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26-27 October 2017

Achieving Operational Excellence and Maximum Performance from your Assets by Implementing
Effective Maintenance Strategy to Increase your Production, While Keeping Operating Costs low
and Improve Reliability
Conference Highlights:
FinRestructuring Existing Maintenance Strategies and Updating Current Expert Speakers Included:
Asset Integrity Programs for Cost Considerations
Convert Implementation Project as solution for cost effective Maintenance Barun Roy
Proposal Manager, Project
Understand Project Planning for Effective Maintenance and Reliability Development
Focus on efficiency improvement strategies and how to optimise processes
for increased asset integrity management SHARUL A-RASHID
Principal Engineer,
Improve your Operations Management System Reduce Business Complexity Instrument and Control
Optimize Maintenance and Reliability Petronas
Thomas Aas Saethre
Vice President Integrity
Oceaneering Cordon Lawrence
REASONS TO ATTEND Manager Capital Project
-&"3/: from maintenance best practices, reliability centred Akachidike Kan AP-Networks Amsterdam
maintenance, root cause analysis and cost effective inspection Technical Analysis and
and maintenance. Business Development Sherif Anwar
*/$3&"4&: your Operations Management System Reduce Repsol Integrity Management, Gulf
Business Complexity Optimize Maintenance and Reliability of Suez Operations
("*/ valuable insight from our top industry best speakers Dr. Henry Tan GUPCO-BP joint venture
.&&5 the entire industry under one roof - unrivalled Senior Lecturer
industry networking School of Engineering, Ammer Jadoon
University of Aberdeen Technical Authority -
Materials & Corrosion
Ahmed El-Sharkawy BP
Snr Engineer Planning
& Services Abdullah Al Dhafer, MBA
Kuwait Oil Company OE Coordinator Riyadh
Michael Bassey Aramco
Turnaround HES
Supervisor Andy Bowes
Chevron Maintenace & Integrity Team
Peter Adam
Managing Director
Add energy Mark Wilkinson
Maintenance & Reliability
Team Lead - Asset
Management (MENA Region)
Global Forum on Total Maintenance & Operational 26-27 October 2017

12:20 - Business Lunch

8:30 Registration & Welcome Coffee
9:00 Opening Address from the Chairman 13:30 - Coffee and Network Break

09:10 Case Study 14:00 Case Study

Strategic Approach to Planning and Executing a Turnaround "12:20 "Effective time management"
Health, Environment and Safety (HES) Plan
Avoid scope creep by accurately defining the contractual scope of work.
t Highlight the work process architecture
tPotential challenges during the design and execution phase Establish a consolidated reporting system for critical and non-critical
t Discuss the practices that can implemented to drive success "Framework path(s)
Design ,Scope of Work,SimOps,Fishbone Methodology,Training,OH & Quantify and develop response and contingency plan for potential risks
Waste Mgt,Strategies and,Campaigns,Challenges and Successes "
Ahmed El-Sharkawy
Michael Bassey
Snr Engineer Planning & Services
Turnaround HES Supervisor
Chevron Kuwait Oil Company

14:20 Case Study

09:50 Case Study
Asset Integrity Program Automation: Examining Value
How to implement Data Driven Maintenance and Integrity Propositions of Applied Analytics and Artificial Intelligence
t Quantify and develop response and contingency plan for potential risks
t Understanding the opportunity and the value
t Change Management - Culture and Organisation t Value proposition for AIM systems automation
t Pitfall and Impediments to success t Advanced analytics and AI approach
t Current concerns and operations outlook
Thomas Aas Saethre
Vice president President Integrity
Akachidike Kanu
Oceaneering Asset Integrity AS
Technical Analysis and Business Development

