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4 mark section A

4 markers are usually about stage directions and stage space

Stage space use of levels, proxemics
Potential questions exploring stage direction, exploring transition, explore
entrances and exits, explore stage space, explore major action within the scene
Animalization for stage direction? Low character, lack of dignity/respect
Sounds of the street slowly being replaced by the sounds of the drum major and
marie flirting around
Lecoqs seven levels of tension for entrances and exits
Scene 5-7, scene 10, scene 15-16
Outline and explore
Brief indication making it clear, this is about the rehearsal process, not the
delivery of the final product, dont talk about audiences
Make it super clear that youre in a rehearsal room and not onstage
Target the question by sing the questions language immediately, helps solidify
things in your head as well as convince the examiner that you know what youre
talking about
Introduce the technique or exercise
If the exercise isnt obvious, give one sentence to explain
How that the exercise is relevant by explaining what will be gained or understood
by doing this exercise with specific reference to the action
Mark scheme
- 2: clear justification for the relevance of the approaches isnt given for both

Female trait to digress

Gentilesse ideals of courtliness, nobility, honourability, expected of a knightly
You are considered noble if you come from a high class family
If you had a noble birth, you had a responsibility to society to be noble
All to do with status
In the prologue, there are ideas of gender, now its class and wealth status
coming in
Our ability to act noble comes from our creation by god
All we inherit is that mankind can hurt others, a legacy of pain
Very modern thinking
Duke or earl in the white devil nobility?
Brachiano gets away with the judgments
Forerunner for Henry the VIII
Her goal is to live virtuously
How do we place ourselves in a sort of value system if we dont compare
References to Dante Boathis, Seneca show Chaucers readings/learnings
Chaucer is showing the changing times
Is this Chaucers way of saying that there is no humility?
Is he conveniently denying himself or is he exposing himself for the audience to
laugh at him?
Is he tryiis it better to have bad ideals than no ideals?
Could ng to make amends? Also link to the concept of gentilesse, behaviour in
Honourable way of living

How are we gonna approach it

I missed ethnicity and crime and some timed essays on media represenations
Assess the view that processes of globalisation
Assess the view that sociology cannot and should not be a science
Assess sociological contributions to our understanding of state crime and human
On Friday, crime and deviance, fill in the grids
Problems studying green crime
- Comparisons are difficult bc different countries have different laws regrding
green crime
- Different definitions as to what counts as green crime
- States or organized crime often conceal their crimes and as such, avoid
- Companies also green wash use PR agenceies to make it seem like theyre
not green criminals
If youre not talking abt the issue, youre not gonna win