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Election Security Solutions

Brian Ghilliotti, Owner

May 1, 2017

1.1 Product

We are a security firm that specializes in providing election monitoring security services
at all levels, to include local, county, state, or national. Our level of service can range
from observation and reporting, preventative measures, or direct response, depending on
the nature of the contract signed between us and the political parties holding the election.

1.2 Customers

Any jurisdiction, public or private, holding an election that wants independent monitoring
services, especially when there are election integrity concerns based on prior history. We
also want to provide an answer for those who have lost faith in the integrity in the
election process, to the extent that they no longer participate in elections anymore. Our
secondary customers are those political leaders who are concerned about growing public
perception of dishonesty in the election process and dishonesty amongst our political
leadership in general.

1.3 What Drives Us

Start off with local elections within the state, then expand to others states, up to and
including the national level, when more experience and trained personnel are gained.
2.1 Mission Statement

To provide election monitoring and security, ranging from observing and reporting
incidents of fraud, ballet contamination, intimidation, voter suppression, and electronic
dysfunction of voting equipment. Funding will be provided by local, state, and federal
election commissions that have been financed with public taxes. If there is not enough to
cover the lowest bid contract offer, the difference will be made up by equally dividing the
difference between the parties involved in the campaign. Smaller parties involved in this
political process may be exempt from paying security for this campaign. The
determination of small will be based on how many representatives a party has in
Congress or the Senate. The goal is to be as impartial as possible, establishing a
reputation of public trust, so that political parties will feel pressure to use these services
to make their election processes legitimate. If specifically negotiated in the contract, this
may include direct measures taken to defend election infrastructure and those
participating in it, in coordination with local public security agencies. We will also offer
IT monitoring services for election processes that are heavily dependent on technology to
help mitigate the risk of outside hacking.

2.2 Principal Members


Regional Managers

Contract Negotiators



Voting site security managers

Election Security Monitoring Officers

Training Staff / Recruitment
IT Security Specialists

Public Relations Specialists

Human Resources Specialists

2.3 Legal Structure

We will start off as an LLC, but as we grow, we may evolve into a corporation to
increase liability protection.

3.1 Industry

We will be based in the private security industry. On-line sources state that the private
security industry is generally resistant to the effects of economic recession, as private and
public institutions will always have some assets to protect. During periods of economic
expansion, institutions will expand their investments in capital goods and facilities,
creating additional safety and security concerns. During periods of economic stress,
social pressures, leading to potential crime or unrest, also create security concerns.
Additionally, many public institutions are relying on private security services to relieve
the heavy costs associated with enforcement benefits. (1) Private security firms provide
services ranging from simple deterrent based observe and report patrolling to fully armed
security functions that use specific rules of engagement. Most states require personnel to
go through background checks and state based licensing programs to become private
security guards.

We are attempting to fill in a specific niche of the security industry that we feel has not
been adequately addressed, which is security and monitoring for public elections. To our
knowledge, no other security firm has attempted to provide this service.

3.2 Customers

Our customers are largely members of the public who concerned about the integrity, and
perhaps safety, of our election process. These issues received considerable attention
during the 2016 presidential election. There were numerous allegations of fraud,
unverified claims of election hacking, voter suppression tactics at polling events,
tampering, and outright intimidation. Many people have lost faith in the voting process.

These views are also shared by a group of political leaders who are concerned about the
growing negative perception of the modern election process. They are also concerned
about the public perception of politicians in general, which trends toward a perception of
poor integrity and dishonesty, with a tendency to manipulate elections to get into power. This
group of politicians would welcome the development of some sort of control mechanism
over the election process.

3.3 Competitors

We are not aware of any private security based firm that is already providing election
security services. We are also unaware of any private security firm that is trying to
develop a process toward implementing security services for elections. However, we
encourage competition, as part of the process we envision requires competitive bid based
contracts amongst various security firms to the local regulatory body overseeing the
election in question. This will keep costs low and help encourage future market
expansion for "election insurance" services.

3.4 Competitive Advantage

If this proposed business process is successful, we will be the first company to engineer
this service.

3.5 Regulation

State and federal laws regulating private security training and licensing.

State and federal regulations regulating firearm eligibility.

Local, state, and federal regulations controlling election procedures.

Local, state, and federal citizenship laws. We will strive to have all employees who are
involved in an election security and monitoring operation to be fully naturalized citizens
and not residents within the voting districts they are monitoring.

For IT based services, industry licensing qualification standards.
If we subcontract to IT firms to cover the cyber monitoring aspects of the election
process, then all general local, state, and federal regulations governing the negotiation of

4.1 Product or Service

We will provide election monitoring at local, state, and federal elections when called for
by any party involved in the electoral process in question.

The level of security will be determined by contract. We can provide armed security if all
parties agree to armed monitored guards and local, state, and federal laws permit the use
of private armed guards. In most classes, we will act as a deterrence against potential
election tampering and intimidation. We will also observe and report suspicious voting
equipment failure, suppression tactics, and other forms of election manipulation.

