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43. Washing facilities:

1. In every factory;
a) Adequate and suitable facilities for washing and bathing shall be provided.
b) It must be separate for the use of male and female workers.
C) Conveniently accessible and shall be kept clean condition.
2. The government may in respect of any manufacturing process prescribed standards of
adequate and suitable facilities for washing.

44. First aid appliances: 1.There shall be readily accessible during working hour and first
aid boxes are provided for one for every one hundred fifty workers.
2. The cupboards should be maintained in responsible and training person.
3. The trainer should be identifiable by all.
4. Where five hundreds and more worker are employed, there shall be an ambulance room or

45. Canteens: 1.Where more than two hundred workers are employed a canteen shall be
2. The other rules may provide for;
a) The date by which such canteen shall provided.
b) The standards of the equipment.
c) The food staff to be served therein.
d) The management of canteen.
e) The delegation to the chief inspector.

46. Shelter etc: In every factory where more than one hundred workers are employed there
must be provide shelter or rest room and it must be suitable and adequate.

47.Rooms for children: In every factory where more than fifty women workers are
employed there must be provide enough room for children for children under the six years of
such women and it must be adequate and maintained in a clean condition.

48. Welfare officers: In every factory wherein five hundred or more workers are
ordinarily employed the government may prescribe a qualified welfare officers for the service of

49. Power to make rules to supplement this chapter: The Government may
make rules-
a) Exemption subjects to compliance with such alternative arrangements for the welfare of
workers as may be specified.
b) Representative of the workers employed in the factory shall be associated with the
management in the welfare arrangement of the workers.
Our findings: The above are the provisions of welfare facilities of workers. Our selected
factory provide only washing facilities ,first aid appliances, canteen facilities but they do not
provide its adequately and they also need to provide welfare officers shelter for workers rooms
for children etc.

Working hours of adult

50. Weekly hours of adult: No adult workers shall be required to allow working in a
factory for more than forty-eight hours in any week and more than nine hours in a day.

51.Weekly holidays: No adult worker shall be required on allowed to work in a factory on

Sunday or on a Friday as the case where he has had on will have a holidays for a whole day on
one of the three days immediately before or after that Sunday or Friday or some other case .

52. compensatory weekly holidays: A worker is deprived of any of the weekly

holidays provided for in sub-section(1) of that section he shall be allowed , as soon as
circumstances permit , compensatory holidays of equal number to the holidays so deprived of
the government may make prescribed rule for it.

53. Daily hours: No adult worker shall be required or allowed to work in a factory for more
than nine hours in a day.

54. Intervals for rest or meal: No adult worker in a factory shall be liable to work either
for more than six hours in any day without at least one intervals of one hour and for more than
five hours in any day without at least one interval of half hours and half hours without at least
two intervals.

55. Spread over: the periods of work of an adult worker in a factory shall be arranged
properly. The worker must spare over their activity in the factory.

56. Night shift: Where an adult workers works in night shift in case a period of twenty four
consecutive hours begins from the end of his shifts and the hours he has worked after midnight
shall be counted towards the previous day.

57. Prohibition of overlapping shifts: Work shall not be carried on in any factory by
means of a system of shifts so arranged that more than one relay of workers is engaged in work
of the same kind of same time.
58. Extra allowance for over time: where a workers in a factory for more than nine
hours in a day or more than forty eight hours in any week. He shall in respect of overtime work
be entitled to allowance at the rate of twice his ordinary rate of wages.

59. Restriction on double employment: No adult worker shall be employed on

allowed to be employed for work in more than one factory on any day except on permission in
visiting from the chief inspector on such term and condition as it may impose.

60. Notice of periods of work for adult and preparation thereof: there shall
be display and correctly maintained the notice of adult workers that required and the period of
their work.

61. Register of adult workers and supply of ticket and cards: the manager of
every factory shall maintain a register of adult workers to be available to the inspector at all time
during working hours and showing their information.

62. Hours of work to correspond with notice under 60 and register

under61: No workers shall be required or allowed to work otherwise than in accordance with
notice. The notice must be informed clearly for the worker.

63. Power to make rules exempting from restrictions: The government may
makes rules to exempt to such extent and subjects to such condition as may be specified.

64. Power to make exempting order: Where the government is satisfied that owing to
the nature of the work it may exempting its various order.

65. Further restrictions on the employment of women: The provisions of this

chapter shall in their application to women worker in factories be supplemented by the following
further restrictions normally
a) No exemption from the provision of section 53 shall be granted in respect of any women,
b) No women shall be allowed to work in a factory except between 7am to 8 pm.

Our findings: Our factories follow the all above rules spontaneously and they gently manage
all the above rules.