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:TITLE Sahidica
Sahidica 2.00 (2005.September.27)
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"Sahidica - A New Edition of the New Testament in Sahidic Coptic"
Copyright (c)2000-2008 by J Warren Wells. All rights reserved.
For more information visit
This edition is available free of charge for use in free electronic
editions of the New Testament as long as the full title and copyright
information are included and credited. For written permission to use
all or any part of this document in print editions, contact the editor
This edition is primarily meant for use by teachers and students of
Sahidic Coptic, and to a lesser degree by Coptologists involved in
scholarly research, textual criticism, or New Testament translation.
Character representation in the Greek and Coptic texts.
(These characters are mapped in the UncialSS font, which
is freely available on the website.)
a alpha i iota r rho S shai
b beta k kappa s sigma* F fai
g gamma l lambda t tau H hori
d delta m mu u upsilon J janjia
e epsilon n nu f phi C chima
z zeta x xi c khi T ti
h eta o omicron y psi Q chi (Bo)*
q theta p pi w omega X stauros *
* Neither "chi" (Bohairic) nor "stauros" are used in Sahidica
V is reserved for final Greek sigma.
A is reserved for Achmimic hori.
Font: The UncialSS (Uncial Sans Serif) Font was developed to allow
easy comparison of parallel Coptic and Greek texts. It emulates the
script found in both Coptic and Greek Uncial manuscripts.
Sections and Paragraphs: Following each book-ch-vs, there may appear
encoding: where "=" is a section break, and "-" is a paragraph break.
These are aligned, but not identical, to those found in the UBS text
where section headings appear.
Please note: This text is a work in progress. As such, there
is an ongoing effort to standardize the spelling of words in
the text. Be aware that version updates periodically appear.
The primary purpose is to produce a standardized edition of
the Sahidic NT similar to standard Greek editions.
An additional purpose of this text is to allow side-by-side
comparison with the Greek New Testament. To facilitate this
effort, a new version of the Greek text has been developed,
which is meant to better represent the Greek text upon which
the Sahidic was based. This text is entitled "The New Testament
According to the Egyptian Greek Text" [NTAEG]
This text does not include representation of either accents or
supralinear strokes, since these are used inconsistently in the
original texts. There is also a higher degree of standardization
in spelling and punctuation; like today's standard Greek master
texts, but unlike both the original Sahidic texts, and the PHI
and Coptic Society texts. Moreover, as in standard Greek texts,
instances of the Nomina Sacra have been expanded to their full
forms. This is again a departure from earlier versions of the
Sahidic, including the PHI and Coptic Society texts, which are
Both inconsistent in their usage.
Special thanks to David Brakke of Indiana University Bloomington,
Brigitte Comparini of the Packard Humanities Institute, and
Michael Heiser, Academic Editor, at Logos Research Systems; for
their assistance in making this edition possible.
Sahidica was initially based (by permission) on the Coptic New Testament,
which is an electronic publication, which was edited by David Brakke.
(PHI-CD 5.3 dated 7/2/91. Los Altos. Packard Humanities Institute. 1991).
During later development, Sahidica was electronically collated against
the Coptic CD I by the St. Shenouda The Archmandrite Coptic Society.
Los Angeles, CA dated April, 1998.
These two editions were reduced to a raw electronic form, which allowed both
to be compared electronically letter by letter with Sahidica in order to
accurately detect and report every single variation and input error in any
of the texts. Though errors are inevitable, the collators of three seperate
editions are highly unlikely to make the same errors. Therefore, this method
helps to insure the integrity of the Sahidica edition.
Throughout the project, Sahidica was also collated against printed editions
of the following coptic manuscripts, which manuscripts date from the third
century and later.
Matt: Pierpont Morgan Library M-569 collated against Bodmer XIX papyrus
Mark:* PPalau Rib. Inv.Nr.182 collated against Pierpont Morgan Library M-569
Luke: PPalau Rib. Inv.Nr.181 collated against Pierpont Morgan Library M-569
John: PPalau Rib. Inv.Nr.183 collated against Pierpont Morgan Library M-569
Acts: Chester Beatty B (Copt.Ms.814) collated against Berlin P.15926 and Briti
sh Museum MS Or.7594
Paul: Chester Beatty A (Copt.Ms.813) collated against Pierpont Morgan Library
M-570 and M-571
James-Jude:** Pierpont Morgan Library M-572 collated against the Pierpont Morga
n Library M-573 and M-601***
Revelation: Berlin MS Or.408 ( British Museum Ms Or.3518) collated against Brit
ish Museum MS Or.6803
* Note: The longer and shorter endings of Mark are based on Horner; cf Kahle
** Note: 1st Peter was also collated against the Crosby-Schøyen Ms.193.
*** Note: Portions of James and Jude were reconstructed from M-573, M-601, and
four other mss.
Note on Interpolations
The short and long endings of Mark are ommited from the PPalau ms 182, but they
do appear in most mss.
To better represent the overall Sahidic tradition, both endings are included, b
ut in double brackets.
The pericope of the adultress (John 7:53-8:11) does not appear in any Sahidic m
s. Herein it is omitted.
book-ch-vs "=" is section break, "-" is paragraph
matt-01-01= pJwwme mpeJpo nihsous pecristos pShre ndaueid pShre nabraHam.
matt-01-02- abraHam aFJpo nisaak isaak de aFJpo niakwb iakwb de aFJpo nioudas mn
matt-01-03 ioudas de aFJpo mfares mn zara ebol Hn qamar fares de aFJpo nesrwm.
esrwm de aFJpo naram.
matt-01-04 aram de aFJpo naminadab. aminadab de aFJpo nnaasswn naasswn de aFJpo
matt-01-05 salmwn de aFJpo nboes ebol Hn Hracab. boes de aFJpo niwbhd ebol Hn H
rouq. iwbhd de aFJpo niessai.
matt-01-06- iessai de aFJpo ndaueid prro. daueid de aFJpo nsolomwn ebol Hn qime
matt-01-07 solomwn de aFJpo nHroboam Hroboam de aFJpo nabia abias de aFJpo nasa
matt-01-08 asaf de aFJpo niwsafat iwsafat de aFJpo niwram iwram de aFJpo nozeia
matt-01-09 ozeias de aFJpo niwaqam. iwnaqam de aFJpo nacaz acaz de aFJpo nezeke
matt-01-10 ezekeias de aFJpo mmanassh manassh de aFJpo nHamws. Hamws de aFJpo n
matt-01-11 iwsias de aFJpo nieconias mn neFsnhu Hi ppwwne ebol ntbabulwn.
matt-01-12- mnnsa ppwwne de ebol ntbabulwn ieconias aFJpo nsalaqihl salaqihl de
aFJpo nzorobabel.
matt-01-13 zorobabel de aFJpo nabioud abioud de aFJpo neliakim. eliakim de aFJp
o nazwra.
matt-01-14 azwras de aFJpo nsadwk sadwk de aFJpo naceim aceim de aFJpo nelioud.
matt-01-15 elioud de aFJpo neleazar eleazar de aFJpo mmatqam matqam de aFJpo ni
matt-01-16 iakwb de aFJpo niwshf pHai mmaria. tai ntauJpe ihsous ebol nHhts. pa
i nSaumoute eroF Je pecristos.
matt-01-17= genea Ce nim Jin abraHam Sa eHrai edaueid mn taFte ngenea. auw Jin d
aueid SaeHrai eppwwne ebol ntbabulwn mn taFte ngenea. auw Jin eppwwne ebol ntbab
ulwn SaeHrai epecristos mn taFte ngenea.
matt-01-18 peJpo de nihsous pecristos neuteiHe pe nterouSp toots nteFmaau maria
niwshf empatoubwk eHoun Saneuerhu auHe eros eseet ebol Hn oupna eFouaab.
matt-01-19 iwshf de pesHai eneudikaios pe. auw neFouwS an eT mpessoeit aFouwS e
noJs ebol nJioue.
matt-01-20 nai de ntereFmeeue eroou eis paggelos mpJoeis aFouwnH naF ebol Hn ou
rasou eFJw mmos Je iwshf pShre ndaueid mprro Hote eJi mmaria teksHime. petounaJp
oF gar ebol nHhts ouebol Hn oupneuma eFouaab pe.
matt-01-21 snaJpo de nouShre. ngmoute epeFran Je ihsous. ntoF gar petnatouJo mp
eFlaos ebol Hn neunobe.
matt-01-22 pai de thrF ntaFSwpe Jekaas eFeJwk ebol nCi pentapJoeis JooF Hitm pe
profhths eFJw mmos.
matt-01-23 Je eistparqenos naw nsJpo nouShre nsemoute epeFran Je emmanouhl ete
pai pe nSauouaHmeF Je pnoute nmman.
matt-01-24 aFtwoun de nCi iwshf eFnkotk aFeire kata qe ntaFHwn etootF nCi pagge
los mpJoeis. aFJi mmaria teFsHime.
matt-01-25 mpeFsouwns SantesJpo mpesShre. aFmoute epeFran Je ihsous.
matt-02-01= ihsous de nterouJpoF Hrai Hn bhqleem nte Toudaia Hn neHoou nHhrwdhs
prro. eis Henmagos auei ebol Hn nemanSa eHrai eqierosoluma. euJw mmos.
matt-02-02 Je eFtwn prro nnioudai ntauJpoF. annau gar epeFsiou Hn nemanSa anei
eouwSt naF.
matt-02-03 aFswtm de nCi Hhrwdhs prro. aFStortr emate mn qierosoluma thrs nmmaF
matt-02-04 aFswouH eHoun nnarciereus throu mn negrammateus mplaos. aFSine ebol
Hitootou Je eunaJpo mpecristos twn.
matt-02-05 ntoou de peJau naF Je Hrai Hn bhqleem nteToudaia. eFshH gar nteiHe H
itm peprofhths.
matt-02-06 Je nto Hwwte bhqleem pkaH niouda nteJolH an Hn nHhgemwn niouda. Fnhu
gar ebol nHhte nCi ouHhgoumenos. pai etnamoone mpalaos pisrahl.
matt-02-07- tote Hhrwdhs aFmoute emmagos nJioue aFSine ebol Hitootou nsapeuoeiS
mpsiou ntaFouwnH ebol.
matt-02-08 aFJoose eHrai ebhqleem eFJw mmos Je bwk ntetn Sine Hn ouwrJ etbe pSh
re Shm. eSwpe de etetnSanHe eroF matammoi Hw Jekaas eieei ntaouwSt naF.
matt-02-09 ntoou de nterouswtm ebol Hitm prro aubwk auw eispsiou ntaunau eroF H
n nemanSa aFmooSe Hhtou SanteFei nFaHeratF eJm pma enerepShre Shm nHhtF.
matt-02-10 nterounau epsiou auraSe Hn ounoC nraSe emate.
matt-02-11 auw nterouei eHrai ephi aunau epShre Shm mn maria teFmaau aupaHtou a
uouwSt naF auouwn nneuaHwwr aueine naF nHendwron ounoub mn oulibanos mn ouSal.
matt-02-12 autouneiatou de ebol Hn ourasou etmkotou SaHhrwdhs. ebol Hitn keHih
auanacwrei eHrai eteucora.
matt-02-13= nteroubwk de eispaggelos mpJoeis aFouwnH ebol Hn ourasou eiwshf eFJw
mmos Je twoun ngJi mpShre Shm mn teFmaau ngbwk eHrai ekhme ngSwpe Hm pma etmmau
SanTJoos nak. Hhrwdhs gar naSine nsapShre Shm etakoF.
matt-02-14 ntoF de aFtwoun aFJi mpShre Shm mn teFmaau nteuSh aFbwk eHrai ekhme.
matt-02-15 neFSoop de Hm pma etmmau SanteHhrwdhs mou. Jekaas eFeJwk ebol nCi pe
ntapJoeis JooF Hitm peprofhths eFJw mmos Je aimoute epaShre ebol Hn khme.
matt-02-16= tote Hhrwdhs ntereFnau Je auswbe mmoF ebol Hitn mmagos aFCwnt emate
aFJoou aFmouout nShre Shm nim etHn bhqleem mn netSoop Hn nestoS throu Jinrmpe sn
te epesht. katapeuoeiS ntauHetHwtF ebol Hitootou nmmagos.
matt-02-17 tote aFJwk ebol nCi pentauJooF Hitn ierhmias peprofhths eFJw mmos.
matt-02-18 Je ousmh auswtm eros Hn Hramma. ourime mnoutoeit enaSwF. Hrachl esri
me enesShre auw mpesouwS eslswls Je nnous an ne.
matt-02-19= ntereFmou de nCi Hhrwdhs. eispaggelos mpJoeis aFouwnH ebol Hn ouraso
u eiwshf Hn khme.
matt-02-20 eFJw mmos Je twoun ngJi mpShre Shm mn teFmaau ngbwk eHrai epkaH mpis
rahl. aumou gar nCi netSine nsateyuch mpShre Shm.
matt-02-21 ntoF de aFtwoun aFJi mpShre Shm mn teFmaau aFbwk eHrai epkaH mpisrah
matt-02-22 aFswtm de Je archlaos peto nrro eJn Toudaia epma nHhrwdhs peFeiwt aF
rHote ebwk epma etmmau. autouneiatF de ebol Hn ourasou aFanacwrei eHrai emmooSte
matt-02-23 aFei aFouwH Hn oupolis nSaumoute eros Je nazareq. Jekaas eFeJwk ebol
nCi pentauJooF Hitm peprofhths Je senamoute eroF Je pnazwraios.
matt-03-01= Hrai de Hn neHoou etmmau aFei nCi iwHannhs pbaptisths eFtaSeoeiS Hra
i Hm pJaie nToudaia
matt-03-02 eFJw mmos Je metanoi. asHwn gar eHoun nCi tmntrro nmphue.
matt-03-03 pai gar pentauJooF Hitn hsaias peprofhths eFJw mmos Je tesmh mpetwS
ebol Hi pJaie Je sbteteHih mpJoeis ntetn sooutn nneFma nmooSe.
matt-03-04 ntoF de iwHannhs nereteFHbsw Soop ebol Hn Henbw nCamoul. ereoumoJH n
Saar Coole eteFTpe. teFHre de neHenSJe ne mnouebie Hoout.
matt-03-05 tote nesnhu ebol eratF nCi qierosoluma thrs. mn Toudaia mn tpericwro
s thrs mpeiordanhs.
matt-03-06 euJi baptisma ebol HitootF Hm peiordanhs peiero euexomologei nneunob
matt-03-07- ntereFnau de eHaH Hn nefarissaios mn nsaddoukaios eunhu eJm pbaptism
a peJaF nau. Je neJpo nneHboui. nim pentaFtsabe thutn epwt ebol Hhts ntorgh etnh
matt-03-08 arire Ce noukarpos eFmpSa ntmetanoia.
matt-03-09 ntetn tmmeeue eJoos nHhtthutn. Je ountan mmau mpeneiwt abraHam. TJw
gar mmos nhtn Je ounCom mpnoute etounes HenShre nabraHam ebol Hn neiwne.
matt-03-10 Jintenou de pkelebin kh Ha tnoune nnShn. Shn Ce nim etenFnaeire an n
oukarpos enanouF senakooreF nsenoJF etsate.
matt-03-11 anok men eibaptize mmwtn Hn oumoou eumetanoia. petnhu de FJoor eroi
pai nTmpSa an nFi Ha peFtooue. ntoF petnabaptize mmwtn Hn oupna eFouaab mnousate
matt-03-12 pai etere peFHa Hn teFCiJ eFnatbbo mpeFJnoou. nFswouH eHoun mpeFsouo
etapoqhkh. ptwH de nFrokHF Hn ousate emeswSm.
matt-03-13= tote aFei nCi ihsous ebol Hn tgalilaia eHrai eJm piordanhs SaiwHannh
s etreFbaptize ebol HitootF.
matt-03-14 ntoF de aFkwlu mmoF eFJw mmos Je anok etrcria nbaptize ebol Hi tootk
auw ntok etnhu Saroi.
matt-03-15 auouwSb de nCi ihsous eFJw mmos naF Je Cw tenou tai gar te qe eteSSe
eron eJwk ebol ndikaiosunh nim tote aFkaaF.
matt-03-16 ntereFbaptize Ce nCi ihsous nteunou aFei eHrai Hm pmoou. auw eis Hhh
te auouwn nCi mphue. aFnau epepneuma mpnoute eFnhu epesht nqe nouCroompe eHrai e
matt-03-17 auw eis Hhhte eisousmh ebol Hn mphue esJw mmos Je pai pe paShre pame
rit pentapaouwS Swpe Hrai nHhtF.
matt-04-01= tote ihsous auJitF eHrai eterhmos ebol Hitm pepneuma etreupeiraze mm
oF ebol Hitm pdiabolos.
matt-04-02 aFnhsteue de nHme nHoou mn Hme nouSh mnnsws aFHko.
matt-04-03 aFTpeFouoi eroF nCi petpeiraze peJaF naF. Je eSJe ntok pe pShre mpno
ute aJis Jekaas ere neiwne roeik.
matt-04-04 ntoF de aFouwSb eFJw mmos Je FshH Je nereprwme nawnH an eoeik mauaaF
alla eSaJe nim etnhu ebol Hn ttapro mpnoute.
matt-04-05 tote aFJi mmoF nCi pdiabolos eHrai etpolis etouaab. aFtaHo mmoF erat
F eJm pthnH mprpe.
matt-04-06 peJaF naF Je eSJe ntok pe pShre mpnoute noJk epesht eJm peima. FshH
gar Je FnaHwn etootou nneFaggelos etbhhtk. nseFi mmok eHrai eJn neuCiJ mhpote ng
Jwrp euwne ntekouerhte.
matt-04-07 peJaF on nCi ihsous Je FshH on Je nnekpeiraze mpJoeis peknoute.
matt-04-08 palin on aFJitF nCi pdiabolos eHrai eJn outoou eFJose emate. aFtouoF
emmntrrwou throu mpkosmos mn peueoou.
matt-04-09 peJaF naF. Je nai throu Tnataau nak ekSanpaHtk ngouwSt nai.
matt-04-10 tote peJaF naF nCi ihsous Je bwk psatanas. FshH gar Je pJoeis peknou
te petkeouwSt naF. auw ntoF mauaaF petkeSmSe naF.
matt-04-11 tote aFkaaF nCi pdiabolos. auw eis Hhhte eisnaggelos auei audiakonei
matt-04-12= aFswtm de Je auparadidou niwHannhs aFanacwrei eHrai etgalilaia.
matt-04-13 aFkw nswF nnazareq. aFei aFouwH Hn kaparnaoum. tai etHatn qalassa Hn
ntoS nzaboulwn mn nefqaleim.
matt-04-14 Jekaas eFeJwk ebol nCi pentauJooF Hitn hsaias peprofhths eFJw mmos.
matt-04-15 Je pkaH nzaboulwn pkaH nefqaleim. teHih nqalassa pekro mpeiordanhs.
tgalilaia nnHeqnos.
matt-04-16 plaos etHmoos Hm pkake aFnau eunoC nouoein. netouhH Hn tecwra mn qai
bes mpmou pouoein aFSa nau.
matt-04-17- JinpeuoeiS etmmau aFarcei nCi ihsous etaSeoeiS aFw eJoos. Je metanoe
i asHwn gar eHoun nCi tmntrro nmphue.
matt-04-18= eFmooSe de Hatn qalassa ntgalilaia aFnau eson snau. simwn pete Saumo
ute eroF Je petros mn andreas peFson euHiSne eHrai eqalassa Je neHenouwHe gar ne
matt-04-19 peJaF nau Je amhitn oueHthutn nswi. tarthutn nouwHe nrwme.
matt-04-20 ntoou de nteunou aukw nneuSnhu. auouaHou nswF.
matt-04-21 aFmooSe de on eqh nkekoui. aFnau ekeson snau iakwbos pShre nzebedaio
s mn iwHannhs peFson Hrai Hm pJoi mn zebedaios peueiwt eusoFte nneuSnhu aFmoute
matt-04-22 ntoou de nteunou aukw nneuSnhu mn peueiwt auouaHou nswF.
matt-04-23= aFei de ebol Hn tgalilaia thrs eFTsbw Hrai Hn neusunagwgh auw eFtaSe
oeiS mpeuaggelion ntmntrro eFrpaHre eSwne nim HiloJlJ nim etHm plaos.
matt-04-24 peFsoeit aFbwk ebol Hn tsuria thrs aueine naF nouon nim etmokH Hn He
nSwne euSobe auw euSoop Hn Hentkas mn neto ndaimwnion mn netHite mn netshC aFrpa
Hre eroou.
matt-04-25 auw auouaHou nswF nCi HenmhhSe enaSwou ebol Hn tgalilaia mn tdekapol
is mn qierosoluma mn Toudaia mn pekro mpeiordanhs .
matt-05-01= ntereFnau de emmhhSe aFale eHrai eJm ptoou. auw ntereFHmoos auTpeuou
oi eroF nCi neFmaqhths.
matt-05-02 aFouwn erwF aFTsbw nau eFJw mmos.
matt-05-03 Je naiatou nnHhke Hm pepneuma Je twou te tmntrro nmphue.
matt-05-04 naiatou nnetrHbbe Je ntoou netounaspswpou.
matt-05-05 naiatou nnrmraS Je ntoou netnaklhronomei mpkaH.
matt-05-06 naiatou nnetHkaeit etobe ntdikaiosunh Je ntoou netnasei.
matt-05-07 naiatou nnnaht Je ntoou netounana nau.
matt-05-08 naiatou nnetouaab Hm peuHht Je ntoou netnanau epnoute.
matt-05-09 naiatou nnreFreirhnh Je ntoou netounamoute eroou Je nShre mpnoute.
matt-05-10 naiatou nntaupwt nswou etbe tdikaiosunh Je twou te tmntrro nmphue.
matt-05-11 naiatthutn euSanneCneCthutn. nsepwt nswtn. nseJeHwb nim eqoou eHoun
erwtn euJiCol erwtn etbhht.
matt-05-12 raSe ntetn telhl Je petnbeke naSwF Hrai Hn mphue. tai gar te qe ntau
pwt nsaneprofhths etHatetnHh.
matt-05-13= ntwtn pe peHmou mpkaH erSanpeHmou de baabe eunamolHF nou. meFrSau nl
aau nsanoJF ebol nseHomF Hitn nerwme.
matt-05-14 ntwtn pe pouoein mpkosmos. mn SCom noupolis eHwp eskh eHrai HiJn out
matt-05-15 oude meuJereouHhbs nsekaaF HaouSi. alla nSaukaaF HiJn tlucnia nFrouo
ein enetSoop throu Hm phi.
matt-05-16 tai te qe mareFrouoein nCi petnouoen mpemto ebol nnerwme Jekaas euen
au enetnHbhue etnanouou nseTeoou mpetneiwt etHn mphue.
matt-05-17= mprwS Je ntaiei ekatalu mpnomos hneprofhths. ntaiei an ekatalu mmoou
alla eJokou ebol.
matt-05-18 Hamhn gar TJw mmos nhtn. Je Santetpe parage mn pkaH ouiwta nouwt. ho
uSwlH nouwt nneuseine ebol Hm pnomos SantouSwpe throu.
matt-05-19 petnabwl Ce ebol nouei nneientolh etsobk nFTsbw nnrwme nteiHe senamo
ute eroF Je pelacistos Hn tmntrro nmphue petnaaau de auw nFTsbw nHhtou pai senam
oute eroF Je pnoC Hn tmntrro mpnoute.
matt-05-20 TJw gar mmos nhtn. Je esSantmrHouo nCi tetndikaiosunh nHouo eta negr
ammateus mn nefarissaios nnetnbwk eHoun etmntrro nmphue.
matt-05-21= atetnswtm Je auJoos nnarcaios Je nnekHwtb. petnaHwtb de Fo nenocos e
matt-05-22 anok de TJw mmos nhtn Je ouon nim etnanouCs epeFson eikh Fo nenocos
etekrisis. petnaJoos mpeFson Je kSoueit Fo nenocos epsunHedrion. petnaJoos Je ps
oC Fo nenocos etgeHenna nsate.
matt-05-23 eSwpe de ekSanei eknatalo mpekdwron eHrai eJm pequsiasthrion. ngrpme
eue mpma etmmau Je ountepekson ouHwb eHoun erok.
matt-05-24 kw mpma etmmau mpekdwron Hiqh mpequsiasthrion ngbwk nSorp ngHwtp mn
pekson. tote ngei ngtalo eHrai mpekdwron.
matt-05-25 Swpe ekouwwme mmok mn petJiHap nmmak Hn ouCeph enHoson kSoop nmmaF H
iteHih mhpote ntepetJiHap nmmak taak etootF mpreFTHap ntepreFTHap taak etootF mp
Hupereths nsenoJk epeSteko.
matt-05-26 Hamhn TJw mmos nak Je nnekei ebol Hm pma etmmau SantekT mpHae nkondr
matt-05-27= atetnswtm Je auJoos Je nnekrnoeik.
matt-05-28 anok de TJw mmos nhtn Je ouon nim etnaCwSt nsaousHime eepeiqumei ero
s. aFouw eFrnoeik eros Hm peFHht.
matt-05-29 eSJe pekbal de nounam skandalize mmok porkF ngnoJF nsabol mmok serno
Fre gar nak Jekaas eFeHe ebol nCi oua nnekmelos nsetmnouJe mpekswma thrF etgeHen
na nsate.
matt-05-30 auw eSJe tekCiJ nounam skandalize mmok solps ngnoJs sabol mmok. sern
oFre gar nak Jekaas eFeHe ebol nCi oua nnekmelos. nsetmnouJe mpekswma thrF etgeH
matt-05-31= auJoos de Je petnanouJe ebol nteFsHime mareFT nas nouJwwme ntoueio.
matt-05-32 anok de TJw mmos nhtn Je petnanouJe ebol nteFsHime aJnSaJe mporneia.
Fnatreurnoeik eros. auw petnaHmoos mnouei eapesHai noJs ebol Fo nnoeik.
matt-05-33= atetnswtm on Je auJoos Hn narcaios Je nnekwrk nnouJ ekeT de nnekanau
S mpJoeis.
matt-05-34 anok de TJw mmos nhtn Je mprwrk nlaau mprwrk ntpe Je peqronos mpnout
e pe.
matt-05-35 oude mprwrk mpkaH Je pHupopodion nneFouerhte pe oude mprwrk nqieroso
luma Je tpolis mpnoC nrro te.
matt-05-36 oude mprwrk ntekape Je mn SCom mmok etreoubw nouwt oubaS hnFkmom.
matt-05-37 marepetnSaJe de Swpe nse nse. auw mmonnmmon. peHouo de nnai ouebol H
m pponhros pe.
matt-05-38= atetnswtm Je auJoos Je oubal epma noubal ouoHbe epma nouoHbe.
matt-05-39 anok de TJw mmos nhtn Je mpraHeratthutn oube ppeqoou alla petnaraHtk
etekouoCe nounam kto eroF ntkete.
matt-05-40 auw petouwS eJiHap nmmak eFi ntekSthn kw ebol nswF mpekkeHoite.
matt-05-41 petnakoobek noukot bwk nmmaF nsnau.
matt-05-42 petaitei mmok TnaF. auw petouwS eJi ntootk mprktoF nsabol mmok.
matt-05-43= atetnswtm Je auJoos Je ekemere petHitouwk ngmeste nekJaJe.
matt-05-44 anok de TJw mmos nhtn. Je merenetnJinJeeue. ntetnSlhl eJn netpht nsa
matt-05-45 Jekaas etetneSwpe nShre mpetneiwt etHn mphue. Je FtrepeFrh Sa eJn na
gaqos mn mponhros. auw FHwou eJn ndikaios mn nreFJi nCons.
matt-05-46 etetnSanmere netme gar mmwtn aS pe petnbeke eteunthtnF. ntelwnhs nto
ou eire an nteiHe.
matt-05-47 auw etetnSanaspaze nnetnerhu mmate ou pe peHouo etetneire mmoF. nkeH
eqnos ntoou eire an mpai.
matt-05-48 Swpe Ce ntwtn ntelios nqe mpetneiwt etHn mphueeutelios pe.
matt-06-01= THthtn epetnT etmaaF mpemto ebol nnerwme Jekaas euenau erwtn. eSwpe
mmon mn thtnbeke mmau nnaHrm petneiwt etHn mphue.
matt-06-02- Hotan Ce kSaneire noumntna mprwS ebol HatekHh nqe etere nHupokriths
eire mmos Hrai Hn nsunagwgh auw Hrai Hn nHir. Jekaas eueJieoou ebol Hitootou nnr
wme. Hamhn TJw mmos nhtn Je auouw euJi mpeubeke.
matt-06-03 ntok de ekeire noumntna mprtretekHbour eime Je ou petere tekounam ei
re mmoF.
matt-06-04 Jekaas eretekmntna Swpe Hn oupeqhp auw pekeiwt etCwSt erok Hm ppeqhp
Fnatwwbe nak.
matt-06-05= etetnei de etetnaSlhl nnetnSwpe nqe nniHupokriths Je seme naHeratou
Hn nsunagwgh mn nklJe nneplatia eSlhl Jekaas eueouwnH ebol nnrwme. Hamhn TJw mmo
s nhtn Je auouw euJi mpeubeke.
matt-06-06 ntok de eknaSlhl bwk eHoun epektamion ngStam mpekro. ngSlhl epekeiwt
etHm ppeqhp. auw pekeiwt etCwSt erok Hm ppeqhp Fnatwwbe nak.
matt-06-07 etetnSlhl de mprrHaH nSaJe nqe nniHeqnikos eumeeue gar Je Hrai Hn te
umntHaH nSaJe eunaswtm eroou.
matt-06-08 mpreine Ce mmou. pnoute gar sooun petneiwt mpetetnrcria mmoF mpatetn
aitei mmoF.
matt-06-09 tai Ce te qe ntwtn etetnaSlhl mmos. Je peneiwt etHn mphue marepekran
matt-06-10 tekmntrro maresei pekouwS mareFSwpe. nqe eteF Hn tpe mareFSwpe on Hi
Jm pkaH.
matt-06-11 penoeik etnhu taaF nan mpoou.
matt-06-12 kw nan ebol nneteron. nqe Hwwn on etenkw ebol nneteountan eroou.
matt-06-13 ngtmJitn eHoun epeirasmos. alla ngnaHmen ebol Hitm pponhros Je twk t
e tCom mn peoou SanieneH Hamhn.
matt-06-14 etetnSankw gar ebol nnrwme nneunobe Fnakw HwwF nhtn ebol nCi petneiw
t etHn mphue nnetnnobe.
matt-06-15 etetntmkw de ebol nnrwme nneunobe nFnakw nhtn an ebol nCi petneiwt e
tHn mphue nnetnnobe.
matt-06-16= etetnnhsteue de mprSwpe nqe nniHupokriths euokm setako gar nneuHo Je
kaas eueouwnH ebol nnrwme eunhsteue. Hamhn TJw mmos nhtn Je auouw euJi mpeubeke.
matt-06-17 ntok de eknhsteue twHs ntekape ngeiw mpekHo.
matt-06-18 Jekaas nnekouwnH ebol nnrwme eknhsteue. alla mpekeiwt etHm ppeqhp au
w pekeiwt etCwSt erok Hm ppeqhp Fnatwwbe nak.
matt-06-19= mprswouH nhtn eHoun nHnaHo HiJm pkaH. pma nSare tJooles mn qoole tak
o nHhtF. auw pma nSare nreFJioue SoJt eroF nseJioue.
matt-06-20 swouH de nhtn eHoun nHnaHo Hn tpe. pma etemereJooles oude Hoole tako
nHhtF. auw pma etemerereFJioue CwtH eroF nseJioue.
matt-06-21 pma gar etere pekaHo naSwpe nHhtF eFnaSwpe mmau nCi pekkeHht.
matt-06-22= pHhbs mpswma pe pbal. eSwpe de pekbal ouHaplous pe. pekswma thrF naS
wpe eFo nouoein.
matt-06-23 eSwpe de pekbal ouponhros pe pekswma thrF naSwpe eFo nkake eSJe pouo
ein Ce etnHhtk oukake pe pkake ouhr pe.
matt-06-24= mnCom nlaau erHmHal nJoeis snau hgar Fnameste oua nFmere oua hnFColJ
F noua nFkatafronei mpkeoua mn Com mmwtn erHmHal mpnoute mn pmamwnas.
matt-06-25= etbepai TJw mmos nhtn Je mprFiroouS etetnyuch Je ou petetnaouomF hou
petetnasooF oute petnswma Je ou petetnataaF Hiwtthutn m h teyuch ouoot an eteHr
e auw pswma eqbsw.
matt-06-26 CwSt enHalate ntpe Je eseJo an oute nsewHs an oude nseswouH an eHoun
eapoqhkh auw petneiwt etHn mphue sanS mmoou ntwtn Ce nHouo mh ntetn Sobe an ero
matt-06-27 nim de ebol nHhtthutn eFFiroouS eunCom mmoF eoueHoumaHe eHrai eJn te
matt-06-28 auw aHrwtn tetnFiroouS Haqbsw CwSt enekrinon ntswSe nqe etouauxane m
mos Je nseHise an oude nsereiope an.
matt-06-29 TJw mmos nhtn Je oude solomwn Hm peFeoou thrF mpeFT HiwwF nqe noua n
matt-06-30 eSJe pecortos ntswSe eFSoop mpoou raste eunanoJF etetrir. pnoute THi
wwF nteiHe. poso mallon Hiwtthutn natkoui mpistis.
matt-06-31 mprFiroouS Ce etetnJw mmos Je ou petnnaouomF. hou petnnasooF. hou pe
tetnataaF Hiwtthutn.
matt-06-32 nai gar throu nHeqnos netSine nswou. Fsooun gar nCi petneiwt etHn mp
hue Je tetnrcria nnai throu.
matt-06-33 Sine de nSorp nsateFmntrro mn teFdikaiosunh. auw nai throu senaouaHo
u erwtn.
matt-06-34 mprFiroouS Ce epeFraste. raste gar naFiroouS HaroF. Hw epeHoou peHoo
u eteFkakia.
matt-07-01= mprkrine Jekaas nneukrine mmwtn.
matt-07-02 Hm pHap gar etetnaTHap nHhtF eunakrine mmwtn nHhtF. auw Hm pSi etetn
aSi mmoF eunaSi nhtn mmoF.
matt-07-03 aHrok de kCwSt epJh et Hm pbal mpekson. psoi de etHm pekbal ngnau er
oF an.
matt-07-04 hnaS nHe knaJoos mpekson Je pason. Cw taneJpJh ebol Hm pekbal auw ei
s Hhhte psoi Hm pekbal.
matt-07-05 pHupokriths nouJe nSorp mpsoi ebol Hm pekbal auw knanau ebol eneJpJh
ebol Hm pbal mpekson.
matt-07-06 mprT nnetmpetouaab nneuHoor oude mprnouJe nnetnenemme Harwou nneSau
mhpote nseHomou nneuouerhte nsekotou nsepeHthutn.
matt-07-07= aitei tarouT nhtn. Sine taretetnCine. twHm tarououwn nhtn.
matt-07-08 ouon gar nim etaitei FnaJi. auw petSine FnaHe eouon. auw pettwHm sen
aouwn naF.
matt-07-09 hnim nrwme ebol nHhtthutn. petere peFShre naaitei mmoF nouoeik. mh F
naT naF nouwne.
matt-07-10 hnFaitei mmoF nouthbt. mh FnaT naF nouHoF.
matt-07-11 eSJe ntwtn Ce ntetn Henponhros tetnsooun eT nHenT enanouou nnetnShre
. poso mallon petneiwt etHn mphue FnaT nHenagaqon nnetaitei mmoF.
matt-07-12 Hwb Ce nim etetnouaSou Jekaas erenrwme aau nhtn. ntwtn Hwtthutn aris
ou nau nteiHe. pai gar pe pnomos auw neprofhths.
matt-07-13= bwk eHoun Hitn tpulh etChu. Je souoSs nCi tpulh auw souestwn nCi teH
ih etJimoeit eHoun eptako. auw HaH netnabwk eHoun Hitoots.
matt-07-14 Je sChu de nCi tpulh auw sHeJHwJ nCi teHih etJimoeit eHoun epwnH. au
w Henkoui netnaHe eros.
matt-07-15= THthtn de erwtn eneprofhths nnouJ. nai etnhu Sarwtn Hn HenHbsw nesoo
u. peuHoun de HenouwnS nreFtwrp ne.
matt-07-16 ebol Hn neukarpos etetnasouwnou. mhti SauJeele eloole ebol Hn Sonte.
hSauketF knte ebol Hn arooue.
matt-07-17 tai te qe nShn nim enanouF nSaFtaue karpos ebol enanouF. pShn de eqo
ou nSaFtaue karpos ebol eFHoou.
matt-07-18 mn SCom nouShn enanouF etaue karpos ebol eFHoou. oude Shn eFHoou eta
ue karpos ebol enanouF.
matt-07-19 Shn Ce nim ete nFnataue karpos an enanouF. senakooreF nsenoJF etsate
matt-07-20 ara Ce ebol Hn neukarpos etetnasouwnou.
matt-07-21= ouon nim an etJw mmos nai Je pJoeis pJoeis petnabwk eHoun etmntrro n
mphue. alla peteire pe mpouwS mpaeiwt etHn mphue.
matt-07-22 ounHaH gar naJoos nai Hm peHoou etmmau Je pJoeis pJoeis mh Hrai an H
m pekran anprofhteue. auw Hrai Hm pekran anneJdaimwnion ebol. mh Hrai an Hm pekr
an anrHaH nCom.
matt-07-23 auw tote TnaHomologei nau Je mpeisounthutn eneH. saHethutn ebol mmoi
netrHwb etanomia.
matt-07-24= ouon Ce nim etswtm enaSaJe etenai ne eFeire mmoou. eFnaeine nourwme
nsabe. pai ntaFkwt mpeFhi eHrai eJn tpetra.
matt-07-25 aFei epesht nCi pHwou auei nCi neierwou auneiFe nCi nthu auHioue eHo
un Hm phi etmmau auw mpeFHe Je neFtaJrhu gar eHrai eJn tpetra.
matt-07-26 auw ouon nim etswtm enaSaJe etenai ne nFeire mmoou an. eFnaeine nour
wme nsoC. pai ntaFkwt mpeFhi HiJm pSw.
matt-07-27 aFei epesht nCi pHwou auei nCi neierwou auneiFe nCi nthu auHioue eHo
un Hm phi etmmau aFHe auw peFHe neFo nounoC.
matt-07-28- asSwpe de ntere ihsous ouw nneiSaJe. aurSphre nCi mmhhSe eHrai eJn t
matt-07-29 neFTsbw gar nau pe Hws euntFexousia mmau auw nqe an nneugrammateus.
matt-08-01= eFnhu de epesht Hiptoou auouaHou nswF nCi HenmhhSe enaSwou.
matt-08-02 auw eis Hhhte eisoua eFsobH aFTpeFouoi eroF aFouwSt naF eFJw mmos Je
pJoeis ekSanouwS ounSCom mmok etbboi.
matt-08-03 aFsooutn de nteFCiJ ebol aFJwH eroF eFJw mmos Je TouwS tbbo. auw nte
unou aFtbbo nCi peFswbH.
matt-08-04 peJaF naF nCi ihsous Je CwSt mprJoos elaau. alla bwk ngtouok epouhhb
. ngtalo eHrai mpekdwron kataqe ntaFoueHsaHne mmos nCi mwushs eumntmntre nau.
matt-08-05= ntereFbwk de eHoun ekafarnaoum aFTpeFouoi eroF nCi ouHekatontarcos e
Fparakalei mmoF
matt-08-06 eFJw mmos Je pJoeis paShre nhJ Hrai Hm pahi eFshC. auw eFbasanize em
matt-08-07 peJaF naF nCi ihsous Je anok Tnhu tarpaHre eroF.
matt-08-08 aFouwSb de nCi pHekatontarcos eFJw mmos Je pJoeis nTmpSa an Jekaas e
keei eHoun HataoueHsoi. alla aJis mmate Hm pSaJe auw Fnalo.
matt-08-09 kai gar anok angourwme eiSoop Haouexousia ereHenmatoi Soop Harat Sai
Joos mpai Je bwk auw SaFbwk auw keoua Je amou auw nFei auw paHmHal Je aripai nFa
matt-08-10 aFswtm de nCi ihsous aFrSphre. auw peJaF nnetouhH nswF. Je Hamhn TJw
mmos nhtn Je mpeiHe epistis nteiCot ntnlaau Hm pisrahl.
matt-08-11 TJw de mmos nhtn Je ounHaH nhu ebol Hn nema nSa mn mmanHwtn nsenoJou
mn abraHam mn isaak mn iakwb Hrai Hn tmntrro nmphue.
matt-08-12 nShre de ntmntrro senanoJou ebol epkake etHibol. eFnaSwpe mmau nCi p
rime mn pCaHCH nnobHe.
matt-08-13 peJaF nCi ihsous mpHekatontarcos Je bwk nqe ntakpisteue maresSwpe na
k. auw aFlo nCi peFShre Jinteunou etmmau.
matt-08-14= aFei de nCi ihsous eHrai ephi mpetros. aFnau eteFSwme esnhJ auw esHh
matt-08-15 aFJwH de etesCiJ aFkaas nCi peHmom. astwoun asdiakonei naF.
matt-08-16 rouHe de ntereFSwpe aueine naF nHaH euo ndaimwnion. aFnouJe ebol nne
pneuma nakaqarton Hm pSaJe. auw aFrpaHre eouon nim etmokH.
matt-08-17 Jekaas eFeJwk ebol nCi pentauJooF Hitn hsaias peprofhths eFJw mmos J
e ntoF pentaFJi nnSwne auw aFtwoun HanenloJleJ.
matt-08-18= ntereFnau de nCi ihsous eumhhSe mpeFkwte aFoueHsaHne ebwk epeikro.
matt-08-19 aFTpeFouoi eroF nCi ougrammateus peJaF naF. Je psaH taouaHt nswk epm
a eteknabwk eroF.
matt-08-20 peJaF naF nCi ihsous Je nbaSor ountau neubhb. auw nHalaate ntpe ount
au neumaH. pShre de mprwme mntFma nrektteFape.
matt-08-21 keoua de nmmaqhths peJaF naF. Je pJoeis oueHsaHne nai nSorp tabwk ta
twms mpaeiwt.
matt-08-22 peJaF de naF nCi ihsous Je ouaHk nswi ngkw nnetmoout etwms nneureFmo
matt-08-23= ntereFale de epJoi auouaHou nswF nCi neFmaqhths.
matt-08-24 auw eis Hhhte eisounoC nkmto aFSwpe Hn qalassa Hwste etrepJoi Hwbs e
bol Hitn nHimh. ntoF de neFnkotk pe.
matt-08-25 auTpeuouoi eroF autounosF euJw mmos Je pJoeis matanHon Je tnnabwk.
matt-08-26 peJaF nau Je aHrwtn tetnrHote natkoui mpistis. tote aFtwoun aFepitim
a nnthu mn qalassa. auw asSwpe nCi ounoC nJamh.
matt-08-27 nrwme de aurSphre euJw mmos Je ouaS mmine pe pai Je nthu mn qalassa
swtm nswF.
matt-08-28= ntereFei de epekro etecwra nngerazhnos. autwmnt eroF nCi rwme snau e
reHenreFSoor Hiwou eunhu ebol Hn nemHaau eunaSt emate. Hwste etmtrelaau eSei ebo
l Hn teHih etmmau.
matt-08-29 auw eis Hhhte auJiSkak ebol euJw mmos Je ekoueSou nmman ihsous pShre
mpnoute. ntakei epeima ebasanize mmon Haqh mpeuoeiS.
matt-08-30 neunouagelh de nrir enaSwou ouhu mmoou eumoone mmos.
matt-08-31 nreFSoor de auspswpF euJw mmos Je eSJe knanoJn ebol maJooun eHoun et
agelh neSau.
matt-08-32 peJaF nau Je bwk ntoou de auei ebol aubwk eHoun eneSau auw eis Hhhte
asTpesouoi nCi tagelh thrs eHrai eJn tSwme epesht eqalassa auw aumou Hrai Hn mm
matt-08-33 netmoone de mmoou aupwt aubwk eHrai etpolis. auJw nHwb nim mn naneto
matt-08-34 auw eis Hhhte eistpolis thrs asei ebol etwmnt eihsous. nterounau de
eroF auspswpF Jekaas eFepwwne ebol Hn neutoS.
matt-09-01= aFale de epJoi aFJioor aFei eHrai eteFpolis mmin mmoF.
matt-09-02 auw eis Hhhte aueine naF nourwme eFshC eFnhJ HiJn ouma nnkotk. ihsou
s de ntereFnau eteupistis peJaF mpetshC. Je twk mmok paShre neknobe kh nak ebol.
matt-09-03 auw eisHoine nnegrammateus peJau Hrai nHhtou. Je pai eFJioua.
matt-09-04 ihsous de eFsooun nneumeeue peJaF nau Je aHrwtn tetnmeeue eHenpeqoou
Hrai Hn netnHht.
matt-09-05 aS gar petmotn. eJoos pe Je neknobe kh nak ebol JneJoos pe Je twoun
matt-09-06 Jekaas de etetneeime Je ountepShre mprwme exousia eHrai HiJm pkaH ek
anobe ebol tote peJaF mpetshC Je twoun ngFi mpekCloC ngbwk eHrai epekhi.
matt-09-07 aFtwoun de aFbwk eHrai epeFhi.
matt-09-08 aunau de nCi mmhhSe aurHote auw auTeoou mpnoute pentaFTexousia nteim
ine nnrwme.
matt-09-09= ntere ihsous de parage ebol Hm pma etmmau aFnau eurwme eFHmoos HipeF
telwnion epeFran pe maqqaios. peJaF naF Je ouaHk nswi. aFtwoun de aFouaHF nswF.
matt-09-10 asSwpe de eFnhJ Hrai Hm peFhi eis Hhhte neunHaH ntelwnhs HireFrnobe
eunhu eunouJe mmoou mn ihsous auw neFmaqhths.
matt-09-11 aunau de nCi nefarissaios peJau nneFmaqhths. Je etbe ou petnsaH ouwm
mn ntelwnhs auw nreFrnobe.
matt-09-12 ntoF de aFswtm peJaF. Je netthk an netrcria mpsaein. alla netmokH ne
matt-09-13 bwk de ntetn eime Je ou pe eioueSouna eHoueouqusia. ntaiei gar an et
eHmndikaios. alla nreFrnobe eumetanoia.
matt-09-14= tote auTpeuouoi eroF nCi mmaqhths niwHannhs euJw mmos Je etbe ou ano
n mn nefarissaios tnnhsteue nHaH nsop. nekmaqhths de nsenhsteue an.
matt-09-15 peJaF nau nCi ihsous Je mh ounCom nneShre mpma tSeleet enhsteue efos
on patSeleet Soop nmmau senhu de nCi HenHoou Hotan euSanFi mpatSeleet ntootou to
te senanhsteue.
matt-09-16 merelaau Hioutoeis nSai euSthn mplCe. snaFi gar mpeskwte ebol Hn teS
thn nFSwpe nCi ounoC mpwH.
matt-09-17 oude meuneJmris eHwt nas eSwpe mmon SaupwH nCi nHwt ntephrp pwn ebol
ntenkeHwt tako alla nSauneJhrp nbrre easkos nbrre nseSwpe euouoJ mpesnau.
matt-09-18= nai eFJw mmoou nau eis Hhhte eisouarcwn aFTpeFouoi eroF aFouwSt naF
eFJw mmos Je ataSeere mou tenou alla amou ngtalo ntekCiJ eHrai eJws auw snawnH.
matt-09-19 aFtwoun de nCi ihsous aFouaHF nswF mn neFmaqhths.
matt-09-20 eisousHime de erepesnoF Soop Haros mmntsnoouse nrompe. asTpesouoi pa
Hou mmoF asJwH eptop mpeFHoite.
matt-09-21 nesJw gar mmos Hrai nHhts. Je eiSanJwH mmate eptop nteFSthn TnaouJai
matt-09-22 ihsous de aFkotF aFnau eros peJaF nas. Je twk mmo taSeere toupistis
te ntasnaHme. auw asouJai nCi tesHime Jinteunou etmmau.
matt-09-23 ntereFei de nCi ihsous eHrai ephi mparcwn aFnau enreFJooue mn pmhhSe
matt-09-24 peJaF Je anacwrei nhtn mpesmou gar nCi tSeere Shm. alla esnkotk. nto
ou de neuswbe nswF eusooun Je asmou.
matt-09-25 nterounouJe de ebol mpmhhSe aFbwk eHoun aFamaHte ntesCiJ. astwoun nC
i tSeere Shm.
matt-09-26 peFsoeit aFei ebol Hm pkaH thrF etmmau.
matt-09-27= eFparage de ebol Hm pma etmmau nCi ihsous auouaHou nswF nCi blle sna
u euJiSkak ebol euJw mmos Je na nan ihsous pShre ndaueid.
matt-09-28 ntereFei de eHrai ephi auTpeuouoi eroF nCi nblle peJaF nau nCi ihsou
s. Je tetnpisteue Je ounCom mmoi erpai. peJau naF Je se pJoeis.
matt-09-29 tote aFJwH eneubal eFJw mmos Je katatetnpistis maresSwpe nhtn.
matt-09-30 auw auouwn nCi neubal. aFHwn etootou nCi ihsous eFJw mmos Je CwSt mp
rtrelaau eime.
matt-09-31 ntoou de auei ebol auT mpeFsoeit Hm pkaH thrF etmmau.
matt-09-32= eFnhu de ebol. eis Hhhte aueine naF noumpo ereoudaimwnion HiwwF.
matt-09-33 auw ntereFnouJe ebol mpdaimwnion aFSaJe nCi pempo. aurSphre nCi mmhh
Se euJw mmos Je mpeouon nteiHe ouwnH ebol eneH Hm pisrahl.
matt-09-34 nefarissaios de neuJw mmos Je Hrai Hm parcwn nndaimwnion eFnouJe ebo
l nndaimwnion.
matt-09-35= auw aFmouSt nCi ihsous nmpolis throu mn nTme eFTsbw Hrai Hn neusunag
wgh. auw eFtaSeoeiS mpeuaggelion ntmntrro eFrpaHre eSwne nim HiloJleJ nim.
matt-09-36 ntereFnau de emmhhSe aFSnHthF Haroou Je neuskullei pe. auw neunhJ nq
e nniesoou etemntouSws.
matt-09-37 tote peJaF nneFmaqhths Je pwHs men naSwF. nergaths de sobk.
matt-09-38 sepspJoeis Ce mpwHs. Jekaas eFeneJergaths ebol epeFwHs.
matt-10-01= aFmoute de epeFmntsnoous mmaqhths. aFT nau ntexousia nnepneuma nakaq
arton enouJ ebol auw erpaHre eSwne nim HiloJleJ nim.
matt-10-02 nai de ne nran mpmntsnoous napostolos. pSorp pe simwn peteSaumoute e
roF Je petros mn andreas peFson. iakwbos pShre nzebedaios mn iwHannhs peFson.
matt-10-03 filippos mn barqolomaios qwmas mn maqqaios ptelwnhs iakwbos pShre na
lfaios mn qaddaios.
matt-10-04 simwn pkananiths mn ioudas piskariwths pentaFparadidou mmoF.
matt-10-05= peimntsnoous aFJoouse nCi ihsous aFparaggeile nau eFJw mmos Je mprbw
k eHih nHeqnos. auw mprbwk eHoun epolis nsamariths.
matt-10-06 bwk de nHouo Sanesoou ntauswrm ntephi mpisrahl.
matt-10-07 etetnabwk de taSeoeiS etetnJw mmos Je metanoi. asHwn gar eHoun nCi t
mntrro nmphue.
matt-10-08 netSwne aripaHre eroou netsobH tbboou ndaimwnion noJou ebol atetnJi
nJinJh TnJinJh.
matt-10-09 mprJpo nhtn nounoub. oute ouHat. oude Homnt Hn netnmoJH.
matt-10-10 oute phra eteHih oute Sthn snte oute outooue oute ouCerwb FempSa gar
nCi pergaths nteFHre.
matt-10-11 tpolis de etetnabwk eHoun eros hpTme. Sine Hrai nHhts Je nim petmpSa
ntetnCw Hm pma etmmau Santetnei ebol.
matt-10-12 etetnbhk de eHoun ephi aspaze mmoF.
matt-10-13 auw eSwpe phi mpSa maretetneirhnh ei eHrai eJwF. eSwpe de nFmpSa an
maretetneirhnh kots erwtn.
matt-10-14 petenFnaJithutn de an auw nFtmswtm enetnSaJe etetnnhu de ebol Hm phi
htpolis etmmau hpTme nouHe ebol mpSoeiS nnetnouerhte.
matt-10-15 Hamhn TJw mmos nhtn. Je ounoumton naSwpe Hm pkaH nsodoma mn gomorra
Hm peHoou ntekrisis eHouetpolis etmmau.
matt-10-16= eis Hhhte anok TJoou mmwtn nqe nHenesoou Hn tmhte nHenouwnS. Swpe Ce
nsabe nqe nnHoF auw nakeraios nqe nniCroompe .
matt-10-17 THthtn de erwtn ebol Hn nerwme. senaparadidou gar mmwtn ensunHedrion
auw Hrai Hn neusunagwgh senamastigou mmwtn.
matt-10-18 nseJithutn nnHhgemwn mn nrrwou etbhht eumntmntre nau mn nHeqnos.
matt-10-19 Hotan de euSanparadidou mmwtn mprFiroouS Je naS nHe. hetetnaJoos Je
ou. senaT gar nhtn Hn teunou etmmau Je ou petetnnaJooF.
matt-10-20 ntwtn gar an petSaJe alla pepneuma mpetneiwt petSaJe nHhtthutn.
matt-10-21 ounouson de naparadidou mpeFson epmou. auw oueiwt mpeFShre. ntenShre
twoun eJn neueiote nsemouout mmoou.
matt-10-22 ntetnSwpe eumoste mmwtn ebol Hitn rwme nim etbe paran. petnaHupomein
e de Sabol pai petnaouJai.
matt-10-23 Hotan de euSanpwt nswtn Hn teipolis pwt eHrai ekeouei. Hamhn gar TJw
mmos nhtn Je nnetnJwk ebol nmpolis mpisrahl mpepShre mprwme ei.
matt-10-24- mnsboui gar eFo nnoC epeFsaH. oute mn HmHal eFJose eHouepeFJoeis.
matt-10-25 Hw epesboui Je eFeSwpe nqe mpeFsaH. auw pHmHal Je eFeSwpe nqe mpeFJo
eis. eSJe aumoute epJoeis Je beelzeboul poso mallon neFrmnhi.
matt-10-26= mprrHote Ce Hhtou. mn laau gar eFHobs nsenaColpF an ebol. auw eFHhp
enFnaouwnH an ebol.
matt-10-27 peTJw mmoF nhtn Hm pkake aJiF Hm pouoein. auw petetnswtm eroF Hm pet
nmaaJe taSeoeiS mmoF HiJn nJenepwr.
matt-10-28 mprrHote Hhtou nnetnamouout mpetnswma. emnCom de mmoou emouout ntetn
yuch. ariHote de nHouo HhtF mpeteounCom mmoF etako ntetnyuch mn petnswma Hrai Hn
matt-10-29 mh JaJ snau nseT mmoou an ebol Ha ouHobolos. auw oua ebol nHhtou nne
FHe eHrai eJm pkaH aJmpetneiwt etHn mphue.
matt-10-30 nkebw de ntetnape hp throu.
matt-10-31 mprrHote Ce Hhtou ntwtn tetnSobe eHaH nJaJ.
matt-10-32= ouon Ce nim etnaHomologei nHht mpemto ebol nnerwme TnaHomologei Hw n
HhtF mpemto ebol mpaeiwt etHn mphue.
matt-10-33 petnaaparna de mmoi mpemto ebol nnerwme. Tnaaparna Hw mmoF mpemto eb
ol mpaeiwt etHn mphue.
matt-10-34= mprwS Je ntaiei enouJe noueirhnh eHrai eJm pkaH. ntaiei an enouJe no
ueirhnh. alla enouJe noushFe.
matt-10-35 ntaiei gar epwrJ nourwme epeFeiwt. auw ouSeere etesmaau auw ouSeleet
matt-10-36 nJaJe mprwme ne neFrmnhi.
matt-10-37 petme neiwt hmaau eHoueeroi nFmpSa mmoi an. auw petme nShre HiSeere
eHoueeroi nFmpSa mmoi an.
matt-10-38 auw petenFnaFi an mpeFstauros nFouaHF nswi nFmpSa mmoi an.
matt-10-39 pentaFHe eteFyuch Fnasormes. auw pentaFswrm nteFyuch etbhht FnaHe er
matt-10-40= petSwp mmwtn eroF eFSwp mmoi eroF. auw petSwp mmoi eroF eFSwp eroF m
matt-10-41 petSwp eroF nouprofhths epran nouprofhths FnaJi mpbeke nouprofhths.
auw petSwp eroF noudikaios epran noudikaios FnaJi mpbeke mpdikaios.
matt-10-42 auw petnatseoua nneikoui nouJw mmou nwrS mmate epran noumaqhths. Ham
hn TJw mmos nhtn Je nneFswrm mpeFbeke.
matt-11-01= asSwpe de ntere ihsous ouw eFoueHsaHne mpeFmntsnoous mmaqhths aFpwwn
e ebol Hm pma etmmau eFTsbw auw eFtaSeoeiS Hrai Hn neupolis.
matt-11-02= ntereFswtm de nCi iwHannhs Hrai Hm peSteko eneHbhue mpecristos aFJoo
u ebol Hitootou nneFmaqhths.
matt-11-03 peJaF nau Je ntok petnhu Je tarenCwSt HhtF nkeoua.
matt-11-04 aFouwSb de nCi ihsous peJaF nau Je bwk ntetn Jw eiwHannhs nnetetnswt
m eroou mn netetnnau eroou.
matt-11-05 Je nblle nau ebol nCale mooSe netsobH tbbo nal swtm nempo SaJe netmo
out twoun nHhke seeuaggelize nau.
matt-11-06 auw naiatF mpete nFnaskandalize an Hrai nHht.
matt-11-07 nterenai de bwk aFarcei nCi ihsous eJoos nmmhhSe etbe iwHannhs. Je n
tatetnei ebol eterhmos enau eou. eukaS erepthu kim eroF.
matt-11-08 alla ntatetnei ebol enau eou. eurwme ereHenHbsw euChn to HiwwF. eis
Hhhte netforei nnHbsw euChn seHnnhi nnrrwou.
matt-11-09 alla ntatetnei ebol enau eou euprofhths eHe TJw mmos nhtn Je ouHouep
rofhths pe.
matt-11-10 pai gar petshH etbhhtF. Je eis Hhhte anok Tnatnnoou mpaaggelos Hatek
Hh. pai etnasoFte ntekHih mpekmto ebol.
matt-11-11 Hamhn TJw mmos nhtn. Je mpeFtwoun Hm peJpo nneHiome nCi peto nnoC ei
wHannhs pbaptisths. pkoui de eroF ounoC eroF pe Hn tmntrro nmphue.
matt-11-12 JinneHoou de niwHannhs pbaptisths SaeHrai etenou tmntrro nmphue seJi
mmos nCons. auw nreFJinCons twrp mmos.
matt-11-13 neprofhths gar throu auw pnomos ntauprofhteue SaiwHannhs.
matt-11-14 auw eSJe tetnoueSJitF ntoF pe Hhleias petnhu.
matt-11-15 peteountFmaaJe mmau eswtm mareFswtm.
matt-11-16 teigenea de einatntwns enim. estntwn eHenShre Shm euHmoos Hn nagora.
nai etmoute eneuSbeer
matt-11-17 euJw mmos Je anJw erwtn mpetnCosCs. antoeit mpetnneHpe.
matt-11-18 aFei gar nCi iwHannhs enFouwm an oude nFsw an. peJau Je ounoudaimwni
on HiwwF.
matt-11-19 aFei nCi pShre mprwme eFouwm auw eFsw. peJau Je eisourwme nreFouwm a
uw nreFsehrp nSbhrtelwnhs HireFrnobe . auw astmaio nCi tsofia ebol Hn nesHbhue.
matt-11-20= tote aFarcei nCi ihsous nnoCneC nmpolis. nai ntapeHouo nneFCom Swpe
Hrai nHhtou Je mpoumetanoi.
matt-11-21 Je ouoi nh corazein. ouoi nh bhdsaida. Je enentanCom ntauSwpe nHhtth
utn Swpe Hn turos mn sidwn eSJe aumetanoei Hn ouCooune mnoukrmes.
matt-11-22 plhn TJw mmos nhtn. Je oun oumton naSwpe nturos mn sidwn mpeHoou nte
krisis eHoueerwtn.
matt-11-23 nto Hwwte kafarnaoum mh tenaJise Sa eHrai etpe. tenabwk epesht Saamn
te Je enentanCom ntauSwpe Hrai nHhte Swpe Hn sodoma mn gomorra neunaCw pe Sapoou
matt-11-24 plhn TJw mmos nhtn. Je ounoumton naSwpe mpkaH nsodoma mn gomorra mpe
Hoou ntekrisis eHoueero.
matt-11-25= HmpeuoeiS etmmau aFouwSb nCi ihsous eFJw mmos Je Texomologei nak pae
iwt pJoeis ntpe mn pkaH. Je nai akHopou ensofos mn nsabeeu akColpou de ebol nnSh
re Shm.
matt-11-26 aHe paeiwt Je ntasranak nteiHe mpekmto ebol.
matt-11-27 auT nai mpthrF ebol HitootF mpaeiwt auw mn laau sooun mpShre ei mhti
peiwt oude mn laau sooun mpeiwt eimhti pShre mn peterepShre naouwS eouwS euwnH
naF ebol.
matt-11-28 amhitn Saroi ouon nim etHose auw etotp. auw anok TnaTmton nhtn.
matt-11-29 Fi mpanaHb eHrai eJn thutn. ntetn eime ebol nHht Je angourmraS auw T
qbbihu Hm paHht. taretetnHe eumton nneyuch.
matt-11-30 panaHb gar naHlwCF auw saswou nCi taetpw.
matt-12-01= Hm peouoeiS etmmau aFei ebol nCi ihsous Hitn mma etJhu mpsabbaton. n
eFmaqhths de auHko auarcei ntwlk nnHms euouwm.
matt-12-02 nefarissaios de nterounau peJau naF. Je eis Hhhte nekmaqhths seeire
mpetemeSSe eaaF Hm psabbaton.
matt-12-03 ntoF de peJaF nau. Je mpetnoSF Je ntadaueid rou ntereFHko mn netnmma
matt-12-04 nqe ntaFbwk eHoun ephi mpnoute aFouwm nnoeik nteproqesis. nai etemeS
Se eroF eouomou oude netnmmaF. eimhti nouhhb mauaau.
matt-12-05 hmpetnoSF Hrai Hm pnomos Je Hrai Hm psabbaton nouhhb bwl ebol mpsabb
aton Hrai Hm prpe auw mn nobe eroF.
matt-12-06 TJw de mmos nhtn. Je peto nnoC eprpe mpeima.
matt-12-07 enentatetneime de Je ou pe eioueSouna eHoueouqusia. netetnatCaio an
pe nnetemnnobe eroou.
matt-12-08 pJoeis gar mpsabbaton pe pShre mprwme.
matt-12-09= aFpwwne de ebol Hm pma etmmau aFei eHrai eteusunagwgh.
matt-12-10 auw eis Hhhte eisourwme ereteFCiJ Souwou auJnouF etbhhtF euJw mmos J
e eneexestei erpaHre eroF Hm psabbaton Jekaas euekatoigorei mmoF.
matt-12-11 ntoF de peJaF nau Je nim nrwme nHhtthutn petnakw naF nouesoou nouwt
ntepai He Hm psabbaton euHieit mh nFnaamaHte mmoF an nFtounosF.
matt-12-12 prwme Ce Sobe nouhr epesoou. Hwste exestei Hm psabbaton erpetnanouF.
matt-12-13 tote peJaF mprwme Je sooutn ebol ntekCiJ ntoF de aFsoutwns asSwpe es
ouoJ nqe ntkeouei.
matt-12-14 nefarissaios de auei ebol auJiSoJne eroF Jekaas euemooutF.
matt-12-15= ihsous de ntereFeime aFanacwrei ebol Hm pma etmmau. auouaHou nswF nC
i oumhhSe enaSwF. auw aFrpaHre eroou throu.
matt-12-16 aFepitima nau Jekaas nneuouonHF ebol.
matt-12-17 Jekaas eFeJwk ebol nCi pentauJooF Hitn hsaias peprofhths eFJw mmos.
matt-12-18 Je eis Hhhte eispaShre ntaiouaSF pamerit pentatayuch ouwS Hrai nHhtF
. Tnakw mpapneuma eHrai eJwF nFkw noukrisis nnHeqnos.
matt-12-19 nFnaTtwn an. oude nFnawS ebol an. mn laau naswtm eteFsmh Hn neplatia
matt-12-20 oukaS eFouoSF nFnaouoCpF an. auw ousol eFHtmtwm nFnaJenaF an. SanteF
eine ebol mpeFHap Hn outaJro.
matt-12-21 ntenHeqnos Helpize epeFran.
matt-12-22= tote aueine naF noublle nmpo ereoudaimwnion HiwwF. aFrpaHre eroF Hws
te etrepempo SaJe nFnau ebol.
matt-12-23 aurSphre nCi mmhhSe throu euJw mmos Je mhti pai pe pShre ndaueid.
matt-12-24 nterouswtm de nCi nefarissaios peJau. Je nerepai neJdaimwnion ebol a
n. eimhti Hrai Hn beelzeboul parcwn nndaimwnion.
matt-12-25 eFsooun de nneumeeue peJaF nau. Je mn tero nim esSanpwS eHrai eJws S
asrJaie. auw polis nim Hihi nim eFSanpwS eHrai eJwF meFaHeratF.
matt-12-26 eSJe pkesatanas eFnouJe ebol mpsatanas eie aFpwS eHrai eJwF naS Ce n
He teFmntrro naaHerats.
matt-12-27 auw eSJe anok einouJe ebol nndaimwnion Hn beelzeboul eeienetnShre eu
nouJe ebol Hn nim. etbe pai senaSwpe nhtn nreFTHap.
matt-12-28 eSJe anok de einouJe ebol nndaimwnion Hm pepneuma mpnoute eie aspwH
eHrai eJwtn nCi tmntrro mpnoute.
matt-12-29 hnim peteounCom mmoF ebwk eHoun ephi mpJwwre etwrp nneFHnaau eimhti
nSorp nFmour mpJwwre. tote nFtwrp mpeFhi.
matt-12-30 petenFSoop nmmai an eFT oubhi. auw petenFsunage nmmai an eFJwwre ebo
matt-12-31 etbe pai TJw mmos nhtn Je nobe nim Hioua nim senakaau nhtn ebol nrwm
e. pJioua de ntoF epepneuma etouaab nsenakaaF ebol an.
matt-12-32 auw petnaJw nouSaJe eHoun epShre mprwme senakaaF naF ebol petnaJw de
nouSaJe eHoun epepneuma etouaab nsenakaas naF ebol an oude Hm peiaiwn oude Hm p
matt-12-33= hntetn eire mpShn etnanouF mn peFkarpos etnanouF. hntetn eire mpShn
eqoou mn peFkarpos eqoou. ebol gar Hm pkarpos nSausounpShn.
matt-12-34 neJpo nneHboui. naS nHe ounCom mmwtn eJepetnanouF ntetn Hensa mpeqoo
u. ebol gar Hm peHouo mpHht erettapro SaJe.
matt-12-35 prwme nagaqos ebol Hm peFaHo etnanouF nSaFtauo ebol mppetnanouF. auw
prwme mponhros ebol Hm peFaHo eqoou nSaFtauo ebol nmpeqoou.
matt-12-36 TJw mmos nhtn Je SaJe nim nargon etere nrwme naJoou senaTlogos Haroo
u mpeHoou ntekrisis.
matt-12-37 ebol gar Hn nekSaJe eunatmaiok. auw ebol Hn nekSaJe eunatCaiok.
matt-12-38= tote auouwSb naF nCi Hoine nnegrammateus mn nefarissaios euJw mmos J
e psaH tnouwS enau eumaein ebol Hitootk.
matt-12-39 ntoF de aFouwSb peJaF nau Je tgenea mponhron auw nnoeik sSine nsaoum
aein auw nneuTmaein nas eimhti pmaein niwnas peprofhths.
matt-12-40 nqe gar enereiwnas Soop nHhtF mpkhtos nSomnt nHoou mn Somte nouSh. t
ai te qe etere pShre mprwme naSwpe mmos Hm pHht mpkaH nSomnt nHoou mn Somte nouS
matt-12-41 nrwme nnineuh natwoun Hn tekrisis mn teigenea nsetCaios Je aumetanoi
eptaSeoeiS niwnas. auw eispeHouo eiwnas mpeima.
matt-12-42 trtrw mprhs natwoun Hn tekrisis mn teigenea nstCaios Je asei Jinearh
JF mpkaH eswtm etsofia nsolomwn auw eis Hhhte eispeHouo esolomwn mpeima.
matt-12-43= Hotan de pakaqarton mpneuma eFSanei ebol Hm prwme. SaFei ebol Hitn H
enma emnmoou nHhtou eFSine nsaouma nmton. auw meFHe eouon.
matt-12-44 tote SaFJoos Je Tnaktoi epahi pma ntaiei ebol nHhtF. auw eFSanei nFH
e eroF eFsaHr auw eFtsanhut.
matt-12-45 tote SaFbwk nFJi nmmaF nkesaSF mpneuma euHoou eroF nsebwk eHoun nseo
uwH Hm pma etmmau nteqah mprwme etmmau Swpe esHoou eteFHoueite tai te qe etnaSwp
e nteigenea mponhron.
matt-12-46= eti de eFSaJe mn mmhhSe eis Hhhte eisteFmaau mn neFsnhu neuaHeratou
pe Hipsambol euSine nsaSaJe nmmaF.
matt-12-47 [--]
matt-12-48 ntoF de aFouwSb peJaF mpetJw mmos naF. Je nim te tamaau auw nim ne n
matt-12-49 aFsoutnteFCiJ ebol eJn neFmaqhths eFJw mmos Je eis Hhhte eistamaau a
uw nasnhu.
matt-12-50 peiteire gar mpouwS mpaeiwt etHn mphue pai pe pason auw taswne auw t
matt-13-01= Hm peHoou etmmau aFei ebol aFei ebol nCi ihsous Hm phi aFHmoos Hatnq
matt-13-02 auswouH eroF nCi HenmhhSe enaSwou Hwste etreFale epJoi nFHmoos. pmhh
Se de thrF neFaHeratF pe Hipekro.
matt-13-03 aFSaJe nmmau Hm pSaJe Hitn Henparabolh eFJw mmos Je eis Hhhte aFei e
bol nCi petJo eJo.
matt-13-04 asSwpe de ntereFJo. Hoine men auHe HatnteHih. auei nCi nHalate ntpe
matt-13-05 Henkooue de auHe eHrai eJn mma mpetra. pma etemnkaH enaSwF nHhtF. au
w nteunou auTouw Je mn HaH nkaH Haroou.
matt-13-06 prh de ntereFSa aurkauma. auw ebol Je mn noune mmoou auSooue.
matt-13-07 Henkooue de auHe eHrai eJn nSonte. auei eHrai nCi nSonte auoCtou.
matt-13-08 Henkooue de auHe eHrai eJm pkaH etnanouF auTkarpos oua men aFTSe oua
de aFTse ket de aFTmaab.
matt-13-09 peteountFmaaJe mmau eswtm mareFswtm.
matt-13-10= auTpeuouoi de eroF nCi neFmaqhths peJau naF Je etbe ou kSaJe nmmau H
n Henparabolh.
matt-13-11 ntoF de peJaF nau. Je ntautaas nhtn eeime emmusthrion ntmntrro nmphu
e. nh de mpoutaas nau.
matt-13-12 pete ountaF gar senaT naF nFrHouo. auw petemntaF pketeuntaF senaFitF
matt-13-13 etbe pai eiSaJe nmmau Hn Henparabolh Je euenau ebol nsenau ebol an a
uw eueswtm nseswtm an oute nsenoei an.
matt-13-14 snaJwk nau ebol nCi teprofhtia nhsaias etJw mmos Je Hn ouswtm tetnna
swtm ntetn tmnoi. auw Hn ounau tetnanau ntetn tmeiwrH.
matt-13-15 aFnSot gar nCi pHht mpilatos auw auswtm Hn neumaaJe Hn ouHroS auw au
Stam nneubal Je nneunau Hn neubal nseswtm Hm neumaaJe nsenoi Hm peuHht nsekotou
matt-13-16 naiatou nnetnbal Je senau ebol. auw netnmaaJe Je seswtm.
matt-13-17 Hamhn gar TJw mmos nhtn. Je aHaH mprofhths Hidikaios epeiqumei enau
enetetnnau eroou auw mpounau. auw eswtm eroi enetetnswtm eroou auw mpouswtm.
matt-13-18= ntwtn de swtm etparabolh mpetJo.
matt-13-19 ouon nim etswtm epSaJe ntmntrro enFnoi mmoF an SaFei nCi pponhros nF
twrp mpentauJoF Hrai Hm peFHht. pai pentauJoF HatnteHih.
matt-13-20 pentauJoF de eJn mma mpetra. pai petswtm epSaJe etJi mmoF nteunou Hn
matt-13-21 mn noune de Soop Hrai nHhtF alla ouprosouoeiS pe erSanouqliyis de Sw
pe houdiwgmos etbe pSaJe nteunou SaFskandalize.
matt-13-22 pentauJoF de eJn nSonte. pai petswtm epSaJe. ereproouS mpeiaiwn mn t
apath ntmntrmmao wCt mpSaJe eFSwpe aJnkarpos.
matt-13-23 pentauJoF de eJm pkaH etnanouF pai petswtm epSaJe etnoi mmoF eFTkarp
os oua men eFeire nSe ket de nse keoua de mmaab.
matt-13-24= aFkw nau eHrai nkeparabolh eFJw mmos Je estntwn nCi tmntrro nmphue e
urwme eaFJo nouCroC enanouF Hrai Hn teFswSe.
matt-13-25 Hm ptreunkotk de nCi nrwme. aFei nCi peFJaJe aFJo nHenenthC ntmhte m
psouo aFbwk.
matt-13-26 ntereFTouw de nCi pecortos auw aFeire noukarpos. tote auouwnH ebol n
Ci nenthC.
matt-13-27 auTpeuouoi de nCi nHmHal epeuJoeis. euJw mmos naF Je pJoeis mh nouCr
oC enanouF an pentakJoF Hrai Hn tekswSe. ntaFHe Ce eenthC twn.
matt-13-28 ntoF de peJaF nau Je ouJaJe nrwme pentaFeire mpai ntoou de peJau naF
Je kouwS Ce etrenbwk ntnsoouHou eHoun.
matt-13-29 ntoF de peJaF nau Je mmon mhpote ntetn swouH eHoun nnthC ntetn pwrk
nmmau mpkesouo.
matt-13-30 alwtn Haroou nseaiai Hiousop SapeuoeiS mpwHs auw Hrai Hm peuoeiS mpw
Hs TnaJoos nnaJaioHs Je swouH eHoun nSorp nnenthC ntetn morou nHnSol eprokHou pe
souo de ntetn soouHF eHoun etaapoqhkh.
matt-13-31= aFkw nau on eHrai nkeparabolh eFJw mmos Je estntwn nCi tmntrro nmphu
e eublbile nSlthm. tai eaurwme Jits aFJo mmos Hrai Hn teFswSe.
matt-13-32 tai men eukoui te eneCrooC throu Hotan de esSanauxane SasrounoC nouo
ote nsSwpe eunoC nShn Hwste nseei nCi nHalate ntpe nseouwH Hn nesklados.
matt-13-33- aFJw nau nkeparabolh eFJw mmos Je estntwn nCi tmntrro nmphue euqab e
ausHime JitF asHopF Hn Somnt nSi nnoeit SanteFJiqab thrF.
matt-13-34= nai de throu aFJoou nCi ihsous Hn Henparabolh nmmhhSe. auw aJmparabo
lh mpeFJelaau nau.
matt-13-35 Jekaas eFeJwk ebol nCi pentauJooF Hitm peprofhths eFJw mmos Je Tnaou
wn erwi Hn Henparabolh ntaJw nnetHhp JinepSaswnt mpkosmos.
matt-13-36= tote aFkw nmmhhSe aFei eHrai ephi. auTpeuouoi eroF nCi neFmaqhths eu
Jw mmos Je bwl eron ntparabolh nnenthC ntswSe.
matt-13-37 ntoF de aFouwSb eFJw mmos Je petJo mpeCroC etnanouF pe pShre mprwme.
matt-13-38 tswSe de pe pkosmos. peCroC etnanouF ne nShre ntmntrro. nenthC de ne
nShre mpponhros.
matt-13-39 pJaJe ntaFJoou pe pdiabolos. pwHs de pe tsunteleia mpaiwn. nJaioHs d
e ne naggelos.
matt-13-40 nqe Ce nSauswouH eHoun nnenthC. nserokHou Hrai Hn oukwHt. tai te qe
etnaSwpe Hrai Hn tsunteleia mpaiwn.
matt-13-41 pShre mprwme naJoou nneFaggelos. nseswouH eHoun ebol Hn teFmntrro nn
eskandalon throu mn neteire ntanomia.
matt-13-42 nsenoJou eHrai eteHrw nsate. eFnaSwpe mmau nCi prime auw pCaHCH nnob
matt-13-43 tote ndikaios senarouoein nqe mprh Hn tmntrro mpeueiwt. peteountFmaa
Je mmau eswtm mareFswtm.
matt-13-44= estntwn nCi tmntrro nmphue euaHo eFHhp Hn tswSe pai ntaourwme He ero
F aFHopF. auw ebol Hm peFraSe. SaFbwk nFT ebol nnka nim etSoop naF nFSwp ntswSe
matt-13-45- palin on estntwn nCi tmntrro nmphue eurwme neSwt eFSine nsaHenwne mm
e enanouou.
matt-13-46 ntereFHe de euwne mme enaSesountF. aFbwk aFT ebol nnka nim etntaF aF
SopF naF.
matt-13-47- tmntrro nmphue estntwn euabw eaunoJs eqalassa. easswouH eHoun ngenos
nim nthbt.
matt-13-48 tai nteresmouH aueine mmos eHrai auw auHmoos Hipekro aukwtF nnetnano
uou eneuHnaau neqoou de aunoJou ebol.
matt-13-49 tai te qe etnaSwpe Hrai Hn tsunteleia mpaiwn. senhu ebol nCi naggelo
s nsepwrJ ebol nmponhros ntmhte nndikaios.
matt-13-50 nsenouJe mmoou eHrai eteHrw nsate. eFnaSwpe mmau nCi prime auw pCaHC
H nnobHe.
matt-13-51= atetnnoi nnai throu. peJau Je aHe pJoeis.
matt-13-52 ntoF de peJaF nau Je etbe pai grammateus nim eaFJisbw etmntrro nmphu
e eFtntwn eurwme nrmmao. pai etnouJe ebol Hm peFaHo nHenbrre mn Henas.
matt-13-53= asSwpe de ntere ihsous ouw nneiparabolh aFpwwne ebol Hm pma etmmau.
matt-13-54 aFei eHrai epeFTme aFTsw nau Hrai Hn teusunagwgh. Hwste etreurSphre
nseJoos Je ntapai He eteisofia twn mn neiCom.
matt-13-55 mh mpai an pe pShre mpHaSe. mh nteFmaau an te nSaumoute eros Je mari
Ham auw neFsnhu pe iakwbos mn iwshs mn simwn mn ioudas.
matt-13-56 auw neFswne nsimwn mh nseSoop an throu Hathn. ntapai Ce He enai thro
u twn.
matt-13-57 auw neuskandalize nHhtF. ihsous de peJaF nau Je mn profhths shS ei m
hti Hrai Hn peFTme mmin mmoF auw Hrai Hm peFhi.
matt-13-58 mpeFrHaH nCom Hm pma etmmau etbe teumntatnaHte.
matt-14-01= Hm peuoeiS etmmau aFswtm nCi Hhrwdhs ptetraarchs epsoeit nihsous.
matt-14-02 peJaF nneFHmHal. Je pai pe iwHannhs pbaptisths. ntoF de pentaFtwoun
ebol Hn netmoout etbe pai neiCom energei Hrai nHhtF.
matt-14-03 Hhrwdhs gar Hm peuoeiS etmmau aFamaHte niwHannhs aFmorF aFkw mmoF Hm
peSteko etbe Hhrwdias qime mfilippos peFson.
matt-14-04 nereiwHannhs gar Jw mmos naF. Je ouk exestei nak eJi mmos.
matt-14-05 auw neFouwS emooutF aFrHote HhtF mpmhhSe ebol Je eneuJi mmoF pe Hws
matt-14-06 ntereFSwpe de nCi pHoumise nHhrwdhs asCosCs nCi tSeere nHhrwdias ntm
hte. asranaF nHhrwdhs.
matt-14-07 auw Hn ouanaS aFHomologei eT nas mpetsnaaitei mmoF.
matt-14-08 ntos de autouneiats ebol Hitn tesmaau peJas. Je ma nai Hm peima ntap
e niwHannhs pbaptisths HiJn oupinax.
matt-14-09 aFlupei nCi prro emate. etbe nanauS de mn netnhJ nmmaF aFoueHsaHne e
T mmos nas.
matt-14-10 aFJoou aFFi ntape niwHannhs Hm peSteko.
matt-14-11 aueine mmos HiJm ppinax autaas ntSeere Shm. aseine mmos ntesmaau.
matt-14-12 neFmaqhths de auTpeuouoi auFi mpeFswma automsF auei auJipouw nihsous
matt-14-13= aFswtm de nCi ihsous aFanacwrei ebol Hm pma etmmau HiouJoi euma nJai
e mauaaF. auswtm de nCi mmhhSe auouaHou nswF pezh ebol Hn mpolis.
matt-14-14 aFei ebol aFnau eunoC mmhhSe. aFSnHthF eHrai eJwou auw aFrpaHre enet
Swne nHhtou.
matt-14-15 rouHe de ntereFSwpe auTpeuouoi eroF nCi neFmaqhths euJw mmos Je pma
ouJaie pe auw apnau oueine kammhhSe ebol Jekaas euebwk enetme etmpeukwte nseSwp
nau mpetounaouomF.
matt-14-16 ihsous de peJaF nau Je nsercria an etreubwk. ntwtn Tnau etreuouwm.
matt-14-17 ntoou de peJau naF. Je mn tanlaau mpeima nsaTou noeik mn thbt snau.
matt-14-18 ntoF de peJaF nau Je aueisou nai epeima.
matt-14-19 aFoueHsaHne etrenmhhSe noJou eHrai eJm pecortos aFJi mpTou noeik mn
pthbt snau. aFFieiatF de eHrai etpe aFsmou eroou aFpoSou aFT nnoeik nneFmaqhths.
mmaqhths de nmmhhSe.
matt-14-20 auouwm de throu auw ausei. auFi nnlakm ntauseepe mn tsnoous nkot eum
matt-14-21 netouwm de neunaraTou nSo nrwme cwris Shre Shm HisHime.
matt-14-22= nteunou de aFanagkaze nneFmaqhths etale epJoi. auw erSorp eroF epekr
o SanteFkw ebol nmmhhSe.
matt-14-23 ntereFkw de ebol nmmhhSe aFale eHrai eJm ptoou mauaaF aFSlhl. rouHe
de ntereFSwpe neF Hm pma etmmau mauaaF.
matt-14-24 pJoi de neFouhu ebol mpekro noumhhSe nstadion eumoukH mmoF ebol Hito
otou nnHimh. pthu gar neFT oubhu pe.
matt-14-25 Hn tmeHFto de nouhrSe nteuSh. aFei Saroou eFmooSe HiJn qalassa.
matt-14-26 nterounau de eroF eFmooSe HiJn qalassa. auStortr euJw mmos Je oufant
asma pe. auw ebol Hn qote auJiSkak ebol.
matt-14-27 nteunou de aFSaJe nmmau eFJw mmos Je twk nHht anok pe. mprrHote.
matt-14-28 aFouwSb de naF nCi petros eFJw mmos Je pJoeis eSJe ntok pe oueHsaHne
nai etraei Sarok HiJn mmoou.
matt-14-29 ntoF de peJaF naF Je amou. aFei epesht nCi petros Hm pJoi aFmooSe eH
rai eJn mmoou aFei Sa ihsous.
matt-14-30 eFnau de epthu aFrHote. auw ntereFarcei nwms aFJiSkak ebol eFJw mmos
Je pJoeis matouJoi.
matt-14-31 nteunou de aFsooutn nteFCiJ ebol nCi ihsous aFamaHte mmoF peJaF naF.
Je patkoui mpistis etbe ou akdisdaze.
matt-14-32 nterouale de epJoi aFCw nCi pthu. nteunou
matt-14-33 auouwSt naF nCi netSoop Hm pJoi euJw mmos Je name ntok pe pShre mpno
matt-14-34= nterouJioor de auei eHrai epekro ngennhzaret.
matt-14-35 ausouwnF de nCi nrwme mpma etmmau. auJoou eHrai etpericwros thrs etm
mau. aueine naF nouon nim etmokH.
matt-14-36 auw auspswpF Jekaas eueJwH mmate eptop mpeFHoeite. auw nentauJwH auo
matt-15-01= tote auTpeuouoei eihsous nCi Hensfarissaios mn Hengrammateus ebol Hn
qierosoluma euJw mmos.
matt-15-02 Je etbe ou nekmaqhths separaba ntparadosis nnepresbuteros. nseeiw ga
r an nneuCiJ eunaouwm mpeuoeik.
matt-15-03 ntoF de aFouwSb eFJw mmos nau. Je etbe ou Hwtthutn tetnparaba ntento
lh mpnoute etbe tetnparadosis.
matt-15-04 pnoute gar aFJoos Je mataiepekeiwt mn tekmaau. auw petnaJepeqoou nsa
peFeiwt mn teFmaau Hn oumou mareFmou.
matt-15-05 ntwtn de tetnJw mmos Je petnaJoos mpeFeiwt hteFmaau Je oudwron pai e
teknaTHhu mmoF ebol nHht.
matt-15-06 neFtaio an mpeFeiwt. atetntsto ebol mpSaJe mpnoute etbe tetnparadosi
matt-15-07 nHupokriths kalws aFprofhteue Harwtn nCi hsaias eFJw mmos.
matt-15-08 Je pilatos eFtaio mmoi Hrai Hn neuspotou. peuHht de ouhu nsabol mmoi
matt-15-09 euSmSe de mmoi epJinJh. euTsbw nHensbw nentolh nrwme.
matt-15-10- aFmoute de epmhhSe peJaF nau Je swtm auw ntetn noi.
matt-15-11 mpetbhk an eHoun ettapro petswwF mprwme. alla petnhu ebol Hn ttapro
petswwF mprwme.
matt-15-12 tote auTpeuouoi eroF nCi neFmaqhths euJw mmos naF Je ksooun Je nefar
issaios nterouswtm eneiSaJe auskandalize.
matt-15-13 ntoF de aFouwSb eFJw mmos nau. Je twCe nim etmpepaeiwt etHn mphuetoC
F Fnapwrk.
matt-15-14 alwtn Haroou HenJaumoeit nblle ne. oublle de eFSanJimoeit HhtF noubl
le senaHe euHieit mpesnau.
matt-15-15 aFouwSb de nCi petros eFJw mmos naF. Je bwl eron ntparabolh.
matt-15-16 ntoF de peJaF nau. Je mh ntwtn Hwtthutn ntetn Henaqht.
matt-15-17 mh ntetn noi an Je nka nim etnabwk eHoun ettapro. nSaFbwk eHrai eqh
nsetauoF ebol Hm pma nermh.
matt-15-18 netnhu ntoF ebol Hn ttapro. eunhu ebol Hm pHht. netmmau netswwF mprw
matt-15-19 eunhu gar ebol Hm pHht nCi mmokmek eqoou HenHwtb Henmntnoeik Henporn
eia HenJioue Henmntre nnouJ noua.
matt-15-20 nai netswwF mprwme. eouwm de mpekeiatootk nFswwF an mprwme.
matt-15-21= aFei de ebol Hm pma etmmau aFanacwrei eHrai emmooSe nturos mn sidwn.
matt-15-22 eis Hhhte eisousHime nca nanaia asei ebol Hn ntoS etmmau. asJiSkak e
bol esJw mmos Je na nai pJoeis pShre ndaueid taSeere Hite emate.
matt-15-23 ntoF de mpeFouwSb nas nouSaJe. auTpeuouoi de eroF nCi neFmaqhths aus
pswpF euJw mmos Je kw mmos ebol Je sJiSkak ebol HipaHou mmon.
matt-15-24 ntoF de aFouwSb eFJw mmos Je mpoutnnoout elaau ei mhti nesoou ntausw
rm ntephi mpisrahl.
matt-15-25 ntos de asTpesouoi eroF esouwSt naF esJw mmos Je pJoeis bohqeia eroi
matt-15-26 ntoF de aFouwSb eFJw mmos nas. Je nnanous an eJi mpoeik nnShre enouJ
e mmoF nneuHoor.
matt-15-27 ntos de peJas Je se pJoeis. nkeouHoor Sauouwm ebol Hn nesreFribe etH
hu ebol Hn tetrapeza nneuJisooue.
matt-15-28 tote aFouwSb eFJw mmos nas. Je wtesHime ounoC te toupistis maresSwpe
nh nqe eterouaSs. auw aslo nCi tesSeere Jinteunou etmmau.
matt-15-29= ntereFpwwne de ebol Hm pma etmmau nCi ihsous aFei eJn qalassa ntgali
laia. aFale eHrai eJm ptoou. aFHmoos Hm pma etmmau.
matt-15-30 auTpeuouoi eroF nCi HenmhhSe enaSwou eaueine nmmau nHnblle mn HenCal
e mn Henmpo mn HenCanaH mn Henkooue enaSwou aunoJou HaneFouerhte.
matt-15-31 Hwste etrenmhhSe rSphre eunau enCale eumooSe mn nCanaH eutalChu mn n
empo euSaJe mn nblle eunau ebol auw auTeoou mpnoute mpisrahl.
matt-15-32= ihsous de aFmoute eneFmaqhths peJaF nau Je TSnHthi eHrai eJm peimhhS
e Je eisSomnt nHoou seCeet eroi auw mn tau mmau mpet ounaouomF nTouwS de an ekaa
u ebol euHkaeit mhpote nseSwsm Hrai Hn teHih.
matt-15-33 peJau naF nCi neFmaqhths Je ennaHe eteiaSh noeik twn Hm peiJaie Hwst
e etsieoumhhSe nteiCot.
matt-15-34 peJaF nau nCi ihsous. Je ounouhr noeik ntethutn. ntoou de peJau naF
Je saSF mn HenShm nthbt.
matt-15-35 aFparaggeile de nmmhhSe etreunoJou eHrai eJm pkaH.
matt-15-36 aFJi mpsaSF noeik mn nthbt aFSpHmot eHrai eJwou aFpoSou aFT mmoou nn
eFmaqhths. mmaqhths de auT nmmhhSe.
matt-15-37 auouwm de auw ausei throu auFi mpeHouo nnlakm saSF nbir eumeH.
matt-15-38 netouwm de neunaraFtoou nSo nrwme cwris Shre Shm HisHime.
matt-15-39 ntereFkw de ebol nmmhhSe aFale epJoi aFei eHrai entwS mmagedan.
matt-16-01= auTpeuouoi eroF nCi nefarissaios mn nsaddoukaios eupeiraze mmoF euJn
ou mmoF etouoou eumaein ebol Hn tpe.
matt-16-02 ntoF de aFouwSb eFJw mmos nau.
matt-16-03 [--]
matt-16-04 Je tgenea mponhron auw nnoeik sSine nsaoumaein auw nneuTmaein nas ns
apmaein niwnas aFkaau de nswF aFbwk.
matt-16-05= auei de nCi neFmaqhths epekro aurpwbS nJioeik nmmau.
matt-16-06 peJaF de nau nCi ihsous. Je CwSt ntetn THthtn ebol Hm peqab nnefaris
saios mn nsaddoukaios.
matt-16-07 ntoou de neumeeue Hrai nHhtou euJw mmos Je mpenJioeik nmman.
matt-16-08 ihsous de ntereFeime peJaF nau. Je aHrwtn tetnmeeue nHhtthutn natkou
i mpistis Je mpetnJioeik nmmhtn.
matt-16-09 eie mpatetnnoioute ntetn rpmeeue an mpTou noeik mpTou nSo nrwme. auw
Je atetnJiouhr nkot.
matt-16-10 oude mpsaSF noeik mpeFtoou nSo. auw Je atetnJiouhr nbir.
matt-16-11 naS nHe tetnnoi an Je ntaiJoos an nhtn etbe oeik. THthtn de ebol Hm
peqab nnefarissaios mn nsaddoukaios.
matt-16-12 tote aueime Je ntaFJoos an nau etbe peqab nnoeik. alla etbe tesbw nn
efarissaios mn nsaddoukaios.
matt-16-13= ihsous de ntereFei eHrai emmooSe ntkaisaria mfilippos. aFJne neFmaqh
ths eFJw mmos Je erenrwme Jw mmos Je nim pe pShre mprwme.
matt-16-14 ntoou de peJau Je Hoine men euJw mmos Je iwHannhs pbaptisths pe. Hen
kooue de Je Hhleias pe. Henkooue de Je ierhmias pe houa nneprofhths pe.
matt-16-15 ntoF de peJaF. Je ntwtn Hwtthutn etetnJw mmos Je angnim.
matt-16-16 aFouwSb nCi simwn petros eFJw mmos Je ntok pe pecristos pShre mpnout
e etonH.
matt-16-17 aFouwSb de nCi ihsous peJaF naF. Je naiatk simwn bariwna Je nsarx an
HisnoF pentaFCelppai nak ebol. alla paeiwt pe etHn mphue.
matt-16-18 anok de Hw TJw mmos nak. Je ntok pe petros auw eHrai eJn teipetra Tn
akwt ntaekklhsia auw mpulh namnte naeSCmCom eros an.
matt-16-19 TnaT de nak nnSoSt ntmntrro nmphue auw petknamorF HiJm pkaH FnaSwpe
eFmhr Hn mphue. auw petknabolF HiJm pkaH FnaSwpe eFbhl Hn mphue.
matt-16-20 tote aFHwn etootou nneFmaqhths Jekaas nneuJoos elaau Je ntoF pe pecr
matt-16-21= JinpeuoeiS etmmau aFarcei nCi ihsous etamme neFmaqhths Je Haps etreF
bwk eHrai eqierosoluma nFSpHaH nHise ebol Hitootou nnepresbuteros mn narciereus
mn negrammateus nsemouout mmoF nFtwoun Hm pmeHSomnt nHoou.
matt-16-22 aFSops ntootF nCi petros aFarcei nepitima naF eFJw mmos Je kouoJ pJo
eis nnepai Swpe mmok.
matt-16-23 ntoF de aFkotF peJaF mpetros Je bwk epaHou mmoi psatanas ntkouskanda
lon nai Je nekmeeue an enapnoute alla enanrwme.
matt-16-24 tote ihsous peJaF nneFmaqhths Je petouwS eei epaHou mmoi mareFaparna
mmoF nFFi mpeFstauros.
matt-16-25 petnaouwS gar etouJo nteFyuch Fnasormes. petnaswrm de nteFyuch etbhh
t FnaHe eros.
matt-16-26 ereprwme gar naTHhu nou eFSanTHhu de mpkosmos thrF nFTose nteFyuch h
ou petereprwme nataaF nSbbiw nteFyuch.
matt-16-27 pShre gar mprwme nhu Hm peoou mpeFeiwt mn neFaggelos nFtwwbe mpoua p
oua kataneFHbhue.
matt-16-28 Hamhn gar TJw mmos nhtn Je ounHoine nnetaHeratou mpeima. nai nsenaJi
Tpe an mpmou Santounau epShre mprwme eFnhu Hn teFmntrro.
matt-17-01= mn nsasoou de nHoou aFJi nCi ihsous mpetros mn iakwbos mn iwHannhs p
eFson eHrai eJn outoou eFJose mauaau.
matt-17-02 aFSbtF mpeumto ebol. peFHo aFtaate nqe mprh. auw neFHoite auoubaS nq
e mpouoein.
matt-17-03 eis Hhhte auouwnH naF ebol nCi mwushs mn Hhleias euSaJe nmmaF.
matt-17-04 aFouwSb de nCi petros eFJw mmos nihsous Je pJoeis nanous nan etrenCw
mpeima kouwS etrentameio mpeima nSomte nskunh ouei nak ouei mmwushs ouei nHhlei
matt-17-05 eti eFSaJe eis Hhhte eisoukloole nouoein asrHaibes eHrai eJwou auw e
isousmh ebol Hn tekloole esJw mmos Je pai pe paShre pamerit pentapaouwS Swpe Hra
i nHhtF swtm nswF.
matt-17-06 auswtm de nCi mmaqhths auHe eHrai eJm peuHo auw aurHote emate.
matt-17-07 aFTpeFouoi nCi ihsous aFJwH eroou eFJw mmos Je twoun mprrHote.
matt-17-08 auFi de nneubal eHrai mpounau elaau ei mhti ihsous mauaaF.
matt-17-09 eunhu de epesht Hiptoou aFHwn etootou nCi ihsous eFJw mmos Je mprJw
elaau mpHorama SantepShre mprwme twoun ebol Hn netmoout.
matt-17-10 auJnouF de nCi mmaqhths euJw mmos Je aHroou Ce negrammateus Jw mmos
Je Haps etre Hhleias ei nSorp.
matt-17-11 ntoF de aFouwSb eFJw mmos nau. Je Hhleias men nhu nFapokaqista nHwb
matt-17-12 TJw mmos nhtn Je aHhleias ouw eFei auw mpousouwnF. alla aueire naF n
nentauouaSou. tai on te qe mpShre mpShre mprwme eFnaSpHise ebol Hitootou.
matt-17-13 tote aueime nCi mmaqhths Je ntaFJoos nau etbe iwHannhs pbaptisths.
matt-17-14 ntereFei de SapmhhSe aurwme TpeFouoi eroF eFsops mmoF
matt-17-15 eFJw mmos Je pJoeis na mpaShre Je FHite auw FmokH. HaH gar nsop SaFH
e eHrai epkwHt auw HaH nsop eHrai epmoou.
matt-17-16 aieine de mmoF nnekmaqhths mpoueSCmCom erpaHre eroF.
matt-17-17 aFouwSb de nCi ihsous eFJw mmos Je wtgenea napistos. auw etCoome Sat
nau TnaSwpe nmmhtn. Satnau Tnaaneice mmwtn aueisF nai epeima.
matt-17-18 aFepitima naF nCi ihsous aFei ebol nHhtF nCi pdaimwnion. apShre Shm
lo Jinteunou etmmau.
matt-17-19 tote mmaqhths auTpeuouoi eihsous nsaousa peJau naF. Je etbe ou anon
mpeneSCmCom enoJF ebol.
matt-17-20 ntoF de peJaF nau Je etbe tetnkoui mpistis Hamhn gar TJw mmos nhtn J
e eSwpe ounthtn pistis mmau nqe noublbile nSlthm tetnnaJoos mpeitoou Je pwwne eb
ol Hm peima eph nFpwwne ntetmlaau ratCom nhtn.
matt-17-21 [--]
matt-17-22 eumooSe de Hn tgalilaia peJaF nau nCi ihsous. Je pShre mprwme senapa
radidou mmoF etootou nnrwme.
matt-17-23 nsemooutF nFtwoun Hm pmeHSomnt nHoou. ntoou de aulupei emate.
matt-17-24= nterouei de eHrai ekafarnaoum anetJikite Tpeuouoi epetros euJw mmos
Je mere petnsaH TteFkite.
matt-17-25 peJaF Je Sw. ntereFei de eHrai ephi aihsous rSorp eroF eFJw mmos Je
ou petsdokei nak simwn. nrrwou ntepkaH euJitelos ntnnim hkunsos. euJi ntnneuShre
. JneuJi ntnnSmmo.
matt-17-26 ntereFJoos de Je ntnnSmmo peJaF naF nCi ihsous Je eeieHenrmHe ne nSh
matt-17-27 Jekaas de nnenskandalize mmoou bwk eqalassa ngnouJe nouoime ngFi mpt
hbt etnhu eHrai nSorp auw ekSanouwn erwF knaHe eusateere Fi ntetmmau ngtaas Haro
i nmmak.
matt-18-01= Hn teunou etmmau ammaqhths Tpeuouoi eihsous euJw mmos Je nim ara pe
pnoC Hn tmntrro nmphue.
matt-18-02 aFmoute de nCi ihsous euShre Shm aFtaHoF eratF Hn teumhte.
matt-18-03 peJaF nau. Je Hamhn TJw mmos nhtn Je ei mhti ntetnket thutn ntetnr q
e nneiShre Shm nnetnbwk eHoun etmntrro nmphue.
matt-18-04 petnaqbbioF de nqe mpiShre Shm. pai pe pnoC Hn tmntrro nmphue.
matt-18-05 auw petnaSwp eroF nouShre Shm nteiHe eHrai eJm paran eFSwp mmoi eroF
matt-18-06= petnaskandalize de noua nneikoui etpisteue eroi. sernoFre naF Jekaas
euemour nouwne nsike epeFmakH nseomsF Hrai Hm ppelagos nteqalassa.
matt-18-07 ouoi mpkosmos ebol Hn neskandalon. anagkh gar etreneskandalon ei. pl
hn ouoi mprwme etmmau petere peskandalon nhu ebol HitootF.
matt-18-08 eSJe tekCiJ htekouerhte skandalize mmok Saats ngnoJs nsabol mmok nan
ous gar nak ebwk eHoun epwnH eko nCale heko nCanaH heretekCiJ snte mmok houerhte
snte nsenoJk etsate nSa eneH.
matt-18-09 auw eSJe pekbal skandalize mmok porkF ngnoJF nsabol mmok. nanous gar
nak ereoubal nouwt mmok ebwk eHoun epwnH eHoueerebal snau mmok nsenoJk etgeHenn
a nsate.
matt-18-10= CwSt mprkatafronei noua nneikoui. TJw gar mmos nhtn Je neuaggelos Cw
St nouoeiS nim Hn mphue epHo mpaeiwt etHn mphue.
matt-18-11 [--]
matt-18-12 ou petsdokei nhtn eSwpe ourwme eFSankw naF nSe nesoou nteoua swrm eb
ol nHhtou. mh nFnakw an mpeipstaiouyis nesoou HiJn ntoou nFbwk nFSine nsapetswrm
matt-18-13 auw esSanSwpe nFHe eroF Hamhn TJw mmos nhtn. Je SaFraSe eHrai eJwF e
Houepeipstaiouyis etmpouswrm.
matt-18-14 tai te qe mpouwS an pe mpemto ebol mpaeiwt etHn mphue. Jekaas eFeHe
ebol nCi oua nneikoui.
matt-18-15= eSwpe de erSanpekson rnobe bwk ngJpeioF outwk outwF mauaak. eSwpe de
eFSanswtm nswk akTHhu mpekson.
matt-18-16 eSwpe de eFSantmswtm nswk Ji nkeoua nmmak. hsnau. Jekaas ebol Hitn t
tapro mmntre snau hSomnt ereSaJe nim aHeratF.
matt-18-17 eSwpe de eFSantmswtm nswou. aJis ntekklhsia. eSwpe de eFSanratswtm n
satkeekklhsia mareFSwpe nak nqe nouHeqnikos mnoutelwnhs.
matt-18-18- Hamhn TJw mmos nhtn. Je netetnamorou HiJm pkaH senaSwpe eumhr Hn mph
ue. auw netetnabol ebol Hi JmpkaH senaSwpe eubhl Hn mphue.
matt-18-19 Hamhn on TJw mmos nhtn. Je erSansnau nHhtthutn Fi mn neuerhu Hrai Hi
Jm pkaH. Hwb nim etounaaitei mmoou senaSwpe nau ebol Hi tootF mpaeiwt etHn mphue
matt-18-20 pma gar etere snau. hSomnt soouH nHhtF Hm paran. anok TSoop nmmau Hn
matt-18-21= tote apetros TpeFouoi eroF peJaF naF Je pJoeis erSanpason rnobe eroi
takw naF ebol Saouhr nsop. SasaSF nsop.
matt-18-22 peJaF naF nCi ihsous. Je nTJw mmos nak an Je SasaSF nsop. alla SasaS
F nSFe nsop.
matt-18-23 etbe pai estntwn nCi tmntrro nmphue eurwme nrro pai ntaFouwS eFiwp m
n neFHmHal.
matt-18-24 ntereFarcei de nFiwp aueine naF noua ereHaH nCi nCwr eroF.
matt-18-25 emntaFse de etaau aFoueHsaHne de nCi peFJoeis etreutaaF ebol mn teFs
Hime mn neFShre. mn nka nim etntaF nFtaau.
matt-18-26 aFpaHtF de nCi pHmHal aFouwSt naF eFJw mmos Je pJoeis HroS nHht eHra
i eJwi tataau nak throu.
matt-18-27 aFSnHthF de nCi pJoeis mpHmHal aFkw mmoF ebol auw peteroF thrF aFkaa
F naF ebol.
matt-18-28 aFei de ebol nCi pHmHal etmmau aFHe eoua nneFSbhrHmHal pai eneuntaF
eroF nSe nsateere. aFamaHte mmoF aFwCt mmoF eFJw mmos Je aupeterok.
matt-18-29 aFpaHtF de nCi peFSbhrHmHal aFparakalei mmoF eFJw mmos Je HroS nHht
eHrai eJwi tataau nak throu.
matt-18-30 ntoF de mpeFouwS. alla aFbwk aFnoJF epeSteko SanteFT mpeteroF.
matt-18-31 aunau de nCi neFSbhrHmHal epentaFSwpe. aulupei emate. auei auJw epeu
Joeis nHwb nim ntauSwpe.
matt-18-32 tote aFmoute eroF nCi peFJoeis peJaF naF Je pHmHal mponhros. nh thro
u eterok aikaau nak ebol etbe Je akspswpt.
matt-18-33 neSSe ntok an erok pe ena mpekSbhrHmHal nqe Hw ntaina nak.
matt-18-34 aFnouCs nCi peFJoeis aFT mmoF etootou nnbazanisths SanteFT mpeteroF
matt-18-35 tai on te qe eteFnaaas nhtn nCi paeiwt etHn mphue ertmpoua poua kw e
bol mpeFson Hn netnHht.
matt-19-01= asSwpe de ntere ihsous Jwk ebol nneiSaJe. aFpwwne ebol Hn tgalilaia
aFei eHrai entoS nToudaia pekro mpeiordanhs.
matt-19-02 auouaHou nswF nCi HenmhhSe enaSwou aFrpaHre eroou Hm pma etmmau.
matt-19-03- auTpeuouoi eroF nCi nefarissaios eupeiraze mmoF euJw mmos Je eneexes
tei mprwme enouJe ebol nteFsHime kataaitia nim.
matt-19-04 ntoF de aFouwSb euJw mmos Je mpetnoSF Je pentaFswnt JinnSorp ntaFtam
eieouHoout mnousHime.
matt-19-05 auw etbe pai prwme nakapeFeiwt nswF mn teFmaau nFtwCe mmoF eteFsHime
nseSwpe mpesnau eusarx nouwt.
matt-19-06 Hwste Ce nsnau an ne. alla ousarx nouwt te. pentapnoute Ce SonbeF mp
rtrenrwme porJF.
matt-19-07 peJau naF Je etbe ou Ce amwushs Hwn etootn eT nau nouJwwme ntoueio e
noJou ebol.
matt-19-08 peJaF nau Je etbe tetnmntnaStHht amwushs TteHih nhtn enouJe ebol nne
tnHiome JinteHoueite de mpesSwpe Hinai.
matt-19-09 TJw de mmos nhtn Je petnanouJe ebol nteFsHime aJnSaJe mporneia nFHmo
os mn keouei Fo nnoeik.
matt-19-10 peJau naF nCi neFmaqhths Je eSJe tai te tetia mprwme mn teFsHime nsr
noFre an eJiHime.
matt-19-11 ntoF de peJaF nau Je mnouon nim naFi HapeiSaJe. alla nentautaaF nau
matt-19-12 ounHensiour gar ntauJpoou ebol nHhts nteumaau nteiHe auw ounHensiour
nai ntauaau nsiour ebol Hi tootou nnrwme auw ounHensiour nai ntauaau nsiour mmi
n mmoou etbe tmntrro nmphue peteounCom mmoF eFi mareFFi.
matt-19-13= tote aueine naF nHenShre Shm Jekaas eFetaleneFCiJ eHrai eJwou nFSlhl
. mmaqhths de auepitima nau.
matt-19-14 peJaF de nCi ihsous Je kanShre Shm auw mprkwlu mmoou etreuei Saroi.
tanai gar nteimine te tmntrro nmphue.
matt-19-15 aFtaleneFCiJ eHrai eJwou aFbwk ebol Hm pma etmmau.
matt-19-16= eisoua de aFTpeFouoi eroF eFJw mmos Je psaH nagaqos ou peTnaaaF Jeka
as eieJi mpwnH Sa eneH.
matt-19-17 ntoF de peJaF naF Je aHrok kmoute eroi Je pagaqos mn agaqos nsaoua p
noute. eSwpe de kouwS ebwk eHoun epwnH HareH enentolh.
matt-19-18 peJaF naF Je aS ne. ntoF de peJaF naF Je nnekHwtb nnekrnoeik nnekJio
ue nnekrmntre nnouJ.
matt-19-19 eketaeie pekeiwt mn tekmaau auw ngmere petHitouwk ntekHe.
matt-19-20 peJaF naF nCi pHrSire Je nai throu aiHareH eroou Jinetamntkoui. ou o
n peTSaat mmoF.
matt-19-21 peJaF naF nCi ihsous. Je eSJe kouwS ertelios. bwk ngT ebol nnekHupar
conta throu ngtaau nnHhke ngkw nak nouaHo Hrai Hn mphue ngei ngouaHk nswi.
matt-19-22 aFswtm de nCi pHrSire epSaJe aFbwk eFlupei. eneuntaF gar mmau nHaH n
matt-19-23- ihsous de peJaF nneFmaqhths. Je Hamhn TJw mmos nhtn Je smokH etrenrm
mao bwk eHoun etmntrro nmphue.
matt-19-24 palin on TJw mmos nhtn. Je smotn etreouCamoul ei eHoun Hitn touatFe
nouHamntwp eHoueetreourmmao bwk eHoun etmntrro nmphue.
matt-19-25 auswtm de nCi mmaqhths aurSphre emate euJw mmos Je eeienim peteounCo
m mmoF ewnH.
matt-19-26 ihsous de aFCwSt eHoun eHrau eFJw mmos Je ouatCom nnaHrn nerwme pe p
ai. nnaHrm pnoute de mn laau onatCom.
matt-19-27 tote aFouwSb nCi petros eFJw mmos naF. Je eis Hhhte anon anka nka ni
m nswn anouaHn nswk ou ara petnaSwpe mmon.
matt-19-28 ihsous de peJaF naF Je Hamhn TJw mmos nhtn Je ntwtn nentauouaHou nsw
i Hrai Hm peJpo nkesop eFSanHmoos nCi pShre mprwme eHrai eJm peqronos mpeFeoou t
etnaHmoos Hwtthutn Hipetnmntsnoous nqronos ntetn krine ntmntsnoouse mfulh mpisra
matt-19-29 auw ouon nim ntaFkahi nswF hson hswne heiwt hmaau hsHime hShre hswSe
etbe paran FnaJitou nHaH nkwb auw nFklhronomei mpwnH Sa eneH.
matt-19-30 ounHaH de nSorp narHae. auw ntenHae rSorp.
matt-20-01= estntwn gar nCi tmntrro nmphue eurwme nrmmao. pai ntaFei ebol eHtoou
e eqneergaths epeFma neloole.
matt-20-02 aFsmnts de mn nergaths eusateere mpeHoou aFJoouse epeFma neloole.
matt-20-03 aFei de ebol mpnau nJpSomte aFnau eHenkooue euaHeratou Hn tagora euo
matt-20-04 peJaF nnkooue. Je bwk Hwtthutn epama neloole auw petmpSa TnataaF nht
matt-20-05 ntoou de aubwk. aFei de on ebol mpnau nJpso mn Jpyite aFeire Hinai.
matt-20-06 ntereFei de on ebol mpnau nJpmntoue. aFnau eHenkooue euaHeratou peJa
F nau Je aHrwtn tetnaHeratthutn mpeima mpeHoou thrF etetnouosF.
matt-20-07 peJau naF Je ebol Je mpelaau qnon. peJaF nau Je bwk Hwtthutn epama n
matt-20-08 rouHe de ntereFSwpe. peJaF nCi pJoeis mpma neloole mpeFepitropos. Je
moute energaths ngT nau mpeubeke eakarcei JinnHaeeu SantekpwH enSorp.
matt-20-09 auei de nCi naJpmntoue auJi nousateere epoua.
matt-20-10 auei Hwou nCi nSorp eumeeue Je eunaJi nouHouo. auJi Hwou nousateere
matt-20-11 nterouJits de aukrmrm eHoun epJoeis.
matt-20-12 euJw mmos Je neiHaeeu ouounou nouwt tentauaas auw akSaSou nmman nai
ntauFi mpbaros mpeHoou mn pkauswn.
matt-20-13 ntoF de aFouwSb noua mmoou eFJw mmos Je peSbhr nTJi mmok an nCons. m
h ntaismnts nmmak an eusateere.
matt-20-14 Fi mpetepwk pe ngbwk. TouwS de anok eT mpeiHae ntekHe.
matt-20-15 houk exestei nai erpeTouaSF Hn netenoui ne. here pekbal omponhros Je
angouagaqos anok.
matt-20-16 tai te qe etere nSorp narHae ntenHae rSorp.
matt-20-17= ere ihsous de nabwk eHrai eqierosoluma. aFJi mpeFmntsnoous mmaqhths
mauaau. auw Hrai Hn teHih peJaF nau.
matt-20-18 Je eis Hhhte tnnabwk eHrai eqierosoluma. auw pShre mprwme senaparadi
dou mmoF etootou nnarciereus mn negrammateus nsetCaioF epmou.
matt-20-19 nseparadidou mmoF etootou nnHeqnos eswbe mmoF auw nsemastigou mmoF a
uw nsestaurou mmoF nFtwoun Hm pmeHSomnt nHoou.
matt-20-20= tote asTpesouoi eroF nCi tmaau nnShre nzebedaios mn nesShre esouwSt
naF auw esaitei nouHwb ebol HitootF.
matt-20-21 ntoF de peJaF nas Je eroueSou ntos de peJas Je aJis Jekaas erepaShre
snau naHmoos oua Hiounam mmok auw oua HiHbour mmok Hrai Hn tekmntrro.
matt-20-22 aFouwSb nCi ihsous eFJw mmos Je ntetn sooun an Je ou petetnaitei mmo
F ounSCom mmwtn esepJw eTnasooF peJau naF Je se.
matt-20-23 peJaF nau Je paJw men tetnasooF. peHmoos de Hiounam mmoi hHiHbour mm
oi mpwi an pe etaaF alla panentausbtwtF nau ne ebol HitootF mpaeiwt.
matt-20-24 auswtm de nCi pmht auaganaktei etbe pson snau.
matt-20-25 ihsous de aFmoute eroou peJaF nau Je tetnsooun Je narcwn nnHeqnos se
o nJoeis eroou. auw nnoC seo nteuexousia.
matt-20-26 nteiHe ntwtn an tetSoop nHhtthutn. alla petnaouwS eSwpe nnoC nHhtthu
tn eFnaSwpe nhtn ndiakonos.
matt-20-27 auw petnaouwS eSwpe nSorp nHhtthutn eFnaSwpe nhtn nHmHal.
matt-20-28 nqe mpShre mprwme ntaFei an etreudiakonei naF. alla ediakonei. auw e
T nteFyuch nswte HaHaH.
matt-20-29= eFnhu de ebol Hn Hiericw auouaHou nswF nCi HenmhhSe enaSwou.
matt-20-30 auw eis Hhhte eisblle snau euHmoos HatnteHih. auswtm Je ihsous napar
age. auJiSkak ebol euJw mmos Je na nan pShre ndaueid.
matt-20-31 mmhhSe de auepitima nau Jekaas euekarwou. ntoou de nHouo auJiSkak eb
ol euJw mmos Je pJoeis na nan pShre ndaueid.
matt-20-32 aFaHeratF nCi ihsous aFmoute eroou eFJw mmos Je ou petetnoueS traaF
matt-20-33 peJau naF Je pJoeis Jekaas eueouwn nCi nenbal.
matt-20-34 aFSnHthF de nCi ihsous aFJwH eneubal. auw nteunou aunau ebol auouaHo
u nswF.
matt-21-01= nterouHwn de eHoun eqierosoluma auei eHrai ebhdfagh eptoou nnJoeit.
tote aFJoou nCi ihsous mmaqhths snau
matt-21-02 eFJw mmos nau Je bwk eHoun epeiTme etmpetnmto ebol auw nteunou tetna
He euew esmhr mnoushC nmmas bolou ntetn ntou nai.
matt-21-03 erSanoua de SaJe nmmhtn aJis Je peuJoeis petercria nau. nteunou de F
matt-21-04 pai de thrF ntaFSwpe Jekaas eFeJwk ebol nCi pentauJooF Hitm peprofht
hs eFJw mmos.
matt-21-05 Je aJis ntSeere nsiwn Je eis pourro nhu ne. ourmraS pe. eFale eHrai
eJn ouew auw eHrai eJn oushC nShre nFainaHb.
matt-21-06 aubwk de nCi mmaqhths aueire kataqe ntaFHwn etootou nCi ihsous.
matt-21-07 aueine ntew mn pshC autale neuHoite eHrai eJwou auw aFtale eHrai eJw
matt-21-08 pmhhSe de etnaSwF. aupwrS nneuHoite Hrai Hn teHih. Henkooue de neuSw
wt nHenklados ebol Hn nShn eupwrS mmoou Hrai Hn teHih.
matt-21-09 mmhhSe de etmooSe HateFHh mn netouhH nswF neuJiSkak ebol euJw mmos J
e wsanna pShre ndaueid Fsmamaat nCi petnhu Hm pran mpJoeis wsanna Hn netJose.
matt-21-10 ntereFbwk de eHoun eqierosoluma. asnoein nCi tpolis thrs esJw mmos J
e nim pe pai.
matt-21-11 mmhhSe de neuJw mmos Je pai pe peprofhths ihsous. pe ebol Hn nazareq
matt-21-12= ihsous de ntereFbwk eHoun eprpe aFnouJe ebol nouon nim etT ebol mn n
etSwp Hrai Hm prpe. netrapeza nnetJikolumbon aFSrSwrou mn nkaqedra nnetT ebol nn
matt-21-13 peJaF nau Je FshH Je pahi eunamoute eroF Je phi mpeSlhl. ntwtn de at
etnaaF nspoilaion nsoone.
matt-21-14- auT peuouoi de eroF nblle mn nCale Hrai Hm prpe aFrpaHre eroou.
matt-21-15 nterounau de nCi narciereus mn negrammateus eneSphre ntaFaau auw nSh
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matt-21-16 auw peJau naF Je kswtm Je ou peterenai Jw mmoF ihsous de peJaF nau J
e se mpetnoSF eneH Je ebol Hitn ttapro nnShre koui mn netJiekibe aksoFte nousmou
matt-21-17 aFkw de mmoou nswF aFei epsa nbol etpolis ebhqania aFSwpe Hm pma etm
matt-21-18= Htoou de eFnakotF eHrai etpolis aFHko.
matt-21-19 aFnau de eubw nknte HiteHih aFei eHrai eJws mpeFHe elaau Hiwws eimht
i HenCwbe mauaau auw peJaF nas Je nne karpos Swpe ebol nHhte Jintenou Sa eneH. a
sSooue nteunou nCi tbw nknte.
matt-21-20 aunau de nCi neFmaqhths aurSphre euJw mmos Je naS nHe asSooue nteuno
u nCi tbw nknte.
matt-21-21 aFouwSb de nCi ihsous eFJw mmos Je Hamhn TJw mmos nhtn Je eSwpe ount
htn pistis mmau auw ntetntmr Hht snau. ou monon etetnaeire mpatbw nknte alla kan
etetnSanJoos mpeitoou Je twoun ngbwk eHrai eqalassa snaSwpe nhtn.
matt-21-22 auw Hwb nim etetnaaitei mmoou Hm peSlhl etetnpisteue tetnnaJitou.
matt-21-23= ntereFbwk de eHoun eprpe auTpeuouoi eroF eFTsbw nCi narciereus mn ne
presbuteros mplaos euJw mmos Je Hrai Hn aS nexousia ekeire nnai auw nim pentaFT
nak nteiexousia.
matt-21-24 aFouwSb nCi ihsous peJaF nau Je anok Hw TnaJnethutn euSaJe nouwt. pa
i etetnSanJooF nai. anok Hw TnaJoos nhtn Je eieire nnai Hn aS nexousia.
matt-21-25 pbaptisma niwHannhs ouebol twn pe ouebol Hn tpe pe Jnouebol Hn nerwm
e pe. ntoou de aumeeue Hrai nHhtou euJw mmos Je enSanJoos Je ouebol Hn tpe pe Fn
aJoos nan Je etbe ou Ce mpetnpisteue eroF.
matt-21-26 eSwpe Ce enSanJoos Je ouebol Hn nerwme petnrHote HhtF mpmhhSe. ouon
gar nim ereiwHannhs ntootou Hws profhths.
matt-21-27 auouwSb euJw mmos nihsous Je ntnsooun an. ntoF de HwwF peJaF nau Je
anok Hwwt on nTnaJoos nhtn an Je eieire nnai Hn aS nexousia.
matt-21-28= ou petsdokei nhtn ourwme pete ountaF mmau nShre snau aFTpeFouoi epSo
rp eFJw mmos Je paShre bwk mpoou ngrHwb epama neloole.
matt-21-29 ntoF de aFouwSb eFJw mmos Je nno. mnnsws aFrHthF aFbwk.
matt-21-30 aFTpeFouoi on epkeoua eFJw mmos naF Hinai. ntoF de aFouwSb eFJw mmos
Je Tnabwk pJoeis auw mpeFbwk.
matt-21-31 nim ebol nHhtou mpesnau pentaFeire mpouwS mpeFeiwt. peJau naF Je pSo
rp pe. peJaF nau nCi ihsous Je Hamhn TJw mmos nhtn Je ntelwnhs mn mpornh seo nSo
rp erwtn etmntrro mpnoute.
matt-21-32 aFei gar Sarwtn nCi iwHannhs Hn teHih ntdikaiosunh mpetnpisteue eroF
. ntelwnhs de mn mpornh aupisteue eroF. ntwtn de mnnsws nteretetnnau mpetnrHthtn
episteue eroF.
matt-21-33= swtm ekeparabolh ourwme nrmmao pentaFtwCe nouma neloole aFkto eroF n
ouJolJl. aFSike nouHrwt Hrai nHhtF aFkwt noupurgos. aFT mmoF etootF nHenoueeih a
matt-21-34 ntereFHwn de eHoun nCi peuoeiS nnkarpos aFJoou nneFHmHal Sanoueeih e
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matt-21-35 noueeih de etmmau auJi nneFHmHal oua men auHioue eroF keoua de aumoo
utF keoua de auHiwne eroF.
matt-21-36 palin on aFJoou nHnkeHmHal enaSwou enSorp. aueire on nau katateiHe.
matt-21-37 mn nsws aFJoou Saroou mpeFShre eFJw mmos Je senaSipe HhtF mpaShre.
matt-21-38 noueeih de peJau Hrai nHhtou. Je pai pe peklhronomos. amhitn ntenmou
out mmoF ntnJi nteFklhronomia.
matt-21-39 auJi mmoF aunouJe de mmoF pbol mpma neloole auw aumooutF.
matt-21-40 Hotan Ce eFSanei nCi pJoeis mpma neloole eFnarou nnoueeih etmmau.
matt-21-41 peJau naF Je kakin kakws Fnatakoou. auw nFT mpma neloole nHenkeoueei
h. nai etnaT naF nnkarpos Hn neuouoeiS.
matt-21-42 peJaF nau nCi ihsous Je mpetnoSF eneH Hrai Hn negrafh Je pwne ntaust
oF ebol nCi netkwt pai aFSwpe euape nkooH pai ntaFSwpe ebol HitootF mpJoeis auw
ouSphre pe mpemto ebol nnetnbal.
matt-21-43 etbe pai TJw mmos nhtn Je senaFi ntmntrro mpnoute ntethutn nseT mmos
nouHeqnos eFeire nneskarpos.
matt-21-44 petnaHe de eJm peiwne Fnalwws auw petere pwne naHe eJwF FnaSaSF ebol
matt-21-45- auswtm de nCi narciereus mn nefarissaios eneFparabolh aueime Je eFJw
mmos etbhhtou.
matt-21-46 auw euSine nsaamaHte mmoF aurHote Hhtou nmmhhSe. ebol Je neFntootou
Hws profhths.
matt-22-01= palin on aFouwSb nCi ihsous peJaF nau Hitn Henparabolh eFJw mmos.
matt-22-02 Je estntwn nCi tmntrro nmphue eurwme nrro. pai ntaFeire nouSeleet mp
matt-22-03 aFJoou ebol nneFHmHal etwHm enettaHm etSeleet. ntoou de mpououwS eei
matt-22-04 palin on aFJoou nHenkeHmHal enaSwou eFJw mmos Je aJis nnettaHm Je ei
s Hhhte eispaariston aisbtwtF namase mn netsanaSt seSaat auw nka nim sbtwt amhit
n etSeleet.
matt-22-05 ntoou de auamelei aubwk. Hoine men eneuCoom. keoua de eteFeiepSwt.
matt-22-06 pkeseepe de auamaHte nneFHmHal ausosou auw aumooutou.
matt-22-07 prro de aFnouCs. auw aFJoou nneFstrateuma aFtako nnreFHwtb etmmau. a
uw aFrwkH nteupolis.
matt-22-08 tote peJaF nneFHmHal. Je pma nSeleet men sbtwt nettaHm de neumpSa an
matt-22-09 bwk Ce ebol emma nmooSe nneHiooue ntetn twHm nnetetnnaHe eroou epma
matt-22-10 auei Ce ebol nCi nHmHal etmmau eneHiooue auJi eHoun nouon nim ntauHe
eroou ponhros Hiagaqos. aFmouH nCi pma nSeleet nnetnhJ.
matt-22-11 aFbwk de eHoun nCi prro enau enetnhJ. aFnau eurwme mpma etmmau emnHb
sw HiwwF mma nSeleet.
matt-22-12 peJaF naF Je peSbhr naS nHe akei eHoun epeima emnHbsw Hiwwk mma nSel
eet. ntoF de arwF twm.
matt-22-13 peJaF nCi prro nnetdiakonei Je mour nneFCiJ mn neFouerhte ntetn nouJ
e mmoF ebol epkake etHibol. eFnaSwpe mmau nCi prime. auw pCaHCH nnobHe.
matt-22-14 HaH gar nettaHm Henkoui de netsotp.
matt-22-15= tote aubwk nCi nefarissaios auJi nouSoJne Jekaas eueCopF Hn ouSaJe.
matt-22-16 auJoou naF nneumaqhths mn nHhrwdianos euJw mmos Je psaH tnsooun Je n
tkoume auw teHih mpnoute ekTsbw nHhts Hn oume auw mpekroouS an pe Halaau nekCwSt
gar an pe eHo nrwme.
matt-22-17 aJis Ce nan Je ou petsdokei nak. exestei eTkunsos mprro Jnouk exeste
matt-22-18 ntereFeime de nCi ihsous eteuponhria peJaF nau. Je aHrwtn tetnpeiraz
e mmoi nHupokriths.
matt-22-19 matouoi epnomisma mpkunsos. ntoou de aueine naF nousateere.
matt-22-20 peJaF nau. Je tanim te teiHikwn mn teiepeigrafh.
matt-22-21 peJau naF Je taprro te. tote peJaF nau Je T Ce nnaprro mprro. auw na
pnoute mpnoute.
matt-22-22 auswtm de aurSphre. auw aukw mmoF aubwk.
matt-22-23= HmpeHoou etmmau auTpeuouoi eroF nCi nsaddoukaios. nai etJw mmos Je m
n anastasis naSwpe. auJnouF de.
matt-22-24 euJw mmos Je psaH. aFJoos nCi mwushs Je eSwpe erSanoua mou emntFShre
mmau erepeFson Ji nteFsHime nFtounos nousperma mpeFson.
matt-22-25 eneuSoop de Hathn pe nCi saSF nson. auw pSorp aFJiHime aFmou auw emn
tFShre mmau aFkw nteFsHime mpeFson.
matt-22-26 Homoiws pmeHsnau auw pmeHSomnt SaeHrai epmeHsaSF.
matt-22-27 mnnswou de throu asmou nCi tesHime.
matt-22-28 Hrai Ce Hn tanastasis esnaSwpe nsHime nnim mpsaSF. auJits gar throu.
matt-22-29 aFouwSb de nCi ihsous peJaF nau Je tetnplana entetnsooun an nnegrafh
. oute tCom mpnoute.
matt-22-30 Hrai gar Hn tanastasis. oute meuJisHime. oute meuHmoos mn Hai alla e
unaSwpe nqe nnaggelos etHn tpe.
matt-22-31 etbe tanastasis de nnetmoout. mpetnwS mpentauJooF nhtn ebol Hitm pno
ute eFJw mmos.
matt-22-32 Je anok pe pnoute nabraHam pnoute nisaak pnoute niakwb. pnoute nnetm
oout an pe alla panetonH pe.
matt-22-33 auswtm de nCi mmhhSe aurSphre eHrai eJn teFsbw.
matt-22-34= nterouswtm de nCi nefarissaios Je aFStmrwou nnsaddoukaios auswouH en
matt-22-35 aFJnouF nCi oua ebol nHhtou ounomwdidaskalos eFpeiraze mmoF.
matt-22-36 Je psaH aS te tnoC nentolh Hrai Hm pnomos.
matt-22-37 ntoF de peJaF naF Je ekemerepJoeis peknoute Hm pekHht thrF auw Hrai
Hn tekyuch thrs auw Hrai Hn nekmeeue throu.
matt-22-38 tai te tnoC auw tSorp enentolh.
matt-22-39 tmeHsnte de eteine mmos te tai Je ekemere petHitouwk ntekHe.
matt-22-40 pnomos mn neprofhths euaSe Hn teientolh snte.
matt-22-41= eusoouH de eHoun nCi nefarissaios aFJnouou nCi ihsous.
matt-22-42 eFJw mmos Je ou petsdokei nhtn etbe pecristos. pShre nnim pe. peJau
naF Je pShre ndaueid pe.
matt-22-43 peJaF nau. Je naS nHe daueid moute eroF Hm pepneuma Je pJoeis eFJw m
matt-22-44 Je peJepJoeis mpaJoeis Je Hm oos nsaounam mmoi SanTkw nnekJinJeeue H
apesht nnekouerhte.
matt-22-45 eSJe daueid Ce moute eroF Je pJoeis naS nHe peFShre pe.
matt-22-46 auw mpelaau CmCom eouoSbeF nouSaJe oute mpelaau tolma JinpeHoou etmm
au eJnouF.
matt-23-01= tote ihsous aFSaJe mn mmhhSe auw neFmaqhths.
matt-23-02 eFJw mmos Je auHmoos Hitkaqedra mmwushs nCi negrammateus mn nefariss
matt-23-03 Hwb nim etounaJoou nhtn arisou auw ntetn HareH eroou mpreire de ntoF
kataneuHbhue seJw gar auw nseeire an.
matt-23-04 semour de nHenetpw euHorS auw eumokH nFitou. setalo mmoou eHrai eJn
nnaHbe nnerwme. ntoou de nseouwS an ekim eroou noua nneuthhbe.
matt-23-05 Hwb de nim etoueire mmoou Jekaas erenrwme nau eroou. seouwSs gar ebo
l nneufulakthrion. auw sekw nneutwte enaaau.
matt-23-06 seme de nmma nnoJou nSorp Hrai Hn ndipnon auw mma neHmoos nSorp Hn n
matt-23-07 mn naspasmos Hrai Hn nagora. auw etreumoute eroou ebol Hitootou nnrw
me Je Hrabbei.
matt-23-08 ntwtn de mprtreumoute erwtn Je Hrabbei. oua gar pe petnsaH. ntwtn ga
r thrtn ntetn Hnsnhu.
matt-23-09 auw mprmoute nhtn eeiwt Hrai HiJm pkaH. oua gar pe petneiwt etHn mph
matt-23-10 oude mprtreumoute erwtn Je nreFTsbw. oua gar pe petnreFTsbw pecristo
matt-23-11 pnoC de nHhtthutn eFnaSwpe nhtn ndiakonos.
matt-23-12 petnaJise de mmoF senaqbbioF. auw petnaqbbioF senaJastF.
matt-23-13- ouoi de nhtn negrammateus mn nefarissaios nHupokriths Je tetnStam nt
mntrro nmphue mpemto ebol nnerwme ntwtn gar ntetnbhk an eHoun oude netbhk eHoun
ntetnkw mmoou an ebwk eHoun.
matt-23-14 [--]
matt-23-15- ouoi nhtn negrammateus mn nefarissaios nHupokriths. Je tetnmouSt nte
qalassa mn petSouwou eroua mprosulhtos. auw eFSaneire SatetnaaF nShre ntgeHenna
eFkhb erwtn.
matt-23-16- ouoi nhtn nblle nJaumoeit. netJw mmos Je petnawrk mprpe oulaau pe. p
etnawrk de ntoF mpnoub mprpe ounouon eroF.
matt-23-17 nsoC auw nblle. nim gar pe pnoC. pnoub pe Jnprpe pettbbo mpnoub.
matt-23-18 auw petnawrk mpequsiasthrion oulaau pe. petnawrk de ntoF mpdwron etH
iJwF ounouon eroF.
matt-23-19 nsoC auw nblle. aS gar pe pnoC pdwron pe Jnpequsiasthrion pettbbo mp
matt-23-20 petnawrk Ce mpequsiasthrion Fwrk mmoF auw petouhH eHrai eJwF.
matt-23-21 auw petnawrk mprpe Fwrk mmoF auw petouhH Hrai nHhtF.
matt-23-22 auw petnawrk ntpe Fwrk mpeqronos mpnoute auw petHmoos eHrai eJwF.
matt-23-23- ouoi nhtn negrammateus mn nefarissaios nHupokriths Je tetnT mpremht
mpHaCin nstoi mn pemise mn ptapn netHorS de Hm pnomos atetnkaau nsathutn pHap mn
pna mn tpistis nai de neSSe erwtn pe eaau auw nkooue etmkaau nsathutn.
matt-23-24 nblle nJaumoeit netqlo ebol ntSolmes etwmk mpCamoul.
matt-23-25- ouoi nhtn negrammateus mn nefarissaios nHupokriths. Je tetntbbo mpsa
mbol mpapot mn ppinax. peuHoun de meH ntwrp Hiakaqarsia.
matt-23-26 pefarissaios pblle tbbo nSorp mpsanHoun mpapot mn ppinax. Jekaas ere
peukesambol Swpe eFtbbhu.
matt-23-27- ouoi nhtn negrammateus mn nefarissaios nHupokriths. Je tetno nqe nni
tafos etJhH. nai eneswou men Hm peusambol erepeusa nHoun meH nkas nkwws Hiakaqar
sia nim.
matt-23-28 tai Hwtthutn te tetnHe. Hibol men tetnouonH ebol nnrwme Hws dikaios
petnsanHoun de meH nHupokrisis Hianomia.
matt-23-29- ouoi nhtn negrammateus mn nefarissaios nHupokriths. Je tetnkwt nntaf
os nneprofhths auw tetntsano nmHaau nndikaios.
matt-23-30 etetnJw mmos Je enenSoop nneHoou nneiote nennaSwpe an nmmau pe nkoin
wnos epesnoF nneprofhths.
matt-23-31 Hwste tetnrmntre erwtn Je ntetn nShre nnentauHwtb nneprofhths.
matt-23-32 ntwtn Hwtthutn atetnJwk ebol mpSi nnetneiote.
matt-23-33 nHoF nShre nneHbw. naS nHe tetnarbol etekrisis ntgeHenna.
matt-23-34 etbe pai eis Hhhte anok Tnatnoou Sarwtn nHenprofhths mn Hensofos mn
Hengrammateus. ntetn mouout ebol nHhtou auw ntetn staurou auw ntetn mastigou ebo
l nHhtou Hrai Hn netnsunagwgh ntetn pwt nswou Jinepolis epolis.
matt-23-35 Jekaas eFeei eHrai eJn thutn nCi snoF nim ndikaios eaupaHtF ebol Hi
JmpkaH. JinpesnoF nabel pdikaios SaeHrai epesnoF nzacarias pShre nbaracias penta
tetnHotbeF oude prpe mn pequsiasthrion.
matt-23-36 Hamhn TJw mmos nhtn Je nai throu nhu eHrai eJn teigenea.
matt-23-37= qierosoluma qierosoluma tetHwtb nneprofhths etHiwne enentautnoousou
Saros. HaH nsop aiouwS eswouH eHoun nouShre nqe nouHalht nSaFswouH eHoun nneFmas
HaneFthnH. auw mpetnouwS.
matt-23-38 eis Hhhte petnhi kh nhtn.
matt-23-39 TJw mmos nhtn Je nnetnnau eroi Jintenou SantetnJoos Je Fsmamaat nCi
petnhu Hm pran mpJoeis.
matt-24-01= ihsous de aFei ebol Hm prpe aFbwk. auTpeuouoi eroF nCi neFmaqhths et
ouoF epkwt mprpe.
matt-24-02 ntoF de aFouwSb eFJw mmos nau Je tetnnau enai throu. Hamhn TJw mmos
nhtn. Je nneukaouwne HiJn ouwne mpeima mpoubolF ebol.
matt-24-03= eFHmoos de HiJm ptoou nnJoeit. auTpeuouoi eroF nCi mmaqhths nsaousa
euJw mmos Je aJis eron Je erenai naSwpe tnau auw ou pe pmaein ntekparHousia mn t
sunteleia mpaiwn.
matt-24-04 aFouwSb nCi ihsous peJaF nau. Je CwSt mhpote nteoua plana mmwtn.
matt-24-05 ounHaH gar nhu Hm paran euJw mmos Je anok pe pecristos. nseplana nHa
matt-24-06 tetnnaswtm de eHenpolemos mn HenHroou mpolemos CwSt mprStortr Haps g
ar etreuSwpe alla mpateqah ei.
matt-24-07 ounouHeqnos gar natwoun eJn ouHeqnos. auw oumntrro eJn oumntrro. nse
Swpe nCi HenHebwwn mn Henkmto katama.
matt-24-08 nai de throu tarch nnnaake ne.
matt-24-09 tote senaparadidou mmwtn euqliyis. nsemouout mmwtn ntetnSwpe mmoste
mmwtn ebol Hitn nHeqnos throu etbe paran.
matt-24-10 tote senaskandalize nCi HaH. nseparadidou nneuerhu. nsemesteneuerhu.
matt-24-11 nsetwoun nCi HaH mprofhths nnouJ nseplana noumhhSe.
matt-24-12 Hm ptresaSai nCi tanomia snaaroS nCi tagaph nHaH.
matt-24-13 petnaHupomeine de Sabol pai petnaouJai.
matt-24-14 nsetaSeoeiS mpeieuaggelion ntmntrro Hrai Hn toikoumenh thrs. eumntmn
tre nnHeqnos throu. tote snhu nCi qah.
matt-24-15= Hotan de tetnSannau etbote mpSwF. tentauJoos Hitn danihl peprofhths
esaHerats Hm pma etouaab. petwS mareFnoi.
matt-24-16 tote netHn Toudaia maroupwt entoueih.
matt-24-17 petHitJenepwr mprtreFei epeshteFi nnetHm peFhi.
matt-24-18 auw petHn tswSe mprtreFkotF epaHou eFi nteFSthn.
matt-24-19 ouoi de nneteet mn netsnko Hn neHoou etmmau.
matt-24-20 Slhl de Jekaas nnepetnpwt Swpe nteprw hpsabbaton.
matt-24-21 snaSwpe gar mpeuoeiS etmmau nCi ounoC nqliyis mpeouon ntesHe Swpe Ji
nteHoueite mpkosmos SaeHrai etenou. oude nnesSwpe.
matt-24-22 auw nsabhl Je ausbok nCi neHoou etmmau nesnaouJai an pe nCi sarx nim
. etbe nswtp de senasbok nCi neHoou etmmau.
matt-24-23 tote erSanoua Joos nhtn Je eis pecristos mpeima hpai mprpisteue.
matt-24-24 senatwoun gar nCi HaH ncrhstos nnouJ mn Henprofhths nnouJ. nseT nHnn
oC mmaein mn HenSphre Hwste eSJe ounSCom eplana nnakeswtp.
matt-24-25 eis Hhhte aiSrpJoou nhtn.
matt-24-26 eSwpe de euSanJoos nhtn Je eis Hhhte FHmpJaie mprei ebol. eis Hhhte
FHnntamion mprpisteue.
matt-24-27 nqe gar nteFrhCe nSasei ebol HnnemanSa nsrouoein SanmanHwtp. tai te
qe etnaSwpe ntparHousia mpShre mprwme.
matt-24-28 pma etere pswma naSwpe mmoF eunaswouH eroF nCi naetos.
