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# Jumin Han Zen

1 Prologue Automatic Prologue Automatic

Jumin's lonely
Day 1; morning, 8:00am; Zen reminisces about the
2 Casual, Day Jumin and Cat and Day 1 old party, 3:00pm (Must
3 Zen, 07:30am (Must participate)
Excited Yoosung, 10:30pm
Jumin and Cat and (Choose "Why don't you try
Casual, Day Day 1;
3 3
Zen, 07:30am (Must
Deep, Day 3
exercising for a bit and then
participate) go to sleep?"); Stop playing
game... 00:55am

Seven loves cats,
Day 1; 10:04am (must
Jaehee's Favor, 11:15pm
Deep, Day participate);
4 2; Zen, Day Expressing emotion,
Day 1 (Choose "I'm curious of
7 2:11am; Being a pro,

Discussion about the
party, 7:40pm Casual, Day Zen received fan letters,
5 Day 1
(Choose "It's a 2 03:03am
beautiful evening")
Zen received fan letters,
03:03am (Choose "Does
Casual, Day The game starts Casual, Day
6 4 again, 22:00pm 2
your popularity have
anything to do with you
getting a girlfriend?")

Day 9; Suspicious email, Casual, Day Concern's from V and Zen,
7 Yoosung 1:10am 2 15:00pm

Casual, Day Zen with new work,
Day 9; A missing puzzle
8 Yoosung piece, 8:10pm
2; Deep, 19:02pm; Zen's
Day 4 imagination, 3:15pm

Deep, Day Been to the grape
Jumin, Day The thing Sarah has
9 4; Zen, Day farm, 8:02pm; Jumin
9 been..., 2.12am
7 in the farm, 10:22pm

Value of beauty,
Casual, Day Handsome Zen, 12:15pm;
8:49am (Choose "I’d
3; Jumin Leisurely morning, 8:30am;
10 Zen, Day 5 like to see more
Day 6; Tripter bot, 2:30am (Must
photos of you,
Seven Day 7 participate)

What Jumin believes, Casual, Day Zen making a fuss,
11 Zen, Day 6 8:20pm (Choose "Like 3; Jumin, 17:52pm; Stop cat
what?") Day 6 business, 12.22pm

Their life, 3:15pm; A
Deep, Day
misplaced pen,
3; Zen, Day Casual, Day Jalapenos topping,
12 8; Seven,
10:36am; Two
3 21:15pm
Different Reaction,
Day 8
1:27 pm

Casual, Day Yoosung is living alone,
13 Deep, Day 3 Lunch, 12:02pm
3 23:00 pm

Gossip article, 8:45am
Casual, Day
14 Deep, Day 4 (Change game to
No girlfriend 15:00pm

Zen, Day 6; Released Zen, 10:13am;
Jumin, Day About this hacker..., Jaehee, Day Stalker? or imaginary
15 5 10:30am 6; Jaehee, friend? 4:16pm; I am free!
Day 8 12:45pm

Big news… T_T, 18:00
Jumin, Day Yoosung, Who will raising the kitten,
16 7
(Change game to
Day 6 09:55am

Day Thank you for being here.. Day 25 8 Visual Novel 5 Jumin. 12:51pm (Choose "Show us the Jumin. 4:27pm Jaehee. 1:15pm Zen... Day 7 Visual Novel .!! 4:41pm Old party. Day 27 8 Visual Novel Zen. 9:07pm 22 7 Visual Novel Zen. Day 26 8 Visual Novel Zen. Day 8 My family said. 17 8 Elizabeth 3rd. Day 8 Zen's new work.. Day 9 9:25pm Jumin. 3:15am Jumin. 02:01am Jumin. Day 24 8 Visual Novel Zen. 8:00pm 7 Zen's room. Day 6 Released Zen. 23 8 Visual Novel Zen. Jumin. Day Defensive Jaehee. Day 20 7 Visual Novel Zen. Day Come back home.. Day 18 10 Visual Novel. Day 6 (Choose "I'd like to go..") Jumin. 9:21pm Jumin. Day Jaehee. 10:13am Jumin. Day Seven. Day 8 photo lolololol") Seven will send the CG via text message Jumin. Day 21 8 Visual Novel Zen. 19 5 Visual Novel Zen. Day 5 Zen vs Jumin. Day Master of marketing. Day 5 2:45am Jumin.

