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r Mohin Ekda Issue no:61 6th May 2017

The Duties Of A Sadhaka

Activities Of Maharaja Agnidhra
Sukadeva Goswami

Pure Devotee Never Wants

To See The Lord Unnecessarily
His Divine Grace
A.C.Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.

The Duties Of A Sdhaka

Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura

How Can One Achieve

Devotional Service?
Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakura

Pure Bhakti Is The

Only Means To Perfection
Srila Vishvanatha Chakravarti Thakura
Issue no 61, Page 2 nitya bhgavata-sevay
Activities Of Maharaja Agnidhra
Sukadeva Goswami
When Maharaja Priyavrata went away for
solitary spiritual practice, his sonAgnidhra became
the ruler of Jambudvipa, in accordance with his
instructions. Agnidhra maintained its residents
with the same affection a father feels for his sons.
Once Maharaja Agnidhra desired to have a son.
For this reason, he went to a cave of Mandara
Mountain to practice austerity. Understanding his
desire, Lord Brahma sent a celestial woman named
Purvacitti to Agnidhra's hermitage. Dressing
very attractively, she presented herself before
him displaying her various feminine charms.
Maharaja Agnidhra naturally became attracted.
Her actions, expressions, smile, sweet words
and eye movements were fascinating to him.
Agnidhra was expert in flattery. Thus he attracted
the celestial lady, who was pleased to accept him
as her husband because of his mellifluous words.
She enjoyed royal happiness with Agnidhra for
many years and then returned to her abode in the
heavenly planets. In her womb Agnidhra begot
nine sons-Nabhi, Kimpurusa, Harivarsa, Ilavrta, line of pravargya, the kind Supreme Personality
Ramyaka, Hiranmaya, Kuru, Bhadrasva and of Godhead, due to His affection for His devotees,
Ketumala. He gave them nine islands which were appeared before King Nabhi in His unconquerable
named after them. Agnidhra, however, his senses and captivating form with four hands. In this way,
unsatisfied, was always thinking of his celestial to fulfill the desire of His devotee, the Supreme
wife, and therefore in his next life he was born Personality of Godhead manifested Himself
on the celestial planet where she resided. After before him in His beautiful form, which always
the death of Agnidhra, his nine sons married nine pleases the mind and eyes of the devotees. Lord
daughters of Meru named Merudevi, Pratirupa, Vishnu appeared before King Nabhi with four
Ugradasri, Lata, Ramya, yama, Nari, Bhadra arms. He was very bright, and He appeared to be
and Devaviti. the best of all great personalities. On the lower part
Maharaja Nabhi, the son of Agnidhra, wished to of His body, He wore a yellow silken garment. On
have sons, and therefore he very attentively began His chest was the mark of srvatsa, the symbol of
to offer prayers to and worship the Supreme beauty. He carried a conchshell, lotus flower, disc
Personality of Godhead, Lord Vishnu, the master and club, and He wore a garland of forest flowers
and enjoyer of all sacrifices. Maharaja Nabhis and the kaustubha gem. He was beautifully
wife, Merudevi, who had not given birth at that decorated with a helmet, earrings, bangles, belt,
time, also worshiped Lord Vishnu along with pearl necklace, armlets, ankle bells and other
her husband. In the performance of a sacrifice, bodily ornaments bedecked with radiant jewels.
there are seven established means to obtain the Seeing the Lord present before them, King Nabhi,
mercy of the Supreme Personality of Godhead: his priests and associates felt just like poor people
(1) by sacrificing valuable things or eatables, (2) who have suddenly attained great riches. They
by acting in terms of place, (3) by acting in terms received the Lord by respectfully bowing their
of time, (4) by offering hymns, (5) by engaging a heads and offering Him things in worship.
qualified priest, (6) by offering gifts to the priests The priests began to offer prayers to the Lord,
and (7) by observing the regulative principles. saying: O most worshipable one, we are simply
However, one cannot always obtain the Supreme Your servants. Although You are full in Yourself,
Lord through these paraphernalia. Nonetheless, out of Your causeless mercy, please accept a little
the Lord is affectionate to His devotee. Therefore service from us, Your eternal servants. We are
when Maharaja Nabhi, who was a devotee, barely aware of Your transcendental form, but we
worshiped and offered prayers to the Lord with can simply offer our respectful obeisance again
great faith, devotion and a pure uncontaminated and again, as instructed by the Vedic literatures
mind, superficially performing the yaja in the and authorized cryas. Materialistic living
nitya bhgavata-sevay top right 3 Issue no 61, Page3
entities are very much attracted to the modes
of material nature, and therefore they are never
perfect. But You O Lord, are beyond the scope
of all material conceptions. Your name, form and
qualities are all transcendental and beyond the
realm of experimental knowledge. Indeed, who
can conceive Your glories? In the material world
we can perceive only material names and qualities
and therefore we have no power other than to offer