matt-24-29= nteunou de mnnsa teqliyis nneHoou etmmau prh naSwpe nkake auw pooH n
aT an mpeFouoein nsiou senaHe ebol Hn tpe nCom nmphue senanoein.
matt-24-30 tote FnaouwnH ebol nCi pmaein mpShre mprwme ebol Hn tpe. auw tote se
nanau nCi nefulh throu mpkaH. nsenau epShre mprwme eFnhu eHrai eJn nekloole ntpe
mnouCom auw oueoou enaSwF.
matt-24-31 nFJoou ebol nneFaggelos mnounoC nHroou nsalpigx. nseswouH eHoun nneF
swtp ebol Hm peFtou nthu. auw JinearhJF nmphue SaarhJnou.
matt-24-32= ebol de Hn tbw nknte eime etparabolh. nqe gar erSanpesklados Swpe eF
lhk auw ntenesCwbe Touw Satetneime Je aFHwn eHoun nCi pShm.
matt-24-33 tai Hwtthutn te tetnHe Hotan etetnSannau enai throu eime Je aFHwn eH
oun ern nro.
matt-24-34 Hamhn TJw mmos nhtn Je nneteigenea oueine mpenai throu Swpe.
matt-24-35 tpe mn pkaH naparage. naSaJe de naparage an.
matt-24-36= etbepeHoou de mn teunou etmmau mn laau sooun. oude nnaggelos nmphue
eimhti peiwt mauaaF.
matt-24-37 nqe gar nneHoou nnwHe tai te qe etesnaSwpe mmos nCi tparHousia mpShr
e mprwme.
matt-24-38 nqe gar eneuSoop mmos Hn neHoou etmmau Haqh mpkataklusmos euouwm eus
w euJiHime euHmoos mn Hai SapeHoou ntanwHe bwk eHoun etkibwtos.
matt-24-39 auw mpoueime SanteFei nCi pkataklusmos nFFi nouon nim. tai te qe ets
naSwpe mmos nCi tparHousia mpShre mprwme.
matt-24-40 tote ounsnau naSwpe Hn tswSe. nseJioua nselo Haoua.
matt-24-41 snte eunout Hn oumhcanh senaJiouei nselo Haouei.
matt-24-42 roeis Ce Je ntetn sooun an Je erepJoeis nhu Hn aS nHoou.
matt-24-43 tetneime de epai. Je eneFsooun nCi pJoeis mphi Je erepreFJioue nhu n
aS nouhrSe. neFnaroeis pe nFtmkaau eCwtH mpeFhi.
matt-24-44 etbe pai Hwtthutn Swpe etetnsbtwt. Je Hn teunou ntetnmeeue eros an e
repShre mprwme nhu.
matt-24-45= nim ara pe ppistos nHmHal auw nsabe. pai ntapeFJoeis kaqista mmoF eH
rai eJn neFHmHal eT nau nteHre mpesouoeiS.
matt-24-46 naiatF mpHmHal etmmau etere peFJoeis nhu nFHe eroF eFeire nteiHe.
matt-24-47 Hamhn TJw mmos Je Fnakaqista mmoF eHrai eJn neFHuparconta throu.
matt-24-48 eSwpe de eFSanJoos nCi pHmHal eqoou Hrai Hm peFHht. Je paJoeis nawsk
matt-24-49 nFarcei nHioue eneFSbhrHmHal nFouwm auw nFsw mn nettaHe.
matt-24-50 Fnhu nCi pJoeis mpHmHal etmmau Hrai Hn ouHoou enFCwSt HhtF an. auw H
n ouounou enFsooun mmos an.
matt-24-51 nFpwS mmoF nFkw nteFto mn nHupokriths eFnaSwpe mmau nCi prime mn pCa
HCH nnobHe.
matt-25-01= tote snaSwpe estntwn nCi tmntrro nmphue emhte mparqenos. nai ntauJi
nneulampas auei ebol etwmnt epatSeleet.
matt-25-02 Tde ebol nHhtou nneHensoC ne auw Tnne Hensabe ne.
matt-25-03 nsoC gar auJi nneulampas mpouJineH nmmau.
matt-25-04 nsabh de auJineH Hn neuHnaau mn neulampas.
matt-25-05 ntereFwsk de nCi patSeleet. auJirekrike throu auw aunkotk.
matt-25-06 Hn tpaSe de nteuSh eisousme asSwpe Je eispatSeleet amhitn ebol etwmn
t eroF.
matt-25-07 tote autwounou nCi mparqenos throu etmmau autsano nneulampas.
matt-25-08 nsoC de peJau nnsabh Je ma nan ebol Hm petnneH. Je nenlampas naJena.
matt-25-09 auouwSb de nCi nsabh euJw mmos Je mhpote nFtmrwSe eron nmmhtn. bwk n
toF nnaHrn netT ebol ntetnSwp nhtn.
matt-25-10 eunabwk de eSwp aFei nCi patSeleet. auw netsbtwt aubwk eHoun nmmaF e
pma nSeleet auStam mpro.
matt-25-11 mnnsws de auei nCi pkeseepe mparqenos. euJw mmos Je pJoeis aouwn nan
matt-25-12 ntoF de aFouwSb eFJw mmos Je Hamhn TJw mmos nhtn Je nTsooun mmwtn an
matt-25-13 roeis Ce Je ntetnsooun an mpeHoou oute teunou.
matt-25-14= nqe gar nourwme eFnaapodhmei. aFmoute eneFHmHal aFT nau nneFHuparcon
ta throu.
matt-25-15 oua men aFT naF nTou nCi nCwr oua de aFT naF nsnau oua de aFT naF no
ua poua poua katateFCom aFapodhmei.
matt-25-16 nteunou de aFbwk nCi pentaFJi mpTou nCi nCwr aFrHwb nHhtou aFTHhu nk
matt-25-17 Homoiws papesnau aFTHhu nkesnau.
matt-25-18 pentaFJi de mpoua aFbwk aFSike Hm pkaH aFtwms mpHat mpeFJoeis.
matt-25-19 mnnsa ounoC de nouoeiS aFei nCi pJoeis nnHmHal etmmau aFFiwp nmmau.
matt-25-20 aFTpeFouoi eroF nCi pentaFJi mpTou nCi nCwr. aFeine naF nkeTou nCinC
wr eFJw mmos Je pJoeis Tou nCi nCwr nentaktaau nai eis Hhhte aiJpo nkeTou.
matt-25-21 peJaF naF nCi peFJoeis Je kalws pHmHal etnanouF auw mpistis. epeidh
neknHot nHnkoui Tnakaqista mmok eJn HaH. bwk eHoun epraSe mpekJoeis.
matt-25-22 aFTpeFouoi eroF nCi papCinCwr snau eFJw mmos Je pJoeis CinCwr snau n
entaktaau nai eis Hhhte aiTHhu nkesnau.
matt-25-23 peJaF naF nCi peFJoeis Je kalws pHmHal etnanouF auw mpistos epeidh n
eknHot nHnkoui Tnakaqista mmok eJn HaH. bwk eHoun epraSe mpekJoeis.
matt-25-24 aFT mpeFouoi HwwF nCi pentaFJi mpCinCwr eFJw mmos Je pJoeis aieime J
e ntkourwme nsklhros ekwHs mpetmpekJoF auw ekswouH eHoun mpma etmpekJwwre eroF.
matt-25-25 airHote aibwk aiHwp mpekCinCwr Hm pkaH. eis Hhhte eis Hhhte eis pete
pwk pe.
matt-25-26 aFouwSb de nCi peFJoeis eFJw mmos naF Je pHmHal mponhros auw nreFJna
au. eSJe ksooun Je TwHs mpma etmpeiJoF. auw TswouH eHoun mpma etmpeiJwwre eroF.
matt-25-27 neSSe Ce erok pe enouJe mpaHat nnetrapeziths. anok de neinaei ntaJi
mpetepwi pe mn teFmhse.
matt-25-28 Fi Ce ntootF mpCinCwr ntetn taaF mpeteountaF mmau mpmht nCinCwr.
matt-25-29 ouon gar nim eteountaF senaT naF auw nFrHouo. petemntaF de pkeetntaF
senaFitF ntootF.
matt-25-30 auw pHmHal natSau ntetn nouJe mmoF ebol epkake etHabol eFnaSwpe mmau
nCi prime auw pCaHCH nnobHe.
matt-25-31= Hotan de eFSanei nCi pShre mprwme Hrai Hm peFeoou mn neFaggelos thro
u nmmaF. tote FnaHmoos eJm peqronos mpeFeoou.
matt-25-32 nseswouH eHoun mpeFmto ebol nnHeqnos throu nFpwrJ mmoou ebol nneuerh
u nqe nouSws nSaFpwrJ nnesoou ebol nnbaampe.
matt-25-33 nesoou men nFtaHoou eratou Hiounam mmoF. nbaampe de HiHbour mmoF.
matt-25-34 tote FnaJoos nCi prro nnetHiounam mmoF. Je amhitn netsmamaat ntepaei
wt. ntetn klhronomei ntmntrro ntausbtwts nhtn Jinetkatabolh mpkosmos.
matt-25-35 aiHko gar atetntmoi. aieibe atetntsoi. neio nSmmo pe atetnSopt erwtn
matt-25-36 neikh kaHhu atetnT Hiwwt. neiSwne atetnCm paSine. neiHmpeSteko pe at
etnei Saroi.
matt-25-37 tote senaouwSb naF nCi ndikaios euJw mmos Je pJoeis ntannau erok tna
u ekHkaeit antmmok. hekobe antsok.
matt-25-38 ntannau de erok tnau eko nSmmo anSopk eron. hekkh kaHhu anT Hiwwk.
matt-25-39 ntannau de erok tnau ekSwne. hekHm peSteko anei Sarok.
matt-25-40 FnaouwSb de nCi prro nFJoos nau Je Hamhn TJw mmos nhtn. Je efoson at
etnaas noua nneisnhu etsobk ntatetnaas nai.
matt-25-41- tote FnaouwSb nFJoos nnkooue etHiHbour mmoF. Je saHethutn ebol mmoi
netsHouort etsate nSa eneH ntausbtwts mpdiabolos mn neFaggelos.
matt-25-42 aiHko gar mpetntmoi. aieibe mpetntsoi.
matt-25-43 neio nSmmo mpetnSopt erwtn neikh kaHhu mpetnT Hiwwt neiSwne auw eiHm
peSteko mpetnCmpaSine.
matt-25-44 tote senaouwSb Hwou on euJw mmos Je pJoeis ntannau erok tnau ekHkaei
t hekobe heko nSmmo hekkh kaHhu hekSwne hekHmpeSteko mpendiakonei nak.
matt-25-45 tote FnaouwSb nau eFJw mmos Je Hamhn TJw mmos nhtn Je efoson mpetnaa
s noua nneikoui anok petmpetnaas nai.
matt-25-46 nai men senabwk eukolasis nSa eneH ndikaios de ntoou euwnH Sa eneH.
matt-26-01= asSwpe de ntere ihsous ouw nneiSaJe throu. peJaF nneFmaqhths.
matt-26-02 Je tetnsooun Je mn nsaHoou snau ppasca naSwpe. nseparadidou mpShre m
prwme etreustaurou mmoF.
matt-26-03 tote auswouH eHoun nCi nepresbuteros mn narciereus mplaos eHoun etau
lh mparciereus peSaumoute eroF Je kaifas.
matt-26-04 auJiSoJne Jekaas eueamaHte nihsous Hn oukroF nsemouout mmoF.
matt-26-05 neuJw de mmos Je Hrai Hm pSa an. Jekaas nneouStortr Swpe Hm plaos.
matt-26-06= ihsous de ntereFei eHrai ebhqania Hm phi nsimwn petsobH.
matt-26-07 asTpesouoi eroF nCi ousHime ereouHnaau nsoCn ntoots enaSesountF. asp
wHt mmoF eHrai eJn teFape eFnhJ.
matt-26-08 nterounau de nCi mmaqhths auaganaktei euJw mmos Je etbe ou autakepai
matt-26-09 neunCom gar etreuTpai ebol HaHaH nsetaau nnHhke.
matt-26-10 ihsous de ntereFeime peJaF nau. Je aHrwtn tetnTHise nteisHime. ouHwb
gar enanouF pentasaaF nai.
matt-26-11 nouoeiS gar nim nHhke seSoop nmmhtn. anok de nTSoop nmmhtn an nouoei
S nim.
matt-26-12 tai gar ntasnouJe mpeisoCn eJm paswma ntasaas epkoost.
matt-26-13 Hamhn TJw mmos nhtn Je pma etounataSeoeiS mpeieuaggelion nHhtF Hm pk
osmos thrF senaJw HwwF mpentatai aaF eurpmeeue nas.
matt-26-14= tote aFbwk nCi oua mpmntsnoous peteSaumoute eroF Je ioudas piskariwt
hs Sanarciereus.
matt-26-15 eFJw mmos Je ou petetnoueStaaF nai auw anok Tnaparadidou mmoF nhtn.
ntoou de ausmnts nmmaF emaab nHat.
matt-26-16 JinpeuoeiS etmmau neFSine nsaouoeiS Jekaas eFeparadidou mmoF.
matt-26-17= HmpSorp de nHoou mppasca. auTpeuouoi nCi mmaqhths eihsous euJw mmos
Je ekouwS etrensbteppasca nak twn eouomF.
matt-26-18 ntoF de peJaF nau Je bwk eHoun etpolis nnaHrn nim nrwme ntetnJoos na
F Je peJepsaH. Je apaouoeiS Hwn eHoun einarppasca Hathk mn namaqhths.
matt-26-19 auw aueire nCi mmaqhths kataqe ntaFHwn etootou nCi ihsous ausoFte mp
matt-26-20 rouHe de ntereFSwpe neFnhJ mn pmntsnoous mmaqhths.
matt-26-21 euouwm de peJaF nau Je Hamhn TJw mmos nhtn Je ounoua ebol nHhtthutn
naparadidou mmoi.
matt-26-22 auw aulupei emate. auarcei nJoos naF oua oua Je ei mhti anok pe pJoe
matt-26-23 ihsous de aFouwSb eFJw mmos Je pentaFswp nteFCiJ nmmai Hn tJh pai pe
tnaparadidou mmoi.
matt-26-24 pShre men mprwme nabwk kata qe etshH etbhhtF. ouoi de mprwme etmmau
pai etounaT mpShre mprwme ebol HitootF. nanous mprwme etmmau enempouJpoF.
matt-26-25 aFouwSb de nCi ioudas petnaparadidou mmoF eFJw mmos Je eimhti anok p
e Hrabbei. peJaF naF Je ntok pentakJoos.
matt-26-26= euouwm de aFJi nCi ihsous nouoeik aFsmou eroF aFpoSF aFT mmoF nneFma
qhths eFJw mmos Je Ji ntetnouwm pai pe paswma.
matt-26-27 aFJi on nouapot aFSpHmot eHrai eJwF aFT mmoF nau eFJw mmos Je sw ebo
l nHhtF thrtn.
matt-26-28 pai gar pe pasnoF ntdiaqhkh nbrre. pai etounapaHtF ebol HaHaH epkw e
bol nneunobe.
matt-26-29 TJw de mmos nhtn Je nnasw Jinetenou ebol Hm pgenhma nteibw neloole S
apeHoou etmmau eTnasooF nmmhtn nbrre Hn tmntrro mpaeiwt.
matt-26-30 ausmou de auei ebol eptoou nnJoeit.
matt-26-31= tote peJaF nau nCi ihsous Je ntwtn thrtn tetnaskandalize nHht Hn tei
ouSh. FshH gar Je TnarwHt mpSws nseJwwre ebol nCi nesoou mpoHe.
matt-26-32 mnnsa tratwoun de TnarSorperwtn etgalilaia.
matt-26-33 aFouwSb de nCi petros eFJw mmos naF. Je eSJe senaskandalize nHhtk th
rou anok de ntnaskandalize an eneH.
matt-26-34 peJaF naF nCi ihsous Je Hamhn TJw mmos nak Je Hrai Hn teiouSh mpateo
ualektwr moute knaaparna mmoi nSomnt nsop.
matt-26-35 peJaF naF nCi petros. Je kan esSanSwpe etramou nmmak nTnaaparna mmok
an. Homoiws de mmaqhths throu neuJw mpai.
matt-26-36 tote aFei nmmau nCi ihsous eHrai euCwm nSaumoute eroF Je geqshmanei.
peJaF nmmaqhths Je Hmoos mpeima SanTbwk epeima ntaSlhl.
matt-26-37 aFJi nmmaF mpetros auw pShre snau nzebedaios. aFarcei nlupei auw ntw
km nHht.
matt-26-38 tote peJaF nau Je tayuch lupei SaeHrai epmou Cw mpeima ntetnroeis nm
matt-26-39 aFmooSe eqh noukoui aFpaHtF eHrai eJm peFHo aFSlhl eFJw mmos Je paei
wt eSJe ounSCom marepeiapot saat plhn nqe an anok eTouaSs alla ntok etkouaSs.
matt-26-40 aFei de Sammaqhths aFHe eroou eunkotk. auw peJaF mpetros. Je tai te
qe mpetneSCmCom eroeis nmmai nouounou nouwt.
matt-26-41 roeis ntetnSlHl Jekaas nnetnbwk eHoun epeirasmos. pepneuma men roout
tsarx de ouasqenhs te.
matt-26-42 palin on aFbwk mpmeHspsnau aFSlhl eFJw mmos Je paeiwt eSJe mnCom etr
epai saat eimhti n tasooF eie marepekouwS Swpe.
matt-26-43 palin on aFei aFHe eroou eunkotk. neubal gar eneuHorS.
matt-26-44 aFkw de on mmoou aFbwk aFSlhl mpmeHSomnt nsop eFJw mpeiSaJe nouwt.
matt-26-45 tote aFei Sammaqhths peJaF nau Je nkotk Ce nhtn ntetnmton mmwtn eis
Hhhte gar asHwn eHoun nCi tounou auw pShre mprwme senaparadidou mmoF enCiJ nnere
matt-26-46 tounthutn maron. eis Hhhte aFHwn eHoun nCi petnaparadidou mmoi.
matt-26-47= aitei de eFSaJe eisioudas. oua ebol Hm pmntsnoous aFei auw oumhhSe n
mmaF mn neushFe mn neuCeroob ebol Hitootou nnarciereus mn nepresbuteros mplaos.
matt-26-48 pentaFparadidou de mmoF aFT nau noumaein eFJw mmos Je peTnaTpei erwF
ntoF pe amaHte mmoF.
matt-26-49 aFTpeFouoi eihsous eFJw mmos Je caire Hrabbei auw aFTpei erwF.
matt-26-50 ihsous de peJaF naF Je peSbhr pentakei etbhhtF. tote auT mpeuouoi au
eine nneuCiJ eHrai eJn ihsous. auamaHte mmoF.
matt-26-51 eisoua de nnetSoop mn ihsous. aFsooutn nteFCiJ ebol aFtwkm nteFshFe
aFrwHt mpHmHal mparciereus. aFFi ebol mpeFmaaJe.
matt-26-52 tote peJaF naF nCi ihsous Je nouJe ntekshFe epeskoeiH. ouon gar nim
ntauJishFe eunaHe ebol Hn tshFe.
matt-26-53 hngJw mmos an Je ounCom mmoi esepspaeiwt nFtaHo nai eratou tenou nHo
uo emntsnoous nlegewn naggelos.
matt-26-54 naS Ce nHe eunaJwk ebol nCi negrafh nneprofhths. Je Haps etresSwpe H
matt-26-55 Hn teunou etmmau peJaF nCi ihsous nmmhhSe. Je ntatetnei ebol eCopt n
qe nouwJ mn netnshFe mn netnCeroob. neiHmoos mmhne pe Hm prpe eiTsbw auw mpetnam
aHte mmoi.
matt-26-56 pai de thrF ntaFSwpe Jekaas eueJwk ebol nCi negrafh nneprofhths. tot
e neFmaqhths throu aukw mmoF nswou aupwt.
matt-26-57= ntoou de auamaHte nihsous. auJi mmoF Sakaifas parciereus pma ntanegr
ammateus mn nepresbuteros swouH eroF.
matt-26-58 petros de neFouhH nswou mpoue SaeHoun etaulh mparciereus. ntereFbwk
de eHoun neFHmoos mn nHuphreths enau eqah.
matt-26-59 narciereus de mn psunHedrion thrF nneuSine nsaoumntmntre nnouJ eHoun
eihsous. Jekaas euemouout mmoF.
matt-26-60 auw mpouHe eouon. aHaH de mmntre nnouJ ei eHoun. mn nsws de auTpeuou
oi nCi snau.
matt-26-61 euJw mmos Je apai Joos Je ounSCom mmoi ebwl ebol mpeirpe ekotF nSomn
t nHoou.
matt-26-62 aFtwoun nCi parciereus peJaF naF. Je ngnaSaJe an. aHroou nai rmntre
matt-26-63 ihsous de neFkw nrwF peJaF de naF nCi parciereus Je Ttarko mmok mpno
ute etonH Jekaas ekeJoos nan Je ntok pe pecristos pShre mpnoute.
matt-26-64 peJaF naF nCi ihsous Je ntok pentakJoos. plhn TJw mmos nhtn Jintenou
Je tetnanau epShre mprwme eFHmoos Hiounam ntCom. auw eFnhu eHrai HiJn nekloole
matt-26-65 tote parciereus aFpwH nneFHoite eFJw mmos Je aFJioua ntnrcria an mmn
tre Jinetenou. eis Hhhte tenou atetnswtm epoua.
matt-26-66 ou petsdokei nhtn. ntoou de auouwSb euJw mmos Je Fo nenocos epmou.
matt-26-67 tote auneJpaCse eHoun Hm peFHo auw auTkly eJwF. Henkooue de auTaas e
Houn eHraF
matt-26-68 euJw mmos Je profhteue nan tenou pecristos Je nim pentaFraHtk.
matt-26-69= petros de neFHmoos pe Hipsambol Hrai Hn taulh. asTpesouoi eroF nCi o
uHmHal esJw mmos Je ntok Hwwk on nek mn ihsous pgalilaios.
matt-26-70 ntoF de aFarna mpemto ebol nouon nim eFJw mmos Je nTsooun an Je erJw
mmos Je ou.
matt-26-71 ntereFei de ebol eqaeit asnau eroF nCi keouei peJas nnetHm pma etmma
u Je pai eneFSoop mn ihsous pnazwraios.
matt-26-72 palin aFarna eFranaS Je nTsooun an mprwme.
matt-26-73 mnnsa oukoui de auTpeuouoi epetros nCi netaHeratou peJau naF. Je nam
e ntkouebol Hwwk nHhtou. kai gar tekaspe ouwnH mmok ebol.
matt-26-74 tote aFarcei nwrk auw ekaeuw eHrai Je nTsooun an mprwme. auw nteunou
apalektwr moute.
matt-26-75 aFrpmeeue nCi petros mpSaJe ntaihsous JooF. Je mpateoualektwr moute
knaaparna mmoi nSomnt nsop. auw aFei ebol aFrime emate.
matt-27-01= ntereHtooue de Swpe. auJiSoJne nCi narciereus throu mn nepresbuteros
mplaos Hwste emouout mmoF.
matt-27-02 aumorF de auntF autaaF mpilatos pHhgemwn.
matt-27-03= tote aFnau nCi ioudas pentaFparadidou mmoF Je autCaioF aFrHthF aFkto
mpmaab nHat nnarciereus mn nepresbuteros.
matt-27-04 eFJw mmos Je airnobe aiT nousnoF ndikaios. ntoou de peJau Je mn tanH
wb ntok etrwSe.
matt-27-05 aFnouJe nnHat eHoun eprpe aFanacwrei aFbwk aFoCtF.
matt-27-06 narciereus de auJi nnHat peJau Je ouk exestei enoJou epkorbanos epei
dh ouasou nsnoF te.
matt-27-07 auJi de nouSoJne auSwp ebol nHhtou ntswSe mpkerameus etwms nnSmmo.
matt-27-08 etbe pai aumoute etswSe etmmau Je tswSe mpesnoF SaeHrai epoou nHoou.
matt-27-09 tote aFJwk ebol nCi pentauJooF Hitn ierhmias peprofhths eFJw mmos Je
auJi mpmaab nHat ettimh mpettaihu. pai ntauT Saar eroF Hitn nShre mpisrahl.
matt-27-10 auT mmoou eHrai etswSe mpkerameus kata qe ntaFHwn etootn nCi pJoeis.
matt-27-11= is de aFaHeratF mpemto ebol mpHhgemwn. aFJnouF nCi pHhgemwn eFJw mmo
s Je ntok pe prro nnioudai. peJaF de naF nCi ihsous Je ntok petJw mmos.
matt-27-12 Hm ptreukatoigorei de mmoF ebol Hitootou nnarciereus mn nepresbutero
s mpeFouwSb nlaau.
matt-27-13 tote peJaF naF nCi pilatos Je ngswtm an Je sermntre erok nouhr.
matt-27-14 ntoF de mpeFouwSb nlaau nSaJe. Hwste nFrSphre nCi pHhgemwn emate.
matt-27-15= kataSa de neSarepHhgemwn kaoua ebol mpmhhSe eFmhr peteneuouaSF.
matt-27-16 neuntau de mmau mpeuoeiS etmmau noua eFmhr eFo nsoeit. nSaumoute ero
F Je barabbas.
matt-27-17 eusoouH de eHoun peJaF nau nCi pilatos. Je tetnouwS etrakanim nhtn e
bol. barabbas Jn ihsous peteSaumoute eroF Je pecristos.
matt-27-18 neFsooun gar Je etbe oufqonos ntauparadidou mmoF.
matt-27-19 eFHmoos de Hipbhma asJoou SaroF nCi teFsHime esJw mmos Je saHwwk ebo
l mpeidikaios. aiSpHaH gar nHise mpoou Hn ourasou etbhhtF.
matt-27-20 narciereus de mn nepresbuteros aupeiqe mpmhhSe. Jekaas eueaitei nbar
abbas. ihsous de nsemouout mmoF.
matt-27-21 aFouwSb de nCi pHhgemwn peJaF nau. Je tetnouwS etrakanim nhtn ebol m
peisnau. ntoou de peJau Je barabbas.
matt-27-22 peJaF nCi pilatos. Je tarou Ce nihsous petoumoute eroF Je pecristos.
peJau throu Je staurou mmoF.
matt-27-23 ntoF de peJaF Je ou gar mpeqoou pentaFaaF. ntoou de nHouo neuJiSkak
ebol Je staurou mmoF.
matt-27-24 ntereFnau de nCi pilatos Je nFnaTHhu nlaau an. alla ereouStortr naSw
pe nHouo. FJi noumoou aFeiw nneFCiJ mpemto ebol mpmhhSe eFJw mmos Je Touaab ebol
Hm pesnoF mpeirwme ntwtn tetnrwSe.
matt-27-25 aFouwSb de nCi plaos thrF eFJw mmos Je peFsnoF HiJwn mn nenShre.
matt-27-26 tote aFkw nau ebol nbarabbas. ihsous de aFfragellou mmoF aFparadidou
mmoF Jekaas euestaurou mmoF.
matt-27-27= tote mmatoi mpHhgemwn nterouJi nihsous epepraitwrion auswouH eHrai e
JwF ntespeira thrs.
matt-27-28 aukw mmoF kaHhu auT HiwwF nouclamus nkokkos.
matt-27-29 auw auSwnt nouklom ebol Hn nSonte autalo mmoF eHrai eJn teFape. auw
oukaS Hn teFCiJ nounam. aupaHtou de mpeFmto ebol euswbe mmoF euJw mmos Je caire
prro nnioudai.
matt-27-30 auneJpaCse de eHoun eHraF auJi mpkaS aurwHt mmoF eHrai eJn teFape.
matt-27-31 nterouswbe de mmoF aukw mmoF kaHhu nteclamus auT HiwwF nneFHoite. au
Ji mmoF ebol estaurou mmoF.
matt-27-32= eunhu de ebol auHe eurwme nkurhnnaios epeFran pe simwn. aukwwbe mpai
Jekaas eFeFi mpeFstauros.
matt-27-33 nterouei de eHrai euma nSaumoute eroF Je golgoqa etepma mpekranion p
matt-27-34 auT naF nouhrp esooF eFthH HisiSe. ntereFtopF de mpeFouwS esooF.
matt-27-35 nteroustaurou de mmoF aupwS nneFHoite eHrau auneJklhros eHrai eJwou.
matt-27-36 auw neuHmoos euHareH eroF Hm pma etmmau.
matt-27-37 aukw de nteFaitia esshH eHrai eJn teFape Je pai pe prro nnioudai.
matt-27-38 tote austaurou nmmaF nkesoone snau. oua Hiounam mmoF auw oua HiHbour
matt-27-39 netnhu de ebol HitootF neuJioua eroF eukim nneuaphue.
matt-27-40 euJw mmos. Je petbwl ebol mprpe etkwt mmoF nSomnt nHoou matouJok. eS
Je ntok pe pShre mpnoute amou epesht Hi pestauros.
matt-27-41 Homoiws de narciereus neuswbe mmoF mn negrammateus. mn nepresbuteros
euJw mmos
matt-27-42 Je aFtouJeHenkooue eiemn SCom mmoF etouJoF. prro mpisrahl pe mareFei
epesht tenou Hi pestauros ntenpisteue eroF.
matt-27-43 eSJe aFnaHte epnoute epnoute mareFnaHmeF tenou. eSJe FouaSF. aFJoos
gar Je angpShre mpnoute.
matt-27-44 nkesoone de ntaustaurou mmoou nmmaF. neuJw Hwou mpai eunoCneC mmoF.
matt-27-45= Jinepnau de nJpso mpeHoou oukake aFSwpe eHrai HiJm pkaH thrF Sapnau
matt-27-46 Hm pnau de nJpyite aFJiSkak ebol nCi ihsous Hn ounoC nsmh eFJw mmos
Je elwei elwei. lama sabaktanei. ete pai pe panoute panoute etbe ou akkaat nswk.
matt-27-47 Hoine de nnetaHeratou Hm pma etmmau nterouswtm neuJw mmos Je erepai
moute eHhleias.
matt-27-48 aoua de ebol nHhtou pwt nteunou aFJi nouspoggos aFmaHs nHmJ aFmores
eukaS aFtso mmoF.
matt-27-49 pkeseepe de neuJw mmos Je Cw ntnnau Je Hhleias nhu enouHm mmoF.
matt-27-50 ihsous de aFJiSkak ebol. Hn ounoC nsmh aFkw mpepneuma.
matt-27-51 auw eis Hhhte eis pkatapetasma mprpe aFpwH Jintpe epesht aFrsnau pka
H aFnoein auw mpetra aupwH.
matt-27-52 nemHaau auouwn autwoun nCi HaH nswma nnetouaab ntaunkotk.
matt-27-53 auei ebol Hn nmHaau. mnnsa treutwoun de aubwk eHoun etpolis etouaab
auouonHou ebol nHaH.
matt-27-54 pHekatontarcos de mn netnmmaF etHareH eihsous nterounau epkmto mn ne
ntauSwpe aurHote emate euJw mmos Je name ne pShre mpnoute pe pai.
matt-27-55 eneummau de nCi oumhhSe nsHime euCwSt mpoue nai ntauouaHou nsa ihsou
s ebol Hn tgalilaia eudiakonei naF.
matt-27-56 nai euebol nHhtou te maria tmagdalhnh mn maria taiakwbos. mn tmaau n
iwsh auw tmaau nnShre nzebedaios.
matt-27-57= rouHe de ntereFSwpe aFei nCi ourwme nrmmao ebol Hn arimaqaia epeFran
pe iwshf. pai eaFmaqhteue nihsous.
matt-27-58 aFTpeFouoi de epilatos. aFaitei mpswma nihsous. tote pilatos aFoueHs
aHne etreutaaF naF.
matt-27-59 aFJi de mpswma nCi iwshf aFkwws mmoF nousindwn esraHe.
matt-27-60 aFkw mmoF Hm peFmHaau nbrre pai ntaFkeHkwHF Hrai Hn tpetra. aFskorkr
nounoC nwne ermpro mpemHaau aFbwk.
matt-27-61 enesmmau de nCi maria tmagdalhnh. mn tkemaria euHmoos mpemto ebol mp
matt-27-62= mpeFraste de ete mnnsa tparaskeuh pe. auswouH eHoun nCi narciereus m
n nepresbuteros epilatos.
matt-27-63 euJw mmos Je pJoeis anrpmeeue Je peiplanos aFJoos JineFonH. Je Tnatw
oun mnnsa Somnt nHoou.
matt-27-64 oueHsaHne Ce etrenwrJ mptafos SapmeHSomnt nHoou. mhpote nseei nCi ne
Fmaqhths nseFitF nJioue nseJoos mplaos Je aFtwoun ebol Hn netmoout. nteqah mplan
h qo etSorp.
matt-27-65 peJaF nau nCi pilatos. Je Ji ntkoustwdia ntetnbwk ntetnorJF nqe etet
nsooun mmos.
matt-27-66 ntoou de aubwk auwrJ mptafos eausfragize mpwne mn tkoustwdia.
matt-28-01= rouHe de mpsabbaton eHtooue nsoua mpsabbaton. asei nCi maria tmagdal
hnh mn tkemaria enau eptafos.
matt-28-02 auw eis Hhhte eisounoC nkmto aFSwpe. paggelos gar mpJoeis aFei epesh
t Hn tpe aFTpeFouoi aFskorkr mpwne. aFHmoos eHrai eJwF.
matt-28-03 peFeine de neFo nqe nouebrhCe auw teFHbsw nesouobS nqe nouciwn.
matt-28-04 ebol de Hn teFHote aunoein nCi netHareH. auSwpe nqe nnetmoout.
matt-28-05 aFouwSb de nCi paggelos peJaF nneHiome Je ntwtn mprrHote. Tsooun gar
Je etetnSine nsaihsous pentaustaurou mmoF.
matt-28-06 nFmpeima an aFtwoun gar kata qe ntaFJoos. amhitn ntetnnau epma eneFn
matt-28-07 auw ntetnbwk Hn ouCeph ntetnJoos nneFmaqhths Je aFtwoun ebol Hn netm
oout. auw eis Hhhte FnarSorp erwtn etgalilaia etetnanau eroF Hm pma etmmau. eis
Hhhte aiJoos nhtn.
matt-28-08 aubwk Hn ouCeph ebol Hm pemHaau aupwt Hn ouHote mnounoC nraSe eJipou
w nneFmaqhths.
matt-28-09 auw eis Hhhte eihsousis aFtwmnt eroou eFJw mmos Je cairaite. ntoou d
e auTpeuouoi auamaHte nneFouerhte auouwSt naF.
matt-28-10 peJaF nau nCi ihsous Je mprrHote bwk ntetnJipouw nnasnhu Jekaas euna
bwk eHrai etgalilaia eunanau gar eroi Hm pma etmmau.
matt-28-11= ntoou de eubhk eisHoine ntkoustwdia aubwk eHoun etpolis auJipouw nna
rciereus nnentauSwpe throu.
matt-28-12 auswouH de eHoun nnepresbuteros. auJi nouSoJne auT nHnnoC nHomnt nmm
matt-28-13 euJw mmos Je aJis Je neFmaqhths nentauei nteuSh auFitF nJioue ennkot
matt-28-14 eSwpe de euSansetmpai nCi pHhgemwn anon tnnapeiqe mmoF ntnrthutn nat
matt-28-15 ntoou de nterouJi nnHomnt aueire kata qe ntauTsbw nau. peiSaJe aFTso
eit Hn nioudai SaeHrai epoou nHoou.
matt-28-16= pmntoue de mmaqhths aubwk eHrai etgalilaia eHrai eptoou ntaFtasse na
u nCi ihsous.
matt-28-17 nterounau de eroF auouwSt naF Hoine de audisdaze.
matt-28-18 aFTpeFouoi eroou nCi ihsous aFSaJe nmmau eFJw mmos Je auT nai nexous
ia nim Hn tpe. auw HiJm pkaH.
matt-28-19 bwk Ce ntetnTsbw nnHeqnos throu. ntetnbaptize mmoou epran mpeiwt mn
pShre mn pepneuma etouaab.
matt-28-20 etetnTsbw nau eHareH eHwb nim ntaiHonou etethutn. auw eis Hhhte anok
TSoop nmmhtn nneHoou throu SaeHrai etsunteleia mpaiwn.
mark-01-01= tarch mpeuaggelion nihsous pecristos [pShre mpnoute].
mark-01-02 kata petshH Hn hsaias peprofhths Je eis Hhhte TnaJeupaaggelos HiHh m
mok nFsbte tekHih.
mark-01-03 peHroou mpetwS ebol Hn terhmos Je soutn teHih mpJoeis ntetn soutnneF
mark-01-04 aFSwpe de nCi iwHannhs eFTbaptisma mpJaie eFkhrusse noubaptisma mmet
anoia epkw ebol nnnobe.
mark-01-05 auw asbwk naF ebol nCi tecwra thrs nToudaia nmna qierosoluma throu a
uJi baptisma ntootF Hm piordanhs piero euexomologi nneunobe.
mark-01-06 auw iwHannhs nereHenFw nCamoul to HiwwF ereoumoJ nSaar mhr eteFTpe.
eFouemSJe Hiebiw nHoout.
mark-01-07 auw neFtaSeoiS eFJw mmos Je Fnhu mnnswei nCi petJoor eroei eangouHik
anos an epaHt ebwl ebol mpmous mpeFtooue.
mark-01-08 anok aeiTbaptisma nhtn Hn oumoou. ntoF de eFnabaptize mmwtn Hn oupne
uma eFouaab.
mark-01-09= auw asSwpe Hn neHoou etmmau aFei nCi ihsous ebol Hn nazareq ntetgali
laia auw aFJibaptisma Hm piordanhs ntniwHannhs
mark-01-10 nteunou de eFnhu eHrai mpmoou aFnau emphue eauouwn auw pepneuma eFnh
u epesht eJwF nqe nouCroompe
mark-01-11 auw ousmh asSwpe ebol Hn mphue Je ntok pe paShre pamerit entapaouwS
Swpe nHhtk
mark-01-12= auw teunou pepneuma aFJitF ebol eterhmos
mark-01-13 auw neFHnterhmos nHme nHoou erepsatanas peiraze mmoF eFSoop mn neqhr
ion. auw naggelos neudiakoni naF.
mark-01-14= mnnsanseparadidou niwHannhs aFei nCi ihsous etgalilaia eFkhrusse mpe
uaggelion mpnoute
mark-01-15 Je apeuoiS Jwk ebol auw asHwn eHoun nCi tmntrro mpnoute metanoi ntet
npisteue Hm peuaggelion.
mark-01-16= auw eFmooSe Hatnteqalassa ntgalilaia aFnau esimwn nmandreas pson nsi
mwn eunouJSne eteqalassa neHenouwHe gar ne.
mark-01-17 peJaF nau nCi ihsous Je amhein oueHthutn nswei auw Tnarthutn nouwHe
mark-01-18 nteunou de aukaneuSnhu auouaHou nswF
mark-01-19 auw ntereFmooSe eqh noukouei aFnau eiakwbos pShre nzebedaios nmiwHan
nhs peFson ntoou Hwou euHmpJoei eusobte nneuSnhu
mark-01-20 nteunou aFmoute eroou auw aukapeuiwt zebedaios Hm pJoei mnnJaibeke a
ubwk auouaHou nswF
mark-01-21= aubwk de eHoun ekafarnaoum auw nteunou Hn nsabbaton aFTsbw Hn tsunag
mark-01-22 auw aurSphre eJn teFsbw eFTsbw gar nau nqe an etouTsbw nCi negrammat
eus HwseuntFtexousia mmau
mark-01-23 auw nteunou neunourwme Hn tsunagwgh ere oupneuma nakaqarton nmmaF au
w aFJiSkak ebol
mark-01-24 eFJw mmos Je aHrok nmman ihsous pnazwraios ntakei etakon Tsooun mmok
Je ntknim ntkpetouaab mpnoute.
mark-01-25 auw ihsous aFepitima naF eFJw mmos Je tmrwk ngei ebol mmoF
mark-01-26 auw nterepepneuma nakaqarton raHtF epkaH auw aFwS ebol Hn ounoC nHro
ou aFei ebol mmoF
mark-01-27 auw aurHote throu Hwste nseSaJe nm neuerhu euJw mmos Je ou pe pai ei
sousbw bbrre Hn ouexousia nkepneuma nakaqarton FoueHsaHne nau auw seswtm nswF
mark-01-28 apeFsoeit bwk ebol nteunou Hm ma nim mpkwte thrF ntgalilaia.
mark-01-29= nteunou de nterouei ebol Hn tsunagwgh aFbwk eHoun ephei nsimwn mnand
reas nmiakwbos nmiwHannhs
mark-01-30 tSwme de nsimwn nesnhJ esHhm. auw nteunou auSaJe nmmaF etbhhts.
mark-01-31 aFTpeFouoei de eros aFtounos eaFamaHte ntesCiJ auw peHmom aFlo Hiwws
asdiakoni nau.
mark-01-32 rouHe de ntereFSwpe pe ereprh naHwtp aueine naF nnetmokH throu mn ne
terendaimwnion nmmau
mark-01-33 auw tpolis thrs asswouH Hirmpro mphi.
mark-01-34 aFqerapou noumhhSe eumokH nSwne euSobe auw oumhhSe ndaimwnion aFnoJo
u ebol emaFkandaimwnion eSaJe ebol Je eusooun mmoF
mark-01-35= auw Htoou emate ntereFtwoun aFbwk ebol euma nJaie aFSlhl mpnau etmma
mark-01-36 auw aupwt ebol nswF nCi simwn mn netnmmaF autaHoF
mark-01-37 auw peJau naF Je sekwte nswk throu
mark-01-38 peJaF nau Je maron ekema enketmmo etHhn eHoun Jekaas eiekhrusse on n
Hhtou ntaiei gar ebol epeiHwb.
mark-01-39 auw aFbwk eFkhrusse Hn neusunagwgh Hn tgalilaia thrs auw nkedaimwnio
n eFnouJe mmoou ebol
mark-01-40= auw aFei SaroF nCi ourwme eFsobH eFparakalei mmoF eFJw mmos naF Je e
kSanouwS knatbboei
mark-01-41 auw ntereFSnHthF aFsoutntootF ebol auw aFkwH eroF eFJw mmos naF Je T
ouwS tbbo.
mark-01-42 auw nteunou apeFswbaH lo HiwwF aFtbbo.
mark-01-43 auw ntereFHwn etootF nteunou aFJoouF ebol
mark-01-44 eFJw mmos naF Je CwSt mprJoos nlaau. alla bwk ngtsabok epouhhb ngJi
eHrai etbe pektbbo nnentamwushs oueHsaHne mmoou eumntmntre nau.
mark-01-45 ntereFei de ebol aFarcesqai ntaSeoiS nHaH auw esrpSaJe Hwste nFtmCmC
om ebwk eHoun etpolis nouwnH alla neFHnHenma nJaie auw neunhu eratF ebol Hm ma n
mark-02-01= ntereFbwk de eHoun ekafarnaoum HiJn HenHoou auswtm Je FHnouhei
mark-02-02 auw aumhhSe swouH emau Hwste ntetnmeS Hirmpro Sopou. auw aFSaJe nmma
u Hm pSaJe.
mark-02-03 aueine de eratF nourwme eFshC ereFtoou nrwme Fi HaroF
mark-02-04 auw mpouSbwk naF eHoun etbe pmhhSe auCelptoueHsoi ebol mpma etFnHhtF
auw nterouSoJt aucala mpeCloC epesht petere petshC nhJ HiJwF.
mark-02-05 auw ihsous ntereFnau eteupistis peJaF mpetshC Je paShre senakaneknob
e nak ebol.
mark-02-06 neunHoine de nnegrammateus Hmoos mpma etmmau eumokmek Hn neuHht
mark-02-07 Je etbeou pai FSaJe Hinai eFJioua nim petnaSkanobe ebol nsapnoute ma
mark-02-08 auw nteunou ntereFeime Hm peFpneuma Je semokmek Hrai nHhtou peJaF na
u Je etbeou tetnmeue enai Hn netnHht
mark-02-09 aS gar petmotn eJoos mpetshC Je twoun ngFipekCloC ngmooSe JneJoos Je
senakaneknobe nak ebol
mark-02-10 Jekaas de etetnenau Je ountFexousia mmau nCi pShre mprwme ekanobe eb
ol HiJmpkaH peJaF mpetshC
mark-02-11 Je twoun eiJerok Fi mpekCloC bwk epekhei
mark-02-12 auw aFtwoun nteunou aFtalepeFCloC eJwF aFei ebol Hi qh mmoou throu H
wste nserSphre throu nseTeoou mpnoute euJw mmos Je mpnnau eouon eneH Hinai.
mark-02-13= aFei on ebol Hatnqalassa auw pmhhSe thrF auswouH eroF aFTsbw nau
mark-02-14 auw eFparage aFnau eleouei pShre nalfaios eFHmoos HipeFtelwnion peJa
F naF Je ouaHk nswei auw aFtwoun aFouaHF nswF.
mark-02-15 asSwpe de eFnhJ Hm peFhei aHaH ntelwnhs HireFrnobe noJou nmihsous mn
neFmaqhths neuoS gar. auw auaHou nswF
mark-02-16 negrammateus mn nefarissaios nterounau Je Fouwm nmnreFrnobe auw ntel
wnhs peJau nneFmaqhths Je etbeou Fouwm auw Fsw nmnreFrnobe auw ntelwnhs
mark-02-17 auw ihsous ntereFswtm peJaF nau Je nsercria an nCi netthk mpsain all
a netSoop kakws ntaei an eteHmndikaios alla rreFrnobe.
mark-02-18= auw mmaqhths niwHannhs nmna nefarissaios neunhsteue. auei de naF euJ
w mmos Je etbeou mmaqhths niwHannhs auw mmaqhths nnefarissaios senhsteue nekmaqh
ths de nsenhsteue an
mark-02-19 peJe ihsous nau Je mh ounCom etreunhsteue nCi nShre mpma nSeleet Hos
on erepatSeleet nmmau. Hoson patSeleet nmmau nsenaSnhsteue an.
mark-02-20 ounHenHoou de nhu Hotan euSanFi ntootou mpatSeleet tote senanh steue
Hn neHoou etmmau
mark-02-21- merelaau neJtoeis nSaei ernSthn mplCe eSwpe mmon ttoeis nSai naFipkw
te mmau nteSthn mplCe nspwH nHouo.
mark-02-22 auw merelaau neJhrp bbrre eHwt nas eSwpe mmon phrp napeHnHwt ntephrp
pwn ebol ntenHwt tako. alla eSauneJhrp bbrre eHwt bbrre.
mark-02-23= auw asSwpe Hn nsabbaton etreFmooSe ebol Hn niwHe etrht auw neFmaqhth
s eumooSe auarcitlk Hms.
mark-02-24 nefarrisaios de peJau naF Je anau Je eurou Hn nsabbaton eouk exesti
mark-02-25 peJaF nau Je mpetnoSF laau Je ntadaueid rou ntereFHko ntoF mn netnmm
mark-02-26 Je naS nHe aFbwk eHoun ephi mpnoute Hiabiaqar parciereus auw noik nt
eproqesis aFouomou eouk exesti naF eouomou nsanouhhb auw aFT nnkooue etnmmaF.
mark-02-27 peJaF on nau Je psabbaton ntaFSwpe etbe prwme. auw ntaprwme Swpe an
etbe psabbaton.
mark-02-28 Hwste pShre mprwme pJoeis pe mpkesabbaton.
mark-03-01= auw aFbwk on eHoun etsunagwgh neunourwme de mmau ereteFCiJ moout
mark-03-02 auw neuparathri eroF Je eneFnaqerapou mmoF Hn nsabbaton Je euekathgo
ri mmoF
mark-03-03 auw peJaF mprwme ereteFCiJ moout Je twoung amou etmhte.
mark-03-04 auw peJaF nau Je exesti Hn nsabbaton erpetnanouF Jnrpeqoou etanHeouy
uch Jnemoouts. ntoou de aukarwou
mark-03-05 auw ntereFCwSt eHoun eHrau Hn ouorgh eFmokH nHht eJmptwm nHht mpeuHh
t peJaF mprwme Je soutntekCiJ ebol aFsoutwns auw aslo nCi teFCiJ.
mark-03-06 nterouei de ebol nteunou nCi nefarissaios nmnHhrwdianos auJiSoJne er
oF Jekaas euetakoF
mark-03-07= auw ihsous aFanacwri mn neFmaqhths ebol eteqalassa. auw ounoC mmhhSe
ebol Hn tgalilaia auouaHou nswF nmToudaia
mark-03-08 nmqierosoluma auw kenoC mmhhSe ebol Hn Tdoumaia mn pekro mpiordanhs
nmpkwte nturos nmsidwn euswtm enetFeire mmoou auei SaroF
mark-03-09 auw aFJoos nneFmaqhths Je ereHeneJhu proskarteri eroF etbe pmhhSe Je
neuqlibe mmoF
mark-03-10 naSe nentaFtalCoou gar Hwste etreuTpeuoi eroF Je eueJwH eroF. auw ne
temmastigx Hiwou
mark-03-11 mn nepneuma nakaqarton euSannau eroF SaupaHtou HaratF nseJiSkak ebol
euJw mmos Je ntok pe pShre mpnoute
mark-03-12 auw neFepitima nau emate Je nneuouonHF ebol.
mark-03-13= aFbwk de eHrai eptoou auw aFmoute enetFouaSou
mark-03-14 aFneHmntsnoous ebol [nHhtou nai ntaFT pinou neapostolos] Je eueSwpe
nmmaF auw nFJoouse ebol etaSeoiS
mark-03-15 nFT nau ntexousia eneJ daimwnion ebol
mark-03-16 auw aFtaHo eratou mpmntsnoous auw simwn aFTouran eroF Je petros.
mark-03-17 auw iakwbos pShre nzebedaios nmiwHanhs pson niakwbos. aFTHenran eroo
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mark-03-18 auw andreas nmfilippos nmbarqolomaios. mnmaqaios. nmqwmas auw iakwbo
s pShre nalfaios mnqaddaios auw simwn pkananaios
mark-03-19 nmioudas piskariwths pentaFparadidou mmoF
mark-03-20= auw aFei eHoun ephei apmhhSe on swouH eroF Hwste nsetmsrFe eouempeuo
mark-03-21 nterouswtm de nCi neFrwme auei ebol eamaHte mmoF neuJw gar mmos Je a
peFHht pwSs.
mark-03-22 auw negrammateus ntauei ebol Hn qierosoluma neuJw mmos Je erebeelzeb
oul nmmaF auw Hm parcwn nndaimwnion eFneJdaimwnion ebol
mark-03-23 aFmoute de eroou aFSaJe nmmau Hn Henparabolh eFJw mmos Je naS nHe ps
atanas FnaneJpsatanas ebol
mark-03-24 auw erSanoumntrro pwrJ eneserhunsnaSaHe an erats nCi tmntrro etmmau.
mark-03-25 auw erSanouhei pwrJ eneFerhu nneSphei etmmau aHeratF.
mark-03-26 auw eSJe psatanas aFtwoun ntoF eJwF auw aFpwrJ nneFeSaHeratF. alla a
teFHah Swpe.
mark-03-27 alla mnlaau naSbwk eHoun ephei mpJwwre nFtwrp nneFHnaou eFtmmour nSo
rp mpJwwr. auw tote nFtwrp mpeFhei.
mark-03-28 Hamhn TJw mmos nhtn Je nobe nim Hioua nim etounaJoou nCi nShre nrrwm
e senakaau nau ebol
mark-03-29 petnaJioua de epepneuma etouaab mmntFkw ebol Sa eneH alla FChp eunob
e Sa eneH.
mark-03-30 ebol Je seJw mmos Jeoupneuma nakaqarton nmmaF.
mark-03-31= auw auei nCi teFmaau mn neFsnhuauaHeratou Hibol auw auJoou naF eHoun
eumoute eroF
mark-03-32 auw neFHmoos Hm peFkwte nCi oumhhSe peJau de nau Je eistekmaau mn ne
ksnhu sekwte nswk Hibol
mark-03-33 aFouwSb de eFJw mmos nau Je nim te tamaau auw nim ne nasnhu
mark-03-34 aFCwSt enetmpeFkwte etHmoos HaHthF. peJaF Je eistamaau auw nasnhu.
mark-03-35 petnaeire gar mpouwS mpnoute. pai pe pason auw taswne auw tamaau.
mark-04-01= aFarcesqai on eTsbw Hateqalassa. auw aunoC mmhhSe swouH eroF Hwste e
treFale epJoei nFHmoos Hn teqalassa. auw pmhhSe thrF neFaHeratF Hipekro nqalassa
mark-04-02 aFTsbw de nau emate Hn Henparabolh auw neFJw mmos nau Hn teFsbw
mark-04-03 Je swtm eis Hhhte aFei ebol nCi petJo etJo.
mark-04-04 auw ntereFJo oua men aFHe HateteHih auw auei nCi nHalate auomou
mark-04-05 keua de aFHe eHrai eJn tpetra pma etemmnHaH nkaH nHhtF auw nteunou a
uTouw eHraei etbe JemnHaH nkaH Haroou
mark-04-06 auw ntereprh Sa auHwCb auw etbe JempouJenoune ebol auSooue
mark-04-07 keua aFHe eHraei eJn nSonte auw auei eHraei nCi nSonte auoCtou auw m
mark-04-08 Henkooue auHe eJmpkaH etnanouF auw auei eHrai auauxane auTkarpos ema
ab auw ese auw eSe.
mark-04-09 neFJw de mmos nau Je peteuntFmaaJe mmau eswtm mareFswtm.
mark-04-10= ntereFka pmhhSe de auJnouF nCi netnmmaF nmpmntsnoous enparabolh
mark-04-11 peJaF nau. Je ntwtn ntauT nhtn mpmusthrion ntmntrro mpnoute nh de et
Hibol eunaJiHwb nim eroou Hn Henparabolh
mark-04-12 Jekaas eunau euenau auw nsetmnau auw euswtm eueswtm nsetmnoei. mhpws
nsekotou nsekw nau ebol.
mark-04-13= auw peJaF nau Je ntetnsooun an nteiparabolh. auw pws nkeparabolh thr
ou tetnasouwnou
mark-04-14 petJo eFJo mpSaJe.
mark-04-15 nai de ne etHateteHih mpma eSauJepSaJe nHhtF. auw eSauswtm nteunou S
aFei nCi psatanas nFFipSaJe entauJoF nHhtou
mark-04-16 auw nai Hwou nentauJoou HiJn mma mpetra eSauswtm epSaJe nteunou SauJ
itF Hn ouraSe
mark-04-17 mmnnoune de Hrai nHhtou alla Hn prosouoeiS ne erSanouqliyis de Swpe
houdiwgmos etbe pSaJe nteunou Sauskandalize.
mark-04-18 auw Henkooue nentauJoou eHrai enSonte etenai ne ntauswtm epSaJe
mark-04-19 auw proouS mpaiwn nmtapath ntmntrmmao auw nkeepiqumia etbhk eHoun er
oou sewCt mpSaJe auw nFTkarpos an ebol
mark-04-20 auw nh ne ntauJoou eJmpkaH etnanouF euswtm epSaJe seSwp mmoF eroou a
uw setauekarpos ebol Hn maab auw Hn se auw Hn Se.
mark-04-21= peJaF de nau Je mh erepHhbs naei Je euekaaF HaouSi. hHaouCloC mh neu
nakaaF an HiJn tlucnia.
mark-04-22 mmnpetHobs gar ensenaColpF an ebol. oude mmnpetHhp enFnaouwnH an ebo
mark-04-23 peteuntFmaaJe mmau eswtm mareFswtm
mark-04-24- auw neFJw mmos Je THthtn Je ou petetnswtm eroF. Hm pSi etetnaSi mmoF
senaSi nhtn nHhtF.
mark-04-25 peteuntaF gar senaT naF. auw petemntaF auw peteuntaFsF senaFitF ntoo
mark-04-26= neFJw de mmos nau Je tai te qe ntmntrro mpnoute eso nqe nourwme eFSa
nnouJe mpeFCroC eHrai epeFkaH.
mark-04-27 auw nFnkotk nFtwoun nteuSh mn peHoou SarepeCroC Touw nFrnoC enFsooun
mark-04-28 ntoF nqe pkaH SaFTouw eHraei mauaaF Sorp men noucortos mnnswF ouHms
auw ousouo eFmeH Hm pHms
mark-04-29 erSanpkarpos de pwH nteunou SaFnpoHs Je apte mpwHs Swpe
mark-04-30= auw neFJw mmos Je einatntn tmntrro mpnoute eou. hennakaas eHrai Hn a
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mark-04-31 ennakaas nqe noublbile nSltm euSanJos eHrai epkaH essobk men eneCrwC
throu etHiJmpkaH
mark-04-32 auw euSanJos Sasei eHrai nsJise enouoote throu nstauo ebol nHennoC n
klados Hwste nseSouwH HatesHaeibes nCi nHalate ntpe
mark-04-33= auw Hn naismot mparabolh throu neFJw eroou mpSaJe kataqe etounaSswtm
mark-04-34 aJnparabolh de meFSaJe nmmau nsausa de SaFbolou throu eneFmaqhths.
mark-04-35= auw peJaF nau Hm peHoou etmmau ntererouHe Swpe Je maron epikro
mark-04-36 aukapmhhSe Ce autaloF epJoei nqe etFnHhts aHenkeeJhu sChr nmmaF.
mark-04-37 auw aunoC nHathu Swpe anHoeim FwCe epJoei Hwste eomsF.
mark-04-38 ntoF de neFHipaHou mpJoei eFnkotk HiJn ouSot auw auneHse mmoF euJw m
mos naF. Je psaH ngo an pe rroouS Je tnnamou
mark-04-39 aFtwounF de aFepitima mpthu auw peJaF nteqalassa Je karw nteStmrw au
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mark-04-40 auw peJaF nau Je aHrwtn tetno nCabHht mpatetnkapistis nhtn.
mark-04-41 auw aurHote Hn ounoC nHote euJw mmos nneuerhu Je ouaS mmine pe pai J
e pkethu nmteqalassa swtm nswF.
mark-05-01= auw aumooSe epekro nteqalassa etecwra nngerashnos
mark-05-02 auw ntereFfwCe epekro nteunou aFtwmnt eroF nCi ourwme eFnhu ebol Hn
nemHaou ere oupneuma nakaqarton nmmaF
mark-05-03 eFSoop Hn nemHaou empeSlaau Ce CmCom emorF Hn Halusis ebol
mark-05-04 Je aumorF nHaH nsop nHenpaides nmHenHalusis auw SaFslpnHalusis nFoue
Cpmpaides empeSlaau CmCom eroF
mark-05-05 auw ouoeiS nim nteuSh mn peHoou neFHnnemHaou auw Hn ntouih eFJiSkak
ebol euHioue eroF Hn nwne.
mark-05-06 ntereFnau eihsous Hm poue aFpwt aFpaHtF HaratF aFouwSt naF
mark-05-07 aFwS de ebol Hn ounoC nHroou eFJw mmos Je aHrok nmmai ihsous pShre m
pnoute etJose Twrk erok mpnoute. Je nnekbasanize mmoi.
mark-05-08 nereihsous gar Jw mmos naF Je amou ebol mprwme pepneuma nakaqarton.
mark-05-09 auw neFJnou mmoF Je nim erntk peJaF naF Je legiwn pe pran Je tnJkHaH
mark-05-10 auw ausepswpF emate Jekaas nneFnoJou ebol ntecwra.
mark-05-11- nesmpma de etmmau HaratF mptoou nCi ounoC nagelh rrir eumoone mmos
mark-05-12 auw ausepswpF euJw mmos naF Je Jooun eHoun eneSau
mark-05-13 auw aukaau etreubwk ntere nepneuma de nakaqarton ei ebol aubwk eHoun
eneSau auw asrwHt nCi tagelh rrir HiJn tSwme epecht eunarJouwt nSe aumou Hn teq
mark-05-14 netmoone de mmoou aupwt auJipouw eHrai etpolis mnnswSe auei ebol ena
u epentaFSwpe.
mark-05-15 auei de eratF nihsous aunau epeto nreFSoor eFHmoos eHraei ereneFHoei
te HiwwF auw erepeFHht smont. pentalegewn Swpe nmmaF auw aurHote.
mark-05-16 nentaunau de autaouo eroou nqe ntasSwpe mpeto ndaimwnion auw etbe ne
mark-05-17 ausepswpF de etreFpwwne ebol Hn neutoS
mark-05-18 auw eFnatale epJoei aFsepswpF nCi peto ndaimwnion etreFouaHF nswF
mark-05-19 auw mpFkaaF eFJw mmos naF Je bwk eHraei epekhei Sanekrwme ngtaouo er
oou nnentapJoeis aau nak
mark-05-20 eaFna nak aFbwk de aFarcesqai ntaSeoeiS Hn tdekapolis nnenta ihsous
aau naF. auw aurSphre throu
mark-05-21= ntereFJioor ebol Hm pJoei nCi ihsous aFei epekro. aunoC mmhhSe swouH
eroF. neFHateqalassa de
mark-05-22 auw aFei nCi oua narcisunagwgos epeFran pe iaeiros. ntereFnau de ero
F aFpaHtF HaratF
mark-05-23 auw aFsepswpF emate eFJw mmos Je taSeere mokH nSwne Jekaas Ce ekeei
ngkatootk HiJws Je eselo nswnH
mark-05-24+ aFbwk de nmmaF. auw aFouaHF nswF nCi ounoC mmhhSe neuqlibe de mmoF.
mark-05-25 auw ousHime erepesnoF Souo mmos eismntsnoous rrompe.
mark-05-26 auw asSepHaH nHise ntootou nHaH nsaein auw asJo ebol nneteuntasse th
rou empsmton laau. alla ntasei nqo.
mark-05-27 nteresswtm etbe ihsous asoSs eHoun Hm pmhhSe asei epaHou mmoF asJwH
mark-05-28 asJoos gar Je eiSanJwH eneFHoite Tnalo.
mark-05-29 auw nteunou asCw nCi tphgh mpessnoF. auw aseime Hm pesswma Je aslo e
bol Hn tmastigx etnmmas
mark-05-30 ihsous de ntereFeime nteunou Hrai nHhtF etCom entasei ebol mmoF aFkt
oF Hm pmhhSe eFJw mmos Je nim pe ntaFJwH enaHoite
mark-05-31 peJeneFmaqhths naF Je knau epmhhSe etqlibe mmok etbe pai kJw mmos Je
nim pe ntaFJwH eroei.
mark-05-32 aFkteiatF de enau etentasrpai
mark-05-33 tesHime de asrHote auw asstwt essooun mpentaFSwpe mmos asei aspaHts
HaratF astaouo eroF ntme thrs
mark-05-34 ntoF de peJaF nas Je taSeere toupistis te ntasnaHme bwk Hn oueirhnh.
ntelo ebol Hn toumastigx.
mark-05-35- eti ntoF eFSaJe. auei nCi nrwme mparcisunagwgos euJw mmos naF Je tek
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mark-05-36 ihsous de ntereFswtm epSaJe eFJw mmoF peJaF mparcisunagwgos Je mprrH
ote pisteue mmate
mark-05-37 auw mpFkalaau eouaHF nswF. nsapetros nmiakwbos nmiwHannhs pson niakw
mark-05-38 auw auei eHrai ephei mparcisunagwgos aFnau eroou euStrtwr auw eurime
euounro emate.
mark-05-39 ntereFbwk de eHoun peJaF nau Je aHrwtn tetnStrtwr. auw tetnrime etSe
ere Shm mpsmou alla esnkotk
mark-05-40 auswbe nswF ntoF de ntereFnoJou ebol throu aFJipiwt ntSeere Shm mn t
esmaau mn netnmmaF aFbwk eHoun epma eteretSeere Shm nHhtF.
mark-05-41 auw ntereFamaHte ntCiJ ntSeere Shm peJaF nas Je taleiqa koum. ete pa
i pe SauouaHmeF Je tSeere Shm eeiJero twoune
mark-05-42 auw nteunou astwouns nCi tSeere Shm asmooSe nesHm mntsnoous gar rrom
pe auw aurSphre nteunou nounoC nSphre
mark-05-43 aFHwn de etootou emate Jekaas ennelaau eime epai auw aFoueHsaHne etr
mark-06-01= aFei de ebol Hm pma etmmau aFei eHrai eteFpolis. auw auouaHou nswF n
Ci neFmaqhths
mark-06-02 nterepsabbaton de Swpe aFarcesqai nTsbw Hn tsunagwgh auw pmhhSe eusw
tm aurSphre euJw mmos Je ntapai Cnnai twn. auw oute taisofia ntautaas mpai. auw
neiCom nteiCot etere pai eire mmoou
mark-06-03 mpai am pe pHamSe pShre mmaria. auw pson niakwbos nmiwsh nmiouda nms
imwn. auw neFswne neunpeeima an HaHthn auskandalize Hrai nHhtF.
mark-06-04 peJe ihsous de nau. Je mmnprofhths shS ei mhti Hn teFpolis auw Hn ne
Fsuggenhs mn peFhei.
mark-06-05 mpFrlaau de nCom mpma etmmau nsaHoeine euSwne aFkatootF HiJwou aFtal
mark-06-06 auw neurSphre etbe teumntatnaHte neFkwte de pe enetme eFTsbw
mark-06-07= auw aFmoute epmntsnoous aFarcesqai nJoouse snau snau auw aFT nau nte
xousia eHoun enepneuma nakaqarton
mark-06-08 aFHwn de etootou Jekaas enneuFilaau nmmau eteHih nsaouCerwb mmate ou
de oeik oude phra oude Homnt eneumoJH
mark-06-09 alla ereneusandalion otH eratou. oude nsetmTSthn snte Hiwou
mark-06-10 auw neFJw mmos nau Je phei etetnabwk eHoun eroF Cw nHhtF Santetnei e
bol Hm pma etmmau
mark-06-11 auw pma etenFnaSepthutn eroF an oude nsetmswtm erwtn etetnnaei ebol
Hm pma etmmau nouHe ebol mpSoeiS etHaroou nnetouerhte eumntmntre eroou.
mark-06-12 auw nteroumooSe aukhrusse Je euemetanoei
mark-06-13 auw HaH ndaimwnion aunoJou ebol HenkemhhSe euSwne autaHsou nneH auta
mark-06-14= auw aFswtm nCi Hhrwdhs prro apeFran gar Tsoeit auw neuJw mmos Je iwH
annhs petTbaptisma aFtwoun Hn netmoout auw etbe pai nCom energi nHhtF.
mark-06-15 Henkooue de neuJw mmos Je Hhleias pe Henkooue de Je ouprofhths pe nq
e noua nneprofhths
mark-06-16 ntereFswtm de nCi Hhrwdhs peJaF Je iwHannhs pe ntaiFiteFape ntoF pe
mark-06-17 Hhrwdhs gar aFJoou aFamaHte niwHannhs aFmorF aFkaaF Hm peSteko. etbe
Hhrwdias qime mfilippos peFson ebol Je aFHmoos nmmas
mark-06-18 iwHannhs gar neFJw mmos nHhrwdhs Je ouk exesti nak eJi nqime mpekson
mark-06-19 Hhrwdias de nesCont eroF. auw nesouwS emooutF mpesCmCom de.
mark-06-20 Hhrwdhs gar neFo nHote HhtF niwHannhs eFsooun mmoF Je ourwme ndikaio
s pe eFouaab auw neFtmaio mmoF ntereFswtm de eroF nHaH nsop aFrSphre auw neFswtm
eroF eFpiqe.
mark-06-21 ntereouHoou de nran Swpe eaHhrwdhs Hm peFHoumise eroudipnon eneFmegi
stanos auw enciliarcos mnnnoC ntgalilaia.
mark-06-22 asei eHoun nCi tSeere nHhrwdias asorce asranaF nHhrwdhs mn netnhJ. p
ero de aFJoos ntSeere Shm Je aiti mmoi mpeteouaSF auw TnataaF ne.
mark-06-23 auw aFHomologei nas Je peteraaiti mmoi mmoF TnataaF ne SatpaSe ntamn
mark-06-24 nteresei de ebol asJoos ntesmaau Je taaiti nou. ntos de peJas Je eti
ntape niwHannhs pbaptisths
mark-06-25 auw nteresbwk eHoun nteunou Sapero asaiti mmoF esJw mmos Je TouwS Je
kaas tenou ekeT nai HiJn oupinax ntape niwHannhs pbaptisths.
mark-06-26 auw ntereFmkaH nHht nCi prro. etbe nanauS mn netnhJ nmmaF mpFouwS et
stos ebol.
mark-06-27 auw nteunou pero aFJoou nouspekoulatwr aFoueHsaHne naF etreFnteFape.
aFbwk de aFFiteFape Hm peSteko.
mark-06-28 aFnts HiJm ppinax aFtaas ntSeere Shm tSeere Shm de astaas ntesmaau.
mark-06-29 auw nterouswtm nCi mmaqhths. auei auFipeFswma aukaaF Hn oumHaou.
mark-06-30= napostolos de auswouH eihsous auw auJw autauo eroF nnentauaau throu
mn nentauaau nsbw
mark-06-31 peJe ihsous de nau Je amhin ntwtn nsausa euma nJaie ntetnmton mmwtn
noukouei netnhu gar auw netbhk nenaSwou emaukaau esrFe eouwm
mark-06-32 auw autale epJoei aubwk mauaau euma nJaeie.
mark-06-33 aHaH de nau eroou eubhk ausouwnou auw auei ebol Hn mpolis. aupwt era
tou. aurSorp de eroou.
mark-06-34 auw ntereFei ebol aFnau eunoC mmhhSe. auw aFSn HthF eJwou Je neuo nq
e nHenesoou emmntou Sws HiJwou. auw aFarci eTsbw nau emate
mark-06-35 nterenau de Se. neFmaqhths auTpeuouoei eroF euJw mmos naF Je pma ouJ
aie pe. auw hdh anau Se.
mark-06-36 kaau ebol Je euebwk enswSe etHmpeukwte mn netme nsetoou nau nnetouna
mark-06-37 ntoF de aFouwSb eFJw mmos nau Je Tnau ntwtn etreuouwm. peJau naF Je
marnbwk ntntoou mntsnoous nSe noeik ntntaau nau eouwm. ntoF de peJaF nau
mark-06-38 Je ounthtn ouhr noeik bwk ntetnnau. auw nteroueime peJau naF Je Tou
mntbt snau.
mark-06-39 auw aFoueHsaHne nau etreunoJou throu euo nauht auht eJmpecortos etou
mark-06-40 auw aunoJou euo nauht auht Se Se auw taeiou taeiou.
mark-06-41 ntereFJi de mpTou noik nmptbt snau aFFiatF eHrai etpe aFsmou eroou a
uw aFpeSnoeik aFtaau nneFmaqhths Je euekaau Harwou pketbt snau aFpoSou eJwou thr
mark-06-42 auw auouwm throu ausi.
mark-06-43 auw auFimntsnoous nkot eumeH llakm auFi on ebol Hn ntbt.
mark-06-44 nentauouwm de neunarauCistba rrwme.
mark-06-45= auw nteunou aFanagkaze nneFmaqhths etale epJoei auw erSorp eroF epik
ro ebhqsaida SanteFkapmhhSe ebol.
mark-06-46 auw ntereFapostasse nau aFbwk eHrai eptoou eSlhl.
mark-06-47 ntererouHe de Swpe nerepJoei Hn tmhte nqalassa. auw ntoF neFHipekro
mark-06-48 ntereFnau de eroou euHose Hm ptreusChr pthu gar neFT oubhu Hm pmeHFt
oou nSwp nteuSh aFei Saroou eFmooSe HiJn qalassa auw neFouwS eparage mmoou.
mark-06-49 ntoou nde nterounau eroF eFmooSe HiJn qalassa. aumeeue Je oufantasma
pe. auw auJiSkak ebol
mark-06-50 aueiorHF gar throu. auw auStortr. ntoF de nteunou aFSaJe nmmau eFJw
mmos Je twk nHht anok pe mprrHote
mark-06-51 auw aFale epJoei nmmau apthulo bbol. aurSphre de emate
mark-06-52 mpounoei gar Hinoeik. alla nerepeuHht thm
mark-06-53= nteroumoone de epekro auei egennhsaret
mark-06-54 nteroupe de epekro nteunou ausouwnF
mark-06-55 auw aupwt ebol Hn tecwra thrs etmmau. auw auarcei eeine HiJn netClwC
nnetmokH Hn neuSwne epma eSauswtm Je FnHhtF.
mark-06-56 auw pma etFnabwk eHoun eroF eHenTme hHenpolis hHenswSe. SaukanetSwne
Hn nagora nsesepswpF Jekaas eueJwH eptop nteFSthn auw neSauJwH eroF Saulo.
mark-07-01= auswouH de eroF nCi nefarissaios auw Hoine nnegrammateus eauei ebol
Hn qierosoluma
mark-07-02 auw nterounau eHoine nneFmaqhths Je seouwm mpeuoeik empoueiatootou
mark-07-03 nefarissaios gar mnnioudai throu eutmiatootou mauouwm euamaHte ntpar
adosis nnepresbuteros
mark-07-04 auw euSanei ntagora eutmCeSCwSou meuouwm. auw Henkesmot throu eauJit
ou eamaHte mmoou Henapot eHorpou nmHenxesths nmHencalkin
mark-07-05 auJnouF de nCi nefarissaios mn negrammateus Je etbe ou nekmaqhths ns
emooSe an katatparadosis nnepresbuteros. alla seouwm mpeuoik eretootou tolm.
mark-07-06 ntoF de peJaF nau Je kalws ahsaias profhteue Harwtn nHupokriths nqe
etFshH Je pilatos tmaio mmoi Hn neFspotou. peuHht de ouhu ebol mmoi
mark-07-07 euouwSt de mmoi epJinJh euTsbw nHensbooue nentolh rrwme.
mark-07-08 eatetnkw nswtn ntentolh mpnoute tetnamaHte nmparadosis nrrwme
mark-07-09 auw neFJw mmos nau. Je kalws tetnaqeti ntentolh mpnoute Je etetneHar
eH etetnparadosis
mark-07-10 mwushs gar aFJoos Je mataiepekeiwt nmtekmaau auw petnaJiSaJe eFHoou
nsapeFeiwt hteFmaau Hn oumou mareFmou.
mark-07-11 ntwtn de tetnJw mmos Je erSanprwme Joos mpeFeiwt hteFmaau Je korban.
ete pai pe Je oudwron pe ekSanTHhu mmoF ebol nHht
mark-07-12 matetnkaaF Ce erlaau nHwb mpeFeiwt hteFmaau
mark-07-13 etetntsto ebol mpSaJe mpnoute Hn tetnparadosis ntatetntaas etootou a
uw HenkeHbhue throu eutntwn enai tetneire mmoou.
mark-07-14- auw aFmoute on epmhhSe peJaF nau. Je swtm eroei thrtn ntetnnoei
mark-07-15 mmnlaau eFmpbol mprwme eFnabwk eHoun eroF eFnaSJaHmeF alla netnhu eb
ol mprwme ntoou netJwHm mprwme.
mark-07-16 [--]
mark-07-17 auw ntereFkapmhhSe aFbwk eHoun ephei auJnouF nCi neFmaqhths etparabo
mark-07-18 ntoF de peJaF nau Je ntwtn Hwtthutn tetno natHht Hinai. ntetnnoei an
Je nka nim eFmpbol mprwme eFnabwk eHoun eroF nFnaSJaHmeF an
mark-07-19 ebol Je neFbhk an eHoun efht. alla eHrai eqh. auw Fbhk ebol epma nrm
h eFkaqarize nnCinouoom throu.
mark-07-20 neFJw de mmos Je petnhu de ebol mprwme petmmau peSaFJaHm prwme.
mark-07-21 eFnhu gar ebol Hi Houn mpHht nrrwme nCi mmeue eqoou Henporneia HenJi
mark-07-22 HenHwtb Henmntnoeik. Henmntmai to nHouo Henponhria oumntreFJwHm ouba
l eFHoou oumntreFJioua oumntJasiHht oumntatHht
mark-07-23 nai throu eqoou eunhu ebol Hi Houn euJwHm mprwme.
mark-07-24= ntereFpwwne de ebol mpma etmmau aFbwk eHrai entoS nturos nmsidwn auw
ntereFbwk eHoun ephei mpFouwS etrelaau eime. auw mpeFeSHwp
mark-07-25 alla nteunou nteresswtm etbhhtF nCi ousHime euntsouSeere mmau ere ou
pneuma nakaqarton nmmas asei aspaHts HaratF
mark-07-26 tesHime de neuHellhn te rrmtefoinikh ntsuria. auw assepswpF Jekaas e
FeneJpdaimwnion ebol Hi tesSeere
mark-07-27 peJaF de nas Je kanShre etreusei nSorp. nnanous gar an eJi mpoeik nn
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mark-07-28 ntos de asouwSb esJw mmos naF Je se pJoeis. nkeouHoor Sauouwm ebol H
n nsreFriFe Hatetrapeza nnShre.
mark-07-29 auw peJaF nas Je bwk etbe peeiSaJe apdaimwnion ei ebol Hn touSeere.
mark-07-30 nteresbwk de epeshi asHe eteSSeere esnhJ HipeCloC eapdaimwnion lo Hi
mark-07-31= ntereFei on ebol Hn ntoS nturos. aFbwk ebol Hitn sidwn eqalassa ntga
lilaia Hn tmhte nntoS ntdekapolis
mark-07-32 auw aueine naF noual nmpo. auw ausepswpF Jekaas eFekatootF HiJwF.
mark-07-33 ntereFntF de ebol outepmhhSe. aFJitF eusa aFneJneFthhbe eHoun eneFma
aJe. auw ntereFneJtaF eHoun eHraF aFJwH epeFlas
mark-07-34 auw ntereFFiiatF eHrai etpe aFaSaHom auw peJaF naF Je epfaqa. ete pa
i pe ouwn.
mark-07-35 auw neFmaaJe auouwn auw asouwn nCi tmrre mpeFlas aFSaJe kalws
mark-07-36 auw aFHwn etootou Jekaas nneuJoos llaau Hoson de aFHwn etootou ntoou
nHouo on euT mpeFsoeit
mark-07-37 auw neurSphre emate euJw mmos Je kalws Hwb nim aFaau Hwste nFtenkeal
swtm auw nempo nFtreuSaJe.
mark-08-01= Hn neHoou etmmau neunounoC on mmhhSe nmmaF auw emmntou petounaouomF
aFmoute eneFmaqhths peJaF nau
mark-08-02 Je TSnHthei eJmpmhhSe Jehdh eisSomnt nHoou seproskarterei eroei. emm
ntou petounaouomF
mark-08-03 auw eiSankaau ebol empouwm senaswSm Hn teHih eunHoine nHhtou Soop Hm
mark-08-04 auouwSb de naF nCi neFmaqhths Je nim petnaStsienai noeik mpeima Hn o
mark-08-05 auw aFJnouou Je ounthtn ouhr mmau noeik. ntoou de peJau Je saSF.
mark-08-06 auw aFHwn etootF mpmhhSe etreunoJou Hipesht aFJi de mpsaSF noeik aFS
pHmot eJwou aFpoSou auw aFtaau nneFmaqhths Je euekaau Harwou. auw aukaau HarwF m
pmhhSe neuntou
mark-08-07 HenkeShm de ntbt ntereFsmou de eroou aFoueHsaHne ekaneeikooue Harwou
mark-08-08 auouwm de ausi auw auFi nllakm. entaurHouo eunarsaSF bbir
mark-08-09 neunarHme de nSe auw aFkaau ebol.
mark-08-10 nteunou de ntereFale epJoei mn neFmaqhths aFei eHrai ensa ndalmanouq
mark-08-11= auw auei ebol nCi nefarissaios auarcei eTtwn nmmaF eukwte nsaoumaein
ntootF ebol Hn tpe eupeiraze mmoF.
mark-08-12 auw ntereFaSaHom Hm peFpneuma peJaF Je etbe ou teeigenea kwte nsaoum
aein Hamhn TJw mmos nhtn Je eSwpe senaTmaein nteigenea.
mark-08-13 auw ntereFlo Haroou aFtale on epJoei aFbwk epikro
mark-08-14= auw aurpwbS nJioeik nau. auw nemmntau mmau nsaouoeik ouwt Hm pJoei
mark-08-15 auw aFHwn etootou eFJw mmos Je CwSt ntetnTHthtn erwtn epeqab nnefari
ssaios mn peqab nHhrwdhs
mark-08-16 auw aumekmoukou mn neuerhu Je mntouoeik mmau.
mark-08-17 ntereFeime de peJaF nau Je etbe ou tetnmokmek Je mmnthtnoeik mmau. n
tetnnoei an oude ntetnT an nHthtn petnHht thm
mark-08-18 erenetnbal mmwtn ntetneiwrH an. auw erenetnmaaJe mmwtn ntetnswtm an
auw ntetnrpmeue an
mark-08-19 nteripeSTou noeik epCistba rrwme. atetnFiouhr nkot eumeH llakm peJau
naF Je mntsnoous.
mark-08-20 nteripwS on mpsaSF noeik epeHme nSe rrwme atetnFiouhr bbir eumeH lla
km. peJau naF Je saSF.
mark-08-21 auw peJaF nau Je pws Ce ntetnnoeie an.
mark-08-22= auei de eHrai ebhdsaidan auw aueine naF noublle ausepswpF de Jekaas
eFeJwH eroF
mark-08-23 auw ntereFamaHte ntootF mpblle. aFntF epbol ntkwmh. auw ntereFneJpaC
se eHoun Hn neFbal aFkatootF HiJwF aFJnouF de Je eknau eou.
mark-08-24 ntereFFiiatF de eHrai peJaF Je Tnau enrwme eumooSe nqe nHenShn.
mark-08-25 palin aFkatootF HiJn neFbal aiatF swtF aFeiwrH auw aFnau enka nim ka
mark-08-26 auw aFJoouF eHrai epeFhei eFJw mmos naF Je mprbwk rw eHoun etkwmh.
mark-08-27= auw ihsous aFei ebol mn neFmaqhths enkwmh ntkesaria ntefilippos. auw
eFHnteHih aFJnouneFmaqhths eFJw mmos nau. Je ererrwme Jw mmos eroei Je angnim.
mark-08-28 ntoou de peJau naF Je Hoine Je iwHannhs pe pbaptisths. Henkooue Je H
hleias pe. Henkooue de Je oua pe nneprofhths.
mark-08-29 ntoF de aFJnouou Je ntwtn de etetnJw mmos eroei Je angnim. aFouwSb d
e nCi petros eFJw mmos naF Je ntok pe pecristos
mark-08-30 auw aFepitima nau Jekaas nneuJoos llaau etbhhtF.
mark-08-31= auw aFarci ntouneiatou ebol Je pShre mprwme eFnaJpiSepHaH nHise nses
toF ebol nCi nepresbuteros mnnarciereus mn negrammateus. nsemooutF. auw mnnsa So
mnt nHoou nFtwoun.
mark-08-32 auw Hn ouparrhsia neFJw mpSaJe petros de aFTpeFouoi eHoun eroF aFarc
ei nepitima naF.
mark-08-33 ntoF de ntereFktoF auw aFnau eneFmaqhths aFepitima mpetros eFJw mmos
naF. Je bwk epaHou mmoi psatanas ebol Je ngmeeue an enapnoute alla enanrrwme.
mark-08-34 auw ntereFmoute epmhhSe mn neFmaqhths peJaF nau Je petouwS eouaHF ns
wi mareFarna mmoF nFFi mpeFstauros nFouaHF nswei
mark-08-35 petnaouwS gar enaHm teFyuch Fnasormes . petnaswrm de nteFyuch etbhht
mn peuaggelion FnatouJos .
mark-08-36 ou gar etnaTHhu mprwme etreFJpepkosmos thrF auw nFTose nteFyuch.
mark-08-37 auw ou petere prwme nataaF nSbbiw HateFyuch.
mark-08-38 petnaTSipe gar nai mn netenoui ne Hn teigenea nnoeik. auw nreFrnobe.
pShre HwwF mprwme naTSipe naF eFSanei Hm peoou mpeFeiwt mnnaggelos etouaab
mark-09-01= auw neFJw mmos nau Je Hamhn Hamhn TJw mmos nhtn Je ounHoine nnetaHer
atou mpeima ensenaJiTpe an mpmou Santounau etmntrro mpnoute easei Hn ouCom.
mark-09-02= auw mnnsasoou nHoou aFJi nCi ihsous mpetros nmiakwbos nmiwHannhs aFJ
itou mmauaau eJn outoou eFJose auw aFSbtF HiHh mmoou
mark-09-03 auw neFHoite aumouH eauoubaS emate. enneSouraHt ntwCs treupire Hinai
mark-09-04 auw aFouwnH eroou nCi Hhleias nmmwushs euSaJe mn ihsous.
mark-09-05 aFouwSb de nCi petros eFJw mmos nihsous Je Hrabbei nanous nan etrenC
w mpeima. tarntamio Ce nSomte nskhnh ouei nak auw ouei mmwushs auw ouei nHhleias
mark-09-06 neFsooun gar an Je eFJw mmos Jeou. atHote gar Jitou
mark-09-07 auw aukloole pwrS ebol eJwou. ausmh de ei ebol Hn tekloole Je pai pe
paShre pamerit swtm nswF
mark-09-08 auw Hn ouSsne nterouFiatou eHrai mpounau ekelaau nmmau nsa ihsous ma
mark-09-09- eunhu de epesht HiJn ptoou. aFHwn etootou Jekaas enneutaue nentaunau
eroou elaau. eimhti erSanpShre mprwme twoun ebol Hn netmoout
mark-09-10 [--]
mark-09-11 auw auJnouF euJw mmos Je etbe ou negrammateus seJw mmos Je Hhleias F
naJpiei nSorp
mark-09-12 ntoF de peJaF nau Je Hhleias men eFSanei FnaJekHwb nim ebol auw pws
ntausHai eJmpShre mprwme Jekaas eFeSepHaH nHise nsesoSF.
mark-09-13 alla TJw mmos nhtn Je pkeHhleias aFei auw aueire naF nnentauouaSou.
kata qe entausHai etbhhtF.
mark-09-14= auw nterouei eratou nmmaqhths aunau eunoC mmhhSe Hm peukwte auw Heng
rammateus euTtwn nmmau
mark-09-15 nteunou de nterepmhhSe thrF nau eroF auStortr auw aupwt eratF easpaz
e mmoF
mark-09-16 aFJnouou de Je etetnTtwn etbe ou mn netnerhu.
mark-09-17 auw aFouwSb naF nCi oua ebol Hm pmhhSe eFJw mmos Je psaH ainpaShre e
ratk ereoupneuma nmpo nmmaF.
mark-09-18 auw pma etFnataHoF SaFraHtF epkaH nFtauesHbhite ebol nFHraJreJ nneFo
bHe nFtws. aiJoos Ce nnekmaqhths Je euenoJF ebol auw mpouSnoJF.
mark-09-19 ntoF de aFouwSb eFJw mmos nau. Je wtgenea natnaHte Satnau einaSwpe n
mmhtn. Satnau einaanece mmwtn aueisF nai.
mark-09-20 auw aFJitF naF. ntereFnau de eroF nCi pepneuma nakaqarton. nteunou a
FraHtprwme epkaH auw ntereFHe aFHite Hipesht eFtauesbhite ebol.
mark-09-21 aFJnou peFeiwt de Je eisaouhr nouoeiS Jintapaei taHoF ntoF de peJaF
Je Jin teFmntkouei.
mark-09-22 auw nHaH nsop aFnoJF epkwHt auw epmoou Je eFemooutF. alla bohqei ero
n Hm petknaSaaF ekSnHthk Haron.
mark-09-23 ihsous de peJaF naF Je eJoos Je petknaSaaF. ounCom eHwb nim mpetpist
mark-09-24 nteunou de aFJiSkak ebol nCi piwt mpShre Shm eFJw mmos Je Tpisteue b
ohqei etamntatnaHte.
mark-09-25 ntereFnau de nCi ihsous Je pmhhSe pht eratF aFepitima mpepneuma naka
qarton eFJw mmos naF Je pepneuma nmpo auw nal anok pe etoueHsaHne nak Je amou eb
ol mmoF ngtmkotk ebwk eHoun eroF
mark-09-26 ntereFJiSkak de ebol auw aFraHtF HipkaH. aFei ebol mmoF. auw aFrqe n
netmoout Hwste nteoumhhSe Joos Je aFmou.
mark-09-27 ihsous de aFamaHte nteFCiJ aFtounosF aFaHeratF.
mark-09-28 auw ntereFbwk eHoun ephei. aneFmaqhths JnouF nsausa. Je etbe ou anon
mpneSnoJF ebol.
mark-09-29 peJaF de nau Je paigenos meueSnoJF ebol eimhti Hm peSlhl nmtnhstia.
mark-09-30= auw nterouei ebol mpma etmmau aubwk ebol Hn tgalilaia. auw neFouwS a
n etrelaau eime
mark-09-31 neFtsabo gar nneFmaqhths eFJw mmos Je pShre mprwme senataaF eHrai et
ootou nrrwme nsemououtF auw eFSanmou mmnnsaSomnt nHoou Fnatwoun.
mark-09-32 ntoou de mpoueime epSaJe auw neurHote eJnouF
mark-09-33= auei de eHrai ekaparnaoum auw ntereFbwk eHoun ephei aFJnouou Je eret
nSaJe mn netnerhu Hn teHih etbe ou.
mark-09-34 ntoou de aukarwou neuSaJe gar mn neuerhu Hn teHih Je nim pe pnoC etn
mark-09-35 ntereFHmoos de eHraei aFmoute epmntsnoous auw peJaF nau Je petouwS e
rnoC nHhtthutn eFnarkoui eouon nim. auw nFdiakoniouon nim.
mark-09-36 auw ntereFJi nouShre Shm aFtaHoF eratF Hn teumhte auw ntereFktetootF
eroF peJaF nau
mark-09-37 Je petnaSwp eroF noua nqe nni Shre Shm Hm paran anok petFnaSopt eroF
. auw petnaSopt eroF nanok an petFnaSopt eroF alla pentaFtnnoout.
mark-09-38= peJeiwHannhs naF Je psaH annau eoua eFneJ daimwnion ebol Hm pekran a
uw ankwlu mmoF ebol Je nFmooSe an nmman.
mark-09-39 ihsous de peJaF nau Je mprkwlu mmoF. mmnlaau gar eFnaeire nouCom Hm
paran eFnaCmCom tacu eJepapeqoou
mark-09-40 petenFT gar an nmman eFT eJwn
mark-09-41 petnatse thnou gar nouapot mmoou Hm paran Je ntetn na pecristos Hamh
n TJw mmos nhtn Je nFnaswrm an mpeFbeke.
mark-09-42= auw petnaskandalize noua nnaikouei etpisteue eroei nanous naF nHouo
eneunouwne nsike aSe epeFmakH nsenoJF eteqalassa
mark-09-43 auw erSantekCiJ skandalize mmok Saats ebol mmok nanous nak ebwk eHou
n epwnH eko nCanaH eHoueros ereCiJ snte mmok ngbwk etgeHenna etsate emesJena.
mark-09-44 [--]
mark-09-45 auw erSan tekouerhte skandalize mmok Saats ebol mmok nanous nak ebwk
eHoun epwnH eko nCale eHoueros ereouerhte snte mmok nsenoJk etgeHenna
mark-09-46 [--]
mark-09-47 auw erSanpekbal skandalize mmok porkF ngnoJF ebol mmok nanous nak eb
wk eHoun etmntrro mpnoute Hn oubal ouwt eHoueros erebal snau mmok nsenoJk etgeHe
mark-09-48 pma etempeuFnt namou an. auw teusate nsnaJena an.
mark-09-49 ouon gar nim senaJokrou Hn tsate.
mark-09-50 nanoupeHmou erSanpeHmou de baabe etetnaJokreF Hn ou. kaHmou Hrai nHh
tthutn. ntetnreirhnh mn netnerhu.
mark-10-01= auw ntereFpwwne ebol mpma etmmau aFei eHrai entoS nToudaia mn pekro
mpiordanhs apmhhSe on swouH eroF auw kataqe eSaFaas aFTsbw on nau
mark-10-02 auJnouF - Je eneexestei mprwme eneJteFsHime ebol. eupeiraze mmoF.
mark-10-03 ntoF de aFouwSb eFJw mmos nau Je ou pe ntamwushs HonF etotthutn.
mark-10-04 ntoou de peJau Je amwushs Tqe nan eTouJwwme nau ntouio auw enoJou eb
mark-10-05 ihsous de peJaF nau Je pros petnnSotnHht amwushs seHteientolh nhtn.
mark-10-06 JinteHouite de mpFswnt. ouHoout nmousHime aFtamioou
mark-10-07 etbe pai ereprwme nakapeFeiwt nswF nmteFmaau nFtwCe mmoF eteFsHime
mark-10-08 nseSwpe mpesnau eusarx ouwt
mark-10-09 pentapnoute Ce aaF noua nouwt mprtrerwme porJF.
mark-10-10 auw ntereFbwk eHoun ephei mmaqhths on auJnouF epaiSaJe.
mark-10-11 auw peJaF nau Je petnanouJe ebol nteFsHime nFHmoos nmkete eFrnoeik e
mark-10-12 ntos Hwws esSanka pesHaei nsws nsHmoos nmkeua srnoik.
mark-10-13= auw aueine naF nHenShre koui Jekaas eFekatootF HiJwou. mmaqhths de a
mark-10-14 ihsous de ntereFnau aFCnat auw peJaF nau Je kanShre koui etreuei nai
auw mprnoSpou taHoine gar nteimine te tmntrro mpnoute
mark-10-15 Hamhn TJw mmos nhtn Je petenFnaSwp an eroF ntmntrro mpnoute nqe nouS
hre koui nneFbwk eHoun eros
mark-10-16 auw ntereFSepSwpou aFsmou eroou eaFkatootF HiJwou.
mark-10-17= auw ntereFei ebol eteHih aoua pwt aFpaHtF HiHh mmoF auw aFJnouF eFJw
mmos Je psaH nagaqos ou peTnaaaF Je eieklhronomi mpwnH Sa eneH.
mark-10-18 ihsous de peJaF naF Je aHrok kJw mmos eroi Je pagaqos mmnagaqos nsap
noute mauaaF.
mark-10-19 nentolh ksooun mmoou Je mprHwtb mprrnoeik mprJioue mprrmntre nnouJ m
prFwCe tmaeie pekeiwt nmtekmaau.
mark-10-20 ntoF de peJaF naF Je psaH nai throu aiHareH eroou Jintamntkoui.
mark-10-21 ihsous de ntereFCwSt eHoun eHraF aFmeritF. auw peJaF naF Je kSaat nk
eHwb bwk neteuntaksetaau ebol ngtaau nnHhke ngkaouaHo nak Hn tpe auw ngei ngouaH
k nswei.
mark-10-22 ntoF de ntereFwkm eJmpSaJe aFbwk eFmokH nHht nenaSenCoom gar eteunta
mark-10-23- auw ihsous ntereFkteiatF peJaF nneFmaqhths Je FmokH nneteuntou crhma
mmau etreubwk eHoun etmntrro mpnoute.
mark-10-24 mmaqhths de auStortr eJn neFSaJe. ihsous de aFouwSb on eFJw mmos nau
. Je naShre etbe ou smokH nau etreubwk eHoun etmntrro mpnoute.
mark-10-25 smotn etreouCamoul bwk ebol Hn touatFe nouHam ntwp eHoueourmmao etre
Fbwk eHoun etmntrro mpnoute.
mark-10-26 ntoou de auStortr epeHouo euJw mmos naF Je auw nim pe etnaSwnH.
mark-10-27 ihsous de ntereFCwSt eHoun eHrau peJaF nau Je HaHtenrwme nneSpai Swp
e. alla Hatepnoute an. ounCom gar eHwb nim Hatepnoute.
mark-10-28 aFarci de nCi petros eJoos naF Je eis Hhhte anon ankanka nim nswn au
w anouaHn nswk.
mark-10-29 ihsous de peJaF nau Je Hamhn TJw mmos nhtn mmnlaau eaFkahi nswF. hso
n hswne hmaau heiwt hShre hswSe etbht auw etbe peuaggelion.
mark-10-30 enFnaJitou an nSe nkwb tenou Hm peiouoeiS Henhei mnHenson mnHenswne
nmHenmaau nmHenShre mnHenswSe HiHendiwgmos auw ouwnH Sa eneH Hm paiwn etnhu.
mark-10-31 ounHaH de nSorp narHae auw ntenHaeou rSorp.
mark-10-32= neumooSe de Hn teHih euna eHrai eqierosoluma nere ihsous de HiHh mmo
ou netouhH de nswF aqote Jitou auw aFmoute on epmntsnoous aFarci nJw eroou nnetn
aSwpe mmoF
mark-10-33 Je eis Hhhte enna eHrai eqierosoluma. auw pShre mprwme senaparadidou
mmoF etootou nnarciereus mn negrammateus nsetCaioF epmou. auw senataaF etootou
mark-10-34 nseswbe nswF nsenJtaF eHoun eHraF. nsemastigou mmoF nsemooutF. auw m
nnsa Somnt nHoou Fnatwoun
mark-10-35= auw auTpeuouoei eroF nCi iakwbos nmiwHannhs pShre snau nzebedaios eu
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mark-10-36 ntoF de peJaF nau Je ou petetouaSF etraaaF nhtn.
mark-10-37 ntoou de peJau naF Je ma nan Jekaas ereoua mmon Hmoos nsaounam mmok
auw keua nsaHbour mmok Hm pekeoou
mark-10-38 ihsous de peJaF nau Je ntetnsooun an Je etetnaiti nou. papot anok eT
nasooF. tetnnaSsooF pbaptisma eTnabaptize nHhtF tetnnaSJitF.
mark-10-39 ntoou de peJau naF Je se. ihsous de peJaF nau Je papot men eTnasooF
tetnasooF. auw pbaptisma eTnaJitF tetnnaJitF.
mark-10-40 eHmoos de nsaounam mmoi hsaHbour mmoi mpwi an pe etaaF. Henkooue ne
ntausbtwtF nau.
mark-10-41 auw nterouswtm nCi pmht auarci nCnat etbe iakwbos nmiwHannhs
mark-10-42 auw ntereFmoute eroou nCi ihsous peJaF nau Je tetnsooun Je netJw mmo
s Je seo narcwn enHeqnos seo mpeuJoeis auw neunoC seo nteuexousia.
mark-10-43 ntai de an te qe nHhtthutn. alla petnaouwS ernoC nHhtthutn eFnadiako
ni nhtn.
mark-10-44 auw petnaouwS erSorp nHhtthutn. eFnarHmHal nhtn thrtn
mark-10-45 kaigar pShre mprwme ntaFei an etreudiakoni naF alla etreFdiakoni. au
w nFT nteFyuch nswte HaoumhhSe.
mark-10-46= auw eFnhu ebol Hn Hiericw mn neFmaqhths auw ounoC mmhhSe. bartimaios
eublle pe pShre ntimaios neFHmoos eHrai HateteHih eFJimntna.
mark-10-47 auw ntereFswtm Je ihsous pepnazaraios. aFarci nJiSkak ebol eFJw mmos
Je ihsous pShre ndaueid. na nai.
mark-10-48 auw aunoSpF nCi oumhhSe Je eFekarwF ntoF de nHouo aFJiSkak ebol eFJw
mmos Je pShre ndaueid na nai
mark-10-49 auw ntereFaHeratF nCi ihsous aFoueHsaHne nau etreumoute eroF. auw au
moute epblle euJw mmos naF Je twk nHht twoun Fmoute erok.
mark-10-50 ntoF de aFneJneFHoite ebol mmoF aFtwounF nteunou aFei eratF nihsous.
mark-10-51 aFouwSb de naF nCi ihsous eFJw mmos Je ou petkouaSF etraaaF nak. pbl
le de peJaF naF Je Hrabbounei eiouwS nau ebol.
mark-10-52 auw ihsous peJaF naF Je bwk tekpistis asnaHmek. nteunou de aFnau ebo
l aFouaHF nswF Hn teHih.
mark-11-01= auw nterouHwn eHoun eqierosoluma ebhtfagh mnbhqania. HaHteptoou nnJo
eit aFJeusnau nneFmaqhths
mark-11-02 eFJw mmos nau Je bwk eHrai etkwmh etHmpetnmto ebol auw nteunou etetn
nabwk eHoun eros tetnnaHe eushC eFmhr empatelaau rrwme Hmoos HiJwF bolF ntetnntF
mark-11-03 auw erSanlaau SaJe nmmhtn Je etetnnarou mpai aJis Je pJoeis pettaHe
naF. auw on nteunou FnatnnoouF on epeima
mark-11-04 aubwk de auw auHe epshC eFmhr euro Hm fir auw aubolF
mark-11-05 Hoine de nnetaHeratou Hm pma etmmau peJau nau Je etetnrou etetnbwl m
mark-11-06 ntoou de auSaJe nmmau kataqe enta ihsous Joos nau auw aukaau.
mark-11-07 aunpshC de eratF nihsous auprSneuHoite HiJwF aFHmoos HiJwF
mark-11-08 kemhhSe on auprSneuHoite Hn teHih Henkooue de auSwwt nHenklados Hn n
mark-11-09 auw netHiHh mmoF mn netouhH nswF. neuJiSkak ebol Je wsanna Fsmamaat
nCi petnhu Hm pran mpJoeis
mark-11-10 ssmamaat nCi tmntrro etnhu mpeneiwt daueid. wsanna Hn netJose
mark-11-11 auw aFbwk eHoun eqierosoluma eperpe. auw ntereFkteiatF Hm pma thrF e
arouHe hdh Swpe. aFei ebol ebhqania mnpmntsnoous
mark-11-12= auw mpeFraste nterouei ebol nbhqania aFHko
mark-11-13 auw ntereFnau eubw nknte mpoue ereHenCwbe Hiwws aFbwk erats Je meSak
eFeCnlaau nHhts auw ntereFei mpFCnlaau Hiwws nsaCwbe mmate nepshu gar an pe mpk
mark-11-14 aFouwSb de eFJw mmos nas Je nnelaau Jin mpeinau ouemkarpos ebol nHht
e. auw neFmaqhths neuswtm.
mark-11-15= aubwk de eHoun eqierosoluma auw ntereFbwk eHoun eperpe aFarcei nnouJ
e ebol nnetT ebol mn nettoou Hm perpe auw netrapeza rreFJikolumbon. aFtauoou epe
sht auw mma nHmoos nnetTCroompe ebol
mark-11-16 epFkalaau eJiskeuh ebol Hm perpe.
mark-11-17 auw neFTsbw nau eFJw mmos Je nFshH an Je pahi eunamoute eroF Je phei
mpeSlhl nnHeqnos throu. ntwtn de atetnaaF nsphlaion nsoone.
mark-11-18 auw auswtm nCi narciereus mn negrammateus aukwte nsaqe mmooutF neurH
ote gar HhtF pmhhSe gar thrF neFrSphre eJn teFsbw.
mark-11-19 auw ntererouHe Swpe aFrpbol ntpolis
mark-11-20= nterouparage de Htoou aunau etbnknte asSooue Jinnesnoune.
mark-11-21 auw ntereFrpmeeue nCi petros peJaF naF Je Hrabbei. anau etbnknte nta
ksHouwrs ntasSooue.
mark-11-22 aFouwSb de nCi ihsous eFJw mmos nau Je katpistis mpnoute nHhtthutn.
mark-11-23 Hamhn TJw mmos nhtn Je petnaJoos mpeitoou Je pwwne ngbwk eteqalassa
nFtmrHht snau Hm peFHht alla nFpisteue Je petFJw mmoF FnaSwpe naF.
mark-11-24 etbe pai TJw mmos nhtn Je Hwb nim etetnnaSlhl eroou etetnaiti mmoou
pisteue Je atetnJitou auw senaSwpe nhtn.
mark-11-25 auw etetnSaaHerat thnou eSlhl kw ebol mpeteunthtnF erwme. Jekaas pet
neiwt etHn mphue eFekw nhtn ebol nnetnnobe.
mark-11-26 [--]
mark-11-27= auei on eHrai eqierosoluma auw eFmooSe Hm perpe. auTpeuoi eroF nCi n
arciereus mn negrammateus mn nepresbuteros
mark-11-28 euJw mmos naF. Je nai ekeire mmoou Hn aS nexousia. hnim pe ntaFT nak
nteiexousia Jekaas ekernai.
mark-11-29 ihsous de peJaF nau Je TnaJnoutn Hw euSaJe aJiF eroei pe. auw anok H
w TnaJoos nhtn Je eeire nnai Hn aS nexousia
mark-11-30 pbaptisma niwHannhs ouebol twn pe ouebol Hn tpe pe. Jnouebol Hn rrwm
e aJis nai
mark-11-31 auw aumekmoukou mn neuerhu euJw mmos Je enSanJoos Je ouebol Hn tpe p
e. FnaJoos nan Je etbe ou mpetnpisteue eroF.
mark-11-32 alla tarnJoos Je ouebol pe Hn rrwme neurHote HhtF mpmhhSe. ereiwHann
hs gar ntootou throu ontws Je ouprofhths pe.
mark-11-33 auw auouwSb euJw mmos nihsous Je ntnsooun an. ihsous de peJaF nau Je
anok Hw nTnaJoos an nhtn Je nai eieire mmoou Hn aS nexousia.
mark-12-01= auw aFarcei nJoos nau Hn Henparabolh Je ourwme pe ntaFtwCe nouma nel
oole. aFkto eroF nouJo aFSaktoueiom Hrai nHhtF. auw aFkwt noupurgos aFtaaF etoot
ou nHenCmhou aFapodhmei
mark-12-02 auw aFJeuouHmHal eratou nneCmhou Hm pkairos nnkarpos Je eFeJi ntooto
u nneCmhou ebol Hm nkarpos mpma neloole.
mark-12-03 auw nterouamaHte mmoF auHioue eroF auJoouF empouTlaau naF.
mark-12-04 aFJeukeHmHal on eratou. pkeoua etmmau aumooutF. auw ausoSF.
mark-12-05 aFJeukeoua auw pket aumooutF mnHenkooue throu Hoine men euHioue eroo
u Henkooue de eumoout mmoou.
mark-12-06 eti neuntFouShre mmau mmerit aFJoouF eratou. mnnswou eFJw mmos Je se
naSipe HhtF mpaShre.
mark-12-07 neCmhu de etmmau auSaJe mn neuerhu euJw mmos Je pai pe peklhronomos.
amhitn ntnmooutF. auw teklhronomia nartwn.
mark-12-08 nterouamaHte de mmoF aumooutF auw aunoJF epbol mpma neloole.
mark-12-09 ou petere pJoeis mpma neloole naaaF. Fnhu nFtakeneCmhu nFT mpma nelo
ole nHenkooue.
mark-12-10 teigrafh de on mpetnoSs. Je pwne ntanetkwt stoF ebol aFSwpe euape nk
mark-12-11 ntapai Swpe HitootF mpJoeis auw ouSphre pe mpetnmto ebol.
mark-12-12- auouwS de eamaHte mmoF auw aurHote HhtF mpmhhSe. aueime gar Je ntaFJ
e teiparabolh etbhhtou. auw nteroukaaF aubwk
mark-12-13= auw auJeuHoine eratF nCi nefarissaios mnnHhrwdianos etreuCopF Hn ouS
mark-12-14 auw nterouT peuouoei eroF peJau naF Je psaH tnsooun Je ntkourm mme a
uw ngHhCe an HhtF llaau ngJiHo gar an rrwme alla Hn oume ekTsbw nteHih mpnoute e
xesti eTkhnsos mprro Jnmmon tarnT Jnmpwr.
mark-12-15 ntoF de eFsooun nteuHupokrisis peJaF nau Je etbe ou tetnpeiraze mmoi
aniousateere nai Je eienau eros.
mark-12-16 ntoou de soutwns eroF auw peJaF nau Je tanim te teeiHikwn mn neisHai
. ntoou de peJau naF Je taprro te.
mark-12-17 ihsous de peJaF nau Je Tnaprro Ce mprro auw napnoute mpnoute. auw au
rSphre mmoF.
mark-12-18= auei de SaroF nCi nsaddoukaios netJw mmos Je mmnanastasis naSwpe. au
w auJnouF euJw mmos
mark-12-19 Je psaH mwushs aFsHai nan Je eSwpe erSanpson oua mou auw nFkateFsHim
e nFtmkaShre de erepeFson JiteFsHime nFtounossperma mpeFson.
mark-12-20 neunsaSF de nson auw pSorp aFJiHime. auw aFmou mpFkasperma.
mark-12-21 auw pmeHsnau aFJits auw aFmou empFkasperma. auw pmeHSomnt Homoiws
mark-12-22 SapmeHsaSF. empelaau mmoou kasperma. auw tkesHime asmou.
mark-12-23 Hn tanastasis Ce esnarsHime nnim mmoou. psaSF gar auHmoos nmmas.
mark-12-24 ihsous de peJaF nau Je etbe pai an Ce etetnplana entetnsooun an nneg
rafh oude tCom mpnoute
mark-12-25 euSantwoun gar ebol Hn netmoout oute nsenaJiHime an. oute nsenaJiHai
an. alla eunaCw nqe nnaggelos etHnmphue.
mark-12-26 etbe netmoout de Je senatwoun mpetnwS Hm pJwwme mmwushs nqe entapnou
te Joos naF Hipbatos eFJw mmos Je anok pe pnoute nabraHam auw pnoute nisaak auw
pnoute niakwb.
mark-12-27 pnoute an pe nnetmoout alla nnetonH. tetnplana emate.
mark-12-28= auw ntereFT peFouoi eHoun eroF nCi oua nnegrammateus eaFswtm eroou e
uTtwn eFsooun Je aFrouw nau kalws. aFJnouF Je aS te tSorp nentolh eroou throu.
mark-12-29 aFouwSb nCi ihsous eFJw mmos Je tSorp te swtm pisrahl pJoeis pennout
e pJoeis oua pe.
mark-12-30 auw ekemerepJoeis peknoute ebol Hm pekHht thrF auw ebol Hn tekyuch t
hrs auw ebol Hm pekmeue thrF auw ebol Hn tekCom thrs.
mark-12-31 tmeH snte de te tai ekemere petHitouwk ntekHe. mmn keentolh enaas en
mark-12-32 peJaF de naF nCi pegrammateus Je kalws psaH Hn oume akJoos Je oua pe
pnoute auw mmnCe bbllaF.
mark-12-33 auw emeritF Hm pHht thrF auw Hn tmntrmnHht thrs auw Hn tekCom thrs a
uw emerepetHitouwF nteFHe ouHouo pe enolokautwma throu mnnqusia.
mark-12-34 auw ihsous ntereFnau eroF Je aFrouw HarwF Hn oumntrmnHht peJaF naF J
e ngouhu an ntmntrro mpnoute auw mpeSlaau Ce tolma eJnouF.
mark-12-35= aFouwSb de nCi ihsous eFTsbw Hm perpe eFJw mmos Je naS nHe negrammat
eus seJw mmos Je pecristos pShre ndaueid pe.
mark-12-36 ntoF daueid aFJoos Hm pepneuma etouaab Je peJepJoeis mpaJoeis Je Hmo
os nsaounam mmoi SanTkw nnekJaJeeu Hanekouerhte.
mark-12-37 ntoF daueid FJw mmos Je pJoeis pe. auw naS nHe peFShre pe. auw pmhhS
e thrF neuswtm eroF kalws
mark-12-38= auw neFJw mmos nau Hn teFsbw. Je THthtn erwtn negrammateus netouwS e
mooSe Hn Henstolh auw eueSnaspasmos Hn nagora
mark-12-39 auw mma nHmoos etJose Hn nsunagwgh. auw mma nnoJou etJose Hn ndeipno
mark-12-40 euouwm nnhei nnechra. auw Hn ouloiCe euwsk euSlhl. nai seJi noukrima
mark-12-41= auw ntereFHmoos mpemto ebol mpgazofulakion. aFTHthF Je erepmhhSe neJ
Homnt naS nHe epgazofulakion auw oumhhSe nrmmao neunouJHaH eHrai eroF.
mark-12-42 nteresei de nCi ouchra nHhke asnouJe eHrai eroF llepton snau eteouko
dranths pe
mark-12-43 auw aFmoute eneFmaqhths eFJw mmos nau. Je Hamhn TJw mmos nhtn Je tei
chra nHhke asnouJe epgazofulakion eHoue netnouJe throu.
mark-12-44 nai gar throu ntaunouJe ebol Hm peHouo etSoop nau. tai de ebol mpesS
wwt pesbios thrF eteuntasF astaaF.
mark-13-01= auw eFnhu ebol Hm perpe peJeoua naF ebol Hn neFmaqhths Je psaH anau
eneiwne Je HenaS nHe ne. mn neikekwt
mark-13-02 auw ihsous peJaF naF Je ngnau an eneinoC nkwt nneukw mpeima nouwne e
Jn ouwne empoubolou ebol.
mark-13-03= auw eFHmoos HiJn ptoou nnJoeit mpemto ebol mperpe. aFJnouF nCi petro
s nmiakwbos nmiwHannhs mnandreas euJw mmos
mark-13-04 Je aJis nan Je erenai naSwpe tnau. auw ou pe pmaein erSannai throu n
ou eJwk ebol.
mark-13-05 ihsous de aFarci nJoos nau Je THthtn mhpws ntelaau plana mmwtn
mark-13-06 ounHaH gar naei Hm paran euJw mmos Je anok pe auw senaplana noumhhSe
mark-13-07 etetnSanswtm de eHenpolemos nmHenHrou mpolemos mprStortr senaJpiSwpe
alla mpateqahnou eSwpe.
mark-13-08 ounouHeqnos natwoun eJn ouHeqnos auw oumntrro eJn oumntrro auw ounHe
nHebwwn naSwpe. nai de tarch te nnnaake.
mark-13-09 ntwtn de THthtn erwtn. senaparadidou gar mmwtn ensunHedrion nseHioue
erwtn Hn nsunagwgh nseJithutn enHhgemwn mn nerrwou etbhht eumntmntre nau mnnkeH
mark-13-10 auw senaJpikhrusse nSorp mpeuaggelion
mark-13-11 auw euSanJi thnou eparadidou mmwtn mprFiroouS Je ou petetn naJooF al
la petounataaF etetntapro Hn teunou etmmau pai pe etetnnaJooF ntwtn gar an netSa
Je alla pepneuma pe etouaab.
mark-13-12 auw ounouson naparadidou nouson eHrai epmou. auw oueiwt Fnaparadidou
nouShre nShre natwoun eJn neueiote nsemooutou
mark-13-13 ntetnSwpe ereouon nim moste mmwtn etbe paran petnaHupomine de Sabol
pai petnaouJaei.
mark-13-14= etetnSannau de etbote mpSwF esaHerats mpma etenSSe an. petwS mareFno
i tote netHnToudaia maroupwt entouih
mark-13-15 petHiJenepwr mprtreFei epesht oude mprtreFbwk eHoun eFilaau Hm peFhe
mark-13-16 auw petHntswSe mprtreFkotF epaHou eFipeFHoite.
mark-13-17 ouoi de nneteet mn nettsnko Hn neHoou etmmau.
mark-13-18 Slhl Jekaas ennepetnpwt Swpe nteprw.
mark-13-19 senaSwpe gar nCi neHoou etmmau nouqliyis tai etempeouon ntesCot Swpe
Jintarch mpswnt ntapnoute sontF SaHrai etenou auw mmnouon ntesCot naSwpe
mark-13-20 auw enempepJoeis tsbkeHoou nemmnlaau nsarx nawnH. alla etbe nswtp nt
aFsotpou aFtsbkeneHoou
mark-13-21 auw erSanlaau Joos nhtn Je eis pecristos mpeima. auw eis Hhhte FHnpi
ma mprpisteue
mark-13-22 senatwounou gar nCi Hencristos nnouJ nmHenprofhths nnouJ nseT nHenma
in nmHenSphre eSwpe eunCom eplana nnswtp
mark-13-23 ntwtn de THthtn erwtn aiSrpJw erwtn nHwb nim.
mark-13-24= alla Hn neHoou etmmau mnnsa teqliyis etmmau prh narebh. auw pooH nFn
aTpeFouoin an.
mark-13-25 auw nsiou senaHe ebol Hn tpe auw nCom etHn mphue senanoin
mark-13-26 auw tote senanau epShre mprwme eFnhu Hn oukloole nmounoC nCom auw ou
mark-13-27 auw tote FnaJeu neFaggelos nFswouH eHoun nneFswtp ebol Hm peFtouthu.
JinJwF mpkaH SaJws ntpe.
mark-13-28= ebol de ntbw nknte etetneeime etparabolh. erSanpesklados hdh lwk nte
nesCwbe Touw nSatetneime Je apSwm Hwn eHoun.
mark-13-29 tai Hwtthutn te tetnHe etetnSannau enai throu eunaSwpe etetnnaime Je
aFHwn eHoun Hirnrro.
mark-13-30 Hamhn TJw mmos nhtn Je nneteigenea lo mmau Santenai throu Swpe.
mark-13-31 tpe nmpkaH senalo mmau naSaJe de nsenalo mmau an.
mark-13-32= etbepeHoou de etmmau hteunou mnlaau sooun oude naggelos Hn tpe. oude
pShre nsapeiwt mmauaaF.
mark-13-33 THthtn ntetnroeis auw ntetnSlhl ntetn sooun gar an Je aS pe peuoeiS.
mark-13-34 nqe nourwme eFnaapodhmei eaFkapeFhei auw aFT ntexousia nneFHmHal pou
a poua eaFT naF mpeFHwb. auw pemnout aFHwn etootF Jekaas eFeroeis
mark-13-35 roeis Ce Hwtthutn ntetnsooun gar an Je erepJoeis mphi nhu naS nnau h
rrouHe hHn tpaSe nteuSh hmpnau erepalektwr namoute hmpnau nHtooue
mark-13-36 mhpws nFei Hn ouSsne nFHe erwtn etetnobS.
mark-13-37 peTJw mmoF nhtn TJw mmoF nouon nim Je roeis.
mark-14-01= nereppasca de auw peHoou nnaqab. naSwpe mmnnsa Hoou snau auw narcier
eus mn negrammateus neukwte nsaqe nCopF Hn oukroF nsemooutF
mark-14-02 auJoos de Je Hm pSa an Je nneuStortr Swpe Hm plaos
mark-14-03= auw ere ihsous Hn bhqania eFnhJ Hm phi nsimwn petsobH asei nCi ousHi
me ereoualabastron nsoCn ntoots nnardos eFsotp enaSesounts astaH talabastron de
aspaHts eJn teFape.
mark-14-04 aHoine de Cnat euJw mmos nneuerhu Je etbe ou peisoCn autakoF
mark-14-05 neueStaaF gar ebol HaHouo eSmtSe nsateere nsetaau nnHhke. auw neuCon
t eros.
mark-14-06 ihsous de peJaF nau Je alwtn Haros etbe ou tetnoueHHise eros ouHwb e
nanouF pe ntasaaF nai.
mark-14-07 nHhke gar nmmhtn ouoiS nim auw etetnSanr Hnhtn etetneS rpetnanouF na
u ouoiS nim anok de neinaCw an nmmhtn ouoeiS nim.
mark-14-08 pentaFr atoots asaaF asrSorp eteHspaswma nsoCn epkoost
mark-14-09 Hamhn de TJw mmos nhtn Je pma etounataSeoiS mpeieuaggelion nHhtF Hm
pkosmos thrF senaSaJe epentatai aaF eurpmeeue nas.
mark-14-10= auw ioudas piskariwths oua Hm pmntsnoous aFbwk eratou nnarciereus Je
eFeparadidou mmoF nau.
mark-14-11 ntoou de nterouswtm auraSe auw auerht nHenHomnt etaau naF. auw aFkwt
e nsaoueukairia etbe qe ntaaF etootou.
mark-14-12= auw Hm pSorp nHoou natqab. nterouSaat ppasca peJeneFmaqhths naF Je e
koueStenbwk etwn esbte ppasca nak Je ekeouomF
mark-14-13 aFJeu snau de nneFmaqhths eFJw mmos nau Je bwk eHrai etpolis auw Fna
twmnt erwtn nCi ourwme ereouSoSou mmoou HiJwF ouaHthun nswF
mark-14-14 auw pma etFnabwk eHoun eroF aJis mpJoeis mphei Je psaH pe etJw mmos
Je erepama nCoile twn pma eTnaouwm ppasca mnnamaqhths.
mark-14-15 auw ntoF Fnatsabwtn eunoC mma ntpe eFporS eFsbtwt etetnnasobte nan m
mark-14-16 auw aumooSe nCi neFmaqhths aubwk etpolis auHe epma kata qe entaFJoos
nau auw ausobte mppasca.
mark-14-17 ntererouHe de Swpe aFei mn peFmntsnoous
mark-14-18 auw eunhJ euouwm peJeihsous nau Je Hamhn TJw mmos nhtn Je ounoua ebo
l nHhtthutn netouwm nmmai naparadidou mmoi.
mark-14-19 auw auarci nmkaH nHht auw eJoos naF oua oua Je mh anok pe
mark-14-20 ntoF de peJaF nau Je oua pe mpmntsnoous petnasp tootF nmmai Hn tJhhs
mark-14-21 Je pShre men mprwme nabwk kata qe ntausHai etbhhtF. ouoi de mprwme e
tmmau petounaparadidou mpShre mprwme ebol HitootF. nenanous mprwme etmmau empouJ
mark-14-22= auw euouwm aFJi nouoik aFsmou eroF aFpoSF auw aFtaaF nau eFJw mmos J
e JitF pai pe paswma.
mark-14-23 auw ntereFJi nouapot aFSpHmot eJwF aFtaaF nau auw ausw throu ebol nH
mark-14-24 auw peJaF nau Je pai pe pasnoF ntdiaqhkh etounaponF ebol eJn HaH.
mark-14-25 Hamhn de TJw mmos nhtn Je nnasw Jin mpeinau ebol Hm pgenhma ntbw nel
oole SapeHoou etmmau. Hotan eiSansooF eFo bbrre Hn tmntrro mpnoute.
mark-14-26 auw nterousmou auei ebol eptoou nnJoeit
mark-14-27= auw peJeihsous nau Je ntwtn thrtn tetnnaskandalize Je FshH Je Tnapat
asse mpSws. auw nesoou senaJwwre ebol.
mark-14-28 mnnsa tratwoun de Tnar Sorp erwtn etgalilaia.
mark-14-29 petros de peJaF naF Je eSJe senaskandalize throu alla anok mmon.
mark-14-30 peJeihsous nau Je Hamhn TJw mmos nak Je ntok mpoou Hn teiouSh empate
oualektwr moute nsepsnau knaaparna mmoi nSmntswwp
mark-14-31 ntoF de aFrHaH nSaJe eFJw mmos Je esei etramou nmmak nTnaarna mmok a
n. Homoiws de nkemaqhths throu auJoos
mark-14-32= auw auei eHrai euCwm epeFran pe geqshmanei auw peJaF nneFmaqhths Je
Hmoos nhtn mpeima SanTSlhl
mark-14-33 auw aFJi mpetros mniakwbos mniwHannhs nmmaF auw aFarci nStortr auw e
twkm nHht.
mark-14-34 auw peJaF nau Je tayuch lupi SaHrai epmou Cw nhtn mpeima ntetnroeis.
mark-14-35 auw ntereFbwk eqh noukouei. aFpaHtF eJmpkaH aFSlhl. Jekaas eSwpe oun
Com nteteiounou saatF.
mark-14-36 auw neFJw mmos Je abba piwt ounCom mmok eHwb nim marepeiapot saat al
la nqe an anok eTouaSs.
mark-14-37 auw aFei aFHe eroou euobS. auw peJaF mpetros Je simwn eknkotk mpekeS
roeis nouounou nouwt.
mark-14-38 roeis ntetnSlhl Jekaas ennetnbwk eHoun epeirasmos pepneuma men roout
tsarx ouasqenhs te.
mark-14-39 auw ntereFbwk on aFSlhl eFtauo mpiSaJe nouwt
mark-14-40 ntereFei on Saroou aFHe eroou euobS. nereneubal gar HorS auw neusoou
n an Je eunaJoos naF Je ou.
mark-14-41 aFei on mpmeHSmtswwp. auw peJaF nau Je nkotk tenou ntetnmton mmwtn a
pHwb ei ebol ateunou ei eis Hhhte senaparadidou mpShre mprwme eHrai etootou nrre
mark-14-42 tounthutn maron eis Hhhte aFHwn eHoun nCi petnaparadidou mmoi.
mark-14-43= auw nteunou eti eFSaJe. aFei nCi ioudas oua Hm pmntsnoous ereoumhhSe
nmmaF nmHenshFe auw HenCerwb ntootou nnarciereus mn negrammateus mn nepresbuter
mark-14-44 pentaFparadidou de mmoF aFT nau noumain Je peTnaTpi erwF ntoF pe ama
Hte mmoF ntetnJitF Hn ouwrJ
mark-14-45 auw ntereFei nteunou aFTpeFouoi eHoun eroF eFJw mmos -- Je caire Hra
bbei auw aFTpi erwF.
mark-14-46 ntoou de auntootou eJwF auamaHte mmoF
mark-14-47 oua de nnetaHeratou aFtekmteFshFe aFreHtpHmHal mparciereus aFslppeFm
mark-14-48 aFouwSb de nCi ihsous eFJw mmos nau Je ntatetnei ebol eCopt nqe nous
oone. mnHenshFe auw HenCeroob
mark-14-49 neiHaHtethutn mmhne Hm perpe eiTsbw auw mpetnamaHte mmoi alla Jekaas
eueJwk ebol nCi negrafh
mark-14-50 auw nteroukaaF throu aupwt
mark-14-51= ouHrSire de neFouhH nswF eFCoole nousindwn. auamaHte mmoF
mark-14-52 ntoF de aFkatsindwn ebol nswou aFpwt eFkhkaHhu.
mark-14-53= auw auJi nihsous eratF mparciereus auw auswouH eratF nCi narciereus
throu mn nepresbuteros mn negrammateus.
mark-14-54 auw petros neFouhH nswF mpoue. SaHoun etaulh mparciereus. auw neFHmo
os eHrai mnnHuphreths eFqmo mmoF HaHtepkwHt
mark-14-55 narciereus de mnpsunHedrion thrF neukwte nsaoumntmntre eHoun eihsous
etreumooutF. auw mpouHe eouon.
mark-14-56 aumhhSe gar rmntre eroF nnouJ auw neumntmntre neuShS an mn neuerhu.
mark-14-57 Hoine de autwoun aurmntre eroF nnouJ euJw mmos
mark-14-58 Je anon answtm eroF eFJw mmos Je anok Tnabwl ebol mpeirpe mmoung nCi
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mark-14-59 auw Hinai on teumntmntre nessmont an.
mark-14-60 aFtwoun de nCi parciereus Hn teumhte aFJne ihsous eFJw mmos naF Je n
gnaSaJe an laau aHroou nai sermntre erok.
mark-14-61 ntoF de aFkarwF auw mpFSaJe laau. parciereus de on aFJnouF eFJw mmos
naF Je ntok pe pecristos pShre mpetsmamaat
mark-14-62 ihsous de peJaF Je anok pe auw tetnnanau epShre mprwme eFHmoos nsaou
nam ntCom auw eFnhu HiJn nekloole ntpe.
mark-14-63 narciereus de aupeHneuHoite euJw mmos Je aS ne nkemntre etnaHe nau.
mark-14-64 atetnswtm epoua ntaFJooF. esdoki nhtn eou. ntoou de throu autCaioF J
e FmpSa mpmou.
mark-14-65 auw auarci nCi Hoine eneJtaF eHoun eHraF auw eHbspeFHo auw euTkly eJ
wF euJw mmos naF Je profhteue nan. auw nHuphreths auTaas eHoun Hm peFHo.
mark-14-66= petros de eFHrai Hn taulh. asei nCi ouei nnHmHal mparciereus
mark-14-67 auw nteresnau epetros eFqmo mmoF asCwSt eHoun eHraF esJw mmos naF Je
ntok Hwwk nekSoop mn ihsous pnazarhnos.
mark-14-68 ntoF de aFarna eFJw mmos Je oute nTsooun an mmoF oude nTCn ereJw mmo
s an Je ou auw aFei ebol eqaeit
mark-14-69 tHmHal de nteresnau eroF peJas nnetaHeratou Je pai ouebol mmoou pe.
mark-14-70 ntoF de on aFarna mmnnsa kekoui de netaHeratou peJau mpetros Je alhq
ws ntkouebol mmoou kai gar ntkougalilaios.
mark-14-71 ntoF de aFarci nkaeuw eHrai auw ewrk Je nTsooun an mpeirwme etetntau
o mmoF.
mark-14-72 auw apalektwr moute mpmeHsepsnau. aFrpmeeue de nCi petros mpSaJe nqe
nta ihsous Joos naF Je mpate oualektwr moute nsepsnau knaaparna mmoi nSmntswwp
auw aFHitootF aFrime.
mark-15-01= Htooue de ntereFSwpe auJiSoJne nCi narciereus mn nepresbuteros mn ne
grammateus mn psunHedrion thrF auw ausenH ihsous auJitF autaaF etootF mpilatos .
mark-15-02 auw apilatos JnouF Je ntok pe prro nioudai. ntoF de aFouwSb naF eFJw
mmos Je ntok petJw mmos.
mark-15-03 auw narciereus aukathgori mmoF emate.
mark-15-04 pilatos de on aFJnouF Je ngnaSaJe an laau. anau Je sermntre erok ouh
mark-15-05 ihsous de mpFSaJe laau. Hwste ntepilatos rSphre.
mark-15-06= kata Sa de SaFkw nau ebol noua eFChp petounaaiti mmoF.
mark-15-07 neFChp de nCi peteSaumoute eroF Je barabba. mn nentaustasiaze. nai n
taurfonos Hn testasis.
mark-15-08 auw pmhhSe ntereFbwk eHrai aFarci naiti kata qe nSaFaas nau.
mark-15-09 pilatos de aFouwSb eFJw mmos nau Je tetnouwS etrakw nhtn ebol mpero
mark-15-10 neFsooun gar Je etbe oufqonos ntauparadidou mmoF nCi narciereus
mark-15-11 narciereus de aupiqe mpmhhSe Jekaas eueaiti bbarabbas etreFkaaF nau
mark-15-12 pilatos de on aFouwSb eFJw mmos nau Je aJis nai Je tarou Ce mpero ni
mark-15-13 ntoou de on auJiSkak ebol Je staurou mmoF.
mark-15-14 [peJe pilatos de nau Je ou pe ppeqooy ntaFaaF. Ntoou de nHouo auJi S
kak ebol euJw mmos Je staurou mmoF.]
mark-15-15 pilatos de eFouwS erpiqe mpmhhSe aFkabarabbas nau ebol. ihsous de aF
fragellou mmoF aFparadidou mmoF etreustaurou mmoF.
mark-15-16= mmatoi de auJitF eHoun etaulh etepepraitwrion pe auw auswouH eroF nt
espira thrs
mark-15-17 auw auT HiwwF nouclamus nJhCe auw auSntouklom nSonte aukaaF HiJwF
mark-15-18 auw auarci naspaze mmoF. Je caire prro nioudai.
mark-15-19 auw auHioue mpkaS eJn teFape auneJtaF eHoun eHraF. auw auklJneupat H
iHh mmoF auouwSt naF.
mark-15-20 nterouw de euswbe mmoF aukaaF kaHhu nteclamus nJhCe. auTneFHoite Hiw
wF auw auntF ebol Je euestaurou mmoF.
mark-15-21= aukeFe oua de eFmooSe epeFran pe simwn pkurhnaios eFnhu eHrai Hn tsw
Se piwt nalexandros mnHroufos Je eFeFi peFstauros
mark-15-22 auw aFntF eHrai epma Je golgoqa pai eSauHermhneue mmoF Je ptopos mpe
mark-15-23 auw auT naF nouhrp eFmoJt HiSal. ntoF de mpFJitF
mark-15-24 austaurou de mmoF. auw aupeS neFHoite eHrau auneJ klhros eroou Je ne
repoua poua naFiou
mark-15-25 nepnau de pe nJpSomte auw austaurou mmoF
mark-15-26 nere teFaitia de shH HiJwF Je pero nioudai
mark-15-27 auw austaurou nmmaF nsoone snau oua nsaounam auw oua nsaHbour mmoF.
mark-15-28 [--]
mark-15-29 netmooSe de neuJioua eroF eukim nneuaphue nswF euJw mmos Je oua petn
abl perpe ebol nFkotF nSomnt nHoou
mark-15-30 amou epesht HiJn pestauros ngnaHmek
mark-15-31 Hiomoiws nkearciereus neuswbe nswF mn negrammateus euJw mmos nneuerh
u Je Henkooue ne ntaFnaHmou ntoF de nFnaSnaHmeF an.
mark-15-32 pecristos pero mpisrahl mareFei epesht tenou HiJn pestauros Je enena
u ntnpisteue eroF. auw nkesoone ntaustaurou mmoou nmmaF auneCnouCF.
mark-15-33= nterepnau de nJp so Swpe aukake Swpe HiJn pkaH thrF Sapnau nJp site.
mark-15-34 auw mpnau nJp yite aFwS ebol nCi ihsous Hn ounoC nHroou Je elwei elw
ei lama sacqanei. ete pai pe SauHermeneue mmoF Je panoute panoute etbe ou akkaat
mark-15-35 auw Hoine nnetaHeratou mpma etmmau nterouswtm peJau Je eis Hhhte Fmo
ute eHhleias.
mark-15-36 aoua de pwt aFmaHouspoggos nHmJ aFkaas HiJn oukaS aFtsoF eFJw mmos J
e Cw ntnnau Je Hhleias naei entF epesht.
mark-15-37 ihsous de ntereFnouJ ounoC nHroou aFT pepneuma
mark-15-38 auw pkatapetasma mperpe aFpwH aFrsnau Jintpe epesht
mark-15-39 ntereFnau de nCi pkenturiwn petaHeratF mpeFmto ebol Je aFka pethu in
ai. peJaF Je alhqws peirwme ouShre pe nnoute
mark-15-40 neunHenHiome de aHeratou mpoue euCwSt esnHhtou nCi maria tmagdalhnh
auw maria tapkouei niakwbos. auw tmaau niwsh mnsalwmh.
mark-15-41 nai ntauaHou nswF Jintgalilaia eudiakoni naF auw HenkeHiome throu ea
uei nmmaF eHrai eqierosoluma.
mark-15-42= auw ntererouHe Swpe ebol Je tparaskeuh te ete pai pe HateHh mpsabbat
mark-15-43 aFei nCi iwshf pebol Hn arimaqaios eurmmao pe bbouleuths ntoF HwwF e
FCwSt ebol Hhts ntmntrro mpnoute aFtolma aFbwk eHoun Sapilatos aFaiti mmoF mpswm
a nihsous
mark-15-44 pilatos de aFrSphre Je enehdh aFmou auw ntereFmoute epkenturiwn aFJn
ouF Je eneaFwsk JintaFmou.
mark-15-45 auw ntereFeime ntootF mpkenturiwn aFcarize niwshf mpswma nihsous
mark-15-46 auw aFSep ousindwn aFmpswma epesht aFClmlwmF Hn tsindwn. aFkaaF Hm p
eFmHaau eauSetSwtF ebol Hn tpetra auw auskrkrouwne ermpemHaou.
mark-15-47 maria de tmagdalhnh auw maria ta iwsh neunau epma ntaukaaF nHhtF.
mark-16-01= auw nterepsabbaton oueine maria tmagdalhnh auw maria taiakwbos mnsal
wmh auSepHenHhne Jekaas eueei nsetaHsF
mark-16-02 auw Htoou emate mpoua nnsabbaton auei eHrai epemHaou eaprhSa.
mark-16-03 auw neuJw mmos nneuerhu Je nim petnaFipwne ebol Hi rwF mpemHaou.
mark-16-04 nterouFiatou de eHrai aunau epwne eauFitF mmau neunoC gar pe emate.
mark-16-05 auw nteroubwk eHoun epemHaou aunau euHrSire eFHmoos eHrai nsaounam m
moF eFCoole noustolh nouwbS. auw aqote Jitou.
mark-16-06 ntoF de aFSaJe nmmau Je mprrHote etetnkwte nsa ihsous pnazarhnos pen
taustaurou mmoF aFtwounF nFHmpeima an. anau epma ntaukaaF nHhtF
mark-16-07 alla bwk ntetnJoos nneFmaqhths mnpkepetros Je FnarSorp erwtn etgalil
aia. etetnnanau eroF mpma etmmau. kataqe ntaFJoos nhtn.
mark-16-08 auw nterouei ebol Hm pemHaou aupwt nereouHote gar nmmau. auw neurSph
re mpouJelaau de nSaJe elaau neurHote gar.
mark-16-09= [[ntereFtwoun de nHtooue nsoua mpsabbaton aFouwnH nSorp emaria tmagd
alhnh tai ntaFnouJe ebol nHhts nsaSF ndaimwnion
mark-16-10 tetmmau de asbwk astamme nentauSwpe nmmaF eur Hbbe auw eurime
mark-16-11 ntoou de Hwou on nterouswtm Je FonH auw Je asnau eroF auratnaHte
mark-16-12 mnnsa nai de snau ebol nHhtou eumooSe aFouwnH nau ebol Hn kemorfh eu
bhk etswSe
mark-16-13 netmmau Hwou on aubwk autame pkeseepe oute on mpoupisteue nnetmmau
mark-16-14 mnnsws eunhJ ntoou mpmntoue aFouwnH nau ebol auw aFnoCneC nteumntatn
aHte mnteumntnaSt Hht. Je mpoupisteue enentaunau eroF eaFtwoun
mark-16-15 auw peJaF nau Je bwk eHrai epkosmos thrF ntetntaSe oeiS mpeuaggelion
mpswnt thrF.
mark-16-16 netnapisteue nFJi baptisma FnaouJai. petenFnapisteue de an senatCaio
mark-16-17 neimaein de naouwH enetnapisteue senaneJ daimwnion ebol Hm paran. se
naSaJe Hn naspe.
mark-16-18 senaFi nnHoF Hn neuCiJ kaneuSansw noupaHre mmou nsnar boone nau an s
enatale tootou eJn netSwne nsemton
mark-16-19- pJoeis de ihsous mnnsa treFSaJe nmmauauFitF eHrai etpe aFHmoos nsaou
nam mpnoute.
mark-16-20 ntoou de Hwou nterouei ebol autaSe oeiS Hmma nim erepJoeis Tntootou.
auw eFtaJro mpSaJe Hitn mmaein etouhH nswou.]]
mark-16-09 [[Joou Hn ouwnH ebol. mnnsa nai Hwou on a ihsouV ouwnH nau ebol jin
pma nSa mprh Sa pma nHwtn. aFJoou ebol Hitootou mptaSeoeiS etouaab auw nattako n
te pouJai nSaeneH. Hamhn.]]
luke-01-01= epeidh aHaH Hitootou esHai nnSaJe etbe neHbhue entautwt nHht Hraei n
luke-01-02 kata qe entautaas etootn nCi nentaunau Hn neubal JinnSorp eauSwpe nH
uphreths mpSaJe
luke-01-03 airHnai de Hw eaiouaHt nsaHwb nim JinnSorp Hn ouwrJ etrasHaisou nak
oua oua kratiste qeofile.
luke-01-04 Jekaas ekeime epwrJ nnSaJe entaukaqhki mmok nHhtou.
luke-01-05= aFSwpe de Hn neHoou nHhrwdhs prro nToudaia nCi ouhhb epeFran pe zaca
rias eFhp eneHoou nabia. euntFousHime ebol Hn nSeere naarwn epesran pe elisabet
luke-01-06 neuSoop de pe mpesnau ndikaios mpemto ebol mpnoute eumooSe Hn nentol
h throu nmndikaiwma mpJoeis euouaab.
luke-01-07 auw nemmntouShre mmau pe ebol Je neouaCrhn te elisabet. auw ntoou mp
esnau neauaiaei pe Hn neuHoou.
luke-01-08 asSwpe de Hm ptreFSmSe Hn ttaxis nneFHoou mpemto ebol mpnoute
luke-01-09 katapswnt ntmntouhhb. asr etwF etaleSouHhne eHraei aFbwk eHoun eperp
e mpJoeis.
luke-01-10 auw nerepmhhSe thrF mplaos Slhl mpsa nbol mpnau mpSouHhne.
luke-01-11 apaggelos de mpJoeis ouwnH naF ebol eFaHeratF nsaounam mpequsiasth r
ion mpSouHhne.
luke-01-12 aFStortr de nCi zacarias ntereFnau auw auHote He eHrai eJwF.
luke-01-13 peJepaggelos mpJoeis naF Je mprrHote zacarias. Je auswtm epeksops. a
uw teksHime elisabet snaJpo nak nouShre auw knamoute epeFran Je iwHannhs.
luke-01-14 ounouraSe naSwpe nak nmoutelhl auw ounHaH naraSe eJmpeFJpo
luke-01-15 FnarounoC gar mpemto ebol mpJoeis. auw nneFsehrp Hisikera. auw Fnamo
uH mpepneuma eFouaab JineFHnHhts nteFmaau
luke-01-16 auw Fnakte oumhhSe nnShre mpisrahl epJoeis peunoute.
luke-01-17 auw ntoF FnamooSe HateFHh Hm pepneuma nmtCom nHhleias ekto nnHht nni
ote eneuShre auw natswtm Hn tmntrmnHht nndikaios. esobte noulaos mpJoeis eFsbtwt
luke-01-18 auw peJezacarias mpaggelos. Je Hn ou Tnaime epai anok gar airHllo au
w tasHime asaiaei Hn nesHoou.
