of Life and Undo Sorcery cancel
Breath of Life 1 Touch No Caster or target breaths in water and speaks normally. Agility Roll Balance Magic World 109
to cast if immersed.
Call Rain 4+1 Sight No Six hour casting time. Summon rain (or snow). POWx4 or spell Balance Advanced 9
POW fails and points are lost (POWx3 in desert, POWx2 if curst). Rain Sorcery
falls in 20-POW hours and persists for POW hours
Call Winters 15+1 Sight No Nine hour casting time. POWx4 roll or fail and lose points. Success Balance Advanced 9
Chill POW summons a blizzard for 1D6 hours in 1,000m radius. Reduces Sorcery
movement forces CONx4 check if not dressed for it, -1HP/hour.
Captive 3 Sight MP:MP Target falls into ambulatory sleep for 60-CON minutes. Non- Shadow Magic World 109
Slumber threatening commands require POW : POW. Commands grant
victim INTx2 chance to wake.
Chain of Being 4 Touch No Up to 8 casters pool Magic Points. MP is drawn evenly. If Balance Magic World 110
participant falls to Zero MP, chain is broken
Chilling Touch 4 Touch MP:MP Caster inflicts 4 points of frostbite on target. Successful Brawl Shadow Advanced 4
attempt inflicts normal Brawl damage plus frost Sorcery
Cloak of Night 1-4 Sight No Each MP = +20 to Hide Skill Shadow Magic World 110
Close the Gate 1 Touch No Holds any door or gateway shut. Impenetrable to all but magic and Balance Advanced 9
powerful weapons. 1 POW makes effect permanent. Sorcery
Clumsiness 1-3 Touch MP:MP Reduces targets DEX 3 points per MP and Dodge 6 points. If Shadow Magic World 110
reduced to 0, target must pass Luck Roll to do anything.
Compulsion 3 Touch POW: POW Target must obey any act. Each different compulsion resisted by Shadow Advanced 10
INTx3 Roll. Sorcery
Contribute to 1 Sight POW: POW Target must tell the truth. 1 question per casting Light Magic World 111
Control Sea varies Sight POW: POW Each MP spent equals 10% chance of success. 1D8 small creatures, Balance Advanced 10
Life 1D3 man-sized creatures, or 1 Large Creature Sorcery
Create varies Touch No Combine various creatures into a new creature. See spell Shadow Advanced 10
Monster +1 description for details Sorcery
Curse of 4 Touch POW: POW Gives target monstrous quality: minus 1D3 APP. If player fumbles Shadow Magic World 110
Sorcery with 00 effect is permanent
Diminish 3 10m POW: POW Only allies of Light/Light can know or cast this spell. Renders one Light Advanced 12
Demon random ability of Demon useless if successful. Sorcery
Domination 1-3 Hearing MP:MP Caster must be able to communicate. 1 MP: Implant suggestion, 2 Shadow Advanced 12
MPs: command, or 3 MP: dominate. Sorcery
Dreams of 1 Sight MP:MP Force target to fall asleep for 60-CON minutes (nearly identitical to Shadow Advanced 13
Fate Sleep but resistance is MP vs. MP instead of POW vs CON. Sorcery
Earth Walking 4 Touch MP:MP Earth engulfs target, pulled down 100 meters. Breathes normally. Balance Magic World 111
Ecstatic Agony 1-3 Self No Caster sacrifices 1D4 HPs, each point grants 2% on next three skill Shadow Advanced 13
checks. Does not inflict Major Wound. Sorcery
Enduring 10 Touch No Enchants vessel that prevents decay up to gallon in volume. Light Advanced 13
Freshness Sorcery
Enthrall 4 Touch POW: POW Look target in the eyes, if caster wins target regards them as a Shadow Advanced 14
friend. If target wins, they feel wary. Duration POW minutes Sorcery
Farstriding 1-4 Touch No Each MP spent doubles distance one can jump laterally or Balance Advanced 14
vertically. Vertical jump requires Jump roll or suffer falling damage Sorcery
Fatigue 1 Sight MP:MP Target becomes fatigued. Double chance of fumble. Characteristic Shadow Magic World 111
Rolls reduced from x5 to x2. Rest for 1d8 rounds ends spell
Flame 4 Touch MP:MP In proximity to any great natural fire target is unharmed Balance Magic World 111
Flames of The 4 Sight No Create mass of floating flame 3 m diameter. 1d6+2 damage per Balance Magic World 111
Sun round
Frailty 1-3 Touch MP:MP Decrease CON by 3 points per MP. Lowers HP like amount Shadow Magic World 111
Fury 1 Touch MP:MP Target goes berserk. +1 attack per round. Dodge and Parry -30%. Shadow Magic World 111
Ignore Unconsciousness from Major Wounds.