Day 9 Visual Novel. Day 8 Visual Novel Jumin. Day 11 RFA PARTY (Good End) Zen After 41 Ending Visual Novel (After Ending) Zen After 42 Ending Visual Novel (After Ending) Visual Novel (Bad Ending 43 Zen. Day Visual Novel (Bad 31 10 Ending #3) Zen. Day 9 Visual Novel. 11:24am 35 Zen. 3:56am 34 Zen. Day 11 RFA PARTY (Normal End) . Day 10 #3) 44 Zen. Day 10 Visual Novel. 3:56am Jumin. Day Visual Novel (Bad 32 8 Ending #2) Zen. Jumin. Day 29 11 RFA PARTY (Good End) Zen. Day 9 Visual Novel. Day 10 Visual Novel 38 Zen. Day 7 Visual Novel Jumin. Day RFA PARTY (Normal 33 11 End) Zen. Day 7 Visual Novel Jumin After Visual Novel (After 30 Ending Ending) Zen. Day 10 Visual Novel 39 Zen. Day 28 9 Visual Novel Zen. Day 11 RFA PARTY (Good End) 40 Zen. Day 7 Visual Novel Jaehee. Day 9 Visual Novel. 4:51pm 37 Zen. 11:24am 36 Zen.

45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 .

12:51pm. Automatic. Can Casual. Old party. 707 Yoosung Kim Prologue Automatic Prologue Automatic Prologue. 07:00am Who hates to work?. Casual. 1:17am Day 7 4 9:05am . Casual. Day 8. Day 4 1:10pm 7:00am Hacker is dangerous. Day Yoosung's omelette Deep. participate). Yoosung's complaint. Zen's expectation. Day Zen making a fuss. Day Seven mocks Yoosung Magician 707. Yoosung. 4 22:00pm 3 12:15pm Zen. participate) Day 4 Yoosung's life mission. Day 4 5:07pm 2 rice. Casual. Day 1 Deep. I wind a spring? 3 17:52pm Day 5 12:30pm Yoosung. Deep. Casual. Day 3:04am (Must Day 1 9:50pm (Must not 3. Unstoppable LOLOL. 6:30pm Casual. Day Day 1 4:50pm (must 3:04am (Must not 3 participate) participate) Unstoppable LOLOL. Day Handsome Zen. Casual. Religion. Day The game starts again.

20am. Jaehee. I am free! 12:45pm Jaehee.) Stayed overnight T_T. Day 5 party. After looking at the 2. 2:22 am 23:30pm. 9:22am Deep. Day 6. Work is done! 2:48am Day 5 old photo. Yoosung. 11:07pm Day 5 8:40am Yoosung's concern. 2:12pm. Deal. Yoosung. Yoosung. 3:02am (Must Day 9 4 19:18pm participate) Answer me!. After looking at the 2. 9:22am. me more! I want to Yoosung. Day 3 7:46am Day 5 1:22pm Yoosung. 9:47pm 9 . Day Are you really. 1:28am 8. 11:00pm. Day 4 Real master. Yoosung in the past. Yoosung. Day memory. Yoosung's concern. I can do it by myself. Yoosung. 11:07pm Day 9 Deep. photos of you? -> Show Day 7. Jaehee. 1:22pm (Choose: Deep. Old Jaehee. Rika and MC. 8 1. Day (Don't you have any 2. 7:56pm Day 5 Omg T_T Look at my hand. Day know!). Day 2 Be honest!. Day How's my life?.. Two men under the one Yoosung. Jaehee. Deep. Seven What you two have in Day 5 old photo. The picture of the last Jaehee. Day 8 1.20am Day 5 7:35am Deep.. Deep. Day I can do it by myself. Day Answer me!. Casual.

