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Whitney L.

54B and 91D Street, Villa 53 Mirdif, Dubai, UAE * 971 52 510 5882 *

Kindergarten Teacher Create inquiry-based long range, unit and weekly plans, integrating subjects.
Collaborate with Specialist Teachers to streamline planning process. Use assessment
data to drive differentiated instruction. Organize and run After School Activities for
Early Years Division. Lead school-wide events such as Character Education
assemblies, Winter Concert and Talent Show. Administer entrance assessments for
Ontario International School, Dubai, UAE. 2014 - present

Early Years Lead Support administration in preparation for School Inspection by the Knowledge
and Human Development Authority. Co-developed the School Improvement Plan.
Participate in School Community Council, attended by parents. Support Early Years
Division in moderated marking and reporting.
Ontario International School, Dubai, UAE. 2016 - present

RESTART Assistant Gained experience in behavior management through RESTART

Program for elementary students. Supported students who require
assistance in emotional well-being and pro-social skills. Initiated a fundraiser outside
of school connections to provide monetary funds for students in need of basic living
needs such as warm clothing.
North Addington Education Center, Cloyne, ON. 2014

Teacher Candidate Supported developing numeracy, literacy and social skills through play-based
learning while reinforcing daily routines. Created individualized learning goals to
assist progression of writing skills. Attended CI focused on improving students oral
language. Prompted student thinking while engaged in purposeful and practice play.
Selby Public School, Selby, ON. 2014

Teacher Candidate Co-created success criteria and learning goals with students. Developed a Bump-it
-up-Wall for writing procedures. Organized literacy circles and led guided
reading groups. Used various manipulatives to differentiate math instruction through
3-part math lessons. Participated in staff meetings and Professional Inquiry related to
the Growth Mindset. Prepared students for the Holiday Concert and supervised lunch
and recess duties.
Selby Public School, Selby, ON. 2013

Emergency Supply Employed effective classroom management skills to various grades including
Kindergarten and grade 2. Took a position as an educational assistant for a boy
with autism. Documented student behaviors throughout the day to report to the
Limestone District School Board, 2013
Course Math in Full Day Kindergarten
ETFO, Toronto, ON. 2016

Additional Qualifications Reading Part One

Queens University. 2014

Kindergarten Part One

Queens University. 2015

Workshops Layers of Inquiry, Accountable Talk in the Classroom, Responsible

Digital Citizens, Building Futures and Financial Literacy presented by Ministry of

Bachelor of Education Queens-Trent Concurrent Education in Primary/Junior Division
Queens University, Kingston, ON. 2014

Bachelor of Science Biology/Psychology Joint Major

(Honours) Trent University, Peterborough, ON. 2013