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Adult Teaching Practice

Mommas Fried Chicken: A Southern Cooked Meal

Focus/Goals: To experience the family atmosphere of a traditional southern meal
that we cook and eat together

Teacher: Lauren Long

Class: Fellow Members of Adult Teaching Practice
Date: Monday, April 24, 2017
Time: 6:00-9:00 PM (Esther and I will each have approximately an hour of this time slot
to complete our demonstrations.)

TLWBAT to prepare southern style green beans, skillet-fried chicken, corn, and sweet
TLWBAT recall and describe meals that they have shared with their families over the
TLWBAT experience the family atmosphere that often accompanies cooking and
eating together

Materials Needed and facilities used:

Kitchen and living room area of Bell 2A
Chicken, flour, eggs, milk, salt and pepper
Frozen green beans, chicken bouillon cube, garlic powder, olive oil
Can of corn, butter
Lipton tea bags, sugar
1 skillet, 2 pots, 2 bowls
Plates, cups, and eating utensils

Methods and Procedures:

Opening of lesson:
1. 1 minute: Welcome the learners to my home and go over tonights menu (Fried
chicken, green beans, corn, and sweet tea).
2. 4 minutes: discuss the logistics of the kitchen and decide who would like to help
with what.
a. Create a cooking plan with the learners based on what will need to take
place during the demonstration. There are three major tasks that will need
to be accomplished: cooking the chicken, cooking the vegetables, and
making the tea.
b. One learner should be chosen to be the main assistant for each of the
above tasks. (This is not to say that the other learners are not to assist in
any of the activities; it is just to establish which learner has the basic
responsibility over each task.)
Preparing the Food
3. 25-30 minutes: Green Beans (The green beans will need to be cooking as we
prepare the rest of the food. The prep time for the green beans will probably be
around 5 minutes)
a. Get out a pot with a lid to use for the green beans, and ask the Green Bean
Assistant to fill the pot with about an inch of water.
b. Place the pot on the stove, drop the bouillon cube in, and bring the water
to a boil.
c. Once the bouillon cube dissolves, have the Green Bean Assistant pour the
bag of frozen green beans into the pot.
d. Let beans return to a boil. Turn the stove eye to low, and let the beans cook
for approximately 20 minutes.
e. As the beans are cooking, move on to the other foods.
4. 10 minutes: Sweet Tea (Start the tea after the green beans are on the stove.)
a. Have assistant fill pan with water and place on stove.
b. Have assistant take five tea bags and tie them together. Place in pot, and
turn stove eye to just below high.
c. While waiting for the tea to boil, have assistant place one cup of sugar into
the tea pitcher.
d. After the tea begins to boil, ask the assistant to pour the tea into the pitcher
and stir. Add water to fill the rest of the pitcher, and stir again.
5. 25 minutes: Skillet-Fried Chicken (Begin the chicken while waiting for the tea to
boil. The Sweet Tea Assistant and I will finish the tea while the Chicken Assistant
continues watching the chicken.)
a. Set out two bowls: one for the eggs and milk and one for the flour.
i. Have assistant mix two eggs and some milk (about cup) together
in one bowl.
ii. Place flour (start with a cup) in the remaining bowl.
b. Turn stove eye to medium and place butter in the skillet.
c. Have assistant dip the chicken into the milk and egg mixture.
d. Have assistant dip the chicken into the flour.
e. Place the chicken into the skillet and add salt and pepper.
f. After several minutes, check to see if the chicken has browned at all.
g. Ask the assistant to flip the chicken so that both sides can cook. The
chicken should be browned before it is done.
h. Before removing the chicken, cut to see if it is cooked through the middle.
6. 7 minutes: Corn
a. Ask assistant to place the corn into a pot.
b. Place the pot on the stove eye (set to medium).
c. Wait until corn begins to boil, then drain.
d. Add butter, salt, and pepper to taste.

15-20 minutes: Closing: Lets Eat!

7. 3 minutes: Work together to set the plates and silverware on the table
8. Remaining time: Enjoy!
a. As we eat, discuss the cooking process.
i. I want to keep a light-hearted atmosphereit should resemble a
family dinner.
ii. Other topic ideas could include the learners favorite home-cooked
meals or fun stories that theyd like to share.