10:01 am RFA Party (Good End) 9 Day 11 Seven. Day Seven. Consolation). 15:27 pm. 12:07 pm . 10:01 am Visual Novel. Visual Novel. Day Family reunion Visual Novel. 8:00 am 8 Day 10 participate) Seven. Did you sleep well?. 5:30pm (Must Visual Novel. 1:12 am Deep. Day Yoosung. Day Visual Novel."Yoosung. are you going to take 10 pm Day 8 a break too?" --> "You're so cute I want to give you a big hug" Did you sleep well? 8:01am (Choose “It’ll Seven. The feelings for MC.Seven. Visual Novel. Day Yoosung. Day Yoosung. 17:31 pm 8 7 10:48am Seven.35 seconds 10:20am 5 Day 7 10:00pm Seven. RFA Party (Good End) Day 11 Day 10 Visual Novel. 1:10am 9 Day 9 Seven. 9. 2. Day Yoosung. 11:50am 9 Seven. 2:46 am 9 6 7:19pm Seven. 17:06 pm 7 Day 8 worry too much. Return. Day Yoosung. Seven. 12:07 Yoosung. Day I need to rest! Visual Novel. I'm recovered! 8:35am 6 Day 8 8:01am Did you sleep well? 8:01am . Seven. Day 2 Rich people.” -> “I feel so safe because of my babe~ ♥”) Seven. Don’t Visual Novel. be solved soon. Day Visual Novel (Jahee's Yoosung. Day Jaehee. Day Yoosung. Day Please remember.

RFA PARTY (Normal RFA Party (Good End) Ending Day 11 End) Visual Novel (After Ending) Seven. Day Yoosung.Seven. Day Visual Novel (Bad Ending 10 #2) Seven. Visual Novel (Bad RFA Party (Good End) 11 Day 10 Ending #3) Seven After Yoosung. Day Visual Novel (Betrayal). Day RFA PARTY (Normal End) 11 Secret End 1 Episode 6 Secret End 1 Episode 6 Secret End 2 Episode 3 Secret End 2 Episode 5 Secret End 2 Episode 6 Secret End 2 Episode 6 Secret End 2 Episode 6 . Yoosung Visual Novel (After 10 4:14 am After Ending Ending) Seven.


Day 4 12:00pm Day 10 8:00pm 3 Yoosung. Day 1 2. Day 4 7:00am Day 8 8:45pm 2 Casual. Day Fresh feeling. Day Discussion about Yoosung. Casual. Deal. Day I quit LOLOL Yoosung. happiness. Casual. Day Jaehee's position. Visual Novel. Deep. Seven. Drunk Jaehee. 11:00pm Secret End 1 Episode 3 7 Day 6 . 7:40pm Day 8 8:45pm Day 4 Casual. 7:00 Secret End 1 Episode 2 5 Day 5 pm Jaehee. Day Yoosung. Day Yoosung. Casual. Secret End 1 Episode 3 6 11:09pm Day 6 Jaehee. the party. Yoosung. Day Visual Novel. Visual Novel. Jaehee Kang V Common Prologue Automatic Prologue Automatic Day 1 Casual. Yoosung. Visual Novel. Day Day 7 2:44pm 9 19:19pm 4 Life that pursuits Jaehee.

8 6:55am Day 5 Deep. Day 3.. Day 10. Day Jaehee. Zen. Deep. Jaehee. Secret End 1 Episode 7 10 Day 7 2:30pm New side of Jaehee? 7:30pm (Choose "I'm Jaehee. Day Visual Novel. 8 5:16pm Yoosung. 9 1:39pm Yoosung. 8:34pm Secret End 1 Episode 7 Yoosung. Day Warm supports. jealous that you Secret End 1 Episode 7 7 Day 7 get to eat something that she cooked. Secret End 1 Episode 3 10. Jaehee.") Zen. Yoosung Day 7 8:15am 8 Jumin. Yoosung. 8 Day 7 Jaehee. Day Visual Novel.. Secret End 1 Episode 7 7 3:55pm Day 8 Jaehee. Day Visual Novel. Day Jaehee. Day 8 ... Day Yoosung. Day Yoosung. Day 8. Zen. Day 7 Find a path that Jaehee. Secret End 1 Episode 3 4. Day Coffee time. Jaehee. makes you. Day 6. Day Zen's gift.