luke-01-19 apaggelos de ouwSb peJaF naF. Je anok pe gabrihl petaHeratF mpemto e
bol mpnoute auw autnnoout eSaJe nmmak auw etaSeoeiS nak nnai
luke-01-20 eis Hhhte ekeSwpe ekkw rrwk emmnCom mmok eSaJe SapeHoou etere nai na
Swpe etbe Jempkpisteue enaSaJe. nai etnaJwk ebol Hm peuoeiS.
luke-01-21- plaos de neFCwSt HhtF nzacarias pe auw neurSphre ntereFwsk Hm perpe.
luke-01-22 ntereFei de ebol mpFeSCmCom eSaJe nmmau auw aueime Je ntaFnau euCwlp
ebol Hm perpe. ntoF de neFJwrm oubhu pe auw aFCw eFo nmpo.
luke-01-23 asSwpe de ntereneHoou mpeFSmSe Jwk ebol aFbwk eHrai epeFhi.
luke-01-24 mnnsa neiHoou de asww nCi elisabet teFsHime. auw asHops nTou nebot e
sJw mmos
luke-01-25 Je tai te qe entapJoeis aas nai Hn neHoou entaFCwSt eFi mpanoCneC Hn
luke-01-26= Hm pmeHsoou de nebot auJoou ngabrihl paggelos ebol Hitm pnoute eupol
is nte tgalilai epesran pe nazareq.
luke-01-27 Saouparqenos eauSptoots nouHai epeFran pe iwshf ebol Hm phi ndaueid.
auw pran ntparqenos pe maria.
luke-01-28 auw ntereFbwk nas eHoun peJaF nas Je caire tentasCnHmot pJoeis nmme.
luke-01-29 ntos de asStortr eJmpSaJe. auw nesmokmek mmos Je Je ouaS mmine pe pe
luke-01-30 peJepaggelos nas. Je mprrHote maria. aCine gar nouHmot nnaHrm pnoute
luke-01-31 eis Hhhte tenaww nteJpo nouShre ntemoute epeFran Je ihsous.
luke-01-32 pai FnaSwpe nounoC auw senamoute eroF Je pShre mpetJose. pJoeis pnou
te naT naF mpeqronos ndaueid peFeiwt
luke-01-33 auw Fnarrro eJmphi niakwb SanieneH. auw mmnHah naSwpe nteFmntrro.
luke-01-34 peJemaria de mpaggelos Je naS nHe pai naSwpe empisounHoout.
luke-01-35 apaggelos de ouwSb peJaF nas Je oupneuma eFouaab petnhu eHraei eJw a
uw tCom ntepetJose petnarHaibes ero etbe pai petenaJpoF eFouaab senamoute eroF J
e pShre mpnoute.
luke-01-36 auw eiselisabet tousuggenhs ntos Hwws on asww nouShre Hn tesmntHllw
auw pesmeHsoou nebot pe pai tai eSaumoute eros Je taCrhn.
luke-01-37 Je nnelaau nSaJe ratComnnaHrm pnoute.
luke-01-38 peJas de nCi maria Je eis Hhhte ang qmHal mpJoeis maresSwpe naei kat
a pekSaJe . auw apaggelos bwk ebol Hitoots.
luke-01-39= astwouns de nCi maria Hn neiHoou asbwk etorinh Hn ouCeph etpolis nTo
luke-01-40 asbwk eHoun ephi nzacarias asaspaze nelisabet.
luke-01-41 auw asSwpe ntereelisabet swtm epaspasmos mmaria apShre Shm kim Hrai
nHhts. auw aelisabet mouH ebol Hm pepneuma etouaab
luke-01-42 asFiHras ebol Hn ounoC nsmh peJas Je. tesmamaat nto Hn neHiome auw F
smamaat nCi pkarpos nHhte
luke-01-43 Je angnim anok Je eretmaau mpaJoeis ei erat.
luke-01-44 eis Hhhte gar nteretesmh mpouaspasmos taHenamaaJe. apShre Shm kim Hn
outelhl nHht
luke-01-45 auw naiats ntentaspisteue Je ounouJwk ebol naSwpe nnentauJoou nas Hi
tm pJoeis.
luke-01-46= auw peJemaria Je tayuch Jise mpJoeis.
luke-01-47 apapneuma telhl eJm pnoute paswthr
luke-01-48 Je aFCwSt eHrai eJmpeqbbio nteFHmHal. eis Hhhte gar Jintenou senatma
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luke-01-49 Je aFire nai nHenmntnoC nCi peteounCom mmoF. auw peFran ouaab
luke-01-50 peFna JinouJwm SauJwm eJn netrHote HhtF
luke-01-51 aFeire nouCom Hm peFCboi aFJwwre ebol nnJasiHht Hm pmeeue nneuHht
luke-01-52 aFSorSr nnidunasths Hineuqronos. aFJise nnetqbbihu.
luke-01-53 aFtsie netHkait nagaqon aFJeurrmmao euSoueit
luke-01-54 aFTtootF mpisrahl peFHmHal erpmeeue mpnaa
luke-01-55 kataqe entaFSaJe mn neniote abraHam mn peFsperma Sa eneH.
luke-01-56- maria de asCw HaHths nSomnt nebot auw askots eHrai epeshei.
luke-01-57= apeuoiS de Jwk ebol nelisabet etresmise auw asJpo nouShre.
luke-01-58 auswtm de nCi nesrmrauh mn nesrmraite Je apJoeis taSepeFna nmmas auw
auraSe nmmas.
luke-01-59 asSwpe de Hm pmeHSmoun nHoou auei eunasbbe pShre Shm aumoute eroF mp
ran mpeFiwt Je zacarias
luke-01-60 ateFmaau de ouwSb Je mmon alla eunamoute eroF Je iwHannhs.
luke-01-61 peJau de nas Je. mmnlaau Hn touraite eumoute eroF mpeiran.
luke-01-62 neuJwrm de oube peFiwt Je ekoueSmoute eroF Je nim.
luke-01-63 aFaiti de noupinakis aFsHai eFJw mmos Je iwHannhs pe peFran. aurSphr
e de throu.
luke-01-64 arwF de ouwn nteunou mn peFlas aFSaJe eFsmou epnoute.
luke-01-65 auHote de Swpe eJn ouon nim etouhH Hm peukwte. auw Hn torinh thrs nT
oudaia neuSaJe pe nneiSaJe throu.
luke-01-66 anentauswtm de throu kaau Hm peuHht euJw mmos Je. erepeiShre Shm nar
ou kaigar tCiJ mpJoeis nesSoop nmmaF pe.
luke-01-67= azacarias de peFiwt mouH ebol Hm pepneuma etouaab aFprofhteue eFJw m
luke-01-68 Je Fsmamaat nCi pnoute mpisrahl JeaFCmpeFSine auw aFire nouswte mpeF
luke-01-69 aFtounos noutap nouJai nan Hm phi ndaueid peFHmHal.
luke-01-70 kata qe entaFSaJe Hitn ttapro nneFprofhths etouaab JineneH
luke-01-71 nououJai ebol Hitn nenJaJe auw ebol Hn tCiJ nouon nim etmoste mmon
luke-01-72 eeire nouna mn neniote erpmeeue nteFdiaqhkh etouaab.
luke-01-73 panaS ntaFwrk mmoF nnabraHam peniwt. eTqe nan
luke-01-74 aJnHote eannouHm ebol Hitn nenJaJe eSmSe naF
luke-01-75 Hn ououop nmdikaiosunh mpeFmto ebol nnenHoou throu.
luke-01-76 ntok de Hwwk paShre senamoute erok Je peprofhths mpetJose knamooSe g
ar Haqh mpJoeis esobte nneFHiooue
luke-01-77 eT nousooun nouJai mpeFlaos Hm pkw ebol nneunobe
luke-01-78 etbe tmntSanHthF mpnaa mpennoute Hn netFnaCm penSine nHhtou nCi pouo
ein ebol Hm pJise
luke-01-79 erouoein enetHm pkake mn netHmoos Hn qaibes mpmou. esooutn nnenouerh
te eteHih nTrhnh.
luke-01-80- pShre de Shm aFauxane auw aFCmCom Hm pepneuma. neFSoop de pe Hn nJai
e SapeHoou mpeFouwnH ebol mpisrahl.
luke-02-01= asSwpe de Hn neHoou etmmau audogma ei ebol Hitm prro agoustos etreto
ikoumenh thrs sHais nsanestme.
luke-02-02 tai te tSorp napografh entasSwpe. erekurinos onHhgemwn etsuria.
luke-02-03 auw neubhk throu pe poua poua esHaiF nsa teFpolis
luke-02-04 aFbwk HwwF eHrai nCi iwshf ebol Hn tgalilaia ebol Hn nazareq tpolis
nToudaia etpoleis ndaueid teSaumoute eros Je bhqleem Je ouebol Hm phi nmtpatria
luke-02-05 etreFtaaF eHoun nmmaria tete retoots Shp naF eseet.
luke-02-06 asSwpe de Hm ptreuSwpe Hm pma etmmau auJwk ebol nCi nesHoou etresmis
luke-02-07 asJpo mpesShre pesSrpmmise asCooleF nHentoeis asJtoF Hn ouomF Je nem
mnma Soop nau Hm pma nCoile.
luke-02-08= neunHenSoos de Hn tecwra etmmau euSoop Hn tswSe euareH Hn ourSe nteu
Sh epeuoHe nesoou.
luke-02-09 apaggelos mpJoeis ouwnH nau ebol auw apeoou mpJoeis rouoein eroou au
rHote nounoC nHote.
luke-02-10 peJe paggelos de nau Je. mprrHote. eis Hhte gar TnataSeoeiS nhtn nou
noC rraSe pai etnaSwpe mplaos thrF.
luke-02-11 Je auJpo nhtn mpoou mpswthr ete pai pe pecristos pJoeis Hn tpolis nd
luke-02-12 auw oumaein nhtn pe pai tetnaHe euShre Shm eFCoole nHentoeis eFkh Hn
luke-02-13 auSwpe de Hn ouSsne nmpaggelos nCi oumhhSe ntestratia ntpe eusmou ep
noute euJw mmos
luke-02-14 Je. peoou mpnoute Hn netJose auw Trhnh HiJn pkaH Hn rrwme mpeFouwS.
luke-02-15- asSwpe de nterenaggelos bwk eHrai Hitootou etpe. nerenSoos SaJe mn n
euerhu. Je marnbwk Sabhqleem ntnnau epeiSaJe entaFSwpe entapJoeis ouonHF eron.
luke-02-16 auCeph de auei auHe emaria nmiwshf nmpShre Shm eFkh Hn ouomF.
luke-02-17 nterounau de aueime epSaJe entauJooF nau etbe pShre Shm.
luke-02-18 auw ouon nim entauswtm aurSphre eJn nentanSoos Joou nau
luke-02-19 maria de nesHareH eneiSaJe throu pe eskw mmoou Hm pesHht.
luke-02-20 aukotou de nCi nSoos euTeoou auw eusmou epnoute eJn nentausotmou thr
ou auw aunau kata qe entauJoos nau.
luke-02-21- ntereSmoun de nHoou Jwk ebol etreusbbhtF aumoute epeFran Je ihsous p
entapaggelos taaF eroF empatsww mmoF Hn qh.
luke-02-22= auw nterouJwk ebol nCi neHoou mpeutbbo katapnomos mmwushs auJitF eHr
ai eqiierosoluma etaHoF eratF mpJoeis
luke-02-23 kata qe etshH Hm pnomos mpJoeis Je Hoout nim etnaouwn etoote euemout
e eroF Je petouaab mpJoeis.
luke-02-24 auw eT nouqusia kata pentauJooF Hm pnomos mpJoeis. Je ousoeiS nCrmpS
an hmas snau nCroompe.
luke-02-25- eis Hhhte de neunourwme pe Hn qierosoluma epeFran pe sumewn. auw pei
rwme neudikaios pe rreFSmSe mpnoute eFCwSt ebol HhtF mpsolsl mpisrahl eunoupneum
a eFouaab Soop nmmaF
luke-02-26 eautamoF ebol Hitn pepneuma etouaab Je nFnamou an empFnau epecristos
luke-02-27 auw aFei Hm pepneuma eperpe Hm ptreneiote de Ji mpShre Shm eHoun ihs
ous etreueire mpswnt mpnomos HaroF.
luke-02-28 ntoF de aFJitF epeFHamhr aFsmou epnoute peJaF
luke-02-29 Je. tenou knakw ebol mpekHmHal pJoeis katapekSaJe Hn oueirhnh
luke-02-30 Je anabal nau epekouJaei
luke-02-31 pai entaksbtwtF mpekto ebol nllaos throu
luke-02-32 pouoein euCwlp ebol nnHeqnos auw epeoou mpeklaos pisrahl.
luke-02-33 peFeiwt de nmteFmaau neurSphre eJn netouJw mmoou etbhhtF.
luke-02-34 asumewn de smou eroou peJaF mmaria teFmaau Je eispai kh eHraei euHe
nmoutwoun nHaH Hm pisrahl auw eumaein euwHm HiwwF.
luke-02-35 nto de ounoushFe nhou ebol Hitn touyuch Jekaas eueCwlp ebol nCi mmok
mek nHaH nHht.
luke-02-36- neun ouprofhthtis de Je anna tSeere mfanouhl ebol Hn tefulh nashr ta
i de asaiai Hn HenHoou enaSwou easrsaSFe rrompe mn pesHai Jin tesmntrooune
luke-02-37 auw asrchra SatsrHmenetaFte rrompe. tai de messnperpe ebol esSmSe mp
eHoou nmteuSh Hn Hennhstia nmHensops.
luke-02-38 Hn teunou de etmmau asaHerats asexHomologi mpJoeis. auw nesSaJe nmou
on nim etCwSt ebol HhtF mpswte nqierosoluma.
luke-02-39= nterouJwk de ebol nCi Hwb nim katapnomos mpJoeis aukotou eHrai etgal
ilaia eteupoleis nazareq.
luke-02-40 pShre de Shm neaFaiaei auw neFCmCom eFmeH ntsofia eretecaris mpnoute
luke-02-41= nereneFiote de bhk pe trrompe eqierosoluma mpSa mppasca.
luke-02-42 ntereFrmntsnoous de rrompe eunabwk eHrai katapswnt mpSaa.
luke-02-43 auw nterouJwk ebol nneHoou Hm ptreukotou aFCw nCi pShre Shm ihsous H
n qierosoluma. mpouime de nCi neFiote
luke-02-44 eumeue Je FHnteHih nmmau. nterourouHoou de mmooSe auSine nswF Hn neu
suggenhs mn netsooun mmoou.
luke-02-45 auw nteroutmHe eroF aukotou eHraei eqierosoluma euSine nswF.
luke-02-46 asSwpe de mnnsaSomnt nHoou auHe eroF Hm perpe eFHmoos ntmhte nnsaH e
Fswtm eroou eFJnou mmoou.
luke-02-47 aurSphre de throu nCi netswtm eroF eJn neFmntsabe mn neFCinouwSb.
luke-02-48 aunau de eroF aurSphre. peJe teFmaau naF Je paShre ntakrou nan Hinai
eis Hhhte anok mn pekiwt enmokH nHht enSine nswk.
luke-02-49 peJaF de nau Je etbe ou tetnSine nswi. ntetnsooun an Je Haps etraCw
Hn napaiwt.
luke-02-50 ntoou de mpouime epSaJe entaFJooF nau.
luke-02-51 aFei de epesht nmmau eHrai enazareq auw neFswtm nswou. teFmaau de ne
sHareH eneiSaJe throu pe Hm pesHht.
luke-02-52 ihsous de neFprokopte Hn tsofia nmqhlikia nmtecaris nnaHrm pnoute nm
luke-03-01= Hn spmnth de nqhgemonia ntiberios kaisar eFo nHhgemwn eJn Toudaia nC
i pontios pilatos ereHhrwdhs ontetrarchs eJn tgalilaia erefilippos peFson ontetr
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luke-03-02 Hiannas parciereus nmkaifas. apSaJe mpnoute Swpe SaiwHannhs pShre nz
acarias Hn terhmos.
luke-03-03 aFei de eHrai etpericwros thrs mpiordanhs eFkhrusse noubaptisma mmet
anoia ekanobe ebol.
luke-03-04 nqe etshH Hm pJwme nnSaJe nhsaias peprofhths Je tesmh mpetwS ebol Hi
pJaie Je sobte nteHih mpJoeis ntetnsooutn nneFma mmooSe.
luke-03-05 eia nim nim namouH ntetoou nim Hisibt nim qbbio auw netCoome naSwpe
eusoutwn mn netnaSt eHenHiooue eusleClwC
luke-03-06 auw peoou mpJoeis nauwnH ebol ntesarx nim nau epeuJai mpnoute.
luke-03-07- neFJw Ce mmos pe nmmhhSe etnhou ebaptize ebol HitootF Je neJpo nneHF
oui nim pentaFtamwtn epwt ebol Hhts ntorgh etnhu.
luke-03-08 ariHenkarpos Ce eumpSa ntetnmetanoia ntetntmarci eJoos nHhtthutn Je
ountan peniwt abraHam. TJw mmos nhtn Je ounCom mpnoute etounesShre nabraHam ebol
Hn neiwne.
luke-03-09 Jintenou de pkelebin kh Hatnoune nnShn. Shn nim etenFnaTkarpos an en
anouF. senakooreF nsenoJF epkwHt.
luke-03-10 anmhhSe de JnouF euJw mmos Je. ou Ce petnnaaaF Jekaas enewnH.
luke-03-11 aFouwSb eFJw mmos nau Je peteountaF Sthn snte mareFTouei mpetemmntaF
. auw peteountFoik mareFire on Hinaei.
luke-03-12 aHenketelwnhs de ei eJibaptisma ebol HitootF. peJau naF Je psaH ou p
luke-03-13 ntoF de peJaF nau Je. mprrlaau nHouo parapentautoSF nhtn.
luke-03-14 auJnouF de nCi neto mmatoi euJw mmos Je ou Hwwn on petnnaaaF. peJaF
nau Je mprdiasi elaau auw mprHila elaau. ntetnHw erwtn enetnoywnion.
luke-03-15- ereplaos de CwSt ebol eumeue throu Hn neuHht etbe iwHannhs Je meSak
ntoF pe pecristos.
luke-03-16 aiwHannhs de ouwSb eFJw mmos ouon nim Je anok men eibaptize mmwtn Hn
oumoou Fnhu de nCi petJoor eroi pai enTmpSa an bbwl ebol mpmous mpeFtooue ntoF
petnabaptize mmwtn Hn oupneuma eFouaab nmoukwHt.
luke-03-17 pai etere peFHa Hn teFCiJ etbbo mpeFJnoou eswouH eHoun mpeFsouo eteF
apoqhkh ptwH de nFrokHF Hn ousate emeswSm.
luke-03-18 Hn HenkemhhSe de enaSwou nSaJe neFparakalei mmoou eFtaSeoeiS mplaos.
luke-03-19 Hhrwdhs de ptetrarchs euJpio mmoF ebol HitootF etbe Hhrwdias qime mf
ilippos peFson auw etbe Hwb nim mponhron etaHhrwdhs aau.
luke-03-20 aFoueHpeike eJn neFkooue throu aFetpiwHannhs eHoun epeSteko.
luke-03-21= asSwpe de Hm ptreplaos thrF Jibaptisma auw ntere ihsous Ji. aFSlhl a
tpe ouwn
luke-03-22 apepneuma etouaab ei epesht eJwF Hn ousmot nswma nqe nouCroompe. auw
ausmh Swpe ebol Hn tpe Je ntok pe paShre pamerit entaiouwS nHhtk.
luke-03-23= ihsous de neFHmmaabe rrompe pe epShre niwshf pee nqe etoumeeue eroF.
pShre nHhlei.
luke-03-24 pShre mmatqat pShre lleuei pShre mmelcei pShre niannai pShre niwshf.
luke-03-25 pShre mmaqqaqias pShre nHamws pShre nnaoum pShre nnesli pShre naggai
luke-03-26 pShre mmaaq pShre mmattaqias pShre nsemeein pShre niwshc pShre niwda
luke-03-27 pShre niwannan pShre nHrhsa pSHre nzorobabel pShre nsalaqihl pShre n
luke-03-28 pShre mmelcei pShre nadei pShre nkwsam pShre nelmadad pShre nhr.
luke-03-29 pShre nihsous pShre neliezer pShre niwreim pShre maqqat pShre lleuei
luke-03-30 pShre nsumewn pShre niouda pShre niwshf pShre niwannam pShre neliake
luke-03-31 pShre mmelea pShre mmenna pShre mmattaqa pShre nnaqam pShre ndaueid.
luke-03-32 pShre niessai pShre niwbhd pShre bboes pShre nsala pShre nnaasswn.
luke-03-33 pShre nadam pShre nadamein pShre nnarni pShre nnesrwm pShre mfares p
Shre niouda.
luke-03-34 pShre niakwb pShre nisaak pShre nabraHam pShre nqarra pShre nacwr.
luke-03-35 pShre nserouc pShre nHrhgau pShre mfalek pShre nHeber pShre nsala.
luke-03-36 pShre nkainam pShre narfaxad pShre nshm pShre nnwHe pShre llamec.
luke-03-37 pShre mmaqousala pShre nenwc pShre niaret pShre mmalehl pShre nkaina
luke-03-38 pShre nenws pShre nshq pShre nadam pShre mpnoute.
luke-04-01= ihsous de eFJhk ebol mpneuma eFouaab aFkotF ebol Hm piordanhs eFmooS
e Hm pepneuma Hiterhmos.
luke-04-02 nHme nHoou eupeiraze mmoF Hitn pdiabolos auw mpFouemlaau Hn neHoou e
tmmau. nterouJwk de ebol aFHko.
luke-04-03 peJe pdiabolos naF Je eSJe ntok pe pShre mpnoute. aJis mpeiwne Je eF
luke-04-04 aFouwSb naF nCi ihsous. Je FshH Je nereprwme nawnH an epoeik mmate.
luke-04-05 aFJitF de eHraei aFtouoF emmnterwou throu ntoikoumenh Hn oustigmh no
luke-04-06 peJe pdiabolos de naF Je. TT nak nteiexousia thrs mn peueoou Je ntau
taas naei auw Saitaas mpeTouaSF.
luke-04-07 ntok Ce ekSanouwSt mpamto ebol snaSwpe nak thrs.
luke-04-08 aihsous ouwSb peJaF naF Je sshH Je eknaouwSt mpJoeis peknoute. auw e
knaSmSe naF ouaaF.
luke-04-09 aFntF de eqierosoluma aFtaHoF eratF eJn ptnH mperpe peJaF naF Je. eS
Je ntok pe pShre mpnoute FoCk epesht HiJn peima.
luke-04-10 FshH gar Je FnaHwn etootou nneFaggelos etbhhtk etreuHareH erok
luke-04-11 auw nseFitk eJn neuCiJ mhpote ngJwrp euwne ntekouerhte.
luke-04-12 aihsous de ouwSb peJaF naF Je auJoos Je nnekpeiraze mpJoeis peknoute
luke-04-13 ntereFJek peirasmos de nim ebol. apdiabolos saHwwF ebol mmoF SaouoiS
luke-04-14= auw aFkotF nCi ihsous Hn tCom mpepneuma etgalilaia apsoit ei ebol Hn
tpericwros thrs etbhhtF.
luke-04-15 ntoF de neFTsbw pe Hn neusunagwgh ererwme nim Teoou naF.
luke-04-16= aFei de eHrai enazareq pma entausanouSF nHhtF. auw aFbwk eHoun katap
eFswnt Hn neHoou nnsabbaton etsunagwgh. aFtwoun de ewS
luke-04-17 auw auT naF mpJwwme nhsaias peprofhths. aFouwn de mpJwwme aFHe epma
luke-04-18 Je pepneuma mpJoeis eHrai eJwi etbe pai aFtaHst aFtnnoout eeuaggeliz
e nnHhke etaSeoiS noukw ebol naicmalwtos nmounau ebol nbblle. eJoou nnetouoSF no
ukw ebol.
luke-04-19 etaSeoeiS de nterompe mpJoeis etShp.
luke-04-20 aFkbpJwwme de aFtaaF mpHuphreths aFHmoos. auw nerebbal nouon nim etH
ntsunagwgh CwSt eroF.
luke-04-21 aFarci de nJoos nau Je mpoou ateigrafh Jwk ebol Hn netnmaaJe.
luke-04-22 auw nereouon nim rmntre nmmaF eurSphre nnSaJe ntecaris nai etnhu ebo
l Hn rwF. auw neuJw mmos Je mh mpShre niwshf an pe pai
luke-04-23 peJaF de nau Je pantws tetnaJw nai nteiparabolh Je psaein aripaHre e
rok. nentanswtm eroou Je auSwpe Hn kafarnaoum. arisou Hwou Hm peima Hm pekTme.
luke-04-24 peJaF de. Je Hamhn TJw mmos nhtn Je mmnlaau mprofhths Shp Hm peFTme
mmin mmoF.
luke-04-25 Hn oume de TJw mmos nhtn Je neunHaH nchra pe Hm pisrahl Hn neHoou nH
hleias nteretpe Stam nSomte rrompe nmsoou nebot ntereounoC nHebwwn Swpe HiJm pka
H thrF.
luke-04-26 auw mpouJeu Hhleias Salaau mmoou. eimhti esarepta ntetsidwnia SaousH
ime nchra.
luke-04-27 auw neunHaH eusobaH Hm pisrahl. Hielissaios peprofhths auw mpelaau m
moou tbbo nsanaiman psuros.
luke-04-28 aumouH de throu nCwnt Hn tsunagwgh euswtm enaei
luke-04-29 auw autwounou aunoJF pbol ntpoleis auntF SapkooH mptoou etere teupol
eis kht HiJwF Hwste etreunoJF ebol nJoFtn.
luke-04-30 ntoF de aFei ebol Hn teumhte aFbwk.
luke-04-31= aFei de epesht ekafarnaoum tpoleis ntgalilaia. auw neFTsbw pe Hn nsa
luke-04-32 aurSphre de throu eHrai eJn teFsbw Je nerepeFSaJe Soop pe Hn ouexous
luke-04-33 auw neoun ourwme pe Hn tsunagwgh ere oupneuma ndaimwnion nakaqarton
nHhtF. auw aFJiSkak ebol Hn ounoC nsmh
luke-04-34 Je aHrok nmman ihsous prmnazareq aki etakon. Tsooun Je ntknim ntkpet
ouaab mpnoute.
luke-04-35 aihsous de epitima naF eFJw mmos Je twm rrwk ngei ebol nHhtF. aFnouJ
e de mmoF nCi pdaimwnion etmhte aFei ebol nHhtF empFbblapte mmoF laau.
luke-04-36 auStortr de Swpe eJn ouon nim auSaJe mn neuerhou euJw mmos Je ou pe
peiSaJe Je Hn ouexousia nmouCom eFoueHsaHne nnepneuma nakaqarton senhou ebol.
luke-04-37 apsoeit de mooSe etbhhtF Hm ma nim ntpericwros.
luke-04-38= aFtwoun de ebol Hn tsunagwgh aFbwk eHoun ephi nsimwn. tSwme de nsimw
n neunounoC nHmom Hiwws pe. ausepswpF de etbhts
luke-04-39 aFaHeratF HiJws aFepitima mpeHmom aFkaas. nteunou de astwouns asdiak
oni nau.
luke-04-40 ereprh de naHwtp. ouon nim eteuntourwme eFSwne Hn HenSwne euSobe aun
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luke-04-41 nerendaimwnion de nhou ebol Hn HaH pe euaSkak ebol euJw mmos Je ntok
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luke-04-44 neFkhrusse de pe Hn nsunagwgh nToudaia.
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etbe pekSaJe de Tnacala nneSnhou.
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luke-05-09 neauHote gar taHoF nmouon nim etnmmaF eJn tsoouHs nntbt entauCops.
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luke-05-16 ntoF de neFsiHe mmoF pe eHenma nJaie eFSlhl.
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luke-05-18 eisHenrwme de aunourwme eFshC HiJn ouma ngkotk auw neuSine pe nsaJit
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a mmoF epesht Hitn nkeramos mn peCloC eteumhte mpeuto ebol nihsous.
luke-05-20 aFnau de eteupistis peJaF Je prwme neknobe kh nak ebol.
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pai etJioua. nim peteunCom mmoF nkanobe ebol nsapnoute mauaaF.
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luke-05-23 aS gar petmotn Joos pe Je neknobe kh nak ebol JenJoos peJetwoun ngmo
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eJaF mpetshC Je. eiJw mmos nak twoun ngFi mpekCloC ngbwk epekhi.
luke-05-25 Hn teunou de aFtwoun mpeumto ebol aFFi mpeFCloC aFbwk epeFhi eFTeoou
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enSphre mpoou.
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lwnion peJaF naF Je ouaHk nswi.
luke-05-28 aFkanka de nim nswF aFtwoun aFouaHF nswF
luke-05-29 auw aleuei rounoC nSops eroF Hm peFhi. neunoumhhSe de ntelwnhs nmHen
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luke-05-32 ntaiei an eteHmndikaios. alla rreFrnobe eumetanoia.
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euSthn mplCe. eSwpe mmon FnapaHtkeSthn nSai ntetmttois nSai rSau etplCe.
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e peHnHwt nFpwn ebol ntenkeHwt tako.
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luke-06-01= asSwpe de mpsabbaton etreFei ebol Hitn mma etJhu aneFmaqhths CwnC nn
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luke-06-02 peJeHoine nnefarissaios Je etbe ou tetnire mpetemeSSe Hm psabbaton.
luke-06-03 aihsous de ouwSb peJaF nau Je. mpetneSpai eadaueid aaF ntereFHko nto
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luke-06-06= asSwpe de Hm pkesabbaton etreFbwk eHoun etsunagwgh nFTsbw auw neunou
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luke-06-07 neuparathri de eroF pe nCi negrammateus mn nefarissaios Je nenenFnar
paHre eroF mpsabbaton Je eueHe eqe nkathgori mmoF
luke-06-08 ntoF de neFsooun nneumokmek peJaF de mprwme etereteFCiJ Souwou Je tw
oun aHeratk ntmhte aFtwoun de aFaHeratF.
luke-06-09 peJe ihsous nau. Je TnaJne thoutn Je eneexesti erpetnanouF Hm psabba
ton Jenerpeqoou. etouJeouyuch Jenetakos.
luke-06-10 aFkteiatF de nHhtou throu peJaF naF Je soutntekCiJ ebol. ntoF de aFs
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luke-06-11 ntoou de aumouH mmntaqht aumekmoukou mn neuerhu Je ennar ou nihsous.
luke-06-12= asSwpe de nneiHoou etreFei ebol eptoou eSlhl auw neFo nouSh rroeis p
e Hm peSlhl mpnoute.
luke-06-13 auw ntereHtooue Swpe aFmoute eneFmaqhths aFsetp mntsnoous ebol nHhto
u nai entaFmoute eroou Je napostolos.
luke-06-14 simwn pentauTrinF epetros nmandreas peFson. iakwbos nmiwHannhs peFso
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luke-06-16 nmioudas pShre niakwbos nmioudas piskariwths pai entaFSwpe mprodoths
luke-06-17= aFei de epesht nmmau aFaHeratF Hiouma eFouoSs. auw oumhhSe enaSwF mn
neFmaqhths nmoumhhSe eFoS nteplaos ebol Hn Toudaia nmqierosoluma nmtparHalia nt
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luke-06-18 nai entauei eswtm eroF auw etalCoou ebol Hn neuSwne auw netmokH ebol
Hitn nepneuma nakaqarton autalCo.
luke-06-19 pmhhSe de thrF neuSine nsaJwH eroF pe Je nereouCom nhu ebol nHhtF es
talCo mmoou throu.
luke-06-20= ntoF de aFFiatF eHrai eneFmaqhths peJaF Je. naiatou nnHhke Je twou t
e tmntrro nmphue.
luke-06-21 naiatthutn netHkaeit tenou Je tetnasei. naiatou nnetrime tenou Je se
luke-06-22 naiatthoutn erSanrwme nim mestwtn nseprJthoutn ebol. nsenoCneC mmwtn
nsetste petnran ebol Hwsponhros etbe pShre mprwme.
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luke-06-25 ouoi nhtn netshou tenou Je tetnaHko. ouoi nhtn netswbe tenou Je tetn
arHhbe ntetnrime.
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oste mmwtn.
luke-06-28 smou enetsaHou mmwtn. Slhl eJn netpht nswtn
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etme mmoou.
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re mpai.
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Hwou TnrreFrnobe Je eueJi mpeukwb.
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eJilaau. auw petnbeke naSwpe enaSwF ntetnSwpe nShre mpetJose Je ntoF oucrhstos
pe eJn netemeuSpHmot nmmponhros.
luke-06-36 Swpe nSanHthF Je ouSanHthF pe petneiwt.
luke-06-37= mprkrine Je nneukrine mmwtn. mprtCaio Je nneutCaiethutn. kw ebol tar
oukw nhtn ebol
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ount thoutn. Hm pSi gar etetnaSi mmoF eunaSi nhtn mmoF.
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le mh nsenaHe an euHieit mpesnau.
luke-06-40 mmnsboui eFJose epeFsaH. mareouon nim Swpe eFsbtwt nqe mpeFsaH.
luke-06-41 aHrok de kCwSt epJh etHm pbal mpekson. psoi de etHmpekbal engnau ero
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an epsoi etHm pekbal. fupokriths neJpsoi nSorp ebol Hm pekbal tareknau ebol eneJ
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luke-06-43= mmnShn gar enanouF natauekarpos ebol eFHoou. oude mmnShn eFHoou nata
uekarpos ebol enanouF.
luke-06-44 eSausoun pShn gar pShn ebol Hm peFkarpos. meuketFknte ebol Hn Sonte.
oude meuJele eloole ebol Hn batos.
luke-06-45 eSareprwme nagaqos taueagaqon ebol Hm paHo mpeFHht etnanouF. auw eSa
reprwme mponhros taueponhron ebol Hm peFaHo mponhron. ebol gar Hm peHouo mpHht e
Sarettapro SaJe.
luke-06-46= aHrwtn tetnmoute eroi Je pJoeis pJoeis entetneire an mpeTJw mmoF.
luke-06-47 ouon nim etnhu Saroi etswtm enaSaJe eTre mmoou Tnatamwtn Je eFtntwn
luke-06-48 eFtntwn eurwme eFkwt nouhi pai entaFCwJe auw aFSike aFsmine ntsnte e
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kaH noueSnsnte nteunou de entapiero Hioue eHoun eHraF aFHe pHe mphi etmmau aFSwp
e nounoC.
luke-07-01= epeidh aFJek neFSaJe ebol throu emmaaJe mplaos. aFbwk eHoun ekafarna
luke-07-02 nerepHmHal de nouHekatontarcos mokH pe eFnamou pai de neFtaihu ntoot
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luke-07-03 aFswtm etbe ihsous aFJoou nHenpresbuteros ntenioudai SaroF eusops mm
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luke-07-04 ntoou de auei Sa ihsous ausepswpF Hn ouspoudh euJw mmos Je FmpSa nCi
petknarpai naF.
luke-07-05 Fme gar mpenHeqnos. auw ntoF pentaFkwt nan ntsunagwgh.
luke-07-06 ihsous de aFbwk nmmau empatFHwn de ephi afekatontarcos tnnoou nneFSb
eer eFJw mmos naF Je pJoeis mprskullei nTmpSa gar an etrekei eHoun HataoueHsoi
luke-07-07 etbe pai rw mpiaat nmpSa eei Sarok. alla aJis mmate mpSaJe Je mare p
aHmHal lo.
luke-07-08 kaigar anok angourwme eiSoop Haouexousia eunHenmatoi Harat SaiJoos m
pai Je bwk auw SaFbwk. auw nkeoua Jeamou. auw SaFei auw mpaHmHal Je aripai nFaaF
luke-07-09 aihsous de swtm enaei aFrSphre mmoF aFkotF enetouhH nswF peJaF nau J
e. TJw mmos nhtn Je oude mpiHe epistis nteiCot Hm pkeisrahl.
luke-07-10 anentauJoousou de kotou ephi auHe epHmHal eaFmton.
luke-07-11= asSwpe de mmnnsws aFbwk eupoleis eSaumoute eros Je naein ereneFmaqht
hs mooSe nmmaF nmpmhhSe etnaSwF.
luke-07-12 ntereFHwn de eHoun etpulh ntpoleis eis Hhhte aunoua ebol eFmoout ouS
hre ouwt nteteFmaau. ntos de neouchra te. neounoumhhSe de ntetpoleis nmmas pe.
luke-07-13 apJoeis de nau eros aFSnHthF eHrai eJws peJaF nas Je. mprrime.
luke-07-14 aFTpeFouoi de aFJwH epeCloC. netFi de HaroF auaHeratou. peJaF naF Je
pHrSire eiJw mmos nak twoung.
luke-07-15 apetmoout de Hmoos aFarci nSaJe aFtaaF nteFmaau.
luke-07-16 aqote de Jitou throu auw auTeoou mpnoute euJw mmos Je aunoC mprofhth
s twoun nHhtn. auw Je apnoute CmpSine mpeFlaos.
luke-07-17 apSaJe de ei ebol Hn Toudaia thrs etbhtF. nmtpericwros thrs.
luke-07-18= ammaqhths de niwHannhs tamoF etbe nai throu. aiwHannhs moute esnau n
luke-07-19 aFJoouse SapJoeis eFJw mmos Je ntok petnhou JeennaCwSt HhtF nkeoua.
luke-07-20 ntererrwme de ei SaroF peJau naF Je iwHannhs pbaptisths pentaFtnnoou
n Sarok eFJw mmos Je ntok petnhou JeennaCwSt HhtF nkeoua.
luke-07-21 Hn teunou de etmmau neaFtalCe oumhhSe ebol Hn neuSwne mn neumastingx
. auw ebol Hn nepneuma mponhron oumhhSe bblle aFcarize nau mpnau ebol.
luke-07-22 aFouwSb de eFJw mmos nau Je bwk ntetnJipouw niwHannhs nnentatetnnau
eroou auw nentatetnsotmou Je nblleeu nau ebol. nCaleeu mooSe. netsobH tbbo. nal
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luke-07-23 auw naiatF mpete nFnaskandalize an nHht.
luke-07-24 nteroubwk de nCi nFaiSine niwHannhs aFarci nJoos nmmhhSe etbe iwHann
hs Je ntatetnei ebol eterhmos enau eou eukaS erepthu kim eroF.
luke-07-25 alla ntatetnei ebol enau eou. eurwme ereHenHbsw euChn to HiwwF eisne
tHnnHbsw ettaeihu mn netrufh Hn nhi nnerrwou.
luke-07-26 alla ntatetnei ebol enau eou euprofhths. eHe TJw mmos nhtn Je ouHoue
profhths pe
luke-07-27 pai petshH etbhtF Je eis Hhhte Tnatnnoou mpaaggelos HatekHh pai etna
soutn tekHih mpekmto ebol.
luke-07-28 TJw mmos nhtn Je mmnpeto nnoC eiwHannhs Hn neJpo nneHiome. pkoui de
eroF pnoC eroF pe Hn tmntrro mpnoute.
luke-07-29 plaos de thrF nmntelwnhs nterouswtm autaiepnoute Je auJibaptisma Hm
pbaptisma niwHannhs
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bol HitootF.
luke-07-31- einatontn nrwme Ce nteigenea enim auw euine nnim
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mos Je anJw erwtn mpetnCosCs antoit mpetnrime.
luke-07-33 aiwHannhs gar pbaptisths ei enFouemoeik an enFsehrp an peJhtn Je oun
oudaimwnion HiwwF.
luke-07-34 apShre mprwme ei eFouwm eFsw peJhtn Je isourwme rreFouwm auw rreFseh
rp nSbhr ntelwnhs HireFrnobe.
luke-07-35 atsofia tmaio ebol Hn nesShre throu.
luke-07-36= aoua de nnefarissaios sepswpF Je eFeouwm nmmaF aFbwk de eHoun ephi m
pefarissaios aFnoJF.
luke-07-37 eisousHime de esHntpoleis eureFrnobe te. aseime Je FnhJ Hm phi mpefa
rissaios. asJi noualabastron nsoCn
luke-07-38 asaHerats HipaHou mmoF HaratF esrime asarci nHrpneFouerhte nnesrmioo
ue easFotou mpFw ntesape. asSwpe esTpi eneFouerhte estwHs mmoou mpsoCn.
luke-07-39 aFnau de nCi pefarissaios entaFtaHmeF peJaF Hrai nHhtF eFJw mmos Je
eneouprofhths pe pai neFnaeime Je ou te auw ouaS mmine te tesHime etJwH eroF Je
oureFrnobe te.
luke-07-40 aihsous de ouwSb peJaF naF Je simwn ounTouSaJe eJooF nak ntoF de peJ
aF Je psaH aJiF.
luke-07-41 neunte oudanisths erwme snau pe. neuntFTou nSe nsateere eua euntFtai
ou eua.
luke-07-42 emmntau de eT aFkaaF nau ebol mpesnau nim Ce mmoou petnameritF nHouo
luke-07-43 asimwn ouwSb peJaF Je Tmeeue Je pentaFka peHouo Ce naF ebol. ntoF de
peJaF naF Je akkrine Hn ousooutn.
luke-07-44 aFkotF de etesHime peJaF nsimwn Je knau eteisHime. aiei eHoun epekhi
mpkTmoou nai eiarat ntos de asHrpnaouerhte nnesrmiooue easFotou mpesFw.
luke-07-45 mpkTpi erwi. tai de Jintaiei eHoun mpslo esTpi enaouerhte.
luke-07-46 mpkteHs taape nneH tai de asteHs naouerhte nsoCn.
luke-07-47 etbe pai TJw mmos nak Je nesnobe etnaSwou kh nas ebol Je asme emate.
peSauka oukoui de naF ebol SaFme noukouei.
luke-07-48 peJaF de nas. Je nounobe kh ne ebol.
luke-07-49 auarci nCi netnhJ nmmaF. eJoos Hm peuHht. Je nim pe pai etkanobe ebo
luke-07-50 peJaF de ntesHime Je toupistis tentasnaHme bwk Hn oueirhnh.
luke-08-01= asSwpe de mnnsws ntoF de neFmooSe katapoleis auw kataTme eFkhrusse e
Feuaggelize ntmntrro mpnoute erepmntsnoous nmmaF
luke-08-02 nmHenkeHiome nai entaFtalCoou Hn neupneuma mponhron mn neuSwne. mari
a teSaumoute eros Je magdalhnh tai entasaSF ndaimwnion ei ebol nHhts
luke-08-03 nmiwHanna qime ncouza pepitropos nHhrwdhs nmsousanna auw Henkooue en
aSwou nai eneudiakonei naF ebol Hn neuHuparconta.
luke-08-04= ereoumhhSe de swouH enaSwF. mn netnhou SaroF katapoleis peJaF nau Hi
tn ouparabolh
luke-08-05 Je aFei ebol nCi petJo etJepeFCroC. auw Hm ptreFJo. aHoine He Hatnte
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luke-08-06 aHenkooue de He eJn mpetra auw nterourwt auSooue Je mmnaCbes Haroou.
luke-08-07 Henkooue de auHe etmhte nnSonte auw nterenSonte rwt auoCtou.
luke-08-08 Henkooue de auHe eJmpkaH etnanouF auw nterourwt autauekarpos ebol nS
e nkwb. naei de eFJw mmoou neFmoute pe Je peteuntFmaaJe mmau eswtm mareFswtm.
luke-08-09= aneFmaqhths de JnouF Je ou te teiparabolh.
luke-08-10 ntoF de peJaF nau Je ntautaas nhtn eeime epmusthrion ntmntrro mpnout
e. eiSaJe de nmpkeseepe Hn Henparabolh Jekaas euenau nneuiwrH auw euswtm nneuime
luke-08-11= tai de te tparabolh. peCroC pe pSaJe mpnoute.
luke-08-12 netHatn teHih de ne nentauswtm mnnsws eSare pponhros ei nFFi mpSaJe
ebol Hm peuHht Je nneupisteue nseouJai.
luke-08-13 netHiJn tpetra de ne naei eSauswtm nseSeppSaJe eroou Hn ouraSe. naei
de mmntounoune mmau eSaupisteue prosouoeiS. Hn ouoeiS de mpeirasmos Saukotou eb
luke-08-14 nentauHe de eJn nSonte ne nai etswtm epSaJe etmooSe Hn nroouS nmtmnt
rmmao nmnHhdonh ntepbios euwCt mmoou auw enseJwk ebol an.
luke-08-15 netHiJmpkaH de etnanouF ne nai entauswtm epSaJe Hn ouHht enanouF nag
aqos auamaHte mmoF auTkarpos Hn ouHupomonh.
luke-08-16= merelaau JereouHhbs nFHobsF nouHnaau hnFkaaF Ha ouCloC. alla eSaFkaa
F eJn tlucnia. Je erenetbhk eHoun nau epouoein.
luke-08-17 mmnlaau gar eFHhp enFnaouwnH ebol an. auw mmnlaau eFHobs ensenaeime
eroF an nFei epouoin.
luke-08-18 THthtn Ce Je etetnswtm naS nHe. pete ountaF gar senaT naF auw petemn
taF. petFJw mmos Je ountai sF senaFitF ntootF.
luke-08-19= ateFmaau de ei SaroF mn neFsnhu mpoueSCmCom etwmnt eroF etbe pmhhSe.
luke-08-20 auJipouw de naF Je tekmaau mn neksnhou aHeratou Hipsa bbol euoueS na
u erok.
luke-08-21 ntoF de aFouwSb peJaF nau Je. tamaau nm nasnhu ne nai etswtm epSaJe
mpnoute. eTre mmoF.
luke-08-22= asSwpe de nouHoou eaFtale euJoi mn neFmaqhths. peJaF nau Je maron ep
ekro ntlimnh. auw aurHwt
luke-08-23 eurHwt de aFwbS. autrwm nthu ei epesht etlimnh auStortr de auw auCin
luke-08-24 auTpeuouoi de eroF autounosF euJw mmos Je psaH psaH tnnatako. ntoF d
e aFtwoun aFepitima mpthou nmfoeim mpmoou aFlo auJamh Swpe.
luke-08-25 peJaF de nau Je estwn tetnpistis. eurHote de auw eurSphre euJw mmos
nneuerhu Je nim Ce ntoF pe pai Je FoueHsaHne nnthu nmpmoou seswtm nswF.
luke-08-26= ausChr de eHrai etecwra nngerazhnos etetai teetmpemto ebol ntgalilai
luke-08-27 ntereFei de epekro aurwme twmnt eroF eFnhou ebol Hn tpoleis eun Hend
aimwnion HiwwF. eaFrounoC nouoeiS empFTHoite HiwwF auw empFouwH Hn hei alla eFHn
luke-08-28 ntereFnau de eihsous aFJiSkak ebol aFpaHtF HaratF peJaF Hn ounoC nsm
h Je ekoueSou nmman ihsous pShre mpnoute etJose Tsops mmok mprbasanize mmoi.
luke-08-29 aFparaggeile gar nnepneuma nakaqarton eei ebol Hm prwme. neaFr Henno
C gar nouoeiS eSaFtorpF neSaumorF de pe Hn HenHalusis nmHenine nHomnt euHareH er
oF. auw SaFpwH nmmrre nseJitF ebol Hitn pdaimwnion eHenma nJaie.
luke-08-30 aihsous de JnouF Je nim pe pekran ntoF de peJaF Je legewn Je aHaH nd
aimwnion bwk eHoun eroF
luke-08-31 auw ausepswpF Je nneFoueHsaHne nau ebwk epnoun
luke-08-32- neoun ouagelh de rrir mmau pe enaSws eumoone mmos Hiptoou ausepswpF
de Je eFeoueHsaHne nau ebwk eHoun enetmmau. auw aFkaau.
luke-08-33 andaimwnion de ei ebol Hm prwme aubwk eHoun enrir. asTpesouoi de nCi
tagelh eJn tSwme epesht etlimnh aumou.
luke-08-34 anetmoone de nau epentaFSwpe aupwt auJipouw etpoleis auw enswSe.
luke-08-35 auei de ebol enau epentaFSwpe. auei Saihsous auHe eprwme eFHmoos pai
enta ndaimwnion ei ebol nHhtF ereneFHoite HiwwF erepeFHht smont eFHmoos Hatnoue
rhte nis auw aurHote
luke-08-36 anentaunau de tamoou eqe entapeto ndaimwnion ouJai mmos.
luke-08-37 ausepswpF de nCi pmhhSe thrF ntpericwros nngerazhnos ebwk ebol Hitoo
tou Je aunoC nHote taHoou. ntoF de aFale euJoi aFktoF.
luke-08-38 nereprwme de enta ndaimwnion ei ebol nHhtF twbH mmoF etreFmooSe nmma
F. aFkaaF de ebol eFJw mmos
luke-08-39 Je kotk eHrai epekhei ngJw nnentapnoute aau nak. auw aFbwk ebol Hn t
poleis thrs eFtaSeoiS nnentapnoute aau naF.
luke-08-40= Hm ptre ihsous de kotF apmhhSe SopF eroou neuCwSt gar throu pe ebol
luke-08-41 eis Hhhte de aurwme ei epeFran pe eiaeiros eparcwn pe ntsunagwgh. aF
paHtF Hanouerhte nihsous aFsepswpF etreFbwk eHoun epeFhi
luke-08-42+ Je eneountF ouSeere ouwt esnar mntsnoous rrompe. tai de nesnesnamou.
eFbhk de apmhhSe HeJHwJF.
luke-08-43 eisousHime de erepesnoF Haros mmntsnoouse rrompe tai empelaau eSCmCo
m etalCos.
luke-08-44 asTpesouoi epaHou mmoF asJwH entwte nteFSthn auw Hn teunou apesnoF C
w eFSouo.
luke-08-45 peJe ihsous Je nim pe ntaFJwH eroi nterouJoos de throu Je nanon an n
e peJepetros naF Je psaH mmhhSe netHoJHeJ mmok etqlibe mmok.
luke-08-46 ihsous de peJaF Je auJwH eroi anok gar aieime euCom easei ebol nHht.
luke-08-47 asnau de nCi tesHime Je mpepHwb Hwp asei esstwt aspaHts naF astamoF
Je ntasJwH eroF etbe ou nHwb mpemto ebol mpmhhSe thrF. auw eqe entaslo nteunou
luke-08-48 ntoF de peJaF nas Je taSeere toupistis tentasnaHme bwk Hn oueirhnh.
luke-08-49- eti de eFSaJe aFei nCi oua ebol Hitn naparcisunagwgos eFJw mmos Je a
tekSeere mou mprskullei Ce mpsaH.
luke-08-50 ihsous de aFswtm peJaF Je mprrHote. monon pisteue auw snawnH.
luke-08-51 ntereFei de ephi mpFkalaau ebwk eHoun nmmaF nsapetros nmiwHannhs nmi
akwbos nmpiwt ntSeere Shm nmtesmaau.
luke-08-52 neurime de throu auw neuneHpe pe eros. ntoF de peJaF Je mprrime. mps
mou gar alla esnkotk.
luke-08-53 auswbe de nswF eusooun Je asmou.
luke-08-54 ntoF de aFneJouon nim ebol aFamaHte ntesCiJ aFmoute eFJw mmos Je tSe
ere Shm twoune.
luke-08-55 apespneuma de kotF eros astwoun nteunou. aFoueHsaHne etreuT nas euwm
luke-08-56 aurSphre de nCi nesiote ntoF de aFparaggeile nau etmJe pentaFSwpe ll
luke-09-01= aFmoute de epmntsnoous aFT nau nouCom nmouexousia eJn ndaimwnion thr
ou auw etreurpaHre enSwne
luke-09-02 aFJoouse etaSeoeiS ntmntrro mpnoute auw etalCe netSwne.
luke-09-03 peJaF de nau Je mprFilaau eteHih oude Cerwb oude phra oude oeik oude
Homnt oude ereSthn snte Hiwtthutn.
luke-09-04 phi de etetnabwk eHoun eroF. Cw nHhtF auw amhitn ebol nHhtF.
luke-09-05 netensenaSep thoutn eroou an etetnnhou ebol Hn tpolis etmmau neHpSoi
S nnetnouerhte eJwou eumntmntre nau.
luke-09-06 eunhu de ebol neumooSe pe kataTme eueuaggelize auw eurpaHre Hm ma ni
luke-09-07 aHhrwdhs de ptetrarchs swtm enetSwpe throu aFapori ebol Je neunHoine
Jw mmos Je iwHannhs pentaFtwoun ebol Hn netmoout.
luke-09-08 ebol de Hitn Henkooue Je Hhleias pentaFouwnH ebol. Hitn Henkooue de
Je oua nneprofhths nnarcaion pentaFtwoun.
luke-09-09 peJaF de nCi Hhrwdhs Je anok pe ntaiFi ntape niwHannhs nim de pe pai
eTswtm nnai etbhtF. auw neFSine nsanau eroF pe.
luke-09-10 anapostolos de kotou auJw naF nnentauaau. aFJitou de aFseHtF nsaousa
eupoleis eSaumoute eros Je bhdsaida.
luke-09-11 mmhhSe de auime auouaHou nswF aFSopou de eroF aFSaJe nmmau etbe tmnt
rro mpnoute. auw netrcria nJipaHre aFtalCoou.
luke-09-12 neapeHoou de arci noueine. auTpeuouoi eroF nCi pmntsnoous peJau naF
Je. kammhhSe ebol Je euebwk enTme etmpeukwte nmnswSe nsemton mmoou auw nseHe eHr
e Je seHnouma nJaie.
luke-09-13 ntoF de peJaF nau Je ma nau ntwtn nseouwm. ntoou de peJau naF Je mmn
tnHouo eTou nnoik mpeima nmtbt snau. imhti ntnbwk anon ntnSwp mpilatos thrF mpet
luke-09-14 neunaraTou gar nSo rrwme pe. peJaF de nneFmaqhths Je marounoJou shne
shne nantaiou.
luke-09-15 auaas de Hinaei autreunoJou throu.
luke-09-16 aFJi mpTou de nnoik nmptbt snau aFFiatF eHrai etpe aFsmou eroou aFpo
Sou aFtaau nmmaqhths aukw Harwou mpmhhSe.
luke-09-17 auouwm ausi throu auw auFi mpmntsnoous noous nkot llakm eaurHouo ero
luke-09-18= asSwpe de eFHnouma mauaaF eFSlhl ereneFmaqhths nmmaF. aFJnou eFJw mm
os Je. eremmhhSe Jw mmos Je angnim.
luke-09-19 ntoou de auouwSb euJw mmos Je ereHoine men Jw mmos Je iwHannhs pbapt
isths pe Henkooue de Je Hhleias pe Henkooue de Je ierhmias pe Henkooue de Je oua
nneprofhths nnarcaios pentaFtwoun.
luke-09-20 peJaF de nau Je ntwtn etetnJw mmos Je angnim. apetros ouwSb peJaF Je
. ntok pe pecristos mpnoute.
luke-09-21= ntoF de aFepitima naF aFparaggile Je mprJepai elaau
luke-09-22 eFJw mmos Je Haps etrepShre mprwme SpHaH nHise nsetstoF ebol Hitn ne
presbuteros nm narciereus mn negrammateus nsemooutF nFtwoun Hm pmeHSomnt nHoou.
luke-09-23 neFJw de mmos ouon nim. Je petouwS eouaHF nswi mareFarna mmoF nFFi m
peFstauros mmhne nFouaHF nswi.
luke-09-24 petnaoueS teFyuch gar etanHos Fnasormes auw petnaswrm nteFyuch etbht
luke-09-25 ereprwme gar naTHhou nou eFSanTHhou mpkosmos thrF. nFsormeF de HwwF
hnFTose mmoF.
luke-09-26 petnaTSipe gar nai nmnaSaJe. pShre mprwme naTSipe mpai eFSanei Hm pe
Feoou nmpa peFiwt nmpa neFaggelos etouaab.
luke-09-27 TJw de mmos nhtn Hn oume Je ounHoine nnetaHeratou mpeima enneuJiT pe
mpmou Santounau etmntrro mpnoute.
luke-09-28= asSwpe de mnnsa neiSaJe nnaSmoun nHoou aFJi mpetros nmiwHannhs nmiak
wbos aFbwk eHrai eptoou eSlhl
luke-09-29 asSwpe de Hm ptreFSlhl apine mpeFHo rkeua. auw ateFHbsw oubaS estouo
luke-09-30 eis Hhhte de nererwme snau SaJe nmmaF. etenai ne mwushs nmHhleias
luke-09-31 nai entauouwnH ebol Hm peoou. nai entauJw nteFHih tai etFnaJoks ebol
Hn qierosoluma.
luke-09-32 petros de mn netnmmaF neuHorS pe Hafinhb. auroeis de aunau epeFeoou
auw prwme snau etaHeratou nmmaF.
luke-09-33 asSwpe de Hm ptreupwrJ ebol mmoF peJepetros nnaHrn ihsous Je psaH na
nous nan etrenSwpe mpeima tarntamionSomte nskhnh ouei nak ouei mmwushs ouei nHhl
eias enFsooun an mpetFJw mmoF.
luke-09-34 nai de eFJw mmoou aukloole Swpe asrHaibes eroou. aurHote de Hm ptren
etmmau bwk eHoun etekloole.
luke-09-35 ausmh de Swpe ebol Hn tekloole esJw mmos Je pai pe paShre etsotp. sw
tm nswF. Hm ptre.
luke-09-36 tesmh de Swpe auHe eihsous mauaaF. ntoou de aukarwou auw mpoutamelaa
u Hn neHoou etmmau elaau nnentaunau eroou.
luke-09-37= asSwpe de mpeFraste eunhou epesht Hiptoou. aumhhSe enaSwF twmnt eroF
luke-09-38 eis Hhhte de aurwme ebol Hm pmhhSe aSkak ebol eFJw mmos Je. psaH Tso
ps mmok CwSt eJn paShre Je ouSrouwt nai pe
luke-09-39 auw eis Hhhte Sareoupneuma taHoF nFaSkak ebol Hn ouSsne eFHite mmoF
nFtaue sHbaite. mogis eFSansaHwF ebol mmoF eFSantnnoF.
luke-09-40 aiseps nekmaqhths Je euenoJF eebol mpoueSCmCom.
luke-09-41 aFouwSb de nCi ihsous peJaF Je w tgenea napistos etCoome Satnau TnaS
wpe nmmhtn Satnau Tnaanec emmwtn aupekShre nai epeima.
luke-09-42 eti de eFT mpeFouoi eroF aFraHtF nCi pdaimwnion aFHite mmoF. ihsous
de aFepitima mpepneuma nakaqarton aFtalCepShre Shm aFtaaF mpeFiwt
luke-09-43+ aurSphre de throu eJn tmntnoC mpnoute. ntoou de throu eurSphre eJn n
etFire mmoou. peJaF nneFmaqhths
luke-09-44 Je. kaneiSaJe throu Hn netnmaaJe senaparadidou gar mpShre mprwme eto
otou nrrwme.
luke-09-45 ntoou de auratsooun epeiSaJe auw neFHobs eroou Je nneuime eroF. aurH
ote eJnouF etbe peiSaJe.
luke-09-46= aumokmek de bwk eHoun eroou Je nim pe pnoC etnHhtou.
luke-09-47 ihsous de eFsooun mpmokmek mpeuHht aFamaHte nouShre Shm aFtaHoF erat
F HaHthF
luke-09-48 peJaF nau Je petnaSep peiShre Shm eroF eJm paran eFSwp mmoi eroF auw
petnaSopt eroF eFSwp eroF mpentaFtnnoout pkoui nHhtthutn thrtn pai pe pnoC.
luke-09-49= aiwHannhs de ouwSb peJaF Je psaH annau eua eFneJdaimwnion ebol Hm pe
kran ankwlu mmoF Je nFouhH an nswk nmman.
luke-09-50 peJe ihsous naF Je mprkwlu. petenFT gar an nmmhtn eFT eJwtn.
luke-09-51= asSwpe de Hm ptreneHoou nteFanalumyis Jwk ebol. ntoF de aFtaJrepeFHo
ebwk eqierosoluma
luke-09-52 aFJoou de nHenFaiSine HateFHh. eumooSe de aubwk eHoun euTme ntensama
riths esobte naF
luke-09-53 auw mpouSopF eroou Je nereteFrakts bhk eqierosoluma.
luke-09-54 ammaqhths de nau iakwbos nmiwHannhs peJau naF Je. pJoeis kouwS etren
Joos nteoukwHt ei ebol Hn tpe nFFotou ebol.
luke-09-55 aFkotF de aFepitima nau
luke-09-56 aFbwk ekeTme.
luke-09-57= eumooSe de HiteHih. peJeoua naF Je TnaouaHt nswk epma etknabwk eroF.
peJe ihsous naF.
luke-09-58 Je ounte bbaSoor neubhb auw ountenHalate ntpe neumaH. pShre de mprwm
e mmntFma rrektteFape.
luke-09-59 peJaF de nkeoua Je ouaHk nswi ntoF de peJaF Je pJoeis kaat nSorp tab
wk tatwms mpaiwt.
luke-09-60 peJaF naF Je alok Hanetmoout etwms nneureFmoout ntok de bwk taSeoiS
ntmntrro mpnoute.
luke-09-61 peJekeua de Je taouaHt nswk pJoeis kaat nSorp tabwk taapotasse nnapa
luke-09-62 peJaF de nCi ihsous Je. merelaau taletootF eJn ouHbbe nFCwSt epaHou
nFsooutn etmntrro mpnoute.
luke-10-01= mnnsanai apJoeis setpkeSFe snoous aFJoouse snau snau HateFHh epolis
nim nmma nim etFnabwk eHoun eroou.
luke-10-02 neFJw de mmos nau Je pwHs men naSwF nergaths de sbkhpe. sepspJoeis d
e mpwHs Je eFeneJ ergaths ebol epeFwHs.
luke-10-03 bwk eis Hhhte anok TJoou mmwtn nqe nHenHieib ntmhte nHenouwnS.
luke-10-04 mprFitwwme oude phra. oude tooue. auw mpraspaze llaau HiteHih.
luke-10-05 phi de etetnabwk eHoun eroF. aJis nSorp Je Trhnh mpeihi
luke-10-06 auw eSwpe ounShre neirhnh mmau ere tetneirhnh mton mmos eHrai eJwF e
Swpe de mmon esekots erwtn.
luke-10-07 etetneCw de Hn ouhi nouwt etetnouwm auw etetnsw ntootou. pergaths ga
r mpSa mpeFbeke. mprpwwne ebol Hn ouhi euhi.
luke-10-08 tpoleis de etetnabwk eHoun eros nseSepthutn eroou ouwm nnetounakaau
luke-10-09 auw ntetn talCenetSwne nHhts. ntetnJoos nau Je atmntrro mpnoute Hwn
luke-10-10 tpoleis de etetnabwk eHoun eros nsetmSepthutn eroou. amhitn ebol ene
splatia ntetnJoos
luke-10-11 Je pkeSoiS entaFtwCe enenouerhte ebol Hn tetnpoleis. tnFwte mmoF nht
n. plhn eime epai Je atmntrro mpnoute Hwn erwtn.
luke-10-12 TJw mmos nhtn Je senaHroS nHht eJn sodoma Hm peHoou etmmau eHouetpol
eis etmmau.
luke-10-13= ouoi ne corazein. ouoi ne bhdsaida. Je ene ntanCom entauSwpe nHhtthu
tn Swpe Hn turos nmsidwn eSJe auHmoos Hn ouCooune nmoukrmes eumetanoi.
luke-10-14 plhn senaanece nturos nmsidwn Hn tekrisis eHouerwtn.
luke-10-15 nto Hwwte kafarnaoum mh tenaJise SaHrai etpe. senante Saamnte.
luke-10-16 petswtm erwtn eFswtm eroi auw petaqeti mmwtn. eFaqeti mmoi. petaqeti
de mmoi eFaqeti mpentaFtnnoout.
luke-10-17= aukotou de nCi peSFesnoous Hn ouraSe euJw mmos Je pJoeis nkeudaimwni
on seHupotasse nan Hm pekran.
luke-10-18 peJaF de nau Je neinau epsatanas eFnhou epesht ebol Hn tpe nqe noubr
luke-10-19 eis Hhhte aiT nhtn ntexousia eHwm eJn nHoF nmouooHe auw eJn tCom thr
s mpJaJe ntetmlaau Jithutn nCons.
luke-10-20 plhn mprraSe Hm pai Je nepneuma Hupotasse nhtn. raSe de ntoF Je netn
ran shH Hn mphue.
luke-10-21= Hn teunou de etmmau aFtelhl Hm pepneuma etouaab peJaF Je Texomologi
nak paiwt pJoeis ntpe nmpkaH Je akHepnai ensofos nmnsabe akColpou ebol eHenShre
Shm aHe paiwt Je tai te qe entasranak mpekmto ebol.
luke-10-22 auT nai nHwb nim ebol Hitm paiwt auw mmnlaau sooun Je nim pe pShre n
sapiwt hnim pe piwt nsapShre. auw petere pShre naouaSF SaFCwlp naF ebol.
luke-10-23 aFkotF de emmaqhths nsaousa peJaF nau Je. naiatou nbbal etnau enetet
nnau eroou
luke-10-24 TJw gar mmos nhtn Je aHaH mprofhths Hirro oueS nau enetetnnau eroou
mpounau. auw eswtm eroi enetetnswtm eroou mpouswtm.
luke-10-25= eisounomikos de aFtwoun eFpeiraze mmoF eFJw mmos Je psaH einarou tak
lhronomi mpwnH Sa eneH.
luke-10-26 ntoF de peJaF Je ou petshH Hm pnomos ekwS naS nHe.
luke-10-27 ntoF de peJaF Je ekemere pJoeis peknoute Hm pekHht thrF nmtekyuch th
rs nmtekCom thrs mn nekmeeue throu auw petHitouwk ntekHe.
luke-10-28 peJaF de naF Je. akouwSb Hn ousooutn aripai auw knawnH.
luke-10-29 ntoF de eFoueS tmaioF peJaF nihsous Je nim pe petHitouwi.
luke-10-30 aihsous ouwSb peJaF naF Je. ourwme pentaFei ebol Hn qierosoluma eier
icw. aFei etootou nHenma nsoone nai de aukaaF kaHhou auJFHensaS aubwk aukaaF eFo
luke-10-31 Hn ouSsne de auouhhb ei epesht HiteHih etmmau aFnau eroF aFsaatF.
luke-10-32 Homoiws on ouleueths ntereFei eJmpma etmmau aFnau eroF aFsaatF.
luke-10-33 ausamariths de eFmooSe ei eJwF aFnau eroF aFSnHthF eHrai eJwF.
luke-10-34 aFTpeFouoi eroF aFmour nneFsaS aFpwHt nouneH eJwou nmouhrp aFtaloF e
Jn peFtbnh mmin mmoF aFntF eupantocion aFFipeFroouS.
luke-10-35 mpeFraste de eFnhou ebol aFTFkhte mppantoceus peJaF naF Je. FipeFroo
uS auw petknaJoF ebol eroF. eiSanktoi TnataaF nak.
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luke-10-37 ntoF de peJaF naF Je pentaFrpna nmmaF pe. peJe ihsous de naF Je bwk
Hwwk ngeire Hinai.
luke-10-38= Hm ptreumooSe de ntoF aFbwk eHoun euTme ausHime epesran pe marqa Sop
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luke-10-39 neounts ouswne de pe eSaumoute eros Je maria. tai de asHmoos Hatn ou
erhte mpJoeis asswtm epeFSaJe.
luke-10-40 marqa de nesperispa pe eunoC ndiakonia. asaHerats eJwF peJas naF Je
pJoeis mpekroouS an pe Je ataswne kaat mauaat eidiakoni. aJis Ce nas Jekaas esep
wSn eroi.
luke-10-41 apJoeis de ouwSb nas peJaF Je. marqa marqa teFiroouS HaHaH auw teStr
luke-10-42 oua de petourcria mmoF. maria gar assetp tto nas etnanous tai ensena
Fits ntoots an.
luke-11-01= asSwpe de eFHnouma eFSlhl ntereFouw peJeoua naF nneFmaqhths Je pJoei
s matsabon eSlhl kataqe entaiwHannhs tsabe neFmaqhths.
luke-11-02 peJaF nau Je etetnaSlhl aJis Je peniwt etHn mphue marepekran ouop ma
retekmntrro ei. marepekouwS Swpe.
luke-11-03 penoik etnhou taaF nan mmhne.
luke-11-04 kanennobe nan kaigar anon tnkw ebol ouon nim eteountan eroF. auw mpr
Jitn eHoun epeirasmos.
luke-11-05- peJaF de nau Je nim nHhtthutn petnaka ouSbhr naF nFbwk SaroF ntpaSe
nteuSh nFJoos naF Je peSbhr ma nai nSomnt nnoik epeuSap
luke-11-06 epidh auSbhr ei Saroi ebol Hn teHih auw mmnT peTnakaaF HarwF.
luke-11-07 petmmau de nFouwSb mpsa nHoun nFJoos Je mproueHHise eroi aiouw gar e
iStam mparo auw naShre HipeCloC nmmai mmnCom mmoi etwoun eT nak
luke-11-08 TJw mmos nhtn Je eSJe nFnatwoun an eT naF Je peFSbhr pe. alla etbe t
eFmntlaC Fnatwoun nFT naF mpetFaHe naF.
luke-11-09 anok Hw TJw mmos nhtn Je aiti tarouT nhtn. Sine taretetnCine. twHm t
arouwn nhtn.
luke-11-10 ouon gar nim etaiti FnaJi. auw petSine FnaCine. auw pettwHm senaouwn
luke-11-11 nim de nHhtthoutn petere peFShre naaiti mmoF noutbt. mh epma noutbt
eFnaT naF nouHoF.
luke-11-12 hnFaiti mmoF nousoouHe mh eFnaT naF nouooHe.
luke-11-13 eSJe ntwtn Ce entetn Henponhros tetnsooun nTpetnanouF nnetnShre. pos
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luke-11-14= neFnouJe de ebol noudaimwnion emeFSaJe. asSwpe de ntere pdaimwnion e
i ebol. aFSaJe nCi pempo auw aurSphre nCi mmhhSe.
luke-11-15 peJeHoine de nHhtou Je eFneJ daimwnion ebol Hn beelzeboul parcwn nnd
luke-11-16 Henkooue de eupeiraze mmoF neuSine nsaoumaein ntootF ebol Hn tpe.
luke-11-17 ntoF de eFsooun nneumeue nHht peJaF nau Je. mntrro nim esSanpwS eHra
i eJws SasrJaie. auw ouhi eJn ouhi SaFHe.
luke-11-18 eSJe apsatanas HwwF pwS eHrai eJwF. naS nHe teFmntrro naaHerats. Je
tetnJw mmos Je eineJdaimwnion ebol Hn beelzeboul.
luke-11-19 eSJe anok einouJe ebol nndaimwnion Hn beelzeboul. eieere netnShre no
uJe ebol Hn nim. etbe pai senaSwpe nhtn rreFTHap.
luke-11-20 eSJe anok de eineJ daimwnion ebol Hn outhhbe ntepnoute eie atmntrro
mpnoute pwH eJwtn.
luke-11-21 erSan petJoor de HareH eteFaulh eFHhk. neFHuparconta throu naSwpe Hn
luke-11-22 erSan petJoor de eroF ei nFJro eroF. FnaFi nteFpanHoplia etFkw nHthF
eros auw Fnaswr nneFSwl.
luke-11-23 petenFnmmai an eFT oubhi. auw petenFsunage nmmai an eFJwwre ebol.
luke-11-24= Hotan de pakaqarton mpneuma eFSanei ebol Hm prwme. SaFei ebol Hitn H
enma emmnmoou nHhtou eFSine nsaouma nmton auw eFtmCine tote SaFJoos Je Tnaktoi e
pahi epma entaiei ebol nHhtF.
luke-11-25 eFSanei de SaFHe eroF eFsaHr eFtsamihou
luke-11-26 tote SaFbwk nFJi nkesaSF mpneuma euHoou eroF nsebwk eHoun nseouwH nH
htF ntenHaeou mprwme etmmau qo eneFSorp.
luke-11-27= asSwpe de Hm ptreFJenai ausHime FiHras ebol Hm pmhhSe peJas naF Je.
naiats nqh entasFi Harok mn nekibe naei entakJi mmoou.
luke-11-28 ntoF de peJaF Je. naiatou nHouo nnetswtm epSaJe mpnoute etareH eroF.
luke-11-29= ereoumhhSe de swouH eroF aFarci nJoos Je teigenea ougenea mponhron t
e. SSine nsaoumaein. auw nneuta nas maein nsapmaein niwnas.
luke-11-30 kataqe gar entaiwnas Swpe mmaein nrrwme nnineuh tai te qe etere pShr
e mprwme naire nteigenea.
luke-11-31 trrw mprhs natwoun Hm peHoou ntekrisis nmnrwme nteigenea nstCaioou J
e asi JinarhJF mpkaH eswtm etsofia nsolomwn auw eispeHouo esolomwn mpeima.
luke-11-32 rrwme nnineuh natwoun Hn tekrisis nmteigenea nsetCaios Je aumetanoi
eptaSeoeiS niwna eispeHouo eiwna mpeima.
luke-11-33= merelaau JereHhbs nFkaaF Hn oui nHwp. alla eSaFkaaF eJn tlucnia Je e
renetbhk eHoun nau epouoin.
luke-11-34 pHhbs mpswma pe pbal eSwpe ouHaplous pe pekbal eieouoin pe pekswma t
hrF eSwpe de ouponhros pe pekbal pekswma thrF naSwpe eFo nkake.
luke-11-35 CwSt Ce Je meSak pouoin etnHhtk oukake pe.
luke-11-36 eSJe ouoin Ce pe pekswma thrF emmnlaau mmeros nkake nHhtF FnaSwpe ou
oin thrF nqe eSarefhbs rouoin erok Hm peFSaH.
luke-11-37= HmptreFSaJe de aufarissaios sepswpF Je eFeouwm nmmaF. aFbwk de eHoun
luke-11-38 nterepefarissaios de nau aFrSphre Je mpFHorpF nSorp empatFouwm.
luke-11-39 peJe pJoeis de naF Je. tenou ntwtn nefarissaios tetntbbo mpsabbol mp
apot nmppinax. petnsa nHoun de meH ntwrp Hi akaqarsia. naqht.
luke-11-40 mh pentaFtamie psabbol. ntoF an pentaFtamie psa nHoun.
luke-11-41 plhn nqe entasSwpe Tmntna auw isHhhte seouaab nhtn throu.
luke-11-42 alla ouoi nhtn nefarissaios Je tetnT mpremht mfaCinnstoi nmpbaSouS n
mouoote nim tetnkw nswtn mpHap nmtagaph mpnoute nai de eSSe eaau etmka neikooue
luke-11-43 ouoi nhtn nefarissaios Je tetnme nmma neHmoos nSorp Hn nsunagwgh auw
naspasmos Hn nagora.
luke-11-44 ouoi nhtn Je tetno nqe nnimHaou etenseouonH ebol an ererrwme mooSe H
iJwou ensesooun an.
luke-11-45- aoua de nnnomikos ouwSb eFJw mmos naF Je. psaH nai ekJw mmoou. kswS
Hwwn mmon.
luke-11-46 ntoF de peJaF nau Je. ntwtn Hwtthutn nnomikos ouoi nhtn Je tetntalo
nHenetpw euHorS eJn rrwme entetnJwH an enetpw oua nnetnthhbe.
luke-11-47 ouoi nhtn Je tetnkwt nnemHaou nneprofhths netneiote de nentaumooutou
luke-11-48 eietetnr mntre auw tetnsuneudoCi eneHbhue nnetniote Je ntoou men aum
ooutou ntwtn de tetnkwt.
luke-11-49 etbe pai atkesofia mpnoute Joos Je TnaJoou nau nHenprofhths nmHenapo
stolos nsemouout ebol nHhtou auw nsediwke.
luke-11-50 Je eueSine nsapesnoF nneprofhths throu entaupaHtF ebol Jintkatabolh
mpkosmos ebol Hitoots nteigenea.
luke-11-51 JinpesnoF nabel SapesnoF nzacarias pShre bbaracias. pentautakoF ntmh
te mpequsiasthrion nmphi. se TJw mmos nhtn Je senaSine nswF ebol Hitoots nteigen
luke-11-52 ouoi nhtn nnomikos Je atetnFi mpSoSt mpsooun mpetnbwk eHoun auw mpet
nka netbhk.
luke-11-53 aFei de ebol Hm pma etmmau anegrammateus mn nefarissaios arci nnouCs
eroF. etreFkarwF etbeHaH
luke-11-54 etbeHaH euCwrC eroF eCopF nouSaJe ebol Hn rwF.
luke-12-01= Hm ptrenetba de mmhhSe swouH eHoun Hwste etreuHwm nneuerhou aFarci n
SaJe mn neFmaqhths nSorp Je HareH erwtn etbe peqab etetai te qupokrisis nnefaris
luke-12-02 mmnlaau de eFHobs enFnaCwlp ebol an auw eFHhp ensenaime eroF an.
luke-12-03 etbe pai nentatetnJoou Hm pkake senasotmou Hm pouoin. auw pentatetnJ
oos epeumaaJe Hn ntamion. senataSeoiS mmoF HiJn nJenepwr.
luke-12-04= TJw mmos nhtn naSbeer Je mprrHote Hhtou nnetnamouout mpetnswma. mnns
a nai emmntou Houepai eaaF nhtn.
luke-12-05 Tnatame thoutn de Je nim petetnarHote HhtF. ariHote HhtF mpeteountFe
xousia mmau mnnsa mououtthutn eneJthoutn etgeHenna. Haio TJw mmos nhtn Je ariHot
e HhtF mpai.
luke-12-06 mh nseT ebol an nTou nJaJ HaHobolos snau auw nseobS an eua mmoou mpe
mto ebol mpnoute
luke-12-07 alla nkeFw throu ntetnape hp. mprrHote tetnSobe eHaH nJaJ
luke-12-08= TJw mmos nhtn Je ouon nim etnaHomologi mmoi mpemto ebol nrrwme. pShr
e mprwme naHomologi nHhtF mpemto ebol nnaggelos mpnoute.
luke-12-09 petnaarna de mmoi mpemto ebol nrrwme senaarna mmoF mpemto nnaggelos
luke-12-10 auw ouon nim etnaJw nouSaJe epShre mprwme senakaaF naF ebol petnaJio
ua de epepneuma etouaab nsenakw an naF ebol.
luke-12-11 Hotan de euSanJi thoutn eHoun nnaHrn nsunagwgh nmnnarch nmnnexousia.
mprFiroouS Je etetnaJoos Je ou hetetnaraS nHe. hJe etetnaouoSbou naS nHe.
luke-12-12 pepneuma gar etouaab natsabethutn Hn teunou etmmau enetetnaJoou.
luke-12-13= peJeoua de naF ebol Hm pmhhSe Je. psaH. aJis mpason nFpeSteklhronomi
a eJwn.
luke-12-14 ntoF de peJaF Je. prwme nim pentaFkaqista mmoi nkriths auw rreFpwS e
luke-12-15 peJaF de nau Je. THthtn auw HareH erwtn eFwCe nim Je erSannenka aSai
noua eFnaHe epeFwnH ebol nHhtou.
luke-12-16 aFJw de nau nouparabolh eFJw mmos Je. ourwme rrmmao pentateFcwra ouw
luke-12-17 eaFmekmoukF de Hrai nHhtF eFJw mmos Je. einarou Je mnT ma nseuH naka
rpos eroF.
luke-12-18 peJaF de Je Tnarpai. TnaSorSr naapoqhkh ntakotou nHennoC taswouH ero
ou mpsouo thrF nmnaagaqon
luke-12-19 taJoos ntayuch Je tayuch ounteHaH mmau nagaqon eukh ne eHrai nHaH rr
omp mton mmo ouwm sw eufrane.
luke-12-20 peJepnoute de naF Je paqht senaFi ntekyuch nteiouSh ntootk nentaksbt
wtou de eunaSwpe nnim.
luke-12-21 tai te qe mpetswouH naF eHoun enFo an rrmmao Hm pnoute.
luke-12-22= peJaF de nneFmaqhths Je etbe pai TJw mmos nhtn Je mprFiroouS etetnyu
ch Je ou petetnaouomF. oude petnswma Je ou petetnataaF Hiwtthutn.
luke-12-23 Je tetnyuch ouoot eteHre auw pswma etHbsw.
luke-12-24 CwSt enaboke Je nseJo an nsewHs an emmntoutamion mmau oude apoqhkh a
uw pnoute saanS mmoou. ntwtn Ce tetnSobe enHalate emate.
luke-12-25 nim de nHht thutn eFFiroouS peteounCom mmoF eueHoumaHe eteFSih.
luke-12-26 eSJe mmnCom Ce mmwtn eukouei. etbe ou tetnFiroouS epkeseepe.
luke-12-27 THthtn enekrinon nqe etouaiaei mmos enseHise an ensewtH an. TJw de m
mos nhtn Je mpesolomwn Hm peFeoou thrF THiwwF nqe noua nnai.
luke-12-28 eSJe pecortos etHn tswSe mpoou raste eunanoJF etetrir pnoute THiwwF
nteiHe. posw mallon Hiwtthutn natkoui mpistis
luke-12-29 ntwtn Hwtthutn mprSine Je ou petetnaouomF. hou petetnasooF. mprFiroo
luke-12-30 Je nai gar throu nHeqnos mpkosmos netSine nswou. petniwt de sooun Je
tetnrcria nnai
luke-12-31 plhn Sine ntoF nsa teFmntrro auw nai senaouaHou erwtn.
luke-12-32 mprrHote pkoui noHe Je petniwt oueST nhtn ntmntrro.
luke-12-33 Tnetnnka ebol taau mmntna matamio nhtn nHentwwme ensenaras an nmouaH
o natwJn Hn mphue pma ete mere peFJioue Hwn eroF auw mereJooles takoF.
luke-12-34 pma gar etere petnaHo naSwpe mmoF erepetnHht naSwpe HiwwF.
luke-12-35= marenetnTpe Swpe eumhr erenetnHhbs mouH.
luke-12-36 ntetnrqe nnirwme etCwSt ebol HhtF mpeuJoeis Je eFnaCwlp tnau Hm pma
nSeleet. Jekaas eFSanei nFtwHm eueouwn naF nteunou.
luke-12-37 naiatou nnHmHal etmmau nai etere peuJoeis nhou nFHe eroou eurois. Ha
mhn TJw mmos nhtn Je FnamorF nFtreunoJou nFei ebol Hiwou eFdiakoni nau
luke-12-38 kan eFSanei Hn tmeHsnte nourSe htmeHSomte nFHe eroou euire Hinai nai
atou nnHmHal etmmau.
luke-12-39 tetnime de epai Je eneFsooun nCi pJoeis mphi Je erepreFJioue nhou na
S nounou neFnakaau an eCwtH epeFhi.
luke-12-40 ntwtn Hwtthutn Swpe etetnsbtwt Je erepShre mprwme nhou Hn teunou ete
ntetnsooun mmos an.
luke-12-41- peJepetros de naF Je pJoeis ekJw nan nteiparabolh JenekJw mmos ouon
luke-12-42 peJaF de nCi pJoeis Je nim ara pe ppistos noikonomos nsabe etere peF
Joeis nakaqista mmoF eJn neFHmHal eT nau nteHre mpesouoiS
luke-12-43 naiatF mpHmHal etmmau petere peFJoeis nhou nFHe eroF eFire Hinai.
luke-12-44 name TJw mmos nhtn Je Fnakaqista mmoF eJn neFHuparconta throu.
luke-12-45 eFSanJoos de nCi pHmHal etmmau Hm peFHht Je paJoeis nawsk eei nFarci
nHioue enHmHmHal nmnHmHal nsHime nFouwm nFsw nFTHe.
luke-12-46 Fnhou nCi pJoeis mpHmHal etmmau Hn ouHoou enFsooun mmoF an auw Hn ou
ounou enFime eros an nFpoSF nFkateFto nmnnapistos.
luke-12-47 pHmHal de entaFime epouwS mpeFJoeis empFsobte hempFire katapeFouwS F
naJi nHennoC nshSe.
luke-12-48 petempFime de eaFrpempSa nHenshSe eunaJnaF Henkoui. ouon de nim enta
uT naF nHouo senaSine nsaHouo ebol HitootF. auw pentauCaleHaH eroF senaSatF nHaH
luke-12-49= ntaiei enouJe noukwHt eHrai eJmpkaH auw ou peTouaSF etreFJero pe.
luke-12-50 ountai oubaptisma mmau ebaptize mmoF TChp SantFJwk ebol
luke-12-51 etetnmeue Je ntaiei eT noueirhnh mpkaH. TJw mmos nhtn Je mmon. alla
oupwrJ pe
luke-12-52 Jintenou gar ounTou naSwpe Hn ouhi nouwt euphS Somnt eJn snau snau e
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luke-12-53 ounouiwt napwS mn peFShre auw ouShre nmpeFiwt oumaau mmtesSeere ouSe
ere nmtesmaau ouSwme nmtesSeleet ouSeleet nmtesSwme.
luke-12-54= peJaF de nmmhhSe Je etetnSannau eukloole asei eHrai Hipemnt. SatetnJ
oos nteunou Je pHwou naSwpe auw SasSwpe Hinai.
luke-12-55 auw erSanptourhs ei ebol Je ounoukauswn naSwpe. auw SaFSwpe.
luke-12-56 nHupokriths. tetnsooun ndoCimaze mpHo ntpe nmpkaH. etbe ou de ntoF n
tetnsooun an ndoCimaze mpeiouoiS.
luke-12-57= aHrwtn de ntetnkrine an mpeteSSe mmin mmwtn.
luke-12-58 nqe gar ekmooSe mn petJiHap oubhk eFHiteHih matFqe mpwlC nmmak mhpws
nFswk mmok eureFTHap ntepreFTHap taak etootF mpepraktwr ntepepraktwr noJk epeSt
luke-12-59 TJw mmos nak Je nneki ebol mmau empkT mpekHae llepton.
luke-13-01= Hn teunou de etmmau neunHoine pe tamo mmoF etbe ngalilaios nai enta
pilatos teHpeusnoF mn neuqusia.
luke-13-02 aFouwSb de peJaF nau Je. etetnmeue Je neigalilaios ntaurnobe paranga
lilaios throu Je auSepneiHise.
luke-13-03 TJw mmos nhtn Je mmon. alla etetntmmetanoi. tetnatako thrtn nteuHe.
luke-13-04 hpimntSmhn entappurgos He eJwou Hn silwHam aFmooutou. etetnmeue Je o
unnobe eroou pararrwme throu etouhH Hn qierosoluma
luke-13-05 TJw mmos nhtn Je mmon. alla etetntmmetanoi tetnatako thrtn nteuHe.
luke-13-06= aFJw de nteiparabolh Je eneounteoua oubw nknte esJhou Hm peFma neloo
le aFei de aFSine nsapeskarpos mpFHe eouon nHhts.
luke-13-07 peJaF de nnaHrm peCme Je. eisSomte rrompe einhou eiSine nsakarpos Hn
Tbw nknte auw nTHhu euon anSaats Ce etbe ou souwsF mpkekaH.
luke-13-08 ntoF de aFouwSb peJaF naF Je. pJoeis alok Haros nteikerompe SanTCrh
mpeskwte taTmeHro nas
luke-13-09 eSwpe men esSantauekarpos ebol ntkerompe. akkaas. eSwpe mmon akSaats
luke-13-10= neFTsbw de pe Hn ouei nnsunagwgh mpsabbaton.
luke-13-11 auw eisousHime ere oupneuma nSwne nmmas mmntSmhne rrompe esolek emmn
Com mmos eFiJws eHrai epthrF.
luke-13-12 aihsous de nau eros aFmoute eros peJaF nas Je tesHime tekh ebol Hm p
luke-13-13 aFtalo de nteFCiJ eJws astwoun nteunou auw nesTeoou mpnoute.
luke-13-14 aparcisunagwgos de ouwSb eFaganakti Je aihsous rpaHre Hm psabbaton.
neFJw de mmos nmmhhSe Je soou nHoou neteSSe erHwb nHhtou. amHitn Ce nHhtou ntetn
JipaHre ntetntmei Hm peHoou mpsabbaton.
luke-13-15 apJoeis de ouwSb peJaF naF Je. nHupokriths mh merepoua poua mmwtn Hm
psabbaton blpeFmase ebol hpeFiw Hm peFouomF nFJitF nFtsoF.
luke-13-16 tai de etSeere nabraHam te eapsatanas mors ismntSmhne rrompe nSSe an
ebols nteimrre mpeHoou mpsabbaton.
luke-13-17 eFJw de nnai auJi Sipe throu nCi netT oubhF auw apmhhSe thrF raSe eJ
n Hwb nim ettaihou etFire mmoou.
luke-13-18= peJaF Ce Je ere tmntrro mpnoute tntwn eou. auw einatntwns enim.
luke-13-19 estntwn eublbile nSltm eaurwme Jits aFnoJs eteFSnh. asaiaei asrouShn
anHalate ntpe ouwH Hanesklados.
luke-13-20 peJaF on Je einatntn tmntrro mpnoute eou
luke-13-21 estntwn euqab eausHime JitF asnoJF eSomnt nSi nnoit SantFJiqab thrF.
luke-13-22= neFmooSe de katapolis auw kataTme eFTsbw eFbhk eHrai eqierosoluma.
luke-13-23 peJau de naF Je pJoeis nHenkoui netnaouJai. ntoF de peJaF nau Je.
luke-13-24 agwnize ebwk eHoun Hitn tpulh etChou. TJw mmos nhtn Je ounHaH naSine
nsabwk eHoun nsetmeSCmCom
luke-13-25 eFSanpHntwoun nCi pJoeis nFStam mpro tetnaarci ntwHm epro etetnaHera
t thutn Hibol etetnJw mmos Je. pJoeis auwn nan. FnaouwSb de nFJoos nhtn Je nTsoo
un mmwtn an Je ntetn Henebol twn.
luke-13-26 tote tetnaarci nJoos Je anouwm mpekmto ebol auw answ akTsbw nan Hn n
luke-13-27 auw FnaJoos nhtn Je nTsooun mmwtn an Je ntetn Henebol twn saHethutn
ebol mmoi nergaths throu mpJi nCons
luke-13-28 ereprime naSwpe mmau nmpCaHCH nnobHe. etetnSannau eabraHam nm isaak
nm iakwb nm neprofhths throu Hn tmntrro mpnoute eunouJe de mmwtn ebol
luke-13-29 senhu ebol Hn rraSa nmrraHwtp nmpemHit nmprhs nsenoJou Hn tmntrro mp
luke-13-30 eis Hhhte nHae narSorp ntenSorp rHae.
luke-13-31= Hn teunou de etmmau aHenfarissaios Tpeuouoi eroF euJw mmos Je bwk eb
ol nglo Hm peima Je Hhrwdhs oueSmooutk.
luke-13-32 aFouwSb de peJaF nau Je. bwk aJis nteibaSor Je eis Hhhte TneJdaimwni
on ebol. auw Teire nHentalCo mpoou nmraste auw TnaJwk nsaraste
luke-13-33 plhn Haps etrarpoou nmraste tabwk nsaraste Je nsto an etreprofhths m
ou pbol nqierosoluma.
luke-13-34 qierosoluma qierosoluma tetmouout nneprofhths etHiwne enentautauoou
Saros. HaH nsop aioueS seuHnouShre eHoun nqe nouHalht eSaFswouH eHoun nneFmas Ha
neFtnH auw mpetnouwS.
luke-13-35 eis Hhhte senakapetnhi erwtn. TJw mmos nhtn Je nnetnnau eroi Santetn
Joos Je Fsmamaat nCi petnhou Hm pran mpJoeis.
luke-14-01= asSwpe de Hm ptreFbwk eHoun ephi nouarcwn mfarissaios mpsabbaton eum
oeik ntoou de neuparathri eroF.
luke-14-02 neunourwme de nHudrwpikos HateFHh.
luke-14-03 aihsous ouwSb peJaF nnnomikos mn nefarissaios eFJw mmos Je exesti er
paHre Hm psabbaton Jenouk exesti.
luke-14-04 ntoou de aukarwou aFamaHte de mmoF aFtalCoF aFkaaF ebol.
luke-14-05 peJaF nau Je nim nHhtthoutn petere peFShre hpeFmase naHe euSwte enFn
antF an eHrai nteunou mpeHoou mpsabbaton
luke-14-06 auw mpouCmCom eouoSbeF nnaHrn naei.
luke-14-07= aFJw de nouparabolh nnaHrn nettaHm eFnau eqe etouswtp nau nmma nnoJo
u ntpe eFJw mmos nau
luke-14-08 Je. Hotan erSanoua taHmek mprnoJk ntpe mhpote aFtaHmoua eFtaihu erok
luke-14-09 nFei nCi pentaFtaHmek nmmaF nFmoute erok nFJoos nak Je kapma mpai. t
ote knaarci Hn ouSipe eJi mpma nHae.
luke-14-10 alla euSantaHmek bwk ngnoJk mpma nHae. Jekaas erSan pentaFtaHmek ei
nFJoos nak Je peSbhr olek eHrai epJise. tote ounoueoou naSwpe nak mpemto ebol nn
etnhJ nmmak throu.
luke-14-11 Je ouon nim etJise mmoF senaqbbioF. auw petqbbio mmoF senaJastF.
luke-14-12 peJaF on mpentaFtaHmeF Je ekSanr ouariston houdeipnon mprmoute enekS
beer oude neksnhou oude neksuggenhs oude rrmmao etHitouwk mhpote Hwou nsetaHmek
nteoutouio Swpe nak.
luke-14-13 alla ekSanr ouSops teHm nHhke mn netmokH nmnCale nmnbblle.
luke-14-14 auw knaSwpe mmakarios Je mmntau mmau etwwbe nak. senatoobou gar nak
Hn tanastasis nndikaios.
luke-14-15= oua de eFnhJ nmmaF aFswtm enai peJaF naF Je. naiatF mpetnaouwm nouoi
k Hn tmntrro mpnoute.
luke-14-16 ntoF de peJaF naF Je. ourwme pe ntaFrounoC ndipnon auw aFteHm oumhhS
luke-14-17 aFJoou de mpeFHmHal mpnau mpdeipnon eJoos nnettaHm Je amHitn Je anka
nim sobte.
luke-14-18 auarci de Hiousop throu eparaiti. peJepSorp naF Je aiSepouswSe TnaJp
ibwk ebol enau eros Tsops mmok kaat ntootk Hwseiparaiti.
luke-14-19 peJepkeua de naF Je aiSepTou nsoiS neHe Tnabwk taJontou Tsops mmok k
aat ntootk Hwseiparaiti.
luke-14-20 peJepkeoua de Je. aiHmoos nmousHime etbe JemmnSCom mmoi eei.
luke-14-21 apHmHal de ei aFJw nnai epeFJoeis tote apJoeis nouCs peJaF mpeFHmHal
Je bwk ebol Ceph eneplatia nmnHir nmmpolis nknnHhke eHoun nmnetmokH nmnblle nmn
Cale eHoun epeima.
luke-14-22 peJepHmHal de Je. pJoeis apentakJooF Swpe auw on oumma.
luke-14-23 peJepJoeis mpHmHal Je bwk ebol eneHiooue nmma mmooSe nganagkaze mmoo
u eei eHoun Je erepahi mouH
luke-14-24 TJw mmos nhtn Je mmnlaau nnettaHm naJiTpe mpadeipnon.
luke-14-25= neumooSe de nmmaF pe nCi HenmhhSe enaSwou. aFkotF de peJaF nau
luke-14-26 Je petnhou Saroi enFmoste an mpeFiwt nmteFmaau nmteFsHime mn neFShre
mn neFsnhou mn neFswne eti de teFkeyuch mmnSCom etreFrmaqhths nai.
luke-14-27 auw petenFnaFi an mpeFstauros mmhne nFouaHF nswi mmnSCom etreFSwpe n
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luke-14-28 nim gar mmwtn eFoueSket oupurgos mh nFnaHmoos an nSorp nFFipwp nteFt
apanh Je ountaF eJokF ebol
luke-14-29 Jekaas enneFsmnsnte nFtmCmCom eJokF ebol nteouon nim etnau eroF swbe
luke-14-30 euJw mmos Je apeirwme arci nkwt mpFeSCmCom eJokF ebol.
luke-14-31 hnim nrro eFnabwk emiSe nmkerro mh nFnaHmoos an nSorp nFJiSoJne Je o
unCom mmoF etwmt Hn outba epetnhou eJwF nmtba snau.
luke-14-32 eSwpe mmon eti eFmpoue FnaJoou nHenFaiSine eFsops Je arieirhnh.
luke-14-33 tai Ce te qe nouon nim ebol nHhtthutn enFnaapotasse an nneFHuparc on
ta throu. mmnSCom mmoF etreFSwpe nai mmaqhths.
luke-14-34= nanoupeHmou de erSanpkeHmou de baabe eunamolHF nou.
luke-14-35 meFrSau epkaH oute etkopria eSaunoJF ebol. peteoun maaJe mmoF eswtm
luke-15-01= nerentelwnhs de throu nmrreFrnobe Hwn eHoun eroF eswtm eroF.
luke-15-02 neukrmrm de throu nCi nefarissaios mn negrammateus euJw mmos Je. pai
SepreFrnobe eroF auw Fouwm nmmau.
luke-15-03 aFJw de nteiparabolh eFJw mmos
luke-15-04 Je. nim rrwme ebol nHht thutn pete ountaF Se nesoou auw eFSanserm ou
a ebol nHhtou mh nFnaka pipstaiouyis an HipJaie nFbwk nFSine nsapioua SantFHe er
luke-15-05 auw eFSanHe eroF SaFtaloF eJn neFnaHbe eFraSe.
luke-15-06 eFSanei de eHrai ephi SaFmoute eneFSbeer mn netHitouwF eFJw mmos nau
Je raSe nmmai Je aiHe epaesoou entaFswrm.
luke-15-07 TJw mmos nhtn Je SareouraSe nteiHe Swpe eJn oureFrnobe eFSanmetanoi.
eHoue pipstaiouyis ndikaios nai etensercria an mmetanoia.
luke-15-08= hnim nsHime euntsmhte ndracmh nssermouei ebol nHhtou mh nsnaJerepHhb
s an nsseHrphi nsSine Hn ouwrJ SantsHe eros.
luke-15-09 auw esSanHe eros Sasmoute enesSbeer mn netHitouws esJw mmos Je. raSe
nmmai Je aiHe etadracmh entaisormes.
luke-15-10 TJw mmos nhtn Je SareouraSe Swpe nteiHe mpemto ebol nnaggelos mpnout
e eJn oureFrnobe eFSanmetanoei.
luke-15-11= peJaF de Je ourwme pete ountaF Shre snau.
luke-15-12 peJepkoui nHhtou mpeFiwt Je paiwt ma nai mpameros ettaHo mmoi Hn tou
sia. aFpwS de eJwou nneFnka.
luke-15-13 empateHaH de nHoou ouine apkoui nShre seuH nka nim etntaFs aFapodhmi
eucwra esouhou aFJwwre ebol mmau nteFousia eFmooSe Hn oumntSna.
luke-15-14 ntereFJere nka de nim ebol aunoC nHebwwn Swpe Hn tecwra etmmau. ntoF
de aFarci nSwwt
luke-15-15 aFbwk aFtoCF eua nrrmnTme ntecwra etmmau. aFJoouF eteFswSe emoone nH
luke-15-16 auw neFepiqumi esi ebol Hn nCarate ete rerrir ouwm mmoou emmnlaau Tn
luke-15-17 aFmekmoukF de peJaF Je ounouhr nJaibeke ntepaiwt shou mpoik anok de
einamou mpeima Ha peHko.
luke-15-18 Tnatwoun tabwk Sapaiwt ntaJoos naF Je paiwt airnobe etpe auw mpekmto
luke-15-19 nTmpSa an Jintenou emoute eroi Je pekShre aat nqe oua nneiJai beke.
luke-15-20 aFtwoun de aFei Sa peFiwt eti de eFmpoue apeFiwt nau eroF aFSnHthF e
Hraei eJwF. aFpwt aFpaHtF eJn peFmakH aFTpi erwF
luke-15-21 peJepeFShre de naF Je. paiwt airnobe etpe auw mpekmto ebol. nTmpSa a
n Jintenou emoute eroi Je pekShre.
luke-15-22 peJepiwt de nneFHmHal Je Ceph anine ebol ntestolh etnanous ntetntaas
HiwwF. ntetnT nouxour eteFCiJ auw outooue eneFouerhte.
luke-15-23 ntetnmpmase etsanaSt ntetnSaatF ntetnouwm ntetneufrane.
luke-15-24 Je paShre pai eneFmoout pe aFwnH. neFsorm pe aiHe eroF. auarci de ne
luke-15-25- nerepeFnoC de nShre pe Hn tswSe. eFnhou de eHrai aFHwn eHoun ephi. a
Fswtm eusumfwnia nmoucoros.
luke-15-26 aFmoute eua nnHmHal aFJnouF Je ou ne nai
luke-15-27 ntoF de peJaF naF Je pekson pentaFei apekiwt Swwt eroF mpmase etsana
St Je aFHe eroF eFouoJ.
luke-15-28 aFnouCs de mpFouwS ebwk eHoun. apeFiwt de ei ebol aFsepswpF.
luke-15-29 ntoF de aFouwSb peJaF mpeFiwt Je isoumhhSe rrompe To nak nHmHal mpik
w nswi eneH ouei nnentolh ntootk auw mpkT nai eneH noumas bbaampe etraeufrane nm
luke-15-30 nterepekShre de ei pai entaFouwm nneknka nmmpornos akSwwt eroF mpmas
e etsanaSt
luke-15-31 ntoF de peJaF naF Je. paShre ntok kSoop nmmai ouoiS nim auw noui thr
ou nouk ne.
luke-15-32 SSe de eron etrenraSe ntneufrane Je pekson pai eneFmoout pe aFwnH ne
Fsorm pe aiHe eroF.
luke-16-01= peJaF de nneFmaqhths Je neunourwme rrmmao euntaF mmau nouoikonomos a
utaaF de nStouht Je FJwwre ebol nneFHuparconta
luke-16-02 aFmoute eroF peJaF naF Je ou pe pai eTswtm mmoF etbhtk. aupwp nai nt
ekoikonomia mmnSCom gar Jintenou etrekoikonomi.
luke-16-03 peJepoikonomos de Hm peFHht Je einarou Je paJoeis naFi ntoikonomia n
toot mmnSCom mmoi eCrh auw TSipe etwbaH.
luke-16-04 aieime Je einarou Jekaas euSanFit Hn toikonomia. eueJit eHoun eneuhi
luke-16-05 aFmoute de epoua poua nneteounte peFJoeis eroou. peJaF mpSorp Je oun
te paJoeis ouhr erok
luke-16-06 ntoF de peJaF Je Se bbatos nneH. peJaF naF Je JipeksHai ngHmoos Ceph
ngsHai etaiou.
luke-16-07 mmnnsws peJaF nkeoua Je ntok ounouhr erok. peJaF Je Se nkoros nsouo.
peJaF Je JipeksHai ngsHai eHmene.
luke-16-08 apJoeis de epainou mpoikonomos mpJinCons Je aFeire Hn oumntrm nHht J
e Hensabe ne nShre mpeiaiwn eHouenShre mpouoin eteugenea.
luke-16-09 anok Hw TJw mmos nhtn Je. kaHenSbhr nhtn ebol Hm pammwnas ntadikia J
ekaas eFSanwJn. eueJithutn eHoun eneskhnh nSa eneH.
luke-16-10 ppistos Hn oukoui oupistos on pe Hn ounoC auw padikos Hn oukoui ouad
ikos on pe Hn ounoC.
luke-16-11 eSJe mpetnSwpe Ce mpistos Hm pammwnas nadikos nim petnatanHet thoutn
epeteHwwF pe.
luke-16-12 auw eSJe mpetnrpistos Hm petempwtn an pe. nim petnaT nhtn mpetepwtn
luke-16-13 mmnSCom llaau erHmHal nJoeis snau hgar Fnamesteoua nFmereoua hnFanec
eoua nFkatafronioua mmnSCom mmwtn etretnr HmHal mpnoute nmpammwnas.
luke-16-14= anefarissaios de swtm enai throu eHenmaiHomnt ne. aukwmS nswF.
luke-16-15 peJaF de nau Je ntwtn nettmaio mmwtn mpemto ebol nrrwme. pnoute de s
ooun nnetnHht Je tmntJasiHht etHnrrwme. oubote te mpemto ebol mpnoute.
luke-16-16 pnomos mn neprofhths ntaupwH SaiwHannhs. JinpeuoeiS etmmau seeuaggel
ize ntmntrro mpnoute auw ouon nim Ji mmoF nCons eros.
luke-16-17 smotn de etretpe nmpkaH parage hetreouSwlH nouwt He ebol Hm pnomos.
luke-16-18 ouon nim etnaneJ teFsHime ebol nFHmoos nmkeuei Fo nnoeik. auw petnaH
moos nmkeuei eapesHai noJs ebol. Fo nnoeik.
luke-16-19= neunourwme de rrmmao epeFran pe nineuh eSaFT HiwwF nouJhCe nmouSns e
Feufrane mmhne kalws.
luke-16-20 neunouHhke de epeFran pe lazaros eFnhJ Hn teFHait eFo nsaS
luke-16-21 eFepiqumi esi ebol Hn neSauHe ebol Hn tetrapeza mprmmao. alla nkeouH
oor Sauei nselwJH nneFsaS.
luke-16-22 asSwpe de Hm ptrepHhke mou nseJitF ebol Hitn nnaggelos ekounF nabraH
am apkermmao de mou automsF.
luke-16-23 aFFiatF de eHrai Hn amnte eFSoop Hn Henbasanos aFnau eabraHam mpoue.
auw lazaros Hn kounF
luke-16-24 aFmoute de peJaF Je piwt abraHam na nai. matnneu lazaros nFsepHthF m
peFthhbe mmoou nFkbepalas Je TmokH anok Hm peikwHt.
luke-16-25 peJeabraHam de Je paShre aripmeeue Je akJi nnekagaqon Hm pekwnaH auw
lazaros HwwF Hn Henpeqoou tenou de sesolsl mmoF mpeima ntok de semoukH mmok.
luke-16-26 mnnsanai de throu ounounoC ncasma taJrhou Hn tenmhte Hiousop Jekaas
netouwS eJioor mpeima Sarwtn nneueSCmCom. oude nneueSJioor ebol Hite thoutn nan.
luke-16-27 peJaF de Je Tsops ntooun mmok paiwt Je ekeJoouF ephi mpaiwt
luke-16-28 ounTTou gar nson Je eFermntre nau Je nneuei Hwou epeima bbasanos.
luke-16-29 peJeabraHam de naF Je ountoumwushs mmau mn neprofhths marouswtm nswo
luke-16-30 ntoF de peJaF Je mmon piwt abraHam. alla erSanoua bwk Saroou ebol Hn
netmoout senametanoi
luke-16-31 peJaF de naF Je eSJe nsenaswtm an nsa mwushs mn neprofhths eie erSan
oua on twoun ebol Hn netmoout nsenaswtm nswF an.
luke-17-01= peJaF de nneFmaqhths Je. smokH etre neskandalon tmei. plhn ouoi mpet
Fnhou ebol HitootF.
luke-17-02 nanous naF eneounouwne nsike mhr epeFmakH nsenoJF eqalassa. eHoue tr
eFskandalize oua nneikoui
luke-17-03 THthtn erwtn. erSanpekson rnobe epitima naF. auw eFSanmetanoi kw naF
luke-17-04 kan eFSanrnobe erok nsaSF nsop mpeHoou nFkotF erok nsaSF nsop mpeHoo
u eFJw mmos Je Tmetanoi. ekekw naF ebol.
luke-17-05- peJenapostolos mpJoeis Je oueHpistis eron.
luke-17-06 peJepJoeis de nau Je eneounth tnpistis mmau napSau noublbile nSltm n
etetnaJoos nteinouHe Je pwrJ ntetwCe Hn qalassa nsswtm nhtn.
luke-17-07- nim de nHhtthutn euntaF mmau nouHmHal eFskai heFmoone eFnhou eHrai H
n tswSe nFJoos naF nteunou Je mooSe ngnoJk.
luke-17-08 mh eSaFJoos an naF Je sobte mpeTnaouomF. ngmork ngdiakoni naei SanTo
uwm ntasw. mnnsa nai de ngouwm ngsw.
luke-17-09 mh ountepHmHal Hmot Je aFrnentauoueHsaHne mmoou naF.
luke-17-10 tai te tetnHe Hwtthoutn. etetnSanrHwb nim entauoueHsaHne mmoou nhtn
aJis Je annHenHmHal natSau peteron eaaF pentanaaF.
luke-17-11= asSwpe de eFmooSe eqierosoluma. neFnhou de ebol pe Hitn tsamaria nmt
luke-17-12 eFbhk de eHoun euTme amht rrwme eusobaH twmnt eroF nai de euaHeratou
luke-17-13 euJiSkak ebol euJw mmos Je ihsous psaH na nan.
luke-17-14 aFnau de eroou peJaF nau Je. bwk matouwtn enouhhb. asSwpe de eubhk a
luke-17-15 ntereoua de nHhtou nau Je aFtbbo aFkotF Hn ounoC nsmh eFTeoou mpnout
luke-17-16 aFpaHtF Ha ratF eJn peFHo eFSp Hmot ntootF ntoF de ne ousamarithspe.
luke-17-17 ais de ouwSb peJaF Je. mh mpepimht tbbo. eFtwn pkeyis
luke-17-18 mpouHe eroou etreukotou eTeoou mpnoute imhti piSmmo.
luke-17-19 peJaF naF Je twoun ngbwk.
luke-17-20= nterouJnouF de ebol Hitn nefarissaios Je ere tmntrro mpnoute. nhu tn
au aFouwSb peJaF nau Je. eretmntrro mpnoute nhou an Hn ouTHthF.
luke-17-21 oute nneunaJoos an Je eis Hhhte mpeima. hph. eis tmntrro gar mpnoute
mpetnsa nHoun.
luke-17-22 peJaF de nneFmaqhths Je ounHenHoou nhou etetnaepiqumi enau euHoou Hn
napShre mprwme ntetntmnau.
luke-17-23 nseJoos nhtn Je isHhhte Fmpeima hHm pai mprpwt ebol
luke-17-24 nqe gar ntebrhCe eSasrouoin Hatpe nsrouoin eJmpkaH tai te qe etnaSwp
e mpShre mprwme.
luke-17-25 Haps de nSorp etreFSepHaH nHise nsetstoF ebol Hitn teigenea.
luke-17-26 auw kata qe entasSwpe Hn neHoou nnwHe. tai te qe etnaSwpe Hn neHoou
mpShre mprwme.
luke-17-27 nqe gar entasSwpe Hn neHoou nnwHe eqah mpkataklusmos euouwm eusw euJ
iHime euHmoos nmHai SapeHoou entanwHe bwk eHoun etCibwtos apkataklusmos ei aFtak
oou throu.
luke-17-28 auw on kata qe entasSwpe Hn neHoou llwt euouwm eusw euSwp euT ebol e
utwCe eukwt
luke-17-29 mpeHoou de entalwt ei ebol Hn sodoma aukwHt Hwou ebol Hn tpe nmouqhn
aFtakeouon nim.
luke-17-30 tai te qe etnaSwpe Hm peHoou etere pShre mprwme nauwnH ebol.
luke-17-31 Hn neHoou etmmau petHiJenepwr ereneFHnaau Hm peFhi. mprtreFei epesht
eFitou. auw petHn tswSe mprtreFkotF epaHou.
luke-17-32 aripmeeue nqime llwt
luke-17-33 petnaSine nsatanHe teFyuch. Fnasormes. petnasormes FnatanHos.
luke-17-34 TJw mmos nhtn Je Hn teiouSh ounsnau naSwpe Hn ouCloC nouwt senaJioua
luke-17-35 ounsnte naSwpe eunout Hiousop senaJiouei nsekaouei.
luke-17-36 [--]
luke-17-37 auouwSb de naF Je etwn pJoeis ntoF de peJaF nau Je pma etere pswma n
aSwpe mmoF erenaetos naswouH eroF.
luke-18-01= aFJw de nau nouparabolh etbe Je SSe eSlhl ouoiS nim etmegka Ci
luke-18-02 eFJw mmos Je. neun oukriths Hn oupolis enFrHote an HhtF mpnoute auw
enFSipe an HhtF rrwme.
luke-18-03 neun ouchra de Hn tpolis etmmau esnhou SaroF esJw mmos Je. ari paHap
ebol Hm petJi Hap oubhei.
luke-18-04 auw mpFouwS Hn ounoC nouoiS. mnnsa nai de peJaF Hrai nHhtF Je. eSJe
pnoute nTrHote HhtF an auw nTSipe an HhtF rrwme
luke-18-05 alla etbe teichra oueH Hise eroi Tnar pesHap Je nnesSwpe esnhou Sabo
l nsT Hise nai.
luke-18-06 peJaF de nCi pJoeis Je. swtm Je ntapekriths ntadikia Je ou.
luke-18-07 eie pnoute Ce nar pHap an nneFswtp etwS eHrai eroF Hm peHoou nm teuS
h auw nFHroS nHht eHrai eJwou
luke-18-08 TJw mmos nhtn Je Fnar peuHap Hn ouCeph. plhn pShre mprwme nhu nFHe e
tpistis HiJm pkaH.
luke-18-09= aFJw de nteiparabolh eHoine eukw nHthu eroou ouaatou Je Hendikaios n
e auw euswSF mpkeseepe.
luke-18-10 Je rwme snau nentaubwk eHrai eperpe eSlhl. oua de eufarissaios pe pk
eoua de outelwnhs pe.
luke-18-11 apefarissaios de aHeratF aFJe nai eFSlhl Je pnoute TSpHmot ntootk Je
nTo an nqe mpkeseepe nrrwme rreFtwrp rreFJi nCons nnoik hnqe mpiketelwnhs.
luke-18-12 Tnhsteue nsop snau kata sabbaton. TT mpremht nneTJpo mmoou throu.
luke-18-13 apketelwnhs de aFaHeratF mpoue oute mpFoueS FineFbal eHrai etpe alla
aFHioue eHoun eHn teFmesqht eFJw mmos Je pnoute kw ebol nai anok pireFrnobe.
luke-18-14 TJw mmos nhtn Je apai ei epesht epeFhi eFtmaihou eHoue ph Je ouon ni
m etJise mmoF senaqbbioF petnaqbbeio de mmoF. senaJastF.
luke-18-15= aueine de naF nHenShre Shm Je eFeJwH eroou. aneFmaqhths de nau eroou
auepitima nau.
luke-18-16 aihsous de moute eroou eFJw mmos Je ka nShre Shm nseei erat auw mprk
wlu mmoou. ta nai gar nteimine te tmntrro mpnoute.
luke-18-17 Hamhn TJw mmos nhtn Je pete nFnaSep tmntrro mpnoute eroF an Hws Shre
Shm. nneFbwk eHoun eros.
luke-18-18= auarcwn de JnouF eFJw mmos Je. psaH nagaqos einar ou taklhronomi mpw
nH Sa eneH
luke-18-19 peJe ihsous naF Je. aHrok kmoute oubhi Je pagaqos mmn agaqos nsa oua
ete pnoute pe.
luke-18-20 ksooun nnentolh mprrnoik mprHwtb mprHwFt mprrmntre nnouJ mataie peki
wt nm tekmaau.
luke-18-21 ntoF de peJaF naF Je. nai throu aiHareH eroou Jin tamntkoui.
luke-18-22 aihsous de ouwSb peJaF naF Je keua petkSaat mmoF. Tngka nim ebol etn
tak ngtaau nnHhke ngkw nak nouaHo Hn mphue ngei ngouaHk nswi
luke-18-23 ntoF de aFsetm nai aFlupi neurmmao gar emate pe.
luke-18-24- aihsous de nau eroF peJaF Je. anau eqe etsmokH etre neteuntoucrhma m
mau bwk eHoun etmntrro mpnoute.
luke-18-25 smotn gar etre ouCamoul ei ebol Hitn touatFe nouHam ntwp eHoue ourmm
ao nFbwk eHoun etmntrro mpnoute.
luke-18-26 peJau de nCi netswtm Je nim ntooun netnaSwnH.
luke-18-27 ntoF de peJaF nau Je. natCom nnaHrn rrwme oun Com eroou nnaHrm pnout
luke-18-28 peJaF de nCi petros Je eis Hhhte anon ankw nswn nnetenoun ne anouaHn
luke-18-29 ntoF de peJau nau Je Hamhn TJw mmos nhtn Je mmn laau eaFka hi nswF h
sHime hson hneFiote hneFShre etbe tmntrro mpnoute
luke-18-30 enFnaJitou an nsaSF nkwb Hm peiouoiS auw ouwnH Sa eneH Hm paiwn etnh
luke-18-31= aFJi de mpmtsnoous peJaF nau Je. eis Hhhte Tnabwk eHrai eqierosoluma
nte netshH throu Hitn neprofhths Jwk ebol mpShre mprwme.
luke-18-32 senataaF gar etootou nnHeqnos eswbe mmoF. nsesoSF. nseneJ paCse eHou
n eHraF.
luke-18-33 nsemastigou mmoF nsemooutF nFtwoun Hm pmeH Somnt nHoou.
luke-18-34 ntoou de mpouime elaau nnai auw nere peiSaJe Hhp eroou pe empousoun
netFJw mmoou.
luke-18-35= asSwpe de Hm ptreFHwn eHoun eHiericw neun oublle pe Hm oos Hatn teHi
h eFtwbaH.
luke-18-36 aFswtm de epmhhSe aFSine Je ou petSoop.
luke-18-37 autamoF de Je ihsous pnazwraios petnaparage.
luke-18-38 aFJi Skak ebol eFJw mmos Je. ihsous pSpre ndaueid na nai.
luke-18-39 anetmooSe de eqh epitima naF Je eFeka rwF ntoF de aFaSkak ebol nHouo
eFJw mmos Je pShre ndaueid na nai.
luke-18-40 ihsous de aFaHeratF aFoueHsaHne etreuntF naF ntereFHwn de eHoun aFJn
luke-18-41 Je ou petkoueS traaaF nak ntoF de peJaF Je pJoeis Je eienau ebol
luke-18-42 peJe ihsous naF Je anau ebol tekpistis tentasnaHmek
luke-18-43 aFnau de ebol nteunou aFouaHF nswF eFTeoou mpnoute auw ntere plaos t
hrF nau ausmou epnoute.
luke-19-01= aFbwk de eHoun aFmouSt nHiericw
luke-19-02 eis Hhhte de eis ourwme eSaumoute eroF Je zakcaios ntoF de neuarc it
elwnhs pe rrmmao
luke-19-03 eFSine nsa ihsous Je nim pe. auw mpFCmCom etbe pmhhSe Je ne oukoui p
e Hn teFCot
luke-19-04 aFpwt de eqh aFtale eHrai eJn ounouHe Je eFenau eroF Je neFnhu ebol
Hitm pma etmmau.
luke-19-05 aFei de epma aFFiatF eHrai nCi ihsous peJaF naF Je zakcaios Ceph amo
u epesht Haps gar etraSwpe Hm pekhi mpoou.
luke-19-06 aFCeph de aFei epesht aFSopF eroF eFraSe.
luke-19-07 aunau de throu aukrmrm euJw mmos Je. aFbwk eHoun aFCoile eurwme rreF
luke-19-08 azakcaios de aHeratF peJaF mpJoeis Je eis Hhhte TT pJoeis ntpaSe nna
Huparconta nnHhke auw pentaiT Stouht eroF nte oua. TnataaF nFtou kwb.
luke-19-09 peJe ihsous naF Je auouJai Swpe Hm peihi mpoou kataqe Je ouShre HwwF
pe nte abraHam
luke-19-10 nta pShre gar mprwme ei eSine etanHe petsorm.
luke-19-11= euswtm de enai aFouwH etootF aFJw nouparabolh Je eneuHhn eHoun eqier
osoluma auw neumeeue pe Je eretmntrro mpnoute nauwnH ebol nteunou.
luke-19-12 peJaF Ce Je ourwme neugenhs pentaFbwk eucwra esouhu eJi naF noumntrr
o ekotF.
luke-19-13 aFmoute de emht nHmHal ntootF aFT nau mmht nmna peJaF nau Je ari Hwb
luke-19-14 nere neFrm nTme de moste mmoF pe. auJoou de noupresbia Hi paHou mmoF
euJw mmos Je ntnoueSpai an etreFrrro eJwn.
luke-19-15 asSwpe de Hm ptreFei eaFJi ntmntrro aFJoos etreumoute naF eniHmHal n
ai entaFT nau mpHat Je eFeeime Je ntaurou nHwb.
luke-19-16 apSorp de ei eFJw mmos Je pJoeis atekmna Jpe mht nmna.
luke-19-17 peJaF naF Je kalws pHmHal nagaqos Je akr pistos Hn oukoui. Swpe eunt
k exousia mmau eJn mhte mpoleis.
luke-19-18 apmeH snau ei eFJw mmos Je. pJoeis atekmna rTou nmna
luke-19-19 peJaF de mpke Je ntok Hwwk Swpe eJn Tmpoleis.
luke-19-20 apkeoua de ei eFJw mmos Je. pJoeis tekmna enes ntoot skh Hn ousoudar
luke-19-21 neirHote gar Hhtk Je ntk ourwme nnausthros ekFi mpete mpkkaaF eHrai
ekwHs mpetempkJoF.
luke-19-22 peJaF naF Je. einakrine mmok Hn rwk pponhros nHmHal eSJe ksooun Je a
ng ourwme nausthros eiFi mpete mpikaaF eHrai eiwHs mpete mpiJoF.
luke-19-23 etbe ou mpkT mpaHat etetrapeza taei taJitF nm teFmhse.
luke-19-24 peJaF de nnetaHeratou Je Fi ntemna ntootF ntetn taas mpa pmht nmna.
luke-19-25 peJau naF Je pJoeis ountF mht nmna
luke-19-26 peJaF de nau. Je TJw mmos nhtn Je ouon nim ete ountaF senaT naF pete
mmntaF de senaFi ntootF mpke ete ountaFsF.
luke-19-27 plhn naJiJeou nai ete mpouwS etrarrro eJwou anisou epeima konsou mpa
mto ebol.
luke-19-28= ntereFJe nai de aFmooSe Ha teuHh eFbhk eHrai eqierosoluma.
luke-19-29 asSwpe de ntereFHwn eHoun ebhdfakh nm baqania eptoou eSaumoute eroF
Je pa nJoeit aFJoou nsnau nneFmaqhths
luke-19-30 eFJw mmos Je bwk epeiTme etmpetnmto ebol. etetnabwk de eHoun eroF te
tnaHe eushC eFmhr pai empe laau rrwme ale eroF eneH bolF ntetn ntF
luke-19-31 erSanoua de Jnoutn Je Jeou tetnbwl mmoF. aJis Je peFJoeis petrcria n
luke-19-32 aubwk de nCi nentauJoouse auHe eros nqe entaFJoos nau.
luke-19-33 eubwl de ebol mpshC peJe neFJisooue nau Je aHrwtn tetnbwl mpshC
luke-19-34 ntoou de peJau Je peFJoeis petrcria naF.
luke-19-35 auntF de Sa ihsous aupwrS nneuHoi te eJm pshC autale ihsous eJwF
luke-19-36 eumooSe de aupwrS nneuHoite Hi teHih.
luke-19-37- ntereFHwn de eHoun eFnhou epesht Hi ptoou nnJoeit. aFarci nCi pmhhSe
thrF neFmaqhths euraSe eusmou epnoute Hn ounoC nsmh etbe nCom throu entaunau er
luke-19-38 euJw mmos Je Fsmamaat nCi prro etnhou Hm pran mpJoeis. Trhnh Hn tpe
auw peoou Hn netJose.
luke-19-39 peJe Hoine naF Hn nefarissaios ebol Hm pmhhSe Je psaH. epitima nnekm
luke-19-40 aFouwSb de peJaF Je. TJw mmos nhtn Je erSan nai ka rwou. neiwne naJi
Skak ebol.
luke-19-41- ntereFHwn de eHoun eFnau etpolis aFrime eHrai eJws
luke-19-42 eFJw mmos Je ene ntaime Hwwte Hm poou nHoou enetSoop ne eueirhnh ten
ou de auHwp enoubal.
luke-19-43 Je oun HenHoou nhou eHrai eJw nte nouJaJe kte ouSwlH ero nseotpe eHo
un nsa sa nim
luke-19-44 nseraHte epkaH auw nouShre nHhte. nsetmka ouwne HiJn ouwne nHhte ebo
l Je mpesoun peuoeiS mpouCm pSine.
luke-19-45= ntereFbwk de eHoun eperpe aFarci nnouJe ebol nnetT ebol
luke-19-46 eFJw mmos nau Je FshH Je pahi naSwpe nnhi nSlhl. ntwtn de tetnire mm
oF nsphlaion nsoone.
luke-19-47- neFTsbw de mmhne pe Hm perpe narciereus de mn negrammateus neuSine n
sa mooutF nm nnoC mplaos.
luke-19-48 auw mpouCn neunar ou naF nere plaos gar thrF raSe pe euswtm eroF.
luke-20-01= asSwpe de nouHoou eFTsbw mplaos Hm perpe auw eFeuaggelize anarciereu
s ei eJwF mn negrammateus mn nepresbuteros
luke-20-02 peJau naF Je. aJis nan Je ekeire nnai Hn aS nexousia. hnim pentaFT n
ak nteiexousia.
luke-20-03 aFouwSb de eFJw mmos nau Je. TnaJnoutn Hw euSaJe etetnSanJooF eroi.
luke-20-04 pbaptisma niwHannhs ouebol twn pe. ouebol Hn tpee pe Je nouebol Hn r
rwme pe.
luke-20-05 ntoou de aumekmoukou mn neuerhu euJw mmos Je enSaJoos Je ouebol Hn t
pee pe FnaJoos nan Je etbe ou Ce mpetnpisteue eroF.
luke-20-06 enSaJoos de Je ouebol Hn rrwme pe. plaos thrF naHiwne eron sepiqe ga
r Ha iwHannhs Je ouprofhths pe.
luke-20-07 auouwSb de euJw mmos Je ntnsooun an Je ouebol twn pe.
luke-20-08 peJe ihsous de nau Je. anok Hw nTnaJoos nhtn an Je Hn aS nexousia ei
eire nai.
luke-20-09= aFarci de nJw mplaos nteiparabolh Je ourwme pentaFtwCe nouma neloole
aFtaaaF nHenoueih aFapodhmei nHennoC nouoiS.
luke-20-10 Hm peuoeiS de nnkarpos aFJeu ouHmHal noueih Je eueT naF Hm pkarpos m
pma neloole. noueih de auHioue eroF auJnaF eFSoueit
luke-20-11 auw aFouwH etootF eJoou nkeHmHal ntoou de auHioue epkeoua ausoSF auJ
oouF eFSoueit
luke-20-12 aFouwH etootF eJoou mpmeHSomnt ntoou de auklH peiket aunoJF ebol.
luke-20-13 peJe pJoeis de mpma neloole Je einar ou TnaJoou mpaShre mmerit meSak
eueSipe HhtF mpai.
luke-20-14 anoueih de nau eroF auSoJne mn neuerhu euJw mmos Je pai pe peklhrono
mos marnmooutF Je ere teklhronomia Swpe nan.
luke-20-15 aunoJF de ebol pbol mpma neloole aumooutF. ere pJoeis Ce mpma nelool
e nar ou nau.
luke-20-16 Fnhu nFtake noueih nFT mpma neloole nHenkooue. auswtm de peJau Je nn
luke-20-17 ntoF de aFCwSt eHoun eHrau peJaF nau Je. ou ntooun pe pai etshH Je p
wne enta netkwt stoF ebol pai aFSwpe euape nkooH.
luke-20-18 ouon nim entaFHe eJm peiwne etmmau. Fnalwws. petFnaHe de eJwF FnaSaS
F ebol.
luke-20-19 auSine de nCi narciereus mn negrammateus en neuCiJ eHrai eJwF eCopF
Hn teunou de etmmau aurHote HhtF mplaos. auime gar Je ntaFJw eroou nteiparabolh.
luke-20-20= auparathri de auJoou nHenreFC wrC eHupokrine. Je ne Hendikaios ne Je
kaas eueCopF nouSaJe etreutaaF etarch nm texousia mfhgemwn.
luke-20-21 auJnouF de euJw mmos Je psaH tnsooun Je kSaJe Hn ousooutn auw kTsbw
emekJi Ho alla ekTsbw Hn teHih mpnoute Hn oume.
luke-20-22 exesti nan eTforos mprro Jen ouk exesti.
luke-20-23 aFime de eteupanourgia peJaF nau
luke-20-24 Je matsaboi eusateere ntoou de autouoF peJaF Je pHo nnim tetHiwws mn
nesHai ntoou de peJau naF Je paprro pe.
luke-20-25 ntoF de peJaF nau Je. T ntooun nna prro mprro. auw napnoute mpnoute.
luke-20-26 auw mpoueSCmCom eCopF nouSaJe mpemto ebol mplaos aurSphre de eHrai e
Jm peFSaJe auka rwou.
luke-20-27= auT peuouoi de nCi Hoine nnsaddoukaios nai etJw mmos Je mmn anastasi
s naSwpe euJw mmos
luke-20-28 Je psaH amwushs saHF nan Je eSwpe erSan pson oua mou euntF sHime mma
u pai de euatShre pe ere peFson Ji teFsHime nFtounos nousperma mpeFson.
luke-20-29 neun saSF de nson. apSorp Ji Hime aFmou. eFo natShre.
luke-20-30 auw apmeH snau
luke-20-31 nm pmeH Somnt Jits. Hws autws de mpsaSF mpouka Shre aumou.
luke-20-32 mnnswou de throu asmou nCi tesHime
luke-20-33 Hn tanastasis de esnarHime nnim mmoou. apsaSF gar Jits nsHime
luke-20-34 peJe ihsous nau Je. nShre mpeiaiwn seJi Hime seHmoos nm Hai.
luke-20-35 nentaukataxiou de mmoou eJi mpaiwn etmmau nm tanastasis ebol Hn netm
oout. oude meuJi Hime oude meuHmoos nm Hai
luke-20-36 oude gar nsenaS mou an Jin tenou. HenHisaggelos gar ne HenShre mpnou
te ne. auw nShre ntanastasis.
luke-20-37 etbe Je netmoout de natwoun amwushs on Joos Hi pbatos nqe eSauJoos J
e pJoeis pnoute nabraHam pnoute nisaak pnoute niakwb.
luke-20-38 pnoute nnetmoout an pe. alla pa netonH pe. seonH gar throu naF.
luke-20-39 aHoine de ouwSb nnegrammateus peJau naF Je psaH kalws akJoos.
luke-20-40 mpoutolma gar mnnsws eJn ouF elaau.
luke-20-41= peJaF de nau Je naS nHe tetnJw mmos Je. pecristos pShre ndaueid pe
luke-20-42 ntoF gar daueid SaFJoos Hm pJwwme nneyalmos. Je peJe pJoeis mpaJoeis
Je Hm oos Hi ounam mmoi
luke-20-43 SanTkw nnekJaJe nHupopodion nnekouerhte.
luke-20-44 daueid Ce moute eroF Je paJoeis naS nHe peFShre pe.
luke-20-45= nere plaos de thrF swtm peJaF nneFmaqhths
luke-20-46 Je THthtn erwtn enegrammateus nai etoueS mooSe Hn Henstolh etme nnas
pasmos Hn nagora auw mma neHmoos nSorp Hn nsunagwgh nm nma nnoJou nSorp Hn ndeip
luke-20-47 nai etouwm nnhi nnechra. auw Hn ounoC nloiCe euSlhl nai naJi noukrim
a nHouo.
luke-21-01= aFFiatF de eHrai aFnau enrmmao eunouJe nneudwron epgazofulakion.
luke-21-02 aFnau de euchra nHhke esnouJe emau llepton snau.
luke-21-03 peJaF Je name TJw mmos nhtn Je teichra nHhke asnouJe eHoueroou throu
luke-21-04 nta nai gar throu neJ neudwron Hm petrHouo eroou tai de ebol Hm pesS
wwt petntas thrF asnoJF.
luke-21-05= auw neun Hoine Jw mmos etbe perpe Je neFkosmi Hn Henwne enanouou nm
luke-21-06 peJaF Je. nai throu etetnnau eroou oun HenHoou nhu ensenaka ouwne an
HiJn ouwne mpeima empoubolF ebol.
luke-21-07= auJnouF de euJw mmos Je psaH. ere nai naSwpe tnau auw ou pe pmaein e
re nai naSwpe.
luke-21-08 ntoF de peJaF Je CwSt mprplana oun HaH gar nhu Hm paran euJw mmos Je
anok pe auw apeuoiS Hwn eHoun mproueH thutn nswou.
luke-21-09 etetnSanswtm de eHenpolemos nm HenStortr mprrHote. Haps gar etre nai
Swpe nSorp alla nteunou an ere qah naSwpe.
luke-21-10 tote peJaF nau Je. oun ouHeqnos natwoun eJn ouHeqnos auw oumntrro eJ
n oumntrro.
luke-21-11 HennoC nkmnto nm HenHko kata ma. auw oun Henloimos naSwpe. oun HenHo
te nm HennoC mmainaSwpe ebol Hn tpe.
luke-21-12 Haqh de nnai throu senaCep thoutn senadiwke mmwtn euT mmwtn ensunagw
gh mn neStekwou euJi mmwtn enerrwou nm nHhgemwn etbe paran
luke-21-13 snaSwpe de nhtn eumntmntre.
luke-21-14 kaas Ce Hm petnHht etmmeleta eapologize.
luke-21-15 anok gar TnaT nhtn noutapro nm ousofia tai ensenaSCmCom an eT heouwH
m oubhs nCi ouon nim etT oube thutn.
luke-21-16 senaT thoutn de Hitn netniote mn netnsnhou. mn netnsuggenhs mn netnS
beer nsemouout ebol nHht thutn
luke-21-17 ntetn Swpe eumoste mmwtn Hitn ouon nim etbe paran.
luke-21-18 auw nneuFw He ebol Hn tetnape.
luke-21-19 Hn tetnHupomonh de etetnaJpo nhtn nnetnyuch.
luke-21-20= etetnSannau de eqierosoluma ere mmatoi kwte eros. tote ime Je apesSw
F Hwn eHoun.
luke-21-21 tote netHn Toudaia maroupwt entouih. auw netHn tesmhte marouei ebol
nHhts. auw netHn necwra mprtreubwk eHoun eros
luke-21-22 Je nai gar ne neHoou mpJi kba etre netshH throu Jwk ebol.
luke-21-23 ouoi de nneteet mn netsnko Hn neHoou etmmau. snaSwpe gar nCi ounoC n
anagkh HiJm pkaH auw ounoC norgh mpilatos
luke-21-24 nseHe Hn ttapro ntshFe. auw senaaicmalwtize mmoou enHeqnos throu. nt
e qierosoluma Swpe ere nHeqnos mooSe nHhts Sante nouoiS nnHeqnos Jwk ebol.
luke-21-25= auw senaSwpe nCi Henmain Hm prh nm pooH nm nsiou. auw pswouH nnHeqno
s HiJm pkaH Hn taporia mpeHroou nmpkim nqalassa
luke-21-26 ere rrwme kw ntootou ebol Ha qote mn netouCwSt Hhtou etnhou eJn toik
oumenh nCom gar nm phoue nakim.
luke-21-27 tote senanau epShre mprwme eFnhou Hn oukloole nm ouCom auw oueoou en
luke-21-28 ere nai de naarci nSwpe CwSt ntetn Fi Jwtn eHrai Je apetnswte Hwn eH
luke-21-29= aFJw de nau nouparabolh Je anau etbw nknte nm nShn throu.
luke-21-30 Hotan euSanTouw hdh tetnnau eroou mmin mmwtn tetnime Je apSwm Hwn eH
luke-21-31 tai te qe etetnSannau Hwt thutn enai euSwpe eime Je atmntrro mpnoute
Hwn eHoun.
luke-21-32 Hamhn TJw mmos nhtn Je nne teigenea oueine empouSwpe throu.
luke-21-33 tpe nm pkaH nasine naSaJe de nsenasine an.
luke-21-34= THthtn erwtn mhpote nte petnHht HroS Hn ousi nm ouTHe. nm HenroouS n
te pbios. nte peHoou etmmau ei eJwtn Hn ouSp nSwp
luke-21-35 nqe noupaS. Fnhou gar eJn netHmoos HiJn pHo mpkaH thrF.
luke-21-36 roeis de nouoeiS nim ntetn sops Jekaas etetneSCmCom erbol enai throu
etnaSwpe auw eaHerat thoutn mpemto ebol mpShre mprwme.
luke-21-37- neFTsbw de mmeere pe Hm perpe. eFnhou de ebol nCwraH eFSwpe Hm ptoou
ete Saumoute eroF Je pa nJoeit
luke-21-38 auw pmhhSe thrF neFSwrp mmoF eratF pe Hm perpe eswtm eroF.
luke-22-01= aFHwn de eHoun nCi pSa naqab pete Saumoute eroF Je ppasca.
luke-22-02 auw auSine nCi narciereus mn negrammateus nsa qe ntakoF. neurHote ga
r HhtF mplaos.
luke-22-03 apsatanas de bwk eHoun eioudas pete Saumoute eroF Je piskariwths eua
ebol pe Hn thpe pe mpmntsnoous
luke-22-04 aFbwk de aFJw nnarciereus mn nestrathgos nqe mparadidou mmoF nau
luke-22-05 auw auraSe ausmnts nmmaF eT naF nHenHomnt
luke-22-06 aFexomologi. aFSine nsa ouoiS mparadidou mmoF nau aJn mhhSe.
luke-22-07= apeHoou de naqab Hwn eHoun pai ethp eSetp pasca nHhtF.
luke-22-08 aFJoou de mpetros nm iwHannhs eFJw mmos nau Je. bwk ntetn sobte nan
mppasca Je eneouomF.
luke-22-09 ntoou de peJau naF Je. ekoueS trensobte nak twn.
luke-22-10 ntoF de peJaF nau Je eis Hhhte etetnSanbwk eHoun eteipolis oun ourwm
e natwmnt erwtn ere ouSoSou mmoou HiJwF ouaH thutn nswF eHoun ephi etFna bwk eHo
un eroF
luke-22-11 ntetn Joos mpJoeis mphi. Je psaH petJw mmos nak Je ere pama nCoile t
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luke-22-12 auw petmmau natsabwtn eunoC mma ntpe eFporS sbtwtF nai mpma etmmau.
luke-22-13 aubwk de auHe eroF kata qe entaFJoos nau ausobte mppasca
luke-22-14= auw ntere teunou Swpe aFnoJF nmpmntsnoous
luke-22-15 peJaF de nau Je Hn ouepiqumia aiepiqumi euwm mpeipasca Snm nmmhtn em
luke-22-16 TJw gar mmos nhtn Je nnaouomF SantFJwk ebol Hn tmntrro mpnoute.
luke-22-17 aFJi de nouapot aFsmou eroF peJaF nau Je Ji pai ntetn poSF eJwtn.
luke-22-18 TJw gar mmos nhtn Je nnasw Jin tenou ebol Hm peigenhma nteibw nelool
e Sante tmntrro mpnoute ei.
luke-22-19 auw aFJi nouoik aFsmou eroF aFpoSF aFtaaF nau eFJw mmos Je pai pe pa
swma etounataaF Harwtn. ari pai eparpmeue.
luke-22-20 auw papot on mmnnsa treuouwm eFJw mmos Je peiapot te tdiaqhkh bbrre
pe Hm pasnoF pai etounapaHtF ebol Harwtn.
luke-22-21 plhn eis tCiJ mpetnaparadidou mmoi Hi tetrapeza nmmai.
luke-22-22 Je pShre men mprwme nabwk kata qe etshH naF. plhn ouoi mprwme etmmau
etounataaF ebol Hi tootF.
luke-22-23 ntoou de auarci nsunzhti mn neuerhu Je nim nHhtou petnar pai.
luke-22-24= aFSwpe de nCi ouTtwn nHhtou Je nim mmoou pe pnoC
luke-22-25 ntoF de peJaF nau Je nerrwou nnHeqnos seo mpeuJoeis auw neto nJoeis
eroou semoute eroou Je rreFrpetnanouF.
luke-22-26 ntwtn de nteiHe an te alla pnoC etnHht thoutn mareFr qe mpkoui auw p
etHiJwtn nqe mpetdiakoni.
luke-22-27 nim gar pe pnoC petnhJ pe Je mpetdiakoni pe. mh mpetnhJ an pe anok d
e eiHn tetnmhte nqe mpetdiakoni.
luke-22-28 ntwtn de nentauHupomine nmmai Hn napeirasmos
luke-22-29 anok Hw Tsmine mmos nmmhtn nqe enta paiwt smine mmos nmmai noumntrro
luke-22-30 Je etetneouwm ntetn sw HiJn tatrapeza Hn tamntrro auw ntetn Hm oos H
iJn neqronos ntetn krine ntmntsnoous mfulh mpisrahl.
luke-22-31= simwn simwn eis psatanas aFaiti mmwtn esekt thoutn nqe mpesouo
luke-22-32 anok de aisops eJwk Je nnetekpistis wJn. ntok de Hwwk kotk ngtaJre n
luke-22-33 ntoF de peJaF naF Je pJoeis. Tsbtwt nmmak eei epeSteko auw epmou.
luke-22-34 ntoF de peJaF naF Je. TJw mmos nak petre Je nne oualektwr moute mpoo
u Santkaparna mmoi nSmnt swwp. Je nTsooun mmoF an.
