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The title of my project is Young Architect. I plan on going to Kempsville High School's

Business and Entrepreneurship Academy students and explain the importance of architecture and

how it applies to business and design. I selected this topic because design is intriguing to me,

and eventually one day I would like to build my own house with my own business. My driving

questions include: How do copyright laws affect an architect on a daily basis; What are the

necessary elements a house, business, or structure requires to operate; and How has the standard

house evolved throughout history? I plan on asking Mr. Roth to help consult on the project with

me since he is the school's design specialist and would provide insight as to what should/should

not be included in my project. While at said school, I would like to commence with a Paper

Airplane ice breaker, then explain the best designs and why they work afterward. I would

explain how copyright laws are similar to plagiarism and show how it can affect a restaurant

(business). I was planning on coming up with a variety of games or challenges that the students

would have to compete with each other to earn points/candy. Then after have the students talk

about the home of their dreams or a future business venue, and explain the regulations or legal

necessities that each home/building requires in order to run. I also thought if time permitted it

would be fun to have the students create their dream structure, giving them a take away or

something to think about when they left. The success of my project will be evaluated by how

well the students respond to my ideas, and whether or not all participate without breaking down

or crying. Materials include (but not limited to): White legal paper, Newspaper, Bagged

Materials(?), Flash drive, Graph Paper, Scale (ruler), T-Guide, CREATIVITY!

B. Learning Skills

New Skills: Running a kiosk, working with a consultant (Mr. Roth)

Enhanced Skills: Public Speaking, assigning challenges, working with same-age persons

C. Marketing Plan

Target audience is high school students (seniors preferably) who are interested in

pursuing possible carriers in architecture or design. They will learn the different types of

building codes and design copyright laws that is directly applicable to future job experience. I

will ensure I have the appropriate demographic by going to the Business and Entrepreneur

academy at Kempsville High School which could possibly affect their future business building.

D. Project Steps

Preliminary Steps Create a trifold poster that serves as a blown-up brochure for the 4 Hours
students to get the general idea of the project, include the design codes,
challenges, and a sample of a future house plans.

Preliminary Steps Figure out the ideal challenges with consultant that would both captivate 2 Hours
the audience the longest and provide the most insight to design and

Preliminary Steps Contact the school and explain the project and ask for permission as a 1 Hour

Midway Steps Meet at school and complete challenges, also explain the laws involved 6 Hours
with architecture and design.

Later Steps Meet with consultant and analyze which tasks were most successful, 3 Hours
and what could have been done to improve the project.

Follow-Up Visit the Academy at Kempsville High and ask a variety of students and 4 Hours
teachers (that had attended the project) to answer a couple of questions
concerning the flow of the project.

Total 20 Hours
E. Project Documentation

I am going to take pictures and save good props that work with the project. This includes

the trifold board, and the drafts used on the trifold board. I will also include pictures of the

students working on each challenge, and the ones that were the best/worst in placing. I also

might take a series of pictures and collage them into a movie like a time-lapse. Also I will print

out the email conversation between Kempsville and myself, as well as any other online research

or components to the project. Post-interviews of the students will be included as well.

F. Project Justification

This project is a good challenge that I can handle. The hardest part, in my opinion, will

be to convince the AP in charge of the Business and Entrepreneurship Academy to allow my

project. I will have to meet with my consultant to discuss the project scale which is integral to

deciding whether a classroom is suitable or possibly a place like the gym. This project most of

all will require leadership since essentially I will be educating a group of people on my topic and

have to make sure I do not lose focus from some of the students.

G. Porject-Paper Justification

This project directly attacks the legal issues associated with architecture and design. I

will be physically telling the students what regulations are required for a business/house.

However, the bulk of my project will consist of a variety of builders challenges where I plan on

adding different facets or caveats (i.e. Each structure needs to have at least four windows, if the
challenge was to illustrate a house) that are similar to the various codes and regulations that are

required of buildings. Also, the students are young entrepreneurs where this project gives good

isight as to all the things to consider when a students potential business sets up in the real world.

H. Academic Honesty

I understand that any academic dishonesty by me on any part of the project will result in

failure of the Senior Project and forfeiture of the Legal Studies Seal on my High School diploma.