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How can a social worker impact someone's life?

Social Work

Cindy Linares

Seinor Capstone

Mr. Peter Foote

22 March 2017

Cindy Linares
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Mr. Peter Foote


22 March 2017

The impact social workers have on clients

Social workers impact people's lives by helping them with their life such as problems

they are facing in their homes, poverty, domestic violence and depression. To become a reliable

social worker there can not be any emotion towards your work. Social workers improve lives by

getting involved in clients situations and evaluating the best solution. Social worker are

important because they help with poverty, domestic violence and depression.

How might a social worker help someone in poverty? Social workers give guidance on

programs people might be eligible for; Bank accounts, resources, income, deductions,

employment requirements, special rule for elderly or disabled, and immigrant eligibility are

required in order to clarify for eligibility. Since 1800s social workers have focused on

eliminating poverty. A social worker improves their clients help in domestic violences by

providing counseling and support. Social workers hand out services to the victims through

shelter programs across the nation. They may also help with therapy while they are in shelter.

When it comes to depression for social workers they do all the therapies they can in order for

their patient to heal. They do a variety of talk therapies and this includes individual talking. They

ask multiple questions about yourself. A support group can be very effective in the eyes of a

social worker because some may relate to others in what they are going through.

Almost half the world is in poverty. About 1 billion ( every second child ) Nearly a billion

people entered the 21st century unable to read nor sign their own name. Social workers have an
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extensive history on poverty. One of the six ethical principles guiding social workers poverty is a

primary problem. By ( Benjamin Bridges ) A social worker had a client, a young women in the

poor urban community. She appeared in the social services and reported pregnant, depressed and

unable to pay her rent. As always when a child is on the way, to be the best you can is always the

main priority before your baby comes. She was trying to change her life around soon. She could

not save money because she had another child to support. Her partner was not in the picture to

improve with her. The social worker and her client found a solution. Social worker found many

sources of tangible help from the community. After a few weeks her client was able to identify

housing, obtain prenatal care, treatment for her depression to enroll on a job training program. As

well as her partner was able to find work at a bank. As soon as her baby was born of course she

saw her life brighter and confident. Social workers are tackling the complex issue of poverty,

through organizations from the community in poverty neighborhoods. In all effort social workers

use their training and look beyond the symptoms and get to the root causes of poverty. Their goal

is always to empower people to become healthy members of society.

On average about twenty people per minute are physically abused by their partner in the

united states. During the year about ten million women and men have been abused; one in three

women and one in four men have been victims. Mostly ages eighteen - twenty four are mostly

abused. By (Entazeri S.) There is a day for violence against women and it is International day

for the elimination of violence against women. By ( Mark Sandel ) Social workers must have

insight into the problem of domestic violence to effectively work towards ending relationship

violence. Social workers need to be aware that is a common crime. The exact number of

domestic violence assaults is hard to determine. At least twenty five - fifty percent of marriages

are indicated of assault. Domestic violence is usually gender based and basically against women.
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Domestic violence harms children. The population of men who abuse their partners are also the

same population of men who abuse children.

Depression is predicted to be the second worldwide disabilities by 2020. How can social

workers help with depression? The main priority to cure this is the talking therapy It helps by

bringing out your feelings and your social worker will put everything together and may be able

to tell you why you are depressed. Depression needs the same attention as physical health

conditions. Social workers advocate for depression as a public health issue. By ( Alvaro

Sanchez ) Depression is a symptom in most cases. Its an illness that can lead to death.

Moreover, 25 million people suffer from depression each year. Over 50 percent who suicide are

derived from depression. Most alcoholics are alcoholics because of depression. Depression

affects nearly 5-8 ages 18 and over. Depression is a common mental disorder but it is curable in

the treatments said above. There are stages to depression. Loss in interest and slow energy, that is

the first stage. Bipolar affective disorder is the second. Which means loss of sleep. Depression is

generally the best treated with combination from medical talk therapy, social workers are very

important members of depression treatment team.

According to Jose Gonzalez The major challenge I face today is furthering my education.

I have my bachelors but the majority of my colleagues have a master. My education could lead to

a possibility of me being passed up for a promotion. Why don't I finish my masters? TIME. My

biggest goal for when I retire is to gain enough experience is social services and philanthropy. I

believe, the experience would provide me the opportunity to teach at a university level.

How can a social worker impact someone's life? It takes time. Patients is key. To be a

successful social worker you have to be fully committed to your client and stay away from the
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emotions. Being emotionally close to your client can be very disturbing because things don't

work out for them then you feel like you are the one to blame.

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