Gift of Earth 4 Sight No Causes mass of dust, soil or sand to accumulate in a small Balance Magic World 112
space. 60 cubic meters. Bounty of the Sea negates. If far from
land successful Luck Roll to cast. Required to know to
summon an Earth Elemental
Greater 10 Self POW: Caster must know Lesser Banishment. Once cast must Light Advanced 14
Banishment POW maintain constant litany. All attacks against undead are Sorcery
magical and each hit drains 1 POW from target (POW vs.
POW to resist).
Guide Air 4 Sight No Caster shifts existing breeze in any direction. Front of wind Balance Magic World 112
with MOV 16. Cannot exceed casters remaining Magic
Points. POW vs. SIZ or knocked down.
Guide Earth 4 Sight No Caster raises cubic meters equal to Magic Points. Earth has Balance Magic World 112
MOV8 and takes whatever form the caster specifies. Inflicts
1D6 damge.
Guide Fire 4 Sight No Caster guides an existing fire as if it were a single Salamander Balance Magic World 113
with MOV 8. Size of front of fire is equal to sorcerers Magic
Points. Burns normally
Guide Water 4 Sight No Caster diverts and existing body of water equal to Magic Balance Magic World 113
Points in cubic meters MOV 8. Inflicts 1D6 damage.
Guided 1 Self No Make short prayer, spend MP and discover in general terms Light Advanced 14
Intuition if artifact or tome is dangerous or curst. Sorcery
Guile 1-4 Touch No +20% to Fast Talk per Magic Point for POW rounds. Idea Shadow Magic World 113
Roll for victim to come to their senses
Hags Flesh 1-3 Touch MP:MP Decrease targets APP 3 points per Magic Point. If APP = 0 Shadow Magic World 113
then provoke disgust
Heal 2 Touch No Spell immediately restores 1D4 Hit Points (1D8 for Light Magic World 113
Characters or important NPCs with Heroic Hit Points). One
Healing Var Touch MP:MP Target falls into deep trance. Duration is 1D8 days. Each day Balance Magic World 114
Trance heals 1 (2) HP(s) and subtracts 2 MP. If caster drops to zero
MP, spell ends and target loses 1 CON permanently.
Infernal 4 Unlimit- No Gain all sensations a bound demon is experiencing. Used to Shadow Advanced 14
Perception ed command a demon to activate its abilities Sorcery
Invocation of 15 POWx No 1 hour to cast. Inside boundary inhibits acts of violence. Light Advanced 14
the Spirit of 20m Must pass Luck Roll to violate peace, even so all skills Sorcery
Peace halved. Spending 1 point of POW makes effect permanent
Itch 1 Touch MP:MP Target itches and burns. Roll POWx2 or unable to act. Shadow Magic World 114
Lesser 5 Self MP:MP Caster must sustain constant litany for duration. Wounds Light Advanced 14
Banishment inflicted by caster inflict lost MP equal to damage (resist MP Sorcery
vs. MP).
Life in Death 5 Sight No Recently slain body brought to temporary unlife. Creates Shadow Advanced 15
Revenant (see pg. 194 MW) except with half weapons skills. Sorcery
Light Favors 15 Self No Nine hour ritual. POWx5 roll +10% for each assistant. Days Light Advanced 15
the Just equal to Light Allegiance, characters skill increased by Sorcery
Allegiance score. If confronted by Balance or Shadow,
receive penalty equal to Shadow Allegiance score.
