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A racially diverse group of young men MUSIC: The beat of a rap song plays
and women are playing basketball in a quietly in the background, on a boom
dilapidated park in a mid-sized box or something.
Midwestern town overlooked by a faded
billboard covered in graffiti, e.g.
Lies, Where are the jobs?

On the billboard is an image Donald

Trump giving his inaugural address and
the words Im with you.

Children are playing tag in the park.

A diverse group of middle-aged
construction workers, coal miners,
teachers, and scientists are watching
the game and eating lunch at a nearby
picnic table. Two elderly gentlemen
are playing chess.

An ethnically ambiguous woman holds WOMAN: Game point.

the ball. She is breathing hard and
covered in sweat from what feels like BACKGROUND: [Chatter, words of
a lifetime of underappreciated hard encouragement]
work and dedication to a cause greater
than her own. She passes the ball to
an opposing player off-screen.
Bystanders crane their necks, devoting
their full attention to the game.

The opposing player, an athletic, PLAYER 1 [in thick Russian accent]:

middle-aged white man, catches the Game over.
ball, and smiles deviously.

The Russian player quickly passes the

ball to a teammate off-screen, and
lunges toward the female player,
setting an aggressive (potentially
illegal?) screen.

A fat, middle-aged white / orange man

catches the pass. He is decked out in
garish gold sneakers and expensive
accessories, e.g. shooting sleeve, rec
specs. His jersey number is 45.

Player #45 does fancy dribbling.

Russian player is blocking all other
players from getting close. Bystanders
look on in horror / disbelief.
Player #45 does unnecessary spin move,
and awkwardly hoists up a long three-
pointer. He holds his follow through,
and stares down his opponents, rather
than watching the ball. He knows.

Time slows down as the ball sails MUSIC: Ominous tones, and a (barely
toward the basket. Players track the audible) childs voice singing My
shot with their eyes. Anxious Country, Tis of Thee
bystanders get up from their seats. A
young girl watches from the sidelines,
a single tear rolls down her cheek.

Time returns to normal speed. The ball PLAYER #45 [taunting opponents in a
banks in hard off the glass. Player heavy Queens accent]: Haha, you got
#45 is mobbed by the Russian guy and schlonged!
his teammates, including one who is
wearing a black FBI tank top. Fist PLAYER 1 [Russian accent]: Bigly!
pumps and chest bumps all around.
Everyone else is sad. BACKGROUND: [Sad noises]

A player on the losing team grabs the PLAYER 2: Yo, lets run it back?
ball. The winning team is too busy
celebrating to notice. BACKGROUND: Chatter among teammates /
bystanders, additional appeals to
Suddenly, we see a familiar figure run it back.
approaching. Its Hillary Clinton,
smiling naturally. Shes wearing a HILLARY: Did someone say, Run it
pantsuit and humming across the court back?
on her Hoveround mobility scooter.
BACKGROUND: [Squeals of disbelief]
The losing team and a number of
bystanders gather around Hillarys
scooter. High fives are exchanged.
Player #45 and his teammates look back
to see what the commotion is all

A hardworking single mom is standing MOM: Hey Mrs. Hillary, how bout a
on the sidelines with her young slam dunk?
DAUGHTER [giggling]: Yeah, dunk it!
One of the players hands the ball to
Hillary. Player #45 and his teammates HILLARY: Well, OK. But if Im gonna
are not impressed as the crowd begins do this, I cant do it alone.
to cheer. Hillary smiles and shrugs.

Three buff men approach from the COAL MINER: Can we help?
sidelines, a construction worker, coal
miner, and scientist. Everyone is DAUGHTER: We can ALL help!
surprised and enthusiastic, especially
Hillary. BACKGROUND: [Excited chatter]
The bystanders put aside their Hillary: Onward! Together!
differences and unite for a common
purpose: Lifting the Hoveround
mobility scooter off the ground and MUSIC: As close to the Chariots of
carrying it towards the basket. Fire theme song as possible, without
Hillary is still in the scooter, violating copyright. Inspiration is
clutching the ball with intent. Those KEY. Maybe Bruce Springsteen or Katy
who cant help cheer along from the Perry can help?
sidelines. The winning team has
stopped celebrating, and watches in

For no apparent reason, Chelsea

Clinton is standing a mid-court, CHELSEA: Lookin good, Mom!
making a video of the extraordinary
feat on her cell phone. She smiles and
gives a thumbs up sign.

Hillary dunks the ball with the help

of the hardworking volunteers. The
crowd goes wild. Player #45 scowls.

The crowd has extracted the Hoveround

mobility scooter from underneath
Hillary and placed it off to the side. DAUGHTER: You did it!
Hillary [stunt double] leaps down from
the rim. The little girl runs up and HILLARY: [Lifelike laugh] No, WE did
gives her a hug, followed by a high it.

Hillary motions to the people MUSIC: Generic upbeat campaign ad

gathering around her, laughing like
its the most natural thing in the HILLARY: Hi, Im Hillary Clinton.
world, then turns and begins to slow And I know as well anyone, theres no
walk toward the camera. such thing as a slam dunk in
politics. But Ive always believed in
second chances, and thats why Im
running for president.

You know, they say hindsight is

20/20, but I think this election year
should be about foresight, and
offering real solutions to ensure a
brighter future for our children and

Hillary turns to smiling, diverse HILLARY: So, what do ya say? Are we

crowd of people behind her. They cheer gonna run this back or what?
and Hillary makes an aw shucks face.
CROWD: [affirmative cheers]
NOTES: Better than previous drafts. Why are we doing this again?