luke-22-35= auw peJaF nau Je nteriJeu thoutn aJn twwme Hi phra Hi tooue mh atetn
Swwt llaau. ntoou de peJau Je mpe.
luke-22-36 peJaF de nau Je. alla tenou pete ountF twwme mareFFi Homoiws pete ou
ntF ouphra auw pet emmntaF. mare FT teFSthn ebol nFteu oushFe naF.
luke-22-37 TJw gar mmos nhtn Je pai etshH etbhht Haps etreFJwk ebol nHht Je auo
pt nmnnanomos. kaigar apethp eroi Jwk ebol.
luke-22-38 ntoou de peJau Je pJoeis eis shFe snte mpeima. peJaF nau Je serwSe.
luke-22-39= aFei de ebol aFbwk kata peFswnt eptoou nnJoit auouaHou de nswF nCi n
luke-22-40 ntereFei de eJm pma peJaF nau Je Slhl etmtretnbwk eHoun epeirasmos.
luke-22-41 ntoF de aFoue mmoou napnouJe nouwne aFklJ neFpat
luke-22-42 eFJw mmos Je paiwt eSJe kouwS mare peiapot saat plhn mare pekouwS Sw
pe mpwi an.
luke-22-43 [--]
luke-22-44 [--]
luke-22-45 aFtwoun de eFSlhl aFei eratou nmmaqhths aFHe eroou eunkotk ebol ntlu
luke-22-46 peJaF nau Je aHrwtn tetnkotk twoun Slhl Je nnetnbwk eHoun epeirasmos
luke-22-47= eti de eFSaJe eis oumhhSe aFei ere peSaumoute eroF Je ioudas eua ebo
l Hm pmntsnoous pe eFmooSe Hhtou. aFHwn eHoun eihsous eTpi erwF.
luke-22-48 peJe ihsous naF Je. iouda Hn oupi eknaTpShre mprwme.
luke-22-49 aunau de nCi netmpeFkwte enetnaSwpe peJau naF Je. pJoeis tarnHioue n
luke-22-50 auw aua ebol nHhtou rwHt mpHmHal mparciereus aFFi peFmaaJe ebol noun
luke-22-51 aihsous de ouwSb peJaF naF Je Cw tenou. aFJwH de epeFmaaJe aFtalC oF
luke-22-52 peJe ihsous narciereus etnhu eHrai eJwF nm nestrathgos mperpe nm nep
resbuteros Je eSJe ntatetnei ebol nsaouwJ nm netnshFe nm netnSe.
luke-22-53 mmhne eiHm perpe mpetnn netnCiJ eHrai eJwi. alla tai te tetnounou nm
tetnexousia pkake.
luke-22-54= auamaHte mmoF auntF auJitF eHoun ephi mparciereus. petros de neFouhH
nswF mpoue.
luke-22-55 ntereuJereu SaH de eroou ntmhte ntaulh auHmoos apetros Hm oos nteumh
luke-22-56 ntereuHmHal de nau eroF eFHmoos Hatn pkwHt asiwrm eHoun eHraF peJas
Je. nere peike nmmaF.
luke-22-57 ntoF de aFarna eFJw mmos Je. nTsooun an mmoF tesHime.
luke-22-58 mnnsa oukoui de akeua nau eroF peJaF Je. ntok Hwwk ntk oua ebol nHht
ou. peJe petros Je prwme mmon.
luke-22-59 auw ntere aounou ouine. akeua twk eHoun eFJw mmos Je Hn oume nere pa
i nmmaF pe. kai gar ougalilaios pe.
luke-22-60 peJe petros Je prwme nTsooun an Je ekJe ou. auw Hn teunou eti eFSaJe
apalektwr moute.
luke-22-61 apJoeis de kotF aFCwSt epetros apetros rpmeue mpSaJe mpJoeis nqe ent
aFJoos Je empate oualektwr moute mpoou. knaaparna mmoi nSmt swwp.
luke-22-62 aFei ebol aFrime Hn ousiSe.
luke-22-63= rrwme de etamaHte mmoF auswbe mmoF euHioue eroF.
luke-22-64 auHbs peFHo auJnouF euJw mmos Je profhteue nan pecristos Je nim pent
luke-22-65 auw neuJw nkemhhSe nSaJe eHoun eroF euJioua.
luke-22-66= ntere Htooue de Swpe auswouH eHoun nCi nepresbuteros mplaos nm nnarc
iereus mn negrammateus auJitF epsunHedrion
luke-22-67 euJw mmos Je ntok pe pecristos aJis nan peJaF de nau Je eiSanJoos nh
tn nnetnpisteue.
luke-22-68 eSwpe de on eiSanJnoutn nnetnouwSb nai.
luke-22-69 Jin tenou pShre mprwme naSwpe eFHmoos nsaounam ntCom mpnoute.
luke-22-70 peJau de throu Je ntok pe pShre mpnoute. ntoF de peJaF nau Je ntwtn
etetnJw mmos Je anok pe.
luke-22-71 ntoou de peJau Je enrcria Ce mmntre er ou anon gar answtm ebol Hn rw
luke-23-01= auw autwoun nCi pmhhhSe thrF auntF eratF mpilatos.
luke-23-02 auarci de nkathgori mmoF euJw mmos Je anHe epai eFStortr mpenHeqnos
auw eFkwlu eTSwm mprro eFJw mmos Je ang prro pecristos.
luke-23-03 apilatos de JnouF eFJw mmos Je. ntok pe prro nioudai ntoF de aFouwSb
eFJw mmos Je ntok petJw mmos.
luke-23-04 peJe pilatos mpmhhSe Je nTCn laau an nnobe Hm peirwme.
luke-23-05 ntoou de autwk eHoun euJw mmos Je FStortr mplaos eFTsbw Hn Toudaia t
hrs. eaFarci Jintgalilaia Sa Hrai epeima.
luke-23-06= pilatos de ntereFswtm Je tgalilaia aFSine Je ougalilaios pe prwme.
luke-23-07 auw ntereFime Je ouebol Hn texousia nHhrwdhs pe aFJoouF Sa Hhrwdhs e
FHn qierosoluma HwwF Hn neiHoou.
luke-23-08 ntere Hhrwdhs de nau eihsous aFraSe emate neFoueS nau gar eroF pe Hi
tn HennoC nouoiS Je neFswtm etbhh tF auw neFHelpize enau eumaein eFire mmoF.
luke-23-09 aFJnouF de Hn HenmhhSe nSaJe ntoF de mpFouwSbeF laau.
luke-23-10 neuaHe de eratou pe nCi narciereus mn negrammateus eukathgori mmoF e
luke-23-11 aHhrwdhs de soSF mn neFstrateuma auw auswbe mmoF auCooleF nouHbsw es
ouobeS auJoouF mpilatos.
luke-23-12 aurSbhr eneuerhou Hm peHoou etmmau nCi Hhrwdhs nm pilatos. neuSoop g
ar pe Hn oumntJaJe mn neuerhu.
luke-23-13= apilatos de moute enarciereus nmnnarcwn nm plaos
luke-23-14 eFJw mmos nau Je. atetnine nai mpeirwme Hws eFStortr mplaos. eis Hhh
te de aikrine mmoF mpetnmto ebol mpiHe elaau nnobe nHhtF nai etetnkathgori mmoF
luke-23-15 alla mpe pkeHhrwdhs He eouon eHoun eroF. aFtnnoouF gar nan. auw eis
Hhhte mpFr laau eFmpSa mpmou.
luke-23-16 Tnapaideue Ce mmoF takaaF ebol.
luke-23-17 [--]
luke-23-18 auJiSkak de ebol throu euJw mmos Je Fi pai. kw nan ebol bbarabbas
luke-23-19 pai entaunoJF epeSteko etbe oustasis easSwpe Hn tpoleis nmouHwtb.
luke-23-20 apilatos de on SaJe nmmau eFouwS eka ihsous ebol
luke-23-21 ntoou de auaSkak ebol eroF euJw mmos Je. staurou mmoF staurou mmoF.
luke-23-22 peJaF nau mpmeH Somnt nsop. Je ou gar pe ppeqoou enta pai aaF mpiHe
elaau mmou eroF. Tnapaideue Ce mmoF takaaF ebol.
luke-23-23 ntoou de aumoun ebol Hn HennoC nsmh euaiti Je staurou mmoF. auw nere
neusmh CmCom.
luke-23-24 apilatos de krine eeire mpeuaithma.
luke-23-25 aFkw ebol mpentaunoJF epeSteko etbe testasis nm fwtb pete neuaiti mm
oF. aFT de nihsous mpeuouwS
luke-23-26= auw euJi mmoF ebol auamaHte noukurhnaios Je simwn. eFnhou eHrai Hn t
swSe autale peFstauros eJwF eFitF Hi paHou nihsous.
luke-23-27 nere oumhhSe de mplaos ouhH nswF mn neHiome nai eneuneHpe pe auw neu
toit eroF.
luke-23-28 aihsous de kotF epaHou peJaF nau Je nSeere nqierosoluma mprrime nai.
plhn rime ntoF nhtn mn netnShre
luke-23-29 Je eis Hhhte oun HenHoou nhou nseJoos nHhtou Je naiatou nnaC rhn. nm
nHh ete mpoumise mn nekibe ete mpoutsnko.
luke-23-30 tote senaarci nJoos nntoou Je He eHrai eJwn auw nsibet Je Hobsn.
luke-23-31 Je eSJe seeire nnai Hm pSe etouwt eeie ou petnaSwpe Hm petSouwou.
luke-23-32- aun kesoone de snau ebol emooutou nmmaF
luke-23-33 auw nterouei eJm pma eSaumoute eroF Je pekranion austaurou mmoF nm m
au nm pkesoone snau. oua men Hi ounam mmoF. oua de HiHbour mmoF.
luke-23-34 aupwS nneFHoite auw auneJ klhros eJwou.
luke-23-35 auw nere plaos pe aHeratF eunau pe ankearcwn de kwmS nswF euJw mmos
Je aFtouJe Henkooue mareFtouJoF eSJe pai pe pecristos pswtp pShre mpnoute.
luke-23-36 ankematoi de swbe nswF euT mpeuouoi eroF nm ouHmJ
luke-23-37 euJw mmos Je eSJe ntok pe prro nioudai matouJok.
luke-23-38 neunouepigrafh de HiJwF Je pai pe prro nioudai
luke-23-39- neun oua de nnsoone etaSe Jioua eroF eFJw mmws Je. mh ntok an pe pec
ristos. matouJok nmman.
luke-23-40 apkeoua de ouwSb eFaipitima naF eFJw mmos Je. nkrHote ntok an HhtF m
pnoute Je enSoop mpeikrima ouwt
luke-23-41 anon gar dikaiws pempSa gar nnentanaau petnnaJi mmoF pai de mpFr laa
u nHwb emeSSe.
luke-23-42 auw peJaF Je ihsous aripameue pJoeis ekSanei Hn tekmntrro.
luke-23-43 peJaF de naF Je. Hamhn TJw mmos nak mpoou Je knaSwpe nmmai Hm pparad
luke-23-44= ne pnau de nJp pso pe. aukake Swpe eJm pkaH thrF Sa Jp yite.
luke-23-45 ere prh de naHwtp. apkatapetasma mperpe pwH Hi teFmhte.
luke-23-46 aihsous JiSkak ebol Hn ounoC nsmh peJaF Je paiwt TT mpapneuma enekCi
J. ntereFJe pai de aFka pthou.
luke-23-47 afekatontarcos de nau epentaFSwpe aFT eoou mpnoute eFJw mmos Je ontw
s ne oudikaios pe peirwme.
luke-23-48 auw mmhhSe nterouei enau nterounau enentauSwpe auHioue eHoun eneumes
qht auw aukotou.
luke-23-49 nere netsooun de mmoF throu pe aHeratou mpoue mn neHiome eneuouhH ns
wF Jin tgalilaia eunau enai.
luke-23-50= eis ourwme de epeFran pe iwshf eubouleuths pe rrwme nagaqos ndikaios
luke-23-51 pai enFFi an nm peuSoJne auw peuHwb euebol pe Hn arimaqaia tpolis ni
oudai. pai eneFCwSt ebol Hhts ntmntrro mpnoute.
luke-23-52 pai Ce aFT peFouoi epilatos aFaiti mpswma nihsous
luke-23-53 aFntF epesht aFkoosF Hn ousindwn aFkaaF Hn oumHaou eaukeHkwHF empouk
a laau nHhtF eneH. auw ntereFkaaF de auoueH ouwne ern ttapro mpemHaou. pai ene m
ogis enere SJouwt rrwme naS skrkwrF.
luke-23-54 ne peHoou de pe ntparaskeuh eHtooue mpsabbaton.
luke-23-55 aneHiome de ouaHou nswF naei entauei nmmaF ebol Hn tgalilaia eunau e
pemHaou nm qe entaFka peFswma mmos.
luke-23-56+ aukotou de ausobte nHenHhne nm Hensto. auw auCw mpsabbaton kata tent
luke-24-01= nsoua de mpsabbaton eHtooue nSwrp auei epemHaou eren Hhne ntootou en
tausbtwtou nm Henkooue nmmau. neumeue de pe Hrai nHhtou Je nim ara petnaskorkr n
an mpwne.
luke-24-02 nterouei de auHe epwne eauskrkwrF ebol Hm pemHaou.
luke-24-03 aubwk de eHoun mpouHe epswma mpJoeis ihsous.
luke-24-04 asSwpe de Hm ptreuStortr etbe pai eis rwme snau auei eJwou Hn HenHbs
w eurouoin.
luke-24-05 nterourHote de aupaHt Jwou epesht eJm pkaH peJau nau Je. aHrwtn tetn
Sine nsa petonH mn netmoout
luke-24-06 nFmpeima an alla aFtwoun aripmeue nqe entaFSaJe nmmhtn Jin eFHn tgal
luke-24-07 eFJw mmos Je Haps etreuparadidou mpShre mprwme etootou nHenrwme rreF
rnobe nsestaurou mmoF nFtwoun Hm pmeH Somnt nHoou.
luke-24-08 auw aurpmeeue nneFSaJe
luke-24-09 aukotou ebol Hm pemHaou auJe nai epmntoue nm pkeseepe thrF.
luke-24-10 ne maria de te tmagdalhnh nm iwHanna nm maria ta iakwbos auw pkeseep
e etnmmau. neuJw de nnai pe enapostolos
luke-24-11 aurqe nniHwb nswbe mpeumto ebol nCi neiSaJe auw mpoupisteue nau.
luke-24-12 apetros de twoun aFbwk epemHaou aFCwSt eHoun aFnau eneHbwws nsa ousa
aFbwk de eFrmoiHe Hrai nHhtF mpentaFSwpe.
luke-24-13= auw eis rwme snau ebol nHhtou eumooSe euTme mpeiHoou nouwt eFouhou n
qierosoluma nse nstadion epeFran pe emmaous.
luke-24-14 ntoou de neuSaJe mn neuerh ou etbe nai throu entauSwpe.
luke-24-15 asSwpe de Hm ptreuSaJe auw nsesunzhti aihsous Hwn eHoun eroou aFmooS
e nmmau.
luke-24-16 neuamaHte de nneubal etmsouwnF.
luke-24-17 peJaF nau Je ou ne neiSaJe etetnJw mmoou mn netnerhou etetnmooSe. au
w auaHeratou euokm.
luke-24-18 aoua de nHhtou ouwSb epeFran pe kleopas peJaF naF Je. ntok mauaak ek
o nSmmo eqierosoluma auw mpkime enentauSwpe nHhts nneiHoou.
luke-24-19 peJaF de nau Je aS ne ntoou de peJau naF Je etbe ihsous pnazwraios p
ai entaFSwpe nourwme mprofhths ndunatos Hm fwb nm pSaJe mpemto ebol mpnoute nm p
laos thrF
luke-24-20 eauparadidou mmoF nCi narciereus nm nnarcwn euHap nte pmou austaurou
luke-24-21 anon de enHelpize Je ntoF petnaswte mpisrahl alla bbllnnai throu pme
H Somnt nHoou poou Jinta nai Swpe.
luke-24-22 aHenkesHime de ebol nHhtn peSs penHht eaubwk eHtooue epemHaou
luke-24-23 mpouHe epeFswma auei euJw mmos Je annau euoptasia naggelos nai euJw
luke-24-24 Je aFtwoun auw aHoine nnetnmman bwk epemHaou auHe eroF Hinai kataqe
enta neHiome Joos. ntoF de mpounau eroF
luke-24-25 peJaF de nau Je. w nanohtos auw netosk Hm peuHht episteue eHwb nim e
nta neprofhths Joou
luke-24-26 mh Haps an etre pecristos Sepnai auw nFbwk eHoun epeFeoou.
luke-24-27 aFarci de Jin mwushs mn neprofhths throu ebwl eroou Hn negrafh throu
luke-24-28- auw aubwk eHoun epTme etounabwk eroF. ntoF de aFHitootF eoue mmoou e
luke-24-29 auamaHte mmoF euJw mmos Je Cw nmman Je pnau rrouHe pe auw apeHoou ri
ke. aFbwk de eHoun aFCw nmmau.
luke-24-30 asSwpe de Hm ptreFnoJF nmmau aFJi nouoik aFsmou eroF. aFpoSF aFtaaF
luke-24-31 ntoou de aneubal ouwn ausouwnF. ntoF de aFHopF eroou.
luke-24-32 peJau de nneuerhu Je. eie nere penHht Hobs eron an pe nqe entaFSaJe
nmman Hi teHih eFbwl eron nnegrafh
luke-24-33 auw autwoun eulupi. Hn teunou etmmau aukotou eqierosoluma. auHe epmn
toue euswouH eHoun mn netnmmau
luke-24-34 euJw mmos Je. ontws apJoeis twoun auw aFouwnH esimwn
luke-24-35 auJw Hwou nnetauSwpe Hi teHih. auw nqe entaFouwnH eroou Hm ppwS mpoi
luke-24-36= euJw de nnai aFaHeratF Hn teumhte peJaF nau Je Trhnh nhtn
luke-24-37 nterouStortr de auw aurHote eumeue Je neunau eupneuma.
luke-24-38 peJaF nau Je. aHrwtn tetnStrtwr auw etbe ou oun Henmeue ale eHrai eJ
n petnHht
luke-24-39 anau enaCiJ nm nauerhte Je anok pe. ComCm eroi ntetn nau Je mmnte pn
euma kas Hi sarx kataqe etetnnau eroi eun ouon mmoi.
luke-24-40 auw ntereFJe pai autouoou eneFCiJ mn neFouerhte.
luke-24-41 eti de euapisti ebol mpraSe auw eurSphre peJaF nau Je ounthtn laau n
Ci nouwm mpeima.
luke-24-42 ntoou de auT naF nouSaate ntbt esChC.
luke-24-43 aFJits aFouoms mpeumto ebol.
luke-24-44= peJaF de nau Je. nai ne naSaJe entaiJoou nhtn Jin eiSoop nmmhtn Je H
aps etreuJwk ebol nCi netshH throu Hm pnomos mmwushs nm neprofhths auw neyalmos
luke-24-45 tote aFouwn mpeuHht etreusouwnF auw etreuime enegrafh.
luke-24-46 peJaF de nau Je tai te qe etshH etre pecristos aas auw nFtwoun Hm pm
eH Somnt nHoou
luke-24-47 nsetaSeoiS noumetanoia mpeFran euka nobe ebol nnHeqnos throu etetnar
ci Jin qierosoluma.
luke-24-48 ntwtn neto mmntre nai
luke-24-49 anok Hw Tnatnnoou mperht mpiwt eHrai eJwtn. ntwtn de Hm oos Hn teipo
lis SantetnT Hiwt thoutn nouCom ebol Hn tpe.
luke-24-50= aFntou de ebol Sa bhqania. aFFi neFCiJ eHrai aFsmou eroou.
luke-24-51 asSwpe de Hm ptreFsmou eroou aFoue mmoou auw aFbwk eHrai etpe.
luke-24-52 auouwSt Hwou mmoF aukotou eqierosoluma Hn ounoC rraSe
luke-24-53 auw neuSoop pe Hm perpe nouoiS nim eusmou epnoute.
john-01-01= Hn teHoueite neFSoop nCi pSaJe auw pSaJe neFSoop nnaHrm pnoute auw n
eunoute pe pSaJe.
john-01-02 pai Hn teHoueite neFSoop Hatm pnoute.
john-01-03 ntapthrF Swpe ebol Hi tootF auw aJntF mpelaau Swpe. pentaFSwpe
john-01-04 Hrai nHhtF pe pwnH. auw pwnH pe pouoin nrrwme.
john-01-05 auw pouoin Frouoin Hm pkake auw mpe pkake taHoF.
john-01-06- aFSwpe nCi ourwme eautnnoouF ebol Hitm pnoute epeFran pe iwHannhs.
john-01-07 pai aFei eumntmntre Je eFermntre etbe pouoein Jekaas ereouon nim pis
teue ebol HitootF.
john-01-08 nep etmmau an pe pouoin. alla Jekaas ntoF eFermntre etbe pouoin.
john-01-09 pouoin mmee etrouoin erwme nim pe eFnhu epkosmos.
john-01-10 neFHm pkosmos pe auw ntapkosmos Swpe ebol Hi tootF auw mpepkosmos so
john-01-11 aFi SanetenouF ne auw mpenetenouF ne JitF.
john-01-12 nentauJitF de aFT nau ntexousia etreuSwpe nShre nte pnoute netpisteu
e epeFran.
john-01-13 nai enHenebol an ne nouwS nsnoF Hi sarx oude ebol Hm pouwS nrrwme al
la ntauJpoou ebol Hm pnoute.
john-01-14- auw pSaJe aFrsarx aFouwH nmman auw annau epeFeoou nqe mpeoou nouShre
nouwt ebol Hitm peFeiwt eFJhk ebol ncaris Hi me.
john-01-15 iwHannhs Frmntre etbhhtF auw FaSkak ebol eFJw mmos Je pai pe ntaiJoo
s etbhhtF Je petnhu mnnswei aFSwpe Ha taHh Je neFo nSorp eroi pe
john-01-16 Je ebol Hm peFJwk anon thrn ntanJi nouwnH auw oucaris epma noucaris.
john-01-17 Je pnomos ntautaaF ebol Hitm mwushs. tecaris Hwws auw tme ntasSwpe e
bol Hitn ihsous pecristos.
john-01-18 pnoute mpelaau nau eroF eneH. pnoute pShre nouwt petSoop Hn kounF mp
eFeiwt p etmmau pe ntaFSaJe eroF.
john-01-19= auw tai te tmntmntre niwHannhs ntere nioudai tnnoou SaroF ebol Hn qi
erosoluma nHenouhhb nm Henleueiths Jekaas eueJnouF Je ntknim.
john-01-20 auw aFHomologi auw mpFarna Je anok an pe pecristos.
john-01-21 auJnouF de Je ntok pe Hhleias auw peJaF Je nanok an pe ntok pe pepro
fhths auw aFouwSb Je mmon.
john-01-22 peJau Je ntok Ce ntk nim Jekaas eneJipouw nnentauta ouon. ekJw mmos
Je ou etbhhtk.
john-01-23 peJaF. Je anok te tesmh mpetwS ebol Hi pJaie Je sooutn nteHih mpJoei
s kata qe entaFJoos nCi hsaias peprofhths.
john-01-24 auw autnneuHoine SaroF ebol Hn nefarissaios
john-01-25 auJnouF Je etbe ou Ce kbaptize eSJe ntok an pe pecristos oude Hhleia
s oude peprofhths.
john-01-26 aiwHannhs ouwSb eFJw mmos nau. Je anok eibaptize mmwtn Hn oumoou. Fa
He de eratF Hn tetnmhte pai entetnsooun mmoF an
john-01-27 petnhu mnnswei pai enTmpSa an nbwl ebol mpmous mpeFtooue.
john-01-28 nai auSwpe Hn bhqaraba mpikro mpiordanhs mpma enere iwHannhs baptize
john-01-29= mpeFraste aFnau eihsous eFnhu SaroF auw peJaF Je eis peHieib mpnoute
petnaFi mpnobe mpkosmos.
john-01-30 pai pe ntaiJoos etbhhtF. Je oun ourwme nhu Hi paHou mmooi eaFSwpe Ha
taHh Je neFo nSorp eroi pe.
john-01-31 anok Hw neisooun mmoF an pe. alla Jekaas eFeouwnH ebol mpisrahl. etb
e pai aiei anok eibaptize Hn oumoou.
john-01-32 auw aFr mntre nCi iwHannhs eFJw mmos Je aeinau epepna eFnhu epesht e
bol Hn tpe nqe nouCroompe auw aFouwH eHrai eJwF.
john-01-33 anok Hw neisooun mmoF an pe. alla pentaFtnnoout ebaptize Hm pmoou pe
tmmau pe ntaFJoos nai Je petknanau epepneuma eFnhu epesht eFCeet eHrai eJwF. pai
petnabaptize Hn oupneuma eFouaab nm oukwHt
john-01-34 auw anok anau auw airmntre Je pai pe pswtp nShre ntepnoute.
john-01-35= mpeFraste on nere iwHannhs aHeratF auw snau ebol Hn neFmaqhths
john-01-36 auw ntereFCwSt nsa ihsous eFmooSe peJaF. Je eis pecristos peHieib mp
john-01-37 apeFmaqhths snau swtm eroF eFSaJe auw auouaHou nsa ihsous.
john-01-38 ntereFkotF de nCi ihsous aFnau eroou euouhH nswF peJaF nau Je etetnS
i ne nsaou. peJau naF Je Hrabbei peSauouaHmeF Je psaH ekouhH twn.
john-01-39 peJaF nau Je amheitn auw tetnanau auei Ce aunau Je eFouhH twn auw au
Swpe Ha HthF mpeHoou etmmau ne pnau nJp mhte pe.
john-01-40 andreas pson nsimwn petros ne oua pe ebol Hm pesnau entauswtm ebol H
itn iwHannhs auw auouaHou nswF.
john-01-41 pai aFHe epeFson simwn nSorp auw peJaF naF. Je anHe emessias peSauou
aHmeF Je pecristos.
john-01-42 auw aFntF eratF nihsous is de ntereFCwSt eHoun eHraF peJaF Je ntok p
e simwn pShre niwHannhs ntok euemoute erok Je khfa peSauouaHmeF Je petros.
john-01-43= mpeFraste aFouwS eei ebol etgalilaia auw aFHe efilippos peJaF naF nC
i ihsous. Je ouaHk nswei.
john-01-44 filippos de neuebol pe Hn bhdsaida tpolis nandreas mn petros.
john-01-45 afilippos He enaqanahl peJaF naF. Je penta mwushs sHai etbhhtF Hm pn
omos auw neprofhths anHe eroF ihsous pShre niwshf pebol Hn nazareq.
john-01-46 peJe naqanahl naF. Je ereS ouagaqon Swpe ebol Hn nazareq peJe filipp
os naF Je amou ngnau.
john-01-47 aihsous nau enaqanahl eFnhu SaroF auw peJaF etbhhtF. Je eis ouisrahl
iths name emmnkroF nHhtF
john-01-48 peJe naqanahl naF. Je eksooun mmoi twn. aFouwSb nCi ihsous peJaF naF
Je empate filippos moute erok nHoun Ha tbw nknte anau erok.
john-01-49 anaqanahl ouwSb naF Je Hrabbei. ntok pe pShre mpnoute. ntok pe prro
john-01-50 aihsous ouwSb peJaF naF. Je ebol Je aiJoos nak Je anau erok nHoun Ha
tbw nknte akpisteue. knanau enetnaaau enai.
john-01-51 auw peJaF nau. Je Hamhn Hamhn TJw mmos nhtn Je tetnanau etpe esouhn
auw naggelos mpnoute euna eHrai auw eunhu epesht eJm pShre mprwme.
john-02-01= auw Hm pmeHSomnt nHoou auSeleet Swpe Hn kana ntgalilaia auw nere tma
au nihsous mmau.
john-02-02 autwHm de HwwF nihsous mn neFmaqhths etSeleet.
john-02-03 auw nterouSwwt nhrp. peJe tmaau nihsous naF. Je mmntou hrp mmau.
john-02-04 peJe ihsous nas. Je tesHime ereoueSou nmmai mpatetaounou ei.
john-02-05 peJe teFmaau nnetouwtH. Je petFnaJooF nhtn ariF.
john-02-06 neun so de nHudria nwne eukh eHraei mmau kata ptbbo nioudai ere toue
i touei Swp mmetrhths snau hSomnt.
john-02-07 peJe ihsous nau. Je meH nHudria mmoou. auw aumaHou ebol erwou.
john-02-08 peJaF nau. Je ouwtH tenou ntetn eine mparcitriklinos. ntoou de auein
john-02-09 ntere parcitriklinos de twpe mpmoou eaFr hrp auw neFsooun an pe Je o
u ebol twn pe. nreFouwtH de ntoou entaumeH mmoou neusooun pe. aparcitriklinos mo
ute epa tSeleet
john-02-10 peJaF naF. Je rwme nim eSauka phrp eHrai etnanouF nSorp auw euSanT H
e Sauka petCoJb. ntok de akareH ephrp etnanouF Sa Hrai etenou.
john-02-11 pai pe pSorp mmain enta ihsous aaF Hn kana ntgalilaia auw aFouwnH eb
ol mpeFeoou aupisteue eroF nCi neFmaqhths.
john-02-12 mnnsa pai aFei eHrai ekafarnaoum ntoF nm teFmaau auw neFsnhu mn neFm
aqhths auw auCw mmau nHenkouei nHoou.
john-02-13= neFHhn de eHoun nCi ppasca nioudai. auw aihsous bwk eHrai eqierosolu
john-02-14 aFHe eroou Hm perpe euT eHe ebol auw Croompe auw netrapeziths euHmoo
john-02-15 auw aFtamie oumastigx ebol Hn HennouH aFneJ ouon nim ebol Hm perpe a
uw nesoou mn neHoou auw aFpwHt ebol nnHomnt nrreFJi kolumbon auw aFSorSr nneutra
john-02-16 peJaF nnetT ebol nneCroompe. Je Fi nai ebol Hm peima. mpreire mphei
mpaeiwt nhei mma neSwt.
john-02-17 aur pmeeue nCi neFmaqhths Je FshH Je pkwH mpekhei naouomnt.
john-02-18 anioudai Ce ouwSb peJau naF. Je ou mmaein petktsabo mmon eroF Je kei
re nnai.
john-02-19 aihsous ouwSb peJaF nau. Je bwl ebol mpeirpe auw TnatounosF nSomnt n
john-02-20 peJau Ce nCi nioudai. Je aur Hmetase rrompe eukwt mpeirpe. auw ntok
knatounosF nSomnt nHoou.
john-02-21 ntoF de neFJw mmos etbe perpe mpeFswma.
john-02-22 ntereFtwounF Ce ebol Hn netmoout. aur pmeeue nCi neFmaqhths Je pai p
e neFJw mmoF auw aupisteue etegrafh nm pSaJe enta ihsous JooF.
john-02-23= eFSoop de Hrai Hn qierosoluma mpSa mppasca. aumhhSe pisteue epeFran
eunau emmain eneFeire mmoou.
john-02-24 ntoF de ihsous neFtanHout mmoF an nmmau etbe Je neFsooun nouon nim
john-02-25 auw nFrcria an Jekaas ereoua rmntre etbe rwme. ntoF gar neFsooun Je
ou petHm prwme.
john-03-01= neun ourwme de ebol Hn nefarissaios epeFran pe nikodhmos euarcwn nio
udai pe.
john-03-02 pai aFei SaroF nteuSh peJaF naF Je Hrabbei tnsooun Je ntk ousaH eake
i ebol Hitm pnoute mmn SCom gar llaau erneimain etkeire ntok mmoou ei mhti ere p
noute Soop nmmaF.
john-03-03 aihsous ouwSb peJaF naF Je Hamhn Hamhn TJw mmos nak Je eutmJpe oua n
kesop. mmn Com mmoF enau etmntrro mpnoute.
john-03-04 peJe nikodhmos naF. Je naS nHe senaJpe prwme nkesop eaFrHllo. mh oun
SCom etreFbwk eHoun eHhts nteFmaau nkesop nseJpoF.
john-03-05 aFouwSb nCi ihsous. Je Hamhn Hamhn TJw mmos nak Je eutmJpe oua ebol
Hn oumoou nm oupneuma. mn Com mmoF eei eHoun etmntrro mpnoute.
john-03-06 pentauJpoF ebol Hn tsarx. ousarx pe. auw pentauJpoF ebol Hm pepneuma
oupneuma pe.
john-03-07 mprrSphre Je aiJoos nak Je Haps etreuJpe thutn nkesop.
john-03-08 pepneuma niFe epma etFouaSF auw kswtm eteFsmh. alla ngsooun an Je nt
aFei twn heFna etwn. tai te qe nouon nim entauJpoF ebol Hm pepneuma.
john-03-09 anikodhmos ouwSb peJaF naF. Je naS nHe ereS nai naSwpe.
john-03-10 aihsous ouwSb peJaF naF. Je ntok pe psaH mpisrahl. auw ngsooun an nn
john-03-11 Hamhn Hamhn TJw mmos nak Je petnsooun mmoF petnJw mmoF auw petnnau e
roF petnrmntre mmoF auw ntetn Ji an ntenmntmntre.
john-03-12 eSJe aeiJw nhtn nna pkaH auw ntetn pisteue an. naS nHe eiSanJw erwtn
nna tpe tetnapisteue.
john-03-13 auw mpe laau bwk eHrai etpe eimhti pentaFei ebol Hn tpe pShre mprwme
john-03-14 auw kata qe enta mwushs Jise mpHoF Hn terhmos. tai te qe Haps etreuJ
est pShre mprwme
john-03-15 Jekaas ouon nim etpisteue eroF eFekw naF Hrai nHhtF nouwnH Sa eneH.
john-03-16- tai gar te qe enta pnoute mere pkosmos. Hwste peFShre nouwt aFtaaF J
ekaas ouon nim etpisteue eroF nneFHe ebol alla eFeJi nouwnH Sa eneH.
john-03-17 nta pnoute gar tnneu peFShre an epkosmos Je eFekrine mpkosmos. alla
Jekaas erepkosmos ouJai ebol HitootF.
john-03-18 petpisteue eroF nsenakrine mmoF an. pete nFpisteue de an hdh aukrine
mmoF Je mpFpisteue epran mpShre nouwt nte pnoute.
john-03-19 tai de te tekrisis Je apouoin ei epkosmos auw anrwme mere pkake eHou
e pouoin. nere neuHbhue gar Hoou pe.
john-03-20 ouon gar nim etire nmpeqoou Fmoste mpouoin Jekaas enneuJpie neFHbhue
Je seHoou.
john-03-21 petire ntoF ntme SaFei Sa pouoin Jekaas ere neFHbhue ouwnH ebol Je n
taFaau Hm pnoute.
john-03-22= mnnsa nai aFei nCi ihsous mn neFmaqhths epkaH nToudaia auw neFmmau p
e nmmau eFbaptize.
john-03-23 nere pkeiwHannhs de baptize Hn ainwn Hatn saleim Je neunHaH mmoou Hm
pma etmmau. auw neunhu pe euJi baptisma
john-03-24 ne mpatouneJ iwHannhs gar pe epeSteko.
john-03-25 auzhthsis Ce Swpe ebol Hn mmaqhths niwHannhs nm ouioudai etbe ptbbo
john-03-26 auei Sa iwHannhs peJau naF Je Hrabbei ph ete neFSoop nmmak Hi pikro
mpiordanhs pai ntok entakrmntre HaroF eis Hhhpe ntoF Fbaptize auw FrHaH mmaqhths
auw ouon nim nhu eratF.
john-03-27 aiwHannhs ouwSb eFJw mmos Je mn SCom mprwme eJi laau HaroF ouaaF ei
mhti nsetaas naF ebol Hn tpe.
john-03-28 ntwtn tetnrmntre nai Je aiJoos Je nanok an pe pecristos alla Je ntau
taouoei Ha qh mp etmmau.
john-03-29 peteuntaF mmau ntSeleet ntoF pe patSeleet peSbhr de mpa tSeleet etaH
eratF auw etswtm eroF Hn ouraSe FraSe etbe tesmh mpa tSeleet paraSe Ce ete pai p
e aFJwk ebol.
john-03-30 Haps etrep etmmau Jise. anok de etraqbbio.
john-03-31= pentaFei ebol Hn tpe FHiJn ouon nim. petSoop ebol Hm pkaH ou ebol Hm
pkaH pe auw eFSaJe ebol Hm pkaH. pentaFei de ebol Hn tpe.
john-03-32 pentaFnau eroF auw aFsotmeF Frmntre mmoF auw mmn laau Ji nteFmntmntr
john-03-33 pentaFJi de nteFmntmntre aFsfragize mmoF Je oume pe pnoute.
john-03-34 penta pnoute gar tnnoouF eFJw nnSaJe Je mpnoute nere pnoute gar T an
mpepneuma Hn ouSi.
john-03-35 piwt me mpShre auw aFT nka nim eHrai eteFCiJ.
john-03-36 petpisteue epShre ountaF mmau mpwnH Sa eneH pete nFpisteue de an epS
hre nFnanau an epwnH alla torgh mpnoute naCw eHrai eJwF.
john-04-01= ntere pJoeis Ce eime Je anefarissaios swtm Je ihsous rHaH mmaqhths a
uw Fbaptize eHoueiwHannhs
john-04-02 kaitoi ihsous an pe neFbaptize alla neFmaqhths ne.
john-04-03 aFkw nswF nToudaia aFbwk on etgalilaia.
john-04-04 ne Haps de pe etreFei ebol Hitn tsamaria.
john-04-05 aFei Ce eupolis nte tsamaria epesran pe sucar Hatm pCwm enta iakwb t
aaF niwshf peFShre.
john-04-06 neun ouphgh de mmau nte iakwb. ihsous Ce ntereFHise eFmooSe Hi teHih
aFHmoos nteiHe eHrai eJn tphgh. ne pnau nJpso pe.
john-04-07- ausHime ei ebol Hn tsamaria emeHm oou. peJe ihsous nas. Je aueis tas
john-04-08 neFmaqhths gar ne aubwk eHrai etpolis eSwp nau mpetounaouomF.
john-04-09 peJas Ce naF nCi tesHime nsamariths Je ntok ntk ouioudai naS nHe kou
eSsw ebol Hitoot eang ousHime nsamariths merenioudai gar twH nmnsamariths.
john-04-10 aihsous ouwSb peJaF nas. Je neresooun ntdwrea mpnoute auw Je nim pet
Jw mmos ne Je aueis tasw. nto nerenaaiti mmoF pe nFT ne noumoou eFonH.
john-04-11 peJas naF nCi tesHime Je pJoeis mn kados ntootk auw tSwte SokH. eunt
ak Ce mmau ebol twn mpmoou etonH.
john-04-12 mh ntok enaak epeneiwt iakwb pai entaFT nan ntSwte. auw ntoF aFsw eb
ol nHhts mn neFShre mn neFtbnooue.
john-04-13 aihsous ouwSb peJaF nas. Je ouon nim etsw ebol Hm peimoou Fnaeibe on
john-04-14 petsw de ntoF ebol Hm pmoou pai anok eTnataaF naF. nneFeibe Sa eneH.
alla pmoou eTnataaF naF FnaSwpe Hrai nHhtF nouphgh mmoou eFFwCe euwnH Sa eneH.
john-04-15 peJe tesHime naF. Je pJoeis. ma nai mpeimoou Jekaas ennaei be auw en
naei ebol epeeima emeH moou.
john-04-16- peJaF nas. Je bwk moute epouHaei nteei epeeima.
john-04-17 atesHime ouwSb esJw mmos Je mmnT Haei mmau peJe ihsous nas Je kalws
aJoos Je mnT Haei.
john-04-18 aJi Tou gar nHaei auw on tenou peteunteeF mpouHai an pe. pai oume pe
john-04-19 peJe tesHime naF. Je pJoeis Tnau Je ntok ntk ouprofhths.
john-04-20 nta neneiote ouwSt HiJn peitoou. auw ntwtn tetnJw mmos Je ere pma et
Se eouwSt nHhtF Hn qierosoluma.
john-04-21 peJe ihsous nas. Je pisteue enai tesHime Je oun ouounou nhu entenaou
wSt an mpiwt oute Hm peeitoou oute Hn qierosoluma.
john-04-22 ntwtn etetnouwSt mpetetnsooun mmoF an. anon de enouwSt mpetnsooun mm
oF Je pouJai eFSoop ebol Hn nioudai.
john-04-23 alla snhu nCi ouounou ete tai te ere nreFouwSt men naouwSt mpiwt Hn
oupneuma nm oume. ere peiwt gar Sine nsa Hoine nteimine eunaouwSt naF.
john-04-24 oupneuma pe pnoute. auw netnaouwSt naF SSe eroou eouwSt naF Hn oupne
uma nmoume.
john-04-25 peJe tesHime naF Je tnsooun Je messias nhu petoumoute eroF Je pecris
tos erSanp etmmau ei Fnatamon eHwb nim.
john-04-26 peJe ihsous nas. Je anok pe petSaJe nmme.
john-04-27- auw nteunou auei nCi neFmaqhths auw neurSphre Je neFSaJe nmousHime.
mpe laau mentoi Joos Je ekSine nsa ouhaHrok kSaJe nmmas.
john-04-28 atesHime kw ntesHudria auw asbwk eHoun etpolis peJas nrrwme.
john-04-29 Je amheitn ntetn nau eurwme eaFJw eroi nHwb nim entaiaau. mhti pai p
e pecristos.
john-04-30 neunhu Ce ebol ntpolis eunhu SaroF.
john-04-31- Hn teunou de etmmau aneFmaqhths sepswpF euJw mmos Je Hrabbei ouwm.
john-04-32 ntoF de peJaF nau. Je anok ountai mmau nouHre euoms tai ntwtn entetn
sooun mmos an.
john-04-33 neFmaqhths Ce neuJw mmos nneuerhu. Je mh nta oua eine naF eouwm.
john-04-34 peJe ihsous nau. Je taHre anok te Jekaas eeieeire mpouwS mpentaFtaou
oei auw taJwk ebol mpeFHwb.
john-04-35 mh ntwtn an etJw mmos Je keFtoou nebot ne ntepwHs ei. eis Hhhte TJw
mmos nhtn Je Fi netnbal eHrai ntetn nau enecwra Je hdh auoubaS eoHsou.
john-04-36 petwHs naJi oubeke auw nFswouH eHoun noukarpos euwnH Sa eneH Jekaas
petJo mn petwHs eueraSe Hiousop.
john-04-37 pSaJe gar oume pe Hm pai Je ouet petJo ouet petwHs.
john-04-38 anok aiJeuthutn ewHs mpete mpetnSp Hise eroF. Henkoou ne ntauSp Hise
auw ntwtn atetnbwk eHoun epeuHise.
john-04-39- ebol de Hn tpolis etmmau aumhhSe nsamariths pisteue eroF etbe pSaJe
ntesHime esrmntre Je aFJw nai nHwb nim entaiaau.
john-04-40 nterouei Ce SaroF nCi nsamariths ausepswpF eCw Ha Hthu. auw aFCw mma
u nHoou snau.
john-04-41 auw aumhhSe enaSwF pisteue epeFSaJe.
john-04-42 neuJw de mmos ntesHime. Je enpisteue Ce an etbe pouSaJe anon gar ans
wtm eroF auw tnsooun Je pai name pe pswthr mpkosmos.
john-04-43= mnnsa pHoou de snau aFei ebol Hm pma etmmau etgalilaia.
john-04-44 ntoF gar ihsous aFrmntre Je mnte profhths taio Hm peFTme mmin mmoF.
john-04-45 ntereFei de etgalilaia auSopF eroou nCi ngalilaios eaunau eHwb nim e
ntaFaau Hn qierosoluma Hm pSa. ntoou gar Hwou on neauei epSa pe.
john-04-46- aFei de on ekana ntgalilaia pma entaFtre pmoou rhrp. auw neun oubasi
likos ere peFShre Swne Hn kafarnaoum.
john-04-47 pai ntereFswtm Je aihsous ei ebol Hn Toudaia etgalilaia. aFbwk SaroF
auw aFsepswpF Jekaas eFeei epesht nFtalCe peFShre. neFnamou gar pe.
john-04-48 peJe ihsous Ce naF. Je etetntmnau eHenmain nm HenSphre. nnetmpisteue
john-04-49 peJaF naF nCi pbasilikos. Je pJoeis amou epesht empate paShre mou.
john-04-50 peJe ihsous naF. Je bwk pekShre onH. aFpisteue nCi prwme epSaJe enta
ihsous JooF naF auw aFbwk.
john-04-51 eFnhu de epesht aneFHmHal twmnt eroF auw autamoF euJw mmos Je pekShr
e onH.
john-04-52 aFJnouou Ce epnau entaFmton nHhtF. peJau Je apeHmom kaaF mpnau nJp s
aSFe nsaF.
john-04-53 aFeime nCi peFeiwt Je pnau etmmau pe nta ihsous Joos naF Je pekShre
onH auw aFpisteue ntoF mn peFhei thrF.
john-04-54 pai on pe pmeH snau mmain enta ihsous aaF ntereFei ebol Hn Toudaia e
john-05-01= mnnsa nai ne pSaa pe nioudai auw aihsous bwk eHrai eqierosoluma.
john-05-02 neun oukolumbhqra de Hn qierosoluma HiJn teprobatikh. eSaumoute eros
mmntHebraios Je bhdsaida ereT nstoa HiJws.
john-05-03 neunkotk Ha nai nCi pmhhSe nnetSwne nCale nmnblle mn netSouwou.
john-05-04 [--]
john-05-05 neun ourwme de mmau eaFr mab Smhne nrompe Hm peFSwne.
john-05-06 ntere ihsous nau epai eFnkotk eaFeime Je aFwsk. peJaF naF. Je kouwS
john-05-07 aFouwSb naF nCi petSwne Je pJoeis mnT rwme mmau Jekaas erSa pmoou tw
H eFenoJt epesht etkolumbhqra Hoson de anok Tnhu Sarekeoua rSorp eroi ebwk epesh
john-05-08 peJe ihsous naF. Je twoung ngFipekCloC ngmooSe.
john-05-09+ auw nteunou aFouJai nCi prwme auw aFFi peFCloC aFmooSe. ne psabbaton
de pe peHoou etmmau.
john-05-10 neuJw Ce mmos nCi nioudai mpentaFlo Je psabbaton pe auw nsto nak an
john-05-11 aFouwSb nau. Je pentaFtalCoi. petmmau pe ntaFJoos nai Je Fi pekCloC
john-05-12 auJnouF Je nim pe prwme entaFJoos nak Je FitF ngmooSe.
john-05-13 pentaFlo de neFsooun an Je nim pe. ihsous gar ne aFseHtF. ere oumhh
Se Hm pma etmmau.
john-05-14 mnnsa nai aihsous He eroF Hm perpe peJaF naF Je eis Hhhte akouJai. m
prkotk ernobe Jekaas enne peqoou epai Swpe mmok.
john-05-15 aFbwk nCi prwme aFtame nioudai Je ihsous pe ntaFtalCoi.
john-05-16 auw etbe pai nere nioudai diwke nsa ihsous Je neFeire nnai pe Hm psa
john-05-17 ihsous de aFouwSb nau. Je paiwt rHwb Sa Hrai etenou auw anok TrHwb.
john-05-18 etbe pai Ce nHouo neuSine nswF nCi nioudai emooutF Je ou monon neFbw
l ebol mpsabbaton alla peFJw mmos on Je paeiwt pe pnoute eFSwS mmoF nm pnoute.
john-05-19= aFouwSb Ce nCi ihsous peJaF nau Je Hamhn Hamhn TJw mmos nhtn Je mn S
Com mpShre er laau HaroF ouaaF ei mhti nFnau epeiwt eFire mmoou netere ph gar na
aau nai HwwF pShre Homoiws Fnaaau.
john-05-20 peiwt gar me mpShre auw Ftsabo mmoF eHwb nim etFeire ntoF mmoou. auw
FnatsaboF eHenHbhue enaaau enai Jekaas ntwtn etetnerSphre.
john-05-21 nqe gar eSare peiwt tounes netmoout auw nFtanHoou. tai on te qe eter
e pShre natanHe netFouaSou.
john-05-22 mpiwt gar krine an nlaau. alla tekrisis thrs aFtaas mpShre
john-05-23 Jekaas ere ouon nim taie pShre kataqe etoutaio mpiwt. petenFtaio an
mpShre nFtaio an mpeiwt entaFtaouoF.
john-05-24 Hamhn Hamhn TJw mmos nhtn Je petswtm epaSaJe auw etpisteue epentaFta
ouoei. ountaF mmau mpwnH Sa eneH auw nFnhu an etekrisis alla aFpwwne ebol Hm pmo
u eHoun epwnH.
john-05-25 Hamhn Hamhn TJw mmos nhtn Je oun ouounou nhu ete tenou te ere netmoo
ut naswtm etesmh mpShre mpnoute auw netnaswtm senawnH.
john-05-26 nqe gar eteunte piwt pwnH Hrai nHhtF. tai on te qe entaFT mpShre etr
eFkw naF mpwnH Hrai nHhtF.
john-05-27 auw aFT naF ntexousia etreFeire ntekrisis Je pShre mprwme pe.
john-05-28 auw mprrSphre mpai Je oun ouounou nhu ere ouon nim etHn ntafos naswt
m eteFsmh
john-05-29 auw nseei ebol nentaueire nmpetnanouF euanastasis nwnH. nentaueire n
mpeqoou euanastasis nkrisis.
john-05-30- mmnCom anok mmoi er laau nHwb Haroi mmauaat. kataqe eTswtm eeikrine
auw takrisis oumee te Je ne eiSine an nsa paouwS mmin mmoi alla nsa pouwS mpenta
john-05-31= eSwpe anok eiSanrmntre Haroi. tamntmntre oume an te.
john-05-32 keoua petrmntre Haroi auw Tsooun Je oume te teFmntmntre etFeire mmos
john-05-33 ntwtn atetnJoou Sa iwHannhs auw aFrmntre ntme.
john-05-34 anok de neiJi an ntmntmntre ebol Hitn rwme. alla nai neiJw mmoou Jek
aas ntwtn etetneouJai.
john-05-35 ne petmmau pe pHhbs etmouH auw etrouoin. ntwtn de atetnouwS etelhl m
mwtn pros ouounou Hm peFouoin.
john-05-36 anok de ountai mmau ntmntmntre enaaas eta iwHannhs. neHbhue gar enta
paiwt taau nai Jekaas eeieJokou ebol ntoou neHbhue eTeire mmoou sermntre Haroi
Je piwt pe ntaFtaouoi.
john-05-37 auw piwt entaFtaouoi ntoF pe ntaFrmntre Haroi. oute mpetnswtm esmh n
taF eneH oute mpetnnau eHrb ntaF
john-05-38 auw mmnthtn mmau mpeFSaJe eFSoop nHhtthutn Je pentaph tnnoouF pai nt
wtn ntetn pisteue eroF an.
john-05-39 HotHt nnegrafh. Je ntwtn tetnJw mmos Je ounthtn ouwnH Sa eneH Hrai n
Hhtou auw netmmau netrmntre etbhht.
john-05-40 auw ntetn ouwS an eei Saroi Jekaas etetneJi mpwnH.
john-05-41- neiJi eoou an ebol Hitn rwme.
john-05-42 alla aisoun thutn Je mnthtn tagaph mpnoute nHht thutn.
john-05-43 anok aiei Hm pran mpaiwt auw mpetnJit. eSare keoua ei Hm peFran mmin
mmoF. petmmau tetnaJitF.
john-05-44 naS nHe ntwtn tetnaS pisteue etetnJi eoou ebol Hitn netnerhu auw peo
ou pebol Hitm pioua nouwt entetnSine nswF an.
john-05-45 mprmeeue Je anok etnakathgori mmwtn nnaHrm piwt. FSoop nCi petnakath
gori mmwtn mwushs pai ntwtn etetnHelpize eroF.
john-05-46 enetetnpisteue gar emwushs. netetnapisteue eroi pe. ap etmmau gar sH
ai etbhht.
john-05-47 eSJe ntetnpisteue de an enesHai mp etmmau naS nHe tetnapisteue enaSa
john-06-01= mnnsa nai aihsous bwk epikro nqalassa ntgalilaia ntiberias.
john-06-02 neun oumhhSe de enaSwF ouhH nswF Je neunau pe emmain eneFeire mmoou
eJn netSwne.
john-06-03 ihsous Ce aFbwk eHrai eJm ptoou aFHmoos mmau mn neFmaqhths.
john-06-04 neFHhn de eHoun nCi ppasca pSa nioudai.
john-06-05 ihsous Ce aFFi neFbal eHrai aFnau Je oun ounoC mmhhSe nhu SaroF. peJ
aF mfilippos. Je ennaSep oeik twn Je ere nai naouwm
john-06-06 ntaFJepai de eFpeiraze mmoF. ntoF gar neFsooun Je ou petFnaaaF.
john-06-07 aFouwSb naF nCi filippos Je mnSht nsateere noik naraStou Jekaas ere
poua poua Ji oukoui.
john-06-08 peJe oua naF ebol Hn neFmaqhths. andreas pson nsimwn petros.
john-06-09 Je oun ouShre Shm mpeima eun Tou noik niwt ntootF nm tbt snau. alla
nai eunar ou mpeimhhSe.
john-06-10 peJe ihsous nau Je mare nrwme noJou neun oucortos de enaSwF Hm pma e
tmmau anrwme Ce noJou eunar aTou nSo.
john-06-11 ihsous Ce aFJi nnoik auw aFSpHmot aFT nnetnhJ. auw on pentauJitF ero
ou ebol Hn ntbt.
john-06-12 nterousei de peJaF nneFmaqhths Je swouH eHoun nnlakm entauseepe Jeka
as ennelaau He ebol.
john-06-13 ausoouHou Ce auw aumeH mntsnoous nkot nlakm eaurHouo enentauouwm ebo
l Hm pTou noik niwt.
john-06-14 nrwme Ce nterounau epmain entaFaaF neuJw mmos Je pai name pe peprofh
ths etnhu epkosmos.
john-06-15 ihsous Ce ntereFeime Je senhu nsetorpF Jekaas eueaaF nrro. aFseHtF o
n eHraei eJm ptoou mmauaaF.
john-06-16= nter erouHe de Swpe. aneFmaqhths ei eHrai eJn qalassa
john-06-17 auw auale epJoei etreuei epikro nqalassa ekafarnaoum. ne apkake de S
wpe empe ihsous ei Saroou.
john-06-18 ere ounoC de nthu nbol aqalassa twoun eHrai
john-06-19 nterouHine Ce ebol naJouth nstadion hmaab. aunau eihsous eFmooSe HiJ
n qalassa eaFHwn eHoun epJoei auw aurHote.
john-06-20 ntoF de peJaF nau. Je anok pe mprrHote.
john-06-21 neuouwS Ce pe etaloF epJoei auw nteunou apJoei moone epekro eneunabw
k eroF.
john-06-22= peFraste pmhhSe etaHeratF Hi pikro nqalassa aunau Je mmn CeJoi mmau
nsa ph enta mmaqhths nihsous ale eroF auw Je mpeis ale epJoi mn neFmaqhths alla
neFmaqhths mmau aau ne ntaubwk.
john-06-23 auw eis HenkeeJhu auei ebol Hn tiberias Hatm pma entauouem poeik ea
pJoeis SpHmot eJwF.
john-06-24 ntere pmhhSe Ce nau Je ihsous mmau an oude neFmaqhths. auale ntoou e
neJhu auei ekafarnaoum euSine nsais.
john-06-25 auw nterouHe eroF Hi pikro nqalassa peJau naF. Je Hrabbei. ntakei ep
eeima naS nnau.
john-06-26 aihsous ouwSb nau eFJw mmos Je Hamhn Hamhn TJw mmos nhtn Je netetnSi
ne nswei an Je atetnnau eHenmain alla Je atetnouwm ebol Hn noik auw atetnsi.
john-06-27 mprrHwb eteHre etnatako. alla teHre ntoF etnamoun ebol euwnH Sa eneH
tai etere pShre mprwme nataas nhtn. pai gar pe nta pnoute peiwt sfragize mmoF.
john-06-28 peJau Ce naF. Je ou petnnaaaF Jekaas enerHwb eneHbhue mpnoute.
john-06-29 aihsous ouwSb peJaF nau. Je pai pe pHwb mpnoute Je etetnepisteue epe
ntaph tnnoouF.
john-06-30 peJau naF. Je ou Ce ntok mmai npetkeire mmoF Jekaas enenau auw ntnpi
steue erok. ou pe pHwb etkeire mmoF.
john-06-31 aneneiote ouwm mpmanna Hn terhmos. kataqe etshH. Je aFT nau nouoik e
uomF ebol Hn tpe.
john-06-32 peJe ihsous Ce nau. Je Hamhn Hamhn TJw mmos nhtn Je mwushs an pe nta
FT nhtn mpoeik ebol Hn tpe. alla paiwt petT nhtn ebol Hn tpe mpoeik mme.
john-06-33 poeik gar pe pShre mpnoute petnhu epesht ebol Hn tpe auw nFT nouwnH
john-06-34- peJau Ce naF. Je pJoeis ma nan mpoeik nouoiS nim.
john-06-35 peJe ihsous Ce nau. Je anok pe poeik mpwnH. petnhu Saroi nFnaHko an
auw petpisteue eroei nFnaeibe an Sa eneH.
john-06-36 alla aiJoos nhtn. Je atetnnau eroi auw ntetn pisteue an.
john-06-37 ouon nim etere paeiwt nataaF nai Fnhu Saroi. auw petnhu Saroi nTnano
JF an ebol.
john-06-38 Je ntaei ebol Hn tpe etraeire an mpaouwS alla pouwS mpentaFtaouoei.
john-06-39 pai de pe pouwS mpentaFtaouoei Jekaas nentaFtaau nai throu nnatako e
bol nHhtou. alla eietounoousou Hm pHae nHoou.
john-06-40 pai gar pe pouwS mpaiwt Jekaas ouon nim etnau epShre auw etpisteue e
roF eFeJi nouwnH Sa eneH auw anok TnatounosF mpHae nHoou.
john-06-41- neukrmrm Ce pe nCi nioudai etbhhtF Je aFJoos Je anok pe poik entaFei
ebol Hn tpe.
john-06-42 auw neuJw mmos Je mh mpai an pe ihsous pShre niwshf pai anon etnsoou
n mpeFeiwt nm teFmaau. naS Ce nHe FJw mmos Je ntaiei ebol Hn tpe.
john-06-43 aihsous ouwSb peJaF nau. Je mprkrmrm mn netnerhu.
john-06-44 mmn SCom llaau eei Saroei ei mhti nte paiwt entaFtaouoi swk mmoF auw
anok Hw tatounosF Hm pHae nHoou.
john-06-45 FshH Hn neprofhths Je senaSwpe throu nreFTsbw ntm pnoute. ouon nim e
ntaFswtm ebol Hitm paiwt auw aFJi sbw Fnhu Saroei.
john-06-46 nnebol an Je aoua nau epiwt ei mhti petSoop ebol Hitm pnoute pai pe
ntaFnau epiwt.
john-06-47 Hamhn Hamhn TJw mmos nhtn Je petpisteue eroei ountaF mmau mpwnH Sa e
john-06-48 anok pe poik mpwnH.
john-06-49 anetneiote ouwm mpmanna Hn terhmos auw aumou.
john-06-50 pai de pe poik etnhu ebol Hn tpe Jekaas erSaoua ouwm ebol nHh tF nne
john-06-51 anok pe poik etonH entaFei ebol Hn tpe. erSan oua ouwm ebol Hm peioi
k FnawnH Sa eneH. poik de eTnataaF anok pe tasarx Ha pwnH mpkosmos.
john-06-52- nioudai Ce neumiSe mn neuerhu euJw mmos Je naS nHe ere pai naS Tnan
nteFsarx euoms.
john-06-53 peJe ihsous Ce nau Je Hamhn Hamhn TJw mmos nhtn Je etetntmouwm ntsar
x mpShre mprwme auw ntetn sw mpeFsnoF. mnthtn mmau mpwnH nHht thutn.
john-06-54 petouwm ntasarx auw etsw mpasnoF ountaF mmau mpwnH Sa eneH auw anok
TnatounosF Hm pHae nHoou.
john-06-55 tasarx gar ouHre mmee te auw pasnoF ousw mmee pe.
john-06-56 petouwm ntasarx auw etsw mpasnoF FnaCw Hrai nHht auw anok Hw Hrai nH
john-06-57 kata qe entaFtaouoi nCi piwt etonH anok Hw TonH etbe piwt. auw petna
ouomnt petmmau HwwF on nawnH etbhht.
john-06-58 pai pe poik entaFei ebol Hn tpe. nkata qe an ent aniote ouwm auw aum
ou. petnaouwm mpeioik FnawnH Sa eneH.
john-06-59 nai aFJoou Hn tsunagwgh eFTsbw Hn kafarnaoum.
john-06-60= HaH Ce ebol Hn neFmaqhths nterouswtm peJau. Je peiSaJe naSt nim petn
aS swtm eroF.
john-06-61 eFsooun de nCi ihsous Hrai nHhtF Je neFmaqhths krmrm etbhhtF peJaF n
au. Je pai petskandalize mmwtn.
john-06-62 etetnSannau Ce epShre mprwme eFna eHrai epma eneFnHhtF nSorp.
john-06-63 pepneuma pettanHo. ntsarx THhu an llaau. nSaJe anok entaiJoou nhtn o
upneuma pe auw ouwnH pe
john-06-64 alla oun Hoine nHht thutn ensepisteue an. neFsooun gar Jin nSorp nCi
ihsous Je nim nete nsepisteue an auw nim petnaparadidou mmoF.
john-06-65 auw neFJw mmos Je etbe pai aiJoos nhtn Je mmnS Com llaau eei Saroi.
ei mhti nsetaas naF ebol Hitm peiwt.
john-06-66 etbe pai aHaH nneFmaqhths bwk epaHou auw aulo eumooSe nmmaF.
john-06-67 peJe ihsous Ce mpmntsnoous Je mh ntwtn Hwt thutn tetnouwS ebwk.
john-06-68 aFouwSb naF nCi simwn petros. Je pJoeis ennabwk Sa nim HenSaJe nwnH
Sa eneH netntootk.
john-06-69 auw anon anpisteue auw aneime Je ntok pe pecristos etouaab nte pnout
john-06-70 aFouwSb nau nCi ihsous peJaF. Je mh anok an aisetp thutn mpmntsnoous
. auw oua ebol nHht thutn oudiabolos pe.
john-06-71 neFJw de mmos pe etbe ioudas pShre nsimwn piskariwths. pai gar petna
paradidou mmoF eoua pe ebol Hm pmntsnoous.
john-07-01= mnnsa nai neFmooSe nCi ihsous Hn tgalilaia. neFouwS gar an pe emooSe
Hn Toudaia Je neuSine nswF nCi nioudai emooutF.
john-07-02 neFHhn de eHoun nCi pSa nioudai teskhnophgia.
john-07-03 peJau Ce naF nCi neFsnhu. Je pwwne ebol Hm peima ngbwk eHrai eToudai
a Jekaas erenekmaqhths Hwou nau enekHbhue etkeire mmoou.
john-07-04 mere laau gar rHwb Hm pHwp auw nFSine ntoF nsa Swpe Hn ouparrhsia. e
SJe keire nnai. ouonHk ebol mpkosmos.
john-07-05 nere neFkesnhu gar pisteue eroF an.
john-07-06 peJaF Ce nau nCi ihsous. Je paouoiS anok mpatFei. petnouoiS de ntwtn
sbtwt nshu nim.
john-07-07 mn SCom etre pkosmos meste thutn anok de Fmoste mmoi Je Trmntre anok
etbhhtF Je neFHbhue seHoou.
john-07-08 ntwtn bwk eHrai epSa. anok de mpaTnou eei epeeiSa. Je mpate paouoiS
Jwk ebol.
john-07-09 ntereFJe nai de ntoF aFCw Hn tgalilaia.
john-07-10= ntere neFsnhu de bwk eHrai epSa. tote ntoF HwwF aFbwk eHrai Hn ouwnH
an ebol alla Hn ouHwp.
john-07-11 nioudai Ce neuSine nswF pe Hm perpe auw neuJw mmos Je eFtwn ph.
john-07-12 auw nere oukrmrm enaSwF Soop etbhhtF Hn mmhhSe Hoine men neuJw mmos
Je ouagaqos pe Henkooue de neuJw mmos Je mmon alla eFplana mpmhhSe.
john-07-13 ne mmn laau mentoi SaJe etbhh tF Hn ouparrhsia etbe qote nioudai.
john-07-14- Hn tmhte de mpSa aihsous bwk eHrai eperpe aFTsbw.
john-07-15 neurSphre Ce nCi nioudai euJw mmos Je naS nHe pai sooun nsHai empout
john-07-16 aFouwSb nau nCi ihsous eFJw mmos Je tasbw anok ntwi an te alla ta pe
ntaFtaouoi te.
john-07-17 erSa oua rHnaF eeire mpeFouwS Fnaeime etbe teisbw Jen ouebol Hm pnou
te te. Jen anok eeiSaJe Haroi mmauaat.
john-07-18 petSaJe HaroF mauaaF eFSine nsa peFeoou mmin mmoF. petSine de ntoF n
sa peoou mpentaFtnnoouF pai oumee pe auw mn Ji nCons Hrai nHhtF.
john-07-19 mh mwushs an pe ntaFT nhtn mpnomos. auw mmn laau mmwtn eire mpnomos.
aHrwtn tetnSine nsa mouout mmoi.
john-07-20 aFouwSb nCi pmhhSe. Je oudaimwnion petnmmak. nim petSine nsa mooutk.
john-07-21 aihsous ouwSb peJaF nau. Je ouHwb nouwt pe ntaiaaF auw tetnrSphre th
john-07-22 etbe pai amwushs Tnhtn mpsbbe. ouc oti Je ouebol Hm mwushs pe alla o
uebol Hn niote pe. auw tetnsbbe rwme Hm psabbaton
john-07-23 eSJe Sare rwme Ji sbbe Hm psabbaton Je nneFbwl ebol nCi pnomos mmwus
hs. aHrwtn tetnnoCs eroei Je aeitou Je ourwme thrF Hm psabbaton.
john-07-24 mprkrine kata oumntreFJi Ho. alla krine mpHap mme.
john-07-25= neun Hoine Ce Jw mmos ebol Hn nrmqierosoluma. Je mh mpai an petouSin
e nswF emooutF.
john-07-26 auw eis Hhhpe FSaJe Hn ouparrhsia auw nseJe laau naF an. mhpws aueim
e name nCi narcwn auw narciereus. Je pai pe pecristos.
john-07-27 alla pai tnsooun mmoF Je ouebol twn pe. pecristos de ntoF eFSanei mn
laau naeime Je ouebol twn pe.
john-07-28 ihsous Ce aFJi Skak ebol Hm perpe eFTsbw eFJw mmos Je tetnsooun mmoi
auw tetnsooun Je ang ouebol twn. auw ntaiei an Haroi mmauaat alla oume pe penta
Ftaouoei pai ntwtn entetnsooun mmoF an.
john-07-29 anok Tsooun mmoF Je TSoop Ha HthF auw petmmau pe ntaFtaouoei.
john-07-30 neuSine Ce nsa CopF pe auw mpe laau nteFCiJ eHrai eJwF Je mpate teFo
unou ei.
john-07-31 aHaH pisteue eroF ebol Hm pmhhSe auw neuJw mmos Je erSan pecristos e
i mh eFnarHouo emmain enta pai aau.
john-07-32= anefarissaios Ce swtm epmhhSe eukrmrm nnai etbhhtF. auw auJoou nCi n
arciereus mn nefarissaios nHenHuphreths Jekaas eueCopF.
john-07-33 peJaF Ce nCi ihsous. Je eti kekoui nouoiS peTSoop nmmhtn auw Tnabwk
Sa pentaFtaouoei.
john-07-34 tetnaSine nswei ntetn tmHe eroei. auw pma anok eTmmoF ntwtn ntetn aS
ei an eroF.
john-07-35 peJe nioudai Ce nneuerhu. Je ere pai nabwk etwn Je anon ntnnaHe an e
roF. mh eFnabwk eHrai etdiaspora nnHellhn nFTsbw noueienin.
john-07-36 ou pe peiSaJe entaFJooF Je tetnaSine nswei ntetn tmHe eroei. auw pma
anok eT mmoF ntwtn ntetn aSei an eroF.
john-07-37= Hrai de Hm pHae nHoou noC nte pSa nere ihsous aHeratF auw neFaSkak e
bol eFJw mmos Je petobe mareFei Saroei nFsw.
john-07-38 petpisteue eroei kata qe enta tegrafh Joos oun Heneierwou naHate ebo
l nHhtF mmoou eFonH.
john-07-39 ntaFJe pai de etbe pepneuma etounaJitF nCi nentaupisteue eroF. ne mp
atouJi pneuma gar pe Je ihsous ne mpatFJi eoou pe.
john-07-40= Hoine Ce ebol Hm pmhhSe nterouswtm eneiSaJe neuJw mmos Je pai name p
e peprofhths.
john-07-41 Henkooue de neuJw mmos Je pai pe pecristos. Hoine de neuJw mmos Je m
h gar ere pecristos nhu ebol Hn tgalilaia.
john-07-42 ntategrafh an Joos Je ere pecristos nhu ebol Hm pesperma ndaueid auw
ebol Hn bhqleem pTme enere daueid Soop nHhtF.
john-07-43 aupwrJ Ce Swpe Hm pmhhSe etbhhtF.
john-07-44 Hoine de ebol nHhtou neuouwS eCopF alla mpe laau nneFCiJ eHrai eJwF.
john-07-45= aubwk Ce nCi nHuphreths Sa narciereus mn nefarissaios. auw peJe nh n
au. Je etbe ou mpetnntF.
john-07-46 auouwSb nCi nHuphreths Je mpe rwme SaJe eneH nqe mpirwme.
john-07-47 auouwSb nau nCi nefarissaios. Je mh ntatetnplana Hwt thutn.
john-07-48 mh alaau pisteue eroF ebol Hn narcwn hebol Hn nefhrisaios.
john-07-49 alla peimhhSe ete nFsooun an mpnomos seSoop HapsaHou.
john-07-50 peJe nikodhmos nau pentaFei Sa ihsous nSorp eoua ebol nHhtou pe.
john-07-51 Je mh pennomos nakrine mprwme ei mhti nFswtm eroF nSorp auw nFeime J
e ou petFeire mmoF.
john-07-52 auouwSb euJw mmos naF. Je mh ntk ouebol Hwwk on ntgalilaia. HotHt nn
egrafh ngnau Je nere peprofhths natwoun an ebol Hn tgalilaia.
john-07-53 [--]
john-08-12= ihsous Ce on aFSaJe nmmau eFJw mmos Je anok pe pouoin mpkosmos. petn
aouaHF nswei nFnamooSe an Hm pkake alla FnaJi mpouoin mpwnH.
john-08-13 peJe nefarissaios Ce naF Je ntok ekrmntre Harok. tekmntmntre oume an
john-08-14 aihsous ouwSb peJaF nau Je kan anok eeiSanrmntre Haroei tamntmntre o
ume te Je Tsooun Je ntaiei twn auw eina etwn ntwtn ntetn sooun an Je ntaei twn h
eina etwn.
john-08-15 ntwtn etetnkrine kata sarx apok nTkrine an llaau.
john-08-16 kan eiSankrine de anok takrisis oumee te Je nanok an mmate pe alla a
nok nm piwt entaFtaouoei.
john-08-17 FshH de on Hm petnnomos Je tmntmntre nrwme snau oume te.
john-08-18 anok petrmntre Haroei auw Fr mntre on Haroi nCi peiwt entaFtaouei.
john-08-19 neuJw Ce mmos naF Je eFtwn pekeiwt aFouwSb nCi ihsous peJaF nau Je o
ute ntetn sooun mmoi an oute on ntetn sooun an mpaiwt enetetnsooun mmoi netetnas
oun paiwt on pe.
john-08-20 neeiSaJe aFJoou Hm pgazofulakion eFTsbw Hm perpe auw mpe laau CopF J
e mpate teFounou ei.
john-08-21= peJaF Ce on nau nCi ihsous. Je anok Tnabwk auw tetnaSine nswei auw t
etnamou Hrai Hm petnnobe auw pma anok eTnabwk eroF ntwtn mn SCom mmwtn eei emmau
john-08-22 neuJw Ce mmos nCi nioudai. Je mhti eFnamouout mmoF Je FJw mmos Je pm
a anok eTnabwk eroF ntwtn ntetn aSei an emmau.
john-08-23 auw peJaF nau Je ntwtn ntetn Henebol Hm pkaH anok ang ouebol Hn tpe
ntwtn ntetn Henebol Hm peikosmos anok ang ouebol an Hm peikosmos.
john-08-24 aiJoos Ce nhtn Je tetnamou Hn netnnobe. etetntmpisteue gar Je anok p
e tetnamou Hn netnnobe.
john-08-25 neuJw Ce mmos naF Je ntok ntk nim. peJe ihsous nau. Je Jin nSorp TSa
Je nmmhtn
john-08-26 eunT HaH eJw etbe thutn auw ekrine. alla oume pe pentaFtaouoei. auw
anok nentaisotmou ntootF nai neTJw mmoou epkosmos.
john-08-27 mpoueime Je eFSaJe nmmau etbe peiwt.
john-08-28 peJaF Ce nau nCi ihsous Je Hotan etetnSanJise mpShre mprwme tote tet
naeime Je anok pe auw nTrlaau an Haroi mmauaat alla kataqe enta paeiwt tsaboei n
ai neTJw mmoou.
john-08-29 auw FSoop nmmai nCi pentaFtaouoi. auw mpFkaat mmauaat Je anok Teire
nnetranaF nouoiS nim.
john-08-30 nai eFJw mmoou aHaH pisteue eroF.
john-08-31= ihsous Ce neFJw mmos nioudai entaupisteue eroF Je eSwpe ntwtn etetnS
anCw Hm pSaJe. ntetn namaqhths name
john-08-32 auw tetnasoun tme auw tme nar thutn nrmHe.
john-08-33 auouwSb naF peJau. Je anon pesperma nabraHam auw mpnrHmHal llaau ene
H. naS nHe ntok kJw mmos Je tetnarrmHe.
john-08-34 aFouwSb nCi ihsous. Je Hamhn Hamhn TJw mmos nhtn Je petire mpnobe Fo
nHmHal mpnobe.
john-08-35 pHmHal de nFnaCw an Hm phi Sa eneH. pShre de ntoF FnaCw Sa eneH.
john-08-36 erSa pShre Ce rthutn rrmHe. ontws tetnaSwpe nrmHe.
john-08-37 Tsooun Je ntetn pesperma nabraHam. alla tetnSine nswei emoout Je pSa
Je nFouhH an nHht thutn.
john-08-38 anok nentainau eroou ntm paiwt neTJw mmoou ntwtn Ce Hwt thutn nentat
etnnau eroou ntm petneiwt arisou.
john-08-39= auouwSb euJw mmos naF Je peneiwt pe abraHam. peJe ihsous nau Je ene
ntetn nShre nabraHam netetnar neHbhue nabraHam.
john-08-40 tenou de tetnSine nswei emoout ourwme eFJw nhtn ntme tai entaFsotmes
ebol Hitm pnoute. mpe abraHam rpai.
john-08-41 ntwtn etetnire nneHbhue mpetneiwt peJau Ce naF Je anon ntauJpon an e
bol Hn ouporneia ouiwt nouwt petSoop nan ete pnoute pe.
john-08-42 peJe ihsous Ce nau Je ene petneiwt pe pnoute netetnamerit pe anok ga
r ntaiei auw einhu ebol Hitm pnoute ntai gar an Haroi mmauaat alla petmmau penta
john-08-43 etbe ou mpetnsoun taCinSaJe. Je mmnCom mmwtn eswtm epaSaJe.
john-08-44 ntwtn ntetn Henebol Hm petneiwt pdiabolos auw tetnouwS er nepiqumia
mpetneiwt. petmmau neureFHetb rwme pe Jin nSorp auw mpFaHeratF Hn tme Je mn me S
oop Hrai nHhtF Hotan ere pCol naSaJe eSaFSaJe ebol Hn netenouF ne Je oureFJiCol
pe mn peFkeeiwt.
john-08-45 anok de Je TJw ntme ntetmpisteue eroei an.
john-08-46 nim nHht thutn petnaJpioei etbe nobe. eSJe eeiJw ntme. etbe ou ntwtn
ntetn pisteue nai an.
john-08-47 petSoop ebol Hm pnoute SaFswtm enSaJe mpnoute. etbe pai ntwtn ntetn
swtm an Je ntetn Henebol an Hm pnoute.
john-08-48= anioudai ouwSb euJw mmos naF. Je mh kalws an anon tnJw mmos Je ntkou
samariths auw oun oudaimwnion nmmak.
john-08-49 aFouwSb nCi ihsous. Je anok mndaimwnion nmmai. alla Ttaio mpaeiwt au
w ntwtn tetnswS mmoei.
john-08-50 anok de nTSine an nsa paeoou FSoop nCi petnaSine auw nFkrine.
john-08-51 Hamhn Hamhn TJw mmos nhtn Je petnaHareH epaSaJe. nFnanau an epmou Sa
john-08-52 peJe nioudai Ce naF Je tenou aneime Je oudaimwnion petnmmak abraHam
aFmou nm neprofhths auw ntok kJw mmos Je petnaHareH epaSaJe nFnaJiTpe an mpmou S
a eneH.
john-08-53 mh ntok enaaak epeneiwt abraHam pai entaFmou. auw neprofhths aumou.
ekeire mmok nnim.
john-08-54 aFouwSb nCi ihsous Je eSwpe anok eiSanTeoou nai oulaau pe paeoou FSo
op nCi paeiwt etTeoou nai pai ntwtn etetnJw mmos Je pennoute pe
john-08-55 auw mpetnsouwnF anok de Tsooun mmoF eiSanJoos Je nTsooun mmoF an eei
naSwpe nreFJiCol ntetn He alla Tsooun mmoF auw THareH epeFSaJe.
john-08-56 abraHam de petneiwt aFtelhl Jekaas eFenau epaHoou auw aFnau auw aFra
john-08-57 peJau Ce naF nCi nioudai. Je mpatkr taiou nrompe auw aabraHam nau er
john-08-58 peJe ihsous nau Je Hamhn Hamhn TJw mmos nhtn Je empate abraHam Swpe
anok TSoop.
john-08-59 auFiwne Ce Jekaas euenouJe eroF. ihsous de aFHopF aFei ebol Hm perpe
john-09-01= auw eFparage aFnau eurwme eauJpoF eFo nblle.
john-09-02 auw aneFmaqhths JnouF euJw mmos Je Hrabbei nim pe ntaFrnobe. pai pe
Jn neFeiote ne Jekaas eueJpoF eFo bblle.
john-09-03 aFouwSb nCi ihsous. Je oute mpe pai rnobe oute mpe neFkeeiote. alla
Jekaas ere neHbhue mpnoute ouwnH ebol Hrai nHhtF.
john-09-04 SSe eron erHwb eneHbhue mpentaFtaouoei Hoson peHoou pe. snhu nCi teu
Sh Hote mn laau naS CmCom erHwb nHhts.
john-09-05 Hoson THm pkosmos. ang pouoin mpkosmos.
john-09-06 ntereFJe nai aFneJ oupaCse epkaH aFtamie ouome ebol Hn tpaCse aFJeH
pome eneFbal
john-09-07 auw peJaF naF. Je bwk ngeia pekHo Hn tkolumbhqra mpsilwam pai eSauou
aHmeF Je pentautnnoouF. aFbwk Ce aFei apeFHo auw aFei eFnau ebol
john-09-08 netHi touwF Ce auw netnau eroF nSorp Je neureFtwbaH pe neuJw mmos Je
mh mpai an petHmoos auw etSet mntnaa.
john-09-09 Henkooue neuJw mmos Je pai pe Henkooue de Je mmon alla eFeine mmoF n
toF de neFJw mmos Je anok pe.
john-09-10 peJau Ce naF. Je naS Ce nHe auouwn nCi nekbal.
john-09-11 aFouwSb Je pirwme etoumoute eroF Je ihsous pentaFtamie ouome aFJeH n
abal auw peJaF nai Je bwk epsilwHam ngeia pekHo. aibwk Ce aieia paHo auw aeinau
john-09-12 peJau naF Je eFtwn petmmau peJaF Je nTsooun an.
john-09-13= aueine mpeneFo bblle eratou nnefarissaios.
john-09-14 ne psabbaton de pe ntere ihsous tamie pome auw aFouwn nneFbal.
john-09-15 auJnouF Ce on nCi nefarissaios. Je ntaknau ebol naS nHe. ntoF de peJ
aF nau Je ntaFesCouome enabal auw aia paHo anau ebol.
john-09-16 peJe Hoine ebol Hn nefarissaios Je peeirwme nou ebol Hm pnoute an pe
Je nFHareH an epsabbaton Henkooue de neuJw mmos Je naS nHe ounSCom nourwme nreF
rnobe erneimain nteimine. auw nere ouscisma Soop nHhtou.
john-09-17 peJau on mph ete neFo bblle. Je ntok ekJw mmos Je ou etbhhtF Je aFou
wn nnekbal. ntoF de peJaF Je ouprofhths pe.
john-09-18 neupisteue Ce an nCi nioudai etbhhtF Je neublle pe auw aFnau ebol. S
antoumoute eneiote mpentaFnau ebol
john-09-19 auw auJnouou euJw mmos Je pai pe petnShre etetnJw mmos Je anJpoF eFo
nblle. naS Ce nHe tenou Fnau ebol.
john-09-20 aneFeiote ouwSb peJau nau. Je tnsooun Je pai pe penShre auw Je ntanJ
poF eFo nblle.
john-09-21 naS de nHe tenou Fnau ebol ntnsooun an hnim pentaFouwn nneFbal anon
ntnsooun an ntoF HwwF aFr te nSaJe HaroF.
john-09-22 ntauJe nai nCi neFeiote Je neurHote Hhtou nioudai. ne auouw gar eusm
ine mmos nCi nioudai Jekaas erSan oua Homologi mmoF Je pecristos pe. eFeSwpe nap
john-09-23 etbe pai aneFeiote Joos Je aFrnoC maJnouF.
john-09-24- aumoute Ce on eprwme mpmeHsep snau pete neFo nblle peJau naF. Je Teo
ou mpnoute. anon tnsooun Je peeirwme oureFrnobe pe.
john-09-25 aFouwSb de nCi ph. Je eSJe oureFrnobe pe. nTsooun an. oua anok peTso
oun mmoF. Je neio nblle pe. auw tenou Tnau ebol.
john-09-26 peJau Ce naF. Je ou pe ntaFaaF nak. ntaFouwn nnekbal naS nHe.
john-09-27 aFouwSb nau Je aeiouw eiJw mmos nhtn auw mpetnswtm ou on petetnoueS
sotmeF mh etetnouwS Hwt thutn ermaqhths naF.
john-09-28 auw ausaHou mmoF euJw mmos Je ntok pe pmaqhths mp etmmau. anon de an
on mmaqhths mmwushs.
john-09-29 anon tnsooun Je apnoute SaJe mn mwushs. pai de ntoF ntnsooun an Je o
uebol twn pe.
john-09-30 aprwme ouwSb eFJw mmos nau Je tai rw te teSphre Je ntwtn ntetn sooun
an Je ouebol twn pe auw aFouwn nnabal.
john-09-31 tnsooun Je mere pnoute swtm ereFrnobe. alla eSwpe eurm nnoute pe oua
auw eFeire mpeFouwS. SaFswtm eroF.
john-09-32 Jin eneH mpouswtm Je auouwn enbal noua eauJpoF eFo nblle.
john-09-33 ene nouebol an Hm pnoute pe pai. neFnaSr laau nHwb an pe.
john-09-34 auouwSb euJw mmos naF Je ntauJpok thrk Hm pnobe auw ntok eknaTsbw na
n. auw aunoJF ebol.
john-09-35= aihsous swtm Je aunoJF ebol auw ntereFHe eroF peJaF naF. Je ntok pis
teue epShre mprwme.
john-09-36 peJaF Je pJoeis nim pe Je eeiepisteue eroF.
john-09-37 peJe ihsous naF. Je aknau eroF. auw petSaJe nmmak petmmau pe.
john-09-38 aFouwSb eFJw mmos Je Tpisteue pJoeis auw aFouwSt naF
john-09-39 peJe ihsous naF Je] ntaiei anok epeikosmos euHap Jekaas netensenau e
bol an euenau ebol auw netnau ebol eueSwpe nblle.
john-09-40 auswtm nCi Hoine nnetnmmaF ebol Hn nefarissaios auw peJau naF. Je mh
anon Hwwn ann Henblle.
john-09-41 peJe ihsous nau Je ene ntetn Henblle ne mmn nobe erwtn pe tenou de t
etnJw mmos Je tnnau ebol petnnobe aHeratF.
john-10-01= Hamhn Hamhn TJw mmos nhtn Je pete nFnhu an ebol Hitm pro eHoun epoHe
nnesoou alla eFouwtb ebol Hi kesa. petmmau oureFJioue auw ousoone pe.
john-10-02 petnhu de ntoF ebol Hitm pro ntoF pe pSws nnesoou.
john-10-03 pai Sare pemnout ouwn naF auw Sare nesoou swtm eteFsmh auw SaFmoute
eneFesoou kata peuran nFntou ebol.
john-10-04 Hotan eFSaneine ebol nnete nouF throu ne. SaFmooSe Ha teuHh auw Sare
nesoou ouaHou nswF Je sesooun nteFsmh.
john-10-05 nneuouaHou de ntoF nsa ouSmmo alla senapwt ebol mmoF Je nsesooun an
ntesmh nnSmmo.
john-10-06 teeiparHoimia aFJoos nau nCi ihsous. nh de mpoueime Je ou netFJw mmo
ou nau.
john-10-07= peJaF Ce on nau nCi ihsous Je Hamhn Hamhn TJw mmos nhtn Je anok pe p
Sws nnesoou.
john-10-08 ouon nim entauei HenreFJioue ne auw Hensoone ne. alla mpe nesoou swt
m eroou.
john-10-09 anok pe pro. erSa oua bwk eHoun Hitoot. FnaouJai auw Fnabwk eHoun nF
ei ebol nFHe euma mmoone.
john-10-10 preFJioue meFei etbe laau. ei mhti Jekaas eFeHwFt auw nFSwwt auw nFt
ako. anok ntaiei Jekaas eueJi nouwnaH auw nseJi ouHouo.
john-10-11 anok pe pSws etnanouF. pSws etnanouF SaFka teFyuch Ha neFesoou.
john-10-12 pJaibeke de ete nouSws an pe pai ete nnouF an ne nesoou SaFnau epouw
nS eFnhu auw SaFka nesoou nFpwt. auw Sare pouwnS torpou nFJoorou
john-10-13 ebol Je ouJaibeke pe auw mpeFroouS an pe Ha nesoou.
john-10-14 anok pe pSws etnanouF auw Tsooun nnouei auw nouei sooun mmoei.
john-10-15 kataqe etere piwt sooun mmoei. anok Hw Tsooun mpiwt. auw Tnakw ntayu
ch Ha naesoou.
john-10-16 ountai on mmau nHenkeesoou enHenebol an ne Hm peioHe. auw netmmau on
Haps etrasoouHou auw senaswtm etasmh nseSwpe nouoHe nouwt. ouSws nouwt.
john-10-17 etbe pai paiwt me mmoi Je Tnakw ntayuch Jekaas on eieJits.
john-10-18 mn laau Fi mmos ntoot alla anok etkw mmos Haroi mmauaat. ounT texous
ia ekaas auw on ounT texousia eJits. teientolh ntaiJits ebol Hitm paiwt.
john-10-19- auscisma on Swpe Hn ioudai etbe neiSaJe.
john-10-20 neun HaH de Jw mmos nHhtou Je oun oudaimwnion nmmaF auw Flobe. etbe
ou tetnswtm eroF.
john-10-21 Henkooue neuJw mmos Je neiSaJe na oua an ne eFo ndaimwnion. mh oun C
om noudaimwnion euwn nbbal nbblle.
john-10-22= aFSwpe de Hm peuoiS etmmau nCi pJi aeik Hn qierosoluma ne teprw te.
john-10-23 auw neFmooSe nCi ihsous Hm perpe Ha testoa nsolomwn.
john-10-24 aukwte Ce eroF nCi nioudai auw peJau naF. Je Sa tnau kFi mpenHht. eS
Je ntok pe pecristos aJis nan Hn ouparrhsia.
john-10-25 aFouwSb nau nCi ihsous. Je aiJoos nhtn auw ntetn pisteue an. neHbhue
anok eTeire mmoou Hm pran mpaiwt nai netrmntre etbhht.
john-10-26 alla ntwtn ntetn pisteue an Je ntetn Henebol an Hn naesoou.
john-10-27 naesoou anok Sauswtm etasmh auw Tsooun mmoou auw senaouaHou nswei
john-10-28 auw anok TnaT nau nouwnH Sa eneH auw nneuHe ebol eneH auw nne laau t
orpou ebol Hn taCiJ.
john-10-29 paiwt entaFtaau nai FHiJn ouon nim auw mn SCom llaau etorpou ebol Hn
tCiJ mpaiwt.
john-10-30 anok nm paeiwt anon oua.
john-10-31- auFi wne on nCi nioudai Jekaas euenouJe eroF.
john-10-32 aFouwSb nau nCi ihsous. Je aitsabwtn eHaH nHwb enanou ebol Hitm paiw
t etbe aS mmoou nHwb tetnHi wne eroi.
john-10-33 auouwSb naF nCi nioudai. Je nnennaHi wne an erok etbe Hwb enanouF al
la etbe Jioua Je ntok entk ourwme keire mmok nnoute.
john-10-34 aFouwSb nau nCi ihsous. Je mh nFshH an Hm petnnomos. Je anok aiJoos
Je ntetn Hennoute.
john-10-35 eSJe aumoute en etmmau Je noute nai enta pSaJe mpnoute Swpe Saroou a
uw mmn Com nte tegrafh bwl ebol.
john-10-36 eie penta piwt tbboF aFtnnoouF epkosmos ntwtn tetnJw mmos Je kJe oua
Je aiJoos Je ang pShre mpnoute.
john-10-37 eSJe nTeire an nneHbhue mpaiwt mprpisteue eroei.
john-10-38 eSJe Teire de mmoou. kan etetntmpisteue eroei. pisteue eneHbhue Jeka
as etetneeime auw ntetn sooun Je piwt Soop Hrai nHht auw anok THm piwt.
john-10-39 neuSine Ce on nsa CopF auw aFei ebol Hn teuCiJ
john-10-40- aFbwk on epikro mpiordanhs pma enere iwHannhs nHhtF nSorp eFbaptize
auw aFCw mmau
john-10-41 aumhhSe bwk SaroF auw neuJw mmos Je iwHannhs men mpFr laau mmain. Sa
Je de nim enta iwHannhs Joou etbe pai Henme ne.
john-10-42 auw aHaH pisteue eroF Hm pma etmmau.
john-11-01= neun oua de Swne Je lazaros ebol Hn bhqania pTme mmaria nm marqa tes
john-11-02 tai de te maria tentasteHs pJoeis nsoCn auw asFet neFouerhte Hm pesF
w tai enere pesson lazaros Swne.
john-11-03 auJoou Ce SaroF nCi neFswne euJw mmos Je pJoeis eis Hhhte FSwne nCi
petkme mmoF.
john-11-04 ntereFswtm de nCi ihsous peJaF. Je peiSwne nneFSoop an epmou. alla e
tbe peoou mpnoute Jekaas ere peFShre Jieoou ebol HitootF.
john-11-05 nere ihsous de me mmarqa nm maria tesswne nm lazaros.
john-11-06 ntereFswtm Ce Je FSwne. tote aFCw nHoou snau Hm pma eneFnHhtF.
john-11-07 mnnsws de peJaF nneFmaqhths. Je maron on eToudaia.
john-11-08 peJau naF nCi mmaqhths. Je Hrabbei. tenou nere nioudai Sine nsa Hi w
ne erok auw on knabwk emau.
john-11-09 aFouwSb nCi ihsous peJaF. Je mh mn mntsnoous nounou Hm peHoou. erSa
oua mooSe Hm peHoou meFJiJrop Je Fnau epouoin mpeikosmos.
john-11-10 erSa oua mooSe Hn teuSh. SaFJi Jrop Je mpouoin Soop an Hrai nHhtF.
john-11-11 nai aFJoou mnnsws peJaF nau Je lazaros penSbhr aFnkotk. alla Tnabwk
Jekaas eeietounosF.
john-11-12 peJau Ce naF nCi mmaqhths. Je pJoeis eSJe ntaFnkotk. Fnatwoun.
john-11-13 nta ihsous de Joos pe etbe peFmou. nh de aumeue Je eFJe penkotk mpwb
john-11-14 tote Ce aihsous Joos nau Hn ouparrhsia. Je lazaros aFmou
john-11-15 auw TraSe etbe thutn Jekaas etetnepisteue Je neimmau an pe. alla mar
on SaroF.
john-11-16 peJe qwmas peSaumoute eroF Je didumos nneFSbr maqhths. Je maron Hwwn
Je enemou nmmaF
john-11-17= ntereFei Ce nCi ihsous aFHe eroF epeFFtoou pe eFHm ptafos.
john-11-18 bhqania de nesHhn eHoun eqierosoluma namnth nstadion.
john-11-19 oumhhSe de ebol Hn ioudai ne auei pe Sa marqa nm maria Je eueslswlou
etbe peuson.
john-11-20 marqa Ce nteresswtm Je ihsous nhu. asei ebol HhtF. maria de nesHmoos
pe Hm phei.
john-11-21 peJe marqa Ce nihsous Je pJoeis enekmpeima nere pason namou an pe.
john-11-22 alla tenou on Tsooun Je Hwb nim etknaaiti mmoou ntm pnoute. pnoute n
ataau nak.
john-11-23 peJe ihsous nas. Je pouson natwounF.
john-11-24 peJe marqa naF. Je Tsooun Je Fnatwoun Hn tanastasis Hm pHae nHoou.
john-11-25 peJe ihsous nas Je anok pe tanastasis auw pwnH petpisteue eroei kan
eFSanmou FnawnH.
john-11-26 auw ouon nim etonH etpisteue eroei. nFnamou an Sa eneH. tepisteue ep
john-11-27 peJas naF. Je se pJoeis. anok Tpisteue Je ntok pe pecristos pShre mp
noute petnhu epkosmos.
john-11-28= auw nteresJe nai asbwk asmoute emaria tesswne esJw mmos nas nJioue J
e apsaH ei auw Fmoute ero.
john-11-29 ntos de nteresswtm. astwouns Hn ouCeph asei ebol SaroF.
john-11-30 ihsous de ne mpatFei eHoun epTme alla eti neFHm pma enta marqa twmnt
eroF nHhtF.
john-11-31 nioudai Ce etHm phi nmmas auw etsolsl mmos nterounau emaria Je astwo
uns Hn ouCeph asei ebol. auouaHou nsws euJw mmos Je esnabwk ebol eptafos Je eser
ime mmau.
john-11-32 maria Ce nteresei ebol epma enere ihsous nHhtF. asnoJs Ha neFouerhte
esJw mmos naF Je pJoeis enekmpeeima. nere pason namou an pe.
john-11-33 ihsous Ce ntereFnau eros esrime auw nioudai entauei nmmas eurime. aF
Stortr Hm pepneuma nqe nnetoot
john-11-34 auw peJaF Je ntatetnkaaF twn. peJau naF Je pJoeis amou ngnau.
john-11-35 aFrime nCi ihsous.
john-11-36 neuJw Ce mmos nCi nioudai. Je anau eqe etFme mmoF.
john-11-37 Hoine de nHhtou peJau. Je pai entaFouwn nbbal mpblle eie nemmn Com m
moF on pe etmtre pai mou.
john-11-38= ihsous Ce on eFoot Hrai nHhtF aFei eptafos. ne ousphlaion de pe ere
ouwne Hi rwF.
john-11-39 peJe ihsous Je Fi pwne mmau. peJe marqa naF tswne mpentaFmou. Je pJo
eis hdh aFrstoi peFFtoou gar pe.
john-11-40 peJe ihsous nas. Je mpiJoos ne Je erSanpisteue tenanau epeoou mpnout
john-11-41 auFi pwne Ce mmau. ihsous de aFFi neFbal eHrai etpe eFJw mmos Je pai
wt TSpHmot ntootk Je akswtm eroei.
john-11-42 anok de neisooun Je kswtm eroei nouoiS nim. alla ntaiJoos etbe pmhhS
e etaHeratF Jekaas euepisteue Je ntok pe ntaktnnoout.
john-11-43 auw ntereFJe nai aFaSkak ebol Hn ounoC nsmh Je lazare amou ebol.
john-11-44 aFei ebol nCi pentaFmou eFmhr nneFouerhte mn neFCiJ Hn Henkerea auw
ere peFHo mhr Hn ousoudarion. peJe ihsous nau. Je bolF ebol ntetn kaaF nFbwk.
john-11-45= oumhhSe de ebol Hn ioudai entauei Sa maria nterounau epentaFaaF. aup
isteue eroF.
john-11-46 Hoine de ebol nHhtou aubwk Sa nefarissaios autamoou enenta ihsous aa
john-11-47 narciereus Ce mn nefarissaios auswouH eHoun mpsunHedrion auw peJau.
Je ou petnnaaaF Je peirwme rHaH mmain.
john-11-48 enSankaaF nteiHe. ouon nim napisteue eroF auw nseei nCi neHrwmaios n
seFi ntootn mpenma auw penHeqnos.
john-11-49 oua de ebol nHhtou Je kaifas eparciereus pe nterompe etmmau peJaF na
u Je ntwtn ntetn sooun an nlaau.
john-11-50 oude ntetn logize an Je srnoFre nan Jekaas ere ourwme nouwt mou Ha p
laos auw ntetm pHeqnos thrF He ebol.
john-11-51 ntaFJe pai de an HaroF mmau aaF alla eparciereus pe nterompe etmmau
aFprofhteue Je nere ihsous namou Ha pHeqnos
john-11-52 auw Ha pHeqnos an mmate. alla Jekaas on nShre nte pnoute etJoore ebo
l eFesoouHou euma nouwt.
john-11-53 Jin peHoou Ce etmmau auJiSoJne Jekaas euemouout mmoF.
john-11-54- ihsous de neFmooSe Ce an pe parrhsia Hn ioudai alla aFbwk ebol Hm pm
a etmmau etecwra etHhn eterhmos eupolis eumoute eros Je efraim aFSwpe mmau mn ne
john-11-55- neFHhn de eHoun pe nCi ppasca nioudai auw aumhhSe bwk eHrai eqieroso
luma ebol Hn tecwra Ha qh mppasca Jekaas euetbboou.
john-11-56 neuSine Ce pe nsa ihsous auw neuJw mmos nneuerhu euaHeratou Hm perpe
. Je ou petsndo Ci nhtn. Je nFnhu an eHrai epSa.
john-11-57 narciereus de mn nefarissaios neauT nouentolh pe Jekaas erSa oua eim
e Je eFtwn. eFetamoou Jekaas eueCopF.
john-12-01= ihsous Ce Haqh nsoou nHoou eppasca aFei ebhqania pma enere lazaros m
moF penta ihsous tounosF ebol Hn netmoout.
john-12-02 aueire Ce naF noudeipnon mpma etmmau auw nere marqa diakoni. lazaros
de ne oua pe nnetnhJ nmmaF.
john-12-03 maria Ce asJi noulitra nsoCn nnardos mpistikh enaSe sounts astwHs no
uerhte nihsous auw asFwte nneFouerh te Hm pFw ntesape. aphi de mouH ebol Hm pest
oi mpsoCn.
john-12-04 peJe ioudas piskariwths oua ebol Hn neFmaqhths petnaparadidou mmoF.
john-12-05 Je etbe ou mpouT peeisoCn ebol Ha Smnt Se nsateere nsetaau nnHhke.
john-12-06 ntaFJe pai de. ebol an Je peFroouS pe etbe nHhke. alla Je neureFJiou
e pe auw ere peglws sokomon ntootF neFHwFt nnetounou Je mmoou eroF.
john-12-07 peJaF Ce nCi ihsous. Je alwtn Haros Je eseHareH eroF epeHoou ntakaei
john-12-08 nHhke gar nmmhtn nouoiS nim. anok de nT nmmhtn an nouoiS nim.
john-12-09= oumhhSe de enaSwF ebol Hn ioudai aueime Je Fmmau. auw auei etbe ihso
us an mmate alla Jekaas on euenau elazaros pentaFtounosF ebol Hn netmoout
john-12-10 auJiSoJne Ce nCi narciereus Jekaas euemouout mpkelazaros
john-12-11 Je nere HaH nioudai bhk etbhh tF auw neupisteue eihsous.
john-12-12= peFraste oumhhSe enaSwF nnentauei epSa nterouswtm Je ihsous nhu eqie
john-12-13 auJi nHenba Hn Henbnne auei ebol etwmnt eroF auw auaSkak ebol Je wsa
nna. Fsmamaat nCi petnhu Hm pran mpJoeis prro nte pisrahl.
john-12-14 ihsous de ntereFHe eueiw aFale eroF kataqe etshH.
john-12-15 Je mprrHote tSeere nsiwn Je eis pourro nhu ne eFHmoos eJn oushC neiw
john-12-16 neFmaqhths mpoueime enai nSorp. alla ntereFJi eoou nCi ihsous tote a
urpmeue Je nere nai shH etbhhtF auw nai ne ntauaau naF.
john-12-17 neFrmntre Ce nCi pmhhSe etnmmaF Je aFmoute elazaros ebol Hm ptafos a
uw aFtounosF ebol Hn netmoout.
john-12-18 etbe pai on apmhhSe ei ebol HhtF Je aFswtm Je aFrpeimain.
john-12-19 nefarissaios Ce peJau nneuerhu. Je tetnnau Je ntetn THhu an llaau. e
is pkosmos aFbwk Hi paHou mmoF.
john-12-20= neun Henoueienin de ebol Hn netbhk eHrai eouwSt mpSa.
john-12-21 nai Ce auT peuoi efilippos pebol Hn bhdsaida ntgalilaia auw ausepswp
F euJw mmos Je pJoeis tnouwS enau eihsous.
john-12-22 afilippos ei aFJoos eandreas. andreas de nm filippos auJoos eihsous.
john-12-23 ihsous de aFouwSb eFJw mmos nau. Je ateunou ei Jekaas eFeJi eoou nCi
pShre mprwme.
john-12-24 Hamhn Hamhn TJw mmos nhtn Je eretmtblbile nsouo He eHrai eJm pkaH ns
mou SasCw mauaas eSwpe de esSanmou SasT oukarpos enaSwF.
john-12-25 petme nteFyuch Fnasormes. auw petmoste nteFyuch Hm peikosmos. FnaHe
eros euwnH Sa eneH.
john-12-26 eSwpe oun oua nadiakoni nai mareFouaHF nswei auw pma anok eT mmoF pa
kediakonos naSwpe mmau erSa oua diakoni nai paiwt nataioF.
john-12-27= tenou atayuch Stortr auw ou peTnaJooF. paiwt matouJoei ebol Hn teiou
nou. alla etbe pai aiei eHrai eteiounou.
john-12-28 paiwt Teoou mpekran. ausmh Ce ei ebol Hn tpe. Je aiT eoou auw on Tna
T eoou.
john-12-29 pmhhSe etaHeratF etswtm neuJw mmos Je ouHrou mpe pentaFSwpe. Henkoou
e de neuJw mmos Je ouaggelos pe ntaFSaJe nmmaF.
john-12-30 aFouwSb eFJw mmos nCi ihsous. Je nta teismh ei an etbhht alla etbe t
john-12-31 tenou tekrisis te mpeikosmos. tenou parcwn mpeikosmos senanoJF epesh
john-12-32 anok Hw euSanJast ebol HiJm pkaH. Tnasek ouon nim Saroei.
john-12-33 neFJw de mpai neFshmane Je eFnamou Hn aS mmou.
john-12-34 aFouwSb Ce naF nCi pmhhSe Je anon answtm ebol Hm pnomos Je pecristos
naSwpe Sa eneH. auw naS nHe ntok kJw mmos Je Haps etreuJest pShre mprwme.
john-12-35 peJaF Ce nau nCi ihsous Je eti kekouei nouoiS pe ere pouoin Soop nmm
htn mooSe Hoson ounthtn pouoin Je nne pkake taHe thutn auw petmooSe Hm pkake nFs
ooun an Je eFna etwn.
john-12-36+ Hoson ounthtn pouoin. pisteue epouoin Jekaas etetneSwpe nShre nte po
uoin. nai aFJoou nCi ihsous auw aFbwk aFHopF eroou.
john-12-37 neimain de throu eaFaau mpeumto ebol. mpoupisteue eroF.
john-12-38 Jekaas ere pSaJe nhsaias peprofhths Jwk ebol pentaFJooF. Je pJoeis n
im pe ntaFpisteue epenHroou. auw peCboei mpJoeis ntaFCwlp enim.
john-12-39 etbe pai mpouS CmCom episteue Je aFJoos on nCi hsaias
john-12-40 Je aFtwm nneubal auw aFtwm mpeuHht Jekaas enneunau Hn neubal auw nse
noei Hm peuHht nsekotou tatalCoou.
john-12-41 nai aFJoou nCi hsaias Je aFnau epeoou mpnoute auw aFSaJe etbhhtF.
john-12-42 Homoiws mentoi ebol Hn narcwn aHaH pisteue eroF. alla etbe nefarissa
ios neuHomologi an pe Jekaas enneuSwpe naposunagwgos.
john-12-43 aumere peoou gar nrrwme eHoue peoou mpnoute.
john-12-44= ihsous Ce aFaSkak ebol eFJw mmos Je petpisteue eroi. neFpisteue eroe
i an alla epentaFtaouoei.
john-12-45 auw petnau eroei. eFnau epentaFtaouoei.
john-12-46 anok pe pouoein entaei epkosmos Jekaas ouon nim etpisteue eroei nneF
Cw Hm pkake.
john-12-47 auw erSa oua swtm enaSaJe nFHareH eroou anok nTnakrine mmoF an ntaie
i gar an Je eeiekrine mpkosmos alla Jekaas eeienaHmeF.
john-12-48 petaqeti mmoei enFJi an nnaSaJe ountF petkrine mmoF. pSaJe entaiJooF
ntoF petnakrine mmoF Hm pHae nHoou
john-12-49 Je anok ntaiSaJe an Haroi mmauaat. alla paiwt entaFtaouoi ntoF pe nt
aFT nai nouentolh Je ou peTnaJooF auw ou peTnatauoF.
john-12-50 auw Tsooun Je teFentolh ouwnH Sa eneH te. neTJw Ce mmoou anok kata q
e enta paiwt Joos nai tai te qe eTSaJe mmos.
john-13-01= Ha qh de mpSa mppasca eFsooun nCi ihsous Je ateFounou ei Je eFepwwne
ebol Hm peikosmos nFbwk Sa piwt. eaFmere nete nouF ne etHm pkosmos aFmeritou Sa
john-13-02 auw ntere oudipnon Swpe ea pdiabolos ouw eFnouJe mmos epHht nioudas
pShre nsimwn piskariwths Jekaas eFeparadidou mmoF
john-13-03 eFsooun nCi ihsous Je apiwt Tnka nim eneFCiJ auw Je ntaFei ebol Hitm
pnoute auw eFna eratF mpnoute.
john-13-04 aFtwounF Hm pdeipnon aFka neFHoite eHrai aFJi noulention aFmorF mmoF
john-13-05 auw aFneJ moou etlekanh aFarcineiw nouerhte nmmaqhths auw eFotou mpl
ention etmhr mmoF
john-13-06 aFei Ce Sa simwn petros peJe ph naF. Je pJoeis ntok petnaeia naouerh
john-13-07 aihsous ouwSb peJaF naF. Je peTeire mmoF ntok ngsooun mmoF an tenou.
mnnsws de knaeime eroF.
john-13-08 peJe petros naF Je nnakaak eeia rat eneH aihsous ouwSb naF Je eitmei
a ratk mntk meros nmmai.
john-13-09 peJaF naF nCi simwn petros. Je pJoeis ou monon naouerhte. alla eia n
akeCiJ nm taape.
john-13-10 peJe ihsous naF Je pentaFJwkm nFrcria an ei mhti eia neFouerhte alla
Ftbbhu thrF ntwtn Hwt thutn tetntbbhu alla nthrtn an.
john-13-11 neFsooun gar mpetnaparadidou mmoF. etbe pai aFJoos Je ntetn tbbhu an
john-13-12- ntereFouw Ce eFeiw nneFouerhte aFJineFHoite. aFnoJF on auw peJaF nau
. Je tetnsooun Je ou pe ntaiaaF nhtn.
john-13-13 ntwtn tetnmoute eroei Je psaH auw pJoeis auw kalws tetnJw mmos anok
gar pe.
john-13-14 eSJe anok Ce aia netnouerhte pJoeis auw psaH. ntwtn Hwt thutn SSe er
wtn eeia ratou nnetnerhu.
john-13-15 ousmot gar pe ntaitaaF nhtn. Jekaas kataqe entaiaas nhtn. etetneaas
Hwt thutn.
john-13-16 Hamhn Hamhn TJw mmos nhtn Je mn HmHal enaaaF epeFJoeis oude mn apost
olos enaaaF epentaFtaouoF.
john-13-17 eSJe tetnsooun nnai naiatthutn etetnSaaau.
john-13-18 neeiJerwtn thrtn an anok etsooun nnentaisotpou alla Jekaas ere tegra
fh Jwk ebol Je petouwm mpaoik aFFi peFTbs eHrai eJwei.
john-13-19 Jin tenou TJw mmos nhtn empatFSwpe Jekaas etetnepisteue eFSanSwpe Je
anok pe.
john-13-20 Hamhn Hamhn TJw mmos nhtn Je petJi mpeTnatnnoouF. eFJi mmoei. petJi
de mmoi eFJi mpentaFtaouoi.
john-13-21= nai ntereFJoou nCi ihsous aFStortr Hm pepneuma auw aFrmntre eFJw mmo
s Je Hamhn Hamhn TJw mmos nhtn Je oua ebol nHht thutn petnaparadidou mmoi
john-13-22 neuCwSt Ce eHoun Hn neuerhu nCi mmaqhths euapori Je eFJw mmos etbe n
john-13-23 neun oua de ebol Hn neFmaqhths eFnhJ ekounF nihsous petereis me mmoF
john-13-24 aFJwrm Ce oube pai nCi simwn petros eJn ouF Je nim petFSaJe eroF.
john-13-25 aph Ce noJF eJn tmesqht nihsous peJaF naF. Je pJoeis nim pe.
john-13-26 aFouwSb nCi ihsous. Je peTnaseppoeik tataaF naF p etmmau pe. ntereFs
ep poik de aFtaaF nioudas pShre nsimwn piskariwths.
john-13-27 auw mnnsa treFJi poik apsatanas bwk eHoun eroF. peJaF Ce naF nCi ihs
ous. Je petknaaaF ariF Hn ouCeph.
john-13-28 mpe laau de nnetnhJ eime Je etbe ou aFJe pai naF.
john-13-29 nere Hoine gar meue Je epidh peglws sokomon ntootF nioudas. Je nta i
hsous Joos naF Je Sep petetnrcria mmoF epSa hJekaas eeieT nnHhke.
john-13-30 ntereFJi Ce mpoeik nCi ph nteunou aFei ebol ne teuSh de te.
john-13-31= ntereFei Ce ebol peJe ihsous Je tenou aFJi eoou nCi pShre mprwme auw
apnoute Ji eoou Hrai nHhtF.
john-13-32 eSJe apnoute Ji eoou Hrai nHhtF. auw pnoute naT eoou naF Hrai nHhtF
auw nteunou FnaT eoou naF.
john-13-33 naShre eti kekoui peT nmmhtn. tetnaSine nswei auw kata qe entaiJoos
nnioudai Je pma anok eTnabwk eroF ntwtn ntetn aSei an eroF. TJw mmos nhtn Hwt th
utn tenou.
john-13-34 plhn TT nouentolh bbrre nhtn Jekaas etetnemere netnerhu. kataqe enta
imere thutn. Jekaas Hwwtn etetnemere netnerhu.
john-13-35 Hm pai ouon nim naeime Je ntetn namaqhths etetnSamere netnerhu.
john-13-36= peJaF naF nCi simwn petros Je pJoeis ekna etwn aFouwSb naF nCi ihsou
s Je pma anok eTna bwk eroF knaSouaHk nswi an tenou mnnsws de ekeouaHk nswei.
john-13-37 peJaF naF nCi petros. Je pJoeis etbe ou nTnaouaHt nswk an tenou. Tna
kw ntayuch eHrai Harok.
john-13-38 aFouwSb naF nCi ihsous. Je knaka tekyuch Haroi. Hamhn Hamhn TJw mmos
nak Je nneualektwr moute empkarna mmoi nSomnt nsop.
john-14-01= mprtre petnHht Stortr pisteue epnoute auw ntetn pisteue eroei.
john-14-02 oun HaH mma nSwpe Hm phi mpaiwt. ene mmon. neinaJoos nhtn pe Je Tnab
wk esbte ouma nhtn.
john-14-03 auw on eiSanbwk tasbte ouma nhtn Tnhu on taJi thutn Saroei Jekaas pm
a anok eTmmoF etetneSwpe Hwt thutn mmau.
john-14-04 auw pma anok eTna eroF. tetnsooun nteHih.
john-14-05 peJe qwmas naF. Je pJoeis ntnsooun an Je ekna etwn naS nHe tnnaS sou
n teHih.
john-14-06 peJaF naF nCi ihsous Je anok pe teHih auw tme auw pwnH mn laau nhu S
apiwt ei mhti ebol Hitoot.
john-14-07 eSJe atetnsouwnt. tetnasoun pakeiwt. auw Jin tenou tetnsooun mmoF au
w atetnnau eroF.
john-14-08 peJe filippos naF. Je pJoeis matsabon epekeiwt auw Hw eron.
john-14-09 peJe ihsous naF Je mpeeiouoiS thrF Tnmmhtn auw mpksouwnt filippe. pe
ntaFnau eroi aFnau epiwt auw ntok naS nHe kJw mmos Je matsabon epekiwt.
john-14-10 ngpisteue an Je anok THm paiwt auw paiwt nHht nSaJe anok eTJw mmoou
nhtn neiJw mmoou an Haroi mauaat paiwt de etSoop nHht Fire nneFHbhue.
john-14-11 pisteue enai Je anok THm paiwt auw paiwt nHht. eSJe mmon pisteue ene
john-14-12 Hamhn Hamhn TJw mmos nhtn Je petpisteue eroei neHbhue eTeire mmoou.
ph HwwF on naaau. auw Fnar netnaaau eroou Je anok eeinabwk Sa paiwt
john-14-13 auw petetnaaiti mmoF Hm paran pai TnaaaF Jekaas ere piwt Jieoou Hm p
john-14-14 etetnSanaiti nouHwb Hm paran. pai TnaaaF.
john-14-15= etetnSamerit. tetnaHareH enaentolh
john-14-16 auw anok Hw Tnaseps piwt auw FnaT nhtn nkeparaklhtos Jekaas eFeSwpe
nmmhtn Sa eneH
john-14-17 pepneuma ntme pete mmn SCom mpkosmos eJitF Je nFnau eroF an oude nFs
ooun mmoF an. ntwtn tetnsooun mmoF Je FnaCw Hate thutn auw nFSwpe nHht thutn.
john-14-18 nTnaka thutn an etetno norfanos. Tnhu Sarwtn.
john-14-19 eTkekoui pe auw mpkosmos Ce nanau eroi an. ntwtn de tetnanau eroei J
e anok TonH auw ntwtn Hwt thutn tetnawnH.
john-14-20 Hm peHoou etmmau tetnaeime ntwtn Je anok THm paiwt auw ntwtn tetnnHh
t auw anok nHht thutn.
john-14-21 peteuntF naentolh auw etHareH eroou petmmau petme mmoi. petme de mmo
i paiwt nameritF. auw anok Hw TnameritF auw TnaouonHt naF ebol.
john-14-22 peJe ioudas pkananiths naF. Je pJoeis etbe ou eknaouonHk nan ebol au
w ngtmouonHk ebol mpkosmos
john-14-23 aihsous ouwSb peJaF naF Je erSa noua merit. FnaHareH epaSaJe auw pai
wt nameritF auw tnnhu SaroF. ntntamio nan nouma nSwpe HaHthF.
john-14-24 pete nFme an mmoi nFnaHareH an epaSaJe. auw pSaJe etetnswtm eroF mpw
i an pe alla pa paiwt entaFtaouoi pe.
john-14-25- nai aiJoou nhtn eiSoop Ha Htn thutn.
john-14-26 Hotan de eFSanei nCi pparaklhtos pepneuma etouaab petere piwt natnno
ouF Hm paran petmmau natsabe thutn eHwb nim auw nFtretnrpmeue nSaJe nim entaiJoo
u nhtn.
john-14-27 Tkw nhtn noueirhnh taeirhnh ete twei te TT mmos nhtn nkata qe an eSa
re pkosmos Tanok eiT nhtn mprtre petnHht Stortr oude mprtreFrC wb.
john-14-28 atetnswtm Je aiJoos nhtn Je Tnabwk tai on Sarwtn. enetetmme mmoi. ne
tetnaraSe pe Je eeinabwk Sa piwt Je paiwt naaaF eroi.
john-14-29 auw tenou aiJooF nhtn empatFSwpe Jekaas eFSanSwpe etetnepisteue.
john-14-30 nTnaJe HaH Ce an nSaJe nhtn. Fnhu gar nCi parcwn mpeikosmos auw mntF
laau Hrai nHht.
john-14-31 alla Je ere pkosmos eime Je Tme mpaiwt kata qe entaFHwn etoot. tai t
e qe eTeire mmos. toun thutn maron ebol Hm peima.
john-15-01= anok pe tbw neloole mme auw paiwt pe pouooie.
john-15-02 SlH nim Hrai nHht pete nFnaT karpos an FnasolpF auw SlH nim etnaT ka
rpos FnatbboF Jekaas eFeT Houe karpos.
john-15-03 Jin tenou ntwtn tetntbbhu etbe pSaJe entaiJooF nhtn.
john-15-04 Cw Hrai nHht auw anok nHht thutn. kata qe mpSlH ete nFnaST karpos an
HaroF mmau aaF ei mhti nFCw Hn tbw neloole. tai Hwt thutn te tetnHe etetnSantmC
w nHht.
john-15-05 anok pe tbw neloole ntwtn ne nSlH petnaCw Hrai nHht auw anok nHhtF p
ai naT noukarpos enaSwF Je aJnt ntetnaSrlaau an nHwb
john-15-06 eretm oua Cw Hrai nHht. aunoJF ebol nqe mpSlH auw aFSooue auw senaso
ouHou nsenoJou epkwHt nserocou.
john-15-07 etetnSanCw Hrai nHht nte naSaJe Cw nHhtthutn. petetnaouaSF aiti mmoF
auw FnaSwpe nhtn.
john-15-08 Hm pai aFJi eoou nCi paiwt Jekaas etetneT oukarpos enaSwF ntetn Swpe
nai mmaqhths.
john-15-09 kataqe enta paiwt merit anok Hw aimere thutn. Cw Hrai Hn taagaph.
john-15-10 etetnSaHareH enaentolh. tetnaCw Hn taagaph. kata qe Hw entai HareH e
nentolh mpaiwt auw TCeet Hn teFagaph.
john-15-11- nai aiJoou nhtn Jekaas ere paraSe Swpe nHht thutn auw nte petnraSe J
wk ebol.
john-15-12 tai te taentolh Jekaas etetnemere netnerhu kataqe entaimere thutn.
john-15-13 mnte laau agaph enaaaF etaei. Jekaas eFekw nteFyuch HaneFSbeer.
john-15-14 ntwtn ntetn naSbeer. etetnSaneire nneTHwn mmoou ete thutn.
john-15-15 nTnamoute Ce an erwtn Je naHmHal Je pHmHal sooun an Je ou petere peF
Joeis eire mmoF. ntwtn de ntaimoute erwtn Je naSbeer Je nentaisotmou throu nte p
aiwt aitamwtn eroou.
john-15-16 ntwtn an atetnsotpt. alla anok aisetp thutn auw aika thutn Jekaas nt
wtn etetnebwk ntetn Tkarpos auw nte petnkarpos moun ebol Sa eneH Jekaas etetnSan
aiti mpiwt Hm paran eFetaaF nhtn.
john-15-17 nai eiHwn mmoou ete thutn Jekaas etetnemeren etnerhu.
john-15-18= eSJe pkosmos moste mmwtn eime Je aFmestwei HatetnHh.
john-15-19 ene ntetn Henebol Hm pkosmos nere pkosmos namere pete pwF pe Je ntet
n Henebol de an Hm pkosmos alla anok aisetp thutn ebol Hm pkosmos etbe pai pkosm
os moste mmwtn.
john-15-20 aripmeue mpSaJe entaiJooF nhtn Je mn HmHal enaaaF epeFJoeis eSJe aup
wt nswei senapwt nsa thutn eSJe auHareH epaSaJe senaHareH on epwtn.
john-15-21 alla nai throu eunaaau nhtn etbe paran Je nsesooun an mpentaFtaouoi.
john-15-22 ene mpiei taSaJe nmmau ne mmn nobe eroou. tenou de mntou loiCe mmau
etbe peunobe.
john-15-23 petmoste mmoi Fmoste on mpaiwt.
john-15-24 enempirneHbhue Hrai nHhtou etempekeua aau. nemmntounobe mmau. tenou
de aunau eroi auw aumestwi nmpakeiwt.
john-15-25 alla Jekaas eFeJwk ebol nCi pSaJe etshH Hm peunomos Je aumestwei epJ
john-15-26 Hotan eFSanei nCi pparaklhtos peTnatnnoouF nhtn ebol Hitm piwt pepne
uma ntme etnhu ebol Hitm piwt petmmau narmntre etbhht.
john-15-27 auw ntwtn Hwt thutn tetnrmntre Je Jin nSorp tetnSoop nmmai.
john-16-01= nai aiJoou nhtn Jekaas ennetnskandalize.
john-16-02 aur thutn naposunagwgos. alla snhu nCi ouounou Hote ouon nim etnamou
out mmwtn eFmeue Je eFeire nouSmSe mpnoute.
john-16-03 auw eunar nai nhtn Je mpousoun paiwt oude mpousouwnt.
john-16-04+ nai aiJoou nhtn Jekaas erSa teunou ei etetnerpmeeue Je anok aiJoou n
htn. nai de mpiJoou nhtn Jin nSorp Je neinmmhtn pe
john-16-05 tenou de eeinabwk Sa pentaFtaouoi auw mmn laau nHht thutn Jnou mmoi
Je ekna etwn.
john-16-06 alla Je aiJe nai nhtn. atluph meH petnHht.
john-16-07 alla anok eiJw nhtn ntme srnoFre nhtn Jekaas anok eeiebwk eeitmbwk g
ar pparaklhtos nhu an Sarwtn eeiSanbwk de TnatnnoouF Sarwtn.
john-16-08 auw petmmau eFSanei. FnaJpie pkosmos etbe pnobe auw etbe tdikaiosunh
auw etbe tekrisis.
john-16-09 etbe pnobe men. Je nsepisteue an eroei.
john-16-10 etbe tdikaiosunh de. Je anok einabwk Sa piwt auw ntetn anau Ce an er
john-16-11 etbe tekrisis de. Je parcwn mpeikosmos autCaioF.
john-16-12- eti ounT HaH nSaJe eJoou nhtn alla ntetn aSFi an tenou.
john-16-13 Hotan erSan ph ei pepneuma ntme FnaJimoit Hh tthutn Hn me nim neFSaJ
e gar an HaroF mauaaF alla eFnaJe petFnasotmeF auw Fnatamwtn enetnaSwpe.
john-16-14 petmmau petnaTeoou nai Je eFnaJi ebol Hm pete pwi pe nFJw erwtn.
john-16-15 nka nim ete ountes paeiwt noui ne etbe pai aiJoos Je FnaJi ebol Hm p
ete pwi pe nFJw erwtn
john-16-16= kekouei pe ntetnlo etetnnau eroei auw on kekoui pe ntetn nau on eroe
john-16-17 peJe Hoine nneFmaqhths nneuerhu. Je ou pe pai etFJw mmoF nan Je keko
ui pe ntetn tmnau eroei auw on kekoui pe ntetn nau eroi auw anok einabwk Sa piwt
john-16-18 auw peJau. Je ou Ce pe peikouei ntnsooun an Je eFJeou.
john-16-19 aFeime nCi ihsous Je neuouwS eJn ouF pe peJaF nau. Je etbe pai etetn
Sine mn netnerhu Je aiJoos Je kekoui pe ntetnlo etetnnau eroi auw kekoui ntetn n
au on eroi.
john-16-20 Hamhn Hamhn TJw mmos nhtn Je tetnarime auw ntetn toit ntwtn . pkosmo
s de FnaraSe. ntwtn tetnalupi alla tetnluph naSwpe nhtn euraSe.
john-16-21 tesHime esei esnamise ounts ouluph mmau Je asei nCi tesounou. Hotan
de esSanJpe pShre. mesr pmeeue Ce nteqliyis etbe praSe Je asJpe ourwme epkosmos.
john-16-22 ntwtn Ce Hwt thutn tenou men ou nthtn mmau nouluph. mnnsws de on Tna
nau erwtn nte petnHht raSe auw mn laau naFi petnraSe nte thutn.
john-16-23 Hm peHoou etmmau ntetn aJnoui an elaau. Hamhn Hamhn TJw mmos nhtn Je
petetnaaiti mmoF ntm piwt FnataaF nhtn Hm paran.
john-16-24 Sa tenou mpetnaiti llaau Hm paran. aiti auw tetnaJi. Jekaas ere petn
raSe Swpe eFJhk ebol.
john-16-25= nai aiJoou nhtn Hn HenparHoimia. oun ouounou nhu Hote neinaSaJe Ce a
n nmmhtn Hn HenparHoimia. alla Hn ouparrhsia einaSaJe nmmhtn etbe peiwt
john-16-26 Hm peHoou etmmau tetnaaiti Hm paran auw nTnaJoos an nhtn Je anok etn
aseps piwt etbe thutn.
john-16-27 ntoF gar piwt Fme mmwtn Je ntwtn atetnmerit auw atetnpisteue Je anok
einhu ebol Hitm piwt.
john-16-28 ntaei ebol Hitm piwt auw ai epkosmos. palin on Tnakw nswi mpkosmos t
abwk Sa piwt.
john-16-29 peJau naF nCi mmaqhths Je eis Hhhte tenou kSaJe Hn ouparrhsia auw ng
Je laau an mparHoimia.
john-16-30 tenou tnime Je ksooun nHwb nim auw ngrcria an Jekaas ere oua Jnouk.
