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Artifact H: Portfolio Process Self-Assessment

Lauren E. Van Fossen

Seattle University
Artifact H: Portfolio Process Self-Assessment

Creating my portfolio and presenting my portfolio was a very reflective process, and

allowed me to think about all of my accomplishments, growth, and areas for improvement from

the Student Development Administration program. Throughout the portfolio process, I learned

the importance of maintaining authenticity, building the portfolio components early, and

expressing my strengths and accomplishments confidently, in addition to my areas of growth.

Overall, I felt that what I learned from my portfolio process was that it was important to

be authentic. By remaining genuine to how I wanted to assemble and design my portfolio, I was

able to easily present on the themes of my portfolio because it was representative of me. I feel

that it was challenging to not consider how others were moving through the process or compare

the design and content of the artifacts. For example, I chose to use few personal photographs in

my portfolio and focused on the academic content, as that felt true to how I would design my

website. I had to continuously remind myself that the portfolio should be indicative of me and

my story and growth in the program.

Another lesson I learned in the program was to importance of building my portfolio early.

Although I did not do this as well as I would have liked, I felt that it would have been helpful to

consider portfolio as I was in the classes throughout the program. This would have also

incentivized me to challenge myself in my writing and create the best quality work I could

throughout the program. Furthermore, I learned that it would have been beneficial to complete

drafts of all of the artifacts and learning outcome narratives during SDAD 5900 Student

Development Capstone Seminar. By finishing drafts throughout the capstone course, I would

have been able to have more time for editing and crafting my website.
A third lesson that I learned from the portfolio process was to express my

accomplishments and growth more confidently. Sometimes, I feel that I focus the majority of

my reflections on how I can improve rather than celebrating the growth I have developed so far.

From my portfolio presentation and feedback from my portfolio committee, I learned that I

should be confident expressing the areas of multicultural awareness and knowledge that I have

developed, as well as claiming my ability to learn and my open mindset. Throughout the

program, I have learned to claim myself as a professional in this field, which I will carry with me

beyond the program.

Overall, I felt that my portfolio was indicative of my academic, professional, and

personal experiences. I was most proud of my presentation; expression of images, color, and text

in the website; and choice of artifacts. However, I felt that I could have presented more

confidently, integrated more of my professional experiences, and spent more time furthering my

understanding of self. Although I am proud of the content and presentation, the real value in the

portfolio process for me was the critical reflection as well as thoughtful and intentional personal

discovery and self-awareness.