Lights 1 Touch MP:MP Only allies of Light know or cast. Cuts duration of next spell Light Advanced 15
Disdain cast at target to one combat round. Spell ends. Sorcery
Liken Person 4 Touch No Spell copies the appearance of one person for casters POW Balance Magic World 114
minutes. Touching person dispels effect
Liken 4 Touch No Changes an inanimate objects appearance for casters POW Balance Magic World 114
Substance minutes. Max SIZ 18
Make Fast 1 Touch No Causes one specific item of hand-size or less to stick fast to Balance Magic World 114
one other thing
Make Whole 3 Touch No Spell fixes some broken thing. Max SIZ 50. Duration is 1D6 Balance Magic World 115
hours. Successful Luck Roll makes fix permanent
Midnight 1 Touch No Create irregular cloud of absolute darkness 16 cubic meters. Shadow Magic World 115
Caster can move darkness around by concentrating
Moonrise 1 Touch No Ball of light meter across floats in the air. Orb can be Balance Magic World 115
grasped by caster and moved about
Muddle 1 Sight MP:MP Disorients target so cant cast spells or attack. Still defend or Shadow Magic World 115
move. With POWx3 roll, caster can convince target as if
using Fast Talk. Idea Roll and MP:MP test each round to
Mystical varies Self No Creates small bird out of magical energy. Flies to location Balance Advanced 15
Messenger chosen at time of casting and deliver message to single Sorcery
recipient. MP cost equals words. Range 100 mi. per point of
Obscure 2 Touch No Garbles and mixes up written words. Affects one map, one Balance Magic World 115
book, etc. Obscure again reverses spell. Effect lasts for 1D8
Omen 3 Self No Caster learns whether course of action is good or ill. Omen Balance Magic World 116
appears before sunset. Idea Roll to identify the Omen,
Evaluate skill to understand
Pain Divine 4 Self No Whenever caster injured in battle, caster gets free riposte. No Balance Advanced 16
limit to number of ripostes. Sorcery
Phantom 5 Sight POW: Caster must know target. Violent stomach cramps, nausea, Shadow Advanced 16
Illness POW etc. Stamina Roll (CONx5) or all skills and MOV halved. Sorcery
Stamina Roll each day to end effect.
Pox 1 Sight MP:MP Attack targets MP. Success lowers by 1D6. Reduced to 0 Shadow Magic World 116
target falls unconscious for 1 hour. Target cant cast spells in
same round if resistance roll fails
Quick 4 Touch No Convert 1D3 permanent POW in target to 2D8 (4D8 for Balance Magic World 116
Healing heroic) HP. Excess HP dissipate 1 per hour.
Rapturing 4 Touch MP:MP Caster implants feelings of euphoria for 21minus victims Shadow Advanced 16
Touch POW rounds. INTx3 to break effect each round. Sorcery
Rats Vision 1 Sight No Like Birds vision, but with rats or other rodents Balance Magic World 116
Reflection 9 Self No Spell blocks magic and reflects it back to its caster at full Balance Magic World 117
strength. Each spell reflected reduces strength of spell by 1.
Only works on spells equal or less than it in strength. Blocks
all magic
Refutation 1-4 Self No Defends against Undo Sorcery. Compare MP vs. MP on Balance Magic World 117
resistance table to see which spell takes precedence.
Resolve of 3 Touch MP:MP Target can resist all sorcery cast at him with MP vs. MP Balance Magic World 117
Iron resistance roll. Spell aborts, but no Magic Points lost for
Righteous 5 Touch No Caster must possess positive Light Allegiance score. Vs. foe Light Advanced 16
Fury of Shadow target makes attack rolls until they miss. No Sorcery
dodge or parry. End of spell Stamina Roll or unconscious
each round
Rite of 10 Touch No Nine hour ritual. Luck roll +10% per assistant. Target is Balance Advanced 17
Supernal assured pregnancy (animal) or germination (plant) Sorcery
Rolling 6 Sight No Shimmering cloud of silvery-blue sparks churn across Balance Magic World 117
Brilliance landscape MOV4. Conceals all vision. Cloud is 100 meters
Rune of 1 Touch No Inscribed on corpse or funerary marker. Corpse cannot be Light Advanced 17
Righteous brought back to life short of divine intervention. Lasts until Sorcery
Repose defaced
Scry 4 Self No Caster observes events anywhere in the world for POW Balance Magic World 118
minutes. Witch Sight detects the Scry and Undo Sorcery (4)
stymies it.
