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Brown Flute Studio Policy

Teaching Philosophy:
I believe that students should enjoy creating all types of music. In the Brown Flute Studio, I strive to combine
classical and modern music to further the student’s enjoyment and knowledge of all musical genres. Through the
combined efforts of the teacher, student, and parent, every individual will grow in all aspects of music and life.

Required materials:
· A flute in good working condition
· A cleaning cloth and rod
· Practice Journal and pencil
· A metronome and a tuner (smart phone apps are acceptable)
· Sheet music and other music/books as deemed necessary by the teacher to accomplish the goals set. (Students
are required to provide all their own music)

· Arrive 5-10 minutes before the scheduled lesson time
· Have a binder with the required lesson materials, Practice Journals, and writing utensil

Individual invoices will be sent to the parent/guardian’s email after the last lesson of the month.
30min- $15 per lesson (usually for beginner students)
45min- $20 per lesson
60min- $25 per lesson (usually for more advanced students)
Payment is due on the first lesson of each month or semester.

If you need to miss a lesson, please give me advance notice (24 hours minimum) so that we can reschedule.
It is better to reschedule lessons rather than canceling them. Let me know ahead of time and we will reschedule
the lesson at a time that is mutually agreeable or will do a make-up lesson at the end of the month or semester.
*Please refer to the studio calendar (Located on the website) each month so we can reschedule lessons as soon as
Accepted short notice cancellations that can be made-up include:
· illness
· family emergency
· severe weather conditions
If you must cancel on the day of a lesson: Please leave a message on my voice mail or send a text message. E-mail
is not an acceptable way of contacting me the day of your lesson since I don’t always have access to it when I’m
teaching other students. Lessons cancelled without 24 hours notice and not for an acceptable cancellation reason or
no-shows will be charged the lesson rate with no possibility of a make-up.
* If you haven't practiced, or if the flute is at the repair shop, please don't cancel your lesson--we can still
make some musical progress!
*If I must cancel a lesson- for illness, emergency, or performance I will let you know as soon as possible so we can
schedule a make-up lesson at a mutually agreed upon time.

Regular, daily practicing is essential for progress. Lessons work well when there is a team effort with the teacher,
student, and parent all involved. Parents help encourage and remind students to practice and help them obtain
needed materials.
*Students will bring a schedule to their second lesson. This schedule will be used to determine the best
amount of time for each individual student practice.
Students should record any questions and/or problems with the music in their Practice Journal. This will help both
the student and I progress through the lesson in the best possible way.

Policy for Discontinuing Study:
If for any reason you feel that I am not exceeding your expectations, you may discontinue lessons- but I require a
one month’s written notice.
Studio Contract
Please sign and return this document by the student’s second lesson.
This contract signifies that the student and parent will abide by the policies and procedures listed within the Brown
Flute Studio Policy.

Student Name _________________________________________________________________

Student Signature _____________________________________________ Date ____________

Parent/Guardian Name __________________________________________________________

Parent/Guardian Signature ______________________________________ Date ____________

Personal Contact Information

Home Phone _____________________________

Cell Phone _______________________________

E-mail __________________________________