Hm pai tnpisteue Je ntakei ebol Hitm pnoute.
john-16-31 aFouwSb nau nCi ihsous. Je tenou tetmpisteue.
john-16-32 eis Hhhte snhu nCi ouounou auw asei Jekaas etetneJwwre ebol poua pou
a eneFma auw ntetn kaat mauaat. auw nTCeet mauaat an Je paiwt Soop nmmai.
john-16-33 nai aiJoou nhtn Jekaas etetnekw nhtn noueirhnh Hrai nHht. ounthtn mm
au nouqliyis Hm pkosmos alla twk nHht Je anok aiJro epkosmos.
john-17-01= nai aFJoou nCi ihsous auw aFFi neFbal eHrai etpe eFJw mmos Je paiwt
ateunou ei. Teoou mpekShre Jekaas ere pekShre Teoou nak.
john-17-02 kataqe entakT naF ntexousia nsarx nim Jekaas ouon nim entaktaau naF
eFeT nau nouwnH Sa eneH.
john-17-03 pai de pe pwnH Sa eneH Jekaas euesouwng pnoute mme mmauaaF auw penta
ktnnoouF ihsous pecristos.
john-17-04 anok aiTeoou nak HiJm pkaH Je aiJek pHwb ebol entaktaaF nai etraaaF.
john-17-05 tenou Ce paiwt Teoou nai Ha Hthk Hrai Hm peoou eneuntaiF Ha Hthk emp
ate pkosmos Swpe.
john-17-06- aiounH pekran ebol nrrwme ntaktaau nai ebol Hm pkosmos. ne nouk ne.
auw aktaau nai auw auareH epekSaJe.
john-17-07 tenou aieime Je ouon nim entaktaau nai Henebol Hitootk ne
john-17-08 Je nSaJe entaktaau nai aitaau nau auw ntoou auJitou name Je ntaiei e
bol Hi tootk auw aupisteue Je ntok aktnnoout.
john-17-09 anok eisops etbhhtou. neisops an etbe pkosmos. alla etbe nentaktaau
john-17-10 Je nouk ne auw noui throu nouk ne auw nouk noui ne auw aiJieoou nHht
john-17-11 auw nTSoop Ce an Hm pkosmos anok de eeinhu Sarok. paiwt etouaab Hare
H eroou Hm pekran entaktaaF nai Jekaas eueSwpe noua kataqe nanon.
john-17-12 mpeuoiS ei nmmau neiHareH eroou pe Hm pekran entaktaaF nai auw aiHar
eH eroou auw mpe laau ebol nHhtou tako ei mhti pShre mptako Je ere tegrafh Jwk e
john-17-13 tenou de eeinhu Sarok. auw nai neiJw mmoou Hm pkosmos Jekaas euekw n
au mparaSe eFJhk ebol nHhtou.
john-17-14 anok aiT nau mpekSaJe auw pkosmos aFmestwou Je nHenebol an Hm pkosmo
s ne kata qe Hw eang ouebol an Hm pkosmos.
john-17-15 neisops an Je ekeFitou ebol Hm pkosmos alla Je ekeHareH eroou ebol H
m pponhros.
john-17-16 nHenebol an Hm pponhros ne kata qe Hw eang ouebol an Hm pkosmos.
john-17-17 matbboou Hraei Hn tme. pekSaJe pe tme.
john-17-18 kata qe entaktaouoi epkosmos. anok Hw aiJoouse epkosmos.
john-17-19 auw Ttbbo mmoi Haroou Jekaas Hwou on eueSwpe eutbbhu Hn tme.
john-17-20- neisops de an etbe nai mauaau. alla etbe nkooue on etnapisteue eroei
ebol Hitm peuSaJe
john-17-21 Jekaas throu eueSwpe noua. kataqe ntok paiwt ekHrai nHht auw anok nH
htk. Jekaas Hwou on eueSwpe Hrai nHhtn Jekaas ere pkosmos pisteue Je ntok entakt
john-17-22 auw anok aiT nau mpeoou entaktaaF nai Jekaas eueSwpe noua kataqe ano
n eanon oua.
john-17-23 anok Hrai nHhtou auw ntok Hrai nHht Jekaas eueSwpe Hrai nHht euJhk e
bol eoua auw nte pkosmos eime Je ntok pe ntaktnnoout auw akmeritou kataqe entakm
john-17-24 paiwt nentaktaau nai. TouwS Jekaas pma anok eTmmoF ntoou Hwou on eue
Swpe nmmai Jekaas euenau epaeoou entaktaaF nai Je akmerit Ha qh ntkatabolh mpkos
john-17-25 paiwt pdikaios mpe pkosmos souwng anok de aeisouwng auw nai ausouwnt
Je ntok pe ntaktnnoout
john-17-26 auw aiouwnH nau ebol mpekran auw on TnaouonHF Jekaas tagaph entakmer
it nHhts eseSwpe Hrai nHhtou auw anok Hwwt on nHhtou.
john-18-01= nai ntereFJoou nCi ihsous aFei ebol mn neFmaqhths epikro mpcimaros m
pkedros pma enere ouShn nHhtF pma entaFbwk eHoun eroF ntoF mn neFmaqhths.
john-18-02 neFsooun de HwwF nCi ioudas petnaparadidou mmoF mpma etmmau Je HaH n
sop aihsous swouH mmau mn neFmaqhths.
john-18-03 ioudas Ce eaFJi ntespeira auw HenHuphreths ebol Hn narciereus mn nef
arissaios aFei epma etmmau nm Henfanos auw Henlampas nm HenHoplon.
john-18-04 ihsous de neFsooun nHwb nim etnhu eJwF aFei ebol peJaF nau. Je etetn
Si ne nsa nim.
john-18-05 auouwSb naF Je enSine nsa ihsous pnazwraios peJeis nau Je anok pe ne
FaHe de eratF nmmau nCi ioudas pentaFparadidou mmoF.
john-18-06 ntereFJoos Ce nau nCi ihsous Je anok pe. auei nsa paHou auHe eJmp ka
john-18-07 palin on aFJnouou eFJw mmos Je etetnSine nsa nim. ntoou de peJau. Je
nsa ihsous pnazwraios.
john-18-08 aFouwSb nau nCi ihsous. Je aiJoos nhtn Je anok pe. eSJe anok Ce pete
tnSine nswei ka nai taroubwk
john-18-09 Jekaas eFeJwk ebol nCi pSaJe entaFJooF Je nentaktaau nai mpitake laa
u ebol nHhtou.
john-18-10 simwn de petros ere oushFe ntootF aFtokmes auw aFreHt pHmHal mparcie
reus aFslp peFmaaJe nounam. ne pran de mpHmHal pe malcos.
john-18-11 peJe ihsous mpetros. Je nouJe ntekshFe epeskoeiH. pJw enta paiwt taa
F nai mh nTnasooF an.
john-18-12= tespeira de auw pciliarcos nm nHuphreths nioudai auCwpe nihsous
john-18-13 aumorF auw auntF Sa annas nSorp. ne pSomnt de pe nkaifas parciereus
nterompe etmmau
john-18-14 kaifas de pe pai entaFJi SoJne nioudai Je srnoFre etre ourwme nouwt
mou Ha plaos.
john-18-15= neFouhH de nsa ihsous nCi simwn petros nm kemaqhths. pmaqhths de etm
mau nere parciereus sooun mmoF auw aFbwk eHoun etaulh mparciereus nmis.
john-18-16 petros de neFaHeratF pe bbol Hirm pro aFei de ebol nCi pmaqhths eter
e parciereus sooun mmoF auw aFJoos ntemnoote aFJi petros eHoun
john-18-17 tHmHal de nmnoote peJas mpetros Je mh ntok Hwwk on ntk ouebol Hn mma
qhths mpeirwme peJaF nCi ph Je mmon.
john-18-18 neuaHe de eratou nCi nHmHal nm nHuphreths eauJere ouSaH euqmo mmoou
Je nere pJaF bbol. petros HwwF on neFaHeratF eFqmo mmoF.
john-18-19= parciereus de aFJne ihsous etbe neFmaqhths auw etbe teFsbw
john-18-20 aFouwSb naF nCi ihsous Je anok ntaiSaJe nm pkosmos Hn ouparrhsia ano
k nouoiS nim aiTsbw Hn nsunagwgh auw Hm perpe pma eSare nioudai throu swouH nHht
F auw mpiJe laau nSaJe Hm pHwp.
john-18-21 aHrok kJnou mmoi maJne nentauswtm Je ou ne ntaiJoou nau. nai netsoou
n nnentaiJoou anok
john-18-22 nai de ntereFJoou oua nnHuphreths eFaHeratF aFreHt ihsous nouaas eFJ
w mmos Je tai te qe nouwSb mparciereus.
john-18-23 peJaF naF nCi ihsous Je eSJe kakws aiSaJe ari mntre Ha papeqoou eSJe
kalws de aHrok kHioue eroei.
john-18-24 aFJoouF de nCi annas eFmhr Sa kaifas parciereus.
john-18-25= simwn de petros neFaHeratF eFqmo mmoF. peJau de naF Je mh ntok Hwwk
on ntkouebol Hn neFmaqhths. aph arna eFJw mmos Je mmon.
john-18-26 peJeo ua naF ebol Hn nHmHal mparciereus eusuggenhs pe mpenta petros
slp peFmaaJe. Je anok an pe ntainau erok Hn teSnh nmmaF.
john-18-27 palin on aFarna nCi petros auw aualektwr moute nteunou.
john-18-28= mnnsa nai auJi nihsous ebol Hitn kaifas eHoun epepraitwrion. ne Htoo
ue de pe. auw ntoou mpoubwk nmmaF eHoun epepraitwrion Jekaas enneuswwF alla eueo
uwm mppasca.
john-18-29 aFei de ebol Saroou nCi pilatos auw peJaF. Je ou nkathgoria petetnin
e mmoF eHoun epeirwme.
john-18-30 auouwSb euJw mmos naF. Je ene mpai rpeqoou an. nennataaF an etootk.
john-18-31 peJaF de nau nCi pilatos Je JitF ntwtn ntetn krine mmoF kata petnnom
os peJau naF nCi nioudai Je ouk exesti nan emeut laau
john-18-32 Jekaas eFeJwk ebol nCi pSaJe enta ihsous JooF eFshmane Je Hn aS mmou
john-18-33 aFbwk de on eHoun epepraitwrion nCi pilatos auw aFmoute eihsous peJa
F naF. Je ntok pe prro nioudai.
john-18-34 aFouwSb nCi ihsous. Je ekJw mpai Harok mauaak. Jen Henkooue ne ntauJ
oos nak etbhht.
john-18-35 aFouwSb nCi pilatos Je mhti anok angouioudai. pekHeqnos auw narciere
us ntoou ne ntautaak etoot. ou pe ntakaaF.
john-18-36 aFouwSb nCi ihsous. Je tamntrro anok ouebol an te Hm peikosmos. ene
ou ebol Hm peikosmos te tamntrro neunamiSe pe nCi naHuphreths Jekaas enneutaat e
tootou nioudai tenou de tamntrro nouebol an te Hm peima.
john-18-37 peJe pilatos Ce naF Je oukoun Ce ntkourro aFouwSb nCi ihsous Je ntok
petkJw mmos Je ang ourro. anok ntauJpoei epeiHwb auw ntaei epkosmos epai Jekaas
eeiermntre ntme. ouon nim etSoop ebol Hn tme SaFswtm etasmh.
john-18-38+ peJe pilatos naF Je ou te tme. auw ntereFJe pai aFei on ebol Sa niou
dai peJaF nau. Je anok nTCn laau an naitia Hrai nHhtF.
john-18-39 ounthtn de mmau nouswnt Jekaas eeieka oua nhtn ebol Hm ppasca. tetno
uwS Ce takw nhtn ebol mprro nioudai.
john-18-40 auaSkak ebol throF euJw mmos Je mprka pai ebol. alla ka barabbas. ba
rabbas de neusoone pe.
john-19-01= tote pilatos aFJi nihsous aFmastigou mmoF.
john-19-02 auw mmatoi auSent ouklom ebol Hn nSonte aukaaF eHrai eJn teFape auT
HiwwF nouSthn nJhCe
john-19-03 auw neunhu SaroF pe euJw mmos Je caire prro nioudai. auw neuTaas naF
john-19-04 pilatos on aFei ebol Saroou peJaF nau. Je eis Hhhte anntF nhtn ebol
Jekaas etetneeime Je nTCn laau an naitia Hrai nHhtF.
john-19-05 aFei de ebol nCi ihsous ere peklom nSonte HiJn teFape auw ere teSthn
nJhCe HiwwF auw peJaF nau Je eis prwme.
john-19-06 nterounau de eroF nCi narciereus auw nHuphreths auaSkak ebol euJw mm
os Je staurou mmoF staurou mmoF peJe pilatos nau. Je JitF ntwtn ntetn staurou mm
oF anok gar nTHhu an elaau nloiCe eHoun eroF.
john-19-07 auouwSb naF nCi nioudai Je anon ountan ounomos mmau auw kata pennomo
s SSe eroF emou Je aFaaF nShre nte pnoute.
john-19-08- pilatos de ntereFswtm epeeiSaJe. aFrHote nHouo.
john-19-09 auw aFbwk on eHoun epepraitwrion peJaF nihsous. Je ntkouebol twn nto
k. ihsous de mpFouwSb naF.
john-19-10 peJe pilatos Ce naF. Je ngnaSaJe nmmai an. ngsooun an Je ounT texous
ia nstaurou mmok auw ounT texousia nkaak ebol.
john-19-11 aFouwSb naF nCi ihsous Je ne mntk laau nexousia eHoun eroei eimhti J
e autaas nak ebol Hn tpe etbe pai pentaFtaat etootk ountF ounoC nnobe mmau.
john-19-12 etbe pai nere pilatos Sine nsa kaaF ebol nioudai de neuaSkak ebol eu
Jw mmos Je ekSanka pai ebol ntk peSbhr an mprro ouon nim eTre mmoF nrro eFT oube
john-19-13- pilatos de ntereFswtm eneeiSaJe aFeine ebol nihsous aFqmsoF epbhma o
uma eumoute eroF Je liqostrwton. mmntHebraios de Je gabbaqa.
john-19-14 ne pnau de nJp soo pe ntparaskeuh mppasca. auw peJaF nioudai. Je eis
john-19-15 ntoou de neuaSkak ebol Je FitF FitF staurou mmoF peJe pilatos nau Je
tastaurou mpetnrro auouwSb nCi narciereus Je mntn kerro mmau eimhti prro kaisar
john-19-16+ tote Ce aFtaaF etootou etreustaurou mmoF. ntoou de nterouJi nihsous
auntF ebol
john-19-17 auw neFFi mpeFstauros. aFei de ebol euma eumoute eroF Je pekranion m
mntHebraios de Je golgoq
john-19-18 pma entaustaurou mmoF nHh tF auw kesnau nmmaF oua nsa pisa auw oua n
sa pai ihsous de nteumhte.
john-19-19 apilatos de sHai noutitlos auw aFtoCF epestauros. neFshH de eroF pe
Je pai pe ihsous pnazwraios prro nioudai.
john-19-20 peititlos de aHaH nioudai oSF Je neFHhn eHoun etpolis nCi pma entaus
taurou nihsous nHhtF auw neFshH men mmntHebraios mmntHrwmaios mmntoueienin.
john-19-21 neuJw Ce mmos mpilatos nCi narciereus nioudai. Je mprsaHF Je prro ni
oudai. alla Je phh pe ntaFJoos Je anok pe prro nioudai.
john-19-22 aFouwSb nCi pilatos Je pentai saHF aisaHF.
john-19-23- mmatoi de nteroustaurou mmoF auJi peFHoite auw auaaF nFtoou nouwn ou
wn mpoua poua nmmatoi auw tkeSthn teSthn de nestorp an eJws pe alla neusaH Ftoou
john-19-24 peJau de nneuerhu Je mprtrenpaHs alla marnenim eros Je esnar ta nim
Jekaas ere tegrafh Jwk ebol Je aupeS naHoite eJwou auneJ klhros eJn taHbsw mmato
i men aurnai.
john-19-25 neuaHe de eratou Hatm pestauros nihsous nCi teFmaau auw tswne nteFma
au maria tSeere nklwpa auw maria tmagdalhnh.
john-19-26 ihsous de ntereFnau eteFmaau auw pmaqhths eFaHeratF pete neFme mmoF
peJaF nteFmaau Je tesHime eis pouShre.
john-19-27 eita peJaF mpmaqhths Je eis tekmaau. Jin peHoou etmmau apmaqhths Jit
s eHoun epeFhei.
john-19-28= mnnsa nai eFsooun nCi ihsous Je aHwb nim Jwk. Je ere tegrafh Jwk ebo
l peJaF Je Tobe.
john-19-29 neun ouHnaau de kh eHrai eFmeH nHmJ. ouspoggos de eFmeH ebol nHmJ au
kaaF eJn ouHusswpos auw ausooutn mmoF eteFtapro.
john-19-30 ntereFJi de mpHmJ nCi ihsous peJaF. Je auJwk ebol. auw aFrike nteFap
e aFT mpepneuma.
john-19-31= nioudai de ebol Je ne tparaskeuh te Je nne nswma Cw Hi pestauros mps
abbaton. ne ounoC gar pe peHoou mpsabbaton etmmau. auseps pilatos Jekaas eFeouwC
p nneuouerhte nseFitou mmau.
john-19-32 auei de nCi mmatoi auoueCp nouerhte mpSorp nm pkeoua entaustaurou mm
oF nmmaF.
john-19-33 nterouei de eJn ihsous aunau eroF eaFouw eFmou. mpououeCp neFouerhte
john-19-34 alla aoua nmmatoi aFkwns mpeFspir noulogch auw nteunou aFei ebol nCi
ousnoF nm oumoou.
john-19-35 auw pentaFnau aFrmntre auw oume te teFmntmntre auw petmmau sooun Je
eFJeme Jekaas Hwt thutn etetnepisteue.
john-19-36 nta nai gar Swpe Jekaas ere tegrafh Jwk ebol Je nneukas nouwt ouwSF
ebol nHhtF.
john-19-37 auw on tegrafh Jw mmos Je senanau epentaukonsF.
john-19-38= mnnsa nai aFseps pilatos nCi iwshf pebol Hn arimaqaia eumaqhths pe n
te ihsous eFHhp de etbe qote nioudai Jekaas eFeFi pswma nis. auw aFkaaF nCi pila
tos. auei de auFi peFswma.
john-19-39 aFei de HwwF on nCi nikodh mos pentaFei Sa ihsous nSorp nteuSh aFein
e noumigma nSal Hi allwi eunar Se nlitra.
john-19-40 auJi de mpswma nihsous aumorF nHenHbwws nm nHhne kata pswnt nioudai
john-19-41 neun ouSnh de Hm pma entaustaurou mmoF nHhtF ere outafos nbrre Hn te
Snh empatouka laau nHoun nHhtF.
john-19-42 etbe tparaskeuh de nioudai Je nereptafos Hhn eHoun auka ihsous nHoun
john-20-01= ntkuriakh de maria tmagdalhnh asei ebol eptafos eHtooue eti ere pkak
e bbol auw asnau epwne eauFitF ebol Hirmptafos.
john-20-02 aspwt de asei Sa simwn petros nm pkemaqhths enere ihsous me mmoF auw
peJas nau. Je auFi pJoeis ebol Hm ptafos auw nTsooun an Je ntaukaaF twn.
john-20-03 aFei de ebol nCi petros nm pkemaqhths auw neunhu ebol eptafos.
john-20-04 neupht de pe Hiousop. pkemaqhths aFCeph epwt eHoue petros auw aFei n
Sorp ebol eptafos.
john-20-05 aFCwSt de eHoun aFnau eneHbwws eukh eHrai mpFbwk de eHoun.
john-20-06 aFei de HwwF on nCi simwn petros eFouhH nswF auw aFbwk eHoun eptafos
aFnau eneHbwws eukh eHrai
john-20-07 auw psoudarion eneFmhr eteFape eFkh an eHrai mn neHbwws alla eFClmlw
m nsa ousa mauaaF.
john-20-08 tote pkemaqhths ntaFei nSorp aFbwk HwwF on eHoun eptafos aFnau auw a
john-20-09 ne mpatousoun tegrafh gar pe Je Haps etreFtwoun ebol Hn netmoout.
john-20-10 aubwk on epeuhei nCi mmaqhths.
john-20-11= maria de nesaHerats pe mpbol mptafos esrime. esrime de. asCwSt eHoun
john-20-12 asnau eaggelos snau Hn HenHbwws euobS euHmoos. oua HaJwF auw oua Har
atF mpma enere pswma nihsous nHhtF.
john-20-13 peJe nh nas Je tesHime aHro terime peJas nau Je ebol Je auFi paJoeis
auw nTsooun an Je ntaukaaF twn.
john-20-14 nteresJe nai. askots epaHou asnau eihsous eFaHeratF nessooun de an p
e Je ihsous pe.
john-20-15 peJaF nas nCi ihsous Je tesHime aHro terime ereSine nsa nim th de ne
smeue Je pa teSnh pe peJas naF Je pJoeis eSJe ntok akFitF aJis eroei Je ntakkaaF
twn auw anok TnaFitF.
john-20-16 peJe ihsous nas Je mariHam th de askots peJas mmntHebraios Je Hrabbo
unei peSauouaHmeF Je psaH.
john-20-17 peJe ihsous nas Je mprJwH eroei mpaTbwk gar eHrai Sa paiwt bwk de Sa
nasnhu nteJoos nau Je Tnabwk eHrai Sa paiwt ete petneiwt pe auw panoute ete pet
nnoute pe.
john-20-18 asei nCi mariHam tmagdalhnh astame mmaqhths Je aeinau epJoeis auw aF
Je nai nai.
john-20-19= rouHe de ntkuriakh mpeHoou etmmau ere rro Sotm mpma enere neFmaqhths
soouH eHoun nHhtF etbe qote nioudai. aFei nCi ihsous aFaHeratF Hn teumhte peJaF
nau. Je Trhnh nhtn.
john-20-20 auw ntereFJe pai aFtsaboou eneFCiJ mn peFspir. auraSe de nCi mmaqhth
s nterounau epJoeis.
john-20-21 peJaF de on nau. Je Trhnh nhtn. kata qe enta paiwt tnnoout anok Hwwt
on TJoou mmwtn.
john-20-22 ntereFJe pai de aFniFe eHoun Hm peuHo auw peJaF nau. Je Ji pneuma eF
john-20-23 netetnaka neunobe nau ebol senakaau nau ebol netetnaamaHte nnouou se
naamaHte mmoou.
john-20-24= qwmas de oua ebol Hm pmntsnoous peSaumoute eroF Je didumos neF nmmau
an pe ntereFei nCi ihsous.
john-20-25 neuJw de mmos naF nCi nkemaqhths Je annau epJoeis ntoF de peJaF nau
Je eitmnau eneSsneiFt Hn neFCiJ auw taneJ pathhbe eJn neSsneiFt auw taneJ taCiJ
eJm peFspir nTnapisteue an.
john-20-26 mnnsa Smoun de nHoou neu nHoun on pe nCi neFmaqhths auw pkeqwmas nmm
au. aFei nCi ihsous ere rro Sotm aFaHeratF Hn teumhte peJaF nau. Je Tirhnh nhtn.
john-20-27 eita peJaF nqwmas Je au pekthhbe epeeima ngnau enaCiJ auw au tekCiJ
ngnoJs eJm paspir auw ngtmSwpe napistos alla mpistos.
john-20-28 aFouwSb nCi qwmas peJaF naF. Je paJoeis auw panoute.
john-20-29 peJaF de nCi ihsous. Je ebol Je aknau eroei akpisteue. naiatou nnete
mpounau aupisteue.
john-20-30= aFr Henkemain de enaSwou nCi ihsous mpemto ebol nneFmaqhths nai ense
shH an epeeiJwwme
john-20-31 ntauseH nai de Jekaas etetnepisteue Je ihsous pecristos pShre mpnout
e pe auw Jekaas eatetnpisteue etetneJi nouwnH Sa eneH Hm peFran.
john-21-01= mnnsa nai on aihsous ouonHF eneFmaqhths HiJn qalassa ntiberias. ntaF
ouonHF de ebol nteiHe.
john-21-02 neuSoop Hi ousop pe nCi simwn petros nm qwmas peSaumoute eroF Je did
umos auw naqanahl pebol Hn kana ntgalilaia nm nShre nzebedaios auw kesnau ebol H
n neFmaqhths.
john-21-03 peJaF nau nCi simwn petros Je Tnabwk eCep tbt peJau naF Je tnnhu Hww
n nmmak auei ebol auale epJoei auw mpouCep laau Hn teuSh etmmau.
john-21-04 ntere Htooue de Swpe aihsous aHeratF Hi pekro. mpouime de nCi mmaqht
hs Je ihsous pe.
john-21-05 peJaF de nau nCi ihsous Je neiShre Shm mh oun laau ntbt nte thutn au
ouwSb naF Je mmon.
john-21-06 peJaF nau Je anine mpetnSne nsa ounam mpJoei auw tetnaHe eouon ntoou
de peJau Je anSpHise nteuSh thres mpnCep laau eJm pekran de tnnanoJF aunoJF de
auw mpoueS CmCom esokF eHrai ebol Hn taSh ntbt.
john-21-07 peJaF Ce mpetros nCi pmaqhths enere ihsous me mmoF Je pJoeis pe. sim
wn Ce petros ntereFswtm Je pJoeis pe aFmorF mpeFependuths neFkh gar kaHhu pe auw
aFFoCF eqalassa.
john-21-08 nkemaqhths de auei HipJoei. neuouhou gar an ebol mpekro alla naSht m
maHe euswk mpeSne nntbt.
john-21-09 nteroumoone de epekro. aunau euSaH ereoutbt HiJwF auw ouoik eFkh eHr
john-21-10 peJe ihsous nau. Je anine ebol nntbt entatetnCopou tenou.
john-21-11 aFale nCi simwn petros auw aFswk mpeSne epekro eFmeH nnoC ntbt eueir
e nSe taiou Somte. auw ere teiaSh ntbt mmau mpe peSne pwH.
john-21-12 peJe ihsous nau. Je amheitn ntetn ouwm. mpelaau nmmaqhths tolma eJn
ouF Je ntk nim eusooun Je pJoeis pe.
john-21-13 aFei nCi ihsous aFJi mpoik aFT nau auw on ebol Hm ptbt.
john-21-14 pai de pe pmeH Somnt nsop nta ihsous ouonHF eneFmaqhths ntereFtwoun
ebol Hn netmoout.
john-21-15= nterouwm de peJaF nCi ihsous nsimwn petros Je simwn pShre niwHannhs
kme mmoi eHoue nai. peJaF naF Je se pJoeis. ntok petsooun Je Tme mmok. peJaF naF
. Je moone nnaHiib.
john-21-16 peJaF on naF mpmeH sep snau Je simwn pShre niwHannhs kme mmoi peJaF
naF Je se pJoeis ntok petsooun Je Tme mmok peJaF naF Je moone nnaesoou.
john-21-17 peJaF naF mpmeH Somnt nsop Je simwn pShre niwHannhs kme mmoi aFlupi
nCi petros Je aFJoos naF mpmeH Smnt swwp Je kme mmoi auw peJaF naF Je pJoeis kso
oun nHwb nim ntok ksooun Je Tme mmok peJe ihsous naF Je moone nnaesoou.
john-21-18 Hamhn Hamhn TJw mmos nak Je mpeuoiS eneko nShre Shm ne Sakmork pe ng
bwk epma etkouaSF Hotan de ekSanr Hllo knaprS nekCiJ ebol nte keoua mork nFJitk
epma ete ngouaSF an.
john-21-19 ntaFJe pai de eFshmane Je Hn aS mmou eFnaT eoou mpnoute. ntereFJe pa
i de peJaF naF. Je ouaHk nswei.
john-21-20= aFktoF nCi petros aFnau epmaqhths enere ihsous me mmoF eFouhH nswF p
ai ntaFnoJF Hm pdeipnon eJn teFmest Hht nis eFJw mmos naF Je pJoeis nim petnapar
adidou mmok.
john-21-21 ntere petros Ce nau epai peJaF nihsous. Je pJoeis pai de ntoF ne.
john-21-22 peJe ihsous naF. Je eiSanouwS etreFCw SanTei ntk nim ntok ouaHk nswe
i ntok.
john-21-23 apeeiSaJe Ce ei ebol Hn nesnhuJe mpmaqhths etmmau namou an. ntaFJoos
de naF an nCi ihsous Je nFnamou an. alla eiSanouwS etreFCw SanTei ntk nim ntok.
john-21-24- pai pe pmaqhths etrmntre etbe nai auw pentaFseH nai. auw tnsooun Je
oume te teFmntmntre.
john-21-25- oun HenkeHbhue de enaSwou eaFaau nCi ihsous nai euSansaHou oua oua T
Jw mmos Je mpkosmos naSp nJwwme an etounasaHou.
acts-01-01= pSorp men nlogos aitamioF w qeofile. etbe Hwb nim nta ihsous arcei n
aau. auw nTsbw nHhtou.
acts-01-02 SaHrai epeHoou ntauanalambane mmoF eaFHwn etootou nnapostolos Hitm p
epneuma etouaab etaSeoeiS mpeuaggelion nai ntaFsotpou.
acts-01-03 nai on ntaFtaHoF eratF nau eFonH. mnnsa treFmou Hn HaH mmaein nHme n
Hoou. eFouwnH nau ebol auw eFSaJe etbe tmntrro mpnoute.
acts-01-04 auw eFouwm nmmau neFparaggile nau etmei ebol Hn qierosoluma alla eCw
eperht mpeiwt pai ntatetnsotmeF ntoot.
acts-01-05 peJaF Je iwHannhs men aFbaptize Hn oumoou ntwtn de senabaptize mmwtn
Hn oupneuma eFouaab mnnsa HaH an nHoou alla Sa tpenthkosth.
acts-01-06= ntoou Ce auswouH auJnouF euJw mmos Je pJoeis en Hrai Hm peioueiS kna
T ntmntrro mpisrahl.
acts-01-07 peJaF nau Je mpwtn an pe soun neuoiS mn necronos. nai nta peiwt kaau
Hn teFexousia mauaaF.
acts-01-08 alla tetnaJi nouCom erSan pepneuma etouaab ei eHrai eJwtn. ntetn Swp
e nai mmntre Hn qierosoluma mn Toudaia thrs mn tsamaria auw Sa arhJF mpkaH.
acts-01-09 nai de ntereFJoou aukloole JitF. auw auFi mmoF eHrai ebol Hitootou.
acts-01-10 eueiorm de nswF eFbhk eHrai etpe. eis rwme snau neuaHeratou HiJwou H
n HenHbsw euouobS.
acts-01-11 auw peJau nau Je nrwme ngalilaios aHrwtn tetnaHerat thutn etetnCwSt
eHrai etpe. pai pe ihsous ntauFitF ntethutn eHrai etpe. tai te qe etFnhu mmos nq
e ntatetnnau eroF eFnabwk eHrai etpe.
acts-01-12= tote aukotou eqierosoluma ebol Hm ptoou eSaumoute eroF Je ptoou nnJo
eit. eFouhu ebol Hn qierosoluma nouHih nsaSF nHooutn.
acts-01-13 auw nterouei eHoun aubwk eHrai epma ntpe eneuouhH nHhtF nCi petros m
n iwHannhs mn iakwbos auw andreas filippos mn qwmas barqolomaios mn maqqaios iak
kwbos pShre nalfaios auw simwn pzhlwths mn ioudas pShre niakkwbos.
acts-01-14 nai throu neuproskarteri epeSlhl mn HensHime mn maria tmaau nihsous
auw neFsnhu.
acts-01-15- Hrai de Hn neiHoou aFtwoun nCi petros ntmhte nnesnhu eun oumhh Se mm
au eunaraSe Jouwt nran auw peJaF
acts-01-16 Je nrwme nesnhu neHaps etre teigrafh Jwk ebol tai ntaFJoos Jin nSorp
nCi pepneuma etouaab ebol Hitn ttapro ndaueid etbe ioudas pentaFSwpe nreFJimoei
t nnentauCwpe nis.
acts-01-17 Je ne auopF pe Hrai nHhtn. auw aFJi mpeklhros nteidiakonia.
acts-01-18 pai Ce aFSwp naF nouCwm ebol Hm pbeke mpeFJi nCons. auw aFHe eJm peF
Ho aFpwS eteFmhte. anetpeFHoun throu pwn ebol.
acts-01-19 auw apeiHwb Cwlp ebol nouon nim etouhH Hn qierosoluma. Hwste nsemout
e epCwm etmmau Hn teuaspe Je akeldamac ete pai pe pCwm mpesnoF.
acts-01-20 FshH gar Hm pJwwme nneyalmos Je mareteFrsw Swpe nJaie. auw mprtreFSw
pe nCi petouhH Hn neFma nSwpe. auw teFmntepiskopos mare keoua Jits.
acts-01-21 SSe Ce ebol Hn nrwme etmooSe nmman. Hm peiouoeiS thrF ntaFei eHoun a
uw aFbwk ebol Hitootn nCi pJoeis ihsous.
acts-01-22 eaFarcei Jin pbaptisma niwHannhs SaHrai epeHoou ntauFitF eHrai ntoot
n. etre oua nnai Swpe nmman mmntre nteFanastasis.
acts-01-23 auw autaHe snau eratou iwshs peteSaumoute eroF Je barsabas pai ntauT
rinF eioustos auw maqias.
acts-01-24 auSlhl euJw mmos Je pJoeis ntok etsooun mfht nouon nim. ouwnH ebol n
oua mpeisnau. pentaksotpF
acts-01-25 eJi mpma nteidiakonia. auw tmntapostolos ntaFparaba nHhts nCi ioudas
etreFbwk eHrai epeFma mmin mmoF.
acts-01-26 auw auT nau nHenklhros. apeklhros ei eHrai eJm maqias. auopF mn pmnt
oue napostolos.
acts-02-01= ntereFJwk de ebol nCi peHoou ntpenthkosth. neuSoop throu pe Hi neuer
acts-02-02 auw aFSwpe Hn ouSsne nCi ouHroou ebol Hn tpe nqe noupnoh eueine mmos
nCons. auw asmouH mphi thrF eneuHmoos Hrai nHhtF.
acts-02-03 auouwnH nau ebol nCi Henlas euporJ nqe ebol Hn oukwHt. auw auHmoos e
Hrai eJm poua mmoou.
acts-02-04 aumouH throu ebol Hm pepneuma etouaab. auw auarcei nSaJe Hrai Hn Hen
keaspe. kata qe enere pepneuma Tnau etreuSaJe nmmau.
acts-02-05= neuSoop de pe Hn qierosoluma. euouhH nCi Henioudai. Henrwme nreFrHot
e ebol Hn Heqnos nim etHapesht ntpe.
acts-02-06 ntere teismh de Swpe. apmhhSe swouH auw auStortr. Je nere poua poua
swtm eroou euSaJe Hn teFaspe.
acts-02-07 aupwSs de throu auw aurSphre euJw mmos Je mh nHengalilaios an ne nai
throu etSaJe.
acts-02-08 auw naS nHe anon tnswtm poua poua Hrai Hn teFaspe ntauJpon nHhts.
acts-02-09 mparqos mn mmhdos mn nlamiths auw netouhH Hn tmesapodamia Toudaia mn
tkappadokia ppontos auw tasia.
acts-02-10 tefrugia mn tpamfulia khme auw nsa ntlibuh etHntkurhnh auw neHrwmaio
s ettai.
acts-02-11 nioudai mn neprosulutos. nekriths auw narabos. tnswtm eroou euSaJe H
n Henaspe eutauo nmmntnoC mpnoute.
acts-02-12 aupwSs de throu auw auaporri. oua nnaHrn oua euJw mmos Je ou pe peiH
acts-02-13 Henkooue de eunoCneC euJw mmos Je ere Hhtou meH nmris.
acts-02-14= aFaHe de eratF nCi petros mn pmntoue aFFi nteFsmh eHrai aFouwSb nau
Je nrwme nioudai mn ouon nim etouhH Hn qierosoluma mare pai Swpe eFouonH nhtn eb
ol auw ntetn Jismh enaSaJe.
acts-02-15 nere nai gar taHe an nqe ntwtn etetnmeeue eros. JpSomte gar mpeHoou
acts-02-16 alla pai pentauJooF ebol Hitn iwhl peprofhths.
acts-02-17 Je snaSwpe mnnsa nai peJe pnoute ntapwHt ebol Hm papneuma eJn sarx n
im. nseprofhteue nCi netnShre mn netnSeere. auw nte netnHrSire nau eHenHorosis n
te netnHllo pwwre nHenrasou.
acts-02-18 auw TnapwHt ebol Hm papneuma eHrai eJn naHmHal nHoout mn naHmHal nsH
ime Hn neHoou etmmau nseprofhteue.
acts-02-19 taT nHenmaein Hrai Hn tpe auw HenSphre mpesht HiJm pkaH ousnoF mn ou
kwHt mn oulHwb nkapnos.
acts-02-20 prh naktoF eukake auw pooH eusnoF. mpatFei nCi peHoou mpJoeis pnoC e
touonH ebol.
acts-02-21 auw snaSwpe nouon nim etnawS mpran mpJoeis FnaouJai.
acts-02-22- nrwme ntep israhl swtm enaSaJe ihsous pnazwraios ourwme eautoSF ebol
Hitm pnoute eHoun erwtn Hrai Hn HenCom mn Henmaein mn HenSphre nai nta pnoute a
au ebol HitootF Hn tetnmhte kata qe ntwtn etetnsooun.
acts-02-23 pai Hm pSoJne etthS mn psooun mpnoute atetntaaF eHrai enCiJ nanomos.
atetnaStF. atetnmouout mmoF.
acts-02-24 pai nta pnoute tounosF eaFbwl ebol nnnaake mpmou ebol Je nemn SCom e
treuamaHte mmoF ebol Hi tootF.
acts-02-25 daueid gar Jw mmos eHoun eroF. Je neinau epJoeis pe mpamto ebol nouo
eiS nim. Je FHiounam mmoi Je nnakim.
acts-02-26 etbe pai apaHht eufrane auw apalas telhl. eti de takesarx naouwH Hn
acts-02-27 Je ngnakw nswk an ntayuch Hn amnte. oude ngnaT an mpekpetouaab enau
acts-02-28 akouwnH nai ebol nneHiooue mpwnH. knaJokt ebol nouounoF mn pekHo.
acts-02-29- nrwme nesnhu SSe etrenJoos nhtn Hn ouparrhsia etbe ppatriarchs dauei
d Je aFmou auw automsF auw peFmHaau Soop nHhtn SaHrai epoou nHoou.
acts-02-30 euprofhths Ce pe auw eFsooun Je Hn ouanaS apnoute wrk naF. eqmso ebo
l Hm pkarpos nteFTpe eHrai eJm peFqronos.
acts-02-31 aFSrpeime aFSaJe etbe tanastasis mpecristos. Je oude mpoukaaF Hn amn
te oude mpe teFsarx nau eptako.
acts-02-32 pai pe ihsous penta pnoute tounosF. pai enSoop naF thrn mmntre.
acts-02-33 eaFJise Ce eHrai Hn tounam mpnoute aFJi mperht mpepneuma etouaab ebo
l Hitm peiwt aFpwHt mpeitaio pai ntwtn etetnnau eroF auw etetnswtm.
acts-02-34 daueid gar an pentaFbwk eHrai emphue. FJw de mmos ntoF. Je peJe pJoe
is mpaJoeis Je Hmoos nsaounam mmoi.
acts-02-35 SanTkw nnekJaJe nHupopodion nnekouerhte.
acts-02-36 Hn ouwrJ Ce mareFeime nCi phi thrF mpisrahl Je apnoute aaF nJoeis au
w ncrhstos. pai pe ihsous pentatetnstaurou mmoF.
acts-02-37- nterouswtm de enai aumkaH mpeuHht. auw peJau mpetros mn pkeseepe nap
ostolos. Je ou petnnaaF nrwme nesnhu.
acts-02-38 petros de peJaF nau Je metanoi. auw mare poua poua mmwtn Jibaptisma
epran mpJoeis ihsous pecristos epkw ebol nnetnnobe. auw tetnaJi ntdwrea mpeipneu
ma etouaab.
acts-02-39 ere perht gar Soop nhtn mn netnShre. auw ouon nim etmpoue. nai etere
pJoeis pennoute nataHmou.
acts-02-40 Hrai de Hn HenkemhhSe nSaJe neFrmntre. auw neFsops mmoou eFJw mmos J
e ouJai ebol Hn teigenea etCoome.
acts-02-41 nentauSwp Ce eroou mpeFSaJe auJibaptisma. auw auouwH eroou mpeHoou e
tmmau nCi aSmtSo myuch.
acts-02-42 neuSoop de pe euproskarteri etesbw napostolos. mn tkoinwnia mppwS mp
oeik. auw neSlhl.
acts-02-43= ounoC nHote asSwpe eHrai eJm yuch nim. HaH gar mmaein Hi Sphre neuSw
pe ebol Hitootou napostolos.
acts-02-44 ouon de nim ntaupisteue neuSoop pe mn neuerhu. auw ere nka nim Soop
nau Hiousop.
acts-02-45 auw neuCwm mn neuHuparconta neuT mmoou ebol. auw neutwS mmoou eJn ou
on nim. kataqe ete repoua poua rcria mmos.
acts-02-46 mmhne de neuproskarteri Hi ousop Hm perpe auw Hm phi eupwS mpoeik eu
Ji noutrofh Hn outelhl mn tmntHaplous nte peuHht.
acts-02-47 eusmou epnoute. auw euntou caris mmau nnaHrm plaos thrF. pJoeis de n
eFouwH eroou nnetnaouJai mmhne Hi ousop.
acts-03-01= petros de mn iwHannhs neunabwk eHrai eperpe nJp yite mpnau mpeSlhl.
acts-03-02 auw neun ourwme nCale Jin eFnHhts nteFmaau eSauFitF. pai eneukw mmoF
Hirm pro etoumoute eroF Je petneswF nte prpe. etreFSet mntna ebol Hitn netbhk e
Houn eperpe.
acts-03-03 pai ntereFnau epetros mn iwHannhs eunabwk eHoun eperpe. aFsepswpou e
T naF noumntna.
acts-03-04 petros de aFeiwrm eHoun eHraF mn iwHannhs peJau naF Je CwSt eron.
acts-03-05 ntoF de aFCwSt eroou eFmeeue Je eFnaJi oulaau ntootou.
acts-03-06 petros de peJaF naF Je mn Hat oude mn noub Soop nai. peteountaiF de
TnataaF nak Hm pran nihsous pecristos pnazwraios mooSe.
acts-03-07 auw aFamaHte nteFCiJ nounam aFtounosF. nteunou de autaJro nCi neFCop
auw neFTbs.
acts-03-08 auw aFFoCF aFaHeratF aFmooSe. auw aFbwk nmmau eHoun eperpe. eFmooSe
auw eFJiFoCs eFsmou epnoute.
acts-03-09 aplaos thrF nau eroF eFmooSe auw eFsmou epnoute.
acts-03-10 ausouwnF Je pai pe neFHmoos auw eFSet mntna Hirn tpulh etnesws nte p
rpe. aumouH nHote auw aupwSs eHrai eJm fwb ntaFSwpe mmoF.
acts-03-11= eFamaHte de mpetros mn iwHannhs. aplaos thrF swouH eHoun eroou. Ha t
estoa etoumoute eros Je ta solomwn euStrtwr.
acts-03-12 ntereFnau de nCi petros peJaF nau Je nrwme nte pisrahl aHrwtn tetnrS
phre eJm pai hetbe ou tetneiorm nswn Hws ntanr pai Hn tenCom htenmnteusebhs.
acts-03-13 pnoute nabraHam mn isaak mn iakwb pnoute nneneiote aFT eoou mpeFShre
ihsous pai ntwtn ntatetntaaF auw atetnarna mmoF mpemto ebol mpilatos ea petmmau
krine ekaaF ebol.
acts-03-14 ntwtn de petouaab auw pdikaios atetnarna mmoF. atetnaiti ekw nhtn eb
ol nourwme nreFHwtb.
acts-03-15 parcigos de mpwnH atetnmouout mmoF. pai nta pnoute tounosF ebol Hn n
etmoout. pai anon enSoop naF mmntre.
acts-03-16 auw Hrai Hn tpistis mpeFran pai etetnnau eroF auw etetnsooun mmoF aF
taJroF nCi peFran auw tpistis tebol HitootF asT naF mpeiouJai mpetnmto ebol thrt
acts-03-17 tenou Ce nasnhu. Teime Je ntatetnaas Hn oumntatsooun nqe nnetnkearcw
acts-03-18 pnoute de nnentaFJoou Jin nSorp ebol Hitn ttapro nneprofhths throu e
tre peFcrhstos Sopou. aFJokou ebol nteiHe.
acts-03-19 metanoi Ce auw ntetnketthutn etreuFwte ebol nnetnnobe. Jekaas euSane
i nCi neouoeiS nmton mpemto ebol mpJoeis.
acts-03-20 eFetnnoou mpentautoSF nan pecristos ihsous.
acts-03-21 pai Haps etreFSwpe Hn tpe. SaHrai eneouoeiS mpJwk ebol nHwb nim nta
pnoute Joou Jin eneH ebol Hitn ttapro nneFprofhths etouaab.
acts-03-22 mwushs men aFJoos nnaHrn neneiote. Je pJoeis pennoute natounes oupro
fhths nhtn ebol Hn netnsnhu ntaHe. swtm nswF nSaJe nim etFnaJoou nhtn.
acts-03-23 eseSwpe de yuch nim etensnaswtm an nsa peprofhths etmmau senaFots eb
ol Hm plaos.
acts-03-24 neprofhths de on throu Jin samouhl. auw netmnnswF. auSaJe auw autaSe
oeiS nneiHoou.
acts-03-25 ntwtn de ne nShre nneprofhths. mn tdiaqhkh tai nta pnoute smnts mn n
etneiote. eFJw mmos nabraHam Je Hrai Hm peksperma senaJismou nCi mpatria throu m
acts-03-26 ntwtn ne nSorp apnoute tounes peFShre nhtn. aFtnnoouF eFsmou erwtn.
Hm ptre poua poua ktoF ebol Hn neFponhria.
acts-04-01= euSaJe de mn pmhhSe auei eHrai eJwou nCi nouhhb mn pestrathgos nte p
rpe. auw nsaddoukaios.
acts-04-02 eumokH nHht ebol Je neuTsbw mplaos. auw neutaSeoiS Hn ihsous ntanast
asis nnetmoout.
acts-04-03 auw aueine nneuCiJ eHrai eJwou aunoJou epeSteko Sa peFraste. nea rou
He gar Swpe pe.
acts-04-04 HaH de nnentauswtm epSaJe aupisteue. auw ateuhpe asraTou nSo nrwme.
acts-04-05- asSwpe de mpeFraste etreuswouH nCi neuarcwn. mn nepresbuteros auw ne
grammateus. Hn qierosoluma.
acts-04-06 mnannas parciereus auw kaifas mn iwHannhs mn alexandros. auw netSoop
ebol Hm pgenos nnarciereus.
acts-04-07 auw autaHoou eratou Hn teumh te auJnouou Je ntatetnr pai Hn aS nCom.
hHn aS nran.
acts-04-08 tote petros aFmouH ebol Hm pepneuma etouaab peJaF nau. Je narcwn mpl
aos auw nepresbuteros.
acts-04-09 eSJe anon mpoou seanakrine mmon etbe pouJai nourwme nCwb Je ntaFouJa
i Hn nim.
acts-04-10 mareFouwnH nhtn ebol thrtn auw plaos thrF mpisrahl Je Hm pran nihsou
s pecristos pnazwraios pai men ntatetnstaurou mmoF apnoute de tounosF ebol Hn ne
tmoout Hrai nHhtF ere pai aHeratF mpetnmto ebol eFouoJ.
acts-04-11 pai pe pwne ntaustoF ebol Hitn thutn netkwt. pai ntaFSwpe euape nkoo
acts-04-12 auw mn ouJai Soop Hn keoua. oude gar mn keran Hapesht ntpe eautaaF n
nrwme ennaSouJai nHhtF.
acts-04-13 eunau de etparHousia mpetros mn iwHannhs. aueime Je Henrwme ne nHhdi
wths nsesooun an nsHai. aurSphre ausouwnou de Je neuSoop pe mn ihsous.
acts-04-14 auw on neunau eprwme ntautalC oF eFaHeratF nmmau. mpouCn SaJe eJw.
acts-04-15 auoueHsaHne de nau etreurpbol mpsunHedrion. auSaJe mn neuerhu.
acts-04-16 euJw mmos Je ou petnnaaaF nneirwme Hoti men gar aumaein eFouonH ebol
Swpe ebol Hitootou FouonH ebol nouon nim etouhH Hn qierosoluma auw mn SCom mmon
acts-04-17 alla Jekaas nne pSaJe mooSe epeHouo Hm plaos. marnparaggile nau etmS
aJe Ce Jin tenou eHrai eJm peiran. mn laau nrwme.
acts-04-18 auw aumoute eroou auparaggile nau etmSaJelaau. auw etmTsbw Hm pran n
acts-04-19 petros de mn iwHannhs auouwSb peJau nau. Je krine Je oudikaion pe mp
emto ebol mpnoute eswtm nsa thutn eHoue pnoute.
acts-04-20 anon gar nentannau eroou auw ansotmou mn Com mmon etmJoou.
acts-04-21 ntoou Ce auapilh nau aukaau ebol mpouCn qe nkolaze mmoou etbe plaos.
Je neuTeoou throu mpnoute eJm pentaFSwpe.
acts-04-22 neFHn Houo gar eHme nrompe nCi prwme nta peimaein nte ptalCo Swpe eH
rai eJwF.
acts-04-23= nteroukaau de ebol. auei Sa netenouou ne auw autamoou enenta narcier
eus mn nepresbuteros Joou nau.
acts-04-24 ntoou de nterouswtm auFi nteusmh eHrai epnoute Hi ousop euJw mmos Je
pJoeis. ntok pe pnoute ntaktami etpe mn pkaH. auw qalassa mn netnHhtou throu.
acts-04-25 pentaFJoos nCi pepneuma etouaab ebol Hitn ttapro mpeneiwt daueid pek
HmHal ekJw mmos Je etbe ou anHeqnos Jise mmoou. auw anlaos meleta nHenpetSoueit.
acts-04-26 auaHeratou nCi nerrwou mpkaH auw narcwn auswouH eneuerhu eT oube pJo
eis auw oube peFcristos.
acts-04-27 auswouH gar name Hn teipolis eHoun epekShre etouaab ihsous pentaktaH
sF nCi Hhrwdhs mn pontios pilatos mn nHeqnos auw plaos mpisrahl.
acts-04-28 eeire nnenta tekCiJ. auw pekSoJne toSou Jin nSorp etreuSwpe.
acts-04-29 tenou Ce pJoeis CwSt eHrai eJn neuCwnt. auw ngT qe nnekHmHal Hm parr
hsia nim. etaSeoeiS mpekSaJe
acts-04-30 Hm ptreksooutn ebol ntekCiJ. eHentalCo auw Henmaein mn HenSphre. etr
euSwpe ebol Hitm pran mpekShre etouaab ihsous.
acts-04-31 auw nterousops apma kim eneusoouH Hrai nHhtF. aumouH throu ebol Hm p
epneuma etouaab. auw neutaSeoeiS mpSaJe mpnoute Hm parrhsia nim.
acts-04-32= pmhhSe de ntaupisteue neuo nouHht nouwt auw ouyuch nouwt auw nemn la
au Jw mmos enetSoop naF Je noui ne alla nere nka nim Soop nau Hi ousop.
acts-04-33 auw Hn ounoC nCom nere napostolos Tntmntmntre ntanastasis mpJoeis ih
sous. auw neun ounoC ncaris Soop eHrai eJwou throu.
acts-04-34 nemn laau gar nHhtou Saat pe. nete ountou Cwm gar mmau Hi hi neuT mm
oou ebol. eueine nneuasou.
acts-04-35 eukw mmoou Haratou napostolos. auw neuT mpoua poua mpetFrcria naF.
acts-04-36 iwshs de petoumoute eroF Je barnabas ebol Hi tootou napostolos. pai
eSauouaHmeF Je pShre mpsops. ouleueiths nkuprios Hm peFgenos.
acts-04-37 euntF oueiwHe mmau aFtaaF ebol. aFeine mpecrhma aFkaaF Haratou napos
acts-05-01= ourwme de epeFran pe ananias mn sappira teFsHime. aFT ouCwm ebol.
acts-05-02 auw aFFi ebol Hn teFasou ere teFkesHime sooun. aFeine noumeros aFkaa
F Haratou napostolos.
acts-05-03 peJe petros de naF Je anania. etbe ou apsatanas mouH mpekHht etrekJi
Col epepneuma etouaab. auw ngFi ebol Hn tasou mpCwm.
acts-05-04 mh neFSoop nak an pe auw nterektaaF ebol neFSoop an pe Ha tekexousia
etbe ou akka pai Hm pekHht eeire mpeiponhron ntakJiCol an erwme alla epnoute.
acts-05-05 eFswtm de eneiSaJe nCi ananias aFHe aFmou. auw aunoC nHote He eHrai
eJn ouon nim etswtm.
acts-05-06 autwounou de nCi nHrSire aukoosF. auw auJitF ebol automsF.
acts-05-07- asSwpe de mnnsa Somte nounou. teFsHime nssooun an mpentaFSwpe. asei
acts-05-08 peJe petros nas Je aJis eroi Je ntatetnT pCwm ebol Ha neiHomnt. ntos
de peJas Je eHe Hanai.
acts-05-09 petros de peJaF nas Je etbe ou atetnFi mn netnerhu epeiraze mpepneum
a mpJoeis. eis nouerhte nnentautwms mpouHai seHirm pro auw senaFite ebol.
acts-05-10 nteunou de asHe Ha neFouerhte auw asmou anHrSire de ei eHoun auHe er
os esmoout auFits ebol automss Hatm pesHai.
acts-05-11 aunoC de nHote Swpe eJn tekklhsia thrs mn ouon nim etswtm enai.
acts-05-12= ebol de Hitn nCiJ napostolos neuSwpe nCi Henmaein mn HenSphre enaSwo
u Hm plaos. auw neuSoop throu mn neuerhu Hm prpe Ha testoa nsolomwn.
acts-05-13 ebol de Hm pkeseepe mpelaau tolma etoCF eroou. alla nereplaos Teoou
acts-05-14 nHouo de neuouwH eroou nCi netpisteue epJoeis. oumhhSe nrwme Hi sHim
acts-05-15 Hwste nseeine ebol nnetSwne eneplatia. nsekaau Hi HenCloC mn Henma n
nkotk. Jekaas erepetros ei eFnhu ere teFHaibes taHe oua mmoou.
acts-05-16 neSauswouH de on nCi pmhhSe nmpolis etmpkwte nqierosoluma. eueine nn
etSwne mn netmokH ebol Hitn nepneuma nakaqarton. auw neurpaHre eroou throu.
acts-05-17= aFtwoun de nCi parciereus mn ouon nim etnmmaF. auw qairesis nnsaddou
kaios aumouH nkwH.
acts-05-18 aueine nneuCiJ eJn napostolos aunoJou epeSteko.
acts-05-19 paggelos de mpJoeis aFouwn nnro mpeSteko nteuSh. aFntou ebol. peJaF
acts-05-20 Je bwk ntetnaHerat thutn Hm perpe ntetntaSeoeiS mplaos nnSaJe throu
acts-05-21 nterouswtm de aubwk eHrai eperpe mpnau nSwrp auw neuTsbw aFei de nCi
parciereus mn netnmmaF auswouH mpsunHedrion auw nHllo throu nnShre mpisrahl auJ
oou epeSteko etreuntou.
acts-05-22 nHuphreths de nteroubwk mpouCntou Hm peSteko. aukotou de autamoou
acts-05-23 euJw mmos Je anHe men epeSteko eFSotm Hn wrJ nim. auw nanourSe euaHe
ratou Hirn nro nternouwn de mpnCn laau nHoun.
acts-05-24 ntereFswtm de eneiSaJe nCi pestrathgos mperpe mn narciereus auaporri
acts-05-25 aoua de ei aFtamoou Je eis nrwme ntatetnnoJou epeSteko seaHeratou Hm
perpe euTsbw mplaos.
acts-05-26 tote aFbwk nCi pestrathkos mn nHuphreths auntou nJnaH an. neurHote g
ar HhtF mplaos mhpws nseHi wne eroou.
acts-05-27- nterountou de autaHoou eratou Hm psunHedrion. auw aFJnouou nCi parci
acts-05-28 eFJw mmos Je mh Hn ouparaggelia mpnparaggile nhtn etmTsbw eHrai eJmp
eiran auw eis Hhhte atetnmouH nqierosoluma ntetnsbw auw tetnouwS eeine eHrai eJ
wn mpesnoF mprwme etmmau.
acts-05-29 aFouwSb de nCi petros auw napostolos euJw mmos Je SSe eswtm nsa pnou
te eHoue nrwme.
acts-05-30 pnoute nneneiote aFtounes ihsous. pai ntwtn ntatetnmouout mmoF. eate
tnaStF euSe.
acts-05-31 pai apnoute JastF nnarcigos auw nswthr Hm peFeoou etreFT noumetanoia
mpisrahl auw ouka nobe ebol Hrai nHhtF.
acts-05-32 auw anon ne mmntre nneiSaJe. auw pepneuma etouaab apnoute taaF nnets
wtm nswF.
acts-05-33- nterouswtm de auCwnt auw auoueS mooutou.
acts-05-34 aFtwoun de Hm psunHedrion nCi oufarissaios epeFran pe gamalihl. ouno
modidaskalos eFtaihu nnaHrm plaos thrF. aFoueHsaHne etre napostolos rpbol mpma n
acts-05-35 auw peJaF nnaHrn narcwn mn netsoouH Je nrwme ntepisrahl. THthtn erwt
n Je ou petetnaaaF etbe neirwme.
acts-05-36 Haqh gar nneiHoou aFtwoun nCi qeutas eFJw mmos eroF Je anok pe pai n
tauouaHou nswF nCi aFtouSe nrwme pai de auHotbeF auw ouon nim etswtm nswF aubwl
ebol auSwpe eulaau.
acts-05-37 mnnsa pai aFtwoun nCi ioudas pgalilaios Hn neHoou ntapografh auw aFp
eSs oulaos enaSwF Hi paHou mmoF ntoF de HwwF on autakoF auw ouon nim etswtm nswF
auJwwre ebol.
acts-05-38 tenou Ce TJw mmos nhtn Je saHe thutn ebol nneirwme auw ntetn kaau. J
e eSwpe peiSoJne hpeiHwb ouebol Hn nrwme pe eieFnabwl ebol.
acts-05-39 eSwpe de ouebol Hm pnoute pe ntetn aSCmCom an ebolF ebol. mhpws nSeC
nthutn etetnT oube pnoute. aupiqe de naF.
acts-05-40 auw aumoute enapostolos. auHi oue eroou. auw auparaggile nau etmSaJe
eJm pran nihsous auw aukaau ebol.
acts-05-41 ntoou de aubwk ebol Hm psunHedrion euraSe Je aumpSa etreusoSou eHrai
eJm pran.
acts-05-42 mmhne de Hrai Hm perpe auw Hrai Hm peuhi. neukim an euTsbw. auw euta
SeoiS mpJoeis ihsous pecristos.
acts-06-01= Hrai de Hn neHoou etmmau nterouaSai nCi thpe nmmaqhths. aukrmrm Swpe
Hn noueienin enHebraios Je neuwbS mmoou eneuchra Hn tdiakonia mmhne.
acts-06-02 apmntsnoous de moute epmhhSe nmmaqhths peJau nau Je nSSe an etrenkw
nswn mpSaJe mpnoute ntndiakoni eHentrapeza.
acts-06-03 swtp de nesnhu nsaSF nrwme nHht thutn. eurmntre Haroou euJhk ebol mp
neuma eFouaab Hi sofia. tarntaHoou eratou eHrai eJn teicria.
acts-06-04 anon de ntnsrFe epeSlhl mn tdiakonia mpSaJe.
acts-06-05 apeiSaJe ranaF mpmhhSe thrF auswtp nstefanos ourwme eFJhk ebol mpist
is Hi pneuma eFouaab mn filippos mn procoros auw nikanwr mn timwn mn parmenas au
w nikolaos ouproshlutos nantioceus.
acts-06-06 nai autaHoou eratou mpemto ebol nnapostolos auw auSlhl autale CiJ eJ
acts-06-07- pSaJe de mpnoute aFauxane. auw nesaSai nCi thpe nmmaqhths emate Hn q
ierosoluma. oumhhSe enaSwF ebol Hn nouhhb neuswtm nsa tpistis.
acts-06-08- stefanos de eFJhk ebol ncaris Hi Com neFeire nHennoC mmaein auw HenS
phre Hrai Hm plaos ebol Hitm pran mpJoeis ihsous pecristos.
acts-06-09 autwoun de nCi Hoine ebol Hn tsunagwgh nnetoumoute eroou Je nliberti
nos auw nkurhnaios mn alexandros auw nebol Hn tkilikia mn tasia euTtwn oube stef
acts-06-10 auw mpouCmCom. eT oube tsofia mn pepneuma etFSaJe nHhtF.
acts-06-11 tote aunouJe eHoun nHenrwme euJw mmos Je answtm eroF eFJw nHenSaJe n
oua eHoun emwushs mn pnoute.
acts-06-12 aukim de eplaos auw nepresbuteros mn negrammateus. auei eHrai eJwF.
auw aFCopF auJitF eHoun epsunHedrion.
acts-06-13 auw autaHo eratou nHenmntre nnouJ euJw mmos Je mpeirwme lo an eFJw n
HenSaJe eHoun epeima etouaab mn pnomos.
acts-06-14 answtm gar eroF eFJw mmos Je ihsous pnazwraios. pai petnabwl ebol mp
eima. auw nFSibe nnswnt nta mwushs taau etethutn.
acts-06-15 aueiwrm de eHoun eHraF nCi ouon nim etHmoos Hm psunHedrion. auw auna
u epeFHo nqe mfo nouaggelos.
acts-07-01= peJaF naF nCi parciereus Je nnaismont nteiHe.
acts-07-02 ntoF de aFouwSb peJaF Je nrwme nasnhu auw naeiote swtm eroi pnoute m
peoou aFouwnH ebol mpeneiwt abraHam eFSoop Hn tmesopodamia mpatFouwH Hn carran.
acts-07-03 peJaF naF Je amou ebol Hm pekkaH mn teksuggenia ngei eHrai epkaH eTn
atsabok eroF.
acts-07-04 tote aFei ebol Hm pkaH nnecaldaios aFouwH Hn carran ebol de Hm pma e
tmmau mnnsa tre peFeiwt mou aFpooneF eHrai epeikaH pai ntwtn tenou etetnouhH Hra
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acts-07-05 auw mpFT klhronomia naF Hrai nHhtF oude outaCse nouerhte. alla aFerh
t etaaF naF euamaHte mn peFsperma. mnnsws emntF Shre mmau.
acts-07-06 apnoute de SaJe nmmaF eFJw mmos Je peksperma narrmnCoile Hn oukaH mp
wF an pe. auw senaau nHmHal nsemokHou nFtouSe nrompe.
acts-07-07 pHeqnos de etounarHmHal naF. Tnakrine anok mmoF peJaF nCi pnoute. au
w mnnsa nai senhu ebol nseSmSe nai Hrai Hm peima.
acts-07-08 auw aFT naF noudiaqhkh nsbbe tai te qe ntaFJpe isaak aFsbbhtF Hm pme
HSmoun nHoou isaak de niakwb iakwb de mpmntsnoous mpatriarchs.
acts-07-09- auw mpatriarchs aukwH eiwshf autaaF ebol Hrai Hn khme. nere pnoute d
e Soop nmmaF pe.
acts-07-10 auw aFnaHmeF ebol Hn neFqliyis throu aFT naF noucaris mn ousofia mpm
to ebol mfaraw prro nkhme aFtaHoF eratF nnoC eHrai eJn khme auw eJm peFhi thrF.
acts-07-11 auHebwwn de ei eHrai eJn khme thrF mn canaan mn ounoC nqliyis. auw n
eneiote neuCn oeik an pe.
acts-07-12 ntereFswtm de nCi iakwb Je oun souo Hn khme. aFJoou nneneiote nSorp.
acts-07-13 mpmeHsep snau de aiwshf ouonHF ebol nneFsnhu. auw afaraw soun pgenos
acts-07-14 aFJoou de nCi iwshf aFtreumoute eiakwb peFeiwt. auw teFsuggenia thrs
eumeH SFeth myuch.
acts-07-15 iakwb de aFei eHrai ekhme auw aFmou ntoF mn neneiote.
acts-07-16 aupoonou eHrai esucem. auw aukaau Hrai Hm ptafos nta abraHam SopF Ha
ouasou nHomt ebol Hitn nShre nemwr Hn sucem.
acts-07-17- ntereFHwn de eHoun nCi peouoeiS mperht. pai nta pnoute Homologei mmo
F nabraHam. apnoute auxane mplaos auw aFaSai Hn khme.
acts-07-18 SantFtwoun nCi kerro eHrai eJn khme nFsooun an niwshf.
acts-07-19 pai aFJiSoJne epengenos emoukH nneneiote etreunouJe ebol nneuShre et
acts-07-20 Hm peuoiS etmmau auJpe mwushs. auw neneswF pe Hm pnoute. ausanouSF d
e nSomnt nebot Hm phi mpeFeiwt.
acts-07-21 nterounoJF de ebol. asFitF nCi tSeere mfaraw. auw assanouSF nas euSh
acts-07-22 auw aupaideue mmwushs Hn sofia nim nnrmnkhme. auw neFo ndunatos Hn n
eFSaJe mn neFHbhue.
acts-07-23- ntere Hme de nrompe Jwk ebol naF. asale eHrai eJm peFHht eCmpSi ne n
neFsnhu nShre mpisrahl.
acts-07-24 auw ntereFnau eoua euJi mmoF nCons aFnaHmeF. auw aFeire mpekba mpeto
umoukH mmoF. eaFHwtb mprmnkh me.
acts-07-25 neFmeeue de pe Je senaeime nCi neFsnhu. Je pnoute naT nau nououJai e
bol Hitn neFCiJ. ntoou de mpoueime.
acts-07-26 mpeFraste on aFouwnH nau ebol eumiSe mn neuerhu. auw aFHotpou eueirh
nh eFJw mmos Je nrwme ntetn Hensnhu etbe ou tetnJi nnetnerhu nCons.
acts-07-27 petJi de mpetHitouwF nCons aFtoCneF eFJw mmos Je nim pentaFkaqista m
mok narcwn auw nreFTHap eHrai eJwn.
acts-07-28 mh ekouwS ntok eHotbet nqe ntakHwtb mprmnkhme nsaF.
acts-07-29 mwushs de aFpwt Hrai Hm peiSaJe. auw aurrmnCoile Hm pkaH mmadiHam. a
FJpe Shre snau Hm pma etmmau.
acts-07-30- auw ntere Hme nrompe Jwk ebol. aFouwnH naF ebol Hn terhmos mptoou ns
ina nCi ouaggelos Hn ouSaH nkwHt ebol Hm pbatos.
acts-07-31 mwushs de ntereFnau aFrSphre mforama. eFnaT peFouoi de eHoun enau. a
tesmh mpJoeis Swpe
acts-07-32 Je anok pe pnoute nnekeiote. pnoute nabraHam mn isaak mn iakwb. mwus
hs de ntereFSwpe Hn oustwt mpFtolma eCwSt.
acts-07-33 peJe pJoeis naF Je bwl ebol mptooue etnratk. pma gar etkaHeratk nHht
F oukaH eFouaab pe.
acts-07-34 Hn ounau anau epmkaH mpalaos etHn khme. auw aiswtm epeuaSaHom auei e
pesht enaHmou. tenou Ce amou taJoouk eHrai ekhme.
acts-07-35 pai pe mwushs ntauarna mmoF euJw mmos Je nim pentaFkaqista mmok narc
wn auw nreFTHap eHrai eJwn pai apnoute JoouF narcwn auw nreFswte mn tCiJ mpaggel
os ntaFouwnH naF ebol Hm pbatos.
acts-07-36 pai pentaFntou ebol eaFeire nHenmaein mn HenSphre Hn khme auw Hn ter
uqra qalassa. auw Hm pJaie nHme nrompe.
acts-07-37 pai pe entaFJoos nnShre mpisrahl de pnoute natounes ouprofhths nhtn
ebol Hn netnsnhu ntaHe.
acts-07-38 pai pentaFSwpe Hn tekklhsia Hi terhmos mn petSaJe nmmaF Hm ptoou nsi
na. auw mn neneiote. pai pe entaFJi nHenSaJe euonH etaau nhtn.
acts-07-39 auw mpououwS eswtm nswF nCi neneiote. alla aukaaF nswou. eaukotou Hn
neuHht ekhme.
acts-07-40 eauJoos naarwn Je tamio nan nHennoute nseJimoeit Hhtn mwushs gar pai
ntaFntn ebol Hm pkaH nkhme ntnsooun an Je nta ou Swpe mmoF.
acts-07-41 auw autamie pmase Hn neHoou etmmau autale qusia eHrai mpeidwlon. auw
aueufrane Hn neHbhue nneuCiJ.
acts-07-42 aFktoou de nCi pnoute etreuSmSe ntestratia ntpe kata qe etshH Hm pJw
wme nneprofhths. Je mh atetntalo nai eHrai nHnSwt mn Henqusia nHme nrompe Hn ter
hmos phi mpisrahl.
acts-07-43 auw atetnJi nteskunh mmoloc mn psiou mpnoute raifan nesmot ntatetnta
mi oou eouwSt nau auw Tnapnne thutn ebol episa ntbabulwn.
acts-07-44- teskhnh mpmntre nesSoop mn neneiote Hi pJaie. kata qe ntaFoueHsaHne
nCi petSaJe mn mwushs etami os. kata ptupos ntaFnau eroF.
acts-07-45 tai nta neneiote eauei mnnsa nSorp Jits eHoun mn ihsous Hm pamaHte n
nHeqnos. nai nta pnoute noJou ebol Haqh nneneiote SaHrai eneHoou ndaueid.
acts-07-46 pai ntaFHe eucaris mpemto ebol mpnoute. auw aFaiti eCine nouma nSwpe
mpnoute niakwb.
acts-07-47 solomwn de aFkwt naF nouhi.
acts-07-48 alla mere petJose ouwH Hn tamio nCiJ. kata qe etere peprofhths Jw mm
acts-07-49 Je tpe pe paqronos pkaH pe pHupopodion nnaouerhte. aS nhi petetnakot
F nai peJe pJoeis. haS pe pama nmton.
acts-07-50 mh ntaCiJ an tentastamie nai throu.
acts-07-51- nnaStmakH auw natsbbe Hm peuHht mn neumaaJe. ntwtn nouoeiS nim etetn
T oube pepneuma etouaab nqe nnetneiote tai Hwt thutn tetnHe.
acts-07-52 nim nne profhths netempe netneiote pwt nswou nsemooutou nai ntautaSe
oiS mpdikaios Je Fnhu pai ntwtn tenou ntatetnSwpe naF mprodoths auw nreFHwtb.
acts-07-53 nai ntatetnJi mpnomos eHendiatagh naggelos. auw mpetnHareH eroF.
acts-07-54= euswtm de enai auCwnt nneuHht. auw auHroJreJ nneuobHe eHoun eroF.
acts-07-55 eFJhk de ebol mpneuma eFouaab aFeiwrm eHrai etpe aFnau epeoou mpnout
e. auw ihsous eFaHeratF nsaounam mpnoute.
acts-07-56 peJaF Je eis Hhhte Tnau emphue euouhn. auw pShre mprwme eFaHeratF ns
aounam mpnoute.
acts-07-57 plaos de ntereFswtm enai auaSkak ebol Hn ounoC nsmh. auTtootou ern n
eumaaJe auw auT peuouoi Hi ousop eHrai eJwF.
acts-07-58 aunoJF pbol ntpolis auHiwne eroF. auw mmntre aukw eHrai nneuHoi te H
aratF nouHrSire eSaumoute eroF Je saulos.
acts-07-59 auw auHiwne estefanos. eFepikalei eFJw mmos Je pJoeis ihsous Sep pap
neuma erok.
acts-07-60 aFkwlJ de nneFpat aFaSkak ebol Hn ounoC nsmh Je pJoeis mprwp eroou m
peinobe. ntereFJe pai de aFnkotk.
acts-08-01= saulos de neFsuneudoki pe epeFHwtb. asSwpe de mpeHoou etmmau nCi ouq
liyis mn ounoC ndiwgmos eHrai eJn tekklhsia etHn qierosoluma. ouon de nim auJwwr
e ebol enecwra nToudaia mn tsamaria Satn napostolos mauaau eauCw Hn qierosoluma.
acts-08-02 aukwws de nstefanos nCi Henrwme nreFrHote eaueire nounoC nneHpe eHra
i eJwF.
acts-08-03 saulos de neFSwF pe ntekklhsia. eFbhk eHoun enhi eFswk ebol nnrwme m
n neHiome eFnouJe mmoou epeSteko.
acts-08-04- ntoou de nterouJwwre ebol. aumooSe eutaSeoeiS mpSaJe kata polis.
acts-08-05 filippos de aFei eHrai eupolis nte tsamaria aFkhrusse nau mpecristos
acts-08-06 mmhhSe de eneuT nHthu Hi ousop enetere filippos Jw mmoou. Hm ptreusw
tm eroF auw nsenau emmaein eneFeire mmoou.
acts-08-07 HaH gar nnetere nepneuma nakaqarton Hiwou. neuwS ebol Hn ounoC nsmh
eunhu ebol nHhtou. oumhhSe de on eushC auw nCale aFtalCoou.
acts-08-08 ounoC nraSe aFSwpe Hn tpolis etmmau.
acts-08-09- neun ourwme de Hn tpolis epeFran pe simwn eFrHik. auw eFpwSs mpHeqno
s ntsamaria eFJw mmos eroF Je anok pe.
acts-08-10 auw neuT nHthu eroF throu Jin peukoui Sa peunoC. euJw mmos Je pai pe
tnoC nCom nte pnoute.
acts-08-11 neuprosece de eroF. ebol Je aFrounoC nouoiS eFpwSs mmoou Hn mmntmago
acts-08-12 nterouswtm de efilippos eFeuaggelize ntmntrro mpnoute. auw mpran nih
sous pecristos. auJibaptisma nCi nrwme auw neHiome.
acts-08-13 simwn HwwF on aFpisteue auw ntereFJibaptisma neFproskarteri efilippo
s eFnau de eHenmaein mn HennoC nCom eFeire mmoou aFpwSs.
acts-08-14- nterouswtm de nCi napostolos etHn qierosoluma Je atsamaria Swp eros
mpSaJe mpnoute. auJoou Saroou mpetros mn iwHannhs.
acts-08-15 nai nteroubwk auSlhl eHrai eJwou. Jekaas eueJi pneuma eFouaab.
acts-08-16 nempatFei gar eHrai eJn laau mmoou. alla ntauJibaptisma mmate epran
mpJoeis ihsous.
acts-08-17 tote autale CiJ eJwou auJi mpepneuma etouaab.
acts-08-18 ntereFnau de nCi simwn Je ebol Hitm ptalo nnCiJ nnapostolos euT mpep
neuma. aFeine nau nHencrhma
acts-08-19 eFJw mmos Je ma nai Hw ntei exousia. Jekaas peTnatale CiJ eJwF eFeJi
mpepneuma etouaab.
acts-08-20 petros de peJaF naF Je pekHat eFeSwpe nmmak eptako. Je akmeeue Je td
wrea mpnoute eSauJpos Hitn Hencrhma.
acts-08-21 mn meris oude mn klhros Soop nak Hm peiSaJe. mpekHht gar soutwn an m
pemto ebol mpnoute.
acts-08-22 metanoi Ce ebol ntekkakia ngsops mpJoeis. eSwpe senakw nak ebol mpme
eue mpekHht.
acts-08-23 Tnau gar erok ekSoop Hn oucolh mpekria. auw oumrre nJi nCons.
acts-08-24 aFouwSb de nCi simwn eFJw mmos Je sops ntwtn mpJoeis Haroi Jekaas nn
e laau nnentatetnJoou ei eHrai eJwi.
acts-08-25- ntoou Ce nterourmntre mpmhhSe auw auJw eroou mpSaJe mpJoeis aukotou
eqierosoluma eumooSe de oumhhSe nTme nsamariths aueuaggelize nau.
acts-08-26= paggelos de mpJoeis aFSaJe mn filippos. eFJw mmos Je twoun ngmooSe m
pnou mmeere. Hi teHih eto nerhmos etnhu ebol Hn qierosoluma eHrai egaza.
acts-08-27 aFtwoun aFbwk auw eis ourwme neCwS nsiour ndunasths nte kandakh trrw
nneCooS pai eneFSoop eHrai eJn nescrhma throu neaFei pe eqierosoluma eouwSt.
acts-08-28 ntereFktoF de neFHmoos Hi peFHarma. eFwS nhsaias peprofhths.
acts-08-29 peJe pepneuma mfilippos Je Tpekouoi ngtoCk epeiHarma.
acts-08-30 aFT peFouoi nCi filippos aFswtm eroF eFwS nhsaias peprofhths. peJaF
mpesiour Je ara knoi nnetkwS mmoou.
acts-08-31 ntoF de peJaF naF Je naS nHe TnaSCmCom eimhti nte oua tsebe eiat ebo
l. aFseps filippos de etreFale nFHmoos HitouwF.
acts-08-32 pma de ntegrafh eneFwS mmoF pe pai nqe nouesoou eauntF ekonsF auw nq
e nouHieib mpemto ebol mpetHwwke mmoF enFT an nteFsmh tai te qe mpFouwn nrwF
acts-08-33 Hm peFqbbio auFi mpeFHap teFgenea nim petnaStauos Je senaFi mpeFwnH
ebol HiJm pkaH.
acts-08-34- aFouwSb nCi pesiour peJaF mfilippos Je Tsops mmok. aJis eroi Je ere
peprofhths Jw mpai etbe nim. etbhhtF Jn etbe keoua.
acts-08-35 afilippos de ouwn nrwF eaFarc ei ebol Hn teigrafh. aFeuaggelize naF
mpJoeis ihsous pecristos.
acts-08-36 eumooSe de Hi teHih auei eHrai eJn oumoou. peJe pesiour mfilippos Je
eis pmoou ou petkwlu mmoi etraJibaptisma.
acts-08-37 [--]
acts-08-38 aFoueHsaHne nCi filippos etre pHarma aHeratF. aubwk mpesnau eHrai ep
moou. auw afilippos baptize mmoF.
acts-08-39 nterouei de eHrai Hm pmoou. oupneuma nte pJoeis aFtwrp mfilippos. au
w mpFkotF enau eroF nCi pesiour neFmooSe gar pe nteFHih eFraSe.
acts-08-40 filippos de auHe eroF Hn azwtos. auw eFmooSe eFtaSeoeiS nmpolis thro
u. SantFei eHrai ekaisaria.
acts-09-01= saulos de eti neFmeH napilh Hi Hwtb eHoun emmaqhths mpJoeis. aFT peF
ouoi eparciereus
acts-09-02 aFaiti ebol nHenepistolh. ebol HitootF edamaskos Sa nsunagwgh Jekaas
netFnaHe eroou ebol Hn teHih nrwme auw neHiome. eFeJitou eumhr eHrai eqierosolu
acts-09-03 asSwpe de eFmooSe ntereFHwn eHoun edamaskos. Hn ouSsne auouoein Sa e
Hrai eJwF ebol Hn tpe.
acts-09-04 auw ntereFHe eHrai eJm pkaH aFswtm eusmh esJw mmos naF. Je saule sau
le aHrok kpht nswi.
acts-09-05 peJaF de Je ntk nim pJoeis. peJe pJoeis de Je anok pe ihsous petkpht
acts-09-06 alla twoun ngbwk eHoun etpolis. auw senatamok Je ou peteSSe erok eaa
acts-09-07 nrwme de etmooSe nmmaF neuaHeratou euonS. neuswtm men etesmh nsenoi
an. neunau gar an elaau.
acts-09-08 saulos de aFtwoun ebol HiJm pkaH ere neFbal de ouhn neFnau ebol an.
auJimoeit de HhtF auJitF eHoun edamaskos.
acts-09-09 aFr Somnt de nHoou enFnau an ebol. auw mpFouwm oude mpFsw.
acts-09-10- neun oumaqhths de Hn damaskos epeFran pe ananias. peJe pJoeis naF Hn
ouHoroma Je anania. ntoF de peJaF Je eis Hhhte anok pJoeis.
acts-09-11 peJe pJoeis de naF Je twoun ngbwk efir etoumoute eroF Je petsoutwn.
ngSine Hm phi nioudas nsa ourmtarsos epeFran pe saulos. eis Hhhte gar ntoF eFSlh
acts-09-12 aFnau eurwme Je ananias eaFbwk eHoun aFtale tootF eJwF Je eFenau ebo
acts-09-13 aFouwSb de nCi ananias peJaF Je pJoeis aiswtm ntn HaH etbe peirwme.
Je aFrHaH mpeqoou nnekpetouaab Hn qierosoluma.
acts-09-14 auw on aFJi exousia mpeima ebol Hitn narciereus emour nouon nim etep
ikalei mpekran.
acts-09-15 peJe pJoeis naF Je bwk Je pai ouskeuos nai nswtp pe. etreFFi Ha para
n mpemto ebol nnHeqnos mn nerrwou mn nShre mpisrahl.
acts-09-16 anok gar TnatamoF enHise etFnaSopou Ha paran.
acts-09-17 aFmooSe de nCi ananias aFbwk eHoun ephi aFtale neFCiJ eJn saulos peJ
aF Je saule pason pJoeis ihsous pentaFtnnoout pai ntaFouwnH nak ebol Hn teHih et
knhu mmos Jekaas ekenau ebol auw ngmouH ebol Hm pepneuma etouaab.
acts-09-18 nteunou de auHe ebol Hn neFbal nqe nHenHbs. auw aFnau ebol. nteunou
de aFtwoun aFJibaptisma.
acts-09-19+ auw ntereFouwm aFCmCom. aFSwpe de mn mmaqhths etHn damaskos nHenHoou
acts-09-20 auw nteunou aFkhrusse mpJoeis ihsous Hn nsunagwgh nnioudai. Je pai p
e pecristos pShre mpnoute.
acts-09-21 aupwSs de nCi ouon nim etswtm eroF auw neuJw mmos Je mh mpai an pe e
ntaFJwwre ebol Hn qierosoluma nnetepikalei mpeiran auw ntautnnoouF etbe pai epei
ma Jekaas eFeJitou eumhr eratou nnarciereus.
acts-09-22 saulos de neFCmCom nHouo. auw eFStortr nnioudai etouhH Hn damaskos e
Ftamo mmoou Je pai pe pecristos.
acts-09-23= ntere oumhhSe de nHoou Jwk ebol. auJiSoJne nCi nioudai eHotbeF.
acts-09-24 autame saulos epeuSoJne. neuHareH de empulh mpeHoou mn teuSh Jekaas
euemouout mmoF.
acts-09-25 auJitF de nCi mmaqhths aucala mmoF ebol Hitm psobt Hn oubir nteuSh.
acts-09-26= ntereFbwk de eHrai eqierosoluma aFJwnt etoCF emmaqhths. auw neurHote
HhtF throu nsepisteue an Je oumaqhths pe.
acts-09-27 barnabas de aFamaHte mmoF aFJitF eratou nnapostolos auw aFtamoou eqe
ntaFnau epJoeis Hn teHih auw Je aFSaJe nmmaF auw nqe ntaFparrhsiaze mmoF Hn dam
askos Hm pran nihsous.
acts-09-28 neFSoop de nmmau pe eFbhk eHoun eFnhu ebol Hn qierosoluma. auw eFpar
rh siaze mmoF Hm pran mpJoeis.
acts-09-29 neFSaJe de auw neFTtwn mn noueeienin. ntoou de auHitootou eHotbeF.
acts-09-30 nteroueime de nCi nesnhu. auntF eHrai ekaisaria nteuSh. auw auJoouF
acts-09-31- tekklhsia de etHn Toudaia thrs mn tgalilaia mn tsamaria nesSoop Hn o
ueirhnh eukwt mmos esmooSe Hn qote mpJoeis auw Hm psops mpepneuma etouaab nesaSa
acts-09-32= asSwpe de ntere petros ei ebol Hitn ouon nim etreFbwk Sa netouaab et
ouhH Hn ludda.
acts-09-33 auw aFHe eurwme mmau epeFran pe ennaias. eaFr Smoune nrompe eFshC eF
nhJ HiJn ouCloC.
acts-09-34 auw petros aFCwSt eroF peJaF naF. Je enaia aFtalCok nCi pJoeis ihsou
s pecristos twoun ngpwrS Harok. auw nteunou aFtwoun.
acts-09-35 aunau de eroF nCi ouon nim etouhH Hn ludda mn sarwna. auw aHaH kotou
acts-09-36= neun ouswne de Hn iopph epesran pe tabiqa tai eSauouaHmes Je torkas
tai nesJhk ebol pe nHwb nim enanouF Hi mntna nai eneseire mmoou.
acts-09-37 asSwpe de Hn neHoou etmmau etresSwne nsmou. auJokmes de auw aukaas H
n ouma ntpe.
acts-09-38 ere ludda de Hhn eHoun eiopph. nterouswtm Je petros mmau. auJoou Sar
oF nrwme snau eusops mmoF euJw mmos Je mprJnaau eei Saron.
acts-09-39 petros de aFtwoun aFbwk nmmau ntereFei de auJitF eHrai epma ntpe auw
anechra throu aHeratou eroF eurime eutsabo mmoF eHenSthn mn HenHoite nai enesta
mio mmoou esnmmau nCi dorkas.
acts-09-40 petros de ntereFnouJe ebol nouon nim auw aFkwlJ nneFpat aFSlhl aFkto
F de epswma peJaF Je tabiqa twoun Hm pran mpenJoeis ihsous pecristos ntos de aso
uwn nnesbal nteunou auw nteresnau epetros asHmoos.
acts-09-41 aFT toots de aFtounoss auw aFmoute enetouaab mn nechra aFtaHos erats
nau esonH.
acts-09-42 apai Swpe eFouonH ebol Hn iopph thrs. auw aHaH pisteue epJoeis.
acts-09-43 asSwpe de etreFCw nHaH nHoou Hn iopph Hatn oua Je simwn pbakSaar.
acts-10-01= neun ourwme de Hn kaisaria epeFran pe kornhlios. ouHekatontarcos ebo
l Hn tespirh etoumoute eros Je qitalikh.
acts-10-02 eueusebhs pe eFrHote HhtF mpnoute mn peFhi thrF eSaFr HaH mmntna mpl
aos. auw eFsops mpnoute nouoeiS nim.
acts-10-03 aFnau euHoroma Hn ououwnH ebol mpnau nJp yite mpeHoou. ouaggelos nte
pnoute aFbwk eHoun SaroF peJaF naF Je kornhlie.
acts-10-04 ntereFCwSt de eHoun eHraF aFrHote peJaF Je ou petSoop pJoeis. peJaF
de naF Je nekSlhl auw nekmntna. aubwk eHrai eurpmeeue nak mpemto ebol mpnoute.
acts-10-05 tenou Ce maJoou nHenrwme eHrai eiopph ngtnnoou nsa simwn peteSaumout
e eroF Je petros.
acts-10-06 eFouhH HaHtn oua Je simwn pbakSaar. pai erepeFhi HiJn qalassa.
acts-10-07 auw ntere paggelos bwk etSaJe nmmaF. aFmoute esnau nneFHmHal. auw ou
matoi nrmnnoute ebol Hn netproskarteri eroF.
acts-10-08 auw aFJe SaJe nim eroou aFJoouse eiopph.
acts-10-09- mpeFraste de eumooSe nCi petmmau nterouHwn eHoun etpolis. petros aFb
wk eHrai etJenepwr eSlhl mpnau nJp so.
acts-10-10 aFHko de auw aFrHnaF nouwm. eusobte de naF. auegstasis He eHrai eJwF
acts-10-11 auw aFnau etpe esouhn. auw ouskeuos eFmhr epeFtoou ntop nqe nounoC n
Hbos. eucala mmoF eHrai eJm pkaH.
acts-10-12 ere ntbnooue throu nHhtF. auw nJatFe mpkaH mn nHalate ntpe.
acts-10-13 ausmh de Swpe SaroF Je twoun petre Swwt ngouwm.
acts-10-14 peJe petros Je mpwr pJoeis Je mpiouem laau eneH eFJaHm hnakaqarton.
acts-10-15 atesmh de on Swpe SaroF mpmeHsep snau esJw mmos Je nenta pnoute tbbo
ou ntok mprJaHmou.
acts-10-16 pai de on aFSwpe nSmtswwp. auw auJi peskeuos on eHrai etpe.
acts-10-17- petros de aFaporri Hrai nHhtF Je ou pe peiHoroma ntaFnau eroF eis nr
wme ntautnnoouse ebol Hitn kornhlios auSine nsa phi nsimwn auei ermpro
acts-10-18 aumoute de auJnouou Je ere simwn ouhH mpeima. peteSaumoute eroF Je p
acts-10-19 ere petros de mokmek mmoF etbe pHoroma. peJe pepneuma naF. Je eis So
mnt nrwme seSine nswk.
acts-10-20 alla twoun ngbwk epesht ngmooSe nmmau. ngdiakrine nlaau an Je anok p
acts-10-21 petros de aFei epesht peJaF nnrwme. Je eis Hhhte anok petetnSine nsw
i. ou te tloiCe ntatetnei etbhhts.
acts-10-22 ntoou de peJau nau Je kornhlios ouHekatontarcos ourwme ndikaios eFrH
ote HhtF mpnoute pai eurmntre HaroF Hitm pHeqnos thrF nnioudai eautsebe eiatF eb
ol Hitn ouaggelos eFouaab etnnoou nswk eHoun epeFhi auw eswtm eHenSaJe ebol Hito
acts-10-23+ aFmoute Ce eroou eHoun nCi petros aFSopou eroF. mpeFraste aFtwoun aF
ei ebol nmmau. auw Hoeine nnesnhu ebol Hn iopph auei nmmaF.
acts-10-24 mpeFraste de aFbwk ekaisaria kornhlios Ce neFCwSt Hhtou pe eaFmoute
eneFsuggenhs mn neFSbhr anagkaios.
acts-10-25 asSwpe de ntere petros bwk eHoun akornhlios twmnt eroF. auw aFpaHtF
HaratF aFouwSt naF.
acts-10-26 petros de aFtounosF eFJw mmos Je twoung. anok Hwwt on ang ourwme.
acts-10-27 eFSaJe de nmmaF aFbwk eHoun. auw aFHe eumhhSe eusoouH.
acts-10-28 peJaF nau Je ntwtn tetnsooun Je ouSloF pe nourwme nioudai eJwH heT p
eFouoi eurwme nallofulos pnoute de aFtsaboi etme plaau nrwme Je FJaHm houakaqart
os pe.
acts-10-29 etbe pai nteretnei nswi. aiei noueS nloiCe. TJnou Ce mmwtn Je Hn ou
nSaJe atetnmoute eroi.
acts-10-30 auw peJe kornhlios Je JinFteuepoou SaHrai eteiounou. neinhsteue auw
neiSlhl Hm pahi mpnau nJp yite. auw eis ourwme eFaHeratF mpamto ebol Hn ouHbsw n
acts-10-31 eFJw mmos Je kornhlie auswtm epekSlhl. auw nekmntna aurpeumeeue mpem
to ebol mpnoute.
acts-10-32 maJoou Ce eiopph ngtnoou nsa simwn petoumoute eroF Je petros. pai eF
ouhH Hm phi nsimwn pbakSaar Hatn qalassa. pai eFnhu nFJw nak nHenSaJe eknaouJai
acts-10-33 nteunou de aitnnoou Sarok ntok de kalws akaas akei tenou Ce eis anon
thrn mpekmto ebol eswtm enentauoueHsaHne mmoou nak ebol Hitm pnoute.
acts-10-34= petros de aFouwn nrwF peJaF Je Hn oume Teime. Je noureFJiHo an pe pn
acts-10-35 alla Hn Heqnos nim petrHote HhtF. auw etrHwb etdikaiosunh FShp nnaHr
acts-10-36 peFSaJe gar aFtnnoouF nnShre mpisrahl. eFeuaggelize noueirhnh ebol H
itn ihsous pecristos. pai pe pJoeis nouon nim.
acts-10-37 ntwtn tetnsooun mpSaJe ntaFSwpe Hn Toudaia thrs. eaFarcei Jin ntgali
laia. mnnsa pbaptisma nta iwHannhs khrusse mmoF.
acts-10-38 ihsous pebol Hn nazareq nqe nta pnoute taHsF Hn oupneuma eFouaab mn
ouCom pai ntaFei ebol nHhtou eFr petnanouF auw eFrpaHre eouon nim etouJi mmoou n
Cons ebol Hitm pdiabolos ebol Je nere pnoute Soop nmmaF.
acts-10-39 auw anon tno mmntre nHwb nim ntaFaau Hn tecwra nToudaia mn qierosolu
ma. pai ntaumooutF eauaStF euSe.
acts-10-40 pai nta pnoute tounosF Hm pmeHSomnt nHoou. auw aFtaaF etreFouwnH ebo
acts-10-41 mplaos thrF an. alla nentautoSou Jin nSorp mmntre ebol Hitm pnoute.
nai ntanouwm auw answ nmmaF mnnsa treFtwoun ebol Hn netmoout nHme nHoou.
acts-10-42 eaFparaggile nan ekhrusse mplaos auw ermntre. Je pai pentautoSF ebol
Hitm pnoute nkriths nnetonH mn netmoout.
acts-10-43 neprofhths throu rmntre mpai etre ouon nim etpisteue eroF Ji noukw e
bol nneunobe ebol Hitm peFran.
acts-10-44= eti de ere petros Jw nneiSaJe. apepneuma etouaab He eHrai eJn ouon n
im etswtm epSaJe.
acts-10-45 auw aupwSs nCi mpistos etSoop ebol Hm psbbe. nai ntauei mn petros. J
e atdwrea mpepneuma etouaab pwHt eHrai eJn nkeHeqnos.
acts-10-46 neuswtm gar eroou euSaJe Hn Henkeaspe. auw euTeoou mpnoute. tote ape
tros ouwSb.
acts-10-47 Je mhti oun SCom nlaau ekwlu mpmoou. etre nai Jibaptisma. nai ntauJi
mpepneuma etouaab Hwou ntnHe.
acts-10-48 aFoueHsaHne de nau etreuJibaptisma epran nihsous pecristos. aFCw de
HaHthu nHenHoou.
acts-11-01= auswtm de nCi napostolos auw nesnhu etSoop Hn Toudaia. Je anHeqnos S
wp eroou mpSaJe mpnoute.
acts-11-02 ntere petros de bwk eHrai eqierosoluma. auJiHap nmmaF nCi nesnhu neb
ol Hm psbbe
acts-11-03 euJw mmos Je akbwk eHoun Sa Henrwme natsbbe auw akouwm nmmau.
acts-11-04 aFarcei de nCi petros aFtaue qe eroou Jin nSorp eFJw mmos.
acts-11-05 Je anok neiSoop Hn oupolis Je eiopph eiSlhl auw anau euHoroma Hn oue
kstasis ouskeuos nqe nounoC nHbos eucala mmoF mpeFtoou ntop ebol Hn tpe auw aFpw
H Saroi.
acts-11-06 aiCwSt de auw aimouH eHrai eJwF. anau entbnooue mpkaH mn neqhrion mn
nJatFe. auw nHalate ntpe.
acts-11-07 aiswtm de on eusmh esJw mmos nai Je twoun petre Swwt ngouwm.
acts-11-08 auw peJai Je mpwr pJoeis Je mpe petJaHm hnakaqarton bwk eHoun erwi e
acts-11-09 atesmh de ouwSb mpmeHsep snau ebol Hn tpe. Je nenta pnoute tbboou. n
tok mprJaHmou.
acts-11-10 pai de aFSwpe nSmtswwp. auw auFi nka nim eHrai etpe.
acts-11-11 auw nteunou eis Somnt nrwme auei erm phi enei nHhtF. eautnnoouse Sar
oi ebol Hn kaisaria.
acts-11-12 peJe pepneuma nai Je bwk nmmau mpkdiakrine nlaau. auei de nmmai nCi
peikesoou nson. auw anbwk eHoun ephi mprwme.
acts-11-13 aFtamon eqe ntaFnau epaggelos eFaHeratF Hm peFhi. eFJw mmos naF Je m
aJoou eeiopph ngtnnoou nsa simwn peteSaumoute eroF Je petros.
acts-11-14 auw pai naJw erok nHenSaJe eknaouJai nHhtou. ntok auw pekhi thrF.
acts-11-15 nteriarcei de nSaJe apepneuma etouaab He eHrai eJwou. nqe Hwwn on nt
acts-11-16 airpmeeue de mpSaJe mpJoeis nqe ntaFJoos Je iwHannhs men aFbaptize H
n oumoou. ntwtn de senabaptize mmwtn Hn oupneuma eFouaab.
acts-11-17 eSJe apnoute de Tnau nTdwrea nouwt nqe Hwwn ntaFT nan eaupisteue epJ
oeis ihsous pecristos anok de ang nim etraSCmCom ekwlu mpnoute.
acts-11-18 nterouswtm de enai aukarwou auw auTeoou mpnoute. euJw mmos Je ara ap
noute Ttmetanoia nnHeqnos etreuwnH.
acts-11-19- nentauJwwre de ebol Hn teqliyis ntasSwpe Hi stefanos auei ebol SaHra
i etefoinikh mn kupros mn tantiocia enseJw an mpSaJe elaau eimhti nioudai mauaau
acts-11-20 neun Hoeine de ebol nHhtou eHenrwme ne nkuprios. auw nkurhnaios. nai
nterouei etantiocia auSaJe mn noueeienin eutaSeoeiS mpJoeis ihsous.
acts-11-21 auw tCiJ mpJoeis nesSoop nmmau. ounoC de mmhhSe aupisteue auw aukoto
u epJoeis.
acts-11-22 apSaJe de bwk eHrai emmaaJe ntekklhsia etHn qierosoluma etbhh tou. a
uw auJoou nbarnabas etreFbwk Sa tantiocia.
acts-11-23 ntoF de ntereFbwk aFnau etecaris mpnoute aFraSe. auw neFsops nouon n
im etreuCw Hi pJoeis.
acts-11-24 ebol Je neurwme pe nagaqos eFJhk ebol mpneuma eFouaab Hi pistis. auw
aumhhSe enaSwF ouaHF epJoeis.
acts-11-25 aFei de ebol etarsos eSine nsa saulos.
acts-11-26 auw ntereFHe eroF aFntF etantioc ia. asSwpe de nterour ourompe mmau
eusoouH Hn tekklhsia auw nseTsbw noumhhSe enaSwF auw nsemoute emmaqhths nSorp Hn
tantiocia Je necristianos.
acts-11-27- Hrai de Hn neHoou etmmau. aHenprofhths ei ebol Hn qierosoluma etanti
acts-11-28 aoua de twoun ebol nHhtou epeFran pe agabos aFshmane ebol Hitm pepne
uma nounoC nHebwwn eFnaSwpe eHrai eJn toikoumenh thrs pai ntaFSwpe Hi klaudios.
acts-11-29 mmaqhths de autoSou. kata qe eteounte poua poua mmoou etreuT eHrai e
udiakonia. nseJoousou nnesnhu etouhH Hn Toudaia.
acts-11-30 pai de auaaF auJoosou nnepresbuteros ebol HitootF nbarnabas mn saulo
acts-12-01= mpeouoeiS de etmmau. aagrippas prro Hi tootF eqmke Hoine ebol Hn tek
acts-12-02 aFHwtb de niakwbos pson niwHannhs Hn oushFe.
acts-12-03 ntereFnau de Je Franau nnioudai. aFouwH etootF eCwpe mpke petros. ne
neHoou de naqab ne.
acts-12-04 ntereFCopF de aFnoJF epeSteko. eaFtaaF etootou mmntase mmatoi eHareH
eroF. eFouwS mnnsa ppasca entF ebol nnaHrm plaos.
acts-12-05 petros Ce neuHareH eroF pe Hn ouwrJ Hm peSteko. neun ounoC de nSlhl
Soop ebol Hitn tekklhsia nnaHrm pnoute etbhhtF.
acts-12-06= ntereFnou de nCi agrippas entF ebol Hn teuSh etmmau nere petros nkot
k ntmhte mmatoi snau eFmhr nHalusis snte ere nanourSe Hirm pro euHareH epeSteko.
acts-12-07 auw eis ouaggelos nte pJoeis aFaHeratF HiJm petros auw auouoein Sa H
m phi aFtbs pespir de mpetros aFtounosF eFJw mmos Je twoung Hn ouCeph auw ammrre
He ebol Hn neFCiJ.
acts-12-08 peJe paggelos de naF Je mour ntekTpe auw ngT mpeksandalion eratk aFe
ire de Hinai auw peJaF naF Je TtekSthn Hiwwk auw ngouaHk nswi.
acts-12-09 aFei de ebol aFouaHF nswF. enFsooun an Je oume pe petere paggelos ei
re mmoF. neFmeeue gar Je ouHoroma petFnau eroF.
acts-12-10 nterouei de ebol Hitm pSorp nro auw pmeHsnau auei eHrai eJn tpulh mp
enipe etouhn ebol etpolis tai de asouwn nau mauaas nterouei de ebol aupwH Sa pSo
rp nHir auw nteunou apaggelos saHwF ebol mmoF.
acts-12-11 petros de ntere peFHht Swpe mmoF. peJaF Je tenou aieime name Je pJoe
is pentaFtnnoou mpeFaggelos auw aFnaHmet ebol Hn tCiJ nagrippas. auw teprosdokia
thrs mplaos nnioudai.
acts-12-12 ntereFeime de aFbwk ern phi mmaria tmaau niwHannhs peSaumoute eroF J
e markos. pma enere oumhhSe nHhtF eusoouH auw euSlhl.
acts-12-13 ntereFtwHm de erm pro nqaeit. auSeere Shm ei ebol eouwSb epesran pe
acts-12-14 auw nteressoun tesmh mpetros ebol mpraSe mpsouwn mpro. aspwt de eHou
n astamoou Je petros aHeratF Hirm pro.
acts-12-15 auw peJau nas Je erelobe. ntos de astwk eHoun Je tai te qe. peJau na
s Je peFaggelos pe.
acts-12-16 petros de mpFlo eFtwHm. nterououwn de aunau eroF auw aupwSs.
acts-12-17 aFkim de nteFCiJ eroou etreukarwou aFtamoou eqe nta pJoeis ntF ebol
Hm peSteko. auw peJaF Je tame iakwbos auw nesnhu nai aFei de ebol auw aFbwk euma
acts-12-18- ntere Htooue de Swpe. neun ounoC nStortr Soop Hn mmatoi. Je ou ara p
entaFSwpe mpetros.
acts-12-19 agrippas de ntereFSine nswF mpFHe eroF. aFanakrine nnanourSe aFoueHs
aHne eJitou ebol etakoou. aFei de ebol Hn Toudaia eHrai ekaisaria aFSwpe mmau.
acts-12-20= neFCont de enrmnturos mn sidwn ntoou de H iousop auei SaroF auw aupi
qe nFlastos petHiJm pkoitwn mprro auaiti noueirhnh ebol Je neusanS nteucwra ebol
Hn naprro.
acts-12-21 Hn ouHoou de eautoSF aHhrwdhs THiwwF nteFHbsw nrro. auw aFHmoos epbh
ma. aFTHap eroou.
acts-12-22 pmhhSe de auaSkak ebol Je ousmh nnoute te. auw nousmh nrwme an te.
acts-12-23 nteunou de aFpatasse mmoF nCi ouaggelos nte pJoeis ebol Je mpFT eoou
mpnoute. auw aFrFnt aFmou.
acts-12-24 pSaJe de mpnoute aFauxane auw aFaSai.
acts-12-25 barnabas de mn saulos aukotou ebol Hn qierosoluma etantiocia. eauJwk
ebol ntdiakonia eauJi nmmau niwHannhs petoumoute eroF Je markos.
acts-13-01= neuSoop de Hn tekklhsia etHn tantiocia nCi Henprofhths mn HensaH ete
barnabas pe mn sumewn petoumoute eroF Je niger mn loukios pkurhnaios auw manahn
pson mmoone nHhrwdhs ptetraarchs auw saulos
acts-13-02 euSmSe de mpJoeis auw eunhsteue. peJe pepneuma etouaab nau Je pwrJ n
ai ebol nbarnabas mn saulos efwb ntaitaHmou eroF.
acts-13-03 tote aunhsteue auw auSlhl. autale CiJ eJwou. aukaau ebol.
acts-13-04= ntoou Ce nterouJoouse ebol Hitn netouaab. auei eHrai eseleukia. ebol
de Hm pma etmmau ausChr eHrai ekupros.
acts-13-05 auw nterouSwpe Hn salamina autaSeoeiS mpSaJe mpnoute Hn nsunagwgh nn
ioudai. neuntau de mmau mpkeiwHannhs eFSmSe nau.
acts-13-06 nteroumouSt de ntnhsos thrs SaHrai epafos. auHe eurwme nioudai mmago
s mprofhths nnouJ. epeFran pe barihsous.
acts-13-07 eFSoop mn panqhpatos serkios paulos ourwme nrmnHht pai aFmoute ebarn
abas mn saulos aFSine nsa swtm epSaJe mpnoute.
acts-13-08 aFT de oubhu nCi elumas pmagos. tai gar te qe eSauouwHm mpeFran. eFS
ine nsa kte panqupatos ebol Hn tpistis.
acts-13-09 saulos de ete paulos pe aFmouH ebol Hm pepneuma etouaab. aFeiwrm eHo
un eHraF
acts-13-10 eFJw mmos Je wpetJhk ebol nkroF nim auw peqoou nim. pShre mpdiabolos
pJaJe ndikaiosunh nim. ngnalo an ekCwwme nneHiooue etsoutwn nte pJoeis.
acts-13-11 tenou eis tCiJ mpJoeis naSwpe eHrai eJwk auw ngSwpe nblle ngnau ebol
an eprh Sa ouoeiS nteunou de aHenHbs He eHrai eJwF mn oukake auw neFmooSe eFSin
e nsa netnaJi moeit HhtF.
acts-13-12 tote panqupatos ntereFnau epentaFSwpe. aFpisteue eFplhsse eHrai eJn
tesbw mpJoeis.
acts-13-13= ntere na paulos de sChr ebol Hm pafos auei eHrai epergh ntpamfulia.
aiwHannhs de pwrJ ebol mmoou aFktoF eqierosoluma.
acts-13-14 ntoou Ce nterouei ebol Hm pergh. auei eHrai etantiocia ntpisidia. au
w aubwk eHoun etsunagwgh mpeHoou nnsabbaton auHmoos
acts-13-15 mnnsa pwS de mpnomos mn neprofhths. auJoou nCi narcisunagwgos Saroou
euJw mmos Je nrwme nesnhu eSwpe oun SaJe nsops nteth utn aJis nnaHrm plaos.
acts-13-16+ apaulos de twoun aFkim mn teFCiJ eroou eFJw mmos Je nrwme nte pisrah
l. auw netrHote HhtF mpnoute swtm.
acts-13-17 pnoute mpisrahl aFswtp nneneiote. auw aFJise mplaos mpma nCoile Hm p
kaH nkhme. auw Hn ouCboi eFJose aFntou ebol Hm pma etmmau.
acts-13-18 aFsanouSou nHme nrompe Hi terhmos.
acts-13-19 aFFwte ebol nsaSF nHeqnos Hm pkaH ncanaan. aFT peukaH nau nklhronomi
acts-13-20 naFtou Se taiou nrompe. auw aFT nau nkrhths SaHrai esamouhl peprofht
acts-13-21 mnnsws auaiti nourro. apnoute Tnau nsaoul pShre nCis. ourwme ebol Hn
tefulh nbeniamein nHme nrompe.
acts-13-22 auw ntereFpooneF aFtounes daueid nau eurro. pai ntaFrmntre HaroF eFJ
w mmos Je aiHe edaueid pShre nissai eFnhu Hm paHht. pai etnaeire nnaouwS throu.
acts-13-23 ebol Ce Hm peFsperma kata ouerht. apnoute tounos mpisrahl mpswth rih
acts-13-24 ea iwHannhs khrusse Haqh mpeFei eHoun noubaptisma mmetanoia mplaos t
acts-13-25 iwHannhs de ntereFJwk ebol mpeFtromos neFJw mmos pe nnaHrm pmhhSe Je
aHrwtn tetnmeeue eroi Je anok pe nanok an pe alla eis Hhhte Fnhu mnnswi pai enT
mpSa an nbwl ebol mptooue nneFouerhte.
acts-13-26- nrwme nesnhu nShre mpgenos nabraHam. auw netrHote HhtF mpnoute nHht
thutn. ntautnnoou nan mpSaJe mpeiouJai.
acts-13-27 netouhH gar Hn qierosoluma auw neuarcwn mpousouw npai. auw nesmh nne
profhths etouwS mmoou kata sabbaton nim. aukrine mmoou auJokou ebol.
acts-13-28 mpouCn laau de nloiCe mmou eHoun eroF. auaiti mpilatos emouout mmoF.
acts-13-29 nterouJwk de ebol nnetshH throu etbhtF. auouaHF eHrai Hi pSe aukaaF
Hn outafos.
acts-13-30 pnoute de aFtounosF ebol Hn netmoout.
acts-13-31 pai ntaFouwnH ebol nHaH nHoou nnentaubwk nmmaF ebol Hn tgalilaia eHr
ai eqierosoluma. nai tenou euSoop naF mmntre nnaHrm plaos.
acts-13-32 auw anon Hwwn tneuaggelize nhtn mperht ntaFSwpe nnaHrn neneiote.
acts-13-33 Je apnoute JokF ebol nneuShre eaFtounos nan mpJoeis ihsous pecristos
nqe etFshH Hm pmeHsnau myalmos Je ntok pe paShre anok aiJpok mpoou.
acts-13-34 Je aFtounosF de ebol Hn netmoout nFnatstoF an eptako. aFJoos nteiHe
de TnaT nhtn nnetouaab ndaueid etnHot.
acts-13-35 Je FJw mmos on Hn kema. Je nnekT mpekpetouaab etreFnau eptako.
acts-13-36 daueid men gar Hn teFgenea aFSmSe mpouwS mpnoute. aFnkotk. auouaHF n
naHrn neFeiote auw aFnau eptako.
acts-13-37 penta pnoute de tounosF mpFnau eptako.
acts-13-38 mareFouwnH Ce nhtn ebol nrwme nasnhu. Je ebol Hitm peihsous setaSeoe
iS nhtn mpkw ebol nnetnnobe.
acts-13-39 auw Hwb nim etempetneSCmCom etmaio ebol nHhtou. Hm pnomos mmwushs ou
on nim etnapisteue epai senatmaioou.
acts-13-40 CwSt Ce mprtre pentauJooF Hitm peprofhths ei eHrai eJwtn.
acts-13-41 Je anau nkatafroniths ntetn rSphre ntetn tako. Je Tnar ouHwb anok Hn
netnHoou. ouHwb nnetnpisteue eroF erSanoua JooF nhtn.
acts-13-42- eunhu de ebol ausepswpF etreFJw eroou nneiSaJe mpkesabbaton etnhu.
acts-13-43 ntere tsunagwgh de twns auouaHou nCi oumhhSe nioudai mn neproshlutos
etSmSe nsapaulos mn barnabas. ntoou de auSaJe nmmau aupiqe mmoou etreuCw Hn tec
aris mpnoute.
acts-13-44- Hm pkesabbaton de scedon tpolis thrs. auswouH eswtm epSaJe mpJoeis.
acts-13-45 nioudai de nterounau epmhhSe. aumouH nkwH. auw auT oube netere paulo
s Jw mmoou euJioua.
acts-13-46 paulos de mn barnabas auparrh siaze mmoou peJau nau Je ne ouanagkaio
n pe eJw nhtn mpSaJe mpnoute nSorp epeidh tetnnouJe mmoF ebol mmwtn auw ntetn kr
ine mmwtn an Je tetnmpSa mpwnH eis Hhhte tnnakton eHrai enHeqnos.
acts-13-47 tai gar te qe nta tegrafh Joos. Je aikw mmok nouoein nnHeqnos etrekS
wpe euouJai SaarhJF mpkaH.
acts-13-48 nHeqnos de nterouswtm auraSe. auw auTeoou mpSaJe mpJoeis. auw aupist
eue nCi nentautoSou epwnH Sa eneH.
acts-13-49 pSaJe de mpJoeis neFmooSe Hn tecwra thrs.
acts-13-50 nioudai de autbs nesHime nrmmao etSmSe auw nnoC nrwme ntpolis autoun
es oudiwgmos eHrai eJm paulos mn barnabas auw aunoJou ebol Hn neutoS.
acts-13-51 ntoou de auneHpSoeiS nneuouerh te eHrai eJwou. auei eHrai eHikonios.
acts-13-52 mmaqhths de aumouH nraSe Hi pneuma eFouaab.
acts-14-01= asSwpe de on kata peuswnt etreubwk eHoun etsunagwgh nnioudai. nseSaJ
e nteiHe. Hwste nte oumhhSe enaSwF pisteue ebol Hn nioudai mn nHellhn.
acts-14-02 nioudai de ntoou etempounaHte autwoun aumekH neyuch nnHeqnos eHoun e
acts-14-03 aur ounoC de nouoeiS mmau euparrhsiaze mmoou eHrai eJm pJoeis. pai e
trmntre mpSaJe nteFcaris. etT nHenmaein mn HenSphre etreuSwpe ebol Hitn teuCiJ.
acts-14-04 apmhhSe de ntpolis pwS. auw Hoine men neuSoop pe mn nioudai. Henkoou
e de mn napostolos.
acts-14-05 nterouT mpeuouoi de nCi nHeqnos mn nioudai. auw neuarcwn. etreusoSou
auw nseHiwne eroou.
acts-14-06 aueime auw aupwt eHrai empolis ntlukaonia. lusdra mn terbh auw tperi
acts-14-07 auw neueuaggelize Hm pma etmmau
acts-14-08= neun ourwme de Hn lusdra nCwb nneFouerhte. eFHmoos euCale pe Jin nHh
ts nteFmaau mpFmooSe eneH.
acts-14-09 pai neFswtm pe epaulos eFSaJe. ntoF de aFeiwrm eHoun eHraF aFeime Je
ountF pistis mmau etreFouJai.
acts-14-10 peJaF naF Hn ounoC nsmh Je eiJw mmos nak Hm pran nihsous pecristos.
twoun ngaHeratk HiJn nekouerhte. auw aFFoCF aFmooSe.
acts-14-11 mmhhSe de nterounau epenta paulos aaF. auFi Hrau ebol Hn teuaspe euJ
w mmos Je nta nnoute eine nnrwme auei eHrai Saron.
acts-14-12 auw aumoute ebarnabas Je pzeus. paulos de Je pHrmhs. epeidh ntoF pe
neunCom mmoF pe Hm pSaJe.
acts-14-13 pouhhb de mpzeus etmpbol ntpolis. aFeine nHenmase mn Henklom ern nro
mn mmhhSe. aFouwS etale qusia eHrai.
acts-14-14 nterouswtm de nCi napostolos barnabas mn paulos. aupeH neuHoeite auw
aupwt ebol epmhhSe. auaSkak ebol
acts-14-15 euJw mmos Je nrwme ou ne nai etetneire mmoou anon Hwwn on an Henrwme
ntetn He entaSeoeiS nhtn esaHe thutn ebol nneipetSoueit ekte thutn epnoute eton
H pai ntaFtamie tpe mn pkaH mn qalassa auw netnHhtou throu.
acts-14-16 pai Hn nJwm ntauoueine. aFkw nnHeqnos throu etreubwk Hn neuHi ooue.
acts-14-17 kaitoi on mpFCw noueS nrmntre mmoF nau eFrpetnanouF nau ebol Hn tpe
eFT nHenHwou mn HenouoiS nreFTkarpos eFtsio nneuHht ntrufh Hi ounoF.
acts-14-18 nai de euJw mmoou mogis autre mmhhSe etmSwwt nau.
acts-14-19- auei de ebol Hn tantiocia mn Hikonios nCi Henioudai aupiqe nmmhhSe a
uHiwne epaulos ausurra mmoF pbol ntpolis. eumeeue Je aFmou.
acts-14-20 ntere mmaqhths de kwte eroF ntere rouHe Swpe aFtwoun aFbwk eHoun etp
olis mpeFraste de aFei ebol mn barnabas eterbh.
acts-14-21= nteroutaSeoiS de ntpolis etmmau. auw auTsbw noumhhSe. aukotou eHrai
elustros mn Hikonios mn tantiocia.
acts-14-22 eutaJro nneyuch nmmaqhths. eusops mmoou etreuCw Hn tpistis. auw euJw
mmos Je ebol Hitn HaH nqliyis enabwk eHoun etmntrro mpnoute.
acts-14-23 ausmine de nau nHenpresbuteros kata ekklhsia. auSlhl mn Hennhstia au
T mmoou etootF mpJoeis pai ntaupisteue eroF.
acts-14-24 auw nteroumouSt ntphsidia auei epergh ntpamfulia.
acts-14-25 auw nterouJe pSaJe Hm pma etmmau aubwk eattalia.
acts-14-26 ebol de Hm pma etmmau ausChreHrai etantiocia. mpma ntautaau nHhtF Hn
tecaris mpnoute epHwb ntauJokF ebol.
acts-14-27 nterouei de auswouH ntekklhsia. auJw eroou nHwb nim nta pnoute aau n
mmau. auw nqe ntaFouwn nouro mpistis nnHeqnos.
acts-14-28 auSwpe de mmau nounoC nouoeiS mn mmaqhths.
acts-15-01= auw aHoine ei ebol Hn Toudaia auTsbw nnesnhu. Je eimhti ntetn sbbeth
utn. auw ntetn mooSe Hm pswnt mmwushs mnCom mmwtn eouJai.
acts-15-02 ntere oustasis de Swpe mn ounoC nzhthsis mpaulos mn barnabas nmmau.
auteS paulos mn barnabas auw Henkesnhu ebol nHhtou. etreubwk Sa napostolos mn ne
presbuteros etHn qierosoluma etbe peizhthma.
acts-15-03 ntoou Ce nterouqpoou ebol Hitn tekklhsia auei ebol Hitn tefoinikh mn
tsamaria euJw mpekto nnHeqnos auw eueire nounoC nraSe Hn nesnhu throu.
acts-15-04 nteroubwk de eHrai eqierosoluma auSopou eroou emate nCi tekklhsia mn
napostolos auw nepresbuteros autamoou de enenta pnoute aau nmmau Hn nHeqnos.
acts-15-05 autwounou de nCi Hoine nnentaupisteue ebol Hn qairesis nnefarissaios
euJw mmos Je SSe eroou etreusbbh tou. auw nseparaggile nau eHareH epnomos mmwus
acts-15-06- auswouH de nCi napostolos mn nepresbuteros enau etbe peiSaJe.
acts-15-07 ntere ounoC de nzhthsis Swpe apetros twoun peJaF nau Je nrwme nasnhu
ntwtn tetnsooun Je Jin neHoou nSorp apnoute swtp ebol Hitn tatapro etre nHeqnos
swtm epSaJe mpeuaggelion nsepisteue.
acts-15-08 auw pnoute etsooun nnHht aFrmntre. eaFT nau mpepneuma etouaab. kata
qe Hwwn ntaFtaaF nan.
acts-15-09 auw mpFTpwrJ laau outwn nmmau Hn tpistis aFtbbe neuHht.
acts-15-10 tenou Ce etbe ou tetnpeiraze mpnoute. eoueH ounaHb eJm pmakH nmmaqht
hs. pai etempe neneiote oude anon SCmCom eFi HaroF.
acts-15-11 alla ebol Hitn tecaris mpenJoeis ihsous. tnpisteue eouJai. kata qe n
toou Hwou.
acts-15-12- apmhhSe thrF karwou. auw auJismh ebarnabas mn paulos. eutauo nmmaein
mn neSphre nta pnoute aau Hn nHeqnos ebol Hitootou.
acts-15-13 mnnsa treukarwou de aiakwbos ouwSb eFJw mmos Je nrwme nesnhu swtm er
acts-15-14 sumewn aFJw eron nqe nta pnoute CmpSine Jinn Sorp. eJi oulaos ebol H
n nHeqnos mpeFran.
acts-15-15 auw nSaJe nneprofhths sumfwni nteiHe. kata qe etshH
acts-15-16 Je mnnsa nai Tnaktoi takwt nteskunh ndaueid tentasHe auw Tnakwt nnen
tauSorSr nHhts auw tataHos erats.
acts-15-17 Jekaas ere pkeseepe nnrwme Sine nsa pJoeis. auw nHeqnos throu ntauep
ikalei mparan eHrai eJwou peJe pJoeis.
acts-15-18 petouwnH ebol nnai Jin eneH.
acts-15-19 etbe pai anok Hw Tkrine etmTHise nnetkwt mmoou epnoute ebol Hn nHeqn
acts-15-20 alla sHai nau etreusaHwou ebol nnJw Hm nneidwlon auw tporneia mn oun
ka eFmoout auw pesnoF [[auw petenseouaSF an etreFSwpe mmoou etmtreuaaF nCe]].
acts-15-21 mwushs gar Jin ngenea nnarcaion. ountaF mmau nnetkhrusse mmoF kata p
olis. Hrai Hn nsunagwgh euwS mmoF kata sabbaton nim.
acts-15-22= tote asndoki nnapostolos mn nepresbuteros mn tekklhsia thrs etreuswt
p nHenrwme ebol nHhtou nseJoouse eHrai etantiocia mn paulos auw barnabas ete iou
das peSaumoute eroF Je barsabas auw silas Henrwme nnoC Hn nesnhu.
acts-15-23 eausHai ebol Hitootou nouepistolh nteiHe napostolos mn nepresbuteros
eusHai nnesnhu etHn tantiocia mn tsuria mn tkulikia netSoop ebol Hn nHeqnos cai
acts-15-24 epeidh answtm Je aHoine ebol nHhtn ei Sarwtn auStrtr thutn Hn HenSaJ
e euTmkaH nnetmyuch mpnHwn etootou.
acts-15-25 asndoki nan eanei euma nouwt Hi ousop etrenswtp nHenrwme ntntauoou S
arwtn. mn nenmerate barnabas mn paulos.
acts-15-26 Henrwme eauT nneuyuch Ha pran mpenJoeis ihsous.
acts-15-27 antnnoou de nioudas mn silas. ntoou Hwou on Hitm pSaJe eunaJw nhtn n
acts-15-28 asndoki gar mpepneuma etouaab auw nan. etmtale laau nbaros eJn thutn
nsa nai Hn ouHtor.
acts-15-29 esaHe thutn ebol mmoou nSwwt nneidwlon mn pesnoF mn neSaumou auw tpo
rneia mn netetnouaSou an etreuSwpe mmwtn mpraau nCe nai etetnSanHareH erwtn eroo
u tetnarSau ouJai.
acts-15-30- ntoou Ce nteroukaau ebol auei eHrai etantiocia. auseuH pmhhSe. auT n
au ntepistolh
acts-15-31 auw nterouoSs auraSe eHrai eJm psops.
acts-15-32 ioudas de mn silas Henprofhths Hwou ne ebol Hitn HaH nSaJe. auseps n
esnhu auw autaJroou.
acts-15-33 nterourouoeiS de auJoouse ebol Hitn nesnhu Hn oueirhnh eHrai eqieros
oluma Sa nentautaouoou.
acts-15-34 asndoki de nsilas etreFCw mpma etmmau.
acts-15-35 paulos de mn barnabas neuSoop pe Hn tantiocia. euTsbw auw eueuaggeli
ze mn HenkemhhSe mpSaJe mpnoute.
acts-15-36= mnnsa HenHoou de peJe paulos nbarnabas Je marnkotn ntnCmpSine nnesnh
u kata polis nim. nai ntantaSeoeiS nau mpSaJe mpJoeis Je serou.
acts-15-37 barnabas de neFouwS eJi nmmaF niwHannhs peSaumoute eroF Je markos.
acts-15-38 paulos de neFaxiou etmJi pentaFpwrJ ebol mmoou Jin ntpamfulia mpFbwk
nmmau mfwb.
acts-15-39 auparoxusmos de Swpe. Hwste nsesaHwou ebol nneuerhu. barnabas men aF
Ji mmarkos aFsChr eHrai ekupros.
acts-15-40 paulos de aFswtp nsilas. aFei ebol euT mmoF ntecaris mpJoeis Hitn ne
acts-15-41 aFei de ebol etsuria mn tkilikia. aFtaJro nnekklhsia.
acts-16-01= auw aFkatanta ederbh mn lustra. neun oumaqhths de mmau epeFran pe ti
moqeos epShre pe nousHi me nioudai mpisth. peFeiwt de oueienin pe.
acts-16-02 pai neurmntre HaroF ebol Hitn nesnhu etHn lusdros mn Hikonios.
acts-16-03 pai apaulos ouwS etreFei ebol nmmaF. auw aFJitF aFsbbhtF etbe niouda
i etSoop Hm pma etmmau. neusooun gar throu Je oueeienin pe peFeiwt.
acts-16-04 neunhu de ebol pe Hitn mpolis euT etootou etreuHareH endogma ntaukri
ne mmoou ebol Hitn napostolos mn nepresbuteros etHnqierosoluma.
acts-16-05 nekklhsia Ce neutaJro pe Hn tpistis auw neurHouo Hn thpe mmhne.
acts-16-06= auei de ebol Hitn tefrugia mn tecwra ntgalatia. eaukwlu mmoou ebol H
itm pepneuma etouaab etmJe pSaJe Hn tasia.
acts-16-07 nterouei de etmusia aupeiraze ebwk eHoun etbuqunia. auw mpFkaau nCi
acts-16-08 auw nterousaat tmusia auei eHrai etetrwas.
acts-16-09 auHoroma Cwlp ebol mpaulos nteuSh. eSJe ere ourwme mmakedwn aHeratF
mpeFmto ebol eFsops mmoF eFJw mmos Je amou etmakedonia ngbohqi eron.
acts-16-10 ntereFtwoun de aFJw eron mpHoroma nteunou de anSine nsaei ebol etmak
edonia entamo mmoou Je apJoeis taHmn etaSeoeiS nau.
acts-16-11= nterenkw de ebol Hn trwas ansChr esamoqrakh. mpeFraste de eneapolis.
acts-16-12 ebol de Hm pma etmmau enefilippos oupolis Je kalonia. etetai te tSor
p ntmeris ntmakedonia. nenSoop de Hn teipolis nHenHoou.
acts-16-13 mpeHoou de nnsabbaton anei ebol pbol ntpulh eJm piero euma eSanSlhl
nHhtF. auw anHmoos anSaJe mn neHiome ntauei ebol Saron.
acts-16-14 eun ousHime de swtm epesran pe ludia ousanJhCe nte tpolis nquatira e
sSmSe mpnoute tai enta pJoeis ouwn mpesHht etresTHths enetere paulos Jw mmoou.
acts-16-15 nteresJibaptisma de ntos auw peshi assepswpn esJw mmos Je eSJe atetn
krine eaat mpisth mpJoeis amhitn eHoun ntetn Swpe Hm pahi auw asswk mmon nJnaH.
acts-16-16= asSwpe de enabwk eSlhl. ouSeere Shm ere oupneuma nreFSine Hiwws astw
mnt eron. tai enesT nHennoC nHomnt nnesJisooue esSine.
acts-16-17 tai de neasouaHs nsa paulos nmman asaSkak ebol esJw mmos Je neirwme
nHmHal ne mpnoute etJose eutaSeoeiS nan nteHih mpouJai.
acts-16-18 pai de eneseire mmoF pe nHaH nHoou ntereFHoJHJ de nCi paulos aFktoF
peJaF mpepneuma Je Tparaggile nak Hm pran nis pecristos etrekei ebol nHhts auw n
teunou etmmau aFei ebol nHhts.
acts-16-19 nterounau de nCi nesJisooue Je asbwk ntootou nCi qelpis mpeuHwb. aua
maHte mpaulos mn silas auswk mmoou etagora nnaHrn narcwn
acts-16-20 auw auJitou eratou nnestrath gos euJw mmos Je neirwme Henioudai ne.
seStortr nteipolis.
acts-16-21 auw setaSeoiS nHenswnt nsto nan an eJitou heaau eanon HenHrwmaios.
acts-16-22 apmhhSe de pwt eHrai eJwou. auw nestrathgos aupeH neuHoi te. auw auo
ueHsaHne eHioue eroou nHenCeroob.
acts-16-23 auw nterouJnau HaH nshSe aunoJou epeSteko. eauparaggile mpetHi Jm pe
Steko eHareH eroou Hn ouwrJ.
acts-16-24 ntoF de aFJi nouparaggelia nteimine aFnoJou epeSteko etHiHoun. auw n
euouerhte aFtaJroou Hn ouSe.
acts-16-25- Hn tpaSe de nteuSh paulos mn silas neuSlhl pe. auw neusmou epnoute.
neuswtm de eroou nCi netmhr.
acts-16-26 auw Hn ouSsne aunoC nkmto Swpe Hwste nsenoein nCi nsnte mpeSteko anr
o de throu ouwn nteunou auw mmrre nouon nim aubwl ebol.
acts-16-27 aFtwoun de nCi petHiJm peSteko. auw ntereFnau enro mpeSteko euouhn.
aFtekm teFshFe aFei eFnaHotbeF eFmeeue Je anetmhr pwt ebol.
acts-16-28 paulos de aFmoute eroF Hn ounoC nsmh eFJw mmos Je mprr laau nak mpeq
oou. tnmpeima gar thrn.
acts-16-29 aFJi de noukwHt aFpwt eHoun auw aFpaHtF HaratF mpaulos mn silas eFst
acts-16-30 auw aFntou ebol peJaF nau Je naJisooue. ou peteSSe eroi eaaF Je eieo
acts-16-31 ntoou Ce peJau Je pisteue epJoeis ihsous pecristos. auw knaouJai nto
k auw pekhi.
acts-16-32 auw auJw eroF mpSaJe mpJoeis mn ouon nim etHm peFhi.
acts-16-33 aFJitou de mpnau etmmau nteuSh. aFJokmou ebol Hn neushSe. auw nteuno
u aFJibaptisma ntoF mn netenouF throu ne.
acts-16-34 aFJitou de eHrai epeFhi. aFkw Harwou noutrapeza auw neFtelhl pe eaFp
isteue epJoeis mn peFhi thrF.
acts-16-35- ntereHtooue de Swpe anestrathgos Joou nHenFaiSbwt euJw mmos Je kanei
rwme ebol.
acts-16-36 auw apetHiJm peSteko tame paulos eneiSaJe. Je anestrathgos tauoou ek
athutn ebol. tenou Ce amhitn bwk Hn oueirhnh.
acts-16-37 paulos de peJaF nau Je auHi oue eron dhmosia eanon Henrwme nHrwmaios
emn nobe eron aunoJn epeSteko tenou Ce senouJe mmon ebol nJioue mmon alla marou
ei ntoou nsentn ebol.
acts-16-38 ananourSe de tame nestrath gos eneiSaJe. auw aurHote nterouswtm Je H
enHrwmaios ne.
acts-16-39 auei de auparakalei mmoou. auw nterountou ebol. ausepswpou ebwk ebol
Hn tpolis.
acts-16-40 nterouei de ebol Hm peSteko aubwk eHoun Saludia. auw nterounau enesn
hu ausepswpou auei ebol.
acts-17-01= aumouSt de ntamfipolis auw tapolwnia. auei eqessalonikh. pma enere o
usunagwgh nnioudai nHhtF.
acts-17-02 kata pswnt de mpaulos aFbwk eHoun Saroou. auw aFr Somnt nsabbaton eF
SaJe nmmau ebol Hn negrafh
acts-17-03 eFbwl mmoou eFtamo mmoou epecristos. Je Haps etreFmou auw nFtwoun eb
ol Hn netmoout. auw Je pecristos ihsous pe pai eTtaSeoeiS nhtn.
acts-17-04 Hoine de ebol nHhtou aupiqe auw auouaHou epaulos mn silas. oumhhSe d
e enaSwF nnHellhn etSmSe. auw HaH nneHiome nrmmao.
acts-17-05 nioudai de nteroukwH aubwk auJi nmmau nHenrwme nrmnHosb mponhros auw
auseuH oumhhSe auStrtr tpolis auei de ermphi niaswn auSine nswou entou ebol nna
Hrm pmhhSe.
acts-17-06 auw nteroutmHe eroou auswk niaswn mn Hoine nnesnhu nnaHrn narcwn eua
Skak ebol Je nai nentauanastatou ntoikoumenh. auw auei epeima
acts-17-07 aFSopou eroF nCi iaswn. nai de throu euT oube ndogma mprro. euJw mmo
s Je oun kerro Soop Je ihsous.
acts-17-08 auw auStrtr mpmhhSe mn narcwn euswtm enai.
acts-17-09 auw auJi Sptwre ntn iaswn mn pkeseepe aukaau ebol.
acts-17-10= nteunou de anesnhu Joou mpaulos nteuSh auw silas eHrai eberoia. ntoo
u Ce nteroupwH emau. aubwk nteunou eHoun etsunagwgh nnioudai.
acts-17-11 nai de ne HenrmnHht ne eHoue netHn qessalonikh. eauSwp eroou mpSaJe
Hn ounoC nourot. euHotHt Hn negrafh mmhne Je ne nai smont nteiHe.
acts-17-12 HaH Ce ebol nHhtou aupisteue. auw HenHiome nHellhn nrmmao. mn Henrwm
e enaSwou.
acts-17-13 nteroueime de nCi nioudai nebol Hn qessalonikh Je autaSeoeiS Hn bero
ia mpSaJe mpnoute ebol Hitm paulos auei on emau euStortr auw eukim emmhhSe.
acts-17-14 nteunou de anesnhu Joou mpaulos etreFbwk SaHrai eJn qalassa. asilas
de Cw mmau mntimoqeos.
acts-17-15 netkaqista de mpaulos auntF Sa aqhnais. auw nterouJi nouentolh ntoot
F Sa silas mn timoqeos Je eueei SaroF Hn ouCeph. auei ebol
acts-17-16= ere paulos de CwSt Hhtou Hn aqhnais. apeFpneuma HoJHJ nHhtF eFnau et
polis esmeH mma neidwlon.
acts-17-17 neFSaJe de pe mn nioudai Hn teusunagwgh mn netSmSe. auw netHn tagora
mmhne nnaHrn netnhu eratF.
acts-17-18 Hoine de Hen epikourios mfilosofos mn nestoikos neuTtwn nmmaF pe auw
nere Hoine Jw mmos Je ere peisanSaJe Jw mmos Je ou Henkooue de peJau Je eFtaSeo
iS nHennoute nbrre ebol Je neFeuaggelize nihsous auw ntanastasis nnetmoout.
acts-17-19 auamaHte de mmoF auJitF eHoun epariom pagos. euJw mmos Je tnnaouwS e
eime Je ou te teisbw nbrre etkJw mmos.
acts-17-20 keine gar nHenSaJe nbrre eHoun enenmaaJe. tnouwS Ce eeime Je ou ne n
acts-17-21 naqhnais gar throu mn nSmmo etnHhtou meusrFe elaau eimhti eSaJe. hes
wtm euSaJe nbrre.
acts-17-22- paulos de aFaHeratF Hn tmhte mpariom pagos eFJw mmos Je nrwme naqhna
is Hn Hwb nim Tnau erwtn eSJe ntetnHenreFSmSenoute.
acts-17-23 eimooSe gar einau enetetnouwSt nau aiHe euShue eFshH eros Je pnoute
etensesooun mmoF an petetnouwSt Ce naF ntetn sooun mmoF an pai pe eTtaSeoeiS mmo
F nhtn.
acts-17-24 pnoute pentaFtamie pkosmos mn netnHhtF throu. pai pe pJoeis ntpe mn
pkaH. neFouhH an Hn rpe mmoung nCiJ.
acts-17-25 oude neFSaat an nlaau etreuSmSe naF ebol Hitn nCiJ nnrwme. ntoF petT
mpwnH nouon nim. auw tepnoh Hm pthrF.
acts-17-26 eaFtamie Heqnos nim nrwme ebol Hn oua etreuouwH HiJm fo thrF mpkaH.
eaFtwS nHenouoeiS aFoueHsaHne mmoou. auw ntoS nneuma nSwpe.
acts-17-27 etreuSine nsa pnoute. eSwpe eunaSCmCwmF nseHe eroF. kaiper nFouhu an
ebol mpoua poua mmon.
acts-17-28 enSoop gar nHhtF auw enonH nHhtF auw enkim nqe on ntaHoine nnetnpoih
ths Joos Je anon peFgenos.
acts-17-29 eanon pgenos Ce mpnoute nSSe eron an emeeue Je ere pnoute eine nouno
ub houHat houwne eFSetSwt ntecnh mmokmek nnrwme.
acts-17-30 mpeouoeiS Ce ntmntatsooun. apnoute obSF eroou. tenou Ce Fparaggile n
nrwme etre ouon nim Hm ma nim metanoi.
acts-17-31 ebol Je aFsmine nouHoou eFnakrine nHhtF ntoikoumenh Hn oudikaiosunh.
ebol Hitn ourwme eaFtoSF. aFTtpistis nouon nim eaFtounosF ebol Hn netmoout.
acts-17-32- nterouswtm de Je tanastasis nnetmoout. Hoine men aunoCneC. Henkooue
de peJau Je eneswtm erok etbe pai.
acts-17-33 auw tai te qe nta paulos ei ebol Hn teumhte.
acts-17-34 aHenrwme de pisteue autoCou eroF. auw dionhsios pareopagiths mn ousH
ime epesran pe damaris auw Henkooue nmmau.
acts-18-01= mnnsa nai aFei ebol Hn aqhnais. aFbwk ekorinqos.
acts-18-02 auw aFHe euioudai epeFran pe akulas oupontikos Hm peFgenos eaFei Hn
neHoou etmmau ebol Hn qitalia mn priskilla teFsHime ebol Je aklaudios oueHsaHne
etre nioudai throu bwk ebol Hn Hrwmh aFT peFouoei eroou.
acts-18-03 auw aFCw HaHthu aFrHwb. Je neteFeiope twou te. ne teutecnh gar pe re
Ftamie skunh.
acts-18-04 auw neFSaJe eroou pe Hn tsunagwgh kata sabbaton nim. eFpiqe nnioudai
mn nHellhn.
acts-18-05- ntere silas de ei mn timoqeos ebol Hn tmakedonia. nere paulos mhn eb
ol Hm pSaJe eFrmntre nnioudai Je ihsous pe pecristos.
acts-18-06 nterouT de oubhF euJioua. aFneH neFHoite ebol eFJw mmos Je petnsnoF
eHrai eJn tetnape. Touaab anok Jin tenou einabwk eHrai enHeqnos.
acts-18-07 aFpwwne de ebol Hm pma etmmau. aFbwk eHoun ephi nouson epeFran pe ti
tos eFSmSe mpnoute. pai ere peFhi Hhn eHoun etsunagwgh.
acts-18-08 krispos de parchsunagwgos aFpisteue epJoeis mn peFhi thrF. auw HaH H
n nkorinqos euswtm aupisteue auw auJi baptisma.
acts-18-09 peJe pJoeis de mpaulos Hn ouHoroma nteuSh. Je mprrHote alla SaJe. au
w mprkarwk
acts-18-10 Je anok TSoop nmmak. auw mn laau naSCmCom er peqoou nak. Je oun oula
os enaSwF Soop nai Hn teipolis.
acts-18-11 aFHmoos de mmau nourompe mn soou nebot eFTsbw nHhtou mpSaJe mpnoute.
acts-18-12- galliwn de eFo nanqupatos eJn tacaia. anioudai twoun Hi ousop eJm pa
ulos aun neuCiJ eHrai eJwF. auJitF epbhma
acts-18-13 euJw mmos Je para pnomos pai piqe nnrwme eSmSe mpnoute.
acts-18-14 ntere paulos de ei eFnaouwn nrwF. peJe galliwn nnioudai Je ene ouJi
nCons houHwb eFHoou pentaFSwpe w nioudai. neinaanece pe mmwtn eulogws.
acts-18-15 tenou Ce eSJe Henzhthma ne etbe ouSaJe. hHenran etbe petnnomos tetnr
wSe ntwtn. anok gar nTouwS an eTHap eHwb nteimine.
acts-18-16 auw aFnoJou ebol Hm pbhma.
acts-18-17 anHllhn de throu amaHte nswsqenhs parchsunagwgos auHioue eroF mpemto
ebol mpbhma. auw mpe galliwn prosece eroou.
acts-18-18= paulos de on aFCw nHenkemhh Se nHoou Hatn nesnhu mnnsa nai aFapotass
e nau aFsChr etsuria mn priskilla auw akulas aFHeke teFape Hn kencraiais neuntaF
gar mmau nouerht.
acts-18-19 nteroupwH de eefesos mpsabbaton etnhu. apaulos bwk eHoun etsunagwgh
aFSaJe mn nioudai.
acts-18-20 nterousepswpF de er ounoC nouoeiS mmau mpFCw.
acts-18-21 alla aFka nh mpma etmmau aFapotasse nau eFJw mmos Je Tnaktoi on Sarw
tn eSwpe pouwS mpnoute pe aFbwk ebol Hn tefesos
acts-18-22 aFsChr eHrai ekaisaria. auw ntereFbwk eHrai aFaspaze ntekklhsia. aFe
i epesht etantiocia.
acts-18-23 ntereFrouoeiS de mmau. aFei ebol eFmouSt ntecwra ntgalatia mn tefrug
ia. eutaJro nmmaqhths throu.
acts-18-24= ouioudai de epeFran pe apollw aFei etefesos. oualexandreus Hm peFgen
os. ourwme euntF pSaJe eunCom mmoF Hen negrafh.
acts-18-25 pai de ne aukaqhkei mmoF pe Hn teHih mpJoeis auw eFbrbr Hm pepneuma
neFSaJe auw neFTsbw Hn ouwrJ etbe ihsous eFsooun mmate mpbaptisma niwHannhs.
acts-18-26 pai aFarcei mparrhsiaze mmoF Hn tsunagwgh. nterouswtm de eroF nCi ak
ulas mn priskilla. auSopF eroou auw autamoF Hn ouwrJ eteHih mpnoute.
acts-18-27 anesnhu de protrepe mmoF eHnaF ebwk etacaia. auw ausHai nnesnhueSopF
eroou. nterouei de emau aFtaaF epeHouo nnentaupisteue Hn tecaris.
acts-18-28 neFJpio gar nnioudai emate Hn ouparrhsia. eFtamo mmoou ebol Hn negra
fh Je ihsous pe pecristos.
acts-19-01= asSwpe de ere apollw Hn korinqos. paulos aFmeSt nsa etHm pJise aFei
etefesos. aFHe eHenmaqhths mmau.
acts-19-02 peJaF nau Je nteretnpisteue atetnJi pneuma eFouaab. ntoou de peJau n
aF Je mpnswtm rw Je Sare ouon Ji pneuma eFouaab.
acts-19-03 peJaF nau Je ntatetnJi baptisma Ce enim. peJau Je ntanJi baptisma ei
acts-19-04 peJe paulos Je iwHannhs ntaFbaptize Hn oubaptisma mmetanoia. eFJw mm
os eplaos Jekaas euepisteue epetnhu mnnswF. ete pai pe ihsous.
acts-19-05 nterouswtm de auJi baptisma epran mpJoeis ihsous pecristos.
acts-19-06 auw ntere paulos ka CiJ eJwou apepneuma etouaab ei eHrai eJwou neuSa
Je de pe Hn Henkeaspe auw neuprofhteue.
acts-19-07 ntoou de throu neumeH mntsnoous nrwme pe.
acts-19-08- auw ntereFbwk eHoun etsunagwgh. aFparrhsiaze mmoF nSomnt nebot. eFSa
Je auw eFpiqe mmoou etbe tmntrro mpnoute.
acts-19-09 ntere Hoine de nSot nHht auw auratswtm euJioua eteHih mpemto ebol mp
mhhSe aFsaHwF ebol mmoou auw aFprJ mmaqhths eroou eFSaJe nmmau mmhne Hn tescolh
acts-19-10 pai de aFSwpe nrompe snte. Hwste nte ouon nim etouhH Hn tasia swtm e
pSaJe mpJoeis. nioudai de mn noueeienin
acts-19-11= HennoC nCom ere pnoute eire mmoou ebol Hitn nCi J mpaulos.
acts-19-12 Hwste nseJi nHensoudarion mn Hensumikinqinon eautoCou epeFswma nseka
au eJn netSwne nte netSwne lo. auw nepneuma mponhron neunhu ebol nHhtou.
acts-19-13 auHitootou de nCi Hoine nioudai etmooSe eto nexorkisths etaue pran m
pJoeis ihsous eHrai eJn netere nepneuma mponhron Hiwou euJw mmos Je tntarko mmwt
n nis pai etere paulos khrusse mmoF.
acts-19-14 neun ioudai de nnarciereus Je skeua euntF saSF nShre eueire mpai.
acts-19-15 apepneuma mponhron ouwSb peJaF nau Je is Tsooun mmoF. auw pkepaulos
Teime eroF. ntwtn de ntetn nim.
acts-19-16 aFFwCe eHrai eJwou nCi prwme etere pepneuma mponhron HiwwF aFrJoeis
eroou mpsaSF auw aFCmCom eHrai eJwou. Hwste nsepwt ebol Hm phi etmmau eukh kaHhu
auw eupolH.
acts-19-17 pai de aFouwnH ebol nnioudai throu mn nHellhn etouhH Hn tefesos. auw
auHote He eHrai eJwou throu. auw aFJise nCi pran mpJoeis ihsous.
acts-19-18 nere HaH de nnentaupisteue nhu euexomologi. auw eutauo nneuHbhue.
acts-19-19 oumhhSe on nnentaueire nHenmntperperos aun Jwwme nmmau aurokHou mpem
to ebol nouon nim. auw auep sountou. auHe eroou eueire nTou ntba nHat.
acts-19-20 tai te qe nta pSaJe mpJoeis auxane. auw aFtaJro auw aFCmCom.
acts-19-21= ntere nai de Jwk ebol apaulos smnts Hm pepneuma etreFei ebol Hn tmak
edonia mn tacaia nFbwk eHrai eqierosoluma eFJw mmos Je mnnsa trabwk emau Haps on
etranau etkeHrwmh.
acts-19-22 aFJoou de etmakedonia nsa snau nnetdiakoni naF. timoqeos mn erastos.
ntoF de aFCw nouoeiS Hn tasia.
acts-19-23- aFSwpe de mpeuoeiS etmmau nCi ounoC nStortr etbe teHih.
acts-19-24 oureFrHat gar Je tumhtrios eFtamio nHentouwt nHat ntartemis. neuT no
unoC nergasia nntecniths.
acts-19-25 pai Ce aFseuH ouon nim etrHwb eteiope. peJaF nau Je nrwme nSbrtecnit
hs. tetnsooun Je ere penwnH Soop nan ebol Hn teiergasia.
acts-19-26 tetnnau de auw tetnswtm Je ou monon Hn tefesos alla scedon Hn tasia
thrs apai Je paulos piqe auw aFpnne oumhhSe ebol enaSwF eFJw mmos Je nHennoute a
n ne nai etoutamio mmoou Hn neuCiJ.
acts-19-27 ou monon de peimeros kinduneue etreFJwwre ebol ntootn alla pkerpe nt
noC nartumis senalo euwp mmoF auw nsents epesht ebol Hn tesmntnoC tai etere tasi
a thrs auw toikoumenh SmSe nas.
acts-19-28- nterouswtm de aumouH nCwnt auw auaSkak ebol euJw mmos Je ounoC te ta
rtemis ntefesos.
acts-19-29 auw atpolis thrs mouH nStortr. eauT peuouoi Hi ousop epequatron. eau
twrp ngaios mn aristarcos Henmakedwn eumooSe mn paulos.
acts-19-30 ere paulos de ouwS ebwk eHoun epdhmos mpe mmaqhths kaaF.
acts-19-31 Hoine de on Hn narcwn euo nSbhr eroF. autauoou naF eusops etmtreFbwk
eHoun epequatron.
acts-19-32 neuaSkak Ce ebol poua poua mn peFSaJe. nea pmhhSe gar twH. auw peuHo
uo neusooun an pe Je ntauswouH etbe ou.
acts-19-33 ebol de Hm pmhhSe auneJ oua Je alexandros eHoun nCi nioudai. alexand
ros de aFJwrm nteFCiJ. aFouwS eapologize mpmhhSe.
acts-19-34 nteroueime de Je ouioudai pe. ausmh nouwt Swpe nouon nim nnaounou sn
te. euaSkak ebol Je ounoC te tartemis ntefesos.
acts-19-35 pegrammateus de ntereFkatastile mpmhhSe. peJaF nau Je nrwme nrmnefes
os. nim gar nrwme petenFsooun an ntpolis nefesos esSmSe ntnoC nartumis mn pzeus.
acts-19-36 ere nai Ce ouonH ebol SSe erwtn etretnsmn thutn. ntetn tmrlaau nHwb
Hn ouasai.
acts-19-37 atetneine gar nneirwme epeima mpouSl rpe. auw mpouJioua etnnoute.
acts-19-38 eSJe tumhtrios Ce auw neFSbrtec niths ountou ouSaJe mmau. Saun Henag
oraios. auw oun Henanqupatos marousmme nau.
acts-19-39 eSJe keHwb de petetnSine nswF. senabolF ebol Hn tsoouHs eSasSwpe.
acts-19-40 tnCinduneue gar etreuTStouht eron etbe peiStortr mpoou emn Hwb ntmht
e eunSCom mmon eTlogos HaroF. ntereFJe nai de aFka pmhhSe ebol.
acts-20-01= mnnsa tre peStortr de lo apaulos Joou nsa mmaqhths aFsepswpou. auw a
Faspaze mmoou. aFei ebol ebwk etmakedonia.
acts-20-02 ntereFmouSt de nnsa etmmau auw aFsepswpou Hn ouSaJe enaSwF aFei eqel
acts-20-03 auw ntereFr Somnt nebot mmau. anioudai roukroF eroF eFnasChr etsuria
. aFJi SoJne ektoF etmakedonia.
acts-20-04 neFouhH de nswF nCi swsipatros pShre npurros pebol Hn beroia ebol de
Hn qessalonikh aristarcos mn sekountos auw kaios terbeos mn timoqeos ebol de Hn
tefesos tucikos auw trofimos.
acts-20-05 nai men aurSorp auCw eron Hn trwas.
acts-20-06 anon de ansChr ebol Hn efilippos mnnsa neHoou naqab. anei Saroou fou
n nTou nHoou etrwas. auw anr saSF nHoou mmau.
acts-20-07= poua de nnsabbaton ensoouH eppwS mpoik. paulos de neFSaJe nmmau pe e
Fnhu ebol mpeFraste. neFswk de pe mpSaJe Sa tpaSe nteuSh.
acts-20-08 neun Henlampas de enaSwou Jero Hn ouma ntpe ensoouH nHhtF.
acts-20-09 auw neun ouHrSire Hmoos HiJm pSouSt epeFran pe eutucos ere ounoC nHi
nhb swk mmoF ere paulos SaJe apHinhb HroS eHrai eJwF epeHouo auw aFHe ebol HiJn
tmeHSomte nHe epesht auw auFitF eFmoout.
acts-20-10 apaulos de ei epesht aFpaHtF eHrai eJwF. auw ntereFHwlC eroF. peJaF
nau Je mprStortr teFyuch gar Soop nHhtF.
acts-20-11 ntereFbwk de eHrai aFpwS mpoeik aFJi auw aFwsk eFSaJe nmmau Sante po
uoein He. auw nteiHe aFei ebol.
acts-20-12 aueine de mpShre Shm eFonH. auw aFsepswpou emate.
acts-20-13= anon de anrSorp ebol epJoi ansChr eHrai eqarsos Je enetale paulos mm
au tai gar te qe ntaFtoSs nmman eFnamooSe ntoF nratF.
acts-20-14 ntereFtwmnt de eron Hn qarsos. antaloF anei emitulhnh.
acts-20-15 mpeFraste de ansChr ebol Hm pma etmmau anei mpemto ebol ncios mpeFra
ste de anmoone esamos auw nternSwpe Hn trogullios mpeFraste de anei emilhtos.
acts-20-16 nea paulos gar krine etmmoone etefesos. Jekaas nneFwsk Hn tasia. neF
Ceph gar eSwpe eFnaSCmCom erpeHoou ntpenthkosth Hn qierosoluma.
acts-20-17= ebol de Hn milhtos aFJoou eefesos aFmoute enepresbuteros ntekklhsia.
acts-20-18 nterouei de SaroF peJaF nau Je ntwtn tetnsooun nesnhu Je Jin pSorp n
Hoou ntaioueH rat Hn tasia. nqe ntair peiouoeiS thrF nmmhtn.
acts-20-19 eio nHmHal mpJoeis Hn qbbio nim mn Henrmeiooue. auw mpeirasmos ntauS
wpe mmoi Hn nepiboulh nnioudai.
acts-20-20 Je mpiHep laau nnetrnoFre nhtn etmtamwtn eroou. auw etmTsbw nhtn tum
osia. auw Hn nhi.
acts-20-21 eirmntre nnioudai mn nHellhn ntmetanoia eHoun epnoute auw tpistis eH
oun epenJoeis ihsous.
acts-20-22 tenou Ce eis Hhhte anok Tmhr Hm pepneuma einabwk eHrai eqierosoluma.
nTsooun an nnetnatwmnt eroi mmau.
acts-20-23 plhn pepneuma etouaab rmntre nai kata polis eFJw mmos Je oun Henmrre
mn Henqliyis Ceet erok Hn qierosoluma.
acts-20-24 alla nTtaio an ntayuch Ha laau nSaJe nqe nJwk ebol mpadromos. auw td
iakonia ntaiJits ebol Hitm pJoeis ihsous etrarmntre nnioudai mn noueeienin mpeua
ggelion ntecaris mpnoute.
acts-20-25- tenou Ce eis Hhhte anok Tsooun Je ntetn anau Ce an epaHo Jin tenou.
ntwtn thrtn. nentaiei ebol Hitootou eikhrusse ntmntrro nihsous.
acts-20-26 etbe pai Trmntre nhtn mpoou nHoou. Je Touaab ebol Hm pesnoF nouon ni
acts-20-27 mpiHopt gar etmtamwtn epSoJne thrF mpnoute.
acts-20-28 prosece Ce erwtn mn poHe thrF pai nta pepneuma etouaab kathutn nepis
kopos eHrai eJwF emoone ntekklhsia mpJoeis tntaFJpos naF ebol Hitm peFsnoF mmin
acts-20-29 Tsooun anok Je mnnsa trabwk senhu eHoun erwtn nCi HenouwnS euHorS ns
eTso an epoHe.
acts-20-30 auw senatwoun ebol nHht thutn nCi Henrwme euJw nHenSaJe euCoome etre
upwCs nmmaqhths HipaHou mmoou.
acts-20-31 etbe pai Ce roeis etetneire mpmeeue Je eis Somte nrompe nteuSh mn pe
Hoou mpilo eiTsbw mpoua poua mmwtn Hn Henrmeiooue.
acts-20-32 tenou Ce TT mmwtn etootF mpnoute mn pSaJe nteFcaris. peteunCom mmoF
ekwt mmwtn. auw eT nhtn ntekklhronomia Hn netouaab throu.
acts-20-33 mpiepiqumi elaau nHat hnoub. hHoite.
acts-20-34 ntwtn tetnsooun Je aneiCiJ SmSe nnacria mn netnmmai.
acts-20-35 eitamo mmwtn eHwb nim Je tai te qe eteSSe erwtn eSpHise ntetnFi Ha n
etnSwne ntetn rpmeeue nnSaJe mpJoeis ihsous Je ntoF pentaFJoos Je oumntmakarios
pe TeHou eJi.
acts-20-36- ntereFJe nai de nCi paulos aFkwlJ nneFpat nmmau throu aFSlhl.