our respectful obeisance and prayers unto You,
the transcendental personality. The glorification
of Your auspicious transcendental qualities will
wipe out the sins of all mankind. That is the most
auspicious activity for us, and we can thus partially
understand Your supernatural position. O Supreme
Lord, You are full in every respect. You are
certainly very satisfied when Your devotees offer
You prayers with faltering voices and in ecstasy
bring You tulasi leaves, water, twigs bearing new
leaves, and newly grown grass. This surely makes
You satisfied.
We have begun Your worship with various
paraphernelia and have offered sacrifices unto
You, but we think that there is no need for so many
pompous arrangements to please Your Lordship.
All of lifes goals and opulence are directly, benediction. By being present before us, You have
self-sufficiently, unceasingly and unlimitedly bestowed upon us the most valuable benediction.
increasing in You at every moment. Indeed, You Dear Lord, all the great sages who are pensive
are unlimited enjoyment and blissful existence and greatly pious incessantly recount Your spiritual
itself. As far as we are concerned, O Lord, we are qualities. These sages have already burned all
always after material enjoyment. You do not need the contamination in their hearts by the fire of
all these sacrificial arrangements, but they are knowledge, strengthened their detachment from
meant for us so that we may be blessed by Your the material world. Thus they have attained Your
Lordship. All these sacrifices are performed for our qualities and are self-satisfied. Yet even for those
fruitive results, and they are not actually needed by who feel spiritual bliss in chanting Your attributes,
You. Your personal presence is very rare. Dear Lord, at
the time of death we may not be able to remember
tad yath blin svayam tmana Your name, form and qualities due to stumbling,
reya param avidu parama-parama- hunger, falling down, yawning or being in a
purua prakara-karuay sva-mahimna miserable diseased condition because of high
cpavargkhyam upakalpayiyan svaya fever. We therefore pray unto You, O Lord, for
npacita evetaravad ihopalakita. You are very affectionate to Your devotees. Please
help us remember You and utter Your holy names,
O Lord of lords, we are completely ignorant of the attributes and activities, which can dispel all the
execution of dharma, artha, kma and moka, the reactions of our sinful lives.
process of liberation, because we do not actually Dear Lord, here is the great King Nabhi, whose
know the goal of life. You have appeared personally ultimate goal in life is to have a son like You.
before us like a person soliciting worship, but You Your Lordship, his position is like that of a person
are present here just so we can see You. Out of Your approaching a very rich man and begging for
abundant and causeless mercy, You have come in a little grain. Maharaja Nabhi is so desirous of
order to serve our purpose, our interest, and give us having a son that he is worshiping You, although
the benefit of Your personal glory called apavarga,
liberation. You came, even though we have not You can offer him any exalted position, including
properly worshiped You due to our ignorance. elevation to the heavenly planets or liberation back
O most worshipable of all, You are the best of to Godhead.
all benefactors, and Your appearance at saintly ko v iha te 'parjito 'parjitay myaynavasita-
King Nabhis sacrificial arena is meant for our padavynvta-matir viaya-via-raynvta-
praktir anupsita-mahac-caraa.
Issue no 61, Page 4
Top left 4 nitya bhgavata-sevay
this, the Lord disappeared. The wife of King
Dear Lord, unless one worships the lotus feet Nabhi, Queen Merudevi, was sitting by the side
of great devotees, one will be conquered by of her husband, and consequently she could
the illusory energy, and his intelligence will be hear everything the Supreme Lord had spoken.
bewildered. Indeed, who has not been carried O Vishnudatta, Pariksit Maharaja, the Supreme
away by the waves of material enjoyment, Personality of Godhead was pleased by the great
which are like poison? Your illusory energy is sages at that sacrifice. Thus the Lord decided
unconquerable. No one can see the path of this to personally exhibit the method of executing
material energy or tell how it is working. religious principles and to also fulfill Maharaja
O Lord, You perform many wonderful activities. Nabhis desire. For these reasons, He appeared as
Our only aim in performing this great sacrifice the son of Merudevi in His original spiritual form,
was to acquire a son; therefore our intelligence which is above the modes of material nature.
is not very sharp. We are not experienced in rmad-Bhgavatam (BhgavataPura) Canto 5: The Creative Impetus
ascertaining lifes true goal. By inviting You to Chapter 2: The Activities of Maharaja gndhra(Summary) & Chapter 3:
this negligible sacrifice for some material motive, abhadeva's Appearance in the Womb of Merudev, the Wife of King Nbhi
we have certainly committed a great offense at Verses: 1-20.
Your lotus feet. Therefore, O Lord of lords, please
excuse our offense by Your causeless mercy and Pure Devotee Never Wants
equanimity of mind. To See The Lord Unnecessarily
