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Zairus Fadzli Bin Muhammad Dzulkifli

Personal Particulars
Home Address:
No. 26, Jalan USJ 2/5M
47600, Subang Jaya
Selangor, Malaysia

Birth Date: 8/11/1983 at Athens, Ohio, U.S.A

Age: 27 years old
IC No: 831108-71-5081

Contact Numbers:
03-56387806 (Home)
0126713567 (Mobile)

Objective To be successful as a Professional Control Systems and Automation


Education B. Eng., Electrical and Electronics (Hons)

Universiti Tenaga Nasional, Bangi, Selangor.

Coursework includes: -
Circuits Analysis
Electronic Analysis and Design
Microprocessor Systems
Digital Signal Processing
Power Electronics
Communication Systems
Data Communications and Network Architecture
Computer Architecture
Process Control and Instrumentations

Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) 2000

Sekolah Menengah Sains Kuala Selangor, Kuala Selangor, Selangor
5 A’s, 2B’s (Physics, Math, Add Math and Chemistry – A’s)

Penilaian Menengah Rendah (PMR) 1998

Sekolah Menengah Sains Kuala Selangor, Kuala Selangor, Selangor

 English - fluent (spoken and written)
 Malay - fluent (spoken and written)
 Deutsche – beginner
 Spanish - beginner

Technical Experiences

 Best at Trouble Shooting mechanicals/electrical/electronics.

 Best at software’s language (C++) practical uses.
 PC hardware and software installation
 Knowledge in electrical automation
 Knowledge in Servo Amplifiers, Servo Controllers Software
 Knowledge of theoretical and practical in Process and Control
 Instrumentation and sensing
 Knowledge in PLC and SCADA.
 Automation Electrical Assembly (hands-on, drawings and
 Knowledge in pneumatics and hydraulics in automation system.
 Best for writing skills and proper documentation
 Trained for FMEA and 8D reports
 Best at electrical drawings and Knowledge of mechanical drawings
 Knowledge in PCB and Industrial Computer troubleshooting.
 Good in presentation skills and communication.

Other Interest Photography, Filming, Sports, Meeting Peoples and Travels

And Skills
 Responsible and committed team player and team leader.
 Able to carry out tasks given diligently.
 Good interpersonal and analytical skills.
 Hardworking and willing to learn.
 Creative, self motivated and result-oriented.
 Extrovert and friendly
 Outgoing and like to meet peoples
 Traveler
 Unique and Creative
 Love to learn about new technologies and skills.
 Able to handle multitask jobs.

Computers’ Application Knowledge

 Adobe Photoshop CS2

 Paintshop Pro
 Adobe Premiere Pro
 Final cut Pro
 Microsoft Project
 Microsoft Word
 Microsoft Excel
 Microsoft PowerPoint
 C++
 Java
 Pewinnpro
 Copley Amplifiers
 Tuning PRO
 GUI’s

Working Experiences

Transmile Air Sdn Bhd (March 2005 – June 2005)

Internship Trainee

On Job Trainings:

 Non Destructive Test

 Avionics
 Project Management

Fico Asia Sdn Bhd (June 2006 – June 2008)

Assembly Electrical Engineer

 Liaise with subcontractor, purchaser and project coordinator for electrical

integration for product machine Singulation MISS 2 , Molding AMS-I and Laurier
CS1250 (Die Sorting)
 Lean Manufacturing Team Member and Leader, Project Management.
 Involves in mechanical/electrical assembly
 Assemble and Debug the sub-module/module and systems (machine)
 Carry out internal buy-off (qualification of product quality)
 Responsible on improvement activities of assembly integration and preparation
and updating checklist for electrical integration and electrical and instrumentation
 Work closely with Production Quality Engineers and Engineering Department, to
initiate System Improvement Activities which leads to achieving Departmental
Goals, such as design and develop jig/fixtures for equipments assembly
 Reporting to Research and Design Department of Austria (Datacon)
 Follow-up on ECR (Engineering Change Request) and ECN (Engineering Change
Notice) with Engineering Section and Research and Department HQ in Austria to
ensure all sub modules/modules and systems are built in accordance to the latest
 Create systems to manage and maintain 5S in assembly floor for smooth process
flow and managing assembly facilities
 Involvement in SAP lean manufacturing for assembly process.
 Assembly and test New Product Introduction (NPI)
 Train sub-contractors for knowledge transfers.
 Documentations on FMEA, iCAR, sCAR and 8D reports and improving BOM list to
liase with actual drawing