Shatter 3 Touch No Makes object or surface brittle. POW or less square meters. 1 Balance Magic World 118
damage shatters object. If against a targets possession then
MP vs MP. Make Whole reverses.
Sleep 1 Sight POW: Forces target to fall asleep for 60-CON minutes. If resisted Shadow Magic World 118
CON cannot cast against for 24 hours.
Slow 1-3 Touch MP:MP Decreases targets MOV 1 per MP. Sorcerers Speed of equal Shadow Magic World 119
or greater strength cancels and vice versa
Spectral 5 Touch POW: Similar to Birds Vision. Caster can see through eyes of Shadow Advanced 17
Ownership POW creature sorcerer has mutated, created or summoned. Sorcery
Sorcerers 1-4 Touch No Increases Armor points 1 per MP spent. Balance Magic World 119
Sorcerers 1-3 Touch MP:MP Increases APP 3 points per MP spent. Roll 1D100, if 00 then Balance Magic World 119
Beauty effect is permanent.
Sorcerers 1-4 Touch No Increases Shields HP by 3 points per MP spent. Balance Magic World 119
Sorcerers 1-4 Touch No +20% per MP spent to Craft, Sleight of Hand, Conceal Balance Magic World 119
Deftness Object, or Pick Lock. Can be cast multiple time for different
Sorcerers 1 Sight No Allows two speakers to whisper across visible distance. Must Balance Magic World 119
Ear be line of sight. Characters near a speaker hear only them.
Sorcerers 1 Sight No Character see everything magnified x2. Cumulative castings Balance Magic World 120
Eye are possible.
Sorcerers 10 Touch MP:MP Caster implants an addiction to any substance or action. Shadow Advanced 18
Grasp INTx3 to avoid engaging in act every minute. Sorcery
Sorcerers 1-4 Touch No Blunt weapons do +1 damage for every MP spent. Balance Magic World 120
Sorcerers 1-3 Touch MP:MP Reduces targets INT by 3 points per MP spent. Sorcerers Shadow Magic World 120
Ignorance Wisdom equal or greater cancels spell and vice versa.
Sorcerers 1-4 Touch No +20% to Jump skill per Magic Point spent. Also +1 meter of Balance Magic World 120
Leap distance per MP spent.
Sorcerers 1-3 Touch MP:MP Increases or decreases targets SIZ 3 points per Magic Point Shadow Magic World 120
Plasticity spent. Can increase HP, damage bonus, etc. If larger HPs
gained they are lost first.
Sorcerers 1-4 Touch No +1 damage to edged weapons per Magic Point spent. Balance Magic World 121
Sorcerers 1-4 Touch No +1 damage to thrusting weapon per Magic Point spent. Balance Magic World 121
Sharp Flame
Sorcerers 8 Touch No Recipients shield appears as shimmering plane of force. Balance Magic World 121
Shield Cannot be damaged. When shield critical or special parries,
then attacking weapon takes 2D8 damage
Sorcerers 1-3 Touch MP:MP Increases targets POW 3 points per MP spent. Does not Balance Magic World 122
Soul increase Magic Points, but increases Luck Roll, Resistance
table and aids binding demons
Sorcerers 1-3 Touch MP:MP Increases targets MOV 1 point per Magic Point. Balance Magic World 122
Sorcerers 1-3 Touch MP:MP Increases targets STR 3 points per Magic Points spent. Balance Magic World 122
Sorcerers 1-3 Touch MP:MP Increases targets DEX 3 points per Magic Point spent. Balance Magic World 122
Sorcerers 1-4 Touch No +20% per Magic Point to Move Silently skill for duration of Balance Magic World 123
Sureness spell.
