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Heather Levi

TE 408
Assignment 2

My lesson opened with the students draw a map of the US during the 1820s that included
the border between the North and the South and to indicate what the border states were.
Following this activity, we jumped into the main activity; Venn Diagrams. The students asked to
create a Venn Diagram denote the North and South as the two comparisons. They were to fill in
the Venn Diagram but focus more on the middle section. The North and South had many
similarities but most often one was better at or had more of it. (The students completed Venn
Diagrams were my formative assessment.) The lesson closed with a Kahoot! review game.
The learner outcomes of the lesson, especially the Venn Diagrams, was for the students to
be able to identify that the North and South were similar in many ways. Its also important that
they can point out that while they have similarities one of them was either better at it or had more
of it than the other.
Looking over the students Venn Diagrams it appears that the learner outcome wasnt
met. I had asked the students when writing something in the both column to indicate which side
(North or South) had more/is better at. Out of the 24 students in the class only 4 (about 17%)
indicated North or South. While the content of the student work was good, they didnt reach the
intended outcome of this lesson.
There werent many misconceptions evident in the student work, but I did notice one.
Many of the students put slavery in the South column. It should be in the both column but
denoted that it is more prevalent in the South. In the future, I would incorporate that into a lesson
that is given before this activity and be sure to be clear on where slavery existed in this time.
The students had a pretty good understanding of what was most
commonly associated with the North and the South. They were able to
identify almost all of the important points discussed in previous lessons. I
think this strategy is a good formative assessment because it creates a
snapshot of the students understanding of the topic.
If this were my class I wouldnt assign a grade for the work received, I
would only do a participation grade for the completion of the assignment. I
would want to give them feedback in order to have a chance to point out
where things applied to both the North and South.
Overall, the students responses were what I expected them to be. Most
of the students showed a good understanding of what things were associated
with the North and the South.