acts-20-37 aunoC de nrime taHe ouon nim. auw aupaHtou eHrai eJm pmakH mpaulos a
uTpi erwF
acts-20-38 eumokH nHht nHouo eJm pSaJe ntaFJooF Je ntetnakte thutn an enau epaH
o. neuqpo de mmoF ebol epJoi.
acts-21-01= nteresSwpe de etrenoue mmoou ntnkw ebol ansChr anei eHrai ekw mpeFra
ste de eHrodos ebol de Hm pma etmmau epatara mnnsws emurra.
acts-21-02 auw nternHe euJoi eFnaJioor etefoinikh anale ankw ebol.
acts-21-03 nternpwH de ekupros ankaas Hi Hbour mmon ansChr etsuria. auw anei eH
rai eturos. nere pJoi gar naSouo Hm pma etmmau.
acts-21-04 auw nternHe emmaqhths anCw Hathu nsaSF nHoou. nai de neuJw mmos mpau
los pe ebol Hitm pepneuma etmtreFbwk eHrai eqierosoluma.
acts-21-05 nteresSwpe de etrenJwk ebol nneiHoou anei ebol anmooSe euqpo mmon eb
ol throu mn neuHiome mn neuShre Sa pbol ntpolis auw nternkwlJ nnenpat Hi pekro a
acts-21-06 auw anaspaze nnenerhu. anale epJoi. ntoou de aukotou eneuhi.
acts-21-07- anon de anrHwt ebol Hn turos. ankatanta eHrai eptolemaeis. auw ntern
aspaze nnesnhu anCw Hathu nouHoou.
acts-21-08 mpeFraste de nternei ebol anei ekaisaria. auw anbwk eHoun ephi mfili
ppos preFtaSeoeiS eoua Hm psaSF pe anCw HaHthF.
acts-21-09 pai de neuntF Fto nSeere mparqenos eSauprofhteue.
acts-21-10 auw nternCw mmau nHaH nHoou. auprofhths ei ebol Hn Toudaia epeFran p
e agabos.
acts-21-11 auw ntereFei Saron aFFi mpmoJH mpaulos aFmour nneFouerhte mn neFCiJ
peJaF Je nai netere pepneuma etouaab Jw mmoou Je prwme etepwF pe peimoJH senamor
F nteiHe Hn qierosoluma nCi nioudai auw nsetaaF eHrai enCiJ nnHeqnos.
acts-21-12 nternswtm de enai ansepswpF anon mn netHm pma etmmau etmtreFbwk eHra
i eqierosoluma.
acts-21-13 tote apaulos ouwSb eFJw mmos Je ou pe tetneire mmoF etetnrime auw et
etnouwSF mpaHht. anok gar Tsbtwt ou monon etreumort alla etramou Hn qierosoluma
Ha pran mpJoeis ihsous.
acts-21-14 ntereFtmpiqe de ankarwn enJw mmos Je mare pouwS mpJoeis Swpe.
acts-21-15- mnnsa neiHoou de ansbtwtn anmooSe eHrai eqierosoluma.
acts-21-16 auei de nmman nCi Hoine nmmaqhths etHn kaisaria. auJitn Sa oumaqhths
narcaios nkuprios Je mn aswn etrenCoile eroF.
acts-21-17= nternpwH de eHrai eqierosoluma. anesnhu Sopn eroou Hn ouraSe.
acts-21-18 mpeFraste de paulos aFei nmman eHoun Sa iakwbos. neusoouH de eroF pe
nCi Henpresbuteros.
acts-21-19 nai nterFaspaze mmoou aFHmoos aFtaue poua poua nneHbhue nta pnoute a
au Hn nHeqnos ebol Hitn teFdiakonia.
acts-21-20 nterouswtm de auTeoou mpJoeis auw peJau naF Je knau pson Je ouhr ntb
a Soop nnentaupisteue Hn Toudaia auw ntoou throu seo nreFkwH epnomos.
acts-21-21 auswtm etbhhtk Je kTsbw nnioudai throu etHm pkosmos etreusaHwou ebol
mmwushs ekJw mmos nau etmsbbe neuShre auw etmmooSe Hn neFswnt.
acts-21-22 ou Ce petnaSwpe pantws senaswtm Je akei.
acts-21-23 ari pai Ce etnJw mmoF nak. oun Ftoou nrwme euSoop nan euntau mmau no
uerht Haroou mauaau.
acts-21-24 nai Jitou ngtbbok nmmau auw ngJo eroou ebol etreuHek eJwou auw senae
ime throu Je HenCol nentausotmou etbhtk alla Je ntok Hwwk kaHe epnomos ekHareH e
acts-21-25 etbe nHeqnos de ntaupisteue emntou laau nSaJe eJw nak anon gar ankri
ne auw ansHai nau etreuHareH eroou eSwwt neidwlon mn pesnoF auw netmoout mn tpor
acts-21-26 tote paulos aFJi nnrwme mpeFraste aFtbboF nmmau. auw aFbwk eHoun epe
rpe eFtauo nneHoou mpJwk ebol mptbbo. Santoutale qusia eHrai Ha poua poua mmoou.
acts-21-27= ntere psaSF de nHoou Hwn eJwk ebol nioudai nebol Hn tasia nterounau
eroF Hm perpe auseuH pmhh Se thrF aueine nneuCiJ eHrai eJwF
acts-21-28 euaSkak ebol Je nrwme nte pisrahl bohqi pai pe prwme etT oube plaos
mn pnomos mn peirpe eFTsbw nouon nim Hm ma nim auw on aFn Henoueeienin eHoun epe
rpe aFJwHm mpeima etouaab.
acts-21-29 ne aunau gar pe etrofimos prmnefesos Hn tpolis nmmaF. eumeeue Je nta
paulos JitF eHoun eperpe.
acts-21-30 ea tpolis thrs noin. auw plaos auswouH auamaHte de mpaulos auswk mmo
F pbol mperpe. auw nteunou auStam nnro
acts-21-31 euSine de nsa HotbeF apouw bwk eHrai mpciliarcos ntespira Je aqieros
oluma thrs Stortr.
acts-21-32 auw nteunou aFJi nHenHekatontarcos mn HenHekatontarcos mn Henmatoi a
Fpwt eHrai eJwou. nterounau de epciliarcos mn nHekatontarcos auw mmatoi aulo euH
ioue epaulos.
acts-21-33 tote pciliarcos aFT peFouoi aFamaHte mmoF. auw aFoueHsaHne emorF nHa
lusis snte. aFSine Je nim pe auw ou pentaFaaF.
acts-21-34 nere pmhhSe de aSkak ebol poua poua mn peFSaJe. mpFeSCmCom eeime epw
rJ etbe peStortr. aFoueHsaHne eJitF eHrai etparembolh.
acts-21-35 nteroupwH de eJn ntwrtr. asSwpe etre mmatoi taloF eJwou etbe qormh m
acts-21-36 nere plaos gar thrF ouhH nswF euaSkak ebol euJw mmos Je Fi ntmhte mp
acts-21-37 eunaJi paulos de eHoun etparembolh. peJaF mpciliarcos Je enesto nai
etraJe ouSaJe erok. ntoF de peJaF Je eneksooun mmntoueienin.
acts-21-38 eie ntok an Ce pe prmnkhme pentaFbwCs Haqh nneiHoou. auw aFJi ebol e
terhmos naFtou So nrwme nsikarios.
acts-21-39 peJe paulos Je anok men ang ourwme nioudai eang ourmtarsos ntkilikia
mpoliths noupolis eso nsoeit Tsops de mmok kaat taSaJe mn plaos.
acts-21-40 ntereFkaaF de nCi pciliarcos. paulos aFaHeratF HiJn ntwrtr aFkim nte
FCiJ eplaos. auw ntere ounoC nsCreHt Swpe aFouwSb nau ntaspe mmntHebraios eFJw m
acts-22-01= Je nrwme nasnhu auw naeiote swtm etaapologia etSoop tenou Sarwtn.
acts-22-02 nterouswtm de Je eFnaSaJe nmmau mmntHebraios aukarwou nHouo. auw peJ
acts-22-03 Je ang ourwme nioudai. eauJpoi Hn tarsos ntkilikia eausanouSt de Hn
teipolis eaupaideue mmoi Hn ouwrJ HaratF ngamalihl ebol Hm pnomos nnaeiote. eio
nreFkwH epnoute kata qe etetno mmos mpoou ntwtn thrtn.
acts-22-04 aidiwke nsa teiHih SaHrai epmou. eimour nnrwme auw neHiome einouJe m
moou eneStekwou.
acts-22-05 nqe on ere parciereus rmntre nai mn nepresbuteros. nai ntaiJi nHenep
istolh ntootou. aibwk edamaskos etraeine on nnetmmau eqierosoluma Jekaas euetimw
ri mmoou.
acts-22-06= asSwpe de mmoi eimooSe. ntereiHwn eHoun edamaskos mpnou mmeere. auno
C nouoein Sa eHrai eJwi Hn ouSsne ebol Hn tpe.
acts-22-07 aiHe de eHrai eJm pkaH. auw aiswtm eusmh esJw mmos nai Je saule saul
e aHrok kpht nswi.
acts-22-08 anok de aiouwSb Je ntk nim pJoeis. peJaF nai Je anok pe ihsous pnazw
raios petkpht nswF.
acts-22-09 netmooSe de nmmai aunau epouoein auw auSwpe Hn ouHote. mpouswtm de e
tesmh mpetSaJe nmmai.
acts-22-10 peJai Je pJoeis ou peTnaaaF. peJaF nai Je twoun ngbwk eHoun edamasko
s. auw senaSaJe nmmak Hm pma etmmau etbe Hwb nim ntaitoSou nak eaau.
acts-22-11 nteritwoun de ailo einau ebol Ha peoou mpouoein etmmau. auJi moeit d
e Hht nCi netnmmai aibwk eHoun edamaskos.
acts-22-12- ourwme de Je ananias oureFrHote katapnomos. eurmntre HaroF nCi nioud
ai throu etouhH Hn damaskos.
acts-22-13 aFei Saroi aFaHeratF HiJwi peJaF nai. Je saule pason anau ebol. anok
de nteunou etmmau anau ebol.
acts-22-14 ntoF de peJaF nai Je pnoute nneneiote aFneHk ebol esoun peFouwS. auw
enau epdikaios. auw eswtm eusmh ebol Hn rwF.
acts-22-15 Je knaSwpe naF mmntre nnaHrn rwme nim nnentaknau eroou auw aksotmou.
acts-22-16 tenou Ce ou petknaaaF twoun ngJibaptisma ngeiw ebol nneknobe auw nge
pikalei mpeFran.
acts-22-17= asSwpe nteriktoi eqierosoluma. auw eiSlhl Hm perpe. aiSwpe Hn ouekst
acts-22-18 anau eroF eFJw mmos nai Je Ceph amou ebol Hn qierosoluma. Je senaJi
mntmntre an ntootk etbhht.
acts-22-19 anok Hw peJai Je pJoeis ntoou sesooun Je anok pe neiwtp eHoun auw et
Hioue Hn nsunagwgh nnetpisteue erok.
acts-22-20 auw on eunapwHt ebol mpesnoF nstefanos pekmntre. anok Hw neiaHerat e
isuneudoki auw eiHareH enHoite nnetnaHwtb mmoF.
acts-22-21 peJaF nai Je bwk Je einaJoouk anok eHenHeqnos euouhu.
acts-22-22= auswtm de eroF nCi mmhhSe Sa peiSaJe. auw auFiHrau ebol euJw mmos Je
Fi pai nteimine ebol HiJmpkaH. nSSe gar an eroF ewnH.
acts-22-23 euaSkak de ebol euFi eHrai nneuHoite. auw euneJ SoeiS eHrai epahr.
acts-22-24 apciliarcos de oueHsaHne eJitF eHoun etparembolh. eaFJoos eHioue ero
F nHenmastigx. Jekaas eFeeime Je etbe aS nloiCe eneuaSkak ebol eroF nteiHe.
acts-22-25 nterousomntF de nmmous. peJaF nCi paulos mpHekatontarcos etaHeratF J
e enesto nhtn eHioue eurwme nHrwmaios emn nobe eroF.
acts-22-26 ntereFswtm de nCi pHekatontarcos. aFT peFouoi epciliarcos aFtamoF Je
anau Je ou petknaaaF. peirwme gar ouHrwmaios pe.
acts-22-27 aFT peFouoi de nCi pciliarcos aFJnouF eFJw mmos Je ntok ntk ouHrwmai
os. ntoF de peJaF Je eHe.
acts-22-28 apciliarcos de ouwSb peJaF Je anok aiT ounoC ncrhma Ha teipolitia. p
eJe paulos Je anok de ntauJpoi nHhts.
acts-22-29 nteunou de ausaHwou ebol mmoF nCi netnaHedaze mmoF auw pciliarcos aF
rHote ntereFeime Je ouHrwmaios pe ebol Je neaFmorF pe auw nteunou aFbolF ebol.
acts-22-30= mpeFraste de aFouwS eeime epwrJ Je etbe ou sekathgori mmoF nCi nioud
ai aFoueHsaHne etreuswouH nCi narciereus auw psunHedrion thrF aFJi paulos epesht
aFtaHoF eratF Hn teumhte.
acts-23-01= paulos de aFeiwrm eHoun epsunHedrion peJaF Je nrwme nasnhu. anok aip
oliteue mpnoute Hn suneidhsis nim enanouF SaHrai epoou nHoou.
acts-23-02 parciereus de ananias aFoueHsaHne nnetaHeratou HaHthF erwHt nteFtapr
acts-23-03 tote paulos peJaF naF Je pnoute naraHtk tJo etJhH. kHmoos ntok ekkri
ne mmoi kata pnomos auw akoueHsaHne para pnomos eHioue eroi.
acts-23-04 peJau nCi netaHeratou Je eksaHou mparciereus mpnoute.
acts-23-05 peJaF de nCi paulos Je neisooun an pe nasnhu Je parciereus pe. FshH
gar Je nnekJe peqoou eparcwn mpeklaos.
acts-23-06- ntereFeime de nCi paulos Je poua nnsa pansaddoukaios pe auw pkeoua p
a nefarissaios pe aFJiSkak ebol Hm psunHedrion Je nrwme nasnhu anok ang oufariss
aios nShre mfarissaios eukrine mmoi etbe qelpis mn tanastasis nnetmoout.
acts-23-07 pai de ntereFJooF austasis Swpe Hn nefarissaios mn nsaddoukaios. auw
apmhhSe pwS.
acts-23-08 nsaddoukaios gar seJw mmos Je mnanastasis oude mnaggelos oude mnpneu
ma. nefarissaios de seHomologi Je oun anastasis. auw oun aggelos auw oun pneuma.
acts-23-09 ntere ounoC de naSkak Swpe autwoun nCi Hoine nnegrammateus mpsa nnef
arissaios aumiSe euJw mmos Je ntnCn laau an mpeqoou Hm peirwme eie eSwpe oupneum
a houaggelos pe entaFSaJe nmmaF mprtrenT oube pnoute.
acts-23-10 ntere ounoC de nstasis Swpe apciliarcos rHote mhpws nsemouout mpaulo
s. aFoueHsaHne mpestrateuma ebwk epesht nsetorpF ebol Hn teumhte. auw eJitF etpa
acts-23-11- Hn teuSh de etnhu apJoeis aHeratF HiJwF peJaF naF Je twk nHht nqe ga
r ntakrmntre etbhht Hn qierosoluma Haps on pe etrekrmntre nteiHe Hn tkeHrwmh.
acts-23-12= ntere Htooue de Swpe aHoine nioudai wrk nneuerhu euJw mmos Je nnenou
wm. oude nnensw. SantnHwtb mpaulos.
acts-23-13 nentausmine de mpeianaS neunarHouo eHme nrwme.
acts-23-14 nai Ce auT peuouoi enarciereus mn nepresbuteros. euJw mmos Je Hn oua
naS anwrk nnenerhu etmtep laau SantnHwtb mpaulos.
acts-23-15 tnsops de mmwtn etretnr pai nan swouH mpsunHedrion ntetn Joos mpcili
arcos Jekaas eFentF etetnmhte Hws etetnaJnouF Hn ouwrJ enetFnHh tou anon gar tns
btwt mpatFHwn eHoun eHwtb mmoF.
acts-23-16 aFswtm de nCi pShre ntswne mpaulos epeukroF. aFbwk eHoun etparembolh
aFtame paulos.
acts-23-17 paulos de aFmoute eoua nnHekatontarcos peJaF Je Ji peiShre Shm Sa pc
iliarcos ountF ouSaJe gar eJooF eroF.
acts-23-18 aFamaHte de mpShre Shm aFJitF eHoun Sa pciliarcos eFJw mmos Je paulo
s petmhr pentaFmoute eroi aFsepswpt eeine nak eHoun mpeiHrSire euntFouSaJe eJooF
acts-23-19 apciliarcos de amaHte nteFCiJ aFseHtF eusa aFJnouF Je ou pete ountak
F eJooF eroi.
acts-23-20 peJaF Je nioudai nentautasse esepswpk. Jekaas ekenpaulos nraste etmh
te mpsunHedrion. Hws eunaSine Hn ouwrJ etbhhtF.
acts-23-21 ntok Ce mprswtm nau seCorC gar eroF nCi Houo eHme nrwme ebol nHhtou
nai ntauwrk nneuerhu etmouwm oude etmsw SantouHwtb mmoF auw tenou sesbtwt euCwSt
ebol SantkJipouw nau.
acts-23-22 pciliarcos de aFka pHrSire ebol eaFparaggile naF Je mprJoos elaau Je
aktamoi enai.
acts-23-23 aFmoute de esnau nnHekatontarcos peJaF Je sbte Sht mmatoi etreubwk S
a tkaisaria. auw Se nHippeus auw Sht nFaimereH Jin nJpSomte nteuSh.
acts-23-24 auw sobte nHentbnooue. Jekaas euetale paulos nseJitF eratF mfhlix fh
acts-23-25 eaFsHai nouepistolh mpeitupos.
acts-23-26 klaudios lusias eFsHai mfhlix pekratistos nHhgemwn caire.
acts-23-27 peirwme eauCopF nCi nioudai eauouwS eHotbeF aiei eHrai eJwF mn pestr
ateuma nterieime de Je ouHrwmaios pe aitouJoF
acts-23-28 eiouwS esoun tloiCe etouegkalei naF etbhhts. aiJitF eHrai epeusunHed
acts-23-29 aiCnts euegkalei naF etbe Henzhthma nte peunomos. emn laau de nHap e
roF eFmpSa mpmou. hmrre.
acts-23-30 nteroutamoi de eukroF eFnaSwpe eHoun epeirwme ebol Hitn nioudai. nte
unou aitauoF Sarok. eiparaggile nneFkathgoros eJiHap Hiwwk nmmaF.
acts-23-31- mmatoi Ce kata pentauoueHsaHne mmoF nau autale paulos. nteuSh auntF
acts-23-32 mpeFraste de autre nHippeus bwk nmmaF aukotou etparembolh.
acts-23-33 ntoou Ce nteroubwk eHoun etkaisaria auT tepistolh mfhgemwn. auparHis
ta naF mpaulos.
acts-23-34 ntereFoSs de nCi fhgemwn. aFSine Je ouebol pe Hn aS neparcia. ntereF
eime de Je ouebol pe Hn tkilikia.
acts-23-35 peJaF Je eieswtm erok Hotan euSanei Hwou nCi nekkathgoros. aFoueHsaH
ne de etreuHareH eroF Hm pepraitwrion nHhrwdhs.
acts-24-01= mnnsa Tou de nHoou aFei eHrai nCi ananias parciereus mn Henpresbuter
os auw ouHrhtwr Je tertullos auw ausmme epaulos mfhgemwn.
acts-24-02 nteroumoute de eroF aFarcei nkathgori nCi tertullos. eFJw mmos Je ou
n ounoC neirhnh Soop nan ebol Hitootk. auw Hen petnanouF mpeiHeqnos ebol Hitn te
acts-24-03 fhlix pekratistos. setaio mmon nouoeiS nim Hm ma nim. Hn ounoC nHmot
acts-24-04 Jekaas de nnenTHise nak epeHouo. Tsops mmok etrekswtm eron Hn ouSwwt
ebol Hn tekmntHak.
acts-24-05 anHe gar epeirwme nloimos eFtounes stasis nnioudai throu etHn toikou
menh. epsaH pe nqairesis nnazwraios.
acts-24-06 aFpeiraze eJwHm mperpe pai ntanamaHte mmoF.
acts-24-07 [--]
acts-24-08 oun Com de on mmok eanakrine mmoF eeime etbe nai throu etnkathgori m
moF nHhtou.
acts-24-09 auouwSb de nCi nioudai euJw mmos Je nai smont nteiHe.
acts-24-10= afhgemwn de Jwrm epaulos eSaJe. aFouwSb de eFJw mmos Je eisooun mmok
eis HaH nrompe eko nreFTHap epeiHeqnos. Hn oumton Ce nHht TnaSaJe Haroi.
acts-24-11 eun Com mmok eeime Je mpir Houo emntsnoous nHoou Jintaibwk eHrai eqi
erosoluma eouwSt.
acts-24-12 auw mpouHe eroi eiSaJe mn oua Hm perpe. heiswouH noumhhSe. oude Hn n
eusunagwgh oude Hn tpolis.
acts-24-13 oude mn SCom mmoou etaHo eratou nnetoukathgori mmoi tenou nHhtou.
acts-24-14 THomologi nak mpai Je katateHih etere nai moute eros Je Hairesis eiS
mSe nteiHe mpnoute nnaeiote eipisteue enetshH throu Hm pnomos mn neprofhths.
acts-24-15 eountai mmau nouHelpis eHoun epnoute. tetere nai CwSt Hhts. tanastas
is etnaSwpe nndikaios mn adikos.
acts-24-16 eaiaski Hw Hm pai. etrakw nai nousuneidhsis aJn Jrop nouoeiS nim nna
Hrm pnoute mn nrwme.
acts-24-17 mnnsa HaH de nrompe aiei eHrai epaHeqnos eieire nHenmntna mn Henqusi
acts-24-18 Hn nai auHe eroi Hm perpe. eitbbo mmoi mn oumhhSe an. oude Hn ouStor
tr an nCi Henioudai ebol Hn tasia.
acts-24-19 nai eSSe euHm peima. nsekathgori eSJe ountou laau nmmai.
acts-24-20 hmmon nai ntoou marouJoos. Je nteriaHerat Hm psunHedrion ntauHe eaS
nJi nCons nHht.
acts-24-21 ei mhti Je etbe teismh nouwt ntaiJiSkak ebol mmos eiaHerat Hn teumht
e. Je euekrine mmoi mpoou Hiwtthutn. etbe tanastasis nnetmoout.
acts-24-22- fhlix de ntereFswtm enai aFneJ fwb epaHou. eFsooun nteHih Hn ouwrJ.
eFJw mmos Je erSan lusias pciliarcos ei Tnaswtm erwtn.
acts-24-23 aFoueHsaHne de mpHekatontarcos eHareH epaulos auw etmmokHF oude etmk
wlue nlaau nneFrwme etmSmShtF hetreubwk eHoun naF.
acts-24-24= mnnsa HenHoou de aFei nCi fhlix mn trousilla teFsHime euioudai te au
w aFtnnoou nsa paulos aFswtm eroF etbe tpistis eHoun epecristos ihsous.
acts-24-25 ere paulos de SaJe etbe tdikaiosunh etbe tekratia mn tekrisis etnaSw
pe. ntereFrHote de nCi fhlix aFouwSb Je bwk tenou. eiSanHe gar epeuoeiS Tnatauoo
u nswk.
acts-24-26 Hama te eFHelpize Je ere paulos naT Hencrhma naF Je eFebolF ebol. et
be pai neFtnnoou nswF nHaH nsop eFSaJe nmmaF.
acts-24-27- ntere terompe de snte Jwk ebol nte fhlix. aFei epeFma nCi porkios fh
stos. eFouwS de nCi fhlix eT noucaris nnioudai aFka paulos eFmhr.
acts-25-01= fhstos de ntereFei eteparcia mnnsa Somnt nHoou. aFbwk eHrai eqieroso
luma ebol Hn tkaisaria.
acts-25-02 niarciereus de auw nnoC nnioudai ausmme epaulos naF.
acts-25-03 auw ausepswpF euaiti nouHmot ntootF Jekaas eFetnnoou nswF eqierosolu
ma eueire noukroF eroF emooutF Hi teHih.
acts-25-04 fhstos Ce aFouwSb Je seHareH epaulos Hn tkaisaria. anok de Hn ouCeph
Tnabwk emau.
acts-25-05 neteoun Com de mmoou nHht thutn. marouei eHrai nsekathgori. eSJe oun
Hwb eFHoou Hm peirwme.
acts-25-06- ntereFraSmoun de hmht nHoou mmau. aFei eHrai ekaisaria. auw ntereFHm
oos mpeFraste epbhma aFoueHsaHne eeine mpaulos.
acts-25-07 ntereFei de auaHeratou eroF nCi nioudai ntauei ebol Hn qierosoluma e
uJw nHennoC naiti eHoun eroF auw euHorS nai empouSCmCom etaHoou eratou
acts-25-08 ere paulos ouwSb eHhtou Je mpirlaau nnobe epnomos nnioudai. oude eHo
un eperpe. oude eHoun eprro.
acts-25-09 fhstos Ce eFouwS eT noucaris nnioudai. aFouwSb peJaF mpaulos Je enek
ouwS eei eHrai eqierosoluma eJiHap nmmau Hiwt etbe nai.
acts-25-10 peJe paulos Je eiaHerat Hi pbhma mprro pai pe pma eTnaJiHap HiwwF. n
ioudai gar mpiJitou nCons laau. nqe Hwwk on eksooun nHouo
acts-25-11 enentaieire gar nouJi nCons houHwb eFmpSa mpmou neinaparaiti an mpmo
u eSJe mpir laau de nnetere nai kathgori mmoi etbhhtou mmnCom nlaau ecarize mmoi
nau Tepikalei mprro.
acts-25-12 tote fhstos ntereFSaJe mn peFreFJiSoJne aFouwSb Je akepikalei mprro.
ekebwk eratF mprro.
acts-25-13= ntere HenHoou de oueine. agrippas prro auw berenikh. auei ekaisaria
easpaze mfhstos.
acts-25-14 auw nterour HaH nHoou mmau. fhstos aFtame prro efwb mpaulos eFJw mmo
s Je ourwme pe nta fhlix kaaF eFmhr.
acts-25-15 pai nteribwk eHrai eqierosoluma. ausmme eroF nai nCi narciereus auw
nepresbuteros nnioudai. euaiti mmoF emooutF.
acts-25-16 aiouwSb de nau Je mpswnt an pe nneHrwmaios eT nourwme eukath gori mm
oF etakoF. mpate nkathgoros ei mpeFmto ebol. etreFCnqe nouwSb oube tkathgoria.
acts-25-17 nterouei Ce epeima mpineJ pHwb aiHmoos mpeFraste epbhma. aioueHsaHne
eeine mprwme.
acts-25-18 nterouaHe de eratou eroF nCi nkathgoros. mpoutaHe laau eratF nHwb eF
Hoou eHoun eroF. nqe anok eieime eros.
acts-25-19 alla Henzhthma ne nte peuSmSe neteuntause eHoun eroF. auw etbe oua J
e ihsous eaFmou ere paulos Jw mmos Je FonH.
acts-25-20 eiaporri de anok etbe fap nneiSaJe. aiJnouF Je enekouwS bwk eHrai eq
ierosoluma eJiHap nmmau etbe nai.
acts-25-21 ntere paulos de epikalei eHareH eroF efap mprro. aioueHsaHne eHareH
eroF SanTJoouF mprro.
acts-25-22 agrippas de peJaF mfhstos Je neiouwS Hw eswtm epeirwme. peJaF Je ras
te ekeswtm eroF.
acts-25-23- mpeFraste aFei nCi agrippas auw berenikh mn ounoC mfantasia. aubwk e
Houn epma nTHap mn Henciliarcos mn Henrwme nrmmao ntpolis. auw ntere fhstos oueH
saHne aueine mpaulos.
acts-25-24 peJaF nCi fhstos Je agrippas prro auw nrwme throu etmpeima tetnnau e
peirwme nta pmhhSe thrF nnioudai smme nai etbhhtF Hn qierosoluma auw Hm peima eu
aSkak ebol Je nSSe an eroF ewnH Jin tenou.
acts-25-25 anok de aiHe eroF eSJe mpFr laau nHwb eFmpSa mpmou. ntoF de ntereFep
ikalei mprro aikrine eJoouF.
acts-25-26 emnT ouHwb de mmau eForJ esHai mprro etbhhtF etbe pai aintF ebol era
t thutn nHouo de eratk prro agrippa Jekaas etetneanakrine mmoF taCm peTnasaHF.
acts-25-27 nouHwb gar an pe eSSe nnaHrai. eJeuoua eFmhr mpiseH neFkeaitia.
acts-26-01= agrippas de peJaF mpaulos Je pma kh nak eSaJe Harok. tote paulos aFs
outn teFCiJ ebol eFJw mmos
acts-26-02 Je etbe Hwb nim etere nioudai egkalei nai etbhhtou prro agrippa. aio
pt mmakarios einaapologize Hiwwk mpoou.
acts-26-03 malista eksooun nnswnt throu. auw nzhthma nnioudai. etbe pai Tsops m
mok eswtm eroi Hn oumntHarSHht.
acts-26-04 pabios Ce Jin tamntkoui ntaFSwpe mmoi Hm paHeqnos Hn qierosoluma. se
sooun mmoF nCi nioudai throu.
acts-26-05 eusooun mmoi Jin nSorp euSanouwS ermntre ntme Je aiwnH kata qairesis
mpaSmSe etorJ ang oufarissaios.
acts-26-06 auw on tenou eiaHerat. eukrine mmoi etbe qelpis mperht. ntaFSwpe nna
Hrn neneiote ebol Hitm pnoute.
acts-26-07 pai etere tmntsnoouse mfulh mpengenos Helpize etaHoF. euSmSe Hn ouno
C nsops nteuSh mn peHoou. etbe teiHelpis prro euegkalei nai nCi nioudai.
acts-26-08 etbe ou Fo napistos nnaHrhtn. eSJe pnoute natounes netmoout.
acts-26-09 anok Ce neaikaas Ha iat pe eT oube pran nihsous pecristos pnazwraios
acts-26-10 pai Ce aiaaF Hn qierosoluma eaineJ HaH nnetouaab epeSteko. eaiJi tex
ousia ebol Hitn narciereus. auw on aiTpzhfos etakoou.
acts-26-11 neidimwri de mmoou nHaH nsop Hn sunagwgh nim eianagkaze mmoou eJioua
epeFran auw eiCont eroou epeHouo neidiwke nswou SaHrai empolis etouhu.
acts-26-12= einabwk de edamaskos Hn texousia ntaiJits ntnnarciereus.
acts-26-13 anau eprro Hn teHih mpnou mmeere euouoein eaFpira ebol Hn tpe eHoue
pouoein mprh aFSa eHrai eJwi mn netmooSe nmmai.
acts-26-14 auw nternHe thrn eHrai eJm pkaH ebol Hn qote aiswtm eusmh esJw mmos
nai ntaspe mmntHebraios Je saule saule aHrok kpht nswi smokH nak eTtbhr eHoun Hn
acts-26-15 anok de peJai Je ntk nim pJoeis. peJe pJoeis nai Je anok pe ihsous p
etkpht nswF.
acts-26-16 alla twoun ngaHeratk HiJn nekouerhte etbe pai gar aiouwnH nak ebol e
toSk nHuphreths auw mmntre nqe ntaknau eroi auw nqe eTnaouwnH nak ebol
acts-26-17 einouHm mmok ebol Hm plaos mn nHeqnos. nai anok eTnaJoouk nau
acts-26-18 eouwn nneubal ektoou ebol Hm pkake epouoein auw ebol Hn texousia mps
atanas eHoun epnoute etreuJi mpkw ebol nneunobe auw ouklhros mn netouaab Hm ptre
upisteue eroi.
acts-26-19= etbe pai Ce prro agrippa mpiratswtm epCwlp ebol ntaFSwpe nai ebol Hn
acts-26-20 alla aikhrusse nSorp Hn damaskos auw Hn qierosoluma mn tecwra thrs n
nioudai mn nHeqnos etreumetanoi auw nsektoou epnoute eueire nneHbhue eumpSa ntme
acts-26-21 etbe pai Ce nioudai auCopt Hm perpe auHitootou eHotbet.
acts-26-22 aimate de noubohqia ebol Hitm pnoute eiaHerat SaHrai epoou nHoou. ei
rmntre nnkoui mn nnoC. nTJe laau an pbol nnenta neprofhths mn mwushs Joou eunaSw
acts-26-23 Je pecristos naSopou. auw pSorp pe ntwoun ebol Hn netmoout. auw FnaJ
w nouoein mplaos mn nHeqnos.
acts-26-24= nai de eFtauo mmoou peJe fhstos naF Hn ounoC nsmh Je paule klobe. ap
eHoue sHai lebtk.
acts-26-25 paulos de peJaF Je nTlobe an fhste pekratistos. alla eiJw nHenSaJe m
me Hi mntrmnHht.
acts-26-26 Fsooun de nnai nCi agrippas prro pai eTSaJe nmmaF auw eiparrh siaze
mmoi auw Tpiqe Je mn laau nnai Hhp eroF nta peiHwb gar Swpe an Hm fwp.
acts-26-27 kpisteue prro agrippa eneprofhths. Tsooun Je kpisteue.
acts-26-28 agrippas de peJaF mpaulos Je Hn oukoui nSaJe kpiqe mmoi eaat ncrhsti
acts-26-29 peJe paulos Je TSlhl epnoute Hn oukoui mn ounoC. ou monon ntok. alla
ouon nim etswtm eroi mpoou etreuSwpe nqe Hwwt on eTnHhts Sante neimrre.
acts-26-30- nai de ntereFJoou aFtwoun nCi prro mn pHhgemwn. auw berenikh mn netH
moos HaHthu.
acts-26-31 auw auanacwri auSaJe mn neuerhu. euJw mmos Je mpeirwme rlaau an nHwb
eFmpSa mpmou.
acts-26-32 agrippas de peJaF mfhstos Je eneounCom eka peirwme ebol. nsabhl Je a
Fepikalei mprro.
acts-27-01= nteroukrine de etrensChr etHitalia auT paulos mn Henkooue eumhr nouH
ekatontarcos epeFran pe ioulios ebol Hn tespira nsebasth.
acts-27-02 anale de euJoi ebol Hn natramuddh. eFnarHwt emma ntasia ankw ebol. a
uw aristarcos aFei nmman pebol Hn qessalonikh nte tmakedonia.
acts-27-03 mpeFraste de anmoone esidwn. ioulios de aFeire noumntmairwme mn paul
os aFkaaF etreFbwk eHrai Sa neFSbeer eSmShtF.
acts-27-04 ankw ebol Hm pma etmmau ansChr etoun kupros. etbe Je nere nthu Toubh
acts-27-05 auw nternrHwt Hm ppelakos ntkilikia mn tpamfulia. anei emurra ntluki
acts-27-06 auw apHekatontarcos He euJoi nte rakote Hm pma etmmau eFnarHwt etHit
alia aFtalon eroF.
acts-27-07 nternwsk de nHaH nHoou Hm pesChr. auw mogis nternpwH eknith mpthu kw
mmon an. anrHwt etoun krhth ntesalmonh.
acts-27-08 mogis nternsaats. anei euma eumoute eroF Je nlimhn etnanouou. ere ou
polis Hhn eroF Je alasos.
acts-27-09- ntere ounoC de nouoeiS oueine. anrHba Hm pesChr etbe Je atkenhstia o
ueine. paulos de aFJiSoJne nau
acts-27-10 eFJw mmos Je nrwme. Tnau Je ere pesChr naSwpe Hn oumkaH mn ounoC nos
e. ou monon mpJoi mn pauein alla nenkeyuch.
acts-27-11 pHekatontarcos de neFswtm nsa petrHmme mn pnauklhros eHou enetere pa
ulos Jw mmoou.
acts-27-12 mplimhn de motn an emoone eroF apeuHouo JiSoJne ekw ebol Hm pma etmm
au enau Je tnnaSCmCom etaHe oulimhn Je pHhnix nte tekrith nsemoone eroF eFCwSt e
pemnt auw etecwra.
acts-27-13= ntere ptourhs de ei ebol eumeeue Je apeutwS Swpe. autwoun ebol Hn al
asos. aFka krhth nswou.
acts-27-14 mnnsa oukoui de authu ntrwm Hioue eHoun eHran eSaumoute eroF Je eura
acts-27-15 ntereFtwrp de mpJoi emn Com mmoF eT oube pthu. ankaan ebol anrHwt
acts-27-16 antwmnt de euma eHoun eunhsos eSaumoute eros Je klaudia. mogis anCmC
om eamaHte nteskafh.
acts-27-17 auale eros eueire nHenbohqia eumour mpJoi. eurHote de mhpws nseHe eH
rai euma eFo nHwn. auneH psobte aukaau ebol.
acts-27-18 ere pcimwn de Soop eHrai eJwn epeHouo. mpeFraste de aunouJe ebol nne
acts-27-19 auw mnnsa peFraste auneJ psobte thrF mpJoi eqalassa
acts-27-20 emnrh de nbol oude mnsiou nouaps nHoou. auw nere ounoC ncimwn HiJwn.
nemn laau Ce nHelpis Soop nan etrenouJai.
acts-27-21- nterouwsk de mpouwm tote paulos aFaHeratF Hn teumhte eFJw mmos Je nr
wme neSSe men erwtn pe eswtm nswi etmkw ebol Hn krhth auw eTHhu mpeimkaH mn peio
acts-27-22 tenou on TJw mmos nhtn Je twk nHht. mn ouyuch gar nouwt naHe ebol nH
htthutn ei mhti pJoi mauaaF.
acts-27-23 aFouwnH gar nai ebol Hn teiouSh nCi ouaggelos nte panoute eTSmSe naF
acts-27-24 eFJw mmos Je mprrHote paule. Haps etreutaHok eratk mprro. auw eis Hh
hte apnoute carize nak nouon nim etsChr nmmak.
acts-27-25 etbe pai Ce nrwme mare petnHht ourot. Tpisteue gar epnoute Je snaSwp
e kata qe ntauJoos nai.
acts-27-26 Haps etrentwmnt eHoun eunhsos.
acts-27-27- ntere tmeHmntaFte de nouSh Swpe enrHwt Hm pantrias. nere nneeF Jw mm
os Hn tpaSe nteuSh Je anHwn eHoun eucwra.
acts-27-28 auw nterounouJe ntbolis auHe eJouwt nHpot mmoou. nterouCw on nkekoui
. aunouJe on ntbolis epmoou auHe emnth nHpot.
acts-27-29 eurHote Ce Je mhpws ntntwmnt eHoun euma eFnaSt. auneJ Ftoou nHauCal
Hi paHou. auSlhl etre Htooue Swpe.
acts-27-30 ere nneeF de Sine nsa pwt eka pJoi. auw aucala ntkato eteqalassa euC
n loiCe Je ennaneJ HauCal Hiqh.
acts-27-31 peJe paulos mfekatontarcos mn mmatoi. Je eretm nai Cw Hi pJoi. ntwtn
ntetn aSouJai an.
acts-27-32 tote mmatoi auswlp nnnouH nteskafh aukaas ebol etresbwk.
acts-27-33- Sante Htooue Hwn eSwpe nere paulos sops mmoou throu etreuJi nouHre e
FJw mmos Je eis mntaFte Hoou epoou atetnmoun ebol etetnHkaeit mpetnouem laau.
acts-27-34 etbe pai Tsops mmwtn etretnJi nouHre. pai gar eFSoop Haqh mpetnouJai
. mn ouFw gar nouwt naHe ebol Hn tape nlaau mmwtn.
acts-27-35 ntereFJe nai de aFJi nouoeik aFeucaristi mpnoute mpemto ebol nouon n
im. auw aFpoSF aFarcei nouwm. aFT Hwwn nan.
acts-27-36 auourot de nHht throu. ntoou Hwou on auJi noutrofh.
acts-27-37 neneire de thrn naSFetase myuch Hi pJoi.
acts-27-38 nterousei de autre pJoi asai. eunouJe mpesouo eteqalassa.
acts-27-39= ntere Htooue de Swpe pma men mpe nneeF souwnF oukolpos de pentaueior
HF eun ouma mmoone nHhtF auw auJiSoJne enau Je senaSCmCom etouJe pJoi eHoun emau
acts-27-40 autekm nHauCal aukaau euaSe Hn qalassa Hama auka Jwou ebol nnHihu au
Fi eHrai ntCislauo aurHwt mpthu etnbol eHoun epekro.
acts-27-41 autwmnt de euma eFo nHwn Hn qalassa aumane pJoi eroF apeFqh men taJr
o aFCw enFkim an peFpaHou de aFbwl ebol Hitm penSot mpthu.
acts-27-42 mmatoi Ce auJiSoJne eHetb netmhr. mhpws nteoua nhhbe nFrbol.
acts-27-43 pHekatontarcos de aFouwS etouJe paulos aFkwlu mpeuSoJne aFoueHsaHne
nneteunCom mmoou enhbe nseFoCou nSorp nsebwk epekro.
acts-27-44 auw pkeseepe Hoine men Hn Henpatse Henkooue de Hi HenHnaau nte pJoi.
tai te qe nta ouon nim ouJai epekro.
acts-28-01= auw nterenouJai. tote ansoun tnhsos Je milhth pe pesran.
acts-28-02 nbarbaros de aueire nan nounoC mmntmairwme. auJero gar noukwHt auSop
n eroou etbe pJaF etnbol mn pHwou.
acts-28-03 ntere paulos de ClouaSh nClm aFnoJou epkwHt. auHbw ei ebol Hn qmme a
smaHrws nteFCiJ.
acts-28-04 ntere nbarbaros de nau epeqhrion eFaSe nsateFCiJ. peJau nneuerhu Je
pantws peirwme oureFHwtb pe. Je ntereFouJai ebol Hn qalassa mpe peFmpSa kaaF ewn
acts-28-05 ntoF de ntereFnouHe mpeqhrion eHrai epkwHt mpFmkaH laau.
acts-28-06 ntoou de neuCwSt nswF pe Hws eFnaSwHb hnFHe eHrai Hn ouSsne nFmou eu
eiorm de nswF nounoC nkoou auw eunau Je mpelaau mpeqoou taHoF auktoou peJau Je o
unoute pe.
acts-28-07 neun HenCoom de pe mpkwte etmmau enaparcwn ntnhsos epeFran pe poupli
os. pai aFSopn eroF nSomnt nHoou. aFrounoC eron mmntmaiSmmo.
acts-28-08 asSwpe de etre peiwt mpouplios Hmom auw nFSwne eHhtF nFnkotk paulos
aFbwk eHoun SaroF aFSlhl aFtale tootF eHrai eJwF aFtalCoF.
acts-28-09 ntere pai de Swpe pkeseepe etHn tnhsos etSoop Hn HenSwne. auT peuouo
i eroF aFrpaHre eroou.
acts-28-10 ntoou de aueine nan nHennoC ntaio. nternnou de ekw ebol antalo mpetn
rcria naF.
acts-28-11= mnnsa Somnt nebot ansChr Hi ouJoi nte rakote eaFmoone etnhsos ere ou
maein mmoF ndioskoros.
acts-28-12 auw nternmoone esurakousa anr Somnt nHoou mmau.
acts-28-13 ebol de Hm pma etmmau ansChr ankatanta eHrhgios. auw mnnsa ouHoou nt
ereoutourhs niFe. anei mpensnau epontiolos.
acts-28-14 anHe eHensnhu mmau. ausepswpn eCw Hathu nsaSF nHoou. auw tai te qe n
tanbwk eHrwmh.
acts-28-15 nesnhu de nterouswtm mmau etbhtn auei ebol nSomte mmonh Sa ppios for
os etwmnt eron ntere paulos de nau eroou aFtwk nHht aFeucaristi mpnoute.
acts-28-16 nternbwk de eHoun eHrwmh. apHekatontarcos Tnetmhr etootF mparcwn nmm
atoi. aFka paulos de etreFCw Hari HaroF mn pmatoi etHareH eroF.
acts-28-17= asSwpe de mnnsa Somnt nHoou aFmoute enarcwn nnioudai peJaF nau Je nr
wme nasnhu anok ntaiT an oube plaos hpswnt nneneiote auT mmoi eimhr ebol Hn qier
osoluma eHrai enCiJ nneHrwmaios.
acts-28-18 ntoou de nterouanakrine mmoi. auouwS ekaat ebol. etbe Je mpouHe elaa
u naitia mmou Hrai nHht.
acts-28-19 ntere nioudai de Toubhi auanagkaze mmoi etraepikalei mprro. Hws eina
kathgori an mpaHeqnos.
acts-28-20 etbe teietia Ce aiseps thutn enau erwtn auw eSaJe nmmhtn. eimhr gar
nteiHalusis etbe qelpis mpisrahl.
acts-28-21 ntoou Ce peJau naF Je anon oude mpnJi sHai etbhhtk ebol Hn Toudaia.
oude mpe oua nnesnhu ei nFtamon nFJw noupeqoou etbhtk.
acts-28-22 tnaxiou de mmok etrenswtm enetkmeeue eroou. etbe teiHairesis gar aut
amon Je seantilege Hiwws Hm ma nim.
acts-28-23- autasse de naF euHoou auei SaroF nCi oumhhSe epma etFnHhtF. auw aFSa
Je nmmau eFrmntre ntmntrro mpnoute. eFpiqe mmoou etbe ihsous ebol Hm pnomos mmwu
shs mn neprofhths JinHtooue SarouHe.
acts-28-24 Hoine de aupiqe enetFJw mmoou. Henkooue de auratnaHte.
acts-28-25 auei de ebol nsetht an nHht mn neuerhu. ea paulos Jw nau nouSaJe nou
wt. Je kalws apepneuma etouaab SaJe mn netneiote ebol Hitn hsaias peprofhths
acts-28-26 eFJw mmos Je bwk nnaHrm pilatos ngJoos nau Je Hn ouswtm tetnaswtm nt
etn tmnoi. auw Hn ounau tetnanau ntetn tmeiwrH.
acts-28-27 aFnSot gar nCi fht mpilatos auw auHroS eswtm Hn neumaaJe. auw auStam
nneubal. mhpws nsenau Hn neubal nseswtm Hn neumaaJe nsenoi Hm peuHht nsekotou t
acts-28-28 mareFouwnH Ce nhtn ebol Je ntautnnoou mpeioudai nte pnoute nnHeqnos
auw ntoou netnaswtm.
acts-28-29 [--]
acts-28-30- apaulos de rrmpe snte throu. eFouhH Hn ouma eaFmisqou mmoF. auw neFS
wp eHoF nouon nim etbhk naF eHoun.
acts-28-31 eFkhrusse ntmntrro mpnoute. auw eFTsbw etbe pJoeis ihsous pecristos.
Hm parrhsia nim aJn Tso.
romn-01-01= paulos pHmHal nihsous pecristos papostolos ettaHm pentauporJF ebol e
peuaggelion mpnoute.
romn-01-02 pai entaFSrperht mmoF ebol Hi tootou nneFprofhths Hn negrafh etouaab
romn-01-03 etbe peFShre pai entaFSwpe ebol Hm pesperma ndaueid kata sarx.
romn-01-04 pentautoSF nShre mpnoute Hn tCom kata pepneuma mptbbo ebol Hm ptwoun
nnetmoout nihsous pecristos penJoeis.
romn-01-05 pai entanJi noucaris ebol Hi tootF mn oumn tapostolos epswtm ntpisti
s Hn nHeqnos throu Ha peFran
romn-01-06 etetnhp Hn nai Hwtthutn etetntaHm Hn ihsous pecristos
romn-01-07 netHn Hrwmh throu mmerit nte pnoute nettaHm etouaab. tecaris nhtn mn
Trhnh ebol Hitm pnoute peneiwt mn pJoeis ihsous pecristos.
romn-01-08= Sorp men TSpHmot ntmpanoute Hitn ihsous pecristos etbe thutn thrtn J
e seTsoeit etetnpistis Hm pkosmos thrF.
romn-01-09 pamntre gar pe pnoute pai eTSmSe naF Hm papneuma Hm peuaggelion mpeF
Shre nqe aJnwJn eieire mpetnmeeue
romn-01-10 nouoeiS nim Hn naSlhl eisops Je ere taHih sooutn Hm pouwS mpnoute ee
i Sarwtn.
romn-01-11 ToueSnau gar erwtn Jekaas eieT nhtn nouHmot mpneumatikon eptaJre thu
romn-01-12 pai de pe etre nslsl nenerhu nHhtthutn Hitn tpistis etHn nenerhu twt
n mntwi.
romn-01-13 TouwS gar etretneime nasnhu Je aikaas Haeiat nHaH nsop eei Sarwtn au
w aukwlu mmoi Satenou Jekaas eieJpo noukarpos nHhtthutn kata qe Hm pkeSwJp nHeqn
romn-01-14 nHellhn mn nbarbaros nsofos mn naqht euntau eroi
romn-01-15 tai te qe mpourot etnmmai eeuaggelize Hwtthutn nhtn netHn Hrwmh.
romn-01-16= nTTSipe gar an mpeuaggelion. ouCom gar nte pnoute pe euouJai nouon n
im etpisteue nioudai mn noueienin.
romn-01-17 tdikaiosunh gar mpnoute naCwlp ebol nHhtF Hn oupistis eupistis. kata
qe etshH Je ere pdikaios nawnH ebol Hn tpistis.
romn-01-18= torgh gar mpnoute naCwlp ebol Hn tpe eJm mntSaFte nim. auw pJi nCons
nnrwme nai etamaHte ntme mpnoute Hn ouJi nCons
romn-01-19 Je psooun mpnoute ouonH ebol nHhtou. apnoute gar ouonHF nau ebol.
romn-01-20 neFpeqhp gar ebol Hm pswnt mpkosmos. Hn neFtamio eunoi mmoou senau e
roou ete teFCom te nSa eneH mn teFmntnoute. etreuSwpe emntouSaJe mmau eJw.
romn-01-21 Je ausoun pnoute mpouTeoou naF Hws noute auw mpouSpHmot alla aurpetS
oueit Hn neumeeue. auw apeuHht natsbw rkake eroou.
romn-01-22 euJw mmos Je an Hensabe aursoC.
romn-01-23 auSibe mpeoou mpnoute nattako Hn oueine nHikwn nrwme eSaFtako Hi Hal
ht Hi tbnh. Hi JatFe.
romn-01-24- etbe pai apnoute taau Hn nouwS nneuHht euakaqarsia etreuswS nneuswma
Hrai nHhtou.
romn-01-25 nai entauSibe ntme mpnoute Hm pCol auouwSt auw auSmSe mpswnt para pe
ntaFswnt pai etsmamaat Sa nieneH Hamhn.
romn-01-26 etbe pai apnoute taau eHrai eHenpaqos eushS. eite gar neuHiome auSib
e mpHwb nteufusis eupara teufusis.
romn-01-27 Homoiws neukeHoout aukw nswou mpHwb ntefusis ntesHime aumouH mpeume
eHoun eneuerhu. HenHoout mn HenHoout eurHwb etascumosunh. auw tSbeiw mpbeke nteu
planh eteSSe euJei mmoF Hrai nHhtou.
romn-01-28 auw kata qe etempoudokimaze mpnoute ekaaF nau Hn ousooun. apnoute ta
au eHrai euHht nJoout eeire nnetemeSSe.
romn-01-29 euJhk ebol nJi nCons nim Hi kakia Hi ponhria Hi maito nHouo eumeH nl
a Hi Hwtb Hi Ttwn Hi kroF nHht eFHoou.
romn-01-30 nreFkasks nreFkatalalei mmast noute nreFswS nJasiHht nbaberwm nreFkw
te nsa ppeqoou enseswtm an nsa neueiote.
romn-01-31 naqht natnaHte nouaHiht natna
romn-01-32 nai etsooun mpdikaiwma mpnoute Je neteire nnai sempSa mpmou. ou mono
n seeire mmoou alla sesuneudoki on mn neteire mmoou.
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Hm peHoou ntorgh. mn pCwlp ebol mpHap mme mpnoute
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mn ouCwnt
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nSorp mn poueienin.
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romn-02-19 eknaHte erok Je eko nJaumoeit nnblle nouoein nnetHm pkake.
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tsarx pe psbbe.
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romn-03-02 naSws katasmot nim nSorp gar nentanHoutou enSaJe mpnoute.
romn-03-03 eSare ou gar Swpe eSJe aHoine ratnaHte mh ere teumntatnaHte nakatarg
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mh eiJw mmos Je ouadikos pe pnoute eteine nteForgh eJn nrwme
romn-03-06 nnesSwpe. emmon ere pnoute nakrine mpkosmos naS nHe.
romn-03-07 eSJe ntatme gar mpnoute rHouo Hn taCol epeFeoou. aHroi Ce sekrine mm
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e marneire nmpeqoou Je ere mpetnanouF taHon nai eume pe peuHap.
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romn-03-10 kata qe etshH Je mn dikaios laau mn oua
romn-03-11 mn rmnHht mn petSine nsa pnoute.
romn-03-12 aurike ebol throu auratSau Hiousop. mn peteire noumntcrhstos mn ouon
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s ere tapro nim twm. nte pkosmos thrF Swpe HapHap mpnoute.
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soun pnobe gar ebol Hitm pnomos.
romn-03-21= tenou de aJm pnomos atdikaiosunh mpnoute ouwnH ebol eurmntre Haros H
itm pnomos mn neprofhths.
romn-03-22 tdikaiosunh de mpnoute ebol Hitn tpistis nihsous pecristos eHoun eou
on nim etpisteue. mn pwrJ gar Soop
romn-03-23 aurnobe gar throu auw seSaat mpeoou mpnoute.
romn-03-24 eutmaeio mmoou nJinJh Hn teFcaris ebol Hitm pswte mpecristos ihsous.
romn-03-25 pai enta pnoute kaaF Jin nSorp nkw ebol Hitn tpistis mpeFsnoF. epouw
nH ebol nteFdikaiosunh. etbe pkw ebol nnnobe entannaau nSorp
romn-03-26 Hn tanoch mpnoute epouwnH ebol nteFdikaiosunh Hm peeiouoiS tenou etr
eFSwpe ndikaios auw eFtmaeio mpebol Hn tpistis nihsous.
romn-03-27- eFtwn Ce pSouSou auStam erwF Hitn aS nnomos pa neHbhue mmon alla Hit
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romn-03-28 tnJw gar mmos Je prwme natmaeio Hn tpistis noueS nneHbhue mpnomos.
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gsbbe ebol Hitn tpistis.
romn-03-31 ennakatargei Ce mpnomos Hitn tpistis nnesSwpe alla ennasunHista mpno
romn-04-01= ou Ce petnnaJooF Je aabraHam He eroF peneiwt Jin nSorp kata sarx.
romn-04-02 eSJe ntautmaie abraHam gar ebol Hn neHbhue ountF ouSouSou mmau alla
nnaHrm pnoute an.
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eroF eudikaiosunh.
romn-04-06 kata qe on eSare daueid Jw mpmakarismos mprwme pai etere pnoute nawp
eroF noudikaiosunh aJn neHbhue.
romn-04-07 Je naiatou nnentaukw nau ebol nneuanomia auw nentauHwbs ebol eJn neu
romn-04-08 naiatF mprwme ete mpJoeis naep nobe eroF an.
romn-04-09 peimakarismos Ce eFSoop eJm psbbe Jn eFSoop eJn tkemntatsbbe tnJw ga
r mmos Je auep tpistis nabraHam eroF eudikaiosunh.
romn-04-10 ntauops Ce eroF naS nHe neFHm psbbe pe Jn eFHn tmntatsbbe neFHm psbb
e an pe alla neFHntmntatsbbe.
romn-04-11 auw aFJi noumaein nsbbe nsfragis ntdikaiosunh ntpistis etHn tmntatsb
be etreFSwpe neiwt nnetpisteue throu Hitn tmntatsbbe. etreuops Hwou on eroou eud
romn-04-12 auw neiwt mpsbbe. nnebol an Hm psbbe mauaau alla nkooue etaHe eteHih
ntpistis etHn tmntatsbbe mpeneiwt abraHam.
romn-04-13- ouebol gar an Hitm pnomos pe perht entaFSwpe nabraHam. hpeFsperma et
reFSwpe nklhronomos mpkosmos. alla ebol Hitn tdikaiosunh ntpistis.
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romn-04-15 ere pnomos gar rHwb euorgh. pma de ete mn nomos nHhtF. oude mnparaba
romn-04-16 etbe pai ouebol Hn tpistis te Jekaas kata ouHmot etre perht Swpe eFt
aJrhu mpesperma thrF mpebol an Hm pnomos mmate alla mpkeebol Hn tpistis nabraHam
ete pai pe peneiwt thrn.
romn-04-17 kata qe etshH Je aikw mmok neiwt nHaH nHeqnos mpemto ebol mpnoute en
taFpisteue eroF. pai ettanHo nnetmoout etmoute enetenseSoop an Hws euSoop.
romn-04-18 pai para ouHelpis aFpisteue euHelpis. etreFSwpe neiwt nHaH nHeqnos k
ata pentauJooF. Je tai te qe etere peksperma naSwpe mmos.
romn-04-19 auw mpFCbbe Hn tpistis. aFnau epeFswma eaFkaCom epthrF eFnaraSe nrom
pe mnpmou ntoote nsarra.
romn-04-20 eperht de mpnoute mpFrHht snau Hn oumntapistos. alla aFCmCom Hn tpis
tis. eaFTeoou mpnoute.
romn-04-21 auw aFtwt nHht Je pentaF erht mmoF ounCom mmoF eaaF.
romn-04-22 etbe pai auops eroF eudikaiosunh.
romn-04-23 ntausaHF de an etbhhtF mauaaF Je auops eroF.
romn-04-24 alla etbhhtn Hwwn on nai etounaops eroou. netpisteue epentaFtounes i
hsous penJoeis ebol Hn netmoout
romn-04-25 pai entautaaF etbe nennobe. auw aFtwoun etbe pentmaeio.
romn-05-01= eantmaeio Ce ebol Hn tpistis. ountan mmau noueirhnh eHoun epnoute Hi
tn penJoeis ihsous pecristos.
romn-05-02 pai entanJi ebol HitootF mpHwn eHoun epeeiHmot etnaHeratn nHhtF. auw
enSouSou mmon eJn qelpis mpeoou mpnoute.
romn-05-03 ou monon de. alla enrpkeSouSou mmon Hn nenqliyis. ensooun Je teqliyi
s esrHwb euHupomonh.
romn-05-04 qupomonh de eudokimh. tdokimh de euHelpis.
romn-05-05 qelpis de mesJiSipe. Je tagaph mpnoute paHt ebol Hn nenHht Hitm pepn
euma etouaab pai entautaaF nan.
romn-05-06 eSJe pecristos etei eno nCwb kata piouoiS aFmou Ha nasebhs.
romn-05-07 mogis gar nte oua mou Ha oudikaios. meSak gar nte oua tolma emou Ha
romn-05-08 pnoute de sunHista nteFagaph eHoun eron. Je eti eno nreFrnobe apecri
stos mou Haron.
romn-05-09 naSws Ce nHouo eantmaeio tenou Hm peFsnoF tnnaouJai ebol HitootF eto
romn-05-10 eSJe eno nJaJe anHwtp epnoute Hitm pmou mpeFShre. naSws nHouo eanHwt
p tnnaouJai Hm peFwnH.
romn-05-11 ou monon de alla enrpkeSouSou mmon Hm pnoute Hitm penJoeis ihsous pe
cristos pai entanJi tenou mpHwtp ebol HitootF.
romn-05-12= etbe pai nqe enta pnobe ei eHoun epkosmos Hitn ourwme nouwt auw ebol
Hitm pnobe pmou auw tai te qe enta pmou ei ebol eJn rwme nim eaurnobe HiwwF thr
ou tai [[on te qe ebol Hitn ourwme nouwt ntapwnH ei ebol]].
romn-05-13 Sa pnomos gar nere pnobe Hm pkosmos pe eFmoout pnobe de neuwp mmoF a
n pe emn nomos.
romn-05-14 alla apmou rrro Jin adam Sa mwushs eJn nkooue ete mpournobe Hm peine
ntparabasis nadam ete pai pe ptupos mpetnaSwpe.
romn-05-15- alla nqe an mpparaptwma tai te qe mpeHmot. eSJe Hrai gar Hm pparaptw
ma mpioua nouwt aHaH mou. nHouo Ce emate tecaris mpnoute mn tdwrea Hn tecaris mp
irwme nouwt ihsous pecristos asaSai eHoun eHaH.
romn-05-16 auw nqe an Hitm pioua nouwt entaFrnobe pe petmaeio. ntapHap gar Swpe
ebol Hn oua eutCaeio. pecarisma de ntoF ebol Hn HaH nnobe pe eutmaio.
romn-05-17 eSJe Hrai gar Hm pnobe mpioua nouwt apmou rrro Hitm pioua. nHouo Ce
emate netJi mpeHouo ntecaris mn tdikaiosunh senarrro Hm pwnH Hitm pioua pecristo
s ihsous.
romn-05-18 ara Ce pparaptwma Hws ebol Hitn oua pe eHoun erwme nim eutC aeio. ta
i on te qe mpetmaio euebol Hitn oua pe eHoun erwme nim eutmaeio nwnH.
romn-05-19 nqe gar ebol Hitn tmntatswtm mpirwme nouwt nta HaH nreFrnobe Swpe. t
ai on te qe Hitn tmntstmht mpioua peHouo naSwpe ndikaios.
romn-05-20 nta pnomos de ei eHoun Je ere pparaptwma rHouo penta peFnobe aSai ap
eHmot rHoue aSai naF.
romn-05-21 Jekaas kata qe enta pnobe rrro Hm pmou ere tecaris on rrro nteeiHe H
itn tdikaiosunh euwnH Sa eneH Hitn ihsous pecristos penJoeis.
romn-06-01= ou Ce petnnaJooF tarnCw Hm pnobe Je ere tecaris rHouo.
romn-06-02 nnesSwpe. nai eanmou mpnobe naS nHe ennaSwnH Jin mpeeinau nHhtF.
romn-06-03 hetetno natsooun Je ouon nim eanbaptize epecristos ihsous. ntanbapti
ze epeFmou.
romn-06-04 automsn Ce nmmaF Hitm pbaptisma epeFmou. Jekaas kata qe enta pecrist
os twoun ebol Hn netmoout Hitm peoou mpeiwt ntnmooSe Hwwn nteiHe Hn oumntbrre nw
romn-06-05 eSJe anSwpe gar nSbrtwCe mpi ne mpeFmou. eie tnnaSwpe on mpeFketwoun
romn-06-06 eneime epai Je aueSt penrmnas nmmaF. Jekaas eFekatargei nCi pswma mp
nobe. etmtrenrHmHal Ce mpnobe Jin tenou.
romn-06-07 pentaFmou gar aFtmaeio ebol Hm pnobe.
romn-06-08 eSJe anmou de mn pecristos tnpisteue on Je tnnawnH nmmaF.
romn-06-09 ensooun Je apecristos twoun ebol Hn netmoout nFnasotF an emou. mpmou
Ce onJoeis eroF an.
romn-06-10 pmou gar entaFmou mmoF ntaFmou mpnobe nousop. pwnH de etFonH mmoF eF
onH Hm pnoute.
romn-06-11 epthutn Hwt thutn nteeiHe Je tetnmoout men mpnobe. tetnonH de mpnout
e Hm pecristos ihsous.
romn-06-12- mprtre pnobe Ce rrro Hm petnswma eteSaFmou etretnswtm nsa neFepiqumi
romn-06-13 oude mprparHista nnetnmelos nHoplon nJi nCons mpnobe. alla parHista
mmwtn mpnoute Hws etetnonH ebol Hn netmoout auw netnmelos nHoplon ntdikaiosunh m
romn-06-14 mpnobe gar narJoeis erwtn an. etetnSoop gar an Ha pnomos. alla Ha te
romn-06-15= aHroF Ce tarnrnobe. Je ntnSoop an Ha pnomos. alla Ha tecaris nnesSwp
romn-06-16 ntetn sooun an Je petetnparHista mmwtn naF nHmHal eswtm ntetn nHmHal
mpetetnswtm nswF hmpnobe hmpswtm etdikaiosunh.
romn-06-17 peHmot de mpnoute Shp Je netetno pe nHmHal mpnobe. atetnswtm de ebol
Hm petnHht eptupos ntesbw entauT thutn eroF.
romn-06-18 eatetnrrmHe de ebol Hm pnobe. atetnrHmHal ntdikaiosunh.
romn-06-19 eiJw mpai kata rwme etbe tasqenia ntetn sarx. nqe gar entatetnparHis
ta nnetnmelos nHmHal ntakaqarsia mn tanomia eHoun etanomia. parHista HwwF tenou
nnetnmelos nHmHal ntdikaiosunh eutbbo.
romn-06-20 mpeuoeiS gar etetno nHmHal mpnobe netetno nrmHe pe Hn tdikaiosunh.
romn-06-21 aS Ce pe pkarpos ene ounth tneF mpiouoeiS. nai etetnJiSipe eJwou ten
ou. qah gar nnetmmau pe pmou.
romn-06-22 tenou de ntoF eatetnrrmHe ebol Hm pnobe atetnrHmHal de mpnoute ounth
tn mmau mpetnkarpos eutbbo pJwk de pe pwnH Sa eneH.
romn-06-23 noywnion gar mpnobe pe pmou. pecarisma de mpnoute pe pwnH nSa eneH H
m pecristos ihsous penJoeis.
romn-07-01= hetetno natsooun nesnhu eiSaJe gar mn netsooun mpnomos. Je pnomos on
Joeis eprwme nouoeiS nim eFonH.
romn-07-02 tesHime gar etHmoos mnHai smhr epesHai etonH Hm pnomos. erSan pesHai
de mou asouwsF ebol Hm pnomos mpHai.
romn-07-03 ara Ce ere pHai onH senamoute eros Je noeik esSanHmoos mn keHai. erS
an pHai de mou ourmHh te ebol Hm pnomos etmtreumoute eros Je noeik esSanHmoos mn
romn-07-04 Hwste nasnhu atetnmou Hwt thutn mpnomos Hitm pswma nihsous pecristos
etretnSwpe nkeoua pentaFtwoun ebol Hn netmoout. Je eneTkarpos mpnoute.
romn-07-05 nneHoou gar enHn tsarx mpaqos nnnobe nebol Hitm pnomos neuenergei pe
Hn nenmelos etrenTkarpos mpmou.
romn-07-06 tenou de eanmou anouwsF ebol Hm pnomos pai eneuamaHte mmon nHhtF. Hw
ste etrenrHmHal noumntbrre mpneuma Hn oumntas an mpesHai.
romn-07-07= ou Ce petnnaJooF pnomos pe pnobe nnesSwpe. alla mpisoun pnobe ei mht
i ebol Hitm pnomos. neisooun gar an pe ntepiqumia nsabhl Je apnomos Joos Je nnek
romn-07-08 apnobe de Ji nouaformh ebol Hitn tentolh aFrHwb Hrai nHht eepiqumia
nim. aJm pnomos gar pnobe moout.
romn-07-09 anok de neeionH aJn nomos nououoeiS pe. nteresei de nCi tentolh. apn
obe wnH.
romn-07-10 anok de aimou. auHe eTentolh etSoop euwnH eumou nai.
romn-07-11 ea pnobe gar Ji nouaformh ebol Hitoots ntentolh aFexapata mmoi. auw
ebol Hitoots aFmoout.
romn-07-12 Hwste Ce pnomos ouaab auw tentolh ouaab. oudikaion te. auw ouagaqon
romn-07-13- nta pagaqon Ce Swpe nai eumou nnesSwpe. alla pnobe pe Jekaas eFeouwn
H ebol Je ounobe pe Hitm pagaqon eFrHwb nai epmou. Jekaas ere pnobe rHouereFrnob
e Hitn tentolh.
romn-07-14 tnsooun gar Je pnomos oupneumatikos pe anok de ang ousarkikos eito e
bol Ha pnobe.
romn-07-15 peTeire gar mmoF nTsooun mmoF an. mpeTouaSF gar an pai peTeire mmoF.
alla peTmoste mmoF pai peTeire mmoF.
romn-07-16 eSJe mpeTouaSF de an pai peTeire mmoF. TJw mmos epnomos Je nanouF.
romn-07-17 tenou de nanok an Ce petrHwb eroF. alla pnobe pe etouhH nHht.
romn-07-18 Tsooun gar Je mnagaqon ouhH nHht ete pai pe Hn tasarx. pouwS gar Fkh
nai eHrai. perHwb de eppetnanouF mmon.
romn-07-19 mpagaqon gar an eTouaSF peTeire mmoF. alla ppeqoou ete nTouaSF an pa
i peTeire mmoF.
romn-07-20 eSJe mpeTouaSF an pai peTeire mmoF. eie nanok an Ce peteire mmoF. al
la pnobe pe etouhH Hrai nHht.
romn-07-21 THhu ntooun epnomos enFSoop nai an. petoueSr petnanouF Je ppeqoou kh
nai eHrai.
romn-07-22 THhdane gar mpnomos mpnoute kata prwme etHi Houn.
romn-07-23 Tnau de ekenomos Hn namelos eFT oube pnomos mpaHht auw eFaicmalwtize
mmoi Hm pnomos mpnobe pai etSoop Hn namelos.
romn-07-24 ptalaipwros anok prwme nim petnanaHmet ebol Hm pswma mpeimou.
romn-07-25 peHmot mpnoute Shp Hitn ihsous pecristos penJoeis. ara Ce anok Hrai
men Hm paHht To nHmHal mpnomos mpnoute. Hn tasarx de mpnomos mpnobe.
romn-08-01= eie mnlaau tenou ntCaeio nnetHm pecristos ihsous.
romn-08-02 apnomos gar mpepneuma mpwnH Hm pecristos ihsous aat nrmHe ebol Hm pn
omos mpnobe mn pmou.
romn-08-03 tmntatCom gar nte pnomos eneFCoob nHhts Hitn tsarx. apnoute tnnoou m
peFShre Hn oueine nsarx nnobe. auw etbe pnobe aFtCaie pnobe Hn teFsarx.
romn-08-04 Je ere petmaeio mpnomos Jwk ebol nHhtn. nai ete nsemooSe an kata sar
x. alla kata pneuma.
romn-08-05 netSoop gar kata sarx eumeeue ena tsarx. netSoop de kata pneuma ena
romn-08-06 pmeeue gar ntsarx pmou pe. pmeeue de mpepneuma pwnH pe mn Trhnh.
romn-08-07 Je pmeeue gar ntsarx oumntJaJe te epnoute nsHupotasse gar an mpnomos
mpnoute. oude gar mnCom mmos.
romn-08-08 netHn tsarx de nneueSranaF mpnoute.
romn-08-09 ntwtn de nnetetn Hn tsarx an alla etetnHm pepneuma eSJe pepneuma mpn
oute nHht thutn eSJe oun oua de emntF pepneuma mpecristos pai empwF an pe.
romn-08-10 eSJe pecristos de nHht thutn. eie pswma men moout etbe pnobe. pepneu
ma de pe pwnH etbe tdikaiosunh.
romn-08-11 eSJe pepneuma de mpentaFtounes ihsous ebol Hn netmoout ouhH nHht thu
tn. pentaFtounes pecristos ebol Hn netmoout natounes netnkeswma eteSaumou Hitm p
eFpneuma etouhH nHht thutn.
romn-08-12- ara Ce nasnhu nseron an etrenwnH kata sarx.
romn-08-13 eSJe etetnonH gar kata sarx tetnamou. eSJe Hm pepneuma de tetnmouout
nneHbhue mpswma tetnawnH.
romn-08-14 netmooSe gar Hm pepneuma mpnoute nai ne nShre mpnoute.
romn-08-15 ntatetnJi gar an noupneuma mmntHmHal euHote on. alla ntatetnJi noupn
euma mmntShre pai etnwS ebol nHhtF Je abba peiwt.
romn-08-16 ntoF pepneuma Frmntre mn penpneuma Je anon nShre mpnoute.
romn-08-17 eSJe anon nShre eie anon neklh ronomos neklhronomos men mpnoute nSbr
klhronomos de mpecristos eSJe tnSpHise nmmaF Je eneJieoou on nmmaF.
romn-08-18= Tmeeue gar Je nHise mpeiouoeiS tenou mpSa an mpeoou etnaCwlp eron.
romn-08-19 pCwSt gar ebol nte pswnt FCwSt ebol HhtF mpCwlp ebol nnShre mpnoute.
romn-08-20 ntauqbbie pswnt gar mpetSoueit enHnaF an alla etbe pentaFqbbi oF eJn
romn-08-21 Je ntoF HwwF pswnt senaaaF nrmHe ebol Hn tmntHmHal mptako etmntrmHe
mpeoou nnShre mpnoute.
romn-08-22 tnsooun de Je pswnt thrF aSaHom nmman. auw FTnaake SaHrai etenou.
romn-08-23 ntoF de mauaaF an. alla anon Hwwn eanJi ntaparch mpepneuma tnaSaHom
Hrai nHhtn enCwSt ebol Hhts ntenmntShre pswte mpenswma.
romn-08-24 ntanouJai gar Hn qelpis ouHelpis de eunau eros nouHelpis an te. pete
re oua gar nau eroF aHroF on FHupomine eroF.
romn-08-25 eSJe petentnnau de eroF an enHelpize eroF eie enCwSt ebol HhtF Hitn
romn-08-26- pepneuma de on Tntootn Hn tenmntCwb. tarnSlhl gar Je ou kataqe etSe
ntnsooun an. alla ntoF pepneuma Fsmme eHrai Haron Hn HenaSaHom euHhp.
romn-08-27 petmouSt de nnenHht Fsooun Je ou pe pmeeue nte pepneuma Je eFsmme eH
rai kata pnoute Ha netouaab.
romn-08-28 tnsooun de Je netme mpnoute Sare pnoute Ttootou Hn Hwb nim epagaqon
nai ettaHm kata ptwS.
romn-08-29 Je nentaFSrpsouwnou aFSrpporJou ebol nSbreine nqikwn mpeFShre etreFS
wpe nSrp mmise nHaH nson.
romn-08-30 nentaFSrp porJou de ebol nai on nentaFtaHmou. auw nentaFtaHmou nai o
n nentaFtmaeioou. auw nentaFtmaeioou nai on nentaFTeoou nau.
romn-08-31= ou Ce petnnaJooF nnaHrn nai. eSJe pnoute petmiSe eJwn nim petnaST ou
romn-08-32 pai etempFTso epeFShre mmin mmoF. alla aFtaaF Haron thrn. naS ntoF n
He nFnacarize nan an nnka nim nmmaF.
romn-08-33 nim petnaSsmme ouFe nswtp mpnoute. pnoute pettmaeio
romn-08-34 nim petnaStCaio pecristos pentaFmou. nHouo de pentaFtwoun ebol Hn ne
tmoout pai on etHiounam mpnoute auw etsmme eHrai Haron.
romn-08-35 nim petnaporJn etagaph mpnoute ouqliyis te houlwJH pe houdiwgmos hou
Hko houkwkaHhu houkindunos houshFe.
romn-08-36 kata qe etshH Je etbhhtk semouout mmon mpeHoou thrF. auopn nqe nnies
oou ekonsou.
romn-08-37 alla Hn nai throu tnJraeit nHouo Hitm pentaFmeritn.
romn-08-38 Tpiqe gar Je oude mnmou oude mnwnH oude aggelos oude arch oude netSo
op oude netnaSwpe oude Com.
romn-08-39 oude pJise oude pSike oude kektisis naSCmCom eporJn ebol Hn tagaph m
pnoute tai etHm pecristos ihsous penJoeis.
romn-09-01= oume teTJw mmos Hm pecristos nTJiCol an. esrmntre nmmai nCi tasunidh
sis Hm oupneuma eFouaab.
romn-09-02 Je oun ounoC nluph nmmai mn oumkaH nHht natwJn Hm paHht.
romn-09-03 neiSlhl gar anok pe etraSwpe ntstebol ntm pecristos nnaHrm pnoute Ha
nasnhu nasuggenhs kata sarx
romn-09-04 ete nai ne nisrahliths nai etetwou te tmntShre mn peoou mn tdiaqhkh
mn tnomoqesia mn pSmSe auw nerht.
romn-09-05 nai etenouou ne neiote auw nta pecristos ei ebol nHhtou kata sarx pn
oute etHiJn ouon nim petsmamaat Sa nieneH Hamhn.
romn-09-06 ouc oion de Je ntaFHe nCi pSaJe mpnoute. ouon gar nim an entauei ebo
l Hm pisrahl nai ne pisrahl.
romn-09-07 oude Je Henebol Hm pesperma nabraHam ne HenShre throu ne. alla Hn is
aak eunamoute nak eusperma.
romn-09-08 ete pai pe Je nShre an ntsarx nai ne nShre mpnoute. alla nShre mperh
t netounaopou epesperma.
romn-09-09 peiSaJe gar pa perht pe Je Tnhu kata piouoeiS nte ouShre Swpe nsarra
romn-09-10 ou monon de alla tkeHrebekka. easJi ebol Hm pma nnkotk noua peneiwt
romn-09-11 empatouJpoou oude mpatourHwb nagaqon hmpeqoou Jekaas ere ptwS nte pn
oute kata oumntswtp moun ebol.
romn-09-12 ebol Hn neHbhue an. alla ebol Hm pettwHm. auJoos nas Je pnoC narHmHa
l mpkoui.
romn-09-13 kata qe etshH Je iakwb aimeritF. hsau de aimestwF.
romn-09-14- ou Ce petnnaJooF mh ounJi nCons nnaHrm pnoute nnesSwpe.
romn-09-15 SaFJoos gar mmwushs Je Tnana mpe Tnana naF. taSnHthi Ha peTnaSnHthi
romn-09-16 ara Ce mpa petouwS an pe. oude mpa petpht an pe. alla pa pnoute etna
romn-09-17 Sare tegrafh gar Joos mfaraw Je etbe pai aitounosk Je eieouenH taCom
ebol nHhtk. auw Je eueJw mparan Hm pkaH thrF.
romn-09-18 ara Ce petFouaSF peSaFna naF. auw petFouaSF SaFTnSot naF.
romn-09-19= knaJoos Ce nai Je aHroF FCnarike. nim gar pentaFaHeratF oube peFouwS
romn-09-20 wprwme ntk nim HwwF eouwSb oube pnoute mh peplasma naJoos mpentaFpla
sse mmoF Je aHrok aktamioi nteiHe.
romn-09-21 hmnte pkerameus texousia etamio ebol Hm piome nouwt nouHnaau eutaeio
. keoua de euswS.
romn-09-22 eSJe pnoute de eFouwS eouwnH ebol nteForgh. auw etamon eteFCom. aFei
ne Hn ounoC mmntHarSHht nHenskeuh norgh eusbtwt eptako.
romn-09-23 Je eFeouwnH ebol ntmntrmmao mpeFeoou eJn Henskeuh nna. nai entaFsbtw
tou Jin nSorp epeoou.
romn-09-24 nai on entaFtaHmou anon. ou monon ebol Hn nioudai. alla ebol Hn nkeH
romn-09-25 nqe on eSaFJoos nwshe Je Tnamoute epetempalaos an pe Je palaos. auw
tamerit an Je tamerit.
romn-09-26 nsSwpe Hm pma entauJoos nau Je ntetn palaos an senamoute eroou mmau
Je nShre mpnoute etonH.
romn-09-27 hsaias de JiSkak ebol Ha pisrahl. Je erSanthpe nnShre mpisrahl rqe m
pSw nqalassa ouSwJp petnaouJai.
romn-09-28 ouSaJe gar eFJwk ebol auw eFSwwt petere pnoute naaaF HiJm pkaH.
romn-09-29 kata qe on enta hsaias Joos Je nsabhl Je apJoeis sabawq SwJp nan nou
sperma. nennaSwpe pe nqe nsodoma. ntneine ngomorra.
romn-09-30= ennaJoos Ce Je ou Je nHeqnos etensepht an nsa tdikaiosunh autaHet di
kaiosunh. tdikaiosunh de tebol Hn tpistis.
romn-09-31 pisrahl de eFpht nsa pnomos ntdikaiosunh mpFtaHe pnomos.
romn-09-32 etbe ou Je ebol Hn tpistis an. alla Hws ebol Hn neHbhoue. auw auJwrp
epwne nJrop
romn-09-33 kata qe etshH Je eis Hhhte Tnakw Hn siwn nouwne nJrop mn oupetra nsk
andalon. auw petnapisteue eroF nFnaJiSipe an.
romn-10-01= nasnhu pouwS men nte paHht mnpasops Soop eHrai epnoute Haroou euouJa
romn-10-02 Trmntre gar nau Je ountau mmau noukwH nte pnoute. alla kata ousooun
romn-10-03 euo gar natsooun etdikaiosunh mpnoute. euSine nsa taHe twou erats mm
in mmoou. mpouHupotasse ntdikaiosunh mpnoute.
romn-10-04 pJwk gar mpnomos pe pecristos etdikaiosunh nouon nim etpisteue.
romn-10-05= amwushs gar sHai Je tdikaiosunh tebol Hm pnomos prwme etnaas FnawnH
romn-10-06 tdikaiosunh de tebol Hn tpistis Jw mmos nteeiHe. Je mprJoos Hm pekHh
t Je nim petnabwk eHrai etpe ete pai pe empecristos epesht.
romn-10-07 hnim petnabwk epesht epnoun ete pai pe empecristos eHrai Hn netmoout
romn-10-08 alla ou petFJw mmoF Je pSaJe Hhn eHoun erok Hn tektapro. auw Hrai Hm
pekHht ete pai pe pSaJe ntpistis etntaSeoeiS mmoF.
romn-10-09 Je ekSanHomologi mpSaJe Hn tektapro Je pJoeis pe ihsous. auw ngpiste
ue Hm pekHht Je pnoute aFtounosF ebol Hn netmoout knawnH.
romn-10-10 eupisteue gar eroF Hm pHht eudikaiosunh euHomologei de mmoF Hn ttapr
o euouJai.
romn-10-11 Sare tegrafh gar Joos Je ouon nim etpisteue eroF nFnaJiSipe an.
romn-10-12 mn pwrJ gar Soop mpioudai mn poueienin. piJoeis gar nouwt pe mmoou t
hrou eFo nrmmao eouon nim. eouon nim etnaepikalei mmoF.
romn-10-13 ouon gar nim etnaepikalei mpran mpJoeis FnaouJai.
romn-10-14- naS de nHe eunaepikalei mpete mpoupisteue eroF. naS de nHe eunapiste
ue epete mpouswtm eroF. naS de nHe eunaswtm noueS mpettaSeoiS.
romn-10-15 naS de nHe eunataSeoeiS eutmJoouse. kata qe etshH Je eSJe nesenouerh
te nneteuaggelize nmpetnanouF
romn-10-16 alla mpouswtm throu nsa peuaggelion. Sare hsaias gar Joos Je pJoeis
nim pentaFpisteue epenHroou.
romn-10-17 ara Ce tpistis ouebol Hm pswtm te. pswtm de Hitm pSaJe mpecristos.
romn-10-18 alla taJoos Je etempouswtm. eSwpe Ce apeuHroou ei ebol epkaH thrF. a
uw aneuSaJe pwH Sa arhJs ntoikoumenh.
romn-10-19 alla taJoos Je ete mpe pisrahl eime. Sare mwushs Joos Jin nSorp Je a
nok TnaTkwH nhtn eJm petenouHeqnos an pe. TnaTnouCs nhtn eJn ouHeqnos naqht.
romn-10-20 Sare hsaias de tolma nFJoos Je auHe eroi Hn netenseSine nswi an. aio
uwnH ebol nnetenseJnou mmoi an.
romn-10-21 SaFJoos de episrahl Je aiprS naCiJ ebol mpeHoou thrF eulaos natnaHte
auw eFouwHm.
romn-11-01= taJoos Ce Je mh apnoute ka peFlaos nswF nnesSwpe. kai gar anok Hw an
g ouebol Hm pisrahl ebol Hm pesperma nabraHam tefulh nbeniamein.
romn-11-02 mpe pnoute ka peFlaos nswF pentaFsouwnF Jin nSorp. hntetn sooun an J
e Sare tegrafh Joos Je ou Hn Hhleias. nqe eSaFsmme eHrai epnoute episrahl.
romn-11-03 Je pJoeis nekprofhths aumooutou nekqusiasthrion auSrSwrou anok penta
iSwJp mauaat auw seSine nsa tayuch.
romn-11-04 alla eSare pSaJe Joos naF Je ou Je aiSwJp nai nsaSF nSo nrwme nai et
e mpouklJpat ntbaHal.
romn-11-05 tai Ce on te qe Hm peikeouoeiS ouSwJp pentaFSwpe kata oumntswtp ncar
romn-11-06 ei te eSJe Hn oucaris eie ouebol Ce an pe Hn neHbhue mmon tecaris Ce
narcaris an.
romn-11-07 ou Ce petere pisrahl Sine nswF pai mpFmate mmoF atmntswtp de mate mm
oF apkeseepe de twm nHht.
romn-11-08 kataqe etshH Je apnoute Tnau noupneuma nmkaH nHht Henbal etmnau ebol
. auw HenmaaJe etmswtm Sa Hrai epoou nHoou.
romn-11-09 Sare daueid on Joos Je mare teutrapeza Swpe nau euCorCs mn oupaS. au
w ouskandalon mn outwwbe nau
romn-11-10 marourkake nCi neubal etmnau ebol. auw teuJise ngolks nshu nim.
romn-11-11= taJoos Ce Je ntauJwrp Je eueHe nnesSwpe. alla Hm peuHe apeuJai Swpe
nnHeqnos epTkwH nau.
romn-11-12 eSJe apeuHe de rmntrmmao mpkosmos. auw apeuSwwt rmntrmmao nnHeqnos e
ie ouhr nHouo pe peuJwk.
romn-11-13- TJw de mmos nhtn nHeqnos epHoson gar ang papostolos nnHeqnos. TTeoou
romn-11-14 Je eieTkwH ntasarx tatouJe Hoine ebol nHhtou.
romn-11-15 eSJe apeutsto gar ebol rHwtp mpkosmos. eie ouhr pe peuSopou eHoun ns
a ptwoun ebol Hn netmoout.
romn-11-16 eSJe peqab gar ouaab. eie pkeouwSm ouaab. auw eSJe tnoune ouaab eie
romn-11-17- eSJe Hoine de nneklados auSaatou. ntok de ntk oubw nJitHoout autoCk
Hrai nHhtou. auw akSwpe nkoinwnos epknne ntnoune ntbw nJoeit.
romn-11-18 mprSouSou mmok eJn neklados eSJe kSouSou de mmok ntok an etFi Ha tno
une alla tnoune tetFi Harok
romn-11-19 knaJoos Ce nai Je ntauSet Henklados Jekaas euetoCt
romn-11-20 kalws Hn oumntapistos auSaatou ntok de ekaHeratk Hn tpistis mprJise
Ce nHht alla ariHote.
romn-11-21 eSJe mpe pnoute gar Tso eneklados eteHwou ne. nFnaTso Hwwk an erok
romn-11-22 anau Ce etmntcrhstos auw tmntreFSwwt mpnoute tmntreFSwwt men eJn nen
tauHe. tmntcrhstos de mpnoute eJwk ekSanCw Hn tmntcrhstos. eSwpe mmon Hwwk senaS
romn-11-23 nkooue Hwou euSantmCw Hn teumntatnaHte senatoCou. ounCom gar on mpno
ute etoCou.
romn-11-24 eSJe ntok gar ntau Saatk ebol Hn oubw nJitHoout name auw para tekmin
e autoCk eubw nJitnoutm. posw mallon nai eHoine rw ne senatoC ou eteubw nJoeit m
min mmoou.
romn-11-25= TouwS de etretneime nasnhu epeeimusthrion Jekaas ennetnSwpe nhtn nsa
be Je ntaoutwm nHht Swpe nHoine mpisrahl SantepJwk nnHeqnos ei eHoun.
romn-11-26 auw tai te qe nte pisrahl thrF ouJai. kata qe etshH Je Fnhu ebol Hn
siwn nCi petnouHm nFktemmntSaFte ebol Hn iakwb.
romn-11-27 auw tai te tdiaqhkh etSoop nau ebol Hitoot eiSankw ebol nneunobe
romn-11-28 kata men mpeuaggelion aurJaJe etbe thutn. kata te tmntswtp Henmerit
ne etbe neueiote.
romn-11-29 HenatrHthF gar ne necarisma mpnoute mn peFtwHm.
romn-11-30 nqe gar ntwtn mpiouoeiS entatetnratnaHte epnoute tenou de auna nhtn
Hn tmntatnaHte nnai.
romn-11-31 tai te qe nnai Hwou tenou eauratnaHte epetnna Jekaas Hwou euena nau
romn-11-32 apnoute gar etpouon nim eHoun eumntatnaHte Jekaas eFena nau throu.
romn-11-33- wpSik ntmntrmmao mn tsofia auw psooun mpnoute. nqe ete neueSmeSt nHa
p mpnoute. auw ete neueSnratou nneFHiooue.
romn-11-34 nim gar pentaFeime epHht mpJoeis pai etnatsabe eiatF ebol. hnim pent
aFSwpe naF nreFJiSoJne.
romn-11-35 hnim pentaFeire naF nSorp tareFtoueio naF.
romn-11-36 Je pthrF Henebol mmoF ne auw ebol HitootF auw eunakotou eroF pwF pe
peoou Sa nieneH Hamhn.
romn-12-01= Tparakalei Ce mmwtn nasnhu Hitn mmntSanHthF mpnoute. eparHista nnetn
swma nouqusia esonH esouaab esranaF mpnoute. petnSmSe nrmnHht.
romn-12-02 ntetn tmJiHrb mpeiaiwn. alla ntetn Ji mpHrb ntmntbrre mpetnHht etret
ndokimaze Je ou pe pouwS mpnoute etnanouF etranaF etJhk ebol.
romn-12-03- TJw gar mmos Hitn tecaris entautaas nai nouon nim etnHht thutn etmJi
se nHht para qe etSe emeeue alla emeeue ntoF errmnHht poua poua nqe enta pnoute
twS naF nouSi mpistis.
romn-12-04 kata qe gar eteuntan HaH mmelos Hn ouswma nouwt empiHwb an nouwt pet
e ounte mmelos throu
romn-12-05 tai te tenHe thrn anon ouswma nouwt Hm pecristos. poua de poua anon
mmelos nnenerhu.
romn-12-06 euntan de mmau nHenHmot euSobe. kata tecaris entautaas nan. eite oup
rofhtia kata pSi ntpistis.
romn-12-07 eite oudiakonia Hn tdiakonia. eite petTsbw Hn tesbw.
romn-12-08 eite petparakalei Hm psops petT Hn oumntHaplous petproHista Hn ouspo
udh petna Hn ouourot.
romn-12-09= tagaph aJn Hupokrine. etetnmoste mppeqoou. etetntwCe mmwtn eppetnano
romn-12-10 Hn tmntmaison etetnoknek eHoun enetnerhu etetnJise nnetnerhu erwtn H
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romn-12-11 entetnJnaau an Hn tespoudh. etetnbrbr Hm pepneuma. etetno nHmHal mpJ
romn-12-12 etetnraSe Hn qelpis. etetnHupomine Hn teqliyis. etetnproskarteri epe
romn-12-13 etetnkoinwni enecria nnetouaab. etetnpht nsa tmntmai Smmo.
romn-12-14 smou enetpht nswtn smou eroou mprsHouwrou.
romn-12-15 raSe mn netraSe. rime mn netrime.
romn-12-16 etetnmeeue eumeeue nouwt enetnerhu entetnCwSt an enimntJasiHht. alla
etetnmooSe mn netqbbihu. mprSwpe nsabe nnaHrhtn ouatthutn.
romn-12-17 entetntwwbe an noupeqoou Ha oupeqoou nlaau. etetnFi mproouS nmpetnan
ouF mpemto ebol nrwme nim.
romn-12-18 eSJe ounSCom etetneire natot thutn ereirhnh mn rwme nim
romn-12-19 entetneire an mpetnkba namerate. alla ka pma ntorgh. FshH gar Je neJ
pHap eroi auw anok Tnatwwbe peJe pJoeis.
romn-12-20 alla erSan pekJaJe Hko matmmoF auw eFSaneibe matsoF. ekeire gar mpai
knaprS HenJbbes nkwHt eJn teFape.
romn-12-21 mprtreuJro erok Hitm ppeqoou. alla Jro eppeqoou Hm petnanouF.
romn-13-01= mare yuch nim Hupotasse nniexousia etJose. mn exousia gar eimhti ebo
l Hitm pnoute. netSoop de euthS ebol Hitm pnoute.
romn-13-02 Hwste petnaT oube texousia eFT oube ptwS mpnoute. netT de senaJi nau
romn-13-03 narcwn nHenHote an ne mpHwb etnanouF alla mppeqoou kouwS de etmrHote
Hhts ntexousia aripagaqon auw knaJi noutaeio ebol Hitoots.
romn-13-04 oudiakonos gar nte pnoute nak te eupetnanouF eSwpe de ekSanr ppeqoou
ariHote eikh gar an sfori ntsh Fe oudiakonos gar nte pnoute te nreFJikba etorgh
mpeteire mppeqoou.
romn-13-05 etbe pai SSe eHupotasse. ou monon etbe torgh. alla etbe tkesunidh si
romn-13-06 etbe pai gar tetnTSwm. Henlitourgos gar nte pnoute ne euproskarterei
romn-13-07 T nouon nim nneterwtn pSwm mpa pSwm ptelos mpa ptelos qote mpa qote
ptaeio mpa ptaeio.
romn-13-08= mprka laau erwtn ntn laau nsa pmere netnerhu. petme gar mpeqi touwF
aFJek pnomos ebol.
romn-13-09 Hm ptreFJoos gar Je nnekrnoeik nnekHwtb nnekJioue nnekepiqumi auw pk
eseepe nnentolh eSauJwk ebol Hm peeiSaJe Hn ekemere peqitouwk ntekHe.
romn-13-10 mere tagaph rpeqoou mpeqitouws. pJwk Ce ebol mpnomos pe tagaph.
romn-13-11= auw pai ensooun mpiouoeiS. Je ateunou Ce Swpe etrentwoun Ha pHinhb.
tenou gar apenouJai Hwn eHoun eron eHoue peuoeiS entanpisteue.
romn-13-12 ateuSh prokopte. apeHoou Hwn eHoun marnkw Ce nswn nneHbhue mpkake. n
tnT de Hiwwn nnHoplon mpouoein.
romn-13-13 Hws enHm peHoou marnmooSe entsanhu Hn HenJhr an mn HenTHe Hn Henma n
nkotk an mn HenJwHm Hn HenTtwn an mn HenkwH.
romn-13-14 alla THiwt thutn mpenJoeis ihsous pecristos. auw mprFiproouS ntetn s
arx eHenepiqumia.
romn-14-01= petCoob de SopF erwtn Hn tpistis eHenHotHt an mmokmek.
romn-14-02 oun petpisteue men eouem nka nim. petCoob de Foum ouoote.
romn-14-03 mprtre petouwm seSF petenFouwm an. auw mprtre petenFouwm an krine mp
etouwm. pnoute gar pentaFSopF eroF.
romn-14-04 ntk nim ekkrine nouHmHal empwk an pe eFaHeratF epeFJoeis heFnaHe Fna
aHe de eratF. ounCom gar mpJoeis etaHoF eratF.
romn-14-05 oun petkkrine men nouHoou para ouHoou. oun petkkrine de nHoou nim. p
oua poua mareFtwt Hm peFHht.
romn-14-06 petmeeue epeHoou eFmeeue epJoeis auw petouwm eFouwm mpJoeis FSpHmot
gar nte pnoute auw petenFouwm an etenFouwm an mpJoeis auw FSpHmot ntm pnoute.
romn-14-07 mn laau gar mmon onH naF. auw mn laau mmon namou naF.
romn-14-08 eSwpe gar enSanwnH enawnH mpJoeis. auw eSwpe enSanmou enamou mpJoeis
. eSwpe Ce enSanwnH eSwpe enSanmou anon na pJoeis.
romn-14-09 etbe pai gar apecristos mou auw aFwnH Je eFerJoeis enetmoout mn neto
romn-14-10 ntok de aHrok kkrine mpekson haHrok Hwwk kswSF mpekson. tnaaHeratn g
ar thrn epbhma mpnoute.
romn-14-11 FshH gar Je TonH anok peJe pJoeis Je pat nim nakwlJ nai. auw las nim
naexomologei mpnoute.
romn-14-12 eie ere poua poua mmon naT logos HaroF mpnoute.
romn-14-13= mprtrenkrine Ce Jin tenou nnenerhu. alla krine ntoF mpai nHouo etmka
Jrop mpekson. hskandalon.
romn-14-14 Tsooun auw Tpiqe Hm pJoeis ihsous Je mn laau sooF HaroF mauaaF eimht
i mpetmeeue Je pai sooF eFsooF mp etmmau.
romn-14-15 eSJe etbe ouHre gar pekson lupei eie aklo ekmooSe kata ouagaph. Hrai
Hn tekHre mprmeutph enta pecristos mou HaroF.
romn-14-16 mprtreuJioua Ce epenagaqon.
romn-14-17 ntmntrro gar an mpnoute pe ouwm Hisw alla oudikaiosunh te mn oueirhn
h mn ouraSe Hm pepneuma etouaab.
romn-14-18 petHm pai gar eto mHmHal mpecristos FranaF mpnoute. auw ouswtp nrwme
romn-14-19 ara Ce marnpwt nsa na Trhnh. auw na pkwt eHoun enenerhu.
romn-14-20 etbe ouHre mprkatalu mpHwb mpnoute. seouaab men throu. alla FHoou mp
rwme etnaouwm Hitn ouJrop.
romn-14-21 nanou tmouem aF oude etmse hrp oude petere pekson naJiJrop nHhtF hnF
skandalize hnFCbbe.
romn-14-22 ntok ountk oupistis kaas nak mpemto ebol mpnoute. naiatF mpetenFnakr
ine mmoF an Hm petFdokimaze mmoF.
romn-14-23 petnarHht de snau eFSanouwm FtCaeihu Je ntaFaas an Hn oupistis. Hwb
de nim ete nHenebol an ne Hn oupistis Hennobe ne.
romn-15-01= SSe de eron anon nete ounCom mmoou etrenFi HammntCwb nnete mnCom mmo
ou. auw ntntmareske nan ouaan.
romn-15-02 poua poua mmon mareFareske mpeqitouwF eHoun epagaqon nnaHrm pkwt.
romn-15-03 kai gar nta pecristos ranaF an mmin mmoF. alla kata qe etshH Je anno
CneC nnetnoCneC mmok He eHrai eJwi.
romn-15-04 nentausHaisou gar ntausHaisou throu etensbw. Jekaas ebol Hitoots nqu
pomonh mn psops nnegrafh eneJpo nan nqelpis.
romn-15-05 pnoute de nqupomonh mn psops eFeT nhtn emeeue eoua nouwt Hn netnerhu
kata pecristos ihsous.
romn-15-06 Jekaas Hiousop Hn outapro nouwt etetneTeoou mpnoute. auw piwt mpenJo
eis ihsous pecristos.
romn-15-07= etbe pai Sep netnerhu erwtn kataqe enta pecristos Sopn eroF epeoou m
romn-15-08 TJw gar mmos Je nta pecristos rdiakonos mpsbbe Hatme mpnoute. eptaJr
enerht nneiote.
romn-15-09 nHeqnos de Ha ouna etreuTeoou mp noute. kata qe etshH Je etbe pai Tn
aouwnH nak ebol Hn niHeqnos. auw Tnayallei epekran.
romn-15-10 auw on SaFJoos Je eufrane nHeqnos mn peFlaos.
romn-15-11 auw on SaFdoos Je nHeqnos throu smou epJoeis. auw meroutaeioF nCi nl
aos throu.
romn-15-12 Sare hsaias on Joos Je snaSwpe nCi tnoune niessai. auw petnatwoun ea
rci enHeqnos nHeqnos naHelpize eroF.
romn-15-13 pnoute de nqelpis eFeJek thutn ebol nraSe nim Hieirhnh. Hm ptretnpis
teue eptretnrHouo Hn qelpis Hn tCom mpepneuma etouaab.
romn-15-14= Tpiqe Hw Harwtn nasnhu Je tetnmeH Hwt thutn mppetnanouF etetnJhk ebo
l mpsooun thrF eunCom on mmwtn eTsbw nnetnerhu.
romn-15-15 Hn outolma aisHai nhtn apo merous nasnhu. eitretneire mpmeeue etbe t
ecaris entautaas nai ebol Hitm pnoute
romn-15-16 etraSwpe nlitourgos mpecristos ihsous enHeqnos. eiSmSe mpeuaggelion
mpnoute Je erete prosfora nnHeqnos Swpe esShp eautbbos Hn oupneuma eFouaab.
romn-15-17 ountai Ce mmau mpSouSou Hm pecristos ihsous nnaHrm pnoute.
romn-15-18 neeitolma gar an eJe laau nSaJe empe pecristos aaF ebol Hitoot epswt
m nnHeqnos. Hm pSaJe. mn pHwb.
romn-15-19 Hn tCom nHenmaein mn HenSphre Hn tCom mpepneuma etouaab Hwste anok J
in qierosoluma mn peskwte SaHrai epillurikon etraJwk ebol mpeuaggelion mpnoute.
romn-15-20 eeiroout de nteeiHe eeuaggelize Hm pma an entautaue pecristos nHhtF
Jekaas ennakwt eHrai eJn kesnte.
romn-15-21 alla kata qe etshH Je senanau nCi netempouJw nau etbhhtF. auw senaei
me nCi netempouswtm.
romn-15-22= etbe pai rw neeiJiJrop pe nHaH nsop eei Sarwtn.
romn-15-23 tenou de mnT ma Hn neiklima. euntai de mmau nououwS eei Sarwtn eis H
aH nrompe.
romn-15-24 eiei einabwk etespania THelpize einhu ebol Hitot thutn enau erwtn au
w nseqpoi ebol Hitot thutn emau eiSansei mmwtn nSorp apo merous.
romn-15-25 tenou de einabwk eqierosoluma ediakoni nnetouaab.
romn-15-26 aurHnau gar nCi natmakedonia mntacaia eeire noukoinwnia enHhke nneto
uaab etHn qierosoluma.
romn-15-27 aurHnau gar auw ountaus eroou. eSJe anHeqnos gar koinwni eneupneumat
ikon SSe on eroou eSmSe nau Hn nsarkikon.
romn-15-28 pai Ce eiSanJokF ebol tasfragize nau mpeikarpos. Tnabwk ebol Hi teth
utn etespania.
romn-15-29 Tsooun de Je einhu Sarwtn eeinhu Hn ouJwk ebol nsmou nte pecristos.
romn-15-30- Tparakalei de mmwtn nasnhu ebol Hitn penJoeis ihsous pecristos. auw
ebol Hitn tagaph mpepneuma. etretnagwnize nmmai Hn neSlhl Haroi nnaHrm pnoute.
romn-15-31 Jekaas eienouHm ebol Hitn neto natnaHte Hn Toudaia. auw ntetadiakoni
a etSoop eqierosoluma Swpe esShp nnetouaab.
romn-15-32 Jekaas eeiSanei Sarwtn Hn ouraSe Hitm pouwS mpnoute eiemton mmoi nmm
romn-15-33 erepnoute de nTrhnh Swpe nmmhtn thrtn Hamhn
romn-16-01= TsunHista de nhtn mfoibh tenswne etreFSmSe te ntekklhsia etHn kegcre
romn-16-02 Je etetneSops erwtn Hm pJoeis Hn oumpSa nnetouaab. auw ntetn aHerat
thutn nmmas Hn Hwb nim etsnaaHe nhtn mmoou. kai gar ntos Hwws asaHerats mn oumhh
Se auw nmmai Hw.
romn-16-03- Sine epriska mn akula naSbr rHwb Hm pecristos ihsous.
romn-16-04 nai entaukw mpeumakH Ha tayuch. nai eTSpHmot ntootou anok mauaat an.
alla nkeekklhsia throu nnHeqnos
romn-16-05 mn tsoouHs etHm peuhei. Sine epainetos pamerit ete pai pe pSorp Hn t
asia eHoun epecristos.
romn-16-06 Sine emaria tai entasSp HaH nHise erwtn.
romn-16-07 Sine eandronikos mn iounia nasuggenhs auw naSbraicmalwtos nai etouTm
aein eroou Hn napostolos auw eauSwpe HataHh Hm pecristos.
romn-16-08 Sine eamplias pamerit Hm pJoeis.
romn-16-09 Sine eourbanos penSbrrHwb Hm pecristos mn stacus pamerit.
romn-16-10 Sine eapellhs pswtp Hm pJoeis. Sine enaphei naristoboulos.
romn-16-11 Sine eHhrwdiwn pasuggenhs. Sine ena phi narkissos netSoop Hm pJoeis.
romn-16-12 Sine etrufwsa mn trufaina nai etSpzise Hm pJoeis. Sine epersis tmeri
t tai entasSp HaH nHise Hm pJoeis.
romn-16-13 Sine eHroufos pmerit Hm pJoeis mn teFmaau nmmai.
romn-16-14 Sine easugkritos mn flegwn mn Hermh mn patroba mn Herma auw nesnhu t
hrou etnmmau.
romn-16-15 Sine efilologos mn ioulia auw nhreas mn teFswne. auw olumpa mn netou
aab throu etnmmau.
romn-16-16 aspaze nnetnerhu Hn oupi esouaab. seSine erwtn nCi nekklhsia throu m
romn-16-17- Tparakalei de mmwtn nasnhu etretnCwSt eneteire nmpwrJ mn neskandalon
. para tesbw enta tetnJisbw eros ntetn saHe thutn ebol mmoou.
romn-16-18 nai gar nteimine nseo an nHmHal mpenJoeis pecristos alla euo nHhtou.
auw ebol Hitn teuCinSaJe etHolC mn pesmou Sauexapata mpHht nnbalHht.
romn-16-19 atetnmntstmht gar pwH Sa ouon nim. TraSe Ce eJwtn. TouwS de etretnSw
pe nsofos epagaqon nakeraios de eppeqoou.
romn-16-20 pnoute de nTrhnh naouSF mpsatanas Ha netnouerhte Hn ouCeph. tecaris
mpenJoeis ihsous pecristos nmmhtn.
romn-16-21- FSine erwtn nCi timoqeos paSbr rHwb. mn loukios mn iasswn. auw swsip
atros nasuggenhs.
romn-16-22 TSine erwtn Hm pJoeis anok tertios pentaFsHai nteiepistolh.
romn-16-23 FSine erwtn nCi gaios peSaiCoile eroF mn tekklhsia thrs FSine erwtn
nCi erastos poikonomos ntpolis mn kouartos pson.
romn-16-24 [--]
romn-16-25= pete ounCom de mmoF etaJre thutn kata paeuaggelion mn ptaSeoeiS nihs
ous pecristos. kata pCwlp ebol mpmusthrion entaukarwou eroF Hn neuoeiS neneH.
romn-16-26 eaFouwnH de ebol tenou Hitn negrafh mprofhths kata poueHsaHne mpnout
e nSa eneH. epswtm ntpistis nnHeqnos throu. eFouwnH
romn-16-27 epnoute nsofos mauaaF Hitn ihsous pecristos pai etepwF pe peoou Sa n
ieneH Hamhn
1cor-01-01= paulos papostolos ettaHm mpecristos ihsous Hitm pouwS mpnoute mn sws
qenhs pson
1cor-01-02 eusHai ntekklhsia mpnoute tai etSoop Hn korinqos. nettbbhu Hm pecris
tos ihsous nettaHm etouaab. mn ouon nim etepikalei mpran mpenJoeis ihsous pecris
tos Hm ma nim ntau nmman.
1cor-01-03 tecaris nhtn mn Trhnh ebol Hitm pnoute peneiwt mn penJoeis ihsous pe
1cor-01-04- TSpHmot ntm panoute nouoeiS nim Harwtn eHrai eJn tecaris mpnoute tai
entautaas nhtn Hm pecristos ihsous.
1cor-01-05 Je Hn Hwb nim atetnrrmmao nHhtF. Hn SaJe nim mn sooun nim
1cor-01-06 kata qe enta tmntmntre mpnoute taJro nHhtthutn.
1cor-01-07 Hwste etmtretnSwwt nlaau nHmot etetnCwSt HhtF mpCwlp ebol mpenJoeis
ihsous pecristos
1cor-01-08 pai etnataJre thutn etetnJhk ebol emn nobe Ji eHoun erwtn Sa peHoou
mpenJoeis ihsous pecristos.
1cor-01-09 oupistos pe pnoute pai entaFteHm thutn ebol HitootF etkoinwnia mpeFS
hre ihsous pecristos penJoeis.
1cor-01-10= tnparakalei de mmwtn nesnhu Hitm pran mpenJoeis ihsous pecristos Jek
aas etetneJw mpiSaJe nouwt thrtn. ntetmpwrJ Swpe nHhtthutn. ntetn Swpe de etetns
btwt Hm piHht nouwt mnTgnwmh nouwt.
1cor-01-11 autamoi gar etbe thutn nasnhu ebol Hi tooutou nnacloh Je oun HenTtwn
1cor-01-12 TJw de mpai Je poua poua mmwtn Jw mmos Je anok men ang pa paulos ano
k de ang pa apollw anok de ang pa khfa anok de ang pa pecristos.
1cor-01-13 mh ntaupwS mpecristos. mh ntaustaurou mpaulos Harwtn. hntatetnJi bap
tisma epran mpaulos.
1cor-01-14 TSpHmot Je mpibaptize nlaau mmwtn nsa krispos mn gaios.
1cor-01-15 Jekaas enne oua Joos Je ntatetnbaptize eparan.
1cor-01-16 aibaptize de mpkehei nstefana mnnsws Ce nTsooun an Je aibaptize nCe.
1cor-01-17 nta pecristos gar tnnoout an ebaptize alla eeuaggelize Hn ousofia an
nSaJe Jekaas enneFSwpe eFSoueit nCi pestauros mpecristos.
1cor-01-18 pSaJe gar mpestauros oumntsoC men pe nnetnaHe ebol. nan de netnaouJa
i. ouCom nte pnoute pe.
1cor-01-19 FshH gar Je Tnatako ntsofia nnsofos. taaqetei ntmntsabe nnsabeeu.
1cor-01-20 eFtwn sofos eFtwn grammateus eFtwn sunzhthths nte peiaiwn mh mpe pno
ute eire ntsofia mpkosmos nsoC.
1cor-01-21 epeidh gar Hn tsofia mpnoute mpe pkosmos soun pnoute Hitn tsofia. aF
rHnaF de nCi pnoute etouJe netpisteue Hitn tmntsoC mptaSeoeiS.
1cor-01-22 epeidh nioudai Henmaein netouaiti mmoou. nHellhn de euSine nsa ousof
1cor-01-23 anon de entaSeoiS mpecristos eaustaurou mmoF. nioudai men ouskandalo
n nau pe. oumntsoC de pe nnHeqnos.
1cor-01-24 nioudai de ettaHm mn nHellhn pecristos ouCom nau nte pnoute pe. auw
sofia nte pnoute pe.
1cor-01-25 Je tmntsoC nte pnoute oumntsabe te nHouo enrwme. auw tmntCwb nte pno
ute sJoor nHouo enrwme.
1cor-01-26- tetnCwSt gar epetntwHm nasnhu Je mn HaH nsofos nHhtF kata sarx. mn H
aH ndunatos. mn HaH neugenhs.
1cor-01-27 alla nsoC nte pkosmos nenta pnoute sotpou Jekaas eFeTSipe nnsabeeu.
auw nCwb nte pkosmos nenta pnoute sotpou. Jekaas eFeTSipe nnJwwre.
1cor-01-28 auw nHhke nte pkosmos mn netsoSF nenta pnoute sotpou. netenseSoop an
. Jekaas eFekatargei nnetSoop.
1cor-01-29 Je nne laau nsarx SouSou mmoF mpemto ebol mpnoute.
1cor-01-30 ntwtn de ntetn Henebol nHhtF Hm pecristos ihsous pai entaFSwpe nan n
sofia ebol Hitm pnoute ndikaiosunh auw ntbbo auw nswte.
1cor-01-31 Jekaas kata qe etshH Je petSouSou mmoF mareFSouSou mmoF Hm pJoeis.
1cor-02-01= anok de Hw nteriei Sarwtn nasnhu ntaiei Hn ouJise an nSaJe hnsofia e
iJw erwtn ntmntmntre mpnoute.
1cor-02-02 mpimeeue gar Je Tsooun nlaau nHht thutn nsaihsous pecristos auw pai
eaustaurou mmoF.
1cor-02-03 anok Hw ntaiei Sarwtn Hn oumntCwb. mn ouHote. mn oustwt enaSwF.
1cor-02-04 auw paSaJe mn pataSeoeiS ntaFSwpe an Hn oupiqe nsofia nSaJe. alla Hn
ououwnH ebol mpneuma Hi Com.
1cor-02-05 Jekaas ennetnpistis Swpe Hn oupi qe nsofia nrwme alla Hn ouCom nte p
1cor-02-06= enSaJe de nousofia Hn nteleios ousofia de enta peiaiwn an te oude nt
a narcwn an te mpeiaiwn nai etnaouwsF.
1cor-02-07 alla enSaJe nousofia nte pnoute Hn oumusthrion. tai etHhp tenta pnou
te porJs ebol Haqh nnaiwn epeneoou.
1cor-02-08 tai etempe laau narcwn nte peiaiwn souwns. enentausouwns gar neunast
aurou an pe mpJoeis mpeoou.
1cor-02-09 alla kata qe etshH Je nete mpe bal nau eroou. nete mpe maaJe sotmou.
nete mpouale eHrai eJm pHht nrwme nai enta pnoute sbtwtou nnetme mmoF.
1cor-02-10 apnoute gar Colpou nan ebol Hitm pepneuma. pepneuma gar HotHt nnka n
im auw neqhp nte pnoute.
1cor-02-11 nim gar nrwme petsooun nna prwme eimhti pepneuma mprwme etnHhtF. tai
on te qe nna pnoute mpe laau souwnou nsa pepneuma mpnoute.
1cor-02-12 anon de ntanJi an mpepneuma mpeeikosmos. alla pepneuma pebol mpnoute
. Jekaas eneeime enenta pnoute carize mmoou nan.
1cor-02-13 ete nai netnSaJe nHhtou Hn HenSaJe an nTsbw nsofia nrwme alla Hn Hen
Tsbw mpneuma enSwnb nHenpneumatikon eHenpneumatikos.
1cor-02-14 ouyucikos de nrwme meFSwp eroF nna pepneuma mpnoute. oumntsoC gar na
F te. auw mnCom mmoF eeime Je seanakrine mmoF pneumatikws.
1cor-02-15 pepneumatikos de SaFanakrine men nouon nim. ntoF de mere laau anakri
ne mmoF.
1cor-02-16 nim gar pentaFsoun pHht mpJoeis pai etnatsebeeiatF ebol. anon de oun
tan mmau mpmeeue mpecristos.
1cor-03-01= anok Hw nasnhu mpiSCmCom eSaJe nmmhtn Hws pneumatikos. alla Hws sark
ikos Hws koui Hm pecristos.
1cor-03-02 aitsetn erwte nouHre an. ne mpatetneSC mCom gar pe. alla tenou on em
1cor-03-03 etei gar ntetn Hensarkikos Hopou gar ounkwH Hi Ttwn nHhtthutn. mh nt
etn Hensarkikos an. auw etetnmooSe kata rwme.
1cor-03-04 Hotan gar erSan oua Joos Je anok men ang pa paulos. keoua de Je ang
pa apollw. mh ntetn Henrwme an.
1cor-03-05 ou Ce pe apollw ou de pe paulos alla Hendiakwn ne eatetnpisteue ebol
Hi tootou auw poua poua nqe enta pJoeis TnaF.
1cor-03-06 anok aitwCe apollw pentaFtso. alla pnoute pentaFauxane.
1cor-03-07 Hwste Ce mpa pettwCe an pe oude mpa pettso an pe. alla pnoute pe eta
1cor-03-08 pettwCe de mn pettso oua ne. poua de poua naJi mpeFbeke kata peFHise
1cor-03-09 anon HenSbrrHwb gar nte pnoute ouma nouoeie nte pnoute pe. ntetn ouk
wt nte pnoute.
1cor-03-10- kata peHmot nte pnoute entautaaF nai Hws sofos narcitektwn. aikw eHr
ai ntsnte ounCe de kwt eJws. poua de poua mareFCwSt Je eFkwt naS nHe.
1cor-03-11 mnCom gar nlaau ekakesnte eHrai paratetkh eHrai ete pai pe ihsous pe
1cor-03-12 eSJe oun oua de nakwt eJn teisnte ounoub ouHat Henenemme HenSe oucor
tos ourooue.
1cor-03-13 pHwb mpoua poua naouwnH ebol peHoou gar naouonHF ebol Je eFnaCwlp eb
ol Hn tsate auw pHwb mpoua poua nqe etFo mmos pkwHt petnadokimaze mmoF.
1cor-03-14 petere peFHwb naCw pai entaFkotF FnaJi noubeke.
1cor-03-15 petere peFHwb narwkH FnaTose. ntoF de FnaouJai. nteiHe de Hws ebol H
itm pkwHt.
1cor-03-16 ntetn sooun an Je ntetn prpe mpnoute. auw pepneuma mpnoute ouhH nHht
1cor-03-17 petnaswwF mprpe mpnoute pai pnoute natakoF prpe gar mpnoute ouaab et
entwtn pe.
1cor-03-18- mprtre laau exapata mmoF. petJw mmos Je ang ousofos nHht thutn mareF
rsoC Hm peiaiwn Jekaas eFeSwpe nsofos.
1cor-03-19 tsofia gar mpeikosmos oumntsoC te nnaHrm pnoute. FshH gar Je petCwpe
nnsofos Hn neukots.
1cor-03-20 auw on Je pJoeis sooun nmmokmek nnsofos Je seSoueit
1cor-03-21 Hwste mprtre laau SouSou mmoF Hn nrwme
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1cor-03-23 ntwtn de ntetn na pecristos. pecristos de pa pnoute pe.
1cor-04-01= tai te qe mare nrwme opn Hws Huphreths mpecristos. auw noikonomos nm
musthrion mpnoute.
1cor-04-02 euSine Ce mpeima Hn noikonomos Je eueHe eupistos.
1cor-04-03 anok de ouelaciston nai pe etreuanakrine mmoi Hitn thutn. hHitn ouHo
ou nrwme. alla oude anok nTanakrine mmoi an.
1cor-04-04 nTsooun gar an nlaau eaiaaF. alla neitmaihu an Hm pai. petanakrine d
e mmoi pe pJoeis.
1cor-04-05 Hwste mprkrine nlaau Haqh mpeuoeiS Sante pJoeis ei. pai etnarouoein
eneqhp Hm pkake auw nFouwnH ebol nnSoJne nnHht. tote ptaeio mpoua poua naSwpe eb
ol Hitm pnoute.
1cor-04-06- nai de nasnhu ntaiJitou nsmot eHrai eJwi mn apollw etbe thutn. Jekaa
s etetnesbo nHhtn etmrHouo enetshH Je nne oua SouSou mmoF eJn oua Ha oua.
1cor-04-07 nim gar petdiakrine mmok ou de petntootk empkJitF eSJe akrpkeJi aHro
k kSouSou mmok Hws empkJi.
1cor-04-08 hdh tetnshu hdh atetnrrmmao aJntn atetnrrro nanous de eSJe atetnrrro
Jekaas enerrro Hwwn nmmhtn.
1cor-04-09 arhu gar nta pnoute kaan napostolos nHae nqe nniepiqanaths. Je anSwp
e nqeatron mpkosmos auw nnaggelos mn nrwme.
1cor-04-10 anon anrsoC etbe pecristos ntwtn de ntetn Hensabe Hm pecristos anon
tnCoob ntwtn de tetnJoor ntwtn tetntaeihu anon de tnshS
1cor-04-11 SaHrai eteeiounou tnHkaeit tnobe tnkhkaHhu seTkly eJwn tnStrtwr.
1cor-04-12 tnHose enrHwb Hn nenCiJ mmin mmon eusaHou mmon tnsmou eroou eupht ns
wn tnanece mmoou.
1cor-04-13 euJioua eron. tnparakalei mmoou nqe nniperikaqarma mpkosmos anrSFe n
ouon nim Sa Hrai eteiounou.
1cor-04-14- nneeiTSipe nhtn an eisHai nhtn nnai. alla eiTsbw nhtn Hws Shre mmeri
1cor-04-15 kan eSwpe ounthtn mmau noutba mpaidagwgos Hm pecristos. alla nHaH ne
iwt an. anok gar aiJpe thutn Hm pecristos ihsous Hitm peuaggelion.
1cor-04-16 Tparakalei Ce mmwtn tntnth utn eroi.
1cor-04-17 etbe pai aitnneutimoqeos nhtn ete pai pe paShre mmerit auw mpistos H
m pJoeis pai etnatretnrpmeeue nnaHiooue etHm pecristos nqe eTTsbw mmos Hn nekklh
sia throu Hm ma nim.
1cor-04-18 Hws enTnhu de an Sarwtn aHoine Jise nHht
1cor-04-19 Tnhu de Sarwtn Hn ouCeph erSan pJoeis rHnaF. ntaeime an epSaJe nnetJ
ose nHht. alla teuCom.
1cor-04-20 tmntrro gar mpnoute nesHnSaJe an. alla Hn ouCom.
1cor-04-21 ou petetnouaSF. taei Sarwtn Hn ouCerwb Jn Hn ouagaph mn oupneuma mmn
1cor-05-01= seswtm rw euporneia nHhtthutn auw ouporneia nteeimine ensHn nkeHeqno
s an. Hwste etre oua Jiqime mpeFeiwt.
1cor-05-02 auw ntwtn tetnJose nHht auw ntatetnrHhbe an nHouo. Jekaas eueFi Hn t
etnmhte mpentaFeire mpeeiHwb.
1cor-05-03 anok gar enTHatethutn an Hm pswma. eiHatethutn de Hm pepneuma. aiouw
eikrine Hws eiHatnthutn mpentaFeire mpeeiHwb nteiHe.
1cor-05-04 eatetnswouH eHoun enetnerhu Hm pran mpenJoeis ihsous pecristos mn pa
pneuma mn tCom mpenJoeis ihsous.
1cor-05-05 eT mpai nteeimine mpsatanas eutako ntsarx. Je ere pepneuma ouJai Hm
peHoou mpenJoeis ihsous pecristos.
1cor-05-06 nnanou petnSouSou an. ntetn sooun an Je Sare oukoui nqab tre pouwSm
thrF Fi.
1cor-05-07 Fi mpiqab nas ebol nHht thutn Je etetneSwpe nououwSm nbrre kata qe e
ntetnHenaqab. kaigar auSwwt mpenpasca Haron pecristos.
1cor-05-08 Hwste marnrSa Hn ouqab an nas. oude Hn ouqab an nkakia Hi ponhria. a
lla Hn Henaqab ntbbo Hime.
1cor-05-09- aisHai nhtn Hn tepistolh Je mprtwH mn pornos.
1cor-05-10 ou pantws eiJw mmos Je mpornos mpeikosmos hmmaito nHouo hnreFtwrp hn
reFSmSe eidwlon eSJe eHe eie SSe erwtn eei ebol Hm pkosmos.
1cor-05-11 tenou de ntaisHai nhtn Je mprtwH mn oua eumoute eroF Je ouson pe eSw
pe oupornos pe hnreFSmSe eidwlon hmmaito nHouo hnreFsaHou hnreFTHe hnreFtwrp pai
nteeimi ne oude mprouwm nmmaF.
1cor-05-12 ou gar eroi pe ekrine nnetHibol. auw nnetHiHoun an. ntwtn krine nnet
Hi Houn
1cor-05-13 pnoute de nakrine nnetHibol Fi mpponhros ebol nHhtthutn.
1cor-06-01= oun oua natolma ebol nHhtth utn eountF ouHwb mn peqitouwF eJiHap Hi
nreFJi nCons auw Hi netouaab an.
1cor-06-02 hntetn sooun an Je netouaab netnakrine mpkosmos. auw eSJe eunakrine
mpkosmos Hiwtthutn ntetn mpSa an nHenkoui mma nTHap.
1cor-06-03 ntetn sooun an Je tnnakrine nHenaggelos empatnpwH ena pkosmos.
1cor-06-04 eSwpe Ce ounthtn mmau nHenHwb nte pbios netsoSF Hn tekklhsia nai maq
1cor-06-05 eiJw mmos euSipe nhtn. tai te qe mn laau nsofos nHhtthutn pai eFnaSC
mCom ediakrine ntmhte mpeFson.
1cor-06-06 alla oun ouson JiHap mn peFson. auw pai Hi napistos.
1cor-06-07 hdh men Holws rw ouSwwt nhtn pe Je ounthtn Hap mn netnerhu. etbe ou
rw senaJithutn an nCons. etbe ou rw senaFeC thutn an.
1cor-06-08 alla ntwtn netJi nCons. auw etFwCe auw pai nnetnsnhu.
1cor-06-09 hntetn sooun an Je nreFJi nCons naklhronomi an ntmntrro mpnoute mprp
lana oude mn pornos oude mn reFSmSe eidwlon oude mn noeik oude mn malakos oude m
n reFnkotk mn Hoout.
1cor-06-10 oude mn reFHwFt oude mn maito nHouo oude mn reFTHe oude mn reFsaHou
oude mn reFtwrp naklh ronomi ntmntrro mpnoute.
1cor-06-11 auw nai netetn nHhtou pe alla atetnJekm thutn alla atetntbbo alla at
etntmaeio Hm pran mpenJoeis ihsous auw Hm pepneuma mpennoute.
1cor-06-12= Hwb nim exestei nai. alla Hwb nim rnoFre an. Hwb nim exestei nai all
a nTnaka laau an erJoeis eroi.
1cor-06-13 nCi nouoom nqh auw qh nnCi nouoom pnoute de tai mn neeikooue Fnaouos
Fou pswma ntoF ntporneia an alla mpJoeis auw pJoeis mpswma.
1cor-06-14 apnoute de tounes penJoeis. auw Fnatounosn Hitn teFCom.
1cor-06-15 ntetn sooun an Je netnswma mmelos mpecristos ne. taFi Ce nmmelos mpe
cristos taaau mmelos mpornh nnesSwpe
1cor-06-16 hntetn sooun an Je pettwCe mmoF etpornh ouswma nouwt pe. peJaF gar J
e senaSwpe mpesnau eusarx nouwt.
1cor-06-17 pettwCe de mmoF epJoeis oupneuma nouwt pe.
1cor-06-18 pwt ebol ntporneia. nobe nim etere prwme naaau sempbol mpswma. petpo
rneue de ntoF eFrnobe epeFswma mauaaF.
1cor-06-19 hntetn sooun an Je petnswma prpe pe mpepneuma etouaab etnHhtthutn. p
ai entatetnJitF ebol Hitm pnoute. auw ntetn pwtn an.
1cor-06-20 auSep thutn gar Ha ouasou. Teoou Ce mpnoute Hm petnswma.
1cor-07-01= etbe nentatetnsHaisou de nai nanous mprwme etmJwH esHime.
1cor-07-02 etbe mporneia de mare poua poua Ji naF nteFsHime. auw mare touei tou
ei Ji nas mpesHai.
1cor-07-03 pHoout mareFT mpeteroF nteFsHime. Homoiws de tkesHime maresT mpetero
s mpesHai.
1cor-07-04 tesHime ompJoeis an mpesswma alla pesHai pe. Homoiws de mpHai ompJoe
is an mpeFswma. alla teFsHime te.
1cor-07-05 mprFeC netnerhu eimhti Hn ouSwnb pros ouoeiS Je etetnesrFe epeSlhl.
auw on ntetn ei etouen netnerhu Je nne psatanas peiraze mmwtn etbe tetnmntatamaH
1cor-07-06 pai de eiJw mmoF kata ousungnwmh. nkata oueHsaHne an.
1cor-07-07 TouwS gar etre rwme nim Swpe ntaHe alla ounte poua poua oucarisma eb
ol Hitm pnoute oua men Hinai ket de nteiHe.
1cor-07-08- TJw de mmos nnetemntou sHime mn nechra Je nanous nau eCw ntaHe Hw.
1cor-07-09 eSwpe de ensenaeSegkrateue an mmoou marouJi. nanou Ji gar eHouerwkH.
1cor-07-10 nentauJi de Tparaggeile nau anok an alla pJoeis etmtre tesHime pwrJ
1cor-07-11 eSwpe de esSanpwrJ maresCw nteiHe. hnsHwtp epesHai. auw pHoout etmtr
eFkw nswF nteFsHime.
1cor-07-12 TJw de mmos mpkeseepe anok mpJoeis an Je eSwpe ouson euntaF mmau nou
sHime napistos auw esouwS eCw nmmaF mprtreFlo Haros.
1cor-07-13 auw eSwpe ousHime euntas mmau nouHai napistos eFouwS eCw nmmas mprtr
eslo Ha pHai.
1cor-07-14 aFtbbo gar nCi pHai napistos Hn tesHime auw astbbo nCi tesHime napis
tos Hm pson eSJe mpe eie netnShre Henakaqarton ne tenou de seouaab.
1cor-07-15 eSJe papistos de napwrJ mareFpwrJ enFo an nHmHal nCi pson htswne Hn
neeiHwb nteimine nta pJoeis gar taHmn Hn oueirhnh.
1cor-07-16 ou gar petere sooun mmoF tesHime. mh tenaStouJe pouHai. auw ou petks
ooun mmoF pHai mh knaStouJe teksHime.
1cor-07-17= eimh nqe enta pJoeis teS poua poua mmos. poua poua nqe enta pnoute t
aHmeF mareFmooSe mmos. auw tai te qe eTtwS mmos Hn nekklhsia nim.
1cor-07-18 auteHm oua eFsbbhu mprtreFHobsF. auteHm oua eFo natsbbe mprtreFsbbht
1cor-07-19 psbbe oulaau pe auw tmntatsbbe oulaau te. alla pHareH enentolh mpnou
te pe.
1cor-07-20 poua poua Hm ptwHm entautaHmeF nHhtF mareFCw nHhtF.
1cor-07-21 autaHmek eko nHmHal mprtreFrroouS nak. alla kan eSwpe ounCom mmok er
rmHe crw nHouo.
1cor-07-22 pHmHal gar entautaHmeF Hm pJoeis pa peleuqeros mpJoeis pe. Homoiws p
rmHe entautaHmeF pHmHal mpecristos pe.
1cor-07-23 auSep thutn Ha ouasou mprSwpe nHmHal nrwme.
1cor-07-24 poua poua Hm pentautaHmeF nHhtF nasnhu mareFCw Hm pai nnaHrm pnoute.
1cor-07-25= etbe mparqenos de mntai oueHsaHne mmau nte pJoeis. TT de nougnwmh Hw
s eauna nai Hitm pJoeis erpistos.
1cor-07-26 Tmeeue Ce Je nanou pai etbe tanagkh etSoop. Je nanous mprwme eCw nte
1cor-07-27 kmhr esHime mprSine nsabwl kbhl ebol nsHime mprSine nsa sHime.
1cor-07-28 eSwpe de ekSanJi mpkrnobe auw esSanJi nCi tparqenos mpsrnobe nai de
nteeimine naSe pqliyis Hn teusarx anok de TTso erwtn.
1cor-07-29 pai de eiJw mmoF nasnhu Je peuoeiS nolk pe. Jekaas Ce nkooue eteunto
u sHime mmau nserqe nnetemntau.
1cor-07-30 auw netrime Hws enserime an. auw netraSe Hws enseraSe an. auw netSwp
Hws enseamaHte an.
1cor-07-31 auw netcrw mpeeikosmos Hws ensecrw an. Fnaparage gar nCi peschma mpe
1cor-07-32 ToueS thutn de etretetnSwpe natroouS. petemntF sHime FFiroouS ena pJ
oeis Je eFnaareske mpJoeis naS nHe.
1cor-07-33 pentaFJi de FFiroouS ena pkosmos Je eFnaareske nteFsHime naS nHe.
1cor-07-34 auw FphS auw tesHime etemnts Hai mn tparqenos FiroouS ena pJoeis Jek
aas eseSwpe esouaab Hm pesswma mn pespneuma tentasJiHai de FiroouS ena pkosmos J
e naS nHe esnaareske mpesHai.
1cor-07-35 eiJw de mpai etetnnoFre. Jekaas an eieT nouelw eHht thutn alla proso
utsano mntCinaHeratk epJoeis kalws aJnroouS
1cor-07-36- eSJe oun oua de Jw mmos Je FSipe eJn teFSeere eSwpe asrnoC auw tai t
e qe etSSe eSwpe petFouaSF mareFaaF nFrnobe an marouJi.
1cor-07-37 pentaFaHe de eratF Hm peFHht eFtaJrhu emnHtor eroF. ountF exousia de
mmau etbe peFouwS mmin mmoF. auw aFkrine mpai Hm peFHht eHareH eteFSeere kalws
1cor-07-38 Hwste petnaT teFSeere nHai kalws Fnaaas. auw petenFnataas an eFnarou
1cor-07-39- tesHime mhr epHoson peuoeiS pesHai onH erSan pesHai de mou ourmHh te
eHmoos mn peteHnas monon Hm pJoeis.
1cor-07-40 naiats de nHouo esSanCw nteeiHe kata tagnwmh. TJw gar mmos Hw Je oun
tai mmau mpepneuma mpnoute.
1cor-08-01= etbe nSwwt de nneidwlon tnsooun Je ountan thrn mmau nousooun. psooun
SaFJise. tagaph de Saskwt.
1cor-08-02 petJw mmos Je aisoun laau mpatFsoun qe etSSe esooun.
1cor-08-03 eSJe oun oua de me mpnoute pai ausouwnF ebol HitootF.
1cor-08-04 etbe pouwm Ce nnSwwt nneidwlon tnsooun Je mn laau neidwlon Hm pkosmo
s. auw Je mn noute nsa oua.
1cor-08-05 kaigar eSJe oun Hoine eSaumoute eroou Je noute eite Hn tpe. eite HiJ
m pkaH. nqe ete oun HaH nnoute Hi HaH nJoeis.
1cor-08-06 anon ounoute nouwt petSoop nan peiwt penta pthrF Swpe ebol mmoF auw
anon eHoun eroF mn ouJoeis nouwt ihsous pecristos petere pthrF Soop etbhhtF auw
anon ebol HitootF.
1cor-08-07- alla mpsooun Hn ouon nim an. Hoine gar Hm ptwp mpeidwlon Sa Houn ete
nou seouwm Hws Swwt neidwlon auw teusuneidhsis esCoob stwlm.
1cor-08-08 mn Hre de naparHista mmon mpnoute. oude enSantmouwm ntnnaSwwt an. ou
de enSanouwm ntnnarHouo an.
1cor-08-09 CwSt de mhpws nteteiexousia ntethutn Swpe nJrop nnetCoob.
1cor-08-10 erSan oua gar nau erok pete ountaF mmau mpsooun eknhJ Hn ouma neidwl
on euCwb pe. mh nteFsunidhsis nakwt an eouwm nnSwwt nneidwlon.
1cor-08-11 FnaHe gar ebol nCi petCoob Hm peksooun. pson enta pecristos mou Haro
1cor-08-12 tai de te qe etetnrnobe enesnhu. etetnrwHt nteusunidhsis esCoob tetn
rnobe epecristos.
1cor-08-13 etbe pai eSJe ouHre tetnaskandalize mpason nnaouem aF Sa eneH Je nne
eiskandalize mpason.
1cor-09-01= mh ang ourmHe an mh ang ouapostolos an mh mpinau eihsous penJoeis mh
ntwtn an pe paHwb Hm pJoeis.
1cor-09-02 eSJe ang ouapostolos an nHenkooue. alla ang oua nhtn. tesfragis gar
ntamntapostolos ntwtn pe Hm pJoeis.
1cor-09-03- tai te taapologia nnetanakrine mmoi.
1cor-09-04 mh mntan texousia nouwm Hi sw.
1cor-09-05 mh mntan texousia etreuswne nsHi me ouaHs nswn nqe nnkeapostolos mn
nesnhu mpJoeis auw khfas.
1cor-09-06 Jn mmon anok mauaat mn barnabas mntan texousia mmau etmrHwb.
1cor-09-07 nim pe eSaFrmatoi Hn neFoywnion mmin mmoF eneH. nim peSaFtwCe nouma
neloole nFtmouwm mpeFkarpos. nim peSaFmoone nouoHe nFtmouwm mpeFerwte.
1cor-09-08 mh kata rwme eiJw nnai. hmere pkenomos Je nai.
1cor-09-09 FshH gar Hm pnomos mmwushs Je nnekSbt oumase eFHi. mh proouS mpnoute
pe HaneHoou
1cor-09-10 Jn eFJw mmos etbhhtn. ntausaHF gar etbhhtn Je SSe epetskai eskai eJn
ouHelpis. auw petHi eJn ouHelpis etreFmetece.
1cor-09-11 eSJe anon anJo nhtn nnepneumatikon ounoC pe. eSJe anon petnawHs nnet
1cor-09-12+ eSJe oun Henkooue metece etetnexousia nHouo Ce an anon alla mpncrw n
teeiexousia alla enFi Ha Hwb nim Jekaas ennenT nouJrop mpeuaggelion mpecristos.
1cor-09-13 ntetn sooun an Je netrHwb enerphue euouwm ebol Hn na prpe. netsroFt
epequsiasthrion eSaupwS eJwou mn pequsiasthrion.
1cor-09-14 tai te qe enta pJoeis toSs nnettaSeoeiS mpeuaggelion ewnH ebol mpeua
1cor-09-15 anok de mpicrw nlaau nnai. ntai seHnai de an Je eueSwpe nteeiHe nHht
. nanous gar nai etramou eHoue paSouSou ete mn laau naStreFSwpe eFSoueit.
1cor-09-16 eiSaneuaggelize gar nouSouSou nai an pe. ouHtor gar eroi pe ouoi gar
nai pe eiSantmeuaggelize.
1cor-09-17 eSJe eHnai de eieire mpai ountai mmau noubeke. eSJe nHnai de an eie
ntautanHout euoikonomia.
1cor-09-18 aS Ce pe pabeke Jekaas pe eieuaggelize taka peuaggelion noueS nJo eb
ol eroF etmtraeire mpaHtor Hm peuaggelion.
1cor-09-19- eio gar nrmHe Hn Hwb nim aiaat nHmHal nouon nim Je eieTHhu mpeHouo.
1cor-09-20 aiSwpe nnioudai Hws ioudai Je eieTHhu nnioudai. aiSwpe nnetHa pnomos
Hws eiHa pnomos enTSoop an anok Ha pnomos Je eieTHhu nnetHa pnomos.
1cor-09-21 aiSwpe nnanomos Hws anomos eang ouanomos an mpnoute. alla eang ouenn
omos mpecristos Je eieTHhu nnanomos.
1cor-09-22 aiSwpe nnCwb Hws Cwb Je eieTHhu nnCwb. airsmot nim mn ouon nim Jekaa
s pantws eietouJeHoine.
1cor-09-23 eeieire de nnai throu etbe peuaggelion Je eieSwpe naF nkoinwnos.
1cor-09-24- ntetnsooun an Je netpht Hm pestadion sepht men throu oua de peSaFJi
peklom pwt nteiHe Je etetnetaHo.
1cor-09-25 ouon de nim etagwnize SaFegkrateue mmoF eHwb nim nh men Je eueJi nou
klom eSaFtako. anon de nouattako.
1cor-09-26 anok Ce eipht nteiHe Hws Hn ouHwp an. eipukteue nteiHe Hws eneeiHiou
e an epahr.
1cor-09-27 alla TwFe mpaswma Teire mmoF nHmHal. mhpws eitaSeoeiS nHenkooue taSw
pe anok nJoout.
1cor-10-01= TouwS gar etretneime nasnhu Je neneiote throu neuSoop pe Ha tekloole
. auw auei ebol throu Hitn qalassa.
1cor-10-02 auw ntoou throu aubaptize emwushs Hn tekloole mn qalassa.
1cor-10-03 auw ntoou throu auouwm nouHre nouwt mpneumatikon.
1cor-10-04 auw ntoou throu ausw nousw nouwt mpneumatikon. ausw gar ebol Hn oupn
eumatikh mpetra esouhH nswou. tpetra de ne pecristos pe.
1cor-10-05 alla mpe pnoute wk nHht mn peuHouo. auporSou gar Hm pJaie.
1cor-10-06 nai de entauSwpe nan nsmot etmtrenSwpe nreFepiqumi eneqoou kata qe e
nta nh epiqumei.
1cor-10-07 oude mprSwpe nreFSmSe eidwlon kata qe nHoine mmoou. nqe etshH Je aFH
moos nCi plaos eouwm esw. auw autwoun eswbe.
1cor-10-08 oude mprtrenporneue nqe enta Hoine mmoou porneue. auw auHe nouHoou n
ouwt nCi JoutSomte nSo.
1cor-10-09 oude mprtrenpeiraze mpecristos kata qe enta Hoine mmoou peiraze. auw
auHe ebol Hitn nHoF.
1cor-10-10 oude mprkrmrm kata qe enta Hoine mmoou krmrm auw auHe ebol Hitm peSa
1cor-10-11 nai de Hentupos ne nqe entauSwpe nnh. ausHaisou de nan eusbw nai ent
aqah nnaiwn katanta eroou.