Sorcerers 1-4 Touch No +1 damage with Brawl, Cestus, Iron CLight or creatures Balance Magic World 123
Talons natural cLights.
Sorcerers 1-3 Touch MP:MP Increases targets CON 3 points per Magic Points spent. Balance Magic World 123
Vitality Increases stamina roll, temporary Hit Points, resistance to
poison etc.
Sorcerers 1-3 Touch MP:MP Decrease targets STR 3 points per Magic Point spent. Shadow Magic World 124
Weakness Sorcerers Strength equal or greater than spell cancels and
vice versa.
Sorcerers 1-3 Touch MP:MP Increases targets INT 3 points per Magic Point spent. Balance Magic World 124
Wisdom Sorcerers Ignorance equal or greater in strength cancels spell
and vice versa.
Sorcerers 1-3 Touch MP:MP Decreases POW 3 points per Magic Point spent. Sorcerers Shadow Magic World 124
Void Soul equal or greater than cancels spell and vice versa.
Spirit Screen 1-3 Sight No Acts as spiritual armor. Each point adds 2 points of defense Balance Magic World 124
against spiritual combat. Doesnt alter characteristics, just
bolsters them on resistance table.
Summon 1 Varies No See spell description. Plus Advanced Sorcery has more details Shadow Magic World 125
Demon on pages 33-59. Temporary binding costs 1 POW, permanent
binding costs 3 POW.
Summon 1D8 Self No Pass Luck Roll and summon 1D8 drowned sailors, arrive in Shadow Advanced 18
Drowned 1D8 hours. Spend 1 POW per dead and they serve faithfully. Sorcery
Dead (eqv. to Revenant on p. 195 MW)
Summon 1 Self No See spell description. Plus Advanced Sorcery has more Balance Magic World 125
Elemental details on pages 59-66. Must know Bounty of the Sea, Flames
of the Sun, Gift of the Earth, and Wings of the Sky for the
appropriate elemental to be summoned.
Summon 1 Self No Each type of spirit (healing, disease, fear, etc.) needs a Balance Magic World 127
(Type) Spirit separate spell. Binding a spirit into an object costs 1 POW
Tariff of 4 Self No Causes next spell cast at self to cost double magic points. If Shadow Advanced 18
Sorcery opponent reduced to 0 MP, fall unconscious. Duration 1D3 Sorcery
hours. Spell ends after affecting one spell.
Terror 1 Touch POW: Target overcome with dread. No attack or riposte. Can still Shadow Magic World 128
POW parry or dodge. Each attack against victim allows INTx1 Roll
to shake off effects.
Travelers 5 Self No 5 rounds to cast. Duration 24 hours. Make Luck Roll when Balance Advanced 18
Aid faced with obstacle that slows, success finds the path or Sorcery
shortcut, avoids random encounters
Truth of 3 Sight/ MP:MP Light Allegiance only. Target expresses that which is dearest Light Advanced 18
Love Hearing to him. Target does little else but think about revelation for Sorcery
3D3 days, or Undo Sorcery (3) ends effect.
Unbreakable 3 Touch POW: Living being is seized and held by invisible chains. STR vs. Shadow Magic World 128
Bonds POW sorcerers current Magic Points on resistance table to break
each round.
Under- 1 Touch No Caster understands a language he doesnt understand (i.e. Balance Magic World 128
standing less than 20%). Spell cancels Babble.
Undo 1-4 Touch No Each level of Undo Sorcery can negate 1 level of a variety of Balance Magic World 129
Sorcery spells. If Undo Sorcery is weaker than spell, then levels are
subtracted from spell weakening it.
Unnatural 1 Touch MP:MP Substances put in body gain no nourishment and do not Balance Advanced 18
Retention metabolize (can starve, parch, or halt ingested poison) Sorcery
Ward 3 Touch No Walk and define a line of 15 meters or less in length or a Balance Magic World 129
circle 15 meters in diameter. Lasts until triggered, warns
caster mentally. Witchsight detects it, Undo Sorcery (3)
removes it.