 Setup material floor stock for assemblers and technicians in the manufacturing
plant floor.
 Re-layout and reduced the space and time constraints for product Mechanical
Press AMS-i.
 Achieved sales target of USD 14.5 million dollars for Singulation MISS 2 in first
and second quarters of the year 2007.
 Setup re-layout for assembly for to minimize working space and save about RM
 Setup new process flow of in-cell working area for module assembly, integration,
debug and application purposes.


 Emergency, Safety and Healthy committee member.

 Sports Club Fico Asia Football Team, and Paintball.
 2006 Annual Dinner Committee Member.

ABB Malaysia Sdn Bhd (June 2008 – Present)


Responsible for overall engineering, service and commissioning of instrumentation and

power plant control systems. Support division’s BU business strategy and objectives.


Expected to carry out planning and analysis, design and programming, implementation and
after sales support/service for the following applications:

Major DCS Systems used:

 Symphony/Harmony Family
 ADVANT Family (AC450 and AC160)
 Industrial IT 800xA

A) DCS/PLC Design
DCS/PLC design scope involves hardware and software for small project and assist senior engineer to
implement complex project. Small projects generally refer to IO less than 200 IOs for an add-on or a
system expansion. The design work is summarized as follows:-
i. Hardware sizing inclusive of power supplies, controllers, input & output (IO) devices,
communication devices, etc base on process area.
ii. Open-loop control strategy (start-up or shutdown of major components in the plant
such as pumps, conveyors, fans, feeders, circuit breakers, valves, etc.)
iii. Closed-loop control strategy (feedback control of process via control valves such as
drum level, turbine speed, boiler drum pressure, HP/LP steam temperature and etc.). These
include single-element
feedback control, dual-element cascade control, feed-forward control and etc.
iv. Protection or interlock scheme for equipment and process including fail-safe
consideration such as
Boiler protection and Turbine protection.
v. Interface to foreign devices such as OPC, modbus, etc.

Major Tool used: Composer, WinTool, PDAG, EDS20/EDS-P3, ADVANT-FCB and Control

B) Human System Interface (HSI) or Operator Stations and Hardwired Panels

i. Setup and configuration of Operator Stations to enable operator interface with the
control system and
the plant equipment. This includes tag database generation (KKS), engineering units, logic-state
descriptor, alarm/event priority and grouping, process graphics/sub-models generation, trend
system diagnostic display and etc.
ii. Design and planning of HSI power supply distribution.
iii. Design and planning for hardwired MIMIC panel and alarm annunciator whenever
iv. Design and planning of hardwired backup panel if required.
v. Design and planning of large screen and interface.

Major HSI Systems used: Conductor, OS500 series, POS30, 800xA HMI (Industrial IT HMI
inclusive all the process portals) and PGP

B) Plant Information Management System, Historian and Asset Management/Optimization

vi. Setup and configuration of IMS for long term data storage, reporting functions
(instantaneous reports, balance reports for shift, daily, weekly, monthly & yearly, and etc)
and data archiving. Data collection may involve interface to DCS and 3-party system.
vii. Setup and configuration of performance calculation such as heat rate calculation for
the plant and performance calculation for major plant equipment and other asset optimization

Major Systems used: PMS, PGIM, EH and Optimax

C) Control System Peripherals and Others

i. Setup and configuration of printers for alarms (SOA, events/SOE, extract of
SOE/SOA), reports and
screen copier.
ii. Setup of C-Net communication interface such as SCSI/serial interface to HSI,
Engineering Station, OPC interface, etc.
iii. Setup and configuration of O-Net components such as network switches,
copper/optical cabling and
related peripherals.
iv. Implement GPS and master clock for plant wide systems time synchronization.
v. Design and drawing of control room layout, control desk and chairs.