10:30 - Coffee and Networking Break

15:20 - Coffee and Networking Break

11:00 Case Study

Towards Asset reliability Management excellence 15:10 Case Study
Instrument Perspective
Safety management system integrating legislation, technical
t Equipment Reliability Strategy (ERS) in place for effective Preventive and human factors
Planned /Proactive Planned Maintenance with aim to reduce breakdown
t Decision making with limited data available
t Besides ERS, usage of innovative predictive tools are exploited t Safety management accounting for both human and technical
as early warning before assets failure reliabilities
t 5-Year roadmap complimented the asset management t Safety management accounting for both human and technical
excellence reliabilities
t A case study of boiler reliability demonstrates a wholesome
approach towards asset management. Excellence. Dr. Henry Tan
Senior Lecturer
School of Engineering, University of Aberdeen
Sharul A- Rashid
Principal Engineer, Instrument and Control

11:40 Case Study

16:00 Closing Remarks of the Conference Day 1
"Lesson Learnt and its implementation"

t Collection methods/process
t Implementation Methods/process
t Implementation frequency
t Examples

Barun Roy
Proposal Manager, Project Development
Siemens simon.rodriguez@oilpro-
Global Forum on Total Maintenance & Operational
26-27 October 2017

8:30Registration & Welcome Coffee 12:20 - Business Lunch

9:00 Opening Address from the Chairman 13:30 - Coffee and Network Break SPONSORS
09:10 Case Study
14:00 Case Study
As Built Drawing & Asset Register Verification in Brownfield Legacy Asset vs. New Build comparison of optimisation
Operations processes
t A production seperator is a critical piece of equipment in oil field
operations t OEquipment Data Foundation
t Identify variables and constraints for an OPEX optimisation t Maintenance Build and materials
t The mechanical integrity of this pressure vessel is paramount to t Operations Readiness
safe operation and production. This integrity relies on risk
identification and its management, t Whether it is better to start a maintenance build from scratch
t One particular maintenance repair caused a strategic change in
the way repairs are managed in our asset Peter Adam
Technical Authority - Materials & Corrosion
Ammer Jadoon Add energy
Technical Authority - Materials & Corrosion
BP 14:40 Case Study
09:50 Case Study Organisational Behaviours and their Impact on Asset
The correlation between effectiveness and Efficiency in Plant
t Operational excellence in Plant maintenance in plain language
t Building analysis from sophisticated maintenance system t

t Success factors for effective plant maintenance

Abdullah Al Dhafer
OE Coordinator Riyadh Refinery
15:20 - Coffee and Networking Break
10:30 - Morning Coffee and Networking Break
15:50 Case Study
11:00 Case Study
Integrating Capital Project Work into Maintenance Turnarounds
Pipeline In-line Inspection (ILI) for a mature asset -
t Capital Project Work is typically a major source of issues for mainte-
implementing and sustaining a successful programme
nance turnaround events.
t The GUPCO joint venture operations has a huge footprint with
t The issues stem from a lack of alignment on objectives and lack of clarity
over 300 mostly subsea pipelines (3,500km), and transporting
in coordinating and integrating the work.
over 400,000 barrels of fluids per day
t The average age of a pipeline is around 25 years. The asset is 50 t This paper will examine how the issues can be simply and easily avoided,
leading to faster, cheaper, more predictable turnarounds.
years old and faces many integrity challenges
Cordon Lawrence
t Pipeline In-line inspection (ILI) was started 5 years ago Manager Capital Project Consulting-EMEA
t A case study is presented outlining this - the challenges faced to AP-Networks Amsterdam
implement and sustain this, benefits and key learning
16:30 Round Table Discussions
Sherif Anwar t This session is an open discussion, where delegates will be divided into
Integrity Management, Gulf of Suez Operations groups, each group will include representatives from NOCs, service
GUPCO-BP joint ventureDevelopment
providers and the summits speakers and will get to exchange their thoughts,
11:40C ase Study discuss and ask questions in regards as conclusion of the conference
16:00 Closing Remarks & End of the conference

Mark Wilkinson
Maintenance & Reliability Team Lead-Asset Managment
(MENA Region)

26-27 October 2017

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Speaker pack:3999 EURO - 2 days conference +Include speaking slot 45 min + online documentation + Gala Dinner
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