Wave- 4 Touch No Spell only works on body of water. Target can breathe Balance Magic World 129
Walking underwater or walks on surface. Target returns to original
location at spells end. If target is unwilling match MP vs
MP. Duration: 1D8 minutes
Wind- 4 Touch No Target is uplifted by wind and suspended thousands of feet in Balance Magic World 129
Walking the air. Match MP vs. MP if target is unwilling. Duration
1D8 minutes.
Wings of the 4 Touch No Causes mass of air equal to 16 cubic meters to, howling gale Balance Magic World 129
Sky with STR 2D6+6. Agility roll, STR vs STR test, or STR vs
SIZ test to stay on your feet. Flames of the Sun cancels and
vice versa
Witch Sight 3 Touch No Determine approximate POW of target. See invisible Balance Magic World 130
creatures, strong auras, elements, and spirits, trace sorcerous
entities passage, etc. Also ID enchanted items POWx1 per
Whirling 4 Sight/ POW: INT Target must have INT 1. Casters POW vs. targets INT. Balance Advanced 19
Serenity Hearing Caster sings or plays instrument compels target to dance for Sorcery
10 rounds. Undo sorcery (4) defeats it.
Wrack 1 Touch MP:MP Boils the targets flesh for 1D3 Hit Points; can be recovered by Shadow Magic World 130
normal means. Armor does not prevent.
Animate Limb 2 15 m No Animates severed limb, attacks whatever necromancer sees. Claw Shadow Advanced 70
attacks at 50%, 1D4 and Wrestles at 25% to strangle MOV6 STR = Sorcery
Animate varies+ Touch No See Spell description for particulars Shadow Advanced 70
Skeleton 1 POW Sorcery
Army of the Varies 50 m No All dead bodies in 50 m radius raised for POW rounds. Mindlessly Shadow Advanced 70
Dead attack all living creatures, each dead costs 1MP. Can knock caster Sorcery
unconscious if dead exceed available MP
Become Liche Varies Touch See spell 10% to become an immortal Liche. See spell description. Shadow Advanced 72
Deaths 3 Touch POW: CON Target enters deathlike trance with no signs of life. Witchsight, Soul Shadow Advanced 72
Embrace Sight detects with INTX1 Roll. Sorcery
Entropy 10 Touch MP:MP Decay living or inert matter. 1D8 damage and 1D3 CON Shadow Advanced 72
(permanent). HP reduced to zero target becomes dust. Sorcery
Exorcism 10 Touch POW: POW Banish a spirit possessing a person Light Advanced 72
Lure Spirit 10 + 1 Sight MP:MP Lure a spirit or ghost into the body of a target Shadow Advanced 73
POW Sorcery
Necrology 4 Touch No Touch remains and witness cause of death Balance Advanced 73
Possession Varies Touch MP:MP Caster tries to take possession of a person (casters body dies) Shadow Advanced 73
Raise Mummy 1 POW Touch No Create an animated, sentient mummy Shadow Advanced 73
+varies Sorcery
Raise 1 POW Touch No Raise a revenant under the necromancers control Shadow Advanced 74
Revenant +varies Sorcery
Speak With 2 Touch No Recently dead must answer three questions, but never plainly Shadow Advanced 74
the Dead Sorcery
Spellbind 8 Touch POW: INT Try to take over a targets mind. Permanent until victim passes Shadow Advanced 75
POWx1 roll per day Sorcery
Spirit Barrier 5 Touch No Create circle that blocks spirits, ghosts, disembodied demon for Balance Advanced 75
POW minutes Sorcery
Spiritbind 8 Toch POW: POW Bind soul of person near-death to object, place or person. Shadow Advanced 75
Stench of the 4 Sight CONx1 Create foul odor in 1000 cubic meter space. CONx1 or forced to Shadow Advanced 75
Grave flee, if success, still helpless. Caster unaffected Sorcery
Summon 1 POW Self POW: POW Caster summons ghoul from Limbo/Underworld and bind into Shadow Advanced 75
Ghoul +varies target host Sorcery
