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Adult Teaching Practice

Instructional Design for Terrace Womens Bible Study

Living Life through the Great Commandment
Focus/Goals: To participate in community fellowship and share with each other how
the Lord has been active in our lives this week and to effectively communicate what
it looks like to live out the scriptural command of loving God with all that we are
and loving others as ourselves.

Teacher: Lauren Long

Class: Terrace Ladies Womens Bible Study
Date: Saturday, March 25, 2017
Time: There will be a brunch starting at 10 AM. Following the brunch, sharing and Bible
study will begin at 10:30 AM and continue until 11:30 AM (60 minutes).

** Note: Preparations for the brunch include setting up with Mary OBryant, RA of
Powell dormitory, and Julia Raymer, RA of Cora dormitory in the Terrace Commons at
9:50 AM. The brunchs food items that we will be using will already be in this buildings
refrigerator. However, I am responsible for bringing my griddle to use for making
pancakes. The specific food items needed for the brunch will not be listed in the
Materials Needed section of the Lesson Plan because they will already be in the
refrigerator, and preparations for the brunch/the brunch itself will not be further
described in this lesson plan because the brunch is not directly connected to the lesson

TLWBAT share how the Lord has been working in her life recently with a
community of fellow believers.
TLWBAT examine the Great Commandment and explore several other passages of
Scripture that demonstrate living out godly love.
TLWBAT reflect on how these passages of Scripture are currently impacting her
daily life and express her thoughts on how she would like to see that impact grow.
TLWBAT further invest herself into a community of believers by sharing her needs
and praises with two or more people and by lifting them up to the Lord in a time of
prayer together.

Materials Needed and facilities used:

Terrace Commons (has been previously reserved)
Griddle for pancakes
Notecards to place in Bible to mark key passages to be discussed

Methods and Procedures:

Opening of Bible Study (Focus: Sharing how the Lord has been working in our lives
recently with a community of fellow believers) 15 minutes
1. 1 minute: Gather everyones attention and let them know that it is time to
transition from brunch to Bible study.
2. 2 minutes: Allow time for everyone to throw away trash and get situated.
3. 1 minute: Invite the ladies into a time of sharing by asking if anyone has seen the
Lord at work in their lives recently.
Give them an example of possible areas of life (Maybe God has provided
for you in an unexpected way recently. Or maybe He has taught you
something about Himself that you had never realized before. Etc.)
4. 10 minutes: Give time for responses and listen to the stories that are shared.
5. 2 minutes: Share what the Lord has been teaching me recently about living out
His love. (Use my personal story as a transition into the devotional that I have
Share how the Lord used Daniel Boals message in chapel to begin to turn
my heart towards living out the godly love described in the Great
Mention how the theme of living out godly love has continued to appear in
my life over the weeks since that message.
o There have been multiple times when the Lord has brought this
theme directly into my life in the past several weeks.
o I have been constantly reminded that I need to be intentional in
seeking to love God with all that I am, as well as intentional in
seeking out ways to love others.

Devotional (Focus: Examining the Great Commandment and exploring several other
passages of Scripture that demonstrate living out godly love.) 22 minutes
6. 5 minutes: Introduction:
1 minute: Turn to Mark 12:28-34 and read aloud
3 minutes: Ask for feedback: Why do you think that Jesus elevates this
command above all others?
1 minute: Consolidate answers and share some thoughts of my own
through asking the question If we are truly loving God with all that we
are and loving those around us as ourselves, do you think that all other
aspects of living like Christ will fall into place?
o Asking this question will allow the ladies to process a point that I
want to make on their own before I state it. This way, they may
come to the same conclusion on their own.
7. 11 minutes: Further thought: What does godly love look like lived out in our
1 minutes: Turn to I Corinthians 13 and ask if anyone would like to read.
(If no one would like to read, I can read it myself.)
10 minutes: Briefly highlight each attribute of love by asking the ladies to
list them and describe what they imply about godly love. (See list below
for easy reference.)
o Patient
o Kind
o Does not envy or boast
o Is not arrogant or rude
o Does not insist on its own way
o Is not irritable or resentful
o Does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth
o Bears all things
o Believes all things
o Hopes all things
o Endures all things
o Never ends
1 minute: Challenge the ladies to consider how they love others. Does
their love look like what is described in these verses?
8. 8 minutes: Continued further thought: What does godly love look like expanded
into other aspects of living like Christ?
2 minutes: Turn to Romans 12:9-21, and share how the Lord has brought
this passage to me repeatedly over the years (including these past few
weeks) to show me what my life should look like living through Him and
through His love.
1 minute: Read the passage aloud. (Give opportunity for someone to read
the passage. If no one volunteers, I will read aloud.)
3 minutes: Ask the ladies for thoughts on the passage.
o What is your first impression of this passage?
o Could this list of godly characteristics possibly make someone feel
overwhelmed? Why? Why not?
2 minutes: Use the why not? question to lead the ladies to discover that
we are not expected to do all of these things in our own strength. It is the
Holy Spirits work in our lives that enables us to become more and more
like Christ.

Group Discussion (Focus: Reflecting on how these passages of Scripture are currently
impacting our daily lives and expressing our thoughts on how we would like to see
that impact grow.) 11 minutes
9. 1 minute: Transition into time of discussion and reflection by opening the floor
to thoughts/testimonies.
10. 10 minutes: As a discussion topic, ask for volunteers to share how they feel their
own love currently lines up with the love we have studied together in these
passages of Scripture and how they would like to see that love grow.

Closing with a time of prayer (Focus: Further investing ourselves into a community
of believers by sharing our needs and praises with two or more people and by lifting
them up to the Lord in a time of prayer together.) 10 minutes
11. 2 minutes: Ask the ladies to split up into groups for prayer. The groups can be as
small as two people or can include as many people as theyd like.
12. 1 minute: Let everyone know that once they are done praying, they are free to
leave or they can stay to hang out, if theyd like.
13. 7 minutes (Or until everyone is finished): Allow time for groups to pray amongst
themselves over the shared prayer requests and praises.