In cases where there is a threat to voter safety, we will observe and immediately report
such incidents to local law enforcement agencies. If the election monitoring security
contract calls for lethal or non-lethal weapons, we would prefer non-lethal weapons, as
use of lethal weapons in crowded situations such as voting events could make the
situation worse. If we are asked to be prepared to use deadly force, then the rules of
engagement that we will use will be based on the prevailing law enforcement standards in
the voting district in question.

In cases where there is suspicious activity at a polling station, such as ballot tampering,
ballot stuffing, voting equipment malfunction, or voter suppression, we will address the
local authority who has oversight of the voting facility to see if they correct it. We will
carefully record what happened and how the local authority handled the situation.

In cases of voting equipment failure, we will address the problem to the local IT support
authorities responsible for the internet security of the voting facility. We will carefully
record what happened and how the local authority handled the situation. We WILL NOT
attempt to fix the malfunctioning voting equipment ourselves, as this could be construed
as showing partial involvement toward influencing the outcome of the election in

Our function is to observe, not fix things. In terms of providing IT monitoring, our
function is to observe and report suspicious cyber activity, not fix internet breakdowns.
However, these breakdowns will be carefully observed and reported.
4.2 Pricing Structure

We will price our services by means of the lowest and most competitive contract to a
potential election commission, plus the inclusion of a profit margin into the proposed
contract bid.

4.3 Product/Service Life Cycle

The private security industry well established, with several large scale firms dominating
the industry. Any new private security firm that wants to establish its business must do so
by finding an industry niche, build its profits, and then expand its market share against
the established private security firms later on.

4.4 Intellectual Property Rights

We will propose to potentially interested legislators a process by which election security
measures can be introduced for a hotly contested election, or in an election district that is
notoriously corrupt. Since this process could end up as a procedure, outlined in
legislation, it will fall into the public domain, and intellectual property rights may not

4.5 Research & Development

The closest thing to R&D activities for this service would be to first experiment with this
proposed election security process at local and state levels. This would be followed by an
assessment of how well it went, how can it be improved, and further implementation of
the modified process.

5.1 Growth Strategy

We will target politicians who are concerned about the effects of fraud and corruption on
the legitimacy of the election process. We hope that positive press coverage of this
service, as well as favorable public word of mouth marketing, will attract the attention of
the public even more, who will build positive sentiment and pressure in its favor
throughout other political jurisdictions.
5.2 Communication

If things go well, a combination of positive press coverage and word of mouth marketing
will enable this service to sell itself. We will encourage other political leaders at various
levels of government to propose similar legislation that provides for an election security

5.3 Prospects

We will sell the proposed election security process as a form of election insurance. Since
we believe that the best-selling strategy is to design a product that can sell itself, we
would like to encourage a situation where political leaders would want to incorporate
election insurance into their political campaigns so they can give their election process a
level of legitimacy.

“The Summit Report”,, 21 January 2016. http://
forward-security-industry-trends-and-outlook-for-2016-and-beyond/. Last
accessed: 2 May 2017.

What to consider when making a contract bid?

We want our employees to take their duties seriously, so we would like to offer our
employees involved in an election security operation to be paid at $14.00 an hour. We
must be prepared to provide overtime.

If our contract bid is accepted, we must be prepared to use some of these funds to sub-
contract to IT firms who will act as cyber monitors.

Costs we will accrued related to training required for the election monitoring process in

Costs we will accrued related to comprehensive background checks for potential hires in
an upcoming election monitoring process.

Costs will be accrued toward uniforms and any potential equipment and gear employees
will need to carry out an election monitoring operation.

Though we will rely on workman’s compensation for potential injuries an employee may
receive while performing their monitoring duties in an election process, we would like to
provide out employees with robust health insurance plans to help with any potential
medical recovery costs.

We must set aside resources to handle potential lawsuits levied against the firm related to
incidents associated with employees performing their duties during an election
monitoring process.

There will be costs generated from compiling a final report discussing and summarizing
the various incidents that were observed during the election monitoring process. This will
include a general assessment as to whether the election was fair and clean or
questionable. If this function is contracted out, we would need to do a careful assessment
on the impartiality of the firm being used to draft this final election assessment. This may
generate additional costs. Then we must be prepared to cover the contract with the firm
that will draft this assessment.

We will most likely decide to conduct this assessment in house, but this will require
higher compensation for the employees involved carrying out this function.

It is quite possible that a political leader, whom we deem as dishonest during an election
process, may attempt to sue the firm for libel in retaliation. This is especially true if this
determination undermined their election results. We must be prepared to fund litigation in
response to these false allegations.

If there is a recount, extension, or delay, we reserve the right to modify the contract to
reflect the new costs associated with the changed circumstances of election process in