False Soul =POW Self POWx3 Sorcerer creates false soul, Makes magic attacks against casters Shadow Advanced 77
POW or INT fail automatically. Soul Transfer brings true soul back Sorcery
Soul Transfer 8 Touch POW: POW Transfers a soul to an object or location or person outside targets Shadow Advanced 77
body. Spirit Vessel required to transfer soul to object or location Sorcery
Spirit Vessel 1D8 + Touch No Imbue object with ability to contain a soul. Shadow Advanced 77
3 POW Sorcery
Rune Magic
Admonition 1 Touch 1D8 years No Object Short message or warning transmitted mentally 93
Alarm 3 Touch 1D8 years No Object/ Emits audible scream when outsider touches it 93
Benign Purity 2 Touch 1D8 years No Object Turns poisoned food/drink to ash on contact 93
Bewilderment 1-3 Touch 1D8 years Idea Roll Object/ Disorients a target. 93
Color 1+ Touch 1D8 hours/MP No Object/ Changes color of people or objects 94
Command 4 Touch 1D8 hours POW: Object/ Victim does as bid 94
POW Skin
Confinement 5+ Enclosure 1D8 hours STR: MP Object Enclosure resists physical attacks from within 94
Defense 5+ Enclosure 3D3 Days STR: MP Object Enclosure resists physical attacks from without 94
Fire 4 Touch 1D8 years Luck Object Victim burns 1D6 HP/round 95
Ice 4 Touch 1D8 years Armor Object Freeze damage, 1D6 HP/round. 95
Invisibility Varies Touch 1D8 years No Object 1 MP/ SIZ for object to be invisible 95
Mastery 3+ Touch Life No Skin Increase skill percentiles by 30 for 1 day 95
Protection 1+ Barrier 3D3 hours STR or Object Create barrier vs magical effects 96
Recall 1+ Touch 1D8 years/MP No Object/ Subject relates in detail events of a particular year 96
Redaction 1-4 Touch 1D8 years No Object/ Defeats certain cast magics and runes 96
Red Horror 8+ Touch 64 days POW: Skin Generates sanity-smashing hallucinations 96
Righteous 4 Touch 1D8 years STR:STR Object Keeps objects strongly closed 97
Secrecy 3 Touch 1D8 years No Object Creates point of silence, defeats some magic 97
Shadow 8+ Self Life No Skin Gives extra magic points 97
Shuttered 3 Touch 1D8 years No Skin Blinds victim 97
Slumber 6+ Touch 1D8 years POW: Skin Victim falls into a coma; rouses rarely 97
Softening 1-8 Touch 1D8 years Armor Object Touched, victim melts in proportion to total MPs spent 97
Strength 1-4 Touch POW days No Object Increases structural STR in proportion to MPs. 98
Truth 3 Touch 1D8 years POW: Object Witness must tell the truth or remain silent 98
Triune of 3x3 Runes Until Exit No Object Those speaking must tell the truth or remain silent. 98
Triune of 3+ Runes 3D3 Hours STR or Object Creates enclosure safe from most magical effects 98
Protection POW
Breath of Life 1 Touch 1d8 years NO Object/ One-use. Ability to breath underwater. 99
Cloak of Night 4 Touch 1D8 years No Object One-use increase in Hide by 80 percentiles 99
Sorcerers 4 Touch 1D8 years No Object/ One-use increase in Jump by 80 percentiles. 99
Leap Skin
Sorcerers 4 Touch 1D8 years No Armor One-use. Adds 4 points to armor. 99
Sorcerers 4 Touch 1D8 years No Shield One-use. Adds 4 Hit Points to shield. 99
Sorcerers 4 Touch 1D8 years No Blunt One-Use. Adds 4 damage to blunt weapon. 99
Hammer weapon
Sorcerers 4 Touch 1D8 years No Edged One-Use. Adds 4 points of damage. 99
Razor Weapon
Sorcerers 4 Touch 1D8 years No Piercing One-use. Adds 4 points of damage. 99
Sharp Flame Weapon
Membrane 3 Barrier 1D8 years No Object One-use. Creates barrier based on the inscribers POW. 99
Pox 1-8 Touch 1D8 years MP: MP Object One-use. Drains 1D8 or more MPs from victim. 99
*Rune lasts for the duration until activated. Once activated duration is inscribers POW in rounds.