1cor-10-12 Hwste petJw mmos Je TaHerat mareFCwSt mhpws nFHe.
1cor-10-13 mpe peirasmos taHwtn nsa peirasmos nrwme. oupistos de pe pnoute pai
etenFnakaau an epeiraze mmwtn nHouo etetnCom. alla Hm ppeirasmos FnaTqe nhtn eei
ebol HaroF eptretneSCmCom eFi.
1cor-10-14- etbe pai Ce namerate pwt ebol ntmntreFSmSe eidwlon.
1cor-10-15 eiJw mmos nhtn Hws sabeeu. krine ntwtn mpeTnaJooF.
1cor-10-16 papot mpesmou eSansmou eroF mh ntkoinwnia an pe mpesnoF mpecristos.
poeik eSanpoSF mh ntkoinwnia an pe mpswma mpecristos.
1cor-10-17 Je ouoeik nouwt pe. ouswma nouwt pe anon thrn. anon gar thrn tnJi eb
ol Hm pioeik nouwt.
1cor-10-18 CwSt episrahl kata sarx. mh netouwm an nnequsia ne nkoinwnos mpequsi
1cor-10-19 ou Ce peTJw mmoF. mh eiJw mmos Je ounSwwt neidwlon Soop. hJe oun eid
wlon Soop.
1cor-10-20 alla Je netere nHeqnos Swwt mmoou euSwwt mmoou nndaimwnion mpnoute a
n. nTouwS de an etretnrkoinwnos nndaimwnion.
1cor-10-21 mnSCom mmwtn ese papot mpJoeis auw papot nndaimwnion mnSCom mmwtn eJ
i ntetrapeza mpJoeis auw tetrapeza nndaimwnion.
1cor-10-22 hennaTkwH mpJoeis. mh enJoor eroF.
1cor-10-23= exestei erHwb nim alla Hwb nim rnoFre an. exesti erHwb nim. alla Hwb
nim kwt an.
1cor-10-24 mprtre laau Sine nsa teFnoFre. alla take oua
1cor-10-25 nka nim etouT mmoou ebol Hm pmakellos ouomou entetnanakrine laau an
etbe tsunidhsis.
1cor-10-26 pa pJoeis gar pe pkaH mn peFJwk ebol.
1cor-10-27 erSan oua nnapistos teHm thutn eudipnon ntetn ouwS ebwk. nka nim eto
unakaau Harwtn ouomou entetnanakrine laau an etbe tsunidhsis.
1cor-10-28 erSan oua de Joos nhtn Je pai ouSwwt nrpe pe mprouomF etbe ph entaFJ
oos nhtn mn tsunidhsis.
1cor-10-29 tsunidhsis de eTJw mmos ntwk an te. alla taph. etbe ou gar sekrine n
tamntrmHe Hitn kesunidhsis.
1cor-10-30 eSJe anok Tmetece eucaris. Je ou seJioua eroi Hm peTSpHmot anok Haro
1cor-10-31 eite Ce etetnouwm. eite etetnsw. eite petetneire mmoF Hwb nim arisou
eueoou mpnoute.
1cor-10-32 Swpe aJn Jrop nnioudai mn nHellhn mn tekklhsia mpnoute.
1cor-10-33 kata qe Hw eTareske nouon nim Hn Hwb nim enTSine an nsatanoFre. alla
taHaH Je eueouJai.
1cor-11-01= tntn thutn eroi kata qe entai tntwnt epecristos.
1cor-11-02= Tepainou de mmwtn Je tetneire mpameeue Hn Hwb nim. auw kata qe entai
T nhtn nmparadosis tetnamaHte mmoou.
1cor-11-03 TouwS de etretneime Je tape nHoout nim pe pecristos. tape de ntesHi
me pe pesHai. tape de npecristos pe pnoute.
1cor-11-04 rwme nim eFSlhl heFprofhteue ere teFape Hobs FTSipe nteFape.
1cor-11-05 sHime de nim esSlhl hesprofh teue ere tesape Colp ebol sTSipe ntesap
e. teiHe gar te. auw peeiHwb nouwt pe ntetere Jws Hooke.
1cor-11-06 eSJe snaHbs Jws gar an nCi tesHime maresSb Jws. eSJe ouSloF de ntesH
ime pe Sb Jws hHeke Jws. maresHbs Jws.
1cor-11-07 pHoout gar nSSe an eroF eHwbs nteFape. eqikwn pe auw peoou mpnoute.
tesHime de peoou mpesHai te.
1cor-11-08 ntauJi prwme gar an ebol Hn tesHime alla ntauJi tesHime ebol Hm prwm
1cor-11-09 kaigar ntausnt prwme an etbe tesHime. alla tesHime etbe prwme.
1cor-11-10 etbe pai SSe etesHime ekw nouexousia eJn tesape etbe naggelos.
1cor-11-11 plhn mn sHime aJn Hoout oude Hoout noueS nsHime Hm pJoeis.
1cor-11-12 nqe gar ntesHime euebol Hm pHoout te. tai te qe mpHoout euebol Hn te
sHime pe. pthrF de Henebol Hm pnoute ne.
1cor-11-13 krine ntwtn nHh tthutn. SSe eusHime eSlhl epnoute ere Jws Colp ebol.
1cor-11-14 eie nteeikefusis natsabe thutn an. Je ourwme men eFSanoueH Fw ouswS
naF pe
1cor-11-15 ousHime de esSanoueH Fw oueoou nas pe. Je pFw entautaaF nas epma nou
1cor-11-16 eSJe oun oua de eumai Ttwn pe anon mn tan suniqia mmau nteimine oude
nekklhsia mpnoute.
1cor-11-17= pai de Tparaggeile mmoF eiepainou an Je etetnswouH an euJise. alla e
1cor-11-18 Sorp men gar etetnswouH eHoun Hn tekklhsia. Tswtm Je oun HenpwrJ nHh
t thutn. auw Tpisteue Hn oumeros.
1cor-11-19 Haps gar etre HenHairesis Swpe nHht thutn. Jekaas on ere nkeswtp ouw
nH ebol nHht thutn.
1cor-11-20 etetnswouH Ce eHoun nnetnerhu noukuriakon an pe ndipnon eouomF.
1cor-11-21 poua gar poua rSorp eouwm mpeFdipnon. auw oun oua men Hkaeit oun oua
de taHe.
1cor-11-22 mh etemnthtn hei mmau eouwm auw esw Jn mmon etetnkatafroni ntekklhsi
a mpnoute auw etetnTSipe nnetemntau taJoos nhtn Je ou taepainou mmwtn Hm pai nTe
painou an.
1cor-11-23= anok gar aiJi ebol Hitm pJoeis mpentaitaaF nhtn. Je pJoeis ihsous Hn
teuSh etounataaF nHhts. aFJi nouoeik
1cor-11-24 aFsmou eroF. aFpoSF peJaF Je pai pe paswma etounataaF Harwtn aripai
1cor-11-25 auw ouapot on nteiHe mnnsa treuouwm eFJw mmos Je peiapot pe tdiaqhkh
nbrre Hm pasnoF. aripai ntaps nsop etetnasw eparpmeeue.
1cor-11-26 sop gar nim etetnaouwm mpeioeik ntetn sw mpapot etetntaSeoeiS mpmou
mpJoeis SantFei.
1cor-11-27= Hwste petnaouwm mpoeik nFsw mpapot mpJoeis enFmpSa an. FnaSwpe nenoc
os epswma mn pesnoF mpJoeis.
1cor-11-28 mare prwme de dokimaze mmoF auw tai te qe mareFouwm ebol Hm poeik. a
uw nFsw ebol Hm papot.
1cor-11-29 petouwm gar auw etsw eFouwm auw eFsw naF noukrima enFdiakrine an mps
1cor-11-30 etbe pai oun HaH Swne nHht thutn. auw seleJlwJ. auw senkotk nCi oumh
1cor-11-31 enenmouSt gar mmon neunakrine mmon an pe.
1cor-11-32 eukrine de mmon ebol Hitm pJoeis. euTsbw nan Je nneutCaeion mn pkosm
1cor-11-33 Hwste nasnhu etetnswouH eHoun eouwm aHe enetnerhu.
1cor-11-34 petHkaeit mareFouwm mpeFhei Je nnetnswouH eHoun eukrima. TnateS pkes
eepe de nhtn eeiSanei.
1cor-12-01= etbe nepneumatikon de nesnhu nTouwS an etretnratsooun
1cor-12-02 tetnsooun gar Je netetno nHeqnos pe. etetnbhk eratou nneidwlon eteme
uSaJe nqe entaun thutn eHrai Hiwws.
1cor-12-03 etbe pai Ttamo mmwtn Je mere laau eFSaJe Hn oupneuma nte pnoute Joos
Je ouanaqema pe ihsous. auw mnSCom nlaau eJoos Je pJoeis pe ihsous eimhti Hn ou
pneuma eFouaab.
1cor-12-04- oun HenpwrJ de nHmot epipneuma nouwt pe.
1cor-12-05 auw oun HenpwrJ ndiakonia epiJoeis nouwt pe.
1cor-12-06 auw oun HenpwrJ nenerghma epinoute nouwt petenergi mpthrF Hm pthrF.
1cor-12-07 seT de mpoua poua Hm pouwnH ebol mpepneuma etnoFre.
1cor-12-08 oua men Hitm pepneuma SauT naF nouSaJe nsofia. ket de nouSaJe nsooun
kata pipneuma nouwt.
1cor-12-09 keoua de noupistis Hm pipneuma nouwt. keoua de nHenHmot ntalCo kata
pipneuma nouwt.
1cor-12-10 keoua nHenenerghma nCom keoua nouprofhtia keoua noudiakrisis mpneuma
keoua nHengenos naspe keoua nouHermhnia naspe.
1cor-12-11 nai de throu pipneuma nouwt petenergi mmoou eFpwS eJm poua poua mmoo
u kata qe etFouaSs.
1cor-12-12= nqe gar eoua pe pswma eountF HaH mmelos mmelos de throu mpswma HaH n
e ouswma nouwt pe tai te qe mpecristos.
1cor-12-13 kaigar Hn oupneuma nouwt anon thrn ntanbaptize euswma nouwt eite iou
dai eite oueienin eite HmHal eite rmHe auw ntautson thrn noupneuma nouwt.
1cor-12-14 kaigar pswma noumelos nouwt an pe. alla HaH ne.
1cor-12-15 erSan touerhte Joos Je ang tCiJ an. ang ouebol an Hm pswma. ouparato
uto nouebol an Hm pswma te.
1cor-12-16 auw erSan pmaaJe Joos Je ang pbal an. ang ouebol an Hm pswma. oupara
touto nouebol an Hm pswma pe.
1cor-12-17 eSJe pswma thrF pe pbal eFtwn pmaaJe. eSJe pswma thrF pe pmaaJe eFtw
n pSa.
1cor-12-18 tenou de apnoute smn mmelos poua poua mmoou Hm pswma kata qe etFouaS
1cor-12-19 eSJe oumelos de nouwt throu ne eFtwn pswma.
1cor-12-20 tenou de HaH men ne mmelos. oua de pe pswma.
1cor-12-21 mn Com de mpbal eJoos ntCiJ Je nTrcria mmo an. hon tape nnouerhte Je
nTrcria mmwtn an.
1cor-12-22 alla nHouo ntoF mmelos nte pswma etenmeeue eroou Je HenCwb ne Henana
gkaion ne.
1cor-12-23 auw netnmeeue eroou nte pswma Je seshS. tnouwH nouHouetimh enai. auw
nenSipe ountau mmau nouHoue euscumosunh.
1cor-12-24 auw netneswou nsercria an. alla apnoute sunkera mpswma eaFT nouHouo
1cor-12-25 Jekaas ennepwrJ Swpe Hm pswma. alla ere mmelos FiroouS Ha neuerhu.
1cor-12-26 auw eSwpe oun oumelos Swne Sare mmelos throu Swne nmmaF eita oun oum
elos Jieoou Sare mmelos throu raSe nmmaF.
1cor-12-27- ntwtn de ntetn pswma mpecristos. auw neFmelos ek merous.
1cor-12-28 Hoine men apnoute kaau Hn tekklhsia nSorp napostolos pmeHsnau neprof
hths pmeHSomnt nsaH mnnsws HenCom mnnsws Hencarisma ntalCo ouTtootou HenrHmme He
ngenos naspe.
1cor-12-29 mh eunar apostolos throu mh eunar profhths throu mh eunar saH throu
mh eunar Com throu.
1cor-12-30 mh ountau throu nHenHmot ntalCo. mh eunaSaJe throu Hn naspe. mh euna
Hermhneue throu.
1cor-12-31+ kwH de enecarisma noC. auw etei peHouo Tnatsabwtn eteHih.
1cor-13-01= eiSanSaJe nnaspe nnrwme mnta naggelos emntai agaph de mmau ntai rqe
nouHomnt eFTHroou houkumbalon eFwS ebol.
1cor-13-02 auw eSwpe ountai nouprofhtia. taeime emmusthrion throu mn psooun thr
F. kan euntai tpistis thrs Hwste epenetoou ebol emn agaph de nHht ang oulaau.
1cor-13-03 kaneiSantmmo nnaHuparconta throu. auw taT mpaswma Je eieSouSou mmoi
emntai agaph de mmau nTnaTHhu an nlaau.
1cor-13-04- tagaph SasHroS nHht Sasrcrhstos tagaph meskwH mesrperperos mesJise n
1cor-13-05 mesascumoni. mesSine nsa netenous ne. mesnouCs mesmeeue eppeqoou.
1cor-13-06 mesraSe eJm pJi nCons. SasraSe ntoF mn tme.
1cor-13-07 SasFi Ha Hwb nim Saspisteue epthrF SasHelpize epthrF SasHupomine ept
1cor-13-08- tagaph mesHe eneH eite de neprofhtia senaouwsF eite naspe senalo eit
e nsooun senaouwsF.
1cor-13-09 ensooun gar ebol Hn oumeros. auw enprofhteue ebol Hn oumeros.
1cor-13-10 Hotan de eFSanei nCi pJwk pebol Hm pmeros naouwsF.
1cor-13-11 mpeuoeiS eio nkoui neeiSaJe pe Hws koui neimeeue Hws koui neiSoJne H
ws koui nterirnoC de aiouwsF nna pkoui.
1cor-13-12 tnnau gar tenou Hitn oueial Hn ouHrb mnnsws de nHo Hi Ho. tenou gar
eieime ebol Hn oumeros. mnnsws de Tnasooun kata qe on entausouwnt.
1cor-13-13 tenou Ce sSoop nCi tpistis qelpis tagaph peeiSomnt tnoC de enai te t
1cor-14-01= pwt nsa tagaph. kwH de ene pneumatikon. nHouo de Je etetneprofh teue
1cor-14-02 petSaJe gar Hn taspe eFSaJe an mn nrwme alla mn pnoute mn laau gar s
wtm eroF Hn oupneuma de eFJw nHenmusthrion.
1cor-14-03 petprofhteue de eFSaJe mn nrwme noukwt. mn ousops mn ousolsl.
1cor-14-04 petSaJe Hn taspe eFkwt mmoF ouaaF. petprofhteue de eFkwt ntekklhsia.
1cor-14-05 TouwS de etretetnSaJe thrtn Hn naspe nHouo de Je etetneprofh teue na
e petprofhteue de eHoue petSaJe Hn naspe Hibol eSJe nFnabwl an Je ere tekklhsia
Ji noukwt.
1cor-14-06- tenou de nasnhu eiSanei Sarwtn eiSaJe Hn naspe einaTHhu mmwtn nou ei
SantmSaJe nmmhtn hHn ouCwlp ebol hHn ousooun hHn ouprofhtia hHn ousbw.
1cor-14-07 eSwpe rw nayucon euT nteusmh eite oushbe nJw eite oukiqara euSantmT
noupwrJ nneuHroou naS nHe senaeime epJw etouJw mmoF hpetoukiqarize mmoF.
1cor-14-08 kaigar erSan ousalpigx TnouHroou eFouonH ebol an nim petnasbtwtF epp
1cor-14-09 tai te qe Hwt thutn Hitn taspe etetnSantmT nouSaJe eFouonH ebol. naS
nHe eunaeime epetetnJw mmoF. etetnaSwpe gar etetnSaJe epahr.
1cor-14-10 oun ouaps mmine nsmh Hm pkosmos. auw mn laau emntF smh.
1cor-14-11 eiSantmeime etCom ntesmh TnaSwpe nbarbaros mpetSaJe nmmai. auw eubar
baros pe petSaJe nmmai.
1cor-14-12 tai Hwt thutn tetnHe. epei ntetn HenreFkwH ene pneumatikon prospkwt
ntekklhsia. Sine Jekaas etetnerHouo.
1cor-14-13 etbe pai petSaJe Hn taspe mareFSlhl. Jekaas eFebwl.
1cor-14-14 eiSanSlhl Hn ouaspe. papneuma petSlhl. paHht de ouatkarpos pe.
1cor-14-15 ou Ce peTnaSlhl Hm pepneuma TnaSlhl on Hm pakeHht Tnayallei Hm pepne
uma Tnayallei on Hm pakeHht.
1cor-14-16 emmon ekSansmou Hm pepneuma petJwk ebol mpma mpHidiwths naS nHe FnaJ
w mpHamhn eJm pekSpHmot. ebol gar Je ekJe ou nFsooun an.
1cor-14-17 ntok men gar kalws kSpHmot. alla pkeoua kwt an.
1cor-14-18 TSpHmot ntm panoute Je TSaJe eHouerwtn thrtn Hn naspe.
1cor-14-19 alla Hn tekklhsia ToueS Tou nSaJe eJoou Hm paHht Je eiekaqhgei nHenk
ooue eHoue outba nSaJe Hn taspe.
1cor-14-20- nesnhu mprrkoui Hn netnHht. alla arikoui Hn tkakia. ntetn rtelios de
Hn netnHht.
1cor-14-21 FshH gar Hm pnomos Je Hrai Hn Henkeaspe mn Henkespotou TnaSaJe mn pi
latos auw nsenaswtm an eroi nteeikeHe peJe pJoeis.
1cor-14-22 Hwste naspe euSoop eumaein nnetpisteue an alla nnapistos teprofhtia
de nesSoop an nnapistos alla nnetpisteue.
1cor-14-23 eSwpe Ce erSan tekklhsia thrs ei euma nouwt nseSaJe throu Hn naspe n
seei de eHoun nCi HenHidiwths hHenapistos neunaJoos an Je etetnlobe.
1cor-14-24 eSwpe de euSanprofhteue throu nte ouapistos de ei eHoun houHidiwths
senaJpioF Hitn ouon nim senaanakrine mmoF Hitn ouon nim.
1cor-14-25 neqhp mpeFHht naouwnH ebol. auw nteeiHe FnapaHtF eJm peFHo nFouwSt m
pnoute eFJw mmos Je ontws pnoute Soop nHht thutn.
1cor-14-26= ou Ce petnaSwpe nesnhu etetnSanswouH eHoun poua poua ountaF mmau nou
yalmos ountaF mmau nousbw ountaF mmau nouCwlp ebol ountaF mmau nouaspe ountaF mm
au nouHermhnia marouSwpe throu eukwt.
1cor-14-27 eite ere oua naSaJe Hn ouaspe Sasnau hpeHouo Somnt nseJi ouShm eoua
nte oua bolou.
1cor-14-28 eSwpe de mn reFbwl. mareFkarwF Hn tekklhsia. mareFSaJe de nmmaF mn p
1cor-14-29 profhths de snau hSomnt marouSaJe. auw mare pkeseepe diakrine.
1cor-14-30 eSwpe de eFSanCwlp ebol nkeoua eFHmoos mare pSorp karwF.
1cor-14-31 ounCom gar etretnprofhteue thrtn oua oua Je euesbo throu nsesepswpou
1cor-14-32 nte nepneuma nneprofhths Hupotasse nneprofhths.
1cor-14-33+ pnoute gar mpa peStortr an pe. alla pa Trhnh pe. nqe etSoop Hn nekkl
hsia throu nnetouaab.
1cor-14-34 neHiome maroukarwou Hn tekklhsia. nsto gar nau an eSaJe. alla marouH
upotasse kata qe etere pkenomos Jw mmos.
1cor-14-35 eSwpe de seoueSsou nouSaJe marouJne neuHai Hn neuhi. ouSloF gar pe n
tesHime eSaJe Hn tekklhsia.
1cor-14-36 hnta pSaJe mpnoute ei ebol nHht thutn. hntaFpwH Sarwtn ouat thutn.
1cor-14-37- petmeeue Je ouprofhths pe. houpneumatikos mareFeime eneTsHai mmoou n
htn Je Henentolh nte pJoeis ne.
1cor-14-38 peto de natsooun seo natsooun mmoF.
1cor-14-39 Hwste nasnhu kwH eprofhteue. auw mprkwlu eSaJe Hn naspe.
1cor-14-40 marouSwpe de throu Hn outsano. auw kata taxis.
1cor-15-01= Ttamo de mmwtn nasnhu epaeuaggelion pai entaieuaggelize mmoF nhtn. p
ai on entatetnJitF. pai on etetnaHerat thutn nHhtF.
1cor-15-02 auw on etetnaouJai ebol HitootF Je ou pe pSaJe entaieuaggelize mmoF
nhtn eSJe tetnamaHte Hibol eSJe eikh an atetnpisteue.
1cor-15-03 aiT gar nhtn nSorp mpentaiJitF. Je pecristos aFmou Ha nennobe kata n
1cor-15-04 auw Je automsF. auw Je aFtwoun Hm pmeHSomnt nHoou kata negrafh.
1cor-15-05 auw Je aFouwnH ebol nkhfa. eita mpmntsnoous
1cor-15-06 mnnsws aFouwnH ebol nHouo eTou nSe nson nousop nouwt nai ere peuHouo
Soop Sa tenou. Hoine de mmoou aunkotk.
1cor-15-07 mnnsws aFouwnH ebol niakwbos. eita napostolos throu.
1cor-15-08 nHae de eouon nim nqe nouHouHe. aFouwnH Hw nai ebol.
1cor-15-09 anok gar pe pelacistos napostolos. enTmpSa an mmoute eroi Je apostol
os Je aidiwke ns atekklhsia mpnoute.
1cor-15-10 qe de eTo mmos eio mmos Hm peHmot mpnoute auw teFcaris entaspwH Saro
i mpsSwpe esSoueit alla aiSpHise eHoue eroou throu nanok de an alla tecaris mpno
ute etnmmai.
1cor-15-11 eite Ce anok. eite nh tai te qe etntaSeoeiS mmos. auw tai te qe enta
1cor-15-12= eSJe pecristos de setaSeoeiS mmoF Je aFtwoun Hn netmoout naS nHe oun
Hoine Jw mmos nHht thutn Je netmoout natwoun an.
1cor-15-13 eSJe netmoout natwoun an eie mpe pecristos twoun.
1cor-15-14 eSJe mpe pecristos twoun eie pentaSeoeiS Soueit. auw sSoueit nCi ten
1cor-15-15 senaHe de on eron eno mmntre nnouJ epnoute Je anrmntre mpnoute. Je a
Ftounes pecristos pai etempFtounosF.
1cor-15-16 eSJe netmoout natwoun an. eSJe netmoout gar natwoun an. eie mpe pecr
istos twoun.
1cor-15-17 eSJe mpe pecristos twoun eie sSoueit nCi tetnpistis. auw etei tetnSo
op Hn netnnobe.
1cor-15-18 eie ankooue entaunkotk Hm pecristos He ebol.
1cor-15-19 eSJe Hrai Hm peiwnH mmate ennaHte Hm pecristos. eie anHenebihn eHoue
rwme nim.
1cor-15-20- tenou de apecristos twoun ebol Hn netmoout taparch nnentaunkotk
1cor-15-21 epeidh gar nta pmou Swpe ebol Hitn ourwme. ebol Hitn ourwme on pe pt
woun nnetmoout.
1cor-15-22 nqe gar etoumou throu Hn adam. tai te qe Hm pecristos senawnH throu.
1cor-15-23 poua de poua Hm peFtagma. taparch pecristos. mnnsws na pecristos Hn
1cor-15-24 eita qah eFSanT ntmntrro mpnoute peiwt eFSanouwsF narch nim. Hi exou
sia nim. HiCom nim.
1cor-15-25 Haps gar pe etreFrrro SantFkw nneFJaJe throu Ha neFouerhte.
1cor-15-26 pHae de nJaJe FnaouwsF ete pmou pe.
1cor-15-27 aFka nka gar nim Ha neFouerh te. Hotan de eFSanJoos Je nka nim auHup
otasse naF. eie pbol mpentaFtre nka nim Hupotasse naF.
1cor-15-28 Hotan de erSan nka nim Hupotasse naF. tote ntoF pShre FnaHupotasse m
pentaFtre nka nim Hupotasse naF. Jekaas ere pnoute Swpe epthrF pe eFHm pthrF.
1cor-15-29- emmon eunarou nCi netbaptize Ha netmoout. eSJe netmoout rw natwoun a
n aHroou sebaptize Haroou.
1cor-15-30 aHron Hwwn tnkinduneue nnau nim.
1cor-15-31 Tmou mmhne SepetnSouSou eteuntaeiF nasnhu Hm pecristos ihsous pJoeis
1cor-15-32 eSJe kata rwme ntaimiSe mn neqhrion Hn efesos ou pe paHhu. eSJe netm
oout natwoun an marnouwm ntnsw. Je tnnamou gar nraste.
1cor-15-33 mprplana. Sare niSaJe eqoou take niHht etnanouou.
1cor-15-34 nhfe dikaiws auw mprrnobe. oun Hoine gar onatsooun mpnoute. eiJw nna
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1cor-15-35= alla oun oua naJoos Je ere netmoout natwoun naS nHe. eunhu de Hn aS
1cor-15-36 paqht ntok peSaFJoF meFwnH. ei mhti nFmou.
1cor-15-37 auw mpswma an etnaSwpe peSakJoF. alla oublbile te eskhkaHhu nsouo. h
mpkeseepe nCroC.
1cor-15-38 Sare pnoute de TnaF nouswma kata qe etFouaSs. auw ouswma mpoua poua
nneCrwwC kataroF.
1cor-15-39 nousarx nouwt an te sarx nim alla ouet tanrwme auw ouet tsarx nntbnh
auw ouet tsarx nnHalht auw ouet ta ntbt.
1cor-15-40 mn nswma etHn tpe mn nswma etHm pkaH alla ouet peoou men nnetHn tpe
ouet peoou de nnetHm pkaH.
1cor-15-41 ouet peoou mprh ouet peoou mpooH ouet peoou nnsiou oun siou gar Sobe
esiou Hm peoou.
1cor-15-42- tai te qe mpketwoun nnetmoout. senaJoF Hn outako nFtwoun Hn oumntatt
1cor-15-43 senaJoF Hn ouswS nFtwoun Hn oueoou. senaJoF Hn oumntCwb nFtwoun Hn o
1cor-15-44 senaJoF nswma myucikon nFtwoun nswma mpneumatikon eSJe oun swma myuc
ikon oun swma on mpneumatikon.
1cor-15-45 tai te qe etshH. Je apSorp nrwme adam Swpe euyuch esonH. pHae de ada
m eupneuma eFtanHo.
1cor-15-46 alla mpSorp an pe pepneumatikon alla peyucikon. mnnsws pepneumatikon
1cor-15-47 pSorp nrwme oukaH pe ebol Hm pkaH. pmeH snau ouebol Hn tpe pe.
1cor-15-48 nqe mpebol Hm pkaH. tai te qe nnebol Hm pkaH. auw nqe mpebol Hn tpe
tai te qe nnebol Hn tpe.
1cor-15-49 auw kata qe entanfori nqikwn mpebol Hm pkaH. tnnafori on nqikwn mpeb
ol Hn tpe.
1cor-15-50 pai de TJw mmoF nasnhu Je nneS sarx Hi snoF klhronomi ntmntrro mpnou
te. oude ptako naklhronomi an ntmntattako.
1cor-15-51 eis Hhhte TJw nhtn noumusthrion. Je anon men thrn tnnanktok an. anon
de thrn tnnaSibe
1cor-15-52 Hn ouSpnSwp Hn ourike nbal Hn qah nsalpigx Fnasalpize gar nte netmoo
ut twoun euo nattako auw anon tnnaSibe.
1cor-15-53 Haps gar etre pai eSaFtako THiwwF noumntattako. auw pai eSaFmou etre
FT HiwwF ntmntatmou.
1cor-15-54 Hotan de erSan pai eSaFmou THiwwF ntmntatmou. tote FnaSwpe nCi pSaJe
etshH Je auemkpmou euJro.
1cor-15-55 pmou eFtwn tekJro. pmou eFtwn pekieib.
1cor-15-56 pieib de mpmou pe pnobe. tCom de mpnobe pe pnomos.
1cor-15-57 peHmot de mpnoute Shp pai etT nan mpeJro Hitn penJoeis ihsous pecris
1cor-15-58 Hwste nasnhu mmerit Swpe etetntaJrhu ensepwwne mmwtn an etetno nHouo
Hm pHwb mpJoeis nouoeiS nim. etetnsooun Je petnHise Soueit an Hm pJoeis.
1cor-16-01= etbe pouwCs de etJi eHoun enetouaab. nqe entaitoSs Hn nekklhsia ntga
latia. aris Hwt thutn
1cor-16-02 kata soua mpsabbaton. mare poua poua mmwtn kw ntootF eFswouH eHoun m
petFnaHe eroF. Jekaas an eeiSanei tote nte ouwCs Swpe.
1cor-16-03 Hotan de eeiSanei netetnadokimaze mmoou. nai eieJoousou Hitn nepisto
lh eJi ntetncaris eqierosoluma.
1cor-16-04 eSwpe de peteSSe pe etrabwk Hw senhu nmmai.
1cor-16-05= Tnhu de Sarwtn eeiSanei ebol Hitn tmakedonia. Tnhu gar ebol Hitn tma
1cor-16-06 meSak de TnaCw Hate thutn. hntarteprw. Jekaas ntwtn etetneqpoi epma
eTnabwk eroF.
1cor-16-07 nTouwS gar an enau erwtn tenou eeiparage. Tmeeue gar erouoeiS Hatn t
hutn erSan pJoeis oueHsaHne.
1cor-16-08 TCeet de Hn efesos Sa tpenthkosth.
1cor-16-09 aunoC gar nro ouwn nai. eFenergei. auw HaH nantikimenos.
1cor-16-10- erSan timoqeos de ei THthtn Je eFeSwpe aJn Hote Hatn thutn. pHwb gar
mpJoeis petFrHwb eroF ntaHe.
1cor-16-11 mprtre laau Ce soSF. maqpoF de Hn oueirhnh Je eFeei Saroi. TCwSt gar
ebol HhtF mn nesnhu.
1cor-16-12- etbe apollw de pson aiparakalei mmoF emate Je eFeei Sarwtn. auw meSa
k mptwS an pe etreFei tenou. Fnhu de eFSanHe epouoeiS.
1cor-16-13= roeis aHerat thutn Hn tpistis. Jro ntetn CmCom.
1cor-16-14 netnHbhue throu marouSwpe Hn ouagaph.
1cor-16-15- Tparakalei de mmwtn nasnhu tetnsooun mphei nstefana Je pSorp pe Hn t
acaia. auw aukaau eHrai etdiakonia nnetouaab.
1cor-16-16 Jekaas Hwt thutn etetneHupotasse nnai nteeimine. mn ouon nim eto nSb
rrHwb. auw etHose.
1cor-16-17 TraSe de eJn tparHousia nstefana mn fortounatos mn acaikos Je nai ne
ntauJek petnSwwt ebol.
1cor-16-18 auT mton gar mpapneuma. m npwtn. sounnai Ce nteeimine.
1cor-16-19- seSine erwtn nCi nekklhsia ntasia. seSine erwtn emate Hm pJoeis nCi
akula mn priska mn tsoouHs etHm peuhei.
1cor-16-20 seSine erwtn nCi nesnhu throu. aspaze nnetnerhu Hn oupi esouaab.
1cor-16-21- paspasmos entaisHaeiF ntaCiJ paulos.
1cor-16-22 petenFme an mpenJoeis mareFSwpe nanaqema maranaqa.
1cor-16-23 tecaris mpenJoeis ihsous nmmhtn.
1cor-16-24 taagaph nmmhtn thrtn Hm pecristos ihsous
2cor-01-01= paulos papostolos mpecristos ihsous Hitm pouwS mpnoute mn timoqeos p
son eusHai ntekklhsia mpnoute. tai etSoop Hn korinqos. mn netouaab throu etSoop
Hn tacaia thrs.
2cor-01-02 tecaris nhtn mn Trhnh ebol Hitm pnoute peneiwt. auw ebol Hitm pJoeis
ihsous pecristos.
2cor-01-03= Fsmamaat nCi pnoute auw peiwt mpenJoeis ihsous pecristos. peiwt nmmn
tSanHthF auw pnoute nsops nim.
2cor-01-04 petsops mmon Hn nenqliyis throu. Je eneSCmCom Hwwn eseps netHn qliyi
s nim. ebol Hitm psops etousops mmon mmoF ebol Hitm pnoute.
2cor-01-05 Je nqe etere mmokHs mpecristos oS eHoun eron. tai on te qe Hitm pecr
istos FrHouo nCi penkesops.
2cor-01-06 eite de seqlibe mmon euqlibe mmon Ha petnsops mn petnouJai eite seso
ps mmon eusops mmon Ha petnsops pai etenergi Hn qupomonh nniHise nouwt nai Hwwn
etnSwp mmoou auw tenHelpis taJrhu Harwtn.
2cor-01-07 ensooun de nqe ntetn Henkoinwnos enemkooH. tai on te qe mpkesops.
2cor-01-08- ntnouwS gar an etretnratsooun nesnhu ntenqliyis tai entasSwpe mmon H
n tasia. Je aubari mmon nHouo paratenCom. Hwste etr enoue epkewnH.
2cor-01-09 alla anon Hrai nHhtn anka pmou Ha eiatn. Jekaas ennenSwpe ereHthn kh
eron. alla epnoute pai ettounos nnreFmoout
2cor-01-10 pai entaFtouJon ebol Hm peimou nteeiCot. auw on FnatouJon. pai entan
naHte eroF Je etei on FnatouJon.
2cor-01-11 etetno nSbrrHwb Haron Hm psops Jekaas Hm pHo nHaH. peHmot entaFpwH S
aron. eueSpHmot HaroF Hitn HaH Haron.
2cor-01-12= penSouSou gar pai pe tmntmntre ntensunidhsis Je Hrai Hn ououop mn ou
tbbo nte pnoute Hn ousofia an nsarkikon alla Hn oucaris nte pnoute anmooSe Hm pk
osmos nHouo de Hatethutn.
2cor-01-13 nHenkooue gar an neTsHai mmoou nhtn alla netetnwS mmoou ne auw netet
nsooun mmoou THelpize de Je tetnasooun Sabol.
2cor-01-14 kata qe on entatetnsouwnn apo merous. Je anon petnSouSou. kata qe en
tetnpwn Hm peHoou mpenJoeis ihsous.
2cor-01-15- auw Hm peeinaHte. neiouwS nSorp eei Sarwtn. Je etetneJi mpmeH snau n
2cor-01-16 auw ebwk ebol Hitethutn etmakedonia. auw ebol Hn tmakedonia eei Sarw
tn nseqpoi Hitethutn eToudaia.
2cor-01-17 pai Ce eaiouaSF mhti aicrw Hn ouasai hneTmeeue eroou mh eeimeeue ero
ou kata sarx Jekaas eFeSwpe ntoot nCi pse nse auw pmmon nmmon.
2cor-01-18 oupistos de pe pnoute. Je penSaJe entaFpwH Sarwtn nouse an pe. mn ou
2cor-01-19 pShre gar mpnoute ihsous pecristos pentautaSeoeiS mmoF nHhtthutn ebo
l Hitootn ebol Hitoot mn silouanos mn timoqeos mpFSwpe nse auw mmon alla se pent
aFSwpe nHhtF.
2cor-01-20 nerht gar throu mpnoute se petSwpe nHhtF. etbe pai ebol Hi tootF pe
pHamhn epTeoou mpnoute ebol Hi tootn.
2cor-01-21 pettaJro de mmon nmmhtn eHoun epecristos. auw pentaFtaHsn pe pnoute.
2cor-01-22 pai entaFsfragize mmon. auw entaFT nan mparhb mpe pneuma Hrai Hn nen
2cor-01-23- anok de Tepikalei mpnoute mmntre eJn tayuch Je eiTso erwtn mpiei Ce
2cor-01-24 ouc otei Je eno nJoeis etetnpistis. alla anon ne neSbrrHwb mpetnraSe
. etetnaHerat thutn gar Hn tpistis.
2cor-02-01= aikrine gar mpai nai etmei on Sarwtn Hn ouluph.
2cor-02-02 eSJe anok gar petnalupei mmwtn. eie nim petnaeufrane mmoi ei mhti pe
tnalupei ebol Hitoot.
2cor-02-03 kaigar entaiseH pai Jekaas ennaei talupei ntootou nneteSSe etraraSe
ebol Hitootou. eikw nHthi erwtn thrtn Je paraSe pwtn thrtn pe.
2cor-02-04 ebol gar Hn ounoC nqliyis. mn oulwJH nHht aisHai nhtn Hitn HaH nrmei
h Jekaas an etetnelupei. alla Je etetneeime etagaph eteuntaeis nHouo eHoun erwtn
2cor-02-05= eSJe aoua de lupei ntaFlupei mmoi an. alla apo merous. Je ennaepibar
ei mmwtn thrtn.
2cor-02-06 teiepitimia Ce rwSe epai tebol Hitm peHouo.
2cor-02-07 Hwste ntoF ntetnkw naF ebol. auw ntetn sepswpF. mhpote Hrai Hm pHoue
lupei nsewmk mpai nteeimine.
2cor-02-08 etbe pai Tparakalei mmwtn mataJro nouagaph eHoun eroF.
2cor-02-09 etbe pai gar ntaisHai nhtn Je eieeime etetndokimh Je ntetn Henstmht
Hn Hwb nim.
2cor-02-10 petetnakw de naF ebol Tkw Hw. kaigar anok ntaikw ebol mpentai kaaF e
bol etbe thutn Hm pHo mpecristos.
2cor-02-11 Jekaas enneuHourwwn ebol Hitm psatanas. ntnobS gar an eneFmeeue.
2cor-02-12= nteriei de eHrai etetrwas epeuaggelion mpecristos. auw ntere ounoC n
ro ouon nai Hm pJoeis.
2cor-02-13 mpimton Hm papneuma Je mpiHe etitos pason. alla nteri apotasse nau a
iei ebol etmakedonia.
2cor-02-14- peHmot de mpnoute Shp pai etJaio mmon ebol nouoeiS nim Hm pecristos.
auw etouwnH ebol mpestoi mpeFsooun ebol Hitootn Hm ma nim.
2cor-02-15 Je anon ousTnouFe nte pecristos mpnoute Hn netnaouJai mn netnatako.
2cor-02-16 nHoine men nstoi ebol Hm pmou epmou. nHoine de nstoi ebol Hm pwnH ep
wnH. auw nnaHrn nai nim petmpSa.
2cor-02-17 nneno gar an nqe nHaH eto neSwt Hm pSaJe mpnoute. alla Hws ebol Hn o
utbbo. alla Hws ebol Hitm pnoute mpemto ebol mpnoute enSaJe Hm pecristos.
2cor-03-01= anarci on nsunHista mmon mhti tnrcria nHenepistolh eusunHista mmon n
htn nqe nHenkooue hebol Hitn thutn nnaHrn Henkooue.
2cor-03-02 tenepistolh ntwtn pe esshH Hn nenHht eueime eros auw euwS mmos Hitn
rwme nim
2cor-03-03 etetnouonH ebol Je ntetntepistolh mpecristos eaudiakoni mmos ebol Hi
tootn esshH mmela an alla Hm pepneuma mpnoute etonH Hn Henplax an nwne alla Hn H
enplax nHht nsarx.
2cor-03-04- ountan de mmau nounaHte nteimine epnoute ebol HitootF mpecristos.
2cor-03-05 Je eno an nHikanos mmin mmon etrenmeeue euHwb HapenHtor. alla tenmnt
Hikanos esSoop ebol Hitm pnoute.
2cor-03-06 pai entaFtrenrpSa nrdiakonos ntdiaqhkh nbrre ntepesHai an. alla mpep
neuma. pesHai gar mouout pepneuma de tanHo.
2cor-03-07- eSJe tdiakonia de mpmou esSetSwt Hn HensHai Hn Henwne asSwpe Hn oueo
ou. Hwste nsetmCmCom nCi nShre mpisrahl eCwSt eHoun epHo mmwushs etbe peoou mpeF
Ho pai etnaouwsF.
2cor-03-08 naS nHe nHouo entdiakonia an mpepneuma naSwpe Hn oueoou.
2cor-03-09 eSJe aueoou gar Swpe ntdiakonia mptCaeio. posw mallon snarHouo nCi t
diakonia ntdikaiosunh Hm peoou.
2cor-03-10 kaigar mpouTeoou mpettaihu Hm peeimeros etbe peHouo mpeoou.
2cor-03-11 eSJe apetnaouwsF gar Swpe Hitn oueoou. nHouo Ce petnaCw FnaSwpe Hm p
2cor-03-12- euntan Ce mmau nteeiHelpis nteimine. tncrw Hn ounoC mparHhsia.
2cor-03-13 enkata qe an mmwushs eSaFkw noukaluma eHrai eJm peFHo Je nneuCwSt nC
i nShre mpisrahl eqah mpetnaouwsF.
2cor-03-14 alla autwm nCi neumeeue nHht Sa Hrai gar epoou nHoou piHbs nouwt Soo
p eHrai eJm pwS ntdiaqhkh nas. enseCwlp mmoF ebol an Je eFnaouwsF Hm pecristos.
2cor-03-15 alla Sa poou eunawS mmwushs oun oukaluma kh eHrai eJmpeuHht.
2cor-03-16 eFei de eFnakotF epJoeis SaFFi mpkaluma.
2cor-03-17 pJoeis de pe pepneuma. pma de etere pepneuma mpJoeis nHhtF esmmau nC
i tmntrmHe.
2cor-03-18 anon de thrn Hn ouHo eFColp ebol. eneiwrH mpeoou mpnoute Hitn oueial
tnJiHrb nTHikwn nouwt ebol Hn oueoou eueoou kata qe ebol Hitm pJoeis pepneuma.
2cor-04-01= etbe pai euntan mmau nteeidiakonia kata qe entauna nan ntnegkaCi an.
2cor-04-02 alla ankw nswn nneqhp mpSipe ntnmooSe an Hn oupanourgia oude nnenrkr
oF an mpSaJe mpnoute alla Hm pouwnH ebol ntme ensunHista mmon nnaHrn sunidhsis n
im nrwme mpemto ebol mpnoute.
2cor-04-03 eSJe penkeeuaggelion Hobs. eFHobs nnetnatako.
2cor-04-04 Hn nai pnoute aFtwm nnHht nnapistos mpeeiaiwn Je nneunau epouoein mp
euaggelion mpeoou mpecristos ete pai pe qikwn mpnoute.
2cor-04-05 nnentaSeoeiS gar mmon an. alla mpecristos ihsous pJoeis. eneire de m
mon nhtn nHmHal Hitn is .
2cor-04-06 Je pnoute pentaFJoos Je oun ouoein naSa ebol Hm pkake. pai entaFrouo
ein Hn nenHht epouwnH ebol mpsooun mpeoou mpnoute Hm peHo mpecristos.
2cor-04-07- ountan de mmau mpeiaHo Hn HenHnaau nblJe Jekaas ere peHouo ntCom Swp
e epapnoute pe enouebol nHhtn an pe.
2cor-04-08 euqlibe mmon Hn Hwb nim. alla ntnHeJHwJ an euapori mmon. alla ntnapo
ri an.
2cor-04-09 eudiwke mmon. alla enFkw mmon an nswF. eutauo mmon epesht alla ntnta
ko an
2cor-04-10 nouoeiS nim enFi Ha pmou nihsous Hm penswma. Jekaas on pwnH nis eFeo
uwnH ebol Hm penswma.
2cor-04-11 nouoeiS gar nim anon netonH separadidou mmon epmou etbe ihsous. Jeka
as on pwnH nis eFeouwnH ebol Hn tensarx eteSasmou.
2cor-04-12 Hwste pmou energei nHhtn. pwnH de nHht thutn.
2cor-04-13 euntan Ce mmau mpepneuma ntpistis. kata petshH Je aipisteue etbe pai
aiSaJe. anon Hwwn tnpisteue etbe pai tnSaJe.
2cor-04-14 ensooun Je pentaFtounes ihsous. Fnatounosn Hwwn mn ihsous nFtaHon er
atn nmmhtn.
2cor-04-15 ere pthrF gar Soop etbe thutn. Jekaas tecaris easaSai Hitm peHouo es
etaSo mpeSpHmot epeoou mpnoute.
2cor-04-16= etbe pai ntnegkaCei an. alla eSJe penkerwme etHibol tako. alla petHi
Houn rbrre nouHoou euHoou.
2cor-04-17 pesbok gar ntenqliyis tenou kata ouHouo euHouo FrHwb nan eunoC neoou
Sa eneH.
2cor-04-18 entnCwSt an enetnnau eroou alla enetentnnau eroou an netnnau gar ero
ou HenprosouoeiS ne netentnnau de eroou an HenSa eneH ne.
2cor-05-01= tnsooun gar Je erSan phi mpenma nSwpe nte pkaH bwl ebol. ountan mmau
noukwt ebol Hitm pnoute. ouhei natmoung nCiJ Sa eneH Hn mphoue.
2cor-05-02 kaigar tnaSaHom Hm pai enoueST Hiwwn mpenma nSwpe pebol Hn tpe.
2cor-05-03 eSJe enSantaaF on Hiwwn nsenaHe eron an enkhkaHhu.
2cor-05-04 kaigar anon enHm peeima nSwpe tnaSaHom eubari mmon eJmp etentnoueS k
aan kaHhu mmoF an. alla eT HiwwF. Jekaas euewmk mpeSaFmou ebol Hitm pwnH.
2cor-05-05 pentaFrHwb de eron epai pe pnoute. pentaFT nan mparhb mpepneuma.
2cor-05-06- enthk Ce nHht nouoeiS nim. auw ensooun Je enSoop Hm pswma tnmpbol mp
2cor-05-07 enmooSe gar Hitn oupistis. Hitn ounau an.
2cor-05-08 tnthk nHht auw eHnan nHouo eei ebol Hm pswma ebwk Hatm pJoeis.
2cor-05-09 etbe pai Ce tnroout eite enHm pswma eite enmpeFbol etrenSwpe enranaF
2cor-05-10 Haps gar etrenouwnH ebol thrn mpemto ebol mpbhma mpecristos. Jekaas
ere poua poua Ji nebol Hitm peFswma pros nentaFaau. eite agaqon eite peqoou.
2cor-05-11= ensooun Ce nqote mpJoeis tnpi qe nnrwme tnouonH de ebol mpnoute THel
pize de Je aiouwnH on ebol Hn netnHht.
2cor-05-12 nnensunHista gar mmon nhtn an. alla enT nhtn nouaformh nSouSou Haron
. Jekaas etetnekaas nhtn nnaHrn netSouSou mmoou Hm pHo Hm pHht an.
2cor-05-13 eite gar eSJe anpwSs ntanpwSs mpnoute. eite eSJe penHht smont eFsmon
t nhtn.
2cor-05-14 tagaph gar mpecristos amaHte mmon. eankrine mpai Je eSJe aoua mou Ha
roou throu. ara apthrF mou.
2cor-05-15 auw ntaFmou Haroou throu Jekaas netonH nneuwnH Ce nau alla mpentaFmo
u Haroou auw aFtwoun.
2cor-05-16- Hwste anon Jin tenou ntnsooun an nlaau kata sarx. eSJe ansoun pecris
tos on kata sarx. alla tenou ntnsooun mmoF an.
2cor-05-17 Hwste petHm pecristos ouswnt nbrre pe. anarcaion oueine. eis Hhhte a
Henbrre Swpe.
2cor-05-18 pthrF de Henebol mpnoute ne. pai entaFHotpn naF Hitm pecristos. auw
aFT nan ntdiakonia mpHwtp.
2cor-05-19 Je nere pnoute Hm pecristos eFHwtp naF mpkosmos. enFwp an eroou nneu
nobe. auw eaFkw Hrai nHhtn mpSaJe mpHwtp.
2cor-05-20 eno Ce nFaiSine Ha pecristos Hws ere pnoute sops ebol Hitootn. tnsop
s Ha pecristos Hwtp epnoute.
2cor-05-21 petempFsoun nobe aFaaF nnobe Haron. Jekaas ntwtn etetneSwpe ndikaios
unh mpnoute Hrai nHhtF.
2cor-06-01= eno de nSbrrHwb tnparakalei etmtretnSwp erwtn mpeHmot mpnoute epJinJ
2cor-06-02 SaFJoos gar Je Hn ououoeiS eFShp aiswtm erok auw Hn ouHoou nouJai ai
bohqi erok eis peuoeiS tenou etShp eis peHoou tenou mpeuJai
2cor-06-03 entnT an nouJrop nouwt Hn laau nHwb. Je nne oua seSF tendiakonia.
2cor-06-04 alla Hn Hwb nim ensunHista mmon Hws diakonos nte pnoute Hn ouHupomon
h enaSws Hn Henqliyis Hn Henanagkh Hn HenlwJH.
2cor-06-05 Hn HenshSe Hn HenSteko Hn HenStortr Hn HenHise Hn HenouSh nrois Hn H
2cor-06-06 Hn outbbo Hn ousooun Hn oumntHarSHht Hn oumntcrhstos Hn oupneuma eFo
uaab Hn ouagaph aJn Hupokrine.
2cor-06-07 Hn ouSaJe ntetme Hn ouCom nte pnoute Hitn nHoplon ntdikaiosunh netHi
ounam mn netHiHbour.
2cor-06-08 Hitn oueoou mn ouswS. Hitn oumntreFJi oua mn ousmou. Hws planos auw
2cor-06-09 Hws euobS eron auw eusooun mmon Hws enmou auw eis Hhhte tnonH Hws eu
paideue mmon auw nsemouout an mmon.
2cor-06-10 Hws enlupei enraSe de nouoeiS nim Hws Hhke eneire de noumhhSe nrmmao
Hws emntan laau mmau enamaHte de mpthrF.
2cor-06-11- tentapro ouhn erwtn nkorinqios. penHht ouoSs.
2cor-06-12 ntetn HeJHwJ an nHhtn. tetnHeJHwJ de Hn netnmntSanHthF.
2cor-06-13 TSbeiw de nouwt mpbeke. TJw mmos nhtn Hws Shre. ouwSs Hwtthutn ebol.
2cor-06-14= mprSwpe etetnmooSe mn napistos. aS gar te tmetoch ntdikaiosunh mn ta
nomia. naS te tkoinwnia mpouoein mn pkake.
2cor-06-15 aS de te tsumfwnhsis mpecristos mn beliar. aS de te tmeris noupistos
mn ouapistos.
2cor-06-16 hou pe pSwnb mprpe mpnoute mn neidwlon anon gar anon prpe mpnoute et
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2cor-06-17 etbe pai amheitn ebol Hn teumh te ntetn prJ thutn eroou peJe pJoeis.
ntetn tmJwH eakaqarton. auw anok TnaSep thutn eroi.
2cor-06-18 taSwpe nhtn eueiwt ntetn Swpe nai eHenShre mn HenSeere. peJe pJoeis
2cor-07-01= euntan Ce mmau nneierht namerate marntbbon ebol Hn twlm nim nte tsar
x mn pepneuma. enJwk ebol noutbbo Hn qote mpnoute.
2cor-07-02= Sopn erwtn mpnJi laau nCons mpntake laau mpnFeC laau.
2cor-07-03 neeiJw mmos an eeitCaeio mmwtn aiouw gar eiJw mmos Je tetnSoop Hn ne
nHht emou auw ewnH Hi ousop.
2cor-07-04 ountai ounoC mparHhsia nnaHrh tn ountai ounoC nSouSou Harwtn TJhk eb
ol mpsops TrHouo emate Hm praSe eHrai eJn tenqliyis thrs.
2cor-07-05- kaigar nterenei eHrai etmakedonia mpetensarx Ji laau mmotnes alla eu
qlibe mmon Hn Hwb nim HenmiSe Hibol HenHote HiHoun.
2cor-07-06 alla pnoute etparakalei nnetqbbihu. aFparakalei mmon Hm ptre titos e
i Saron.
2cor-07-07 Hm ptreFei de mmate an alla Hm pkemton nHht entaFaaF eJn thutn eFtam
o mmon epetnme mn petnrime mn petnkwH Haroi Hwste etraraSe nHouo
2cor-07-08 Je eSJe airpkelupi mmwtn Hn tepistolh nTeire nHthei an eSJe neinar p
kerHthi pe eeiCwSt Je tepistolh etmmau eSJe aslupei mmwtn pros ouounou
2cor-07-09 TraSe tenou Je atetnlupi an. alla Je atetnlupi eumetanoia. ntatetnlu
pi gar kata pnoute Jekaas ennetnSwwt Hn laau ebol mmon.
2cor-07-10 tluph gar kata pnoute esrHwb eumetanoia natrHths euouJai. tluph de m
pkosmos esrHwb epmou.
2cor-07-11 eis peeitretnlupi gar kata pnoute aFrHwb nhtn eunoC nspoudh mn ouapo
logia mn oumkaH nHht mn ouHote mn oume mn oukwH mn oukba Hn Hwb nim atetnsunHist
a mmwtn etetnouaab Hm pHwb.
2cor-07-12 ara eSJe aisHai nhtn ntaisHai an etbe pentaFJi nCons. oude etbe pent
auJitF an nCons. alla Je eretetnspoudh ouwnH ebol etetneire mmos Haron
2cor-07-13+ etbe pai apenHht mton nnaHrhtn mpemto ebol mpnoute. eJm pemton de nH
ht anraSe emate eJm praSe ntitos Je apeFpneuma mton Hitethutn thrtn.
2cor-07-14 Je SouSou nim entaiaau eJwtn HathF mpiJiSipe mmoou. alla nqe nouoeiS
nim entanSaJe nmmhtn Hn oume. tai te qe mpenkeSouSou entanaaF Hatn titos ntaFSw
pe mme.
2cor-07-15 auw neFmntSanHthF Soop nHouo eHoun erwtn. eFeire mpmeeue ntetn mntst
mht thrtn nqe entatetnSopF erwtn Hn ouHote mn oustwt.
2cor-07-16 TraSe Ce Je Tthk nHht mmwtn Hn Hwb nim.
2cor-08-01= tntamo de mmwtn nesnhu etecaris mpnoute tai entautaas Hn nekklhsia n
2cor-08-02 Je Hn ounoC ndokimh nqliyis apeHouo mpeuraSe mn teumntHhke etnaSws r
Houo eHoun etmntrmmao nteumntHaplous.
2cor-08-03 Je Trmntre Je katateuCom. auw parateuCom Ha peuHtor ouaatou.
2cor-08-04 eusops mmon Hn ounoC nsops eJi nteucaris mn tkoinwnia ntdiakonia etJ
i eHoun enetouaab.
2cor-08-05 enkata qe an entanHelpize. alla autaau nSorp mpJoeis. auw nan Hitm p
ouwS mpnoute.
2cor-08-06 etrenparakalei ntitos. Jekaas kata qe entaFarci Jin nSorp nFJwk ebol
nteeiHe eHoun erwtn nteikecaris.
2cor-08-07 alla nqe etetno nHouo Hn Hwb nim Hn tpistis mn pSaJe mn psooun mn sp
oudh nim auw tenagaph etSoop eHoun erwtn Jekaas etetnerHouo Hn teikecaris.
2cor-08-08- neiJw mmos an kata oueHsaHne. alla ebol Hitn tespoudh nHenkooue eido
kimaze Hwtthutn ntmntHak ntetn agaph.
2cor-08-09 tetneime gar etcaris mpenJoeis ihsous Je aFrHhke etbe thutn eurmmao
pe. Jekaas Hwt thutn etetnerrmmao Hn tmntHhke mpetmmau.
2cor-08-10 TT de nougnwmh nhtn mpai pai gar petrnoFre nhtn. nai mpeire mmate an
. alla pkeouwS atetnarci mmoF Jin snouF.
2cor-08-11 tenou de Je kpkeeire ebol. Jekaas kata qe mpourot mpouwS. tai te qe
mpkeJwk ebol Hm peteounthtnF.
2cor-08-12 eSJe pourot gar kh eHrai kata peteountaFsF. FShp kata petemntaFsF an
2cor-08-13 Jekaas gar an ere oumton Swpe nHoine. nte ouqliyis Swpe nhtn. alla H
n ouSwS
2cor-08-14 Hm peeiouoeiS tenou nte petnHouo Swpe epSwwt nnh Jekaas HwwF ere peH
ouo nnh Swpe epetnSwwt Je ere ouSwS Swpe.
2cor-08-15 kata qe etshH Je pa pHouo mpFrHouo auw pa pkoui mpFsbok.
2cor-08-16= peHmot de mpnoute Shp pai etT nTspoudh nouwt Harwtn Hm pHht ntitos.
2cor-08-17 Je pensops men aFJitF. eFo de nspoudaios nHouo aFei ebol Sarwtn eHna
2cor-08-18 antnnoou de nmmaF mpson pai etere peFtaeio Soop Hm peuaggelion Hitn
nekklhsia throu.
2cor-08-19 ou monon de alla aurpkeneHF ebol Hitn nekklhsia etreFei ebol nmman H
m peiHmot etoudiakoni mmoF ebol Hi tootn nnaHrm peoou mpJoeis mn penourot.
2cor-08-20 ensiHe mmon mpai mhpws nte oua teCoutwlm eron Hm peeitaJro etoudiako
ni mmoF ebol Hi tootn.
2cor-08-21 tnFi gar mproouS nHenpetnanouou mpemto ebol mpJoeis mmate an. alla m
pemto ebol nnkerwme.
2cor-08-22 antnnoou de nmmau mpenkeson pai entandokimaze mmoF Hn HaH nsop euspo
udaios pe. tenou de nHou espoudaios. Hn ounaHte de enaSwF eHoun erwtn.
2cor-08-23 eite Ha titos pakoinwnos pe. auw nSbrrHwb eHoun erwtn eite nensnhu n
apostolos ne nnekklhsia. peoou mpecristos.
2cor-08-24 pouwnH Ce ebol ntetn agaph auw penSouSou etneire mmoF Harwtn. ouonHo
u eroou mpemto ebol nnekklhsia.
2cor-09-01= etbe tdiakonia gar tai etSoop eHoun enetouaab. ouHouo eroi pe esHai
2cor-09-02 Tsooun gar mpetnourot pai eTSouSou mmoi nHhtF Harwtn Hn mmakedwn. Je
atacaia sbtwts Jin snouF. auw apetnkwH tbs oumhhSe.
2cor-09-03 aitnnoou de nnesnhu Jekaas enne penSouSou wJn etneire mmoF Harwtn Hm
peeisa. alla Jekaas kata qe eneiJw mmos ntetn Swpe etetnsbtwt.
2cor-09-04 mhpote nseei nmmai nCi mmakedwn nseHe erwtn entetnsbtwt an. ntnJiSip
e anon Hm peitaJro Je nnenJoos Je ntwtn .
2cor-09-05 aiopF Ce Je ouanagkaion pe eseps nesnhu Je eueSrpei Sarwtn. nseSrpso
bte mpetnsmou entatetnerht mmoF Jin nSorp. etreFSwpe eFsbtwt nteeiHe Hws smou au
w Hws Ji nCons an.
2cor-09-06- pai de pe Je petJo Hn ouTso eFnawHs on Hn ouTso. auw petJo Hn ousmou
eFnawHs Hn ousmou
2cor-09-07 poua poua pentaFtoSF Hm peFHht Hn ouluph an hHn ouHtor. oureFT gar e
Froout petere pnoute me mmoF.
2cor-09-08 oun Com de mpnoute etaSe Hmot nim eHoun erwtn. Jekaas Hn Hwb nim nou
oeiS nim eunthtn mmau mpetnrwSe thrF. ntetn rHouo eHoun eHwb nim nagaqon.
2cor-09-09 kata qe etshH Je aFJwwre ebol. aFT nnHhke. teFdikaiosunh Soop Sa ene
2cor-09-10 petT de mpeCroC mpetJo mn ouoeik eouomF FnaT auw nFtaSo mpetnJo nFau
xane nngenhma ntetn dikaiosunh.
2cor-09-11 etetno nrmmao Hn Hwb nim eHoun emntHaplous nim. tai etrHwb ebol Hi t
ootn euSpHmot nte pnoute.
2cor-09-12 Je tdiakonia mpeiSmSe nesSwpe mmate an esJwk ebol nneCrwH nnetouaab.
alla esrpkerHoou Hitn HaH nSpHmot nte pnoute.
2cor-09-13 auw ebol Hitoots ntdokimh nteeidiakonia enTeoou mpnoute eJn qupotagh
ntetn Homologia eHoun epeuaggelion mpecristos mn tmntHaplous ntkoinwnia eHoun e
roou. mn ouon nim.
2cor-09-14 mn peusops Harwtn. euoue Sthutn etbe tecaris mpnoute etnaSws eJn thu
2cor-09-15 peHmot mpnoute Shp eHrai eJn teFdwrea etentnnaSJoos an.
2cor-10-01= anok de paulos Tparakalei mmwtn ebol Hitn tmntrmraS mn tmntHak mpecr
istos. pai eiHate thutn men Tqbbihu nHht thutn. eeithk de nHht mmwtn enTHate thu
tn an.
2cor-10-02 Tsops de etraSwpe eithk nHht enTHate thutn an. Hm pnaHte eTmeeue Je
tetntolma eJn Hoine. nai etmeeue eron Hws enmooSe kata sarx.
2cor-10-03 enmooSe gar Hn tsarx. nnenHhk an katas arx.
2cor-10-04 nHoplon gar ntenmntmatoi nHensarkikon an ne. alla HenCom ne nte pnou
te. euSoop euSorSr nnettaJrhu enSorSr nmmeeue.
2cor-10-05 auw Jise nim ettwoun eHrai eJmpsooun mpnoute. enswk nHht nim etmntst
mht mpecristos
2cor-10-06 auw ensbtwt eJi mpekba mmntatswtm nim. esSanJwk ebol nCi tetnmntreFs
2cor-10-07- CwSt enetmpetnmto ebol petmeeue eroF Je ang pa pecristos mareFmeeue
on epai nHhtF Je kata qe entF pa pecristos anon pwF Hwwn.
2cor-10-08 eeiSanSouSou gar mmoi epeHouo etbe tenexousia tai enta pJoeis taas e
petnkwt auw epetnSorSr an. nTnaJi Sipe an pe.
2cor-10-09 Jekaas de nnekHe eros eSJe eiqrSo mmwtn Hitn nepistolh.
2cor-10-10 Je nepistolh men peJaF HorS auw seCmCom tparHousia de mpeFswma Coob
auw peFSaJe soSF.
2cor-10-11 mare pai Ce meeue epai Je nqe etno mmos Hm penSaJe Hitn nenepistolh
ntnHate thutn an. anHenteeimine on enHate thutn Hm pHwb.
2cor-10-12- ntntolma gar an ekrine mmon heSaSn mn Hoine nai etsunHista mmoou oua
atou alla ntoou Hrai nHhtou euwp mmoou auw euSwS mmoou nmmau ensenoi an.
2cor-10-13 anon de nnenSouSou mmon an pbol mpSi. alla kata pSi mpkanwn enta pno
ute toSF nan etrenpwH Sa ouSi Sarwtn Hwt thutn.
2cor-10-14 ntanrqe gar an nnetensephH an Sarwtn. anporSn ebol. anpwH gar Sarwtn
Hm peuaggelion mpecristos.
2cor-10-15 nnenSouSou mmon an pbol mpSi hHn HenHise ennoun an ne euntan de mmau
nouHelpis esSanauxane nCi tetnpistis etrenaiaei nHht thutn kata penkanwn euHouo
2cor-10-16 etreneuaggelize nnetpisa mmwtn Hn oukanwn an empwn an pe. etrenSouSo
u mmon Hn netsbtwt.
2cor-10-17 petSouSou de mmoF mareFSouSou mmoF Hm pJoeis.
2cor-10-18 mpetnasunHista gar mmoF an mauaaF pe pswtp. alla petere pJoeis nasun
Hista mmoF pe.
2cor-11-01= nanous enetetnaanece mmoi noukoui mmntaqht. alla tetnanece.
2cor-11-02 TkwH gar erwtn noukwH nte pnoute. aisbtwt gar eparHista mmwtn noupar
qenos esouaab. nouHai nouwt pecristos.
2cor-11-03 TrHote de Je mhpote nqe nta pHoF exapata neuHa Hn teFpanourgia nseta
ko nCi netnHht ebol Hn tmntHaplous mn ptbbo etJi eHoun epecristos.
2cor-11-04 eSJe petnhu gar nataSeoeiS nhtn nkeihsous empentaSeoeiS mmoF. htetna
Ji kepneuma empetnJitF hkeeuaggelion empetnSopF erwtn. eie kalws tetnanece.
2cor-11-05 Tmeeue gar Je mpiSwwt nlaau para nnoC napostolos.
2cor-11-06 eSJe ang ouHidiwths de Hm pSaJe. alla Hm psooun an. alla Hn ouoeiS n
im anouonHn erwtn Hn Hwb nim.
2cor-11-07- mh ounobe pentaiaaF eaiqbbioi Jekaas ntwtn etetneJise. Je aieuaggeli
ze nhtn mpeuaggelion mpnoute nJinJh.
2cor-11-08 aisula nHenkeekklhsia. aiJi mpaoywnion eeidiakoni nhtn.
2cor-11-09 auw nteriSwwt eeiHatn thutn mpioueH Hise elaau paSwwt gar anesnhu Jo
kF ebol nterouei ebol Hn tmakedonia auw Hn Hwb nim aiHareH eroi etmHroS erwtn au
w on TnaHareH.
2cor-11-10 oun oume nte pecristos nHht. Je mpeiSouSou nawJn an eHoun eroi Hn ne
klima ntacaia.
2cor-11-11 etbe ou Je Tme mmwtn an. pnoute petsooun.
2cor-11-12- peTeire de mmoF TnaaaF on. Jekaas eieCwJe ebol ntaformh nnetoueSafor
mh. Je eueHe eroou Hm petouSouSou mmoou nHhtF ntenHe Hwwn.
2cor-11-13 nai gar nteeimine Henapostolos nnouJ ne. Henergaths nkroF ne. euJiHr
b Hws apostolos mpecristos.
2cor-11-14 auw nouSphre an te. ntoF gar psatanas SaFJiHrb Hws aggelos nte pouoe
2cor-11-15 nounoC an Ce pe. eSJe neFkediakonos JiHrb Hws diakonos nte tdikaiosu
nh. nai ere teuHah naSwpe kata neuHbhue.
2cor-11-16= TnaJoos on mprtre oua meeue eroi Je ang ouaqht. eSJe mmon kan Sopt e
rwtn Hws aqht. Jekaas eieSouSou mmoi nouShm.
2cor-11-17 peTJw mmoF neiJw mmoF an kata pJoeis. alla Hws Hn oumntaqht Hm ptaJr
o mpSouSou.
2cor-11-18 ebol Je oun HaH SouSou mmoou kata sarx. TnaSouSou Hw mmoi.
2cor-11-19 tetnanece gar eHnhtn nniaqht ntetn Hensabeeu.
2cor-11-20 tetnanece gar mpetexapata mmwtn mpetkkto ebol mpeteire mmwtn nHmHal
mpetouwm mpetJi mpetJise mmoF mpetHioue eHoun epetnHo.
2cor-11-21 eiJw mmos kataouswS. Hws Hoti Je anon anCbbe. Hm petere oua de natol
ma nHhtF Hn oumntaqht eeiJw mmos Tnatolma Hw.
2cor-11-22 HenHebraios ne ang oua Hw. Henisrahliths ne ang oua Hw. pesperma nab
raHam ne anok Hw.
2cor-11-23 Hendiakonos mpecristos ne eeiJw mmos Hn oumntaqht ang oua eHoueroou
Hn HenHise eHoueroou Hn HenStekwou eHoueroou Hn HenshSe enaSwou Hn Henmou nHaH n
2cor-11-24 ebol Hi tootou nnioudai aiJi Hme nsaS Satnoua nTou nsop.
2cor-11-25 auHioue eroi nnCeroob nSmtswwp auHiwne eroi nousop apJoi bwk Haroi n
Smtswwp airouHoou mn ououSh Hm pnoun.
2cor-11-26 Hn HenHih mmooSe nHaH nsop Hn nkindunos neierwou Hn nkindunos nnsoon
e Hn nkindunos ebol Hm pagenos Hn nkindunos ebol Hn nHeqnos Hn nkindunos ntpolis
Hn nkindunos mpJaeie Hn nkindunos nqalassa Hn nkindunos Hn Hensnhu nnouJ.
2cor-11-27 Hn ouHise mn oumkaH Hn HenouSh nroeis nHaH nsop Hn ouHko mn oueibe H
n Hennhstia enaSwou Hn ouJaF mn oukwkaHhu.
2cor-11-28 cwris netHibol netnhu eJwi mmhne nroouS nnekklhsia throu.
2cor-11-29 nim petSwne enTSwne an nmmaF. nim peSaFskandalize. auw anok emeeiJer
2cor-11-30- eSJe SSe eSouSou eeinaSouSou mmoi Hn natasqenia.
2cor-11-31 pnoute auw peiwt mpenJoeis ihsous sooun petsmamaat Sa nieneH Je nTJi
Col an.
2cor-11-32 Je Hrai Hn damaskos apHeqnarchs nte areta prro HareH etpolis ndamask
os eCopt.
2cor-11-33 auw ebol Hitn ouSouSt Hn ousarganh. aucala mmoi pbol mpsobt. airbol
2cor-12-01= eSJe SSe eSouSou nsrnoFre men an. Tnhu de eHenouwnH ebol mn ouCwlp e
bol nte pJoeis.
2cor-12-02 Tsooun nourwme Hm pecristos Haqh mmntaFte nrompe eite eFHm pswma nTs
ooun an eite eFmpbol mpswma nTsooun an pnoute petsooun eautwrp mpai nteeimine Sa
tmeHSomte mpe.
2cor-12-03 auw Tsooun mpeirwme nteimine eite Hm pswma eite pbol mpswma pnoute p
2cor-12-04 Je autorpF epparadeisos. auw aFswtm eHenSaJe euHhp nai etensto an eJ
oou erwme.
2cor-12-05 einaSouSou mmoi Ha pai nteimine. Haroi de nnaSouSou mmoi eimhti Hn m
2cor-12-06 eiSanoueS SouSou gar mmoi nTnaSwpe an naqht oume gar teTJw mmos TTso
de Je mprtre oua meeue eroi eHoue qe etFnau eroi mmos heFswtm ebol Hi toot.
2cor-12-07 auw Jekaas ennaJise nHht Hn tmntnoC napokaluyis. auT nousoure etasar
x. paggelos mpsatanas Je eFeTkly eJwi Je nnaJise mmoi.
2cor-12-08 aiseps pJoeis nSmtswwp etbe pai Je eFesaHwF ebol mmoi.
2cor-12-09 auw peJaF nai Je Hw erok etacaris eSare tCom gar Jwk ebol Hn tmntCwb
. Hn oumton Ce nHht nHouo TnaSouSou mmoi Hn naasqenia. Jekaas eseouwH eHrai eJwi
nCi tCom mpecristos.
2cor-12-10 etbe pai Ce Ttht nHht eSwpe Hn HenmntatCom Hn HenswS Hn Henanagkh Hn
Hendiwgmos mn HenlwJH Ha pecristos Hotan gar eiSanratCom tote SaiCmCom.
2cor-12-11= aiSwpe naqht ntwtn atetnanagkaze mmoi anok gar eSSe pe etreusunHista
mmoi Hite thutn mpiSwwt gar nlaau para nnoC napostolos eSJe ang oulaau on
2cor-12-12 mmaein ntmntapostolos aiaau nHht thutn Hn Hupomonh nim Hn Henmaein m
n HenSphre mn HenCom.
2cor-12-13 ou gar pentatetnSwwt mmoF para pkeseepe nnekklhsia eimhti Je anok mp
ioueHHise erwtn. kw nai ebol mpeiJi nCons.
2cor-12-14 pmeHSomnt nsop pe pai Tsbtwt eei Sarwtn auw nTnaoueHHise erwtn an nn
eiSine gar an nsa netnnka alla nswtn neSSe gar an enShre eswouH eHoun nneiote al
la neiote nnShre.
2cor-12-15 anok de Hn oupiqe TJo ebol auw senaJoi ebol Ha netmyuch. eSJe Tme mm
wtn emate etetnme anok mmoi nouShm.
2cor-12-16 estw de anok mpibarei mmwtn. alla eio mpanourgos aiJi thutn nkroF.
2cor-12-17 mh aiFeC thutn Hitn laau nnentaitnnoouse Sarwtn.
2cor-12-18 aiparakalei ntitos auw aitnneupson nmmaF mhti atitos FeC thutn ntanm
ooSe an Hm pipneuma nouwt Hn niHiooue an nouwt.
2cor-12-19- meSak etetnmeeue Je enapologize nhtn mpemto ebol mpnoute enSaJe Hm p
ecristos. eneire de mpthrF namerate Ha petnkwt.
2cor-12-20 TrHote gar Je mhpote taei Sarwtn taHe erwtn nqe enTouaSs an auw ntet
n He eroi nqe entetnouaSt mmos an mhpote HenTtwn ne mn HenkwH mn HenCwnt mn HenJ
okJk mn Henkatalalia mn Henkasks mn HenJise nHht mn HenStortr.
2cor-12-21 mhpote on taei nte panoute qbbioi etbe thutn tarHhbe noumhhSe eaurno
be Jin nSorp auw mpoumetanoi eHrai eJn takaqarsia mn tporneia mn pswwF entauaaF.
2cor-13-01= pmeHSomnt pe pai Tnhu Sarwtn Hitn ttapro mmntre snau hSomnt ereSaJe
nim aHeratF.
2cor-13-02 aiJoos gar Jin nSorp auw on TSrp Jw mmos Hws eeiHate thutn mpmeHsep
snau auw on enTHatn thutn an tenou eeisHai nnentaurnobe Jin nSorp auw pkeseepe t
hrF Je eiSanei nkesop nTnaTso an.
2cor-13-03 ebol Je tetnSine nsa tdokimh mpecristos etSaJe nHht. pai etenFo an n
atCom eHoun erwtn. alla FCmCom nHht thutn.
2cor-13-04 kaigar ntaustaurou mmoF ebol Hn ouasqenia alla FonH ebol Hn tCom mpn
oute kaigar anon Hwwn tnCoob nHhtF alla tnnawnH nmmaF ebol Hn tCom mpnoute eHoun
2cor-13-05- Jnt thutn Je tetnHn tpistis dokimaze mmwtn hntetn eime erwtn an Je p
ecristos ihsous nHht thutn eimhti Je meSak ntetn HenJoout.
2cor-13-06 TnaHte de Je tetnaeime Je anon anHenJoout an.
2cor-13-07 TSlhl de epnoute etmtretnr laau mpeqoou Jekaas an anon eneouwnH ebol
nswtp alla Jekaas ntwtn etetnerp petnanouF anon de ntnSwpe Hws swtp an.
2cor-13-08 mnCom gar mmon eT oube tme. alla eJn tme.
2cor-13-09 tnnaraSe gar Hotan anon enSanC bbe. ntwtn de ntetn Swpe etetnJoor pa
i rw petnSlhl eroF petnsobte.
2cor-13-10 etbe pai enTHate thutn an TsHai nnai. Jekaas ennaei tacrw Hn ouSwwt
ebol kata texousia enta pJoeis taas nai eukwt auw euSorSr an.
2cor-13-11- tenou Ce nasnhu raSe sbte thutn sops meeue epimeeue nouwt arieirhnh
auw pnoute nTrhnh mn tagaph naSwpe nmmhtn. aspaze nnetnerhu Hn oupi esouaab.
2cor-13-12 seSine erwtn nCi netouaab throu.
2cor-13-13- tecaris mpenJoeis ihsous pecristos auw tagaph mpnoute mn tkoinwnia m
pepneuma etouaab nmmhtn thrtn.
gala-01-01= paulos papostolos pebol Hn rwme an. oude Hitn rwme an. alla Hitn ihs
ous pecristos mn pnoute peiwt pai entaFtounosF ebol Hn netmoout.
gala-01-02 auw nesnhu throu etnmmai ensHai nnekklhsia ntgalatia.
gala-01-03 tecaris nhtn mn Trhnh ebol Hitm pnoute peiwt mn penJoeis ihsous pecr
gala-01-04 pentaFtaaF Ha nennobe. Je eFetouJon epeiaiwn mponhron. kata pouwS mp
noute peneiwt
gala-01-05 pai etepwF pe peoou Sa nieneH neneH Hamhn.
gala-01-06= TrSphre Je nteeiHe Hn ouCeph tetnpwwne ntmpentaFteHm thutn Hm peHmot
mpecristos ihsous ekeeuaggelion
gala-01-07 emnkeoua Soop eimhti Je oun Hoine euStortr mmwtn. euouwS epenepeuagg
elion mpecristos
gala-01-08 alla kan anon. houaggelos ebol Hn tpe. nFtaSeoeiS nhtn pbol mpentant
aSeoiS mmoF nhtn mareFSwpe eFbht.
gala-01-09 nqe entanSrpJoos tenou on TJw mmos Je petnataSeoeiS nhtn pbol mpenta
tetnJitF mareFSwpe eFbht.
gala-01-10- tenou gar eipiqe nnrwme Jnmpnoute. heeiSine nsaareske nrwme. eneeiar
eske Ce on nnrwme ne ang pHmHal an mpecristos.
gala-01-11= Ttamo gar mmwtn nesnhu epeuaggelion entautaSeoeiS mmoF ebol Hi toot
Je noukata rwme an pe.
gala-01-12 oude gar anok ntaiJitF an ntn rwme. oude ntautsaboi an eroF. alla Hi
tn ouCwlp ebol nte ihsous pecristos.
gala-01-13- atetnswtm gar enaHbhue mpiouoeiS eiHntmntioudai Je neeidiwke epeHouo
pe nsa tekklhsia mpnoute. auw neeiSwF mmos.
gala-01-14 eiprokopte Hn tmntioudai eHoue HaH nnataCot Hm pagenos. eeio nreFkwH
nHouo emparadosis nnaeiote.
gala-01-15 ntereFrHnaF de nCi pnoute pai entaFporJt ebol JineeinHhts ntamaau au
w aFtaHmet ebol Hitm peFHmot
gala-01-16 eClp peFShre ebol nHht Je eietaSeoeiS mmoF Hn nHeqnos. nteunou mpiou
aHt esarx Hi snoF.
gala-01-17 oude mpibwk eqierosoluma Sanapostolos etHataHh. alla aibwk etarabia.
auw on aiktoi edamaskos.
gala-01-18- mnnsa Somte de nrompe aibwk eHrai eqierosoluma enau ekhfa. auw aiCw
HaHthF mmnth nHoou.
gala-01-19 mpinau de eCe Hn napostolos eimh iakwbos pson mpJoeis.
gala-01-20 neTsHai de mmoou nhtn eis Hhhte mpemto ebol mpnoute Je nTJiCol an.
gala-01-21 mnnsws aiei eHrai eniklima ntsuria mnt kilikia.
gala-01-22 neusooun de mmoi an pe nHo nCi nekklhsia nToudaia etHm pecristos.
gala-01-23 monon de neuswtm Je petdiwke mmon mpiouoeiS. tenou FtaSeoeiS ntpisti
s eneFSwF mmos nnite.
gala-01-24 auw neuTeoou mpnoute nHht.
gala-02-01= mnnsa mntaFte on nrompe aibwk eHrai eqierosoluma mn barnabas. eaiJi
mpke titos nmmai.
gala-02-02 ntaibwk de eHrai kata ouCwlp ebol aikw nau eHrai mpeuaggelion eTtaSe
oeiS mmoF Hn nHeqnos nsausa de nnetJw mmos Je anon pe mhpws eipht eppetSoueit hn
gala-02-03 alla pketitos etnmmai euHellhn pe. empouanagkaze mmoF esbbhh tF
gala-02-04 etbe nesnhu nnouJ nai entauoSou eHoun enau etenmntrmHe eteuntans Hm
pecristos ihsous. Je eueaan nHmHal
gala-02-05 nai etempenSwpe nouounou nouwt Ha teuHupotagh Je ere tme mpeuaggelio
n moun ebol Hatn thutn.
gala-02-06 ebol de Hn netJw mmos Je anon pe nqe etouo mmos nseJi eroi an pnoute
meFJiHo nrwme netJw gar mmos Je anon pe mpououeH laau eroi.
gala-02-07 alla nterounau ntoF Je autanHout epeuaggelion ntmntatsbbe. kata qe m
petros epsbbe.
gala-02-08 pentaFenergei gar mpetros etmntapostolos mpsbbe. aFenergei Hw nai en
gala-02-09 auw nteroueime epeHmot entautaaF nai nCi iakwbos mn khfas mn iwHannh
s netouJw mmos eroou Je nestulos ne auT nai mn barnabas nHendexia nkoinwnia Jeka
as anon enHeqnos ntoou de epsbbe.
gala-02-10 monon nHhke Je nnerpeumeeue. pai rw pentaispoudaze eroF eaaF.
gala-02-11= ntere khfas de ei etantiocia. aiaHerat eroF Je neauCnarike eroF pe.
gala-02-12 empate Hoine gar ei ebol Hitn iakwbos neFouwm pe mn nHeqnos. nteroue
i de aFseHtF aFsaHwF ebol mmoou. eFrHote Hhtou nna psbbe.
gala-02-13 auw auHupokrine nmmaF nCi pkeseepe nnioudai. Hwste pkebarnabas aFbwk
Hn teuHupokrisis.
gala-02-14 alla nterinau Je nsesoutwn an Hn tme mpeuaggelion peJai nkhfa mpeumt
o ebol throu Je eSJe ntok ntk ouioudai ekmooSe Hws Heqnos Hws Hi ioudai an naS n
He kanagkaze nnHeqnos erioudai.
gala-02-15= anon fusi eanon Henioudai. eanon HenreFrnobe an ebol Hn nHeqnos.
gala-02-16 ensooun Je mprwme natmaeio an ebol Hn neHbhue mpnomos eimhti ebol Hi
tn tpistis nihsous pecristos anJibaptisma Hwwn eihsous pecristos Jekaas enetmaei
o ebol Hn tpitis mpecristos ebol an Hn neHbhue mpnomos Je ebol Hn neHbhue mpnomo
s mn laau nsarx natmaeio.
gala-02-17 eSJe enSine de nsa tmaeio Hm pecristos nseHe eron Hwwn nreFrnobe. ar
a pecristos pdiakonos mpnobe pe nnesSwpe.
gala-02-18 eSJe nentaiSrSwrou gar nai on neTkwt mmoou. TsunHista mmoi mparabath
gala-02-19 anok gar Hitn ounomos aimou mpnomos Je eiewnH mpnoute. austaurou mmo
i mn pecristos.
gala-02-20 anok Ce TonH an. pecristos de onH nHht. qe de eTonH mmos Hn tsarx ee
ionH Hn tpistis mpShre mpnoute pai entaFmerit auw aFtaaF Haroi.
gala-02-21 nTaqetei an mpeHmot mpnoute. eSJe ere tdikaiosunh gar Soop ebol Hitm
pnomos. eie nta pecristos mou epJinJh.
gala-03-01= wnaqht ngalaths nim pentaFfqonei erwtn nai mpemto ebol nnetnbal ihso
us pecristos autoCF ebol eFstaurou.
gala-03-02 pai mmate ToueS eime eroF nteth utn. ebol Hn neHbhue mpnomos atetnJi
mpepneuma. Je nebol Hm pswtm ntpistis.
gala-03-03 tai te qe ntetn Henaqht eatetnarci Hm pepneuma. tenou de tetnJwk ebo
l Hn tsarx.
gala-03-04 atetnSpHaH nHise eikh. eSJe eikh
gala-03-05 petcorhgi de nhtn mpepneuma etenergei nHenCom nHht thutn. ebol Hn ne
Hbhue mpnomos. Jn ebol Hm pswtm ntpistis.
gala-03-06 kata qe nabraHam entaFpisteue epnoute auops eroF eudikaiosunh.
gala-03-07- tetneime ntooun Je nebol Hn tpistis nai ne nShre nabraHam.
gala-03-08 ere tegrafh de sooun Jin nSorp Je ere pnoute natmaeie nHeqnos ebol H
n tpistis asSrp euaggelize nabraHam Je eunaJismou nHhtk nCi nHeqnos throu.
gala-03-09 Hwste nebol Hn tpistis eunaJismou mn ppistos abraHam.
gala-03-10 netSoop gar ebol Hn neHbhue mpnomos euSoop Ha psaHou. FshH gar Je Fs
Houort nCi ouon nim etenFnaaHe an enetshH throu Hm pJwwme mpnomos eaau.
gala-03-11 Je mn laau de natmaeio Hm pnomos nnaHrm pnoute. FouonH ebol Je ere p
dikaios nawnH ebol Hn tpistis.
gala-03-12 pnomos de nouebol Hn tpistis an pe. alla petnaaau eFnawnH nHhtou.
gala-03-13 apecristos Sopn ebol Ha psaHou mpnomos eaFSwpe nsaHou Haron. Je FshH
Je FsHouort nCi ouon nim etaSe epSe.
gala-03-14 Je ere pesmou nabraHam Swpe eJn nHeqnos Hm pecristos ihsous. Je eneJ
i mperht mpepneuma Hitn tpitis.
gala-03-15= nesnhu eeiJw mmos kata rwme Je eSwpe tdiaqhkh nourwme eautaJros mere
laau aqetei mmos houeHsaHne mmos.
gala-03-16 ntauJe nerht de nabraHam mn peFsperma neFJw mmos an Je neksperma Hws
eJn HaH alla Hws eJn oua auw peksperma ete pecristos pe.
gala-03-17 pai de eiJw mmoF Je oudiaqhkh ea pnoute Srp taJros. pnomos entaFSwpe
mnnsa Ftoou Se maab nrompe nFnatstos ebol an eouesFperht.
gala-03-18 eSJe ere teklhronomia gar Soop ebol Hm pnomos eie nouebol an Hm perh
t te. nta pnoute de carize nabraHam Hitm perht.
gala-03-19 ou Ce ntooun pe pnomos entaukaaF etbe mparabasis Sante pesperma ei.
pai entaFerht naF. eautoSF ebol Hitn naggelos Hn tCiJ mpmesiths.
gala-03-20 pmesiths de mpa oua an pe. pnoute de oua pe.
gala-03-21= pnomos Ce eFT oube nerht mpnoute nnesSwpe. enentauT pnomos gar eun C
om mmoF etanHo. ontws nere tdikaiosunh naSwpe pe ebol Hm pnomos.
gala-03-22 alla tegrafh asseuH ouon nim eHoun Ha pnobe. Jekaas eFeT mperht Hitn
tpistis nihsous pecristos nnetpisteue.
gala-03-23- empate tpistis de ei neuHareH eron pe Ha pnomos euswouH mmon eHoun e
tpistis etnaCwlp ebol.
gala-03-24 Hwste pnomos aFSwpe nan mpaidagwgos eHoun epecristos ihsous. Je enet
maeio ebol Hn tpistis.
gala-03-25 ea tpistis de ei ntnSoop an Ce Ha paidagwgos.
gala-03-26- ntetn nShre gar mpnoute thrtn Hitn tpistis mpecristos ihsous.
gala-03-27 pentaubaptize gar epecristos atetnT pecristos Hiwt thutn.
gala-03-28 mn ioudai Hi Hellhn mn HmHal oude rmHe mn Hoout Hi sHime ntwtn gar t
hrtn ntetn oua Hm pecristos ihsous.
gala-03-29 eSJe ntwtn ntetn na pecristos. eie ntetn pesperma nabraHam. nklhrono
mos kata perht.
gala-04-01= TJw de mmos Je epHoson peuoeiS peklhronomos oukoui pe. nFSobe laau a
n euHmHal. epJoeis nnka nim pe.
gala-04-02 alla FSoop Ha Henepitropos. mn Henoikonomos Sate proqesmia mpeiwt
gala-04-03 tai Hwwn te tenHe mpe ouoeiS eno nkoui nenSoop Ha nestoicion mpkosmo
s eno nHmHal.
gala-04-04 ntere pJwk de mpeuoeiS ei apnoute tnnoou mpeFShre eaFSwpe ebol Hn ou
sHime. aFSwpe Hapnomos.
gala-04-05 Je eFeSwp nnetHa pnomos Jekaas eneJi ntmntShre.
gala-04-06 Je ntetn nShre de mpnoute. aFtnnoou mpepneuma mpeFShre eHrai enenHht
eFwS ebol Je abba peiwt.
gala-04-07 Hwste Ce ntk ouHmHal an. alla ntk ouShre eSJe ntk ouShre de eie ntk
ouklhronomos ebol Hitm pecristos.
gala-04-08= alla mpiouoeiS men entetnsooun an mpnoute atetnrHmHal fusi nnete nHe
nnoute an ne.
gala-04-09 tenou de atetnsoun pnoute nHouo de apnoute sount hutn naS nHe tetnkw
te on mmwtn enestoicion natCom auw nHhke nai on etetnoueSr HmHal nau nkesop.
gala-04-10 tetnparathrei eHenHoou. mn Henebate. mn HenouoeiS mn Henrompe.
gala-04-11 TrHote Hht thutn Je mhpws aiSpHise erwtn eikh.
gala-04-12- Swpe ntaHe Je anok Hwwt on ntetn He. nesnhu Tsops mmwtn mpetnJi tlaa
u nCons.
gala-04-13 tetnsooun de Je etbe tmntatCom ntsarx. aieuaggelize nhtn mpSorp nsop
gala-04-14 auw papeirasmos etHn tasarx mpetnsoSF oude mpetnbabwwF alla nqe noua
ggelos nte pnoute atetnSopt erwtn nqe mpecristos ihsous.
gala-04-15 eFtwn Ce petnmakarismos. Trmntre gar nhtn Je eneounSCom eSJpe atetnp
rk netnalooue atetntaau nai.
gala-04-16 Hwste airJaJe erwtn Je aiJe tme nhtn.
gala-04-17 sekwH erwtn kalws an. alla euouwS erekt thutn ebol Je etetnekwH eroo
gala-04-18 nanous gar etreukwH erwtn Hm ppetnanouF nouoeiS nim. auw eei Hate th
utn mmate an.
gala-04-19 naShre nai on eTTnaake mmoou Sante pecristos Jimorfh nHht thutn.
gala-04-20 neiouwS de eei Sarwtn tenou taSibe ntasmh. Je Ttsthu ebol nHht thutn
gala-04-21= aJis eroi netouwS eSwpe Ha pnomos. ntetn wS an mpnomos.
gala-04-22 FshH gar Je abraHam aFJpe Shre snau. oua ebol Hn tHmHal. auw oua ebo
l Hn trmHh.
gala-04-23 alla pebol men Hn tHmHal ntauJpoF kata sarx. peJpo de ebol Hn trmHh
ouebol Hitm perht pe.
gala-04-24 nai de Henbwl ne. diaqhkh gar snte ne. ouei men ebol Hm ptoou nsina
esJpo eumntHmHal ete tai te agar.
gala-04-25 ptoou de nsina eFSoop Hn tarabia FHhn de eHoun eteiHierosoluma. so g
ar nHmHal mn nesShre.
gala-04-26 qierosoluma de ntpe ourmHh te ete tai te tenmaau.
gala-04-27 FshH gar Je eufrane taCrhn etemesmise wS ebol nte aSkak tetemesT naa
ke. Je naSe nShre ntetemnts Hai. eHoue teteunts pHai.
gala-04-28 ntwtn de nesnhu kata isaak ntetn nShre mperht
gala-04-29 alla nqe mpiouoeiS enta peJpo kata sarx pwt nsa pkata pneuma. tai on
tenou te qe.
gala-04-30 alla ou petere tegrafh Jw mmoF Je nouJe ebol nTHmHal mn pesShre. nne
Fklhronomi gar nCi pShre nqmHal. mn pShre ntrmHh.
gala-04-31 etbe pai Ce nesnhu nanon nShre nqmHal an. alla anon natrmHh
gala-05-01= Hn oumntrmHe pecristos aFaan nrmHe. aHera tthutn Ce ntetn tmSwpe on
Ha pnaHbeF ntmntHmHal.
gala-05-02= eis Hhhte anok paulos TJw mmos nhtn. Je etetnSansbbe thutn mpecristo
s naTHhu mmwtn laau an.
gala-05-03 Trmntre de on nrwme nim etsbbhut Je seroF erpnomos thrF.
gala-05-04 atetnouwsF ebol Hm pecristos nai ettmaeio Hm pnomos. atetnHe ebol Hm
gala-05-05 anon gar Hm pepneuma ebol Hn tpistis enCwSt ebol Hhts nqelpis ntdika
gala-05-06 Hm pecristos gar ihsous oude mnsbbe CmCom. oude mntatsbbe. alla oupi
stis te esenergi Hitn ouagaph.
gala-05-07- netetnpht kalws pe. nim pentaFTJrop nhtn etmpiqe etme.
gala-05-08 peipiqe nouebol an pe Hm pentaFteHm thutn.
gala-05-09 Sare oukoui nqab tre pouwSm thrF Fi.
gala-05-10 anok Tthk nHht mmwtn Hm pJoeis Je ntetn ameeue eCe laau an. petStort
r de mmwtn naFi pekrima pete ntoF pe.
gala-05-11 nesnhu eSJe anok eeitaSeoeiS mpsbbe. aHroi on sediwke mmoei. eie aFo
uwsF nCi peskandalon mpestauros.
gala-05-12 Hamoi on neunaCwJe ebol nnetStortr mmwtn.
gala-05-13- ntwtn gar ntauteHm thutn eumntrmHe. nesnhu monon tenmntrmHe mprtresS
wpe euaformh ntsarx. alla Hitn tagaph mpepneuma ariHmHal nnetnerhu.
gala-05-14 pnomos gar thrF ntaFJwk ebol Hn ouSaJe nouwt Hn ekemere peqitouwk nt
gala-05-15 eSJe tetnlwks de nnetnerhu. auw tetnouwm. CwSt mhpote ntetn wJn ebol
Hitn netnerhu.
gala-05-16= TJw de mmos Je mooSe Hm pepneuma. auw tepiqumia ntsarx nnetnJoks ebo
gala-05-17 tsarx gar epiqumei oube pepneuma auw pepneuma oube tsarx nai Ce seT
oube neuerhu Jekaas netetnouaSou nnetnaau.
gala-05-18 eSJe tetnmooSe de Hm pepneuma eie ntetn Soop an Hapnomos.
gala-05-19 seouonH de ebol nCi neHbhue ntsarx ete nai ne mporneia nJwHm nswwF.
gala-05-20 mmntreFSmSe eidwlon mmntreFrpaHre mmntJaJe nTtwn nkwH nCwnt mmntreFT
twn mpwrJ nHairesis.
gala-05-21 nla nTHe nJhr mn neteine nnai neTSrp Jw mmoou nhtn kata qe entaiSrp
Joou Je neteire nteiHe nsenaklhronomi an ntmntrro mpnoute.
gala-05-22- pkarpos de mpepneuma pe tagaph praSe Trhnh tmntHarSHht tmntcrhstos p
petnanouF tpistis.
gala-05-23 tmntrmraS. tegkratia. nai ntei mine mpnomos Toubhu an.
gala-05-24 na pecristos de ihsous austaurou ntsarx mn mpaqos. mn nepiqumia.
gala-05-25 eSJe tnonH Hm pepneuma. marnaHe on epepneuma.
gala-05-26 mprtrenSwpe nSouSou. enprokalei nnenerhu. enfqonei enenerhu.
gala-06-01= nesnhu eSwpe on erSan ourwme nHht thutn pHnHe Hn ouparaptwma ntwtn n
epneumatikos sbtepai nteeimine Hn oupneuma mmntrmraS. ekCwSt Hwwk erok mhpws nse
peiraze mmok.
gala-06-02 Fi Ha nbaros nnetnerhu. auw nteeiHe tetnaJwk ebol mpnomos mpnoute.
gala-06-03 eSJe oun oua gar Jw mmos Je anok pe eulaau pe eFrHal mmoF ouaaF.
gala-06-04 mareFdokimaze de mpeFHwb. auw tote ere peFSouSou naSwpe eroF eke oua
gala-06-05 ere poua gar poua naFi Ha teFetpw.
gala-06-06 mareFkoinwni de nCi petoukaqhkei mmoF Hm pSaJe. mn petkaqhkei mmoF H
n agaqon nim.
gala-06-07 mpr plana pnoute meukomSF petere prwme gar naJoF pai on petFnaoHsF.
gala-06-08 Je petJo eteFsarx ebol Hn tsarx eFnawHs noutako. petJo de epepneuma
ebol Hm pepneuma eFnawHs nouwnH Sa eneH.
gala-06-09 eneire de mppetnanouF. mprtrenegkaC ei. ennawHs gar Hm penouoeiS ntn
Sosm an.
gala-06-10 ara Ce Hws euntan mmau mpeuoeiS marneire mppetnanouF nouon nim nHouo
de nnrmnhei Hn tpistis.
gala-06-11= eis Hhhte aisHai nhtn nHensHai nteeiCot ntaCiJ
gala-06-12 netouwS etre peuHo sa Hn tsarx. nai ne netanagkaze mmwtn esbbe thutn
Jekaas enneupwt mmate nswou Hm pestauros mpecristos.
gala-06-13 netsbbhut gar an neteire mpnomos. alla euouwS etretnsbbe thutn Je eu
eSouSou mmoou Hn tetnsarx.
gala-06-14 nnesSwpe de anok etraSouSou mmoi ei mhti Hm pestauros mpenJoeis ihso
us pecristos pai entaustaurou nai mpkosmos ebol HitootF auw anok Hwwt on mpkosmo
gala-06-15 mn sbbe gar Soop oude mntatsbbe. alla ouswnt nbrre pe.
gala-06-16 auw netnaaHe epeeikanwn Trhnh eJwou mn pna. auw eJm pisrahl mpnoute.
gala-06-17- mnnsws Ce mprtre laau oueHHi se eroi. anok gar mmaein mpJoeis ihsous
pecristos Hm paswma TFi Haroou.
gala-06-18- tecaris mpenJoeis ihsous pecristos mn petnpneuma
ephe-01-01= paulos papostolos mpecristos ihsous Hitm pouwS mpnoute eFsHai nnetou
aab etSoop Hn efesos. auw mpistos etHm pecristos ihsous.
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ephe-01-10 etoikonomia mpJwk ebol nneuoeiS eJek pthrF Hm pecristos. netHn mphue
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ephe-01-23 ete tai te peFswma. pJwk ebol mpetJhk ebol nHwb nim Hm pthrF.
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tsarx mn nenmeeue auw enSoop fusei nShre ntorgh nqe mpkeseepe nnrwme.
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ephe-02-06 auw aFtounosn nmmaF. auqmson nmmaF Hn mphue Hm pecristos ihsous.
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ephe-02-22 pai Hwt thutn etoukwt mmwtn nHhtF euma nouwH mpnoute Hm pepneuma.
ephe-03-01= etbe pai anok paulos petmhr nte pecristos Harwtn nHeqnos.
ephe-03-02 eSJe atetnswtm etoikonomia ntecaris mpnoute entautaas nai eHoun erwt
ephe-03-03 Je kata ouCwlp ebol autamoi epmusthrion. kata qe entaisHai nSorp Hn
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a tenergia nteFCom.
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ephe-03-11 kata ptwS nnaiwn. tai entaFtaas Hm pecristos ihsous penJoeis
ephe-03-12 pai eteuntan tparHhsia nHhtF mn pHwn eHoun Hm pnaHte Hitn teFpistis.
ephe-03-13 etbe pai Taitei etmegkaCei Hn naqliyis Harwtn ete pai pe petneoou.
ephe-03-14= etbe pai TkwlJ nnapat mpeiwt
ephe-03-15 pai eSautaue mnteiwt nim ebol mmoF Hn mphue. auw HiJm pkaH.
ephe-03-16 Jekaas eFeT nhtn kata tmntrmmao mpeFeoou. eptaJre thutn Hn ouCom Hit
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ephe-03-17 etre pecristos ouwH Hm prwme etHi Houn Hitn tpistis Hn netnHht.
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etouaab throu Je ou pe pouwSs mn peSiai mn pJise mn pSike.
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thrF mpnoute.
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mmoou. kata tCom etenergei nHhtn.
ephe-03-21 peoou naF Hn tekklhsia Hm pecristos ihsous eJwm nim Sa eneH neneH Ha
ephe-04-01= Tparakalei Ce mmwtn anok petmhrHm pJoeis. etretnmooSe Hm pempSa mptw
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ephe-04-03 etetnCeph eHareH etmntoua mpepneuma Hn tmrre nTrhnh
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ekaas eFeJek pthrF ebol.
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nreFtaSeoeiS Henkooue nSws auw nsaH.
ephe-04-12 epsobte nnetouaab epHwb ntdiakonia. epkwt mpswma mpecristos.
ephe-04-13 Santnei thrn epimeeue nouwt nte tpistis mn psooun mpShre mpnoute eur
wme ntelios epSi ntCot mpJwk ebol mpecristos.
ephe-04-14 Jekaas Ce nnenSwpe nShre Shm erepHoeim Fi mmon. enSeei mnthu nim nte
sbw. mn tkubia nnrwme Hn oupanourgia nnaHrn nkots nteplanh.
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ape pecristos.
ephe-04-16 pai etere pswma thrF Swnb ebol mmoF. auw eFaiai Hitn tra nim mpT kat
a ouenergia Hm pSi mpmeros pmeros. etre tauxhsis mpswma Swpe epeFkwt Hn ouagaph.
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e nHeqnos mooSe mmos Hm ppetSouit mpeuHht euo nkake Hn neumeeue.
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nim Hn oumntmaito nHouo.
ephe-04-20 ntwtn de ntatetnsbo an epecristos nteiHe.
ephe-04-21 eSJe atetnsotmeF auw autsabe thutn nHhtF. kata qe Je oume tetHn ihso
ephe-04-22 ekw nswtn nnetnHbhue nSorp. petnrwme nas pai ettako kata nepiqumia n
ephe-04-23 erbrre de Hm pepneuma mpetnHht.
ephe-04-24 auw eT Hiwt thutn mprwme nbrre. pai ntausontF katapnoute. Hn oudikai
osunh mn ououop ntetme.
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ephe-04-27 oude mprTma mpdiabolos.
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Jekaas eFeSwpe euntaF mmau mppetnanouF eT mpetSaat.
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kwt ntecria. Jekaas eFeT noucaris nnetswtm.
ephe-04-30 auw mprlupei mpepneuma etouaab mpnoute pai entausfragize mmwtn nHhtF
epeHoou mpswte.
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ata qe enta pnoute kw nhtn ebol Hm pecristos.
ephe-05-01= Swpe Ce etetntntwn epnoute Hws Shre mmerit.
ephe-05-02 auw ntetn mooSe Hn ouagaph kata qe enta pecristos mere thutn. auw aF
taaF Harwtn mprosfora. auw nqusia mpnoute eusTnouFe.
ephe-05-03 porneia de nim Hi akaqarsia. houmntmaito nHouo mprtreutau erinou rw
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etbe nai eJn nShre ntmntatnaHte.
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ephe-05-10 etetndokimaze Je ou petranaF mpJoeis.
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ephe-05-12 netoueire gar mmoou nJioue HenSloF erpkeJoou ne.
ephe-05-13 Sare Hwb de nim ouwnH ebol etouJpio mmoou Hitm pouoein. Hwb gar nim
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ephe-05-17 etbe pai mprSwpe naqht alla eime Je ou pe pouwS mpJoeis.
ephe-05-18 auw mprTHe Hn ouhrp pai eteoun oumntSna Soop nHhtF. alla ntetn Jwk e
bol Hm pepneuma.
ephe-05-19 etetnSaJe mn netnerhu Hn Henyalmos. mn Hensmou. mn Henwdh mpneumatik
on etetnJw auw etetnyalli Hn netnHht epJoeis.
ephe-05-20 etetnSpHmot nouoeiS nim Ha ouon nim Hm pran mpenJoeis ihsous pecrist
os ntmpnoute peiwt
ephe-05-21= etetnHupotasse nnetnerhu Hn qote mpecristos.
ephe-05-22 neHiome marouHupotasse nneuHai nqe mpJoeis.
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neHiome Hwou Hupotasse nneuHai Hn Hwb nim.
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ephe-05-32 peimusthrion ounoC pe. anok de eiJw mmoF epecristos mn tekklhsia.
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ephe-06-02 mataie pekeiwt mn tekmaau ete tai te tSorp nentolh Hm perht
ephe-06-03 Je ere petnanouF Swpe mmok. auw ngrounoC nouoeiS HiJm pkaH.
ephe-06-04 neiote mprTnouCs nnetnShre. alla sanouSou Hn tesbw mn ptsabo mpJoeis
ephe-06-05= nHmHal swtm nsa netnJisooue kata sarx Hn ouHote mn oustwt Hn oumntHa
plous nte petnHht Hws etetno mpecristos.
ephe-06-06 Hn oumnteia nCaouon an Hws reFareske nrwme alla HwsHmHal mpecristos
etetneire mpouwS mpnoute Hn tetnyuch thrs
ephe-06-07 Hn outwt nHht Hws etetno nHmHal mpJoeis. nrwme an.
ephe-06-08 etetnsooun Je pagaqon etere poua poua naaaF. FnaJitF ebol Hitm pJoei
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oun Je petnJoeis mn pwou Hn mphue auw mn mntreFJiHo HaHthF.
ephe-06-10= Jin tenou CmCom Hm pJoeis. auw Hm pamaHte nteFCom.
ephe-06-11 THiwt thutn ntpanHoplia mpnoute Je etetneSCmCom eaHerat thutn nnaHrn
nkots mpdiabolos.
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m peHoou eqoou. auw eatetnJek Hwb nim ebol ntetn taJro.
ephe-06-14 aHerat thutn Ce etetnmhr etetnTpe Hn tme. eatetnT Hiwt thutn mpHwk n
ephe-06-15 eatetnwtH nnetnouerhte Hm psobte mpeuaggelion nTrhnh
ephe-06-16 Hn Hwb nim. eatetnJi mpequrwn ntpistis. pai etetnaSCmCom nHhtF eeSms
ote nim mpponhros etJero.
ephe-06-17 auw ntetnJi ntperikefalaia mpouJai. auw tshFe mpepneuma ete pai pe p
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tno nouSh nroeis epai Hn srFe nim mn sops nim Ha netouaab throu.
ephe-06-19 auw Haroi Je eueT nai mpSaJe Hm pouwn nrwi. eouwnH ebol mpmusthrion
mpeuaggelion Hn ouparHhsia.
ephe-06-20 pai eTpresbeue HaroF Hn mmrre. Je eieparHhsiaze mmoi nHhtF nqe etSe
ephe-06-21= Jekaas de etetneeime Hwt thutn epaouw Je eirou FnaouwnH nHwb nim erw
tn nCi tucikos pmerit nson auw ndiakonos mpistos Hm pJoeis.
ephe-06-22 pai entaitnnoouF Sarwtn epeeiHwb. Je etetneeime epenouw auw nFparaka
lei nnetnHht.
ephe-06-23- Trhnh nnesnhu. auw tagaph mn tpistis ebol Hitm pnoute piwt. mn pJoei
s ihsous pecristos.
ephe-06-24 tecaris mn ouon nim etme mpenJoeis ihsous pecristos Hn oumntattako
phlp-01-01= paulos mn timoqeos nHmHal mpecristos ihsous eusHai nnetouaab throu H
m pecristos ihsous nai etSoop Hn nefilippos mn nepiskopos auw ndiakonos.
phlp-01-02 tecaris nhtn mn Trhnh ebol Hitm pnoute peneiwt mn pJoeis ihsous pecr
phlp-01-03= TSpHmot ntmpanoute eHrai eJm petnrpmeeue thrF.
phlp-01-04 Hn nasops throu nouoeiS nim Harwtn thrtn. eieire mpasops Hn ouraSe
phlp-01-05 eJn tetnkoinwnia eHoun epeuaggelion. Jin mpSorp nHoou SaHrai etenou.
phlp-01-06 eithk nHht mpai Je pentaFarci nHht thutn mpHwb etnanouF. FnaJokF ebo
l Sa peHoou mpenJoeis ihsous pecristos.
phlp-01-07 kata qe eudikaion nai pe emeeue epai Harwtn thrtn ebol Je tetnSoop H
m paHht Hrai Hn namrre mn taapologia mn ptaJro mpeuaggelion etetno nsugkoinwnos
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phlp-01-09 auw eiSlhl epai Jekaas eretetnagaph rHouo emate emate Hm psooun mn a
isqhsis nim.
phlp-01-10 etretndokimaze nnetrnoFre. Jekaas etetneSwpe etetntbbhu. emn nobe Ji
erwtn Hm peHoou mpecristos.
phlp-01-11 etetnJhk ebol mpkarpos ntdikaiosunh pebol Hitn ihsous pecristos epeo
ou mn ptaeio mpnoute.
phlp-01-12- TouwS de etretneime nasnhu. Je neT nHhtou auSwpe nHouo euprokoph mpe
phlp-01-13 Hwste namrre nseouwnH ebol Hm pecristos. Hm pepraitwrion thrF mn pke
seepe thrF.
phlp-01-14 auw peHouo nnesnhu etHm pJoeis euthk nHht nnamrre. setolma nHouo aJn
Hote eJw mpSaJe mpnoute.
phlp-01-15- Hoine men etbe oufqonos mn ouTtwn. Henkooue de eHnau setaSeoiS mpecr
phlp-01-16 Hoine men ebol Hn ouagaph eusooun Je eikh eHrai etapologia mpeuaggel
phlp-01-17 Henkooue de ebol Hn ouTtwn eutaSeoeiS mpecristos Hn outbbo an. eumee
ue etounes ouqliyis nnamrre.
phlp-01-18 eSare ou gar Swpe plhn Je Hn smot nim eite Hn ouloeiCe eite Hn oume
setaSeoeiS mpecristos auw TraSe Hm pai auw on TnaraSe.
phlp-01-19 Tsooun de Je pai naSwpe nai euouJai ebol Hitm petnsops mn tcorhgia m
pepneuma nihsous pecristos.
phlp-01-20 kata paCwSt ebol mn taHelpis Je nneiJiSipe Hn laau alla Hn parHhsia
nim nqe nouoeiS nim Fnaaiai on tenou nCi pecristos Hm paswma eite Hm ptrawnH eit
e Hm ptramou.
phlp-01-21 pwnH gar etSoop nai pe pecristos. auw Hm ptramou ouHhu pe.
phlp-01-22 eSJe Hm ptrawnH de Hn tsarx pai oukarpos nai nHwb pe. eeieaS peTnaso
tpF. nTsooun an.
phlp-01-23 seamaHte de mmoi euntai mmau mpouwS mpesnau. pbwl ebol eSwpe mn pecr
istos Fsotp nHouo.
phlp-01-24 pCw de on Hn tsarx ouanagkaion pe etbe thutn.
phlp-01-25 auw einaHte epai Tsooun Je TnaCw auw Tnamoun ebol nmmhtn thrtn etetn
prokoph mn praSe ntetn pistis.
phlp-01-26 Je ere petnSouSou rHouo Hm pecristos ihsous nHht Hitm ptraei on Sarw
phlp-01-27- monon mooSe Hm pempSa mpeuaggelion mpecristos. Jekaas eite eiSanei t
anau erwtn. eite enTHatethutn an taswtm epetnouw Je tetnaHerat thutn Hn oupneuma
nouwt mn ouyuch nouwt etetnagwnize etpistis mpeuaggelion.
phlp-01-28 entetnrHote laau an Hitn netT oubhn ete pai pe pmaein mpeutako. ntwt
n de ououJai nhtn pe. auw pai ouebol Hitm pnoute pe.
phlp-01-29 Je aucarize nhtn Ha pecristos episteue mmate an eroF. alla eSpHise o
n eJwF.
phlp-01-30 eunthtn mmau mpeiagwn nouwt nqe mpentatetnnau eroF nHht. tenou on et
etnswtm eroF nHht.
phlp-02-01= sops Ce nim etHm pecristos solsl nim nagaph koinwnia nim nte pepneum
a mntnaht nim Hi mntSanHthF.
phlp-02-02 Jwk ebol mparaSe Je etetnemeeue eumeeue nouwt eunthtn mmau nteeiagap
h nouwt etetno nouHht nouwt oumeeue nouwt.
phlp-02-03 entetnr laau an kata ouTtwn. oude kata oumntSouSo. alla Hm peqbbio e
tetnJise nnetnerhu erwtn.
phlp-02-04 empoua poua Sine an nsa teFnoFre. alla taHenkooue.
phlp-02-05 pai meeue eroF nHhtn. pai on etHm pecristos ihsous.
phlp-02-06 pai eFHn oumorfh nte pnoute. empFopF eutwrp eSaSF mn pnoute.
phlp-02-07 alla aFpwHt mmoF ebol eaFJi noumorfh nHmHal eaFSwpe nsmot nrwme auw
Hm peschma auHe eroF Hws rwme.
phlp-02-08 aFqbbioF eaFSwpe nstmht SaHrai epmou. oumou de nstauros.
phlp-02-09 etbe pai HwwF apnoute JastF nHouo. aFcarize naF mpran etHiJn ran nim
phlp-02-10 Jekaas Hm pran nihsous ere pat nim kwlJ netHn mphue. auw netHiJm pka
H. mn netHa pesht mpkaH.
phlp-02-11 nte las nim exomologei Je pJoeis pe ihsous pecristos epeoou mpnoute
phlp-02-12= Hwste namerate kata qe entatetnswtm nouoeiS nim eeiHate thutn an mma
te. alla tenou nHouo enTHate thutn an. Hn ouHote mn oustwt ariHwb epetnouJai.
phlp-02-13 pnoute gar petenergi nHhtn mpouwS. mn pJwk ebol mpouwS.
phlp-02-14 ariHwb nim aJn krmrm Hi mokmek.
phlp-02-15 Jekaas etetneSwpe natnobe auw nakeraios nShre mpnoute euouaab ntmhte
ntgenea etCoouC auw etCoome etetnouonH ebol nHhtou nqe nnireFrouoein Hm pkosmos
phlp-02-16 etetnCeet epSaJe mpwnH euSouSou nai epeHoou mpecristos. Je ntaipwt a
n epJinJh. oude nta eiSpHise an epJinJh.
phlp-02-17 alla eSJe seouwtn mmoi eJn tequsia. mn tlitourgia ntetn pistis. TraS
e auw TnaraSe nmmhtn thrtn.
phlp-02-18 ntwtn Hwt thutn raSe. auw ntetn raSe nmmai.
phlp-02-19- Tmeeue de Hm pJoeis ihsous etnneu timoqeos nhtn Hn ouCeph. Jekaas er
e paHht Hw mton. eaieime epetnouw.
phlp-02-20 mnT laau gar mmau eFnhu eHm paHht pai etnaFi petnroouS Hn ouwrJ.
phlp-02-21 ere ouon gar nim Sine nsa netenouou ne. nna pecristos an ihsous.
phlp-02-22 tetneime de eteFdokimh. Je nqe nouShre mpeFeiwt aFrHmHal nmmai epeua
phlp-02-23 pai Ce Tmeeue etnnoouF nteunou eiSaneime enetSoop mmoi.
phlp-02-24 TnaHte de Hm pJoeis Je anok Hwwt on Tnhu Hn ouCeph Sarwtn.
phlp-02-25- aiopF de Je peteSSe pe etnnoou Sarwtn nepafroditos pson paSbr rHwb a
uw paSbr matoi epetnapostolos de pe auw plitourgos ntacria.
phlp-02-26 epeidh neFoueS thutn thrtn. auw eFmokH epeFHht ebol Je atetnswtm Je
phlp-02-27 kaigar aFSwne aFHwn eHoun epmou alla apnoute na naF naF de mauaaF an
alla nai Hw Jekaas ennaJi nouluph eJn ouluph.
phlp-02-28 aitnnoouF Ce Hn ouCeph. Jekaas eatetnnau eroF ntetn raSe on. anok Hw
ntaSwpe aJn luph.
phlp-02-29 SopF Ce erwtn Hm pJoeis Hn raSe nim. auw ntetnkw nhtn nnai nteeimine
phlp-02-30 Je etbe pHwb mpecristos aFHwn eHoun epmou. eaFneJ teFyuch ebol. Jeka
as eFeJwk ebol mpetnSwwt mn tlitourgia etSoop Saroi.
phlp-03-01= tenou Ce nasnhu raSe Hm pJoeis etraseH nai on nhtn. nouHise nai an p
e. ouwrJ de nhtn pe.
phlp-03-02 THthtn eneuHoor. THthtn eniergaths eqoou. THthtn epSwwt ebol.
phlp-03-03 anon gar pe psbbe nnetSmSe Hm pepneuma mpnoute. auw etSouSou mmoou H
m pecristos ihsous. auw ntnkw nHthn an etsarx.
phlp-03-04 kaiper anok euntai on mmau mpkaHthi etsarx. eSwpe oun keoua eFmeeue
Je Fkw nHthF etsarx anok nHouo
phlp-03-05 ang ousbbe Hm pameHSmoun nHoou ebol Hm pgenos mpisrahl tefulh nbenia
mein nHebraios ebol Hn nHebraios mfarissaios kata pnomos.
phlp-03-06 kata oukwH eipht nsa tekklhsia. aiSwpe natnobe kata tdikaiosunh etSo
op Hm pnomos.
phlp-03-07 alla nh eneuSoop nai nHhu. aiopou eose etbe pecristos.
phlp-03-08 alla Twp Ce nHwb nim Je Henose ne etbe peHouo mpsooun mpecristos ihs
ous penJoeis pai entaiTose nnka nim etbhhtF auw Twp mmoou Je Henlaau ne Jekaas e
ieTHhu mpecristos.
phlp-03-09 auw nseHe eroi nHhtF emntai mmau ntadikaiosunh tebol Hn pnomos alla
tebol Hitn tpistis mpecristos. tdikaiosunh tebol Hm pnoute eHrai eJn tpistis
phlp-03-10 nsouwnF auw tCom mpeFtwoun mn tkoinwnia nneFHise eiJi mpHrb mpeFmou.
phlp-03-11 Jekaas eieei eptwoun ebol Hn netmoout
phlp-03-12- Je ntaiouw an eiJi. haiouw eeiJwk ebol. Tpht de Je eietaHo kata qe e
ntautaHoi Hitm pecristos.
phlp-03-13 nasnhu anok nTmeeue an eroi Je aitaHo. pai de mmate eirpwbS men nnap
aHou. eipwrS de enaqh.
phlp-03-14 eipht kata peskopos mpeklom mptwHm ntpe mpnoute Hm pecristos ihsous.
phlp-03-15 telios Ce nim marnmeeue epai. auw Hwb nim etetnameeue eroF nCesmot.
pai pnoute naColpF nhtn ebol.
phlp-03-16 plhn pentatetntaHoF aHe on eroF.
phlp-03-17- tntn thutn eroi nasnhu. auw ntetn CwSt enetmooSe nteeiHe. kata qe en
Soop nhtn nsmot.
phlp-03-18 oun HaH gar mooSe nai eneeiJw mmoou nhtn nHaH nsop. tenou de on TJw
mmoou eirime. nJaJe mpestauros mpecristos.
phlp-03-19 nai eteuHah pe ptako nai epeunoute pe Hhtou auw ere peueoou Hm peuSi
pe netmeeue ena pkaH.
phlp-03-20 anon de ere penpoliteuma Hn mphue. pma etnCwSt ebol HhtF mpenswthr p
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phlp-03-21 pai etnaSibe mpswma mpenqbbio epeine mpswma mpeFeoou. kata tenergia
etreFCmCom eHupotasse naF mpthrF.
phlp-04-01= Hwste nasnhu mmerit auw eTouaSou paraSe auw paklom aHerat thutn ntee
iHe Hm pJoeis namerate.
phlp-04-02= Tparakalei neuHodia. Tparakalei nsuntuch. meeue eoua nouwt Hm pJoeis
phlp-04-03 aio Tsops mmok Hwwk suzuge pHak Ttootk nmmau nai entauSmSe nmmai Hm
peuaggelion mn pkeklhmhs auw pakeseepe nSbrrHwb nai ere peuran Hm pJwwme mpwnH.
phlp-04-04 raSe Hm pJoeis TJw on mmos Je raSe.
phlp-04-05 tetnmntHak maresouwnH ebol nrwme nim. apJoeis Hwn eHoun
phlp-04-06 mprFiroouS laau. alla nouoeiS nim Hm peSlhl mn psops. netnaithma mar
ououwnH ebol mpnoute Hn ouSpHmot.
phlp-04-07 auw Trhnh mpnoute etJose emeeue nim naHareH enetnHht. auw netnmeeue
Hm pecristos ihsous.
phlp-04-08- tenou Ce nesnhu Hwb nim mme Hwb nim nsemnon Hwb nim ndikaion Hwb nim
etouaab Hwb nim etnanouF smou nim areth nim taio nim nai meeue eroou.
phlp-04-09 ete nai ne entatetnsbo eroou auw atetnJitou atetnsotmou auw atetnnau
eroou nHht nai arisou auw pnoute nTrhnh naSwpe nmmhtn.
phlp-04-10= airaSe de Hm pJoeis emate Je atetnourot erpameeue nqe on etetneire m
moF. mpetnCm pouoeiS de.
phlp-04-11 nneiJw mmos an Je atetnSwwt. anok gar aieime Hn neTnHhtou etrarwSe.
phlp-04-12 Tsooun nqbbio Tsooun nrHouo Hn Hwb nim TJont nHhtou throu esei eHko
erHouo eSwwt.
phlp-04-13 TCmCom Hn Hwb nim Hm petTCom nai.
phlp-04-14 plhn kalws atetnaas eatetnkoinwnei nmmai etaqliyis.
phlp-04-15- tetnsooun de Hwt thutn nefilipphsios. Je Hn tarch mptaSeoiS nteriei
ebol Hn tmakedonia mpe laau nekklhsia koinwnei nmmai epSaJe nT HiJi ei mhti ntwt
n ouaat thutn.
phlp-04-16 Je Hrai on Hn qessalonikh. atetntnnoou nai nousop auw snau etacria.
phlp-04-17 ouc otei Je eiSine nsa pT. alla eiSine nsa pkarpos etoS eHoun epetnS
phlp-04-18 TmeH de nnka nim auw TrHouo aiJwk ebol eaiJi ebol Hitn epafroditos n
nentatetntnnoousou ousT nouFe ouqusia esShp esranaF mpnoute.
phlp-04-19 panoute de eFeJwk ebol ntetn cria thrs kata teumntrmmao Hn oueoou Hm
pecristos ihsous.
phlp-04-20 peoou de mpnoute peneiwt Sa eneH nnieneH Hamhn.
phlp-04-21= Sine enetouaab throu Hm pecristos ihsous. seSine erwtn nCi nesnhu et
phlp-04-22 seSine erwtn nCi netouaab throu. nHouo de nebol Hm phei mprro.
phlp-04-23 tecaris mpenJoeis ihsous pecristos mn petnpneuma
colo-01-01= paulos papostolos mpecristos ihsous Hitm pouwS mpnoute. mn timoqeos
colo-01-02 eusHai nnesnhu etouaab etHn kolossa mpistos Hm pecristos. tecaris nh
tn mn Trhnh ebol Hitm pnoute peneiwt.
colo-01-03= tnSpHmot ntm pnoute peiwt mpenJoeis ihsous pecristos. enSlhl Harwtn
nouoeiS nim
colo-01-04 nternswtm etetnpistis Hm pecristos ihsous. auw tetnagaph etJi eHoun
enetouaab throu.
colo-01-05 etbe qelpis etkh nhtn eHrai Hn mphue. tai entatetnswtm eros Hm pSaJe
ntme mpeuaggelion.
colo-01-06 pai etnHht thutn kata qe etFHm pkosmos thrF eFTkarpos auw eFauxane k
ata qe on nHht thutn Jin peHoou entatetnswtm auw atetneime etecaris mpnoute Hn o
colo-01-07 kata qe entatetneime ebol HitootF nepafra pmerit penSbr HmHal. pai e
upistos Harwtn pe. ndiakonos mpecristos.
colo-01-08 pai entaFtamon etetnagaph Hm pepneuma.
colo-01-09= etbe pai Hwwn Jin peHoou entanswtm ntnlo an enSlhl Harwtn auw entwbH
Jekaas etetneJwk ebol mpsooun mpeFouwS etretnmooSe Hn sofia nim mn tmntrmnHht m
colo-01-10 emooSe Hm pempSa mpnoute epetranaF thrF. etetnTkarpos Hn Hwb nim nag
aqon. auw etetnauxane Hm psooun mpnoute.
colo-01-11 etetnCmCom Hn Com nim kata ptaJro mpeFeoou eHoun eHupomonh nim. mn o
colo-01-12 etetnSpHmot ntmpeiwt Hn ouraSe. pai entaFteHm thutn eHoun etmeris mp
eklhros nnetouaab Hm pouoein.
colo-01-13 pai entaFneHm thutn ebol Hn texousia mpkake. eaFpene thutn eHoun etm
ntrro mpShre nteFagaph.
colo-01-14 pai entanJi nHhtF mpswte pkw ebol nnnobe.
colo-01-15 ete pai pe qikwn mpnoute. piatnau eroF. pSrp mmise nswnt nim.
colo-01-16 Je Hrai nHhtF ntausnt pthrF netHn mphue auw netHiJm pkaH netnnau ero
ou mn netntnnau eroou an eite neqronos eite mmntJoeis eite narch eite nexousia n
ta pthrF Swpe ebol HitootF auw ntausontou eroF.
colo-01-17 auw FSoop HateuHh throu. auw nta pthrF aHeratF naF.
colo-01-18 auw ntoF pe tape mpswma ntekklhsia ete pai pe tarch pSrp mmise ebol
Hn netmoout. Jekaas eFeSwpe eFo nSorp nHhtou throu.
colo-01-19 Je nta pJwk thrF ouwS eouwH Hrai nHhtF.
colo-01-20 auw ebol HitootF eHetp pthrF eroF. eaFaau neirhnh Hitm pesnoF mpesta
uros eite netHiJm pkaH eite netHn mphue.
colo-01-21- auw ntwtn mpiouoeiS etetno nSmmo. auw nJaJe Hm petnHht Hn neHbhue mp
colo-01-22 tenou de aFHetp thutn Hm pswma nteFsarx ebol Hitm peFmou eparHista m
mwtn etetnouaab auw nattwlm emn nobe Ji eHoun erwtn mpeFmto ebol.
colo-01-23 eSJe tetnamoun ebol Hn tpistis etetnJe snte ebol auw etetntaJrhu ens
epwwne mmwtn an ebol Hn qelpis mpeuaggelion pai entatetnsotmeF entautaSeoeiS mmo
F Hm pswnt thrF etHatpe pai entaiSwpe naF anok paulos nkhrux auw ndiakonos.
colo-01-24= tenou TraSe Hn namkooH Harwtn. aue eiJwk ebol mpseepe nneqliyis mpec
ristos Hn tasarx. Ha peFswma ete pai pe tekklhsia.
colo-01-25 tai entaiSwpe nas ndiakonos. kata toikonomia mpnoute entaFtaas nai e
Houn erwtn. etraJwk ebol mpSaJe mpnoute.
colo-01-26 pmusthrion eqhp Jin naiwn. mn ngenea nnrwme. tenou de aFouonHF ebol
colo-01-27 nai enta pnoute ouwS etamoou Je ou te tmntrmmao mpeoou mpeimusthrion
Hn nHeqnos. ete pai pe pecristos nHhtthutn. qelpis mpeoou.
colo-01-28 pai anon etntaSeoeiS mmoF enTsbw npwme nim auw entsabo mmoou Hn sofi
a nim Je enetaHe rwme nim eratF ntelios Hm pecristos ihsous.
colo-01-29 pai eTHise mmoi eroF eeiagwnize kata teFenergia etenergi nHht Hn ouC
colo-02-01= TouwS gar etretneime Je ouaS nCot pe pagwn eTeire mmoF Harwtn. mn ne
tHn laodikia. mn ouon nim etempounau epaHo Hn tsarx.
colo-02-02 Jekaas ere peuHht mton eautaJroou Hn ouagaph. auw emntrmmao nim mptw
t nHht ntmntsabe epsooun mpmusthrion mpnoute.
colo-02-03 pai etounHhtF nCi naHwwr throu ntsofia. mn psooun euHhp.
colo-02-04 pai eiJw mmoF Je nne laau rHal mmwtn Hn HenSaJe eneswou.
colo-02-05 eSJe Hn tsarx gar enTHate thutn an alla Tnmmhtn Hm pepneuma eeiraSe
auw eeiCwSt etetntaxis auw ptaJro ntetn pistis etJi eHoun epecristos.
colo-02-06= nqe Ce entatetnJi mpecristos ihsous pJoeis mooSe Hrai nHhtF
colo-02-07 etetnJe noune ebol auw eukwt mmwtn nHhtF etetntaJrhu Hn tpistis kata
qe entautsabe thutn etetnrHouo Hn ouSpHmot.
colo-02-08 CwSt mhpws nte oua Swpe eFSwl mmwtn ebol Hitn tefilosofia mn tapath
etSoueit kata mparadosis nnrwme kata nestoicion mpkosmos enkata pecristos ihsous
colo-02-09 Je ere pJwk thrF ntmntnoute ouhH nHhtF swmatikws.
colo-02-10 auw etetnSoop nHhtF etetnJhk ebol ete pai pe tape narch nim Hi exous
ia nim.
colo-02-11 pai on entausbbe thutn nHhtF Hn ousbbe aJn CiJ Hm pkwkaHhu mpswma nt
sarx Hm psbbe mpecristos.
colo-02-12 eautems thutn nmmaF Hm pbaptisma. pai on entatetntwoun nHhtF Hn tpis
tis ntenergia mpnoute. pai entaFtounosF ebol Hn netmoout.
colo-02-13 auw ntwtn etetnmoout Hn mparaptwma mn tmntatsbbe ntetn sarx. aFtanHe
tthutn nmmaF. eaFkw nhtn ebol nnetnparaptwma throu.
colo-02-14 eaFFwte ebol mpcirografon eteron Hn ndogma pai eneFSoop oubhn aFFi m
moF ntmhte aFwFt mmoF epestauros.
colo-02-15 eaFkaaFkaHhu nnarch mn nexousia auw aFouonHou ebol. eaFtJaeioF ebol
Hn ouparHhsia Hrai nHhtF.
colo-02-16- mprtre laau Ce krine mmwtn hHn ouwm hHn ousw hHn oumeros nSa hnsoua
colo-02-17 nai etSoop nHaibes nnetnaSwpe. pswma de mpecristos
colo-02-18 mprtre laau bere thutn nHhtF eFouwS Hn ouqbbio mn pSmSe nnaggelos ne
ntaFnau eroou eFmooSe eikh eFJose nHht Hitm pHht nteFsarx.
colo-02-19 auw enFamaHte an ntape tai etere pswma thrF Ji ebol nHhts Hitn netra
mn mmrre eukwt mmoF auw eFaiai Fauxane ntauxhsis mpnoute.
colo-02-20= eSJe atetnmou mn pecristos ebol Hn nestoicion mpkosmos. aHrwtn tetnd
ogmatize Hm pkosmos nqe nnetonH.
colo-02-21 mprJwH oude mprJiTpe. oude mprHwn eHoun.
colo-02-22 nai throu euSoop eutako mpetsto ebol. kata nHwn. auw nesbw nnrwme.
colo-02-23 nai men euntau mmau nouSaJe nsofia Hn ououwS nSmSe. mn ouqbbio. mn o
umntatTso mpswma Hn ouTmh an prospsei ntsarx.
colo-03-01= eSJe atetntwoun Ce mn pecristos Sine nsa na tpe pma etere pecristos
nHhtF eFHmoos Hitounam mpnoute.
colo-03-02 meeue ena tpe. netHiJm pkaH an.
colo-03-03 atetnmou gar. auw petnwnH Hhp mn pecristos Hm pnoute.
colo-03-04 erSan pecristos ouwnH ebol ete penwnH pe. tote Hwt thutn tetnaouwnH
ebol nmmaF Hn oueoou.
colo-03-05- mouout Ce nnetnmelos etHiJm pkaH tporneia takaqarsia ppaqos tepiqumi
a eqoou tmntmaito nHouo ete tai te tmntreFSmSe eidwlon.
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colo-03-07 eatetnmooSe Hn nai Hwt thutn mpiouoeiS nneHoou etetnonH Hn nai.
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colo-03-09 mprJiCol enetnerhu. eatetnka thutn kaHhu mprwme nas mn neFHbhue.
colo-03-10 auw atetnT Hiwtthutn mpbrre. pai etrbrre epsooun kata qikwn mpentaFs
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arike mn oua kata qe enta pecristos kw nhtn ebol. ariteiHe Hwt thutn.
colo-03-14 eJn nai de throu tagaph ete tai te tmrre mpJwk ebol.
colo-03-15 auw Trhnh mpecristos marestaJro Hn netnHht. tai on entauteHm thutn e
ros Hm pswma. auw ntetn Swpe nreFSpHmot.
colo-03-16 pSaJe mpecristos mareFouwH nHht thutn Hn oumntrmmao etetnTsbw Hn sof
ia nim auw etetntsabo mmwtn Hn Henyalmos mn Hensmou mn Henwdh mpneumatikon Hrai
Hn tecaris etetnJw Hn netnHht epnoute.
colo-03-17 auw Hwb nim etetnaaau Hm pSaJe hHm pHwb ntetnaau throu Hrai Hm pran
mpenJoeis ihsous etetnSpHmot ntmpnoute peiwt ebol HitootF.
colo-03-18= neHiome Hupotasse nnetnHoout nqe etSe Hm pJoeis.
colo-03-19 nHoout mere netnHiome. auw mprnouCs eroou.
colo-03-20- nShre swtm nsa netneiote kata smot nim pai gar pe pouwS mpJoeis.
colo-03-21 neiote mprTnouCs nnetnShre Je nneuouwls nHht.
colo-03-22- nHmHal swtm nsa netnJisooue kata sarx Hn oumnteia nCauon an Hws reFa
reske nrwme alla Hn oumntHaplous nte petnHht etetnrHote HhtF mpJoeis.
colo-03-23 Hwb nim etetnaaau arisou Hm petnHht thrF Hws etetneire mmoou mpJoeis
nrwme an.
colo-03-24 etetnsooun Je tetnaJi ebol Hitm pJoeis mptoueio nteklhronomia. ntetn
rHmHal mpJoeis pecristos.
colo-03-25 petJi gar nCons FnaJi mptoueio mpJi nCons entaFaaF. auw mn mntreFJi
colo-04-01= nJisooue aripdikaion. auw pSwS nnetnHmHal. etetnsooun Je ntwtn Hwt t
hutn ounthtn pJoeis Hn tpe.
colo-04-02= proskarteri epeSlhl. etetno nouSh nroeis nHhtF Hn ouSpHmot.
colo-04-03 etetnSlhl Hwwn Haron Jekaas ere pnoute ouwn nan mpro mpSaJe eterenJw
mpmusthrion mpnoute. pai eTmhr etbhhtF
colo-04-04 Je eieouonHF ebol nqe etSe eroi eSaJe.
colo-04-05 mooSe Hn ousofia. etetnSwp mpeuoiS nnaHrn netHibol.
colo-04-06 mare petnSaJe nouoeiS nim Swpe Hn oucaris eFJokr nHmou etretneime eq
e eteSSe eSaJe mn poua poua.
colo-04-07= Fnatamwtn eneT nHhtou throu nCi tucikos pmerit nson. auw mpistos ndi
akonos. penSbrHmHal Hm pJoeis.
colo-04-08 pai entaitnnoouF Sarwtn epeiHwb Jekaas etetneeime epenouw. auw nFpar
akalei nnetnHht.
colo-04-09 mn onhsimos pson mpistos auw mmerit pai euebol nHht thutn pe. senata
mwtn eHwb nim etHathn.
colo-04-10- FSine erwtn nCi aristarcos paSbr aicmalwtos auw markos pSoua nbarnab
as pai entatetnJi nHenentolh etbhhtF eFSanei Sarwtn SopF erwtn.
colo-04-11 auw ihsous peteSaumoute eroF Je ioustos nai etSoop ebol Hm psbbe nai
mauaau ne naSbr rHwb eHoun etmntrro mpnoute nai entauSwpe nai mparhgoria.
colo-04-12 FSine erwtn nCi epafras pHmHal nihsous pecristos pai euebol nHht thu
tn pe eFagwnize nouoeiS nim Harwtn Hn neSlhl Je etetneaHerat thutn ntelios auw e
tetnJhk Hn ouwS nim nte pnoute.
colo-04-13 Trmntre gar naF Je ountaF mmau nounoC nHise Harwtn. mn netHn laodiki
a. mn netHn qierapolis.
colo-04-14 FSine erwtn nCi loukas psaein pmerit. mn dhmas.
colo-04-15 Sine enesnhu etHn laodikia. mn numfa. auw tsoouHs etHm peshi.
colo-04-16 auw euSanouw euwS nteeiepistolh Hate thutn mareouoSs HwwF Hn tekklhs
ia nnlaodikeus. auw on mnnsws ntetnoSs Hwt thutn.
colo-04-17 auw aJis narcippos Je CwSt etdiakonia entakJits Hm pJoeis Je ekeJoks
colo-04-18- paspasmos entaisHaeiF ntaCiJ paulos. aripmeeue nnamrre. tecaris nmmh
1ths-01-01= paulos mn silouanos mn timoqeos eusHai ntekklhsia nneqessalonikeus H
m pnoute peneiwt mn pJoeis ihsous pecristos. tecaris nhtn mn Trhnh.
1ths-01-02= tnSpHmot ntm pnoute nouoeiS nim Harwtn thrtn. eneire mpetnmeeue Hn n
enSlhl aJn wJn.
1ths-01-03 eneire mpeeue mpHwb ntetn pistis. mn pHise ntetn agaph. mn qupomonh
nqelpis mpenJoeis ihsous pecristos mpemto ebol mpnoute peneiwt.
1ths-01-04 ensooun nesnhu mmerit ebol Hitm pnoute ntetn mntswtp
1ths-01-05 Je peneuaggelion mpFSwpe eHoun erwtn Hm pSaJe mmate alla Hn tkeCom a
uw Hm pepneuma etouaab mn outwt nHht enaSwS kata qe etetnsooun nqe entanSwpe mmo
s nHht thutn etbe thutn.
1ths-01-06 auw ntwtn atetnSwpe etetntntwn eron. eatetnJi mpSaJe mpJoeis Hn ouql
iyis enaSws mn ouraSe mpepneuma etouaab.
1ths-01-07 Hwste ntetn Swpe nsmot nnetpisteue throu Hn tmakedonia. mn tacaia.
1ths-01-08 nta pSaJe gar mpnoute Tsoeit ebol nHht thutn Hn tmakedonia mmate an
mn tacaia. alla tetnpistis etJi eHoun epnoute asrsoeit Hn ma nim. Hwste ntntmrcr
ia nJe laau nau.
1ths-01-09 ntoou gar seSaJe etbe thutn nqe entanei eHoun Sarwtn mmos auw nqe en
tatetnket thutn epnoute ebol Hn neidwlon erHmHal mpnoute etonH auw mme.
1ths-01-10 auw eCwSt ebol HhtF mpeFShre ebol Hn mphue. pai entaFtounosF ebol Hn
netmoout ihsous pai etnanaHmen ebol Hn torgh etnhu.
1ths-02-01= ntwtn gar tetnsooun nesnhu nqe entanei eHoun Sarwtn mmos Je mpsSwpe
1ths-02-02 alla auJnan Hise nSorp. auw ausoSn Hn nefilippos kata qe etetnsooun.
anparHhsiaze mmon Hm pennoute etrenJw nhtn mpeuaggelion mpnoute Hn ounoC nagwn.
1ths-02-03 pensops gar ntaFSwpe an ebol Hn ouplanh. oude ebol Hn ouakaqarsia. o
ude Hn oukroF.
1ths-02-04 alla kata qe entaudokimaze mmon ebol Hitm pnoute etanHoutn epeuaggel
ion tai te qe enSaJe mmos Hws enareske an nrwme alla mpnoute pai etdokimaze nnHh
1ths-02-05 mpnSwpe gar eneH Hn ouSaJe nkwrS kata qe etetnsooun. oude Hn ouloiCe
mmntmaito nHouo. pnoute petrmntre.
1ths-02-06 oude mpnSine nsa eoou ntnrwme. oude ntnthutn. oude ntnCe.
1ths-02-07 eounCom mmon eHroS erwtn Hws apostolos mpecristos. alla anSwpe nrmra
S Hn tetnmhte. nqe eSare oumoone qalpei nnesShre.
1ths-02-08 tai te qe enoueS thutn eHnan eT nhtn mpeuaggelion mpnoute mmate an.
alla nenkeyuch Je atetnSwpe nan mmerit.
1ths-02-09 tetnrpmeeue gar nesnhu mpenHise mn penmkaH enrHwb mpeHoou mnteuSh Je
nnenoueHHise eoua mmwtn. antaSeoeiS nhtn mpeuaggelion mpnoute.
1ths-02-10 ntwtn gar eto mmntre mn pnoute nqe entanSwpe mmos nhtn netpisteue Hn
ououop mn oumntme. auw aJn nobe.