Day 10 Jaehee. Day 8 Jaehee. Day 11 End) 5 Jaehee. Day 8 5:16pm 5 Jaehee. Day Ending Ending) 8 Jaehee. Day Visual Novel. Day 11 End) 8 Jaehee. Day RFA PARTY (Good Jaehee. Day RFA PARTY (Normal Jaehee. Day RFA PARTY (Good Jaehee. Zen. Jaehee. Day 4.Jaehee. Day 10 Zen. Day 7 . Day 11 End) 5 Jaehee After Visual Novel (After Jaehee. Day 8 Jaehee. Day 5 Deep.

Day 3 Jumin. Day 9 .Zen. Day 3 Deep. Day 7 Zen. Day 3 Deep. Day 9 Zen. Day 9 Zen. Day 5 Jumin. Day 6 Zen. Day 9 Jumin. Day 8 Deep. Day 6 Zen. Day 7 Jumin. Day 9 Zen. Day 5 Jumin. Day 3 Deep. Day 5 Jumin.

Zen. Day 10 Seven. Day 6. Day 8 Yoosung. Day 8 Prologue Secret End 2 . Day 8 Seven. Day 9 Seven. Seven. Day 10. Day 7 Seven. Day 7 Seven. Seven.

9:45pm Seven's gift. 11:45am (choose "What are you doing right now) Jalapenos topping. 0:38am.Common Zen's expectation. 21:15pm (Choose "I can lock you up lol") Do not drink coffee. 3:33am Kitten. 7:05am . 3:24am The people who makes games. Yoosung's life mission. 9:50pm (must participate) Jaehee's announcement. 6:30pm Yoosung's thoughts.

8:18pm. It's over. 1:17am Stalkers again?. 2:00am. 11:51pm Seven's pressure.8. 11:44pm 707's secret! 4:00pm. A vicious enterpriser? 11:20am Something in common. Emergency alert. 8:55pm Calm Jumin. 8:55pm Emergency!. 5:50pm Unstable Seven. I'm shocked!.Religion. 10:14pm. Emergency!.. 8:45pm . Magician 707.. 1:10pm.19am.

2:49am . 9:20am Jumin's driving skill. 3:13am Relaxing cafe. 11:04pm Lonely Zen. 8:34pm Don't work too hard on this. 2:45am Religion. 3:02pm Jumin took my babe car. 1:10pm. 6:49am Jumin back from the business trip. 4:22pm Master of marketing. Tickets to the cherry. 10:17am I am free! 12:45pm Zen's gift. A way to feel better.

. 1. Zorro poster.. 13:41 (Change game to Korean) I will be okay again. 1:40pm My dream.. 00:55am Yoosung going to the class.03pm . 00:55am. 1:59pm Mission Honey Buddha. 10:40pm About Echo Girl.. 10:59pm Another shock. 6:59pm Stop playing game. 19:52 (Change game to Korean) Words for you two.About visiting Zen. 4:16 pm Don't give up!. 2:59am Honey Buddha Chip. 7:30pm Where is here T_T. the cat wedding. 4:12pm Things getting worse. 2:58pm RFA and their families.09am Castle in the moutains. 8:24am Stop playing game. 1. 4:11pm Suspicious Echo Girl.

" Episode 7 . 17:31 pm Choose "No. The Secrets That Seven Has. How is the preparation going. 12:43 am.. 17:31pm 1:10am Suspicious Email ("What did the email say?") (Change game to Korean . Mint Eye and Rika 21:16 pm I Miss My Mom 21:13 pm Visual Novel." and then "No.Choice looks like 어떤 내용 인데요?) 2:30am Tripter Bot (Change game to Korean) Sentimental morning 9:32am Mysterious email 1:33am. You're creepy.