Fey Magic
Become Magic 4 POW Touch POW: POW Spell transforms target into a normal hawk STR and SIZ Balance Advanced 118
Become 4 POW Touch POW: POW Spell transforms target into a werewolf Shadow Advanced 118
Werewolf Sorcery
Breath of 1 POW Sight POW: POW Creates 25m disc of dense fog. If cast on living target then resist Balance Advanced 119
Cruach POW v. POW Sorcery
Baleful Eye 3 POW Self CON: POW Luck roll or else POW: CON test to avoid shock. Victim slain Shadow Advanced 119
requires 2D6 sacrifice to Balor Evil Eye Fomorian Demiurge. Sorcery
Each casting 5% chance for chaotic feature
Call 1 POW 1 mi. No Conveys inaudible summons to all followers. Can be family, Balance Advanced 119
(Followers) radius neighbors, crew, guards, etc.(each spell must be learned separately). Sorcery
Command 1 POW Touch MP: MP Each casting allows to ask corpse 3 questions. Corpse cannot lie Balance Advanced 119
Corpse Sorcery
Create 1 POW Touch No Specially prepared head of an enemy. Throw head at enemies Balance Advanced 120
Tathlum explodes for 1-3 2D8 damage. Alternate: a tathlum ball made from Sorcery
brain can be used as a sling stone for 2D8 damage
Cauldron of 3 POW Touch No Restores life to a person who died by wounds or poison. Costs 60 Balance Advanced 120
Life MP over 5 hours. Body must have died within 7 days Sorcery
Chalice of 2 MP Touch No Detect truth from a falsehood in written material. Balance Advanced 120
Veracity Sorcery
Dance of the 3 POW POW MP: MP Enchants targets targets into torpor. Luck roll to avoid seeing each Balance Advanced 120
Gloaming meters round Sorcery
Fimbulwinter 1 POW 5 meters POW: CON Wave of intense cold or aura. Inflicts 2D6 CON damage. Aura Balance Advanced 120
inflicts 2 CON damage Sorcery
Herolight 5 POW Touch POW: POW Target becomes raging berserker. Attack % doubles, STR species Balance Advanced 121
maximum, CON +50%, DEX +50%. No dodge or parry Sorcery
Howl of the 3 POW 1 mile POW: POW Caster unleashes Otherworldly howl. Affected creature runs in Balance Advanced 121
Hunter radius random direction for 1D6 minutes and is under Terror spell Sorcery
Jack-In-The- 2 POW Sight No Evokes nature spirit, a living tree or such. See spell description Balance Advanced 121
Green Sorcery
Key of 2 POW Sight MP: MP Caster tries to overcome Fixed-INT undead, enslaving it. Failing to Balance Advanced 122
Shadows overcome undead infuriates. If successful creature obeys any Sorcery
Lightning 1-4 Sight MP: MP Summon lightning from 50%+ cloudy sky. 1-4 1D6 damage. Balance Advanced 122
POW Armor ineffective. Sorcery
Read the 1 POW Touch No Tell future Balance Advanced 122
Leaves Sorcery
The Red Grail 3 POW 1 mile POW: POW Curses a targets blood with wasting disease that kills Shadow Advanced 122
radius Sorcery
Return 3 MP Touch No Thrown weapon returns to wielders hand each round. Balance Advanced 123
Weapon Sorcery
The Silver 4 MP Self No Disembodied silver hand wields a sword and fights within 2 meters Balance Advanced 123
Hand of caster. 90% attack, 1D8+5+1D6 damage, dodge 85% Sorcery
Spear of the 1 POW Touch MP: MP Doubles targets attack % and damage from thrown or missile Balance Advanced 123
Hunter weapon for 1 shot. Sorcery
Wind-Dancing 2 POW Touch POW: POW Caster is lifted by winds and flown 300 meters per round. Or fling Balance Advanced 123
target. Sorcery