1ths-02-11 nqe etetnsooun Je nqe nnieiwt etsops nneuShre.
1ths-02-12 tai te qe ensops mpoua poua mmwtn auw ensolsl. enrmntre etretnmooSe
Hm pempSa mpnoute. pai entaFteHm thutn eHoun eteFmntrro mn peFeoou.
1ths-02-13- etbe pai anon Hwwn tnSpHmot ntm pnoute aJn wJn Je nteretnJi mpSaJe m
pswtm mpnoute ebol Hi tootn atetnSopF erwtn nouSaJe nrwme an alla kata qe name e
pSaJe mpnoute pe pai on etenergei nHht thutn netpisteue.
1ths-02-14 ntwtn gar nesnhu atetnSwpe etetntntwn enekklhsia mpnoute nai etHn To
udaia Hm pecristos ihsous. Je atetnSep neuHise Hwt thutn ebol Hitn netnrmnTme. k
ata qe nnh ebol Hitootou nnioudai.
1ths-02-15 nai entaumouout mpenJoeis ihsous mn neprofhths auw anon aupwt nswn n
seareske an mpnoute auw euT oube rwme nim.
1ths-02-16 eukwlu mmon eSaJe mn nHeqnos Je eueouJai etreuJwk ebol nneunobe nouo
eiS nim. aspwH de eHrai eJwou nCi torgh Sabol.
1ths-02-17= anon de nesnhu eanrpetnbol prospouoeiS nnaouounou Hm pHo Hm pHht an.
anCeph nHouo enau enetnHo Hn ounoC nouwS
1ths-02-18 Je anrHnan eei Sarwtn. anok men paulos nousop auw snau. auw aFTJrop
nan nCi psatanas.
1ths-02-19 aS gar te tenHelpis hpenraSe hpeklom mpenSouSou mh ntwtn an Hwt thut
n pe nHouo mpemto ebol mpenJoeis ihsous pecristos Hn teFparHousia.
1ths-02-20 ntwtn gar pe peneoou. auw penraSe.
1ths-03-01= etbe pai Ce mpneSCw. eanrHnan eSwJp mauaan Hn aqhnais.
1ths-03-02 antnnoou Sarwtn ntimoqeos penson. pdiakonos nte pnoute Hm peuaggelio
n mpecristos. eptaJre thutn auw esops Hatetnpistis
1ths-03-03 etmtre laau kim Hn neiqliyis ntwtn gar tetnsooun Je enkh epeiHwb.
1ths-03-04 kai gar enHatn thutn anSrpJoos nhtn Je senaqlibe mmon kata qe entasS
wpe. auw tetnsooun.
1ths-03-05 etbe pai anok Hw mpieSCw aitnnoou eeime etetnpistis Je meSak aFpeira
ze mmwtn nCi petpeiraze. nte penHise Swpe epJinJh.
1ths-03-06- tenou de ntere timoqeos ei Saron ebol Hitethutn auw ntereFtamon etet
npistis mn tetnagaph auw Je oun thtn mmau mpenrpmeeue enanouF nouoeiS nim etetno
ueSnau eron kata qe Hwwn etnoueSnau erwtn.
1ths-03-07 etbe pai apenHht mton eJn thutn nesnhu eHrai eJn anagkh nim mn tenql
iyis ebol Hi toots ntetn pistis.
1ths-03-08 Je tenou tnonH etetnSanaHerat thttn Hm pJoeis.
1ths-03-09 aS gar nSpHmot petnnaStoueioF mpnoute Harwtn eHrai eJm praSe etnraSe
mmoF etbe thutn mpemto ebol mpennoute
1ths-03-10 nteuSh mn peHoou ensops mmate etrennau epetnHo. auw esobte nnSwwt nt
etn pistis.
1ths-03-11- ntoF de pnoute peneiwt mn penJoeis ihsous. eFesooutn ntenHih Sarwtn.
1ths-03-12 pnoute de eFetaSe thutn. auw eFetretnrHouo Hn tagaph eHoun enetnerhu
auw eHoun eouon nim. kata qe nanon eHoun erwtn.
1ths-03-13 eptaJre netnHht aJn nobe. Hn ououop mpemto ebol mpnoute peneiwt Hn t
parHousia mpenJoeis ihsous mn neFpetouaab throu.
1ths-04-01= tenou Ce nesnhu tnsops auw tnparakalei mmwtn Hm pecristos ihsous Jek
aas kata qe entatetnJi ebol Hitootn nqe etSe etretnmooSe auw eareske mpnoute kat
a qe on etetnmooSe nHhts Jekaas on etetnerHouo.
1ths-04-02 tetnsooun gar Je ou ne mparaggelia entantaau nhtn Hm pJoeis ihsous.
1ths-04-03 pai gar pe pouwS mpnoute petntbbo. esaHe thutn ebol ntporneia.
1ths-04-04 etre poua poua mmwtn sbo eka peFskeuos naF Hn outbbo mn outimh.
1ths-04-05 Hn oupaqos an nepiqumia. kata qe nnkeHeqnos etensesooun an mpnoute.
1ths-04-06 etmrpbol mpSi auw etmFeC peFson Hm pHwb Je oureFJikba pe pJoeis etbe
nai throu kata qe entanJoos nhtn Jin nSorp auw anrmntre.
1ths-04-07 nta pnoute gar taHmn an euJwHm. alla Hn outbbo.
1ths-04-08 tenou Ce petaqetei nneFaqetei nrwme an. alla mpnoute. pai on entaFT
mpeFpneuma etouaab nhtn.
1ths-04-09- etbe tmntmaison de ntetn rcria an nsHai nhtn. ntwtn gar ntetn HenreF
Ji sbw ntmpnoute emere netnerhu.
1ths-04-10 kai gar tetneire mmos enesnhu throu etHn tmakedonia thrs. tnparakale
i de mmwtn nesnhu erHouo.
1ths-04-11kk auw eourot esCraHt auw eJi Hrhtn erwtn erHwb Hn netnCiJ. kata qe en
tanparaggeile nhtn.
1ths-04-12 Jekaas etetnemooSe etetntsanhu nnaHrn napbol. auw ntetn tmaHe nlaau.
1ths-04-13= ntnouwS de an etretnratsooun nesnhu etbe netnkotk. Je nnetnlupi nqe
mpkeseepe etemntou Helpis mmau.
1ths-04-14 eSJe tnpisteue gar Je aihsous mou auw aFtwoun. tai te qe pnoute nent
aunkotk Hwou Hitn ihsous Fnantou nmmaF.
1ths-04-15- enJw gar mpai nhtn Hm pSaJe mpJoeis. Je anon netonH netnaseepe etpar
Housia mpJoeis nnenrSorp nnentaunkotk.
1ths-04-16 Je ntoF pJoeis Hn ououeHsaHne Hn ouHroou narcaggelos Hn ousalpigx nt
e pnoute Fnhu epesht ebol Hn tpe auw netmoout Hm pecristos natwoun nSorp.
1ths-04-17 mnnsws anon netonH netnaSwJp senatorpn nmmau Hn nekloole etwmnt epJo
eis epahr. auw tnnaSwpe mn pJoeis nteeiHe nouoeiS nim.
1ths-04-18 Hwste parakalei nnetnerhu Hn neiSaJe.
1ths-05-01= etbe neuoeiS de mn necronos nesnhu ntetn rcria an nsHai nhtn.
1ths-05-02 ntwtn gar tetnsooun Hn ouwrJ Je nqe noureFJioue nteuSh. tai te qe et
ere peHoou mpJoeis nhu.
1ths-05-03 Hotan gar euSanJoos Je Trhnh. mn pwrJ. tote ptako nhu eJwou Hn ouSpn
Swp nqe ntnaake nteteet auw nneurbol.
1ths-05-04 ntwtn de nesnhu netetnHm pkake an Je ere peHoou taHe thutn nqe noure
1ths-05-05 ntwtn gar thrtn ntetn nShre mpouoein auw nShre mpeHoou ntetn na teuS
h an oude na pkake.
1ths-05-06 ara Ce mprtrennkotk nqe mpkeseepe. alla marnroeis ntnnhfe.
1ths-05-07 netnkotk gar eunkotk nteuSh. auw nettaHe eutaHe nteuSh.
1ths-05-08 anon de anon na peHoou marnnhfe eanT Hiwwn mpHwk ntpistis mn tagaph
mn tperikefalaia nqelpis mpouJai.
1ths-05-09 Je nta pnoute kaan an etorgh. alla eutanHo nouJai Hitm penJoeis ihso
1ths-05-10 pai entaFmou etbhhtn Jekaas eite tnroeis. eite tnnkotk enewnH nmmaF.
1ths-05-11 etbe pai parakalei nnetnerhu. auw ntetn kwt poua poua mpeFerhu. kata
qe on etetneire mmos.
1ths-05-12= tnsops de mmwtn nesnhu esoun netHose nHht thutn. auw etproHista erwt
n Hm pJoeis. auw etTsbw nhtn.
1ths-05-13 ntetn kaau nnaHrhtn Hn ouHouo Hn tagaph etbe peuHwb. arieirhnh mn ne
1ths-05-14 tnparakalei de mmwtn nesnhu Tsbw nniatsbw seps nHht Shm Fi HanetCoob
HroS nHht mn ouon nim.
1ths-05-15 CwSt mprtre laau twwbe noupeqoou epma noupeqoou noua. alla nouoeiS n
im pwt nsa ppetnanouF eHoun enetnerhu. auw eHoun eouon nim.
1ths-05-16- raSe nouoeiS nim.
1ths-05-17 Slhl aJn wJn.
1ths-05-18 SpHmot Hn Hwb nim. pai gar pe pouwS mpnoute Hm pecristos ihsous eHou
n erwtn.
1ths-05-19 pepneuma mprJenaF.
1ths-05-20 neprofhtia mprsoSFou.
1ths-05-21 dokimaze de nHwb nim. amaHte mppetnanouF.
1ths-05-22 saHe thutn ebol nHwb nim eqoou.
1ths-05-23- ntoF de pnoute nTrhnh eFetbbe thutn etetnJhk ebol auw eFeHareH epetn
pneuma eFouoJ mn tetnyuch mn petnswma aJn nobe Hn tparHousia mpenJoeis ihsous pe
1ths-05-24 oupistos pe pentaFtaHmen. pai on etnaaas
1ths-05-25- nesnhu Slhl Hwwn Haron.
1ths-05-26- aspaze nnesnhu throu Hn oupi esouaab.
1ths-05-27 Ttarko mmwtn mpJoeis ewS nteiepistolh enesnhu throu.
1ths-05-28- tecaris mpenJoeis ihsous pecristos nmmhtn thrtn
2ths-01-01= paulos mn silouanos mn timoqeos eusHai ntekklhsia nneqessalonikeus H
m pnoute peneiwt mn pJoeis ihsous pecristos.
2ths-01-02 tecaris nhtn mn Trhnh ebol Hitm pnoute peneiwt mn pJoeis ihsous pecr
2ths-01-03= SSe eron eSpHmot ntm pnoute nouoeiS nim Harwtn nesnhu kata qe Je Fmp
Sa Je srHoue auxane nCi tetnpistis auw saSai nCi tagaph mpoua poua mmwtn eHoun e
netnerhu thrtn.
2ths-01-04 Hwste anon ntnSouSou mmon nHht thutn Hn nekklhsia mpnoute HatetnHupo
monh mn tetnpistis Hn netndiwgmos throu mn neqliyis etetnanece nHhtou
2ths-01-05 eumaein ntekrisis mme mpnoute. etretnmpSa ntmntrro mpnoute tai etetn
SpHise Haros.
2ths-01-06 eSJe oudikaion pe nnaHrm pnoute etwwbe nouqliyis nnetqlibe mmwtn.
2ths-01-07 auw oumton nhtn nmman netouqlibe mmoou Hm pCwlp ebol mpenJoeis ihsou
s ebol Hn tpe mn naggelos nteFCom.
2ths-01-08 Hn ouSaH nkwHt eFnaT noukba nnetensesooun an mpnoute. auw netenseswt
m an nsa peuaggelion mpenJoeis ihsous.
2ths-01-09 nai etnaJi nouHap ntako nSa eneH Hm pemto ebol mpJoeis mn peoou nteF
2ths-01-10 Hotan eFSanei eJieoou Hn neFpetouaab auw etreurSphre mmoF Hn netpist
eue throu. Je autanHet teFmntmntre eJn thutn Hm peHoou etmmau.
2ths-01-11 auw enSlhl epai nouoeiS nim Harwtn Jekaas ere pennoute tretnmpSa mpt
wHm auw nFJek thutn ebol Hn ouwS nim etnanouF auw pHwb ntpistis Hn ouCom.
2ths-01-12 Jekaas eFeJi eoou nCi pran mpenJoeis ihsous nHht thutn. auw ntwtn nH
htF kata tecaris mpennoute mn pJoeis ihsous pecristos.
2ths-02-01= tnsops de mmwtn nesnhu Ha tparHousia mpenJoeis ihsous pecristos. auw
penswouH eroF.
2ths-02-02 etmtretnkim Hm petnHht Hn ouCeph auw etmStortr mhte Hitn oupneuma mh
te Hitn ouSaJe mhte Hitn ouepistolh Hws ebol Hitootn nqe Je apeHoou mpJoeis Hwn
2ths-02-03 mprtre laau Ce rHal mmwtn kata laau smot Je erSantm tapostasia ei nS
orp auw nFCwlp ebol nCi prwme ntanomia pShre mptako.
2ths-02-04 pantikeimenos etJise mmoF eJn ouon nim etoumoute eroou Je noute houo
p Hwste nFbwk eHoun eprpe mpnoute nFHmoos eFouwnH mmoF ebol Je ounoute pe.
2ths-02-05 ntetn rpmeeue an Je Ji neiHate thutn neiJw nhtn nnai pe.
2ths-02-06 tenou Ce tetnsooun mpetkatece etreFCwlp ebol Hm peFouoeiS.
2ths-02-07 pmusthrion gar ntanomia energi Jin tenou. monon petkatece tenou Sant
Flo ntmhte.
2ths-02-08 auw tote FnaouwnH ebol nCi panomos. petere pJoeis ihsous natakoF Hm
pepneuma nrwF. auw nFkatargei mmoF Hm pouwnH ebol nteFparHousia.
2ths-02-09 pai etere teFparHousia ntoF Soop kata tenergia mpsatanas. Hn Com nim
. mnmmaein mn neSphre nCol.
2ths-02-10 auw Hn apath nim nJi nCons nnetnatako ebol Je mpouSwp eroou ntagaph
ntme etreuouJai.
2ths-02-11 auw etbe pai pnoute natnnoou nau nouenergia mplanh etreupisteue epCo
2ths-02-12 Je euekrine nouon nim etempoupisteue etme. alla eautwt nHht Hm pJi n
2ths-02-13= anon de SSe eron eSpHmot ntm pnoute nouoeiS nim Harwtn nesnhu mmerit
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is ntetme.
2ths-02-14 eaFteHm thutn epai Hitm peneuaggelion epouJai mpeoou mpenJoeis ihsou
s pecristos.
2ths-02-15 ara Ce nasnhu aHerat thutn ntetn amaHte nmparadosis entantsabe thutn
eroou. eite Hitm pSaJe. eite Hitn nenepistolh.
2ths-02-16 ntoF de penJoeis ihsous pecristos auw pnoute peneiwt pai entaFmeritn
. auw aFT nan nousops nSa eneH. auw ouHelpis enanous Hn oucaris.
2ths-02-17 eFeparakalei nnetnHht. auw nFtaJre thutn Hn Hwb nim. mn pSaJe etnano
2ths-03-01= tenou de nesnhu Slhl Haron Jekaas ere pSaJe mpJoeis mooSe. auw nFJie
oou. kata qe entaFJi Hate thutn.
2ths-03-02 auw Jekaas enenouHm ebol Hitootou nnrwme etStrtwr auw mponhros. tpis
tis gar nta ouon nim an te.
2ths-03-03 oupistos de pe pJoeis pai etnataJre thutn. auw nFHareH erwtn epponhr
2ths-03-04 tnnaHte de Hm pJoeis Harwtn Je netnoueHsaHne mmoou nhtn atetnaau auw
tetneire mmoou. auw tetnaaau.
2ths-03-05 pJoeis de eFesooutn nnetnHht eHoun etagaph mpnoute. auw equpomonh mp
2ths-03-06= tnparaggeile de nhtn nesnhu Hm pran mpenJoeis ihsous pecristos esaHe
thutn ebol nson nim etmooSe ataktws. auw enkata tesbw an entatetnJits ntootn.
2ths-03-07 ntwtn gar tetnsooun Je SSe naS nHe etntn thutn eron. Je mpnatakti nH
ht thutn.
2ths-03-08 oude mpnouem ouoeik nJinJh ntn oua. alla Hn ouHise mn oumkaH enrHwb
nteuSh mn peHoou Je nnenHroS eoua mmwtn.
2ths-03-09 ebol an Je mntan texousia mmau. alla Jekaas enetaan nhtn nsmot etntn
thutn eron.
2ths-03-10 kai gar enHate thutn nenparaggeile nhtn mpai. Je petenFoueSrHwb an.
oude mprtreFouwm.
2ths-03-11 tnswtm gar etbe Hoine Je semooSe nHht thutn ataktws nserlaau nHwb an
. alla euo nreFtwH.
2ths-03-12 nai de nteeimine tnparaggeile nau. auw tmparakalei mmoou Hm pJoeis i
hsous pecristos. Jekaas eurHwb Hn ousC raHt nseouwm mpeuoeik.
2ths-03-13 ntwtn de nesnhu mpregkaCi etetneire mppetnanouF.
2ths-03-14 eSJe oun oua de enFswtm an epenSaJe Hitn tenepistolh pai Tmaein eroF
ntetn tmtwH nmmaF. Jekaas eFeSi pe
2ths-03-15 auw mpropF Hws JaJe. alla Tsbw naF Hws son.
2ths-03-16= ntoF de pJoeis nTrhnh eFeT nhtn nTrhnh nouoeiS nim Hn smot nim. pJoe
is nmmhtn thrtn.
2ths-03-17- paspasmos entaisHaeiF ntaCiJ paulos epai pe pmaein Hn epistolh nim e
eisHai nteeiHe.
2ths-03-18 tecaris mpenJoeis ihsous pecristos nmmh tn thrtn
1tim-01-01= paulos papostolos mpecristos ihsous kata poueHsaHne mpnoute penswthr
. mn pecristos ihsous tenHelpis.
1tim-01-02 eFsHai ntimoqeos pHak nShre Hn tpistis. tecaris nak mn pna auw Trhnh
ebol Hitm pnoute peneiwt mn pecristos ihsous penJoeis.
1tim-01-03= kata qe entaisepswpk etrekCw Hn efesos eeinabwk etmakedonia. Je ekep
araggeile nHoine etmTCesbw
1tim-01-04 auw etmJiHrau eniSFw mn niSaJe nJwm etemntou Hah. nai etT nHenSine e
Houe toikonomia mpnoute etHn tpistis.
1tim-01-05 pJwk de mpentautaaF etootn pe tagaph ebol Hn ouHht eFtbbhu mn ousuni
dhsis. mn oupistis emnHupokrine nHhts.
1tim-01-06 nai etempe Hoine mate mmoou. aubwk eHrai eHenSaJe euSoueit.
1tim-01-07 euouwS eSwpe nsaH mpnomos. ensenoi an nnetouJw mmoou. oude Je eutaJr
hu eJnou.
1tim-01-08- tnsooun de Je nanou pnomos erSanoua aaF Hi teFmntme.
1tim-01-09 eFsooun mpai Je nere pnomos kh an eHrai mpdikaios alla nnanomos mn n
etenseHupotasse an nnasebhs mn nreFrnobe nnetJaHm auw netbht nnreFseSeiwt mn nre
FseSmaau nnreFHetb rwme.
1tim-01-10 nmpornos nnreFnkotk mn Hoout nnreFCet prwme ebol nnreFJiCol nnreFwrk
nnouJ mn Hwb nim etT oube tesbw etouoJ
1tim-01-11 kata peuaggelion mpeoou mpmakarios nnoute. pai anok entautanHout ero
1tim-01-12= TSpHmot ntmpetTCom nai pecristos ihsous penJoeis. Je aFopt mpistos.
eaFkaat eHrai eudiakonia.
1tim-01-13 eeio nJat oua nSorp auw ndiwkths auw nreFswS alla auna nai Je ntaiaa
u eio natsooun Hn oumntatpistos.
1tim-01-14 asaSai de nCi tecaris mpenJoeis. mn tpistis. auw tagaph Hm pecristos
1tim-01-15 oupistos pe pSaJe auw FmpSa ntaio nim. Je pecristos ihsous aFei epko
smos eneHm nreFrnobe eanok pe peuSorp.
1tim-01-16 alla etbe pai auna nai Jekaas ere pecristos ihsous ouwnH ebol nHht n
Sorp nteFmntHarSHht thrs. etrarsmot nnetnapisteue eroF epwnH Sa eneH.
1tim-01-17 prro de nnSa eneH pattako. pnoute piatnau eroF mauaaF. ptaeio naF mn
peoou Sa eneH neneH Hamhn.
1tim-01-18- teiparaggelia Tkw mmos nak eHrai paShre timoqeos kata neprofhtia ett
aHo mmok. Je ekeHokk Hrai nHhtou ntmntmatoi etnanous.
1tim-01-19 euntak mmau tpistis. mntsinhdhsis etnanous. tai enta Hoine kaas nswo
u auSe nHasie Hn tpistis.
1tim-01-20 nai euebol nHhtou pe Humenaios. mn alexandros. nai entaitaau mpsatan
as Je eFepaideue mmoou etmJioua.
1tim-02-01= Tparakalei Ce Haqh nHwb nim etretneire nHensops mn HenSlhl mn Hentwb
H mn HenSpHmot eHrai eJn rwme nim.
1tim-02-02 eJn nerrwou mn ouon nim etHn mmntnoC Jekaas eneeire nouaHe eFsC raHt
auw eFHork Hn mnteusebhs nim mn tmntsemnos.
1tim-02-03 nanou pai auw FShp mpemto ebol mpnoute penswthr.
1tim-02-04 pai etoueStre rwme nim wnH. auw nseei epsooun ntme.
1tim-02-05 oua gar pe pnoute auw oua pe pmesiths mpnoute mn nrwme. prwme pecris
tos ihsous
1tim-02-06 pentaFtaaF nswte Ha ouon nim. pmntre Hn neFouoeiS
1tim-02-07 pai anok entaukaat eroF nkhrux auw napostolos oume teTJw mmos nTJiCo
l an nsaH nnHeqnos Hn tpistis mn tme.
1tim-02-08- TouwS Ce etre nrwme Slhl Hm ma nim euFi eHrai nneuCiJ euouaab cwris
orgh Hi mokmek.
1tim-02-09 neHiome on nteeiHe eukosmi Hn ousCreHt Hn oumntreFSipe mn oumntrmnHh
t etreutsanoou Hn HenHwlk an mn ounoub auw Henene mme mn HenHoite enaSe sountou.
1tim-02-10 alla peteSSe eneHiome etJw mmos Je enHnoumntreFSmSe mpnoute Hitn Hen
Hbhue enanouou
1tim-02-11 tesHime maresJisbw Hn oumntrmraS Hrai Hn Hupotagh nim.
1tim-02-12 nTTma de an nsHime eTsbw. oude erJoeis epesHai. alla etresSwpe Hn ou
1tim-02-13 adam gar pentauplasse mmoF nSorp. mnnswF euHa.
1tim-02-14 auw adam mpouapata mmoF. tesHime de nterouapata mmos asSwpe Hn oupar
1tim-02-15 snaouJai de Hitm peJpe Shre euSanCw Hn tpistis mn tagaph mn ptbbo mn
1tim-03-01= oupistos pe pSaJe. petouwS erepiskopos eFepiqumi euHwb enanouF.
1tim-03-02 SSe Ce epepiskopos empoutaHoF Hn laau nHwb eaFJi nousHime nouwt eFto
rH nrmnHht eFkosmi mmaiSmmo nreFTsbw.
1tim-03-03 enoureFTHe an pe enounoSsF an pe alla euHak pe enoureFmiSe an pe eno
umaiHomnt an pe.
1tim-03-04 eFproHista eHrai eJm peFhi kalws. euntaF neFShre Hn ouHupotagh. auw
Hn mntsemnos nim.
1tim-03-05 eSJe oun oua de enFsooun an mproHista eHrai eJm peFhei naS nHe FnaFi
proouS ntekklhsia mpnoute.
1tim-03-06 noutwCe nbrre an. Jekaas enneFJise nHht nFHe eHrai eukrima nte pdiab
1tim-03-07 SSe de etreFSwpe euntaF mmau noumntmntre enanous ntenetHibol Jekaas
enneFei eHrai eunoCneC mn ouCorCs nte pdiabolos.
1tim-03-08= ndiakonos on nteiHe nsemnos emeuJe SaJe snau. nseo an nreFse HaH nhr
p. enHenmaiHhu nSloF an ne.
1tim-03-09 euntau mmau mpmusthrion ntpistis Hn ousunidhsis estbbhu.
1tim-03-10 auw nai maroudokimaze mmoou nSorp. mnnsws maroudiakonei emnnobe Ji e
Houn eroou.
1tim-03-11 neHiome on nteiHe nsemnh eHenreFT Stouht an ne. eunhfe. euo mpistos
Hn Hwb nim.
1tim-03-12 ndiakwn marouSwpe eauHmoos mn ousHime nouwt. euproHista eHrai eJn ne
uShre kalws. mn neuhei.
1tim-03-13 nentaudiakoni gar kalws euJpo nau nouSi enanouF. mn ouparHhsia enaSw
s Hn tpistis Hm pecristos ihsous.
1tim-03-14= nai TsHai mmoou nak eiHelpize eei Hn ouCeph.
1tim-03-15 eSwpe de eeiSanwsk Jekaas ekeeime eqe eteSSe emooSe Hm phei mpnoute
ete tai te tekhlhsia mpnoute etonH pestulos auw ptaJro ntme.
1tim-03-16 auw Homologoumenws ounoC pe pmusthrion ntmntnoute pai entaFouwnH ebo
l Hn tsarx aFtmaio Hm pepneuma aFouwnH ebol nnaggelos autaSeoeiS mmoF Hn nHeqnos
autanHoutF Hm pkosmos auFitF eHrai Hn oueoou.
1tim-04-01= pepneuma de Jw mmos Hrhtws Je Hn qah nneuoeiS oun Hoine nasaHwou ebo
l ntpistis eukw nHthu eHenpneuma mplanos mn Hensbw ndaimwnion.
1tim-04-02 Hn ouHupokrisis mmntreFJe SaJe nCol. ere teusunidhsis rokH eroou.
1tim-04-03 eukwlu mpJiHime auw etreusaHwou ebol nnCi nouoom. nai enta pnoute so
ntou etre npistos Jitou Hn ouSpHmot mn nentausoun tme.
1tim-04-04 swnt gar nim nte pnoute nanouou. auw mn laau tsthu ebol. euJi mmoF H
n ouSpHmot.
1tim-04-05 Sautbbo gar Hitm pSaJe mpnoute etonH. mn peSlhl.
1tim-04-06= nai ekSankaau eHrai nnesnhu knaSwpe noudiakonos enanouF mpecristos i
hsous eksanaSt Hn nSaJe ntpistis. mn tesbw etnanous tai entakouaHk nsws.
1tim-04-07 niSbw de nHllw etbht paraiti mmoou. gumnaze mmok etmnteusebhs.
1tim-04-08 tgumnasia gar mpswma ounoFre te prosoukoui nouoeiS tmnteusebhs de ou
noFre te nouoeiS nim euntas mmau mperht mpwnH pa peima mn pa pkeoua.
1tim-04-09 oupistos pe pSaJe. auw FmpSa ntaeio nim.
1tim-04-10 etbe pai gar tnHose auw senoC neC mmon Je annaHte epnoute etonH ete
pai pe pswthr nrwme nim malista nmpistos.
1tim-04-11- paraggeile nnai auw ngTsbw.
1tim-04-12 mprtre laau katafroni ntekmntShre Shm alla Swpe nsmot nmpistos Hm pS
aJe Hn neHbhue Hn tpistis Hm ptbbo
1tim-04-13 prosece epwS SanTei. epsops. etesbw.
1tim-04-14 mpramelei epeHmot etnHhtk pai entautaaF nak Hitn ouprofhtia. auw pta
lo nnCiJ nnepresbuteros.
1tim-04-15 meleta nnai Swpe Hn nai. Je ere tekprokoph ouwnH ebol nouon nim.
1tim-04-16 THthk erok auw ngCw HiJwou Hn tesbw. ekeire gar mpai knatouJok mn ne
tswtm erok.
1tim-05-01= nHllo mprnoSsou. alla parakalei mmoou Hws eiwt nShre Shm Hws son.
1tim-05-02 nnoC nsHime Hws maau. nSeere Shm Hws swne. Hn tbbo nim.
1tim-05-03- taie nechra. nechra name.
1tim-05-04 eSwpe de ouchra eunts Shre hShre nShre marouJisbw nSorp eSmSe peuhei
auw etwwbe noutoueio nneueiote pai gar petnanouF auw etShp mpemto ebol mpnoute.
1tim-05-05 techra de name auw etCeet ouaats esHelpize epnoute. auw esmhn ebol H
n nsops mn neSlhl nteuSh mn peHoou.
1tim-05-06 tetspatala de asmou esonH.
1tim-05-07 paraggile nnai Je nneutaHoou Hn laau
1tim-05-08 eSJe oun oua de enFFi an mproouS nnetenouF ne. malista na peFhei. aF
arna ntpistis auw FHoou euapistos.
1tim-05-09 techra marouops ensmpesht an nse nrompe easHmoos mn ouHai nouwt
1tim-05-10 eurmntre Haros Hn HenHbhue enanouou Je nassanS nesShre Je nasSp Smmo
eros Je naseia nnouerh te nnetouaab Je nasrwSe enetqlibe Je nasouaHs nsa Hwb ni
m etnanouou.
1tim-05-11 nSeere de Shm nchra paraiti mmoou Hotan gar euSanJhr eJm pecristos S
1tim-05-12 euntau mmau nouHap Je aukatafroni ntSorp mpistis.
1tim-05-13 Hama de seJisbw erargos. eukwte enhei. ou monon de euo nargos. alla
nkeSouSo. auw nreFtwH euJw nnetemeSSe.
1tim-05-14 TouwS Ce etre nSeere Shm JiHai eJpe Shre. erJoeis epeuhi. etmT laau
naformh mpetT oubhn etreusaHou mmon.
1tim-05-15 aHoine gar Jin tenou ouaHou HipaHou mpsatanas.
1tim-05-16 eSwpe oupisth eounts ouchra maresrwSe eros. auw mprtreuHroS etekklhs
ia. Je eserwSe enechra name.
1tim-05-17- nepresbuteros etproHista kalws maroutaeioou noutaeio eFkhb. nHouo de
netHose Hm pSaJe mn tesbw.
1tim-05-18 peJas gar nCi tegrafh Je nnekStb oumase eFHei. auw Je pergaths mpSa
1tim-05-19 mprJi kathgoria eHoun eupresbuteros Hibol eimhti Hitn mntre snau hSo
1tim-05-20 netrnobe Jpioou mpemto ebol nouon nim Jekaas ere pkeseepe rHote.
1tim-05-21 Trmntre mpemto ebol mpnoute mn pecristos ihsous. mn naggelos etsotp.
Je ekeHareH enai aJn Hap ngrlaau an kata ouJiHo.
1tim-05-22 mprtale CiJ eJn laau Hn ouCeph. auw mprkoinwni eHennobe ennouk an ne
. HareH erok ekouaab.
1tim-05-23 mprse moou Ce. alla se oukoui nhrp etbe pekstomacos mn nekSwne etoS.
1tim-05-24- eun Henrwme ere neunobe ouonH ebol euJimoeit Hhtou etekrisis oun Hoi
ne de euouhH nswou.
1tim-05-25 nteiHe on nkeHbhue etnanouou ouonH ebol. auw neto nkesmot naSHwp an.
1tim-06-01= netSoop Ha pnaHbeF. nHmHal maroutaie neuJisooue Hn taeio nim Jekaas
nneuJioua epran mpnoute mn tesbw.
1tim-06-02+ neteountou HenJoeis de mpistos mprtreukatafroni Je Hensnhu ne alla m
arourHmHal nHouo Je Henpistos ne mmerit netColJ mpHwb etnanouF Tsbw nnai auw ngp
1tim-06-03 petT de nkesbw enFT mpeFouoi an enSaJe etouoJ nte penJoeis ihsous pe
cristos. auw tesbw ntmnteusebhs.
1tim-06-04 eFJose nHht enFsooun an nlaau alla eFo nSiC eHenSine mn HenTtwn nai
eSare oufqonos Swpe ebol nHhtou mn ouTtwn mn oua mn Henmeeue euHoou.
1tim-06-05 HenHbhoue nHenrwme ere peuHht takhut eroou. auw eauHourwou ntme. eum
eeue Je ouHhu te tmntreFSmSe noute.
1tim-06-06 ounoC de nHhu te tmntnoute Hn ourwSe.
1tim-06-07 mpn nlaau gar eHoun epkosmos. ntnnaSJi laau an on ebol.
1tim-06-08 euntan de mmau nteHre. mn qbsw. nai rwSe eron.
1tim-06-09 netouwS de errmmao senaHe eHrai eupeirasmos mn ouCorCs mn Henepiqumi
a enaSwou naqht auw eurboone nai etwms nnrwme eptako mn pswrm.
1tim-06-10 tnoune gar mpeqoou nim te tmntmaiHomnt tai etere Hoine me mmos aupla
na ebol Hn tpistis. auw autaau eHrai eHenSsnHht enaSwou.
1tim-06-11= ntok de w prwme mpnoute pwt ebol nnai pwt de nsa tdikaiosunh tmnteus
ebhs tpistis tagaph qupomonh tmntrmraS.
1tim-06-12 agwnize mpagwn etnanouF ntetpistis. ColJk mpwnH Sa eneH entautaHmek
eroF. auw akHomologi nqomologia etnanous mpemto ebol nHaH mmntre.
1tim-06-13 Tparaggeile mpemto ebol mpnoute pettanHo mpthrF mn pecristos ihsous
pai entaFrmntre Hi pontios pilatos nqomologia etnanous
1tim-06-14 etrekHareH etentolh aJn twlm empoutaHok Hn laau Sa pouwnH ebol mpenJ
oeis ihsous pecristos.
1tim-06-15 pai etFnaouonHF ebol Hn neFouoeiS nCi pmakarios auw pdunasths mauaaF
. prro nnerrwou. auw pJoeis nnJoeis.
1tim-06-16 peteuntaF mmau ntmntatmou mauaaF. petouhH Hm pouoein etemere laau Jo
obeF petempe laau nrwme nau eroF oude on mnSCom etreunau. pai etepwF pe ptaeio m
n pamaHte Sa eneH neneH Hamhn.
1tim-06-17- nrmmao mpeiaiwn paraggeile nau etmJise nHht auw etmkaHthu eteumntrmm
ao tai etenstaJrhu an alla epnoute pai etT nan nnka nim Hn oumntrmmao euapolausi
1tim-06-18 erppetnanouF errmmao Hn HenHbhue enanouou. erreFT. nkoinwnikos.
1tim-06-19 euswouH nau eHoun nousnte enanous epetnaSwpe. Jekaas eueColJou mpwnH
1tim-06-20- wtimoqeos HareH etparaqhkh eksiHe mmok enismh etSoueit auw etbht. mn
nouwHm mpsooun nnouJ.
1tim-06-21+ pai enta Hoine taaF Hiwou. aurSmmo etpistis
2tim-01-01= paulos papostolos mpecristos ihsous Hitm pouwS mpnoute kata perht mp
wnH Hm pecristos ihsous.
2tim-01-02 eFsHai ntimoqeos pmerit nShre. tecaris nak mn pna auw Trhnh ebol Hit
m pnoute piwt mn pecristos ihsous penJoeis.
2tim-01-03= TSpHmot ntm panoute pai eTSmSe naF Jin naeiote Hn ousunidhsis esouaa
b. nqe eTeire mpekmeeue aJnwJn Hn nasops nteuSh. auw peHoou
2tim-01-04 eiouwS enau erok. eeieire mpmeeue nnekrmeih Je eiemouH ebol nraSe.
2tim-01-05 eiJi mprpmeeue ntpistis etnHhtk aJn Hupokrisis tai entasouwH nSorp H
n tmaau ntekmaau lweis. mn tekmaau eunikh. TnaHte de on Je snHhtk.
2tim-01-06 etbe pai Ttrekeire mpmeeue etrekT ourot mpeHmot mpnoute etnHhtk Hitm
ptalo nnaCiJ.
2tim-01-07 nta pnoute gar Tnan an noupneuma mmntCwb. alla nCom. Hi agaph Hi mn
2tim-01-08 mprTSipe Ce ntmntmntre mpenJoeis. oude nai petmhr ntaF. alla SpHise
mn peuaggelion kata tCom mpnoute.
2tim-01-09 pai entaFtanHon auw aFtaHmn Hn outwHm eFouaab enkata nenHbhue an all
a kata peFtwS mmin mmoF mn teFcaris entaFtaas nan Hm pecristos ihsous Haqh nneuo
eiS nSa eneH.
2tim-01-10 easouwnH de ebol tenou Hitm pouwnH ebol mpenswthr pecristos ihsous.
eaFouwsF men mpmou. aFouwnH de ebol mpwnH mn tmntattako Hitm peuaggelion.
2tim-01-11 pai entaukaat anok eroF nkurhx. auw napostolos. auw nsaH Hn nHeqnos.
2tim-01-12 etbe pai eeiSwp nneeiHise alla nTSipe an Tsooun gar mpentaipisteue e
roF auw Ttht nHht Je oun Com mmoF eHareH etaparaqhkh epeHoou etmmau.
2tim-01-13 Ji nak mpesmot nnSaJe etouoJ entaksotmou ntoot Hn tpistis mn tagaph
Hm pecristos ihsous.
2tim-01-14 HareH epCoile etnanouF Hitm pepneuma etouaab. pai etouhH Hrai nHhtn
2tim-01-15- ksooun mpai Je aukaat nswou nCi ouon nim etHn tasia. nai euebol nHht
ou pe fugellos mn Hermogenhs.
2tim-01-16 ere pJoeis Tnouna mphei nonhsiforos Je aFTmton nai nHaH nsop auw mpF
TSipe nnamrre.
2tim-01-17 alla ntereFei eHrwmh aFCeph eSine nswi aFHe eroi.
2tim-01-18 ere pJoeis TnaF eHe euna nnaHrm pJoeis Hm peHoou etmmau. auw nentaFa
au nai throu Hn efesos ksooun mmoou nHouo.
2tim-02-01= ntok Ce paShre CmCom Hm peHmot etHm pecristos ihsous.
2tim-02-02 auw nentaksotmou ntoot Hitn HaH mmntre nai kaau eHrai nHenpistos nrw
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2tim-04-22 pJoeis mn pekpneuma
titu-01-01= paulos pHmHal mpnoute papostolos de mpecristos ihsous. kata tpistis
nnswtp mpnoute auw psooun ntme. tai etSoop kata oumnteusebhs
titu-01-02 Hn qelpis mpwnH Sa eneH. pai entaFerht mmoF nCi pnoute mme Haqh nneo
uoeiS nSa eneH.
titu-01-03 eaFouwnH de ebol mpeFSaJe Hn neFouoeiS Hn outaSeoeiS pai anok entaut
anHout eroF kata poueHsaHne mpnoute penswthr eFsHai
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pnoute peiwt mn pecristos ihsous penswthr.
titu-01-05= etbe pai aikaak Hn krhth. Jekaas ekesmine mpkeseepe. auw ngtaHo erat
ou nHenpresbuteros kata polis nqe entaiHwn etootk mmos.
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mpistos enseHn oukathgoria an mmntSna hnseHupotasse an.
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nSloF an pe.
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titu-01-09 eFColJ mpSaJe etnHot kata tesbw. Jekaas eFeSCmCom esops Hn tesbw eto
uoJ auw eJpie netouwHm.
titu-01-10- HaH gar netenseHupotasse an. nreFJeSaJe nepra. auw nreFtake Hht nHou
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titu-01-11 nai eSSe eStmrwou nai etSorSr nHenhei throu euTsbw nnetemeSSe etbe o
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titu-01-13 teimntmntre oume te etbe pai Jpioou Hn ouSwwt ebol. Jekaas eueouJai
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lla neukeHht sooF mn teusunidhsis.
titu-01-16 seHomologi Je sesooun mpnoute searna de mmoF Hn neuHbhue eubht auw e
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titu-02-01= ntok de SaJe nneteSSe ntesbw etouoJ.
titu-02-02 nHllo nseSwpe eutorH nsemnos nrmnHht euouoJ Hn tpistis Hn tagaph Hn
titu-02-03 nHllw on nteeiHe Hn ousmot eFouaab ndiabolos an. enseo an nHmHal nou
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titu-02-04 Je euetsabe nSeere Shm. ermaipeuHai. mmaineuShre.
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titu-02-06 nShre on Shm parakalei mmoou nteeiHe errmnHht.
titu-02-07 ekeire mmok nsmot Hn Hwb nim Hn neHbhue etnanouou Hn tesbw aJn fqoni
noutbbo noumntsemnos.
titu-02-08 nouSaJe eFouoJ aJn arike Je ere petT oubhn JiSipe emntF laau mpeqoou
eJw eron.
titu-02-09 nHmHal etreuHupotasse nneuJisooue. euranau Hn Hwb nim. enseouwHm an.
titu-02-10 enseHep laau an. alla euouwnH ebol mpistis nim enanouF. Jekaas eueko
smi ntesbw mpenswthr nnoute Hn Hwb nim.
titu-02-11- atecaris gar mpnoute penswthr ouwnH ebol nrwme nim
titu-02-12 esTsbw nan. Jekaas eankw nswn ntmntSaFte mn nepiqumia nkosmikon ntnw
nH Hn oumntrmnHht mn oumntdikaios. mn oumnteusebhs Hm peiaiwn.
titu-02-13 enCwSt ebol Hhts nqelpis mmakarios. mn pouwnH ebol mpeoou mpnoC nnou
te. mn penswthr ihsous pecristos.
titu-02-14 pai entaFtaaF Haron Jekaas eFesotn ebol Hn anomia nim. auw nFtbbon n
aF noulaos eFtouht. nreFkwH eHenHbhue enanouou.
titu-02-15 Jw nnai auw ngparakalei ngJpio Hn oueHsaHne nim. mprtre laau katafro
ni mmok.
titu-03-01= marourpmeeue eHupotasse nniarch. mn niexousia. erstmht eusbtwt eHwb
nim nagaqon.
titu-03-02 etmJioua elaau. emeumiSe. nHak euouwnH ebol mmntrmraS nim nnaHrn rwm
e nim.
titu-03-03 neno gar Hwwn mpiouoeiS naqht natswtm enplana eno nHmHal nepiqumia m
n nHudonh etSobe enmooSe Hn oukakia mn oufqonos eno mmeste enmoste nnenerhu.
titu-03-04 ntere tmntcrhstos de mn tmntmai rwme ouwnH ebol mpnoute penswthr.
titu-03-05 ebol an Hn HenHbhoue ndikaiosunh eanaau anon alla kata peFna aFtouJo
n Hitm pJwkm mpeJpo nkesop mn tmntbrre mpepneuma etouaab.
titu-03-06 pai entaFpaHtF eHrai eJwn Hn oumntrmmao Hitn ihsous pecristos penswt
titu-03-07 Jekaas eantmaeio Hm peHmot mpetmmau ntnSwpe nklhronomos kata qelpis
mpwnH Sa eneH.
titu-03-08- oupistos pe pSaJe auw TouwS etrekrmntre nnai Jekaas eueFiproouS mpro
Hista eneHbhue etnanouou nCi netpisteue epnoute nanou nai auw seTHhu nnrwme.
titu-03-09 niSine de nsoC mn niSJwm mn niTtwn mn nimiSe nte pnomos saHwk ebol m
moou nseTHhu gar an auw seSoueit.
titu-03-10 ouHeraitikos nrwme. mnnsa Tsbw naF nousop auw snau. paraitei mmoF.
titu-03-11 eksooun Je apai nteeimine pwSs ebol. auw Frnobe eFtCaeihu HaroF maua
titu-03-12= eiSantnnoou nak nartema htucikos ariapatootk eei Saroi enikopolis. n
taikrine gar erteprw mmau.
titu-03-13 zhna pnomikos mn apollw tnnoousou Hn ouCeph Je nneuSwwt nlaau.
titu-03-14 mare nesnhu de sbo eproHista eJn neHbhue etnanouou enecria nanagkaio
n. Je nneuSwpe aJn karpos.
titu-03-15- seSine erok nCi netnmmai throu. Sine enetme mmon Hn tpistis. tecaris
nmmhtn thrtn.
phlm-01-01= paulos petmhr nte pecristos ihsous mn timoqeos pson eusHai mfilhmwn
pmerit auw penSbrrHwb
phlm-01-02 mn amfia tmerit mn arcippos penSbrmatoi. mn tsoouHs etHm pekhi.
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phlm-01-04= TSpHmot ntm panoute nouoiS nim. eieire mpekmeeue Hn naSlhl
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tnHht thutn eHoun epecristos.
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etouaab mton mmoou ebol Hi tootk pson.
phlm-01-08= etbe pai euntai mmau nounoC mparHhsia Hm pecristos eoueHsaHne nak mp
phlm-01-09 etbe tagaph nHouo. eiparakalei. eio nteeimine Hws paulos pnoC erok t
enou de on eimhr Hm pecristos ihsous.
phlm-01-10 Tparakalei mmok Ha paShre. pai entaiJpoF Hn namrre. onhsimos.
phlm-01-11 pai eto nak natSau mpiouoeiS. tenou de eFo nak auw nai nSau. aitnnoo
uF Sarok.
phlm-01-12 ntok de SopF erok ete pai pe nasplagcnon.
phlm-01-13 pai eneiouwS eamaHte mmoF Hathi. Jekaas eFeSmSe nai epekma Hn mmrre
phlm-01-14 mpiouwS de er laau aJn tekgnwmh Je nne pekagaqon Swpe kata ouHtor. a
lla eHnak.
phlm-01-15 meSak gar ntaFoue mmok. etbe pai prosouounou. Je ekeJitF Sa eneH.
phlm-01-16 Hws HmHal an Ce alla petnaaaF eHmHal ouson mmerit nai nHouo eie ouhr
Ce nak Hn tsarx auw Hm pJoeis.
phlm-01-17- eSwpe Ce TSoop nak nkoinwnos SopF erok ntaHe.
phlm-01-18 eSJe aFJitk de nCons nouHwb. hountak eroF. pai opF eroi.
phlm-01-19 anok paulos aisHai ntaCiJ anok petnatoueio nak. Jekaas ennaJoos Je e
kntoot Hwwk nHmot.
phlm-01-20 aio pson eiemton nHht Harok Hm pJoeis. Tmton nnasplagcnon Hm pecrist
phlm-01-21- eikw nHthi etekmntstmht aisHai nak. eisooun Je knarHouo epeTJw mmoF.
phlm-01-22 Hama de ngsobte nai nouma nSwpe. THelpize gar Je senataat nhtn nHmot
Hitn netnSlhl.
phlm-01-23= epafra Sine erok paSbraicmalwtos Hm pecristos ihsous.
phlm-01-24 mn markos auw aristarcos mn dhmas mn loukas naSbrrHwb.
phlm-01-25 tecaris mpenJoeis ihsous pecristos mn petnpneuma
hebr-01-01= Hn HaH mmeros auw Hn HaH nsmot ea pnoute SaJe mn neneiote nSorp Hn n
hebr-01-02 Hn qah nneiHoou aFSaJe nmman Hm pShre. pai entaFkaaF nklhronomos mpt
hrF. pai entaFtamie naiwn ebol Hi tootF
hebr-01-03 ete pai pe pouoein mpeoou auw peine mpeFtaJro eFFi Ha pthrF Hm pSaJe
nteFCom eaFeire mptbbo nnennobe ebol Hi tootF aFHmoos Hitounam ntmntnoC Hn netJ
hebr-01-04 nqe etFsotp enaggelos. tai on te qe entaFklhronomi nouran eFSobe ero
hebr-01-05= ntaFJoos gar nnim nneFaggelos eneH Je ntok pe paShre anok aiJpok mpo
ou auw on Je anok TnaSwpe naF eueiwt ntoF de FnaSwpe nai euShre.
hebr-01-06 eFSaneine de on mpSrp mmise eHoun etoikoumenh. SaFJoos Je marououwSt
naF throu nCi naggelos mpnoute.
hebr-01-07 SaFJoos men nnaHrn naggelos Je pettamio nneFaggelos mpneuma neFlitou
rgos nSaH nsate.
hebr-01-08 nnaHrm pShre de Je pekqronos pnoute Soop Sa eneH nte pieneH. auw pCe
rwb mpsooutn pe pCerwb ntekmntrro.
hebr-01-09 akmere tdikaiosunh akmeste pJi nCons. etbe pai aFtaHsk nCi pnoute pe
knoute nouneH ntelhl para neqitouwk.
hebr-01-10 auw Je ntok Jin nSorp pJoeis aksmnsnte mpkaH. neHbhue mnekCiJ ne mph
hebr-01-11 ntoou senaHe ebol. ntok de kSoop auw ntoou throu nqe nouHoite senarp
hebr-01-12 auw knaseHswHou nqe nourSwn nseSibe. ntok de ntok on pe. auw nekromp
e nawJn an.
hebr-01-13 ntaFJoos de nnim nneFaggelos eneH Je Hmoos Hi ounam mmoi SanTkw nnek
JaJe nHupopodion nnekouerhte.
hebr-01-14 mh nHenlitourgikon an mpneuma throu ne eutnnoou mmoou eHendiakonia.
etbe netnaklhronomi nououJai.
hebr-02-01= etbe pai SSe eron nHouo etrenTHthn enetnswtm eroou mhpote ntnHate.
hebr-02-02 eSJe pSaJe gar entauJooF ebol Hi tootou nnaggelos aFSwpe eFtaJrhu au
w parabasis nim auw mntatswtm nim auJi noubeke eumpSa mmoF.
hebr-02-03 naS nHe anon tnnarbol eanamelei eouJai nteeiCot. pai entaFJi nouarch
nSaJe eroF Hitm pJoeis. aFtaJro eHoun eron Hitn nentauswtm.
hebr-02-04 ere pnoute rmntre nmmau Hn Henmaein mn HenSphre mn HenCom euSobe mn
HenpwrJ mpneuma eFouaab kata peFouwS.
hebr-02-05= ntaFHupotasse gar an nnaggelos ntoikoumenh etnaSwpe tai etnSaJe eros
hebr-02-06 aoua de rmntre nouma eFJw mmos Je ou pe prwme Je keire mpeFmeeue. hp
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hebr-02-07 akCoJbeF noukoui para naggelos. akstefanou de mmoF Hn oueoou mn outa
eio akkaqista mmoF eJn neHbhue throu nnekCiJ.
hebr-02-08 akqbbie nka nim Ha pesht nneFouerh te. Hm ptreFqbbie nka de nim naF
eie mpFka laau enFHupotasse naF an. tenou de mpatnnau enka nim eauHupotasse naF.
hebr-02-09 pentauCoJbeF de noukoui para naggelos. tnnau eihsous etbe pHise mpmo
u eFstefanou de Hn oueoou mn outaeio. Jekaas Hm peHmot mpnoute eFeJiTpe mpmou Ha
hebr-02-10- nesprepi gar naF pe petere nka nim Soop etbhhtF. auw penta nka nim S
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hebr-02-16 nneFamaHte gar an nnaggelos. alla eFamaHte mpesperma nabraHam.
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hebr-03-05 pke mwushs men oupistos pe Hm peFhei thrF Hws HmHal eumntmntre nneto
hebr-03-06 pecristos de Hws Shre eJm peFhei. eanon pe peFhei. eSwpe enSanamaHte
ntparHhsia mn pSouSou nqelpis.
hebr-03-07= etbe pai kata qe entaFJoos nCi pepneuma etouaab Je mpoou etetnSanswt
m eteFsmh
hebr-03-08 mprTnSot nnetnHht nqe Hm pma mpTCnat kata peHoou mppeirasmos Hn terh
hebr-03-09 entaupeiraze mmoF nCi netneiote Hn oudokimasia auw aunau enaHbhue
hebr-03-10 nHme nrompe etbe pai aimeste Tgenea auw aiJoos Je seplana nouoeiS ni
m Hm peuHht ntoou de mpousoun naHiooue
hebr-03-11 nqe entaiwrk mmos Hn taorgh Je nnsenhu eHoun epama nmton.
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te. Hm ptreFsaHwF ebol mpnoute etonH.
hebr-03-13 alla parakalei mmwtn mmhne enHoson semoute Je poou. Je nne oua nSot
nHht thutn Hn tapath mpnobe.
hebr-03-14 anCwpe gar epecristos. eSwpe enSanamaHte ntarch mptaJro estaJrhu Sab
hebr-03-15 Hm ptreFJoos Je mpoou etetnSanswtm eteFsmh mprTnSot nnetnHht nqe Hm
pma mpTCnat.
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hebr-03-19 auw tnnau Je mpouSCmCom ebwk eHoun etbe teumntapistos.
hebr-04-01= marnrHote Ce Hwwn mhpote aFseepe nCi perht ebwk eHoun epeFma nmton.
nte oua Swpe eFSaat mmoF nHht thutn.
hebr-04-02 kaigar aueuaggelize nan nqe nnh. alla mpe pSaJe mpswtm THhu nnh. enF
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qe entaiwrk mmos Hn taorgh Je nnsenhu eHoun epama nmton. kaitoi neHbhue eauSwpe
Jin tkatabolh mpkosmos.
hebr-04-04 aFJoos gar nouma etbe pmeHsaSF nteeiHe. Je apnoute mton mmoF Hm pmeH
saSF nHoou ebol Hn neFHbhue throu.
hebr-04-05 auw on Je nnsenaSei eHoun epama nmton
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au nSorp mpoubwk eHoun etbe teumntatnaHte.
hebr-04-07 aFprJ ouHoou on ebol Hn daueid eFJw mmos Je mpoou. mnnsa piouoiS nte
eiCot. kata qe entaFSrp Joos Je mpoou etetnSanswtm eteFsmh mprTnSot nnetnHht.
hebr-04-08 enenta ihsous gar Tmton nau pe neFnaSaJe an pe ekeHoou mnnsa nai.
hebr-04-09 ara aFSwJp nCi ousabbatismos mplaos mpnoute.
hebr-04-10 pentaFbwk gar eHoun epeFma nmton aFmton HwwF mmoF ebol Hn neFHbhue n
qe mpnoute ebol Hn nouF.
hebr-04-11 marnCeph Ce ebwk eHoun epma nmton etmmau. Jekaas enne oua He Hm pism
ot nouwt ntetmntatnaHte.
hebr-04-12- FonH gar nCi pSaJe mpnoute auw Fenergi auw FSwwt eHoue shFe nim nHo
snau eFJwte Sa mma mpwS nteyuch mn pepneuma nHarmos mn naltkas eFo nreFkrine nnm
eeue mn mmokmek mpHht.
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nnaHraF pai etere pSaJe Ji eHoun eroF nan.
hebr-04-14= euntan Ce mmau nounoC narciereus eaFJet mphue ihsous pShre mpnoute.
marnamaHte ntenHomologia
hebr-04-15 nouarciereus gar an peteountanF emnCom mmoF eSpHise nmman Hn nasqeni
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hebr-04-16 marnTpenouoi Ce Hn ouparHhsia epeqronos ntecaris Jekaas eneJi nouna.
auw ntnHe euHmot euouoeiS nan nbohqia.
hebr-05-01= arciereus gar nim etouJi mmoF ebol Hn nrwme eSaukaqista mmoF eJn nrw
mebnnaHrm pnoute. Je eFetale dwron eHrai Hi qusia Ha nobe.
hebr-05-02 eunCom mmoF eSpHise mn neto natsooun. mn netplana. ebol HwwF Je FSoo
p Hn oumntCwb.
hebr-05-03 auw etbhhts SSe eroF kata qe eSaFtalo eHrai Ha plaos. nFtalo HwwF Ha
roF nteeiHe Ha neFnobe.
hebr-05-04 nere poua de poua Ji naF an mptaeio. alla eueine mmoF ebol Hitm pnou
te. kata qe naarwn.
hebr-05-05- tai te qe mpecristos ntaFTeoou naF ouaaF an etreFSwpe narciereus all
a pentaFSaJe nmmaF pe Je ntok pe paShre anok aiJpok mpoou.
hebr-05-06 kata qe on eSaFJoos Hn kema Je ntok pe pouhhb Sa eneH kata ttaxis mm
hebr-05-07 pai Hn neHoou nteFsarx aFJise Hrai Hn Hensops mn HenkwrS nnaHrn pete
ounCom mmoF etouJoF ebol Hm pmou. Hn ounoC naSkak mn Henrmeih. auw eauswtm eroF
ebol Hn tHote.
hebr-05-08 kaiper epShre pe aFsbw epswtm ebol Hn nentaFSopou.
hebr-05-09 auw eaFJwk ebol aFSwpe nouon nim etswtm nswF naitios mpeuJai nSa ene
hebr-05-10 eaumoute eroF ebol Hitm pnoute narciereus kata ttaxis mmelcisedek.
hebr-05-11= pai etere pSaJe oS nan eSaJe eroF. auw eFmokH ebolF. etbe Je atetnSw
pe etetnSoone Hn netnmaaJe.
hebr-05-12 kaigar eSSe erwtn ersaH etbe peuoeiS tetnrcria on nTsbw nhtn Je ou n
e nestoicion ntarch nnSaJe mpnoute auw atetnSwpe etetnrcria nouerwte nouHre an e
hebr-05-13 ouon gar nim etJi ebol Hm perwte. ouatsooun pe mpSaJe ntdikaiosunh.
oukoui gar pe.
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ion eugumnaze ediakrine ntmh te mppetnanouF mn ppeqoou.
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ttelios. ntntmkake snte on eHrai mmetanoia ebol Hn neHbhue etmoout auw oupistis
hebr-06-02 mn outsabo nbaptisma mn outalo nCiJ mn outwoun Hn netmoout mn ouHap
nSa eneH.
hebr-06-03 peike de tnnaaaF. erSan pnoute TteHih.
hebr-06-04 ouatCom gar pe etre nentauJiouoein nousop. eauJiTpe ntdwrea ntpe. ea
urmetocos mpepneuma etouaab
hebr-06-05 eauJiTpe mpSaJe etnanouF nte pnoute. mnnCom mpaiwn etnaSwpe.
hebr-06-06 eauHe nseaau on nbrre eumetanoia. eueiSe nau nkesop mpShre mpnoute.
auw euparadigmatize mmoF.
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ourHwb eroF etbhhtou. FnaJi nousmou ebol Hitm pnoute.
hebr-06-08 eFtauo de ebol nHenSonte mn Henarooue. Ftsthu ebol auw FHhn eHoun ep
saHou. pai etere teFHah naSwpe eprokHF.
hebr-06-09- tnpiqe de Harwtn namerate Je tetnHenetsotp. auw netHhn eHoun epeuJai
. eSJe tnrpkeSaJe nteeiHe.
hebr-06-10 nouadikos gar an pe pnoute erpwbS mpetnHwb. mn tagaph entatetnouonHs
ebol epeFran. eatetndiakoni nnetouaab auw etetndiakoni.
hebr-06-11 tnepiqumi de etre poua poua mmwtn ouwnH ebol nTspoudh nouwt nnaHrm p
twt nHht nqelpis estaJrhu Sabol.
hebr-06-12 Jekaas ennetnSwpe etetnouoSF. alla etetntontn mmwtn enetnaklhronomi
nnerht. Hitn teupistis mn teumntHarSHht.
hebr-06-13= ea pnoute gar erht nabraHam. ebol Je mn petnaaaF eroF etreFwrk mmoF.
aFwrk mmoF mmin mmoF
hebr-06-14 eFJw mmos Je eismou Tnasmou erok. auw eeitaSo TnataSok.
hebr-06-15 auw nteeiHe eaFrHarSHht aFmate mperht.
hebr-06-16 nrwme gar eSauwrk mpeto nnoC eroou. auw qah nantilogia nim eutaJro n
au pe panaS.
hebr-06-17 Hm pai nHouo ere pnoute oueStame neklhronomos mperht epeFSoJne eteme
Fpwwne. aFmesiteue mmoF Hn ouanaS
hebr-06-18 Jekaas Hitn Hwb snau natpwwne Hn nai euatCom pe etre pnoute JiCol. e
neJi nan nousops eFtaJrhu. nentaupwt eHoun eamaHte nqelpis etkh nan eHrai.
hebr-06-19 tai etSoop nan nqe nouHauCal ntenyuch. esorJ auw estaJrhu. esbhk eHo
un epsa nHoun mpkatapetasma.
hebr-06-20 pma enta peprodromos bwk eHoun eroF Haron ihsous kata ttaxis mmelcis
edek. eaFSwpe nouhhb Sa eneH.
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twmnt eabraHam eaFkotF ebol mpCoJCJ nnerrwou aFsmou eroF
hebr-07-02 pai enta abraHam Tremht naF ebol Hn nka nim. Sorp men eSauHermh neue
mmoF Je prro ntdikaiosunh. mnnsws on Je prro nsalhm ete pai pe prro nTrhnh.
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ah nwnH eFtntwn de epShre mpnoute eFSoop nouhhb Sabol.
hebr-07-04- tetnnau de Je ouaS nCot pe pai enta abraHam ppatriarchs Tremht naF e
bol Hn nSwl.
hebr-07-05 nebol men Hn nShre nleuei etJi ntmntouhhb. ountau mmau nouentolh ett
e plaos remht kata pnomos ete nai ne neusnhu. kaiper entauei ebol Hn tTpe nabraH
hebr-07-06 pai de etempoutaue teFgenea ebol nHhtou. aFtte abraHam remht. auw aF
smou epeteuntaF mmau nnerht.
hebr-07-07 cwris ouwHm de nim eSare petsobk Jismou Hitm petsotp eroF.
hebr-07-08 auw mpeeima men Henrwme eSaumou neSauJi nnremht mpma de etmmau eurmn
tre HaroF Je FonH.
hebr-07-09 auw pSaJe etrenJooF Hitn abraHam. pkeleuei eSaFJiremht auTremht Haro
hebr-07-10 etei gar neFHn tTpe mpeFeiwt pe Hm ptreFtwmnt eroF nCi melcisedek.
hebr-07-11- eneoun ouJwk Ce ebol Soop ntmntouhhb nleuei plaos gar entaFJi nomos
Hiwws neou te tecria etreFtwoun nCi keouhhb kata ttaxis mmelcisedek auw nsetmJoo
s Je kata ttaxis naarwn.
hebr-07-12 Hm ptreupwwne gar ebol ntmntouhhb. Haps on pe etreupwwne Swpe mpkeno
hebr-07-13 petouJw gar nnai eroF ntaFmetece ekefulh tai ete mpe laau nHhts pros
ece epequsiasthrion.
hebr-07-14 FouonH gar ebol Je nta penJoeis Sa ebol Hn iouda. tefulh ete mpe mwu
shs SaJe laau etbe ouhhb ebol nHhts.
hebr-07-15 etei on nHouo FouonH ebol. eSJe kata pine mmelcisedek Fnatwoun nCi k
hebr-07-16 pai entaFSwpe an kata pnomos ntentolh nsarkikon. alla kata tCom mpwn
H Sa eneH.
hebr-07-17 sermntre gar HaroF Je ntok pe pouhhb Sa eneH kata ttaxis mmelcisedek
hebr-07-18 auouwsF gar Swpe ntSorp nentolh etbe tesmntatCom. auw tesmntatnoFre.
hebr-07-19 mpepnomos gar Jek laau ebol. pei de eHoun nqelpis etsotp. tai ebol H
itoots ennaHwn eHoun epnoute.
hebr-07-20- auw Je noueS nanaS an. nh men gar auSwpe nouhhb noueS nanaS.
hebr-07-21 pai de Hn ouanaS ebol Hitm petJw mmos naF. Je apJoeis wrk auw nFnarH
thF an. de ntok pe pouhhb Sa eneH.
hebr-07-22 kata teiCot aihsous Swpe nSptwre ntdiaqhkh etsotp.
hebr-07-23 auw nh men aHaH rouhhb nHh tou ebol Je mpmou kw mmoou an emoun ebol.
hebr-07-24 pai de ntoF Je FnaCw Sa eneH. ountaF mmau nteFmntouhhb aJnwJn.
hebr-07-25 etbe pai on ounCom mmoF etouJo nouoeiS nim nnetnaTpeuouoi epnoute eb
ol Hi tootF. eFonH nouoeiS nim eFsmme Haroou.
hebr-07-26- ouarciereus gar nteeimine petprepei nan eFouaab nbalHht nattwlm. eFs
aHhu ebol nnnobe. eaFJise emphue.
hebr-07-27 pai emntF anagkh mmhne nqe nnarciereus eSautalo eHrai Ha neunobe nHe
nqusia nSorp. mnnsws Ha naplaos. pai gar aFaaF nousop eaFtaloF eHrai.
hebr-07-28 pnomos gar eSaFkaqista nHenrwme nouhhb euSoop Hwou Hn oumntatCom. pS
aJe de ntoF ntepwrk etmnnsa pnomos. pShre pe etJhk ebol Sa eneH.
hebr-08-01= pkefalaion de pe nnetnJw mmoou. ountan mmau nouarciereus ntei mine.
pai entaFHmoos Hi tounam mpeqronos ntmntnoC Hn mphue.
hebr-08-02 plitourgos nnetouaab. mn teskhnh mme. tenta pJoeis phsse mmos nrwme
hebr-08-03 arciereus gar nim eSaukaqista mmoF etale dwron eHrai Hi qusia. euana
gkh te epai ekw naF mpetFnataloF eHrai.
hebr-08-04 eneFSoop de HiJm pkaH pe. neFnaSwpe an nouhhb pe. euSoop nCi nettalo
nndwron eHrai kata pnomos.
hebr-08-05 nai etSmSe Hn ousmot mn ouHaibes nte natpe. kata qe entauSaJe mn mwu
shs eFnaJwk ebol nteskhnh. CwSt gar peJaF eketamio nnka nim kata ptupos entautou
ok eroF Hrai Hm ptoou.
hebr-08-06 tenou de aFJi nHenSmSe euSobe. nqe on epmesiths pe ntdiaqhkh etsotp.
tai entausmnts eJn Henerht eusotp.
hebr-08-07- enere TSorp gar Soop aJn arike. neFnaSine an pe nsa pma ntmeHsnte.
hebr-08-08 eFCnarike gar eroou SaFJoos Je eis Hhhte oun HenHoou nhu peJe pJoeis
taJwk ebol eJm phei mpisrahl mn phi niouda noudiaqhkh nbrre.
hebr-08-09 enkata tdiaqhkh an entaiaas mn neueiote nneHoou entaiamaHte nteuC iJ
entou ebol Hm pkaH nkhme Je ntoou mpouCw Hn tadiaqhkh anok Hw aiamelei eroou pe
Je pJoeis.
hebr-08-10 Je tai te tdiaqhkh eTnasmnts mn phei mpisrahl mnnsa neHoou etmmau pe
Je pJoeis. eieT nanomos eJn naumeeue. auw TnasHaisou eJn neuHht taSwpe nau nnout
e nseSwpe nai eulaos.
hebr-08-11 ntetm poua poua Tsbw mpeFrmnT me auw poua poua mpeFson eFJw mmos Je
soun pJoeis Je senasouwnt throu Jin peukoui Sa peunoC.
hebr-08-12 Je Tnakw ebol nneuJi nCons. tatmrpmeeue nneunobe Jin tenou.
hebr-08-13 Hm ptreFJoos Je oubrre aFrtSorp nas. pentFras de auw aFrHllo FHhn eH
oun eptako.
hebr-09-01= neounte tSorp men Hendikaiwma nSmSe. pkosmikon etouaab.
hebr-09-02 autamio gar nteskhnh nSorp tai etere tlucnia nHhts m ntetrapeza mn t
eproqesis nnoeik auw tSourh nnoub tai eSaumoute eros Je netouaab.
hebr-09-03 mnnsa pmeHsnau de nkatapetasma teskhnh te eSaumoute eros Je netouaab
hebr-09-04 ere tCibwtos nHhts ntdiaqhkh etCoole nnoub nsasa nim tai etere pClma
i nnoub nHhts ere pmanna nHhtF auw pCerwb naarwn entaFTouw mn neplax ntdiaqhkh.
hebr-09-05 ntpe de mmos Henceroubin neoou ne eurHaibes epHilasthrion. nai etens
kh nan an eHrai tenou etrentauoou oua oua.
hebr-09-06- nai de eutamihu nteeiHe. Sare nouhhb men bwk eHoun nouoeiS nim etSor
p nskhnh euJwk ebol nnSmSe.
hebr-09-07 parciereus de mmate peSaFbwk eHoun etmeHsnte nousop terompe noueS ns
noF an. pai eSaFtaloF eHrai HaroF. auw Hammntatsooun mplaos.
hebr-09-08 ere pepneuma etouaab ouwnH ebol mpai. Je mpate teHih nnetouaab ouwnH
ebol. etei ounte tSorp nskhnh taJro
hebr-09-09 tai eto mparabolh mpeiouoiS tenou. kata qe etoutalo eHrai nHendwron
mn Henqusia emnCom mmoou kata sunidhsis eJwk ebol nnetSmSe.
hebr-09-10 monon eHrai eJn HenCi nouwm mn HenCi nsw. mn Henbaptisma euSobe. ndi
kaiwma ntsarx eukh eHrai Sa peuoeiS ntaHoou eratou.
hebr-09-11- pecristos de ntereFei parciereus nnagaqon etnaSwpe Hitn tnoC nskhnh
etJhk ebol mmoung nCiJ an. ete pai pe nta peeiswnt an.
hebr-09-12 oude Hitn ousnoF an nCie Himase. Hitm peFsnoF de mmin mmoF. aFbwk eH
oun nousop nouwt eppetouaab eaFCine nouswte nSa eneH.
hebr-09-13 eSJe pesnoF gar nnCie mn nmase mn pkrmes nnbaHse euSanCeSCS netJaHm
mmoou Sautbbo nnaHrm ptbbo ntsarx.
hebr-09-14 posw mallon pesnoF mpecristos pai Hitn oupneuma eFouaab entaFtaloF e
Hrai mmin mmoF eFouaab mpnoute Fnatbbo nnetnsunidhsis ebol Hn neHbhue etmoout et
retetnSmSe mpnoute etonH.
hebr-09-15- auw etbe pai pmesiths pe ntdiaqhkh nbrre. Jekaas pmou eFSanSwpe epsw
te nmparabasis etHn tdiaqhkh nSorp nte nettaHm Ji mperht nte klhronomia Sa eneH.
hebr-09-16 Hopou gar diaqhkh anagkh etre pmou ei mpetkw mmos eHrai.
hebr-09-17 eSare diaqhkh gar taJro Hi netmoout. ebol Je mesCmCom eFonH nCi pets
mine mmos.
hebr-09-18 etbe pai tkeSorp mpouJi pesaeik ebol noueS nsnoF.
hebr-09-19 nterouJw gar nentolh nim kata pnomos Hitn mwushs mplaos thrF aFJi mp
esnoF nmmase mn nCie mn oumoou mn ousort nkokkos mn ouHusswpon ntoF HwwF pJwwme
mn plaos thrF aFCeSCwSF
hebr-09-20 eFJw mmos Je pai pe pesnoF ntdiaqhkh enta pnoute Hwn mmos Sarwtn.
hebr-09-21 teskhnh de mn neskeuh throu mpSmSe aFCeSCwSou on nteeiHe Hm pesnoF.
hebr-09-22= auw scedon Hm pesnoF nka nim Sautbbo kata pnomos. auw aJm peHt snoF
ebol merekw ebol Swpe.
hebr-09-23 Haps Ce pe etrenesmot men nnetHn mphue tbbo Hn nai. namphue de ntoou
Hn Henqusia eusotp para nai.
hebr-09-24 nta pecristos gar an bwk eHoun enetouaab mmoung nCiJ nsmot nmme. all
a eHoun etpe Hwws etreFouwnH ebol tenou mpHo mpnoute Haron.
hebr-09-25 auw Jekaas an eFetaloF eHrai nHaH nsop nqe mparciereus eSaFbwk eHoun
enetouaab nnetouaab terompe Hn ousnoF empwF an pe.
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aFouwnH ebol nousop nouwt Hn qah nneuoeiS eouwsF mpnobe Hitn teFqusia.
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hebr-10-12 pai de aFtaloF eHrai nouqusia nouwt Hanobe aFHmoos Sa eneH nsaounam
hebr-10-13 eFCwSt ebol Santoukw nneFJaJe Ha pesht nneFouerhte.
hebr-10-14 Hn ouprosfora gar nouwt aFJwk ebol nnetnatbbo Sa eneH.
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hebr-10-19= euntan Ce mmau nasnhu nouparHhsia eHoun empetouaab Hm pesnoF nihsous
hebr-10-20 teHih entaFkeHkwHs nan nbrre etonH Hitm pkatapetasma ete pai pe teFs
hebr-10-21 auw ounoC nouhhb eJm phei mpnoute.
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ute eaFep psnoF ntdiaqhkh Je FJaHm pai entautbboF nHhtF eaFswS mpepneuma ntecari
hebr-10-30 tnsooun gar mpentaFJoos Je nouJe eroi mpekba. auw anok Tnatwwbe. auw
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hebr-10-37 etei gar kekoui pe Hoson. Hoson petnhu nhu nFnawsk an
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onomia aFei ebol enFsooun an Je eFmooSe etwn.
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e auaspaze. auw auHomologei Je anHenSmmo. auw anHenrmnCoile HiJm pkaH.
hebr-11-14 netJw gar nnai nteeiHe euouwnH mmoou ebol Je euSine nsa oupolis.
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hebr-11-18 pai entauSaJe nmmaF Je Hn isaak eunamoute nak eusperma.
hebr-11-19 eaFmokmek Je ounSCom mpnoute etounosF ebol Hn netmoout etbe pai on a
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hebr-11-20 Hn oupistis etbe netnaSwpe aisaak smou eiakwb mn hsau.
hebr-11-21 Hn oupistis iakwb eFnamou aFsmou epoua poua nnShre niwshf. auw aFouw
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hebr-11-24 Hn oupistis ntere mwushs rnoC mpFouwS etreumoute eroF Je pShre ntSee
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hebr-11-28 Hn oupistis aFrppasca mn ppwn ebol mpesnoF Je nne pettako nnSrpmmise
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hebr-11-30 Hn oupistis nsobt nHiericw auHe nteroukwte eroou nsaSF nHoou.
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hebr-11-36 Henkooue de auJontou Hn Henswbe mmoou. mn Henmastigx. etei de Hn Hen
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hebr-11-38 nai etem pkosmos mpSa mmoou an eusorm Hi nJaie mn ntoou mn neia mn n
eSkol mpkaH.
hebr-11-39- auw eaurmntre Haroou throu Hitn tpistis mpouJi nnerht.
hebr-11-40 ere pnoute CwSt euHwb eFsotp etbhhtn Je nneuJwk ebol aJntn.
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nswn mmntJasiHht nim auw pnobe etaHeratF eron marnpwt Hitn ouHupomonh mpagwn etk
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tootou nnreFrnobe. Jekaas ennetnSpHise Hn netmyuch. etetnSosm.
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nHht etesbw mpJoeis oude mprSwsm euJpio mmok ebol Hi tootF.
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etFnaSopou eroF.
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e peFeiwt paideue mmoF.
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ntetn HenShre an.
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hebr-12-10 nai men gar prosHenkoui nHoou. neupaideue mmon kata peteHnau. pai de
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hebr-12-19 mn ouHroou nsalpigx. mn tesmh nnSaJe. tai enta netswtm paraitei mmos
etmoueH mpSaJe nau.
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ne eroF
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nouon nim mn nepneuma nndikaios etJhk ebol.
hebr-12-24 auw epmesiths ntdiaqhkh nbrre ihsous. mn pesnoF mpCoSCS eFSaJe eHoue
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hebr-12-29 kaigar pennoute oukwHt eFouwwSe pe.
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hebr-13-08 ihsous pecristos ntoF nsaF pe. auw ntoF on mpoou pe. auw on Sa niene
hebr-13-09 mprSeei Hn Hensbw nSmmo auw euSobe nanous gar etre pHht taJro Hn ouH
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hebr-13-10 ountan mmau nouqusiasthrion. emntou exousia mmau eouwm ebol nHh tF n
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hebr-13-12 etbe pai HwwF ihsous Je eFetbbe plaos Hitm peFsnoF mmin mmoF. aFmou
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hebr-13-14 mntan polis gar mpeeima esnaCw. alla tetnaSwpe tetnSine nsws.
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netmyuch Hws eunaT logos Harwtn Je euerpai Hn ouraSe nseaSaHom an tai gar tetnno
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nastrefe kalws Hn Hwb nim.
hebr-13-19 Tparakalei de mmwtn nHouo er pai Jekaas euetaat nhtn Hn ouCeph.
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aF nHhtn Hitn ihsous pecristos. pai ete pwF pe peoou Sa nieneH Hamhn.
hebr-13-22- Tparakalei Ce mmwtn nesnhu. anece mpSaJe mpsops. kaigar Hitn Henkoui
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hebr-13-24- Sine enetnnoC throu. mn netouaab throu. seSine erwtn nCi nebol Hn qi
hebr-13-25 tecaris nmmhtn thrtn.
jmes-01-01= iakwbos pHmHal mpnoute auw pJoeis ihsous pecristos eFsHai ntmntsnoou
s mfulh etHen tdiaspora. cairete.
jmes-01-02= opF eunoC nraSe nasnhu etetnSanei eHrai Hnnenpeirasmos euSobe
jmes-01-03 etetnsooun Je dokimh ntetnpistis esr Hwb euHupomonh.
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pe nteleos auw etetnJhk ebol ntetnSaat an nlaau
jmes-01-05 eSJe oun oua de mmwtn Saat nnousofia mareFaitei ebol Hitm pnoute etT
nouon nim Haplws nFnoCneC an auw FnaT naF
jmes-01-06 mareFaitei de Hn oupistis nFdiakrine nlaau an petdiakrine gar eFo nq
e nouHoeim nte qalassa erepthu rwHt mmoF auw eFSwwCe mmoF
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jmes-01-08 prwme enHht snau FStrtwr Hrai Hn neFHiooue throu
jmes-01-09= mareFSouSou de mmoF nCi pson etqbbiehu eHrai Hm peFJise
jmes-01-10 auw prmao Hrai Hm peFqbbio Je Fnaoueine nqe nnouHrhre ncortos
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pwnH pai ntaFerht mmoF nnetme mmoF.
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pnoute gar meFpeiraze nlaau eppeqoou meFpeiraze ntoF nlaau
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eik an ngHwtb akSwpe mparabaths epnomos
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jmes-02-18- alla oun oua naJoos nok Je ntok ountak mmau ntpistis anok Hw ountai
mmau nneHbhue matouoi ntekpistis aJn neHbhue anok Hw ntatouok etapistis ebol hn
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ops eroF eudikaiosunh auw aumoute eroF Je peSbhr mpnoute
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smoout Hare Haros.
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re oukoui nkwHt Jere ounoC nHulh
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tautamioou kata peine mpnoute
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etrenai Swpe nteiHe
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jmes-03-12 nasnhu mh oun Com etreoubw nknte taue Joeit ebol hte oubw neloole ta
ue knte ebol oute nneS mlH r moou eFHolC
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teFanastrofh etnanous hn oumntrmraS mn ousofia
jmes-03-14 eSJe oun oukwH de eFsaSe Hm petenHht auw ouT twn mprSouSou mmwtn auw
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n netenHudonh nai etstrateue Hn netenmelos
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auw tetnr polhmos mntn mmau Je ntetnnaitei an
jmes-04-03 tetnnaitei auw ntetnJi an Je tetnnaitei kakws Jekaas etetnnaJoou ebo
l Hn netenHudonh nnoeik
jmes-04-04 ntetnsooun an Je tmntSbhr mpkosmos oumntJaJe te mpnoute petnaouwS Ce
er Sbhr epkosmos FnaSwpe nJaJe epnoute
jmes-04-05 hetetnmeeue Je epJinJh eretegrafh SaJe Hun oufqonos esoueS pepneuma
ntaFouwH eHrai nHhtn
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FT de nnouHmot nnetqbbheihu
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jmes-04-10 qbbie thutn mpemto ebol mpJoeis ntareFJas thutn.
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n eFkatalalei mpnomos auw eFkrine mpnomos eSJe kkrine mpnomos auw eie nk oureFei
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jmes-05-06 atetnCaio atetnHwtb mpdikaios nFT oube thutn an
jmes-05-07= HroS Ce nHht nasnhu Sa tparHousia mpenJoeis eis Hhhte pouoeie CwSt e
bol nHhtF nkarpos etaihu nte pkaH eFHarS nHht eHrai eJwF SanteFJitF nSorp auw nH
jmes-05-08 HroS nHht Hww thutn ntetntaJro nnetenHht Je asHwn eHoun nCi tparpous
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s aHe ratF Hirem pro
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atetnnau eqah mpJoeis Je ouSn HthF pe pJoeis auw ounaiht pe
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naS mareFSwpe nCi petense nense auw petenmmon nmmon Jekaas nneukrine mmwtn
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jmes-05-14 petSwne nHht thu mareFmoute enepresbuteros ntekklhsia nseSlhl eHrai
eJwF eautaHs nnouneH Hm pran mpJoeis
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e aFr Henkenobe senakaau naF ebol
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uekw nhtn ebol psops mpdikaios CmCom mmate auw Fnhrgei
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mpesHwou eHrai eJm pkaH nSomnte nrompe mn soou nebot
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jmes-05-19- nasnhu ereSan oua plana ebol nHht thutn ebol Hn tme nteoua ktoF
jmes-05-20 petnakto de noureFr nobe ebol Hn teHih nteFplanh FnatouJo nouyuch eb
ol Hm pmou nFHwbs ebol eJnn oumhhSe nnobe.
1pet-01-01= petros papostolos nihsous pecristos eFsHai nnswtp etouhH Hn tdiaspor
a mn tpontos mn tgalatia mn tkappadokia mn tasia mn tbiqania.
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pCoSCS mpesnoF nihsous pecristos tecaris nhtn mn Trhnh mmaSo.
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ta peFna etnaSwF eHoun euHelpis esonH Hitm ptwoun nihsous pecristos ebol Hn netm
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1pet-01-05 nai etouHareH eroou Hn tCom mpnoute Hitn tpistis epouJai etsbtwt eCw
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1pet-01-06 pai etetntelhl nHhtF eatetnluph tenou noukoui eSJe Haps pe eHrai Hn
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1pet-01-07 Jekaas euHe etmntswpt ntetnpistis estaihu eHoue epnoub etnatako pai
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tnpisteue de eroF tetntelhl Hn ouraSe eFHhp auw Ftaihu.
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1pet-01-10- eauSine auw auHotHt etbe peiouJai nCi nneprofhths nai ntauprofh teue
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e Jin Sorp nmmokHs etnaSwpe mpecristos mn neoou etnaSwpe mnnswou.
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ol etecaris etounaets nhtn Hm pCwlp ebol nihsous pecristos
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1pet-01-15 alla kata qe etFouaab nCi petaFteHm thutn etetnSwpe Hw thutn etetnou
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1pet-01-16 Je FshH Je Swpe etetnouaab Je anok Touaab
1pet-01-17- auw eSJe petkrine mpoua poua kata nneFHebhue aJnJiHo tnmoute eroF Je
peneiwt eimooSe Hn ouHote mpeouoeiS etetnSoop mpeima.
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nHebhue etSoueit etanetneiote taau etn thutn
1pet-01-19 alla Hm pesnoF etaeihu nte peHeihb etouaab auw natwlm pecristos
1pet-01-20 eauSrp souwnF mn Haqh ntkatabolh mpkosmos eaFouwnH de ebol etbe thut
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1pet-01-21 nai etpisteue epnoute ebol HitootF mpeFShre pai ntaFtounosF ebol Hn
netmoout auw aFT naF noueoou Hwste tetnpistis mn tetnHelpis nsSwpe eHoun epnoute
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1pet-01-23 eauJpe thutn an Hn ouJpo nSaFtako alla ebol Hn ouattako Hitm pSaJe m
pnoute etonH auw etSoop
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1pet-01-25 pSaJe de mpJoeis Soop nSaeneH pai de pe pSaJe ntautaSe oeiS mmoF nht
1pet-02-01= eatetnkw Ce eHrai nkakia nim mn kroF nim mn Hupokrhsis nim mn la nim
mn katalalia nim
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e mn kroF nHhtF Jekaas etetnnaiai Hrai nHhtF euouJai.
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1pet-02-04 pai etetnT mpetnouoi eHoun eroF pwne etonH eautstoF me ebol Hitootou
nnerwme naHrm pnoute de eFsotp auw eFtaihu.
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ouaab etalo eHrai nHenqusia mpneumatikon euShp mpnoute Hitn ihsous pecristos
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aihu auw petnapisteue eroF nFnaJi Sipe an
1pet-02-07 ere ptaeio Ce Soop nhtn netpisteue neto de natnaHte epwne ntaustoF e
bol nCi nnetkwt pai aFSwpe eeuape nkooH
1pet-02-08 auw ouwne nJrop mn oupetra nskandalon nnai etJi Jrop epSaJe euo nnat
naHte eaukaau epai.
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ulaos epwnH Jekaas etetnJw nnneSphre mpentaFteHm thutn ebol Hm pkake epeFouoein
1pet-02-10 nai ntetn plaos mpeiouoeiS tenou de ntetn plaos mpnoute nete mpouna
nau tenou de auna nhtn
1pet-02-11= namerate Tparakalei mmwtn Hws Smmo auw Hws rmnCoile etretsaHe thutn
ebol nnepiqumia nsarkikon nai eT oube teyuch
1pet-02-12 euntetn mmau ntetnanastrofh etnanous Hn nHeqnos Jekaas Hm petoukatal
alia mmwtn nHhtF Hws reFr peqoou euenau ebol Hn netnHebhue etnanouou nseT eoou m
pnoute Hm peHoou mpCm pSine
1pet-02-13- qbbie thutn nswnt nim nrwme etbe pJoeis eite ourro Hws eFJose
1pet-02-14 eite Hugemwn Hws eutnnoou mmoou ebol HitootF etJi kba nneteire mpeqo
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tatsooun nneiaqht nrwme
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1pet-02-17 ntetntaeie ouon nim ntetnmere netnerhu ntetnr Hote nHhtF mpnoute nte
tntaie prro.
1pet-02-18= nHmHal swtm nsa netnJisooue Hn Hote nim netnanouou mmate an mn nHak
alla nkooue etCoome.
1pet-02-19 pai gar ouHmot pe eSJe etbe ousuneidhsis nte pnoute oun oua naFi HaH
enlhph eFSp Hise Hn ouJin Cons.
1pet-02-20 aS gar pe petneoou etetnSanr nobe nseHioue erwtn ntetnCw alla eSJe t
etneire mpetnanouF seHioue erwtn tetnCeet pai ouHmot pe naHrm pnoute
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nousmot Jekaas tetnaaoueH thutn nsaneFHiooue
1pet-02-22 pai et mpFr nobe oude mpouHe kroF Hn teFtapro.
1pet-02-23 pai eusaHou mmoF mpeFsaHou eFSp Hise nFnoCs an pe neFkw de mpma mpet
nakrine dikaiws.
1pet-02-24 pai ntaFtalo eHrai nnennobe eHrai Hm peFswma eJm pSe Jekaas eanmoun
naHrm pnobe ntnwnH Hn dikaiosunh pai ntatetntalCo Hm peFsaS.
1pet-02-25 netetno gar pe nqe nneiesoou etsorm alla tenou atetnket thutn epSws
pepiskopos nnetmyuch.
1pet-03-01= neHiome on nteiHe euqbbio mmoou nneuHai. Jekaas eSwpe ounHoine o nat
swtm epSaJe. nseTHhu mmoou aJnSaJe Hitn tanastrofh nneHiome.
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erepnoute T mmos Jekaas erepnoute Ji eoou Hn Hwb nim Hitn ihsous pecristos pai e
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tre nmmokHs mpecristos auw Hws oikonomos mpeoou etnaCwlp ebol
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1pet-05-03 Hws etetno an nJoeis eneklhros alla etetnSoop ntupos epoHe
1pet-05-04 Jekaas eFSanouwnH ebol nCi pnoC nSws etetnJi mpeklom mpeoou ete meFH
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pecristos [is ] eatetnSp Hihsouse noukoui ntoF Fnasbte thutn nFtaJre thutn nFTCo
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1pet-05-11 etepwF pe peoou mn pamaHte nSa eneH neneH Hamhn.
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1pet-05-14 aspaze nnetnerhu Hn oupi nagaph Trhnh nhtn thrtn netHm pecristos [ih
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2pet-01-02 tecaris mn Trhnh eseaSai nhtn Hm psooun mpenJoeis ihsous.
2pet-01-03= Hws eaFcarize nan Hitn teFCom etouaab nHwb nim eJi eHoun epwnH mn tm
ntreFSmSe noute ebol Hitm psooun mpentaF Hm peFeoou mn teFareth.
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hn tetnpistis auw psooun Hrai hn tarith
2pet-01-06 tengratia de eHrai Hm psooun qupomonh de eHrai hn tegratia tmntreFSm
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2pet-01-07 tmntmai son de Hn tmntreFSemSe noute tagaph Hrai hn tmntmai son
2pet-01-08 nai de euSoop nhtn auw eur Houo nneunaJi thutn an aJn Hwb oude aJen
karpos eHoun epsooun mpenJoeis ihsous pecristos
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nSa eneH mpenJoeis ihsous pecristos penswthr
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tetnsooun auw nnetetntaJrhu hn tme etSoop
2pet-01-13 TJw de mmos Je oudikaion efoson eiHm peima nSwwpe etounes thutn Hm p
er pmeeue
2pet-01-14 eisooun Je Tnakw eHrai mpaswma hn ouCeph kata qe ntaFtamoi nCi penJo
eis ihsous pecristos
2pet-01-15 Tnaspoudaze de on mnnsa etraei ebol etretnkw nhtn nnouoeiS nim mprp
pmeeue nnai
2pet-01-16= ntannouaHen gar an nsa HenSaJe eautbtwbou anouwnH nhtn ebol ntCom mp
enJoeis ihsous pecristos mn teFparHousia alla eannau etmntnoC mpetmmau
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s mauaas
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Ci nrwme etouaab mpounte eukim eroou Hitm pepneuma etouaab.
2pet-02-01= auSwpe de nCi Henprofhths nnouJ kata qe ete oun HensaH nnouJ naSwpe
nHht thutn nai etnaeine eHou nHenHerhsis ntako auw euarna mpJoeis ntaFSopou euei
ne eHrai eJwou nnoutako hn ouCeph
2pet-02-02 auw oun oumhhSe naouaHou nsa neuswwF nai etounaJi oua etbhhtou epeoo
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2pet-02-03 auw senaer eiep Swt mmwtn hn HenSaJe nCol hn ouJi nCons nai et mpepH
ap saHwwF ebol mmoou Jin Sorp. auw peutako nawbS an
2pet-02-04- eSJe mpepnoute gar T so nneaggelos nterour nobe alla aFnoJou epesht
epnoun Hn Henkake natarhJnou aFtaau eHareH eroou etekrisis eukolaze mmoou
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nkurx ntdikaiosunh eaFeine nnoukataklhsmos eJm pkosmos nnasebhs
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euaein nnetnar mntSaFte.
2pet-02-07 auw pdikaios lwt euqmko mmoF Hitn neHbhue nnanomos etHen ouswwF aFno
uHm mmoF
2pet-02-08 nne oudikaios gar pe Hm peFnau mn peFswtm eFouhH Hrai nHhtou nouHoou
ebol hn ouHoou eumouHk nteyuch mpdikaios hn HnHebhue nanomon
2pet-02-09 pJoeis sooun neHm nnrmmnnoute Hm pirasmos nreFr nobe de eHareH eroou
epeHoou ntekpisis ekolaze mmoou
2pet-02-10+ nHouo de nnentaubwk Hi paHou nousarx hn ouepiqumia nswwF eaukatapfro
nei ntmntJoeis eHenreFdolma ne etmntauqaths nsestwt an nHhtF mpeoou euJi oua
2pet-02-11 pma eterneaggelos o nnoC nHhtF Hn ouCom mn oumntJwwre meueine eJwou
nnouHap noua
2pet-02-12 nai eauJpoou nqe nnifisikon ntbnh euwJn mn outako euJi oua nnete nse
sooun mmoou an senatako Hrai Hm peutako
2pet-02-13 eauJi noubeke nJi nCons euwp ntetrufh etHm peHoou euHhdonh eutolm au
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2pet-02-14 ere nneubal meH mmmntnoeik auw nsekw ntootou ebol an Hm pnobe euapat
a nneyuch nnete nsetaJrhu an eaugemnaze mpeuHht hn HenmntreFJi nCons. eHenShre n
e nte psaHou
2pet-02-15 auplana aukw nswou nteHih etsoutwn eauouaHou nsa teHih nbalaHam pShr
e nbewr pentaFmeri pbeke mJi nCons
2pet-02-16 eaFJi de mpeJpio nteFparanomia mmin mmoF outbnh natSaJe hn nrwmee au
w aFouwSb aFkwlh ntmntatHht mpeprofhths
2pet-02-17- nai de Henphgh ne emn moou nHhtou auw HenniF ne ereouHaqhu Hioue nsw
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2pet-02-18 euJw gar nHenmntHerouo euSoueit euapata hn nepiqumia ntsarx hn Hensw
wF nentaupwt ebol nnoukoui nai ntaumooSe hn ouplanh
2pet-02-19 eauerht nau noumntrmHe ntoou de euo nHmHal eptako petereoua gar Cotp
nHhtF Fo nHmHal naF.
2pet-02-20 eSJe aupwt gar ebol nneJwHm mpkosmos. Hm psooun mpenJoeis ihsous pec
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2pet-02-22 aFei eHrai eJwou nCi pSaJe mpparHaimia mme. Je ouHor eaFkotF epeFka
bal auw oueSw easJwkm Ha peskorkr mplaiHe.
2pet-03-01= eis tmeHsnte nepistolh te tai namerate eTsHai mmos nhtn nai eTtounos
eHrai nHhtou nouer pmeeue mpetenHht etouaab.
2pet-03-02 etretetnner pmeeu nnSaJe ntaur Srp Joou ebol Hitn neprofhths etouaab
. auw tentolh nnapostolos mpenJoeis penswthr
2pet-03-03 pai nSorp etetneime eroF Je senhu hn neHaeeu nneHoou nCi HenreFJhr h
n oumntrHal eumooSe kata nneuepiqumia mmin mmoou
2pet-03-04 auw euJw mmos Je eFtwn perht nteFparHousia nJintanneneiote gar nkotk
Hwb nim mhn ebol nteiHe Jin tarch mpswnt
2pet-03-05 pai gar Hhp eroou euJw mmos Je mphue neuSoop nJin Sorp auw ntapkaH S
wpe ebol hn oumoou auw ebol Hitn oumoou Hm pSaJe mpnoute.
2pet-03-06 ebol Hitn nai ntapkosmos mpeiouoeiS wms hn oumoou aFtako
2pet-03-07 mphue tenou mn oupkaH Hm peiSaJe nnouwt. euswouH eHoun Hm pkwHt. euH
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2pet-03-08- peiSaJe nnouwt mpertereFHwp erwtn namerate Je ouHoou nnouwt naHrm pJ
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2pet-03-10 peHoou de mpJoeis nhu nqe noureFJioue pai eterennmphue naparage nHht
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neHbhue etouaab mn tmntreFSmSe noute
2pet-03-12 etetnCwSt ebol auw etetnCeph eHoun etparHousia mpeHoou mpnoute pai e
trenmphue nabwl ebol nHhtF eurwkH mmoou auw nestoicion narwkH nsebwl ebol
2pet-03-13 Hmphue de nbrre mn oukaH nbrre mn neFerht marenCwSt ebol nHhtou nai
eteredikaiosunh ouhH nHhtou
2pet-03-14- etbe pai namerate nai etetnCwSt ebol nHhtou spoudaze etreuHe erwtn n
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2pet-03-15 auw tmnHarS Hht mpenJoeis ntetnops euouJai. kata qe HwwF on ntapenme
rit nson paulos sHai nhtn kata tsofia ntautaas naF
2pet-03-16 nqe etFSaJe hn neFepistolh throu etbe nai eun HenSaJe nHhtou eumokH
nnoi mmoou nai etrenatsbw auw nete nsetaJrhu an euCwwme mmoou nqe nnetouCwwme mp
keseepe nnegrafh eHrai epeutako mmin mmoou
2pet-03-17 ntwtn de namerate ntetnr Srp sooun eHareH erwtn Jekaas nneuJi thutn
Hn teuplanh nnanomos ntetnHe ebol Hm petentaJro
2pet-03-18 auxane de hn tecaris auw Hm psoon mpenJoeis ihsous pecristos penswth
r peoou naF Jin tenou auw nneHoou neneH Hamhn.
1joh-01-01= petSoop nJin teHoueit pentanswtm eroF pentannau eroF hn nenbal aneio
rHF nenCiJ neauCmCwmF etbe pSaJe mpwnH
1joh-01-02 auw pwnH aFouwnH ebol annau epoF auw tenno mntre auw tnJw nhtn mpwnH
Sa eneH pai enneFSoop Hatm peiwt auw aFouwnH nan ebol
1joh-01-03 pentannau eroF auw answtm eroF tnJw mmoF nhtn Hww thutn Jekaas etetn
naSwpe euounthtn koinonia nmman auw tnkoinonia Hi ousop nsSwpe mn peiwt auw pShr
e ihsous pecristos
1joh-01-04 auw anon ensHai nnai Jekaas erepenraSe Swpe eFJhk ebol
1joh-01-05= auw pai pe perht ntanswtm eroF ebol HitootF auw tnJw mmoF nhtn Je pn
oute ouoein pe auw mn laau nkake Soop Hrai nHhtF
1joh-01-06 enSanJoos Je ountan mmoou nnoukoinonia nmmoF auw tnmooSe Hm pkake en
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1joh-01-07 eSwpe de ntoF enSanmooSe Hm pouoein enqee ntoF etFHm pouoein eie oun
tan mmoou nnoukoinonia mn nenerhu auw pesnoF nihsous peFShre natbbon ebol Hn twl
m nim Hi nobe nim
1joh-01-08 enSanJoos Ce Je mntan nobe mmau enplana mmon mmin mmon auw ntme Soop
an Hrai nHhtn
1joh-01-09 eSwpe enSanHumologei nnenobe oupistos pe auw oudikaios pe Jekaas eFe
kw ebol nnenobe auw nFtbbon ebol Hn Ji nCons nim
1joh-01-10 eSwpe enSanJoos Je mpenr nobe eneire mmoF nreFJi Col auw peFSaJe Soo
p an Hrai nHhtn.
1joh-02-01= naShre nai eisHai mmoou nhtn Jekaas nnetnr nobe auw eSwpe enSanr nob
e ountan mmau mpetsops eJwn naHrm peiwt ihsous pecristos pdikaios
1joh-02-02 auw ntoF pe petsops etbe nenobe etbe nnoun de mauaan an alla etbe na
pkosmos thrF.
1joh-02-03 auw Hm pai teneime Je ansouwnF eSwpe enSanHareH nneFentolh
1joh-02-04 petJw mmos Je aisouwnF nFHareH an nneFentolh oureFJi Col pe auw tme
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1joh-02-05 petnaHareH de epeFSaJe name atagaph mpnoute Jwk ebol Hm pai auw Hm p
ei teneime Je tenSoop Hrai nHhtF
1joh-02-06 petJw mmos Je Tsoop Hrai nHhtF SSe eroF HwwF emooSe kata qe etereph
mooSe mmos.
1joh-02-07= namerate nouentolh nbrre an teTsHai mmos nhtn alla ouentolh nas te t
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1joh-02-08 palin on nouentolh nbrre an teTsHai mmos nhtn pai oume pe nHhtF auw
nHht thutn Je pkake naparake auw pouoein mme Jin tenou Fr ouoein.
1joh-02-09 petJw mmos Je TSoop Hm pou auw Fmoste mpeFson FSoop Hm pkake SaHrai
1joh-02-10 petme de ntoF mpeFson FSoop Hrai Hm pouoein auw mn skantallon Soop H
rai nHhtF
1joh-02-11 petmoste de mpeFson FSoop Hrai Hm pkake auw eFmooSe Hm pkake nFsooun
an Je eFbhk etwn Je apkake twm nneFbal
1joh-02-12 TsHai nhtn nShre Shm Je aukw nhtn ebol nnetnnobe etbe peFran
1joh-02-13 TsHai nhtn neiote Je atetnsouen petSoop nJin Sorp TsHai nhtn nHirSer
e Je atetnJro eponhros
1joh-02-14 aisHai nhtn nShre Shm Je atetnsouen peiwt. aisHai nhtn neiote Je ate
tnsouen petSoop nJin teHoueite aisHai nhtn nHirSeri Je tetnJoor. auw pSaJe Soop
nHht thutn auw atetnJro eponhros
1joh-02-15- mpermeri pkosmos oude netHm pkosmos eSwpe ereSanoua meri pkosmos eie
ntagaph mpeiwt Soop an eHrai nHhtF.
1joh-02-16 Je Hwb nim etHm pkosmos tepeiqumeia ntsarx mn tepeiqumeia nnebal mn
pSouSou mpbios nHennebal an ne Hm peiwt alla Hennebol ne Hm pkosmos
1joh-02-17 auw pkosmos naparage mn teFeepeiqumia peteire de mpouwS mpnoute FnaS
wpe nSa eneH kata qe mph etSoop nSa eneH.
1joh-02-18= naShre qah nounou te auw kata qe ntatetnswtm Je pandicrhstos nhu ten
ou aHaH nandicrhstos Swpe Hm pai teneime Je qah nounou te.
1joh-02-19 ntauei ebol nHhtn alla nHennebal nHhtn an ne eneH enneHennebal gar n
Hhtn ne neunaCw nmmon pe alla Jekaas eunaouwnH ebol Je Hennebol nHhtn throu an n
1joh-02-20 auw ntwtn Hww thutn ounthtn mmou noutwHs ebol Hitm ppetouaab tetnsoo
un thrtn
1joh-02-21 ntaisHai nhtn an Je ntetnsooun an etme alla Je tetnsooun mmos auw Je
Col nim Hennebol hn tme an ne
1joh-02-22 nim pe preFJi Col ei mhtei petarna Je ihsous an pe pecristos pai pe
pandicrhstos petarna mpeiwt auw pShre
1joh-02-23 ouon nim etarna mpShre mntaF on mmau mpeiwt petHomologei mpShre ount
aF mmau mpeiwt
1joh-02-24 ntwtn de pentatnswtm eroF Jin Sorp mareFSwpe eHrai nHht thutn eSwpe
eFSanCw eHrai nHht thutn nCi pentatetnswtmeF nJin Sorp ntwtn Cww thutn tetnnaSwp
e Hm pShre auw Hm peiwt
1joh-02-25 auw pai pe perht ntaFerht mmoF nan pwnH Sa eneH
1joh-02-26- nai eisHai mmoou nhtn etbe netplana mmwtn
1joh-02-27 auw ntwtn ptwHs ntatetnJitF ebol HitootF FSoop nHht thutn auw ntetnr
cria an Jekaas ereoua T sbw nhtn alla nqe mpeFtwHs eFT sbw nhtn etbe Hwb nim au
w oume pe auw mn Col Soop Hrai nHhtF kata qe ntaFT sbw nhtn tetnCeet Hrai nHhtF
1joh-02-28= tenou on naShre Cw eHrai nHhtF Jekaas eFSanouwnH ebol eneJi nouparrh
sia auw ntntmJi Sipe ebol HitootF Hn teFparHousia
1joh-02-29 eSwpe de etetnSaneime Je oudikaios pe ei tetnnaeime on Je ouon nim e
teire ntdikaiosunh ntauJpoF ebol nHhtF.
1joh-03-01= annau Je ouaS nCot te tagaph ntapeiwt taas nan Jekaas euemoute eron
Je nneShre mpnoute auw anon pe etbe pai mpkosmos sooun mmon an Je mpeFsouwnF.
1joh-03-02 namerate tenou anon neShre mpnoute auw mpatFouwnH ebol Je nnar aS en
He tetnsooun Je eFSanouwnH ebol tennaSwpe eneine mmoF Je tnnau eroF kata qe etFS
oop nHhts
1joh-03-03 auw ouon nim ete untaF mmoou nteiHelpis SaFtbboF eHrai eJwF kata qe
etereph ouaab mmos
1joh-03-04- ouon nim eteire mpnobe Feire on ntkeanomia auw pnobe pe tanomia
1joh-03-05 auw tnsooun Je ntapetmmau ouwnH ebol Jekaas eFFeFei nnenobe auw mm n
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1joh-03-06 ouon nim etSoop Hrai nHhtF meFr nobe ouon nim eter nobe mpeFnau eroF
oude mpeFsouwnF
1joh-03-07 naShre mperterelaau plana mmwtn petere ndikaiosunh oudikaios pe kata
qe mpetmmau eudikaios pe.
1joh-03-08 peteire mpnobe ouebol Hm pdiabolos pe Je Jin teHoueite pdiabolos er
nobe etbe pai apShre mpnoute ouwnH ebol Jekaas eFebwl ebol nneHbhue mpdiabolos
1joh-03-09 ouon nim ntauJpoF ebol Hm pnoute meFr nobe Je peFsperma Soop Hrai nH
htF auw mn S Com mmoF er nobe Je ntauJpoF ebol Hm pnoute
1joh-03-10 Hm pai seouonH ebol nCi nneShre mpnoute mn neShre mpdiabolos ouon ni
m ete noudikaios an pe noubol an pe Hm pnoute auw pete nFme an mpeFson
1joh-03-11= Je pai pe perht ntanswtm eroF Jin Sorp Jekaas enamere nenerhu
1joh-03-12 kata qe an nkain eouebol Hm pponhros pe ntaFkwns peFson auw etbe ou
aFkonsF ebol Je neFHbhue Henponhron neHbhue de mpeFson Hendikaion ne
1joh-03-13 mprr Sphre nasnhu Je pkosmos moste mmon
1joh-03-14 anon tnsooun Je anpwwne ebol Hm pmou eHoun epwnH Je tenme nnensnhu p
ete nFme an FSoop Hrai Hm pmou
1joh-03-15 ouon de nim etmoste mpeFson oureFHetb rwme pe auw tetnsooun Je reFHe
tb rwme nim mntF mmau mpwnH nSa eneH eFSoop Hrai nHhtF
1joh-03-16 Hm pai aneime etagaph Je petmmau pentaFkw nteFyuch Haron anon de Hww
n SSe eron ekw nnmyuch Ha nensnhu
1joh-03-17 pete ountaF mmau mpbios mpeikosmos nFnau epeFson eFrCroH nFtmSn HthF
eHrai eJwF naS enHe tagaph mpnoute Soop Hrai nHhtF.
1joh-03-18 naShre mperterenme Hm pSaJe oude Hm plas alla Hm pHwb mn tme
1joh-03-19= auw Hm pai tennaeime Je anon Henbol hn tme auw tnnapeiqe mpenHht mpe
Fmto ebol
1joh-03-20 Je erSanpenHht Cenn arike eron pnoute o nnoC epenHht auw Fsooun nHwb
1joh-03-21 namerate ertmpenHht Cenn arike eron ountan mmoou nouparrhsia naHrm p
1joh-03-22 auw petnaaitei mmoF tnnaJitF ebol HitootF Je tnHareH nneFentolh auw
teneire mpeter anaF mpeFmto ebol
1joh-03-23 auw tai te teFentolh Jekaas enapisteue epran mpeFShre ihsous pecrist
os auw tenmeri nenerhu kata qe ntaFHwn etootn
1joh-03-24 auw petnaHareH nneFentolh FSoop Hrai nHhtF auw ntaF HwwF FouhH eHrai
nHhtF Hm pai teneime Je FSoop Hrai nHhtn ebol Hm pepneuma ntaFtaaF nan.
1joh-04-01= namerate mperpisteue epneuma nim alla dokimaze nnepneuma Je ene Hene
bol hn pnoute ne Je aHaH mprofhths nnouJ ei ebol Hm pkosmos
1joh-04-02 Hm pai souen pepneuma mpnoute mn pepneuma nteplanh Je pneuma nim etH
omologei nis pecristos Je aFei hn tsarx ouebol Hm pnoute pe
1joh-04-03 auw pneuma nim et nFHomologei an nis pecristos nouebol an Hm pnoute
pe auw pai pe panticrihsoustos petatenswtm Je Fnhu auw Jin tenou FSoop Hm pkosmo
1joh-04-04 ntwtn ntetn HenJpo ebol Hm pnoute auw atetnJro eroou Je ounoC pe pet
enHht thutn eHoue petSSoop Hm pkosmos.
1joh-04-05 ntoou ne Heneebol Hm pkosmos ne etbe pai euSaJe ebol Hm pkosmos auw
pkosmos swtm eroou
1joh-04-06 anon de ano Henebol Hm pnoute petsooun epnoute Fswtm eron pete nnoue
bol an Hm pnoute pe nFswtm an eron Hm pai teneime epepneuma ntme mn pepneuma nte
1joh-04-07= namerate marenmeri nnenerhu Je tagaph ouebol Hm pnoute te auw ouon n
im ntagapa nntauJpoF ebol Hm pnoute auw Fsooun epnoute
1joh-04-08 pete nFme an nFsooun an mpnoute Je pnoute pe tagaph
1joh-04-09 Hm pai asouwnH ebol nHhtn nCi tagaph mpnoute Je pnoute aFtnnoou mpeF
Shre nnouwt eHrai epkosmos Jekaas enewnH ebol HitootF
1joh-04-10 ere tagaph mpnoute Soop Hm pai Je anon an pentanmeri pnoute alla nto
F pentaFmeritn auw aFtnnoou mpeFShre nkw ebol nennobe
1joh-04-11 namerate eSJe apnoute meritn nteiHe anon Hwwn SSe eron emeri nnenerh
1joh-04-12 pnoute mpelaau nau eroF eneH eSwpe de enSanmeri nnenerhu ei pnoute S
oop Hrai nHhtn auw teFagaph Jhk ebol Hrai nHhtn
1joh-04-13- Hm pai teneime Je tenSoop eHrai nHhtF auw ntoF FSoop Hrai nHhtn Je a
FT nan ebol Hm peFpneuma
1joh-04-14 auw anon annau auw anr mntre Je apeiwt tnnoou mpeFShre ncwthr mpkosm
1joh-04-15 petnaHumologei Je ihsous pe pShre mpnoute pnoute Soop Hrai nHhtF auw
ntoF FSoop Hrai Hm pnoute
1joh-04-16+ auw anon aneime auw anpisteue etagaph ete ountas pnoute nHhtn pnoute
pe tagaph auw petSoop hn tagaph FSoop Hrai Hm pnoute auw pnoute Soop Hrai nHhtF
1joh-04-17 Hm pai asJwk ebol nCi tagaph mpnoute nmmo Jekaas eneJwpe euountan mm
oou nnouparrhsia Hm peHoou ntekrisis Jekaas kata qe etereph Soop mmos anon Hww t
enSwpe Hm pikosmos
1joh-04-18 mmn Hote Soop hn tagaph alla tagaph etJhk ebol SasnouJ ebol nqote Je
qote ountas mmoou nnoukolasis auw petr Hote nFJhk an ebol hn tagaph
1joh-04-19 auw teneime Je ntoF nSorp pentaFmeritn
1joh-04-20 eSwpe ereSanoua Joos Je Tme mpnoute eFmoste mpeFson oureFJi Col pe p
ete nFme gar an mpeFson etFnau eroF mpnoute de et mpeFnau eroF mn S Com mmoF eme
1joh-04-21 auw teientolh anJits ebol HitootF Jekaas petme mpnoute eFemeri peFso
1joh-05-01= ouon nim etpisteue Je ihsous pe pecristos ntauJpoF ebol Hm pnoute au
w ouon nim etme mpentauJpoF SaFmeri pentauJpoF ebol nHhtF
1joh-05-02 auw Hm pai teneime Je tenme nnShre mpnoute Hotan enSanmeri pnoute au
w ntneire nneFentolh
1joh-05-03 tai gar te tagaph mpnoute Jekaas eneHareH nneFentolh auw neFentolh s
eHorS an
1joh-05-04 Je ouon nim ntauJpoF ebol Hm pnoute SaFJro epkosmos auw peJro ntaFJr
o epkosmos pe tpistis
1joh-05-05 nim petJroeit epkosmos ei mhtei petpisteue Je ihsous pe pShre mpnout
1joh-05-06= pai pentaFei Hitn oumoou mn ousnoF mn oupneuma pecristos is Hm pmoou
mmate an alla Hm pmoou mn pesnoF auw pepneuma petr mntre Je pepneuma pe tme
1joh-05-07 Je pSomt er mntre
1joh-05-08 pepneuma mn pmoou mn pesnoF auw peiSomt oua ne
1joh-05-09 eSJe tenJi ntmntmntre nnrwme tmntmntre mpnoute naaas Je tai te tmntm
ntre mpnoute Je aFr mntre HapeFShre
1joh-05-10 petpisteue epShre mpnoute ountaF mmoou ntmntmntre Hrai nHhtF pete nF
pisteue an epShre mpnoute eFeire mpnoute nreFJi Col Je mpeFpisteue etmntmntre nt
apnoute er mntre mmos Ha peFShre
1joh-05-11 auw tai te tmntmntre Je apnoute T nan nouwnH nSa eneH auw peiwnH eFS
oop Hm peFShre
1joh-05-12 pete ountaF mmoou mpShre ountaF mmau mpwnH pete mntaF mmoou mpShre m
pnoute mntaF mmoou mpwnH
1joh-05-13= nai ntaisHaisou nhtn Jekaas etetnaeime Je ounthtn mmau mpwnH Sa eneH
netpisteue epran mpShre mpnoute
1joh-05-14 auw tai te tpparHousia ete ountans eHoun eroF Je petennaitei mmoF ka
ta peFouwS Fnaswtm eron
1joh-05-15 auw eSJe tensooun Je Fswtm eron Hm petennaitei mmoF tnsooun Je ounta
n mmoou nnenhdhma ntanaitei mmoou ebol HitootF
1joh-05-16- eSwpe ereSannoua nau epeFson eFr nobe nounobe an eFJi eHoun epmou ma
reFaitei nseT naF nnouwnH nnete nseer nobe an eFJi eHoun epmou oun nobe eFJi eHo
un epmou nneiJw mmos an Je eFesops etbe petmmau
1joh-05-17 Ji nCons nim ounobe pe auw ounobe pe eFJi eHoun epmou
1joh-05-18- tnsooun Je ouon nim ntauJpoF ebol Hm pnoute meFr nobe alla pentauJpo
F ebol Hm pnoute SaFHareH eroF auw merepponhros JwH eroF
1joh-05-19 tensooun Je anon Henbol Hm pnoute auw pkosmos thrF eFkh Hm ponhros
1joh-05-20 auw tensooun Je apShre mpnoute ei aFT nan noumntrmnHht Je ennesouen
tme auw tenSoop Hm pme Hrai Hm peFShre ihsous pecristos pai pe pnoute mme auw pw
nH Sa eneH
1joh-05-21 naShre HareH erwtn ebol hn neidwlon.
2joh-01-01= pepresbuteros eFsHai neklekth kuria mn nesShre nai anok eTme mmoou H
n oume auw anok mmate an alla ououon nim ntausouen tme
2joh-01-02 etbe tmntme etSoop Hrai nHhtn auw snaSwpe nmmon nSa eneH
2joh-01-03 tecaris eseSwpe nmmon mn pna auw Trhnh ebol Hitm mpnoute peiwt mn ih
sous pecristos pShre mpeiwt Hrai hn oume mn ouagaph
2joh-01-04= airaSe mmate Je aiHe eHoine hn nouShre eumooSe hn oume kata qe ntanJ
i nouentolh ebol Hitm peiwt
2joh-01-05 auw tenou tekklhsia on Tsops mmo kuria Hws eisHai ne an nnouentolh n
brre alla tai neuntans mmau nJin Sorp Jekaas enemeri nenerhu
2joh-01-06 auw tai te tagaph Jekaas enemooSe kata neFentolh tai te tentolh Jeka
as kata qe ntatetnswtm Jin Sorp ntetnnamooSe Hrai nHhts
2joh-01-07 Je auoumhhSe mplanos ei ebol epkosmos nete nseHomologei an nihsous p
ecristos Je aFei hn tsarx pai pe planos auw panticrhstos
2joh-01-08 THthtn erwtn Jekaas nnetenswrm nneHbhue ntatetnnaau alla Jekaas etet
naJi mpbhke etJhk ebol
2joh-01-09 ouon nim etnaer Sorp nFtmCw Hn tesbw mpecristos mntF pnoute mmau pet
naCw hn tesbw pai ountaF mmoou mpeiwt mn pShre
2joh-01-10 petnhu Sarwtn nFtmeine nhtn nteisbw mperJitF eHoun epetenhi auw mprJ
oos naF Je caire
2joh-01-11 petnaJoos naF Je caire Fo nkoinonos eneFHebhue eqoou
2joh-01-12= ounT HaH mmoou esHaisou nhtn mpeiouwS esHaisou Hitn oumela mn oucart
hs alla THelpize eei Sarwtn auw ntaSaJe nmmhtn ntapro Hi tapro Jekaas ereparaSe
Swpe eFJhk ebol
2joh-01-13 seSine ero nCi neShre neklekth touswne.
3joh-01-01= pepresbuteros eFsHai ngaios pmerit pai anok eTme mmoF hn oume
3joh-01-02- pamerit TSlhl etretekHih sooutn hn Hwb nim auw etrekouJai kata qe et
eretekyuch soutwn
3joh-01-03 airaSe mmate nterouei nCi nnesnhu auw auer mntre Harok hn tme kata q
e ntok etkmooSe hn oume
3joh-01-04 emnT raSe mmau enaaaF pai Jekaas eieswtm Je naShre mooSe hn oume
3joh-01-05= pamerit ouHwb eFo nHot petekeire mmoF peteknaaF eHoun nesnhu auw pai
eHoun nneSmo
3joh-01-06 nai ntaur mntre ntekagaph mpemto ebol ntekklhsia nai kalws knaas eak
qpoou ebol Hm pempSa mpnoute
3joh-01-07 ntauei gar ebol Ha pran mpouJi laau ntootou nnHeqnos
3joh-01-08 anon Ce Sse eron eSwp eron nnai nteimeine Jekaas enaSwpe nSbhr er Hw
b ntme
3joh-01-09- aksHai nnouHwb ntekklhsia Je pmair Sorp nHhtou diotrofhs nFSwp mmon
eroF an.
3joh-01-10 etbe pai eiSanei Tnatretetnnr pmeeue nneFHebhue eteFeire mmau hn Hen
SaJe euHoou eFo nSouSo eHrai eJwn auw eJn nai mpeFHw eroF oude ntoF nFSwp eroF a
n nnesnhu auw Fkwlu nnetSwp mmoou eroou auw FnouJ mmoou ebol Hn tekklhsia
3joh-01-11- pamerit mpertentwng eppeqoou alla eppetnanouF peteire mpetnanouF oue
bol pe Hm pnoute peteire mppeqoou mpeFnau epnoute
3joh-01-12 aur mntre ndimhtrios ebol Hitn ouon nim auw Hitn tme auw on anon de
on tnner mntre auw ksooun Hwwk Je tnmntmntre oume te
3joh-01-13= ounT HaH esHaisou nok alla TouwS an esHaisou nak Hitn oumela mn ouka
3joh-01-14 THelpize de enau erok hn ouCeph ntenSaJe mn nenerhu ntapro Hi tapro
3joh-01-15 Trhnh eseSwpe nak seSine erok nCi nnenSbeer Sine eneSbeer kata ran.
jude-01-01= ioudas pHmHal nihsous pecristos pson de niakwbos eFsHai mmerate etHm
pnoute peiwt netaHm etouHareH eroou Hn is pecristos
jude-01-02 pna eFeaSai nhtn auw tagaph mn Trhnh
jude-01-03= namerate eieire napataat mmate etrasHai nhtn etbe penouJai Hi ousop
apeteSSe Swpe nai etrasHai nhtn eiparakalei mmwtn etetnmiSe HeJn tpistis ntautaa
s nousop etootou nnetouaab
jude-01-04 aHenrwme gar oSou eHoun nai ntautoCou ebol nJin Sorp epeikrima eHenn
asebhs ne eupwwne ntecaris mpnoute euJwHm auw pJoeis ouaab mpthrF penJoeis ihsou
s pecristos euarna mmoF.
jude-01-05- TouwS de etretetnr pmeeue etetnsooun nka nim Je[ihsous] aFtouJe plao
s ebol Hm pkaH nkhme nousop pmeHsp snau nete mpoupisteue eroF aFtakoou
jude-01-06 auw naggelos ete mpouHareH eteuarch auotpou eHoun epHap mpnoC nHoou
Hn HensnauH nSa eneH Hn ouHtomtm
jude-01-07 nqe nsodoma mn gomorra mn nkepolis etkwte eroou eauporneue Hwou Hm p
eismot nnouwt nte tmntatnaHte eauouaHou nsa kesarx sekh gar eHrai nJin Sorp nsmo
t eauT Hap eroou hn oukwHt nSa eneH
jude-01-08- Homaiws neikekooue eupere rasou nsarx mn seJwHm mmoou mmntJoeis seaq
htei mmoou neoou seJi oua eroou
jude-01-09 micahl de parcaggelos eFSaJe mn pdiabolos ntereFJi Hap nmmaF etbe ps
wma mmwushs mpeFtoloma etreFeine nnouHap noua eHrai eJwF alla ntaFJoos Je erepJo
eis epitima nak
jude-01-10 nai de nete nsesooun mmoou an seJi oua eroou netousooun de mmoou nqe
mpesmot nntbnooue setako Hrai nHhtou
jude-01-11 ouoi nau Je aumooSe hn teHih nkain auJwwre ebol hn teplanh mpbeke nb
alaHam auw autako hn tantilogia nkore HenreFkrmrm nreFCen arike eumooSe kata neu
jude-01-12 nai netJaHm hn netennagaph euounoF nmmhtn aJn Hote euJwHm mmoou eHen
kloole euSoueit ne ereHenthu Hioue nswou auw HenShn euSouwou ne natkarpos eaumou
nkesop hn neunoune
jude-01-13 nHoeim etnaSt nte qallassa eutaouo ebol mpeuSipe nsiou ntauswrm nai
ntausobte nau nSa eneH mpkake etHtmtwm
jude-01-14- enwc de aFprofhteue nneikooue epmeHsaSF pe Jin adam eFJw mmos Je eis
pJoeis nhu hn neFtba naggelos etouaab
jude-01-15 etreFeire noukrisis eJn ouon nim auw nFJpie yuch nim etbe Hwb nim nt
aur SaFte nHhtou auw etbe nnSaJe throu etnaSt ntauJoou eroF nCi nnreFr nobe nase
jude-01-16 nai ne nreFkrmrm nreFCen arike eumooSe kata neuepiqumia auw teutapro
Ji mntHrouw eur Sphre nsa HenHo etbe ouHhu.
jude-01-17= ntwtn de namerate ari pmeeue nnSaJe mpenJoeis ihsous pecristos nai n
taneFapostolos Joou nJin Sorp
jude-01-18 ebol Je auJoos Je Hnqah nneuouoeiS oun HenreFJhr nhu eumooSe kata ne
uepiqumia nneumntSaFte
jude-01-19 nai netpwrJ ebol eHenyucikos ne emntou pneuma mmau
jude-01-20 ntwtn de namerate etetnkwt mmwtn hn tetnpistis etouaab emate etetnSl
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jude-01-21 HareH erwtn hn tagaph mpnoute etetnCwSt ebol eHhtF mpna mpenJoeis ih
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jude-01-22 auw Hoine etetntwkm mmoou ebol hn tsote
jude-01-23 etetnna nnetJi Hap Hn ouHote etetnmoste nneSthn etJaHm ebol hn tsarx
jude-01-24= pete oun Com mmoF etreFHareH erwtn etetntaJrhu nFtaHwtn erat thutn m
pemto ebol mpeFeoou etetnouaab hn outelhl.
jude-01-25 pnoute penswthr ouaab peoou naF ebol Hitn ihsous pecristos penJoeis
mn tCom auw pamaHte mn texousia Haqh nnaiwn throu auw Jintenou enaiwn throu Hamh
reve-01-01= [--]
reve-01-02 [--]
reve-01-03 [--] Hwn eHoun
reve-01-04- iwHannhs eFsHai nnsaSFe nekklhsia etHn tasia tecaris nhtn mn Trhnh e
bol Hitn petFSoop peteneFSoop petnhu auw ebol Hitn psaSF mpna mpemto ebol peqron
reve-01-05+ auw ebol Hitn ihsous pecristos pmntre ppistos pSrp mmise ebol Hnnetm
oout parcwn nnerrwou throu mpkaH pentaFmeritn auw [ ]
reve-01-06 [--]
reve-01-07 eis Hhhte eFnhu HiJn nekloole ntpe ntebal nim nau eroF [--] nseneHpe
eHrai eJwF nCi nefulh throu mpkaH Hamhn
reve-01-08- [--] petSoop peteneFSoop petnhu ppantokratwr.
reve-01-09= anok Hw iwHannhs petnson auw petnSbhr koinonos Hn teqliyis auw tmntr
ro mn qupomonh mpnJoeis ihsous pecristos aiSwpe Hn tnhsos etoumoute eros Je patm
os etbe pSaJe mpnoute auw etbe tmntmntre nihsous pecristos.
reve-01-10 aiSwpe Hm pepneuma mpeHoou ntkuriakh auw aiswtm eusmh Hi paHou mmoi
nqe nousalpigx
reve-01-11 esJw mmos Je neteknau eroou mn neteknanau eroou sHai sou euJwwme ngJ
oou sou etsaSFe nekklhsia etHn efesos auw smurna mn prgamos auw qeatira mn sardi
s mn filadelfia mn laodokia.
reve-01-12- auw aiktoi enau etesmh mpetSaJe nmmai ntereiktoi de anau esaSFe nluc
nia nnoub
reve-01-13 ere peine nouShre nrwme Hn tmhhte ne nlucnia eFCoole nouSnto eFmhr e
pesht eneFekeibe noumoJH nnoub.
reve-01-14 ere teFape ouobS mn peFFw nqe nousort nouobS auw nqe nouciwn ere neF
bal o nqe nouSaH nkwHt
reve-01-15 ere neFourhhte eine nouHomnt nbarwt eFpose Hn ouHrw ereteFsmh onqe m
peHroou nHenmoou enaSwou
reve-01-16 eoun saSF nsiou Hn teFCiJ nounam ere oushFe nhu ebol Hn teFtapro est
hm mfo snau ere peFHo o nqe mprh etrouoein Hn teFCom.
reve-01-17- ntereinau de eroF aiHe HaneFourhhte nqe nnetmoout auw aFtaleteFCiJ n
ounam eHrai eJwi eFJw mmos Je mprrHote. anok pe pSorp auw pHae
reve-01-18 petonH auw aimou auw eis Hhhte TonH Sa eneH neneH auw ere nSoSt ntoo
t mpmou mn amnte.
reve-01-19 sHai Ce nnentaknau eroou mn netSoop auw netnaSwpe mnnsa nai.
reve-01-20 pmhsturion mpsaSF nsiou ntaknau eroou Hn taounam mn tsaSFe nlucnia n
noub psaSF nsiou psaSF naggelos ne ntsaSFe nekklhsia auw tsaSFe nlucnia tsaSFe n
ekklhsia ne.
reve-02-01= sHai mpaggelos ntekklhsia etHn efesos Je nai neteFJw mmoou nCi pJoei
s petamaHte mpsaSF nsiou Hn teFCiJ nounam petmooSe Hn tmhhte ntsaSFe nlucnia nno
reve-02-02 Tsooun nnekHbhue mn pekHise mn tekHupomonh auw Je mn SCom eFi Haneqo
ou auw akpiraze nnetJw mmos Je anon Henapostolos nHoine an ne auw akHe eroou eHe
nnouJ ne
reve-02-03 auw ountak mmaau nouHupomonh auw akFi erok etbe paran mpekHise.
reve-02-04 alla ountai Henkoui erok Je akkw nswk ntekagaph nSorp.
reve-02-05 ari pmeeue Ce Je ntakHe ebol twn ngmetanoi ngeire nnekHbhue nSorp eS
wpe mmon Tnhu nak takim eteklucnia ebol Hm pesma ktmmetanoi.
reve-02-06 alla ountak pai mmau Je ekmoste nneHbhue nnikolaiths nai Hw eTmoste
reve-02-07 pete ountaF maaJe mmau mareFswtm Je oun etere pepneuma Jw mmoou nnek
klusia. petnaJro TnaT naF etreFouwm ebol Hm pShn mpwnH pai etntmhhte mpparadeiso
s mpanoute
reve-02-08= sHai mpaggelos ntekklhsia etHn smurna Je nai netFJw mmoou nCi pSorp
auw pHah pentaFmou auw aFwnH
reve-02-09 Tsooun ntekqliyis mn tekmntHhke alla ntk ourmmao auw tmntreFJi ouan
nai etJw mmos Je anon Henioudai nHoine an ne alla tsunagwgh mpsatanas te.
reve-02-10 mprrHote laau Hhtou nneteknaSopou eis Hhhte pdiabolos naneJ Hoine nH
ht thutn epeSteko Jekaas euepeiraze mmwtn auw oun thtn mmau nouqliyis mmht nHoou
Swpe mpistos Sa Hrai epmou auw TnaT nak mpeklom mpwnH.
reve-02-11 pete ountaF maaJe mmau eswtm mareFswtm Je ou petere pepneuma Jw mmoF
nnekklhsia. petnaJro nneuJitF nCons ebol Hitm pmou mmeHsnau.
reve-02-12= sHai mpaggelos ntekklhsia etHm pergamos Je nai netFJw mmoou nCi pete
ountaF mmau ntshFe etthm epHo snau
reve-02-13 Tsooun Je ekouhhH twn pma etere peqronos mpsatanas nHhtF auw akamaHt
e mparan mpekarna nta pisTs auw akaHeratk Hn neHoou ntaumouout mpamntre mpistos
HaHtethutn pma etere peqronos mpsatanas ouhhH nHhtF.
reve-02-14 auw ountai Henkoui erok Je ountak Hoine euamaHte ntesbw mbalaHam pai
ntaFtsabe balak eneJ skandalon mpmto ebol nnShre mp israhl etreuouem Swwt neidw
lon auw nseporneue.
reve-02-15 tai te tekHe Hwk eountak Hoine euamaHte ntesbw nnikolaiths.
reve-02-16 metanoi Ce eSwpe mmon Tnhu nak Hn ouCeph tamiSe nmmak Hn tshFe ntata
reve-02-17 pete ountaF maaJe mmau eswtm mareFswt Je ere pepneuma Jw mmos Je ou
nnekklhsia. petnaJro TnaT naF etreFouwm ebol Hm pmanna etHhp auw TnaT naF nouyhf
os esouobS ere ouran nbrre shH eros emn laau sooun mmoF ei mhti petnaJitF.
reve-02-18= sHai mpaggelos ntekklhsia etHn qiateira Je nai neteFJw mmoou nCi pSh
re mpnoute petere neFbal o nqe nouSaH nkwHt ereneFourhhte o nqe nouHomnt nbarwt
reve-02-19 Tsooun nnekHbhue mn tekagaph mn tekpistis auw tekdiakonia mn tekHupo
monh auw nekHbhue nHaeu naaau enekSorp.
reve-02-20 alla ountai erok Je akkw ntesHime Je eiezabel tai etJw mmos eros Je
ang ouprofuths esTsbw auw esplana nnaHmHal etreuporneue auw nseouemSwwt neidwlon
reve-02-21 aiT de nas nouoeiS Je esemetanoi auw mpsmetanoi ebol Hn tesporneia.
reve-02-22 eis Hhhte TnanouJ mmos eHrai euSwne auw neto nnoeik nmmas eunoC nqli
yis eSwpe de estmmetanoi ebol Hn nesHbhue
reve-02-23 Tnamouout nneskeShre Hn oumou auw senaeime nCi nekklhsia throu Je an
ok petHotHet nnenCloote mn nHht auw TnaT nhtn poua poua kataneFHbhue.
reve-02-24 TJw de mmos nhtn pkeseph etHn qeiateira netemntou teisbw mmaau auw m
pousooun nneqhp mpsatanas nqe etouJw mmos Je ntnatalekeHrhSe eJn thutn
reve-02-25 plhn petn tethutn amaHte mmoF SanTei.
reve-02-26 auw petnaJro neFHareH enaHbhue Sabol TnaT naF ntexousia eJn nHeqnos
reve-02-27 neFmoone mmoou Hn ouCerwb mpenipe auw neFouoSFou nqe eSauouwCp nnesk
euh mpkerameus nseouoSFou kataqe Hw ntaiJits ebol Hitm paiwt
reve-02-28 auw TnaT naF mpso nHtooue.
reve-02-29 pete ountaF maaJe mmau eswtm mareFswtm Je erepepneuma Jw mmos Je ou
reve-03-01= sHai mpaggelos ntekklhsia etHn sardis Je nai neteFJw mmoou nCi pete
ountaF psaSF mpneuma nte pnoute auw psaSF nsiou. Tsooun nnekHbhue Je ountak oura
n mmau Je konH ekmoout.
reve-03-02 Swpe ekroeis ngtaJrepkeseph nai eneunamou pe mpeiHe gar enekHbhue eu
Jhk ebol mpmto ebol mpanoute.
reve-03-03 aripmeeue Ce Je ntakJi auw ntakswtm naS nHe ngHareH ngmetanoi eSwpe
de ekSantmroeis Tnhu nqe noureFJioue auw ngnaSeime an Je einhu naS nnau eHrai eJ
reve-03-04 alla ountk ouCop nrwme Hn sardis mpoutwlm nneuHoite auw senamooSe nm
mai Hn HenHbsw euouobS Je sempSa.
reve-03-05 petnaJro FnaT HiwwF nteiHe nHenHbsw euouobS auw ntnaFetpeFran ebol a
n Hm pJwwme mpwnH auw TnaHomologei mpeFran mpmto ebol mpaiwt auw mpmto ebol nneF
reve-03-06 pete oun maaJe mmoF mareFswtm Je ou netere pepneuma Jw mmoF nnekklhs
reve-03-07= sHai mpaggelos ntekklhsia etHn filadelfia Je nai neteFJw mmoou nCi p
petouaab pme pete ountaF pSoSt ndaueid eFSanouwn mn laau naSSwtm eFSanSwtm mn la
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reve-03-08 Tsooun nnekHbhue eis Hhhte eis Hhhte aiT mpekmto ebol nouro eFouwn e
mn laau naeSCmCom eSwtm mmoF Je oukoui te tekCom auw akHareH epaSaJe mpekarna mp
reve-03-09 eis Hhhte aiT Hoine ebol Hn tsunagwgh mpsatanas nai etJw mmos Je ano
n Henioudai nHoine an ne alla euJiCol. eis Hhhte Tnatreuei nseouwSt mpmto ebol n
nekourhhte auw ngeime Je anok aimeritk.
reve-03-10 Je akHareH epSaJe ntaHupomonh auw anok Hw TnaHareH erok ebol Hn teun
ou ppeirasmos etnhu eHrai eJn toikoumenh thrs epeiraze nnetouhH Hrai HiJm pkaH.
reve-03-11 Tnhu tach amaHte mpetntootk Jekaas nne laau He ebol.
reve-03-12 petnaJro TnaaF noustulos Hrai Hm perpe mpanoute neFtmei ebol Ce auw
TnasHai eHrai eJwF mpran mpanoute mn pran ntpolis mpanoute qierosoluma nbrre etn
hu ebol Hn tpe ebol Hitm panoute auw paran nbrre.
reve-03-13 pete ountaF maaJe mmau mareFswtm Je ou petere pepneuma Jw mmoF nnekk
reve-03-14= sHai mpaggelos ntekklhsia etHn laodokia Je nai neteFJw mmoou nCi pHa
mhn pmntre mpistos mme pe Houeite mpswnt mpnoute
reve-03-15 Tsooun nnekHbhue Je oude ngorS an oude ngHhm an nanous enekorS pe he
reve-03-16 Je ntk oumou nslHo oude ngorS an oude ngHhm an Tnakabol mmok ebol Hn
reve-03-17 Je kJw mmos Je ang ourmmao auw air rmmao auw nTrcria an nlaau engsoo
un an Je ntok pe ptaluporos nebihn auw nHhke auw nblle ekkh kaHhu
reve-03-18 TJi SoJne nak eSep ounoub ntoot eFpose Hn oukwHt Jekaas ekerrmmao au
w HenHoite nouobS Je eketaau Hiwk neFtmouwnH ebol nCi pSipe mpekkw kaHhu auw oup
aHre eT enekbal Je ekenau ebol.
reve-03-19 anok gar ne Tme mmoou SaiJpioou taTsbw nau kwH Ce auw ngmetanoi.
reve-03-20 eis Hhhte TaHerat Hirm pro auw TnatwHm erSan oua swtm etasmh neFouwn
mpro Tnabwk eHoun SaroF taouwm nmmaF auw ntoF nmmai.
reve-03-21 petnaJro TnaT naF etreFHmoos Hitouwi Hi paqronos nqe Hw ntaiJro aiHm
oos Hitoun mpaeiwt Hi peFqronos.
reve-03-22 pete ountaF maaJe mmaau mareFswtm Je ou netere pepna Jw mmoou nnekkl
reve-04-01= mnnsa nai anau euro eFouhn Hrai Hn tpe auw tSorp nsmh ntaiswtm eros
nqe nousalpigx esSaJe nmmai esJw mmos Je amou eHrai epeima tatsabok enetnaSwpe m
n nsanai.
reve-04-02 nteunou aiSwpe Hm pepna auw eis Hhhte ne un ouqronos kh eHrai Hn tpe
ere oua Hm oos Hi peqronos
reve-04-03 auw petHmoos Hi peqronos eFeine nqorasis nouwne niaspis auw nsardino
s ere ouoein kwte epeqronos eFo mpeine nousardion.
reve-04-04 auw ere Jout aFte nqronos mpkwte mpeqronos ere Henpresbuteros Hmoos
Hi pJout aFte nqronos euCoole nHenHoite nouobS ereHenklom nnoub HiJn neuaphue.
reve-04-05 auw neunhu ebol Hm peqronos nCi HenbrhCe mn Hensmh mn HenHroubbai er
e saSFe nlampas nkwHt mouH mpmto ebol mpeqronos etenai ne psaSF mpneuma ntepnout
reve-04-06+ auw mpmto ebol mpeqronos ne oun ouqallassa nabaChein eseine noukrust
alos. auw ntmhhte mpeqronos mn peFkwte neunFtoou nzwon eumeH nbal Hiqh auw HipaH
reve-04-07 pSorp nzwon eFeine noumoui pmeHsnau nzwon eFeine noumase pmeHSomnt n
zwon eFo nqe nHo nrwme pmeHFtoou nzwon eFeine nouaitos eFHhl.
reve-04-08 auw peFtoou nzwon nete poua poua mmoou soou ntnH Jin neueib mpeukwte
eumeH nbal mpeuHoun auw meukatootou ebol mpeHoou mn teuSh euJw mmos Je Fouaab F
ouaab Fouaab pJoeis pnoute ppantwkratwr petSoop auw peteneFSoop petnhu.
reve-04-09 auw erSan nzwon Tmpeoou mn ptaio mn teucarisTa mpetHmoos eJm peqrono
s etonH SanieneH
reve-04-10 SaupaHtou nCi pJout aFte mpresbuteros mpmto ebol mpetHmoos Hi peqron
os nseouwSt mpetonH Sa nieneH neneH auw nsenouJ nneuklom mpmto ebol mpetHmoos Hi
peqronos euJw mmos
reve-04-11 Je kmpSa pJoeis pennoute nJi mpeoou mn ptaio mn tCom Je ntok aksnt n
ka nim auw euSoop auw ntauswnt etbe pekouwS.
reve-05-01= auw anau euJwwme Hn tounam mpetHmoos Hi peqronos eFshH Hiqh auw Hipa
Hou eFtobe nsaSFe nsfragis.
reve-05-02 auw anau euaggelos eFCmCom eFkhrusse ntou nsop Hn ounoC nsmh Je nim
petmpSa nouwn mpJwwme auw ebwl ebol nneFsfragis.
reve-05-03 auw mpe laau eSCmCom oude Hn tpe oude HiJm pkaH oude Ha pesht mpkaH
eouwn mpJwwme henau eroF.
reve-05-04 anok de airime emate Je mpouHe elaau eFmpSa nouwn mpJwwme henau eroF
reve-05-05 peJe oua nai ebol Hn nepresbuteros Je mprrime eis Hhhte aFJro nCi pm
oui ebol Hn tefullh niouda tnoune ndaueid etreFouwn mpJwwme mn teFsaSFe nsfragis
reve-05-06- auw anau ntmhhte mpeqronos mn peFtoou nzwon auw ntmhhte nnepresbeter
os euHieib eFaHeratF eaukonsF eountFsaSF ntap auw saSF nbal etenai ne psaSF mpne
uma mpnoute etouJoou mmoou ebol