Common peripherals used:

Printers: Line printer, HP Laserjet B/W and HP color laserjet printer
Switches: HP/Dell, 3-Com, Hirschman or D-Link
SCSI adapter: Adaptec
Serial Converter: Moxa, Black Box, Aten, Adam
GPS receiver: Symmetricom/True Time, Hopf, Master clock

C) Field Instrumentation
Liaise with customer or end-user to gather detail information on the plant instrumentation.
vii. The instrument data shall be analyzed and transform to useable HSI interfacing
database inclusive of tagname(KKS), description, measuring signal type, ranges, units, alarm
limits, etc.

D) Hardware Planning
Generation of all erection documents. These include:-
Erection drawings for control panel in DCS equipment room.
Erection drawings for control room layout, hard panels.
x. Detail design drawings for electrical distribution to DCS system with proper
calculated power rating.
Detail design drawings of C-Net and O-Net network routes.
xii. Detail design drawings of signals and power cables from field instruments to DCS
terminals. (cable list, connection diagram and signal flow list)
Detail design drawings for junction box, mounting, location, etc.
To derive information from plant P&ID for the above.


i. To understand the customer specifications and planning for project implementation.

ii. To liaise closely with Project Manager to firm up project schedule, bill of material,
quantity, critical path & milestone.
iii. To liaise and supervise subcontractor for site erection/installation work.
iv. To prepare and submit engineering documentation for customer review/approval.
v. To cooperate with senior engineer in project team.
vi. To provide technical support to sales team for technical proposal and tender requirements.
vii. To ensure compliance to health and safety requirements.
viii. Timely submission of LN/SAP timesheet.
ix. On-site daily/weekly timesheet and work report duly signed by the customer shall be submitted
direct report. This includes all field service jobs and projects.


TNB Paka Exhaust Temperature Monitoring (Procontrol P14 and POS30) – June 2008
TNB Kenyir Turbine Vibration Monitoring (Bailey INFI90 and Conductor NT - July 2008
Powertek Pahlawan MPS3 Upgrade (INFI90) - August 2008
TNB Pasir Gudang EAbus Upgrade (Procontrol P14 and POS30) - September 2008 – December
KEV Kapar PGP Upgrade (Bailey INFI90 and Industrial IT PGP) - December 2008 – March 2009
PLN Tarahan DCS Simulator (INFO 90 and Traxx Simulator) - April 2009
KEV Kapar CVMS Upgrade - (Conductor CVMS) – May 2009
KEV Kapar Conductor NT Upgrade – (Conductor NT) – July 2009
Pergau GPMS via OPC Server – (Industrial IT PGP) – August 2009
Pergau Turbine Governor Upgrade – ( From Advant Masterpiece90 to 800xA) – ongoing.

Activities and Honors

University level

 Vice President of the UNITEN Football Club

 Member of Student In Free Enterprise (SIFE) Uniten

School level
 Member of the School Editorial Board
 Member of the English Language Society


University level

 Time Series Analysis On a Sonata (Final Year Project)

 Acoustic analysis of musical instruments based on its signal spectrum
 TCP/IP datagram creation
 Computer Architecture Designs

Expected Salary

Negotiable (Based on experience and remuneration)


Muhammad Dzulkifli Bin Md Daud

General Manager /HAPUA Secretary
Planning and Monitoring
Planning andBusiness Development Department
Generation Division

Che Ku Azwari Bin Che Ku Ngah

Electrical, Control and Instrument Senior Engineer
Stesyen Janaeletrik Sultan Mahmud,
Bahagiaan Penjanaan
Tenaga Nasional Berhad

Jack Vanderhorst
Regional Manager
Technical Sales Support
+65 6773 5870

Yap Ching Boon

Sales Manager
Power Generation Departmant
Power Division
ABB Malaysia

IR.MHD Shukree Shahabuddin

Manager (Electrical ) – GF2
Kapar Energy Ventures