Sri Sukadeva Goswami said: The priests, who His Divine Grace
were worshiped even by King Nabhi, the Emperor A.C.Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.
of Bhrata-vara, offered prayers in prose - not
poetry, and bowed down at the Lords lotus feet. Maharaja Nabhi was inclined to perform great
The Lord of lords, the ruler of the demigods, was sacrifices to beget a son. Though the son may be as
very pleased with them, and He began to speak as good as the Supreme Personality of Godhead, such
follows. a material desirebe it great or insignificantis
brought about by the influence of my. A devotee
r-bhagavn uvca does not desire anything for sense gratification.
aho batham ayo bhavadbhir avitatha-grbhir Devotion is therefore explained as devoid of
varam asulabham abhiycito yad amuytmajo material desires (anybhilit-nya). Everyone
may sado bhyd iti mamham evbhirpa is subject to the influence of my and entangled
kaivalyd athpi brahma-vdo na m bhavitum in all kinds of material desire; and Maharaja Nabhi
arhati mamaiva hi mukha yad dvija-deva- was no exception. Freedom from my's influence
kulam. is only possible when one engages in the service of
the great devotees (mahac-caraa-sev). Without
The Supreme Personality of Godhead worshiping the lotus feet of a great devotee, one
replied: O great sages, I am certainly pleased cannot be freed from the influence of my. Srila
with your prayers. You are all very truthful. You Narottama dasa Thakura therefore says, chiy
have prayed for the benediction of a son like Me vaiava-sev nistra pyeche keb: "Who has
been freed from my's clutches without serving
for King Nabhi, but this is very difficult to obtain. the lotus feet of a Vaishnava?" My is aparjita
Since I am the Supreme Person without a second (undefeatable), and her influence is also aparjita.
and since no one is equal to Me, it is not possible The priests were also unhappy to have called
to find another personality like Me. Moreover, the Supreme Lord from Vaikuntha for such an
since you are all qualified brhmaas, your words insignificant reason. A pure devotee never wants
should not prove untrue. I consider the brhmaas to see the Lord unnecessarily. The Lord is engaged
who are well qualified with brahminical qualities in various activities, and the pure devotee does not
to be like My mouth. want to see Him whimsically, for his own sense
gratification. The pure devotee simply depends on
tata gndhrye 'a-kalayvatariymy tma- the Lord's mercy, and when the Lord is pleased
tulyam anupalabhamna. with him, he can see Him face to face. The Lord
is unseen even by demigods like Lord Brahma
Since I cannot find anyone equal to Me, I shall and Lord Shiva. By calling on the Supreme Lord,
personally expand Myself into a plenary portion the priests of Nabhi Maharaja proved themselves
and appear in the womb of Merudevi, the wife of unintelligent; nonetheless, the Lord came because
Maharaja Nabhi, the son of Agnidhra. of His causeless mercy. All of them therefore
Sukadeva Goswami continued: After saying wanted to be excused by the Lord.
nitya bhgavata-sevay Issue no 61, Page5
Worship of the Supreme Lord for material gain soul. Sad-dharma lies in these teachings alone. A
is not approved in the scriptures. As stated in bona fide sdhaka tries to properly understand sad-
Bhagavad-gt (7.16): dharma. If he cannot understand on his own, then
he prays at the feet of his sika-guru and learns from
catur-vidh bhajante mjan suktino 'rjuna him. Those who have this kind of determination to
rto jijsur arthrthjn ca bharatarabha know sad-dharma quickly achieve their desired
goal. The Bhakti-rasmta-sindhu (1.1.9) says:
"O best among the Bharatas [Arjuna], four
kinds of pious men render devotional service unto anybhilit-nyajna-karmdy-anvtam
Meone who desires wealth, the inquisitive, the nuklyena knu-lana bhaktir uttam
distressed, and one who is searching for knowledge
of the Absolute." "One should render transcendental loving service
Initiation into bhakti begins when one is in a to the Supreme Lord Krishna favorably and without
distressed condition, in need of money, when one desire for material gain through fruitive activities
is inquisitive, or when one wants to understand the or philosophical speculation. That is called pure
Absolute Truth. Nonetheless, people who approach devotional service."
the Supreme Lord in this way are not actually As long as this pure devotional symptom, in
devotees. They are accepted as pious (suktina) the form of understanding sad-dharma, has not
due to their approaching the Absolute Truth, the clearly manifest in the heart of an inquisitive
Supreme Personality of Godhead. Unaware of the person, he remains covered with darkness and
various activities and engagements of the Lord, cannot understand pure devotional service. If one
such people unnecessarily disturb Him for material depends on his own speculation, then unalloyed
gain. However, the Lord is so kind that even though devotional service will not manifest in his heart.
disturbed, He fulfills the desires of such people. We often meet many so-called paitas who think
The pure devotee is anybhilit-nya; he has no they have understood the constitution of bhakti by
motive behind his worship. He is not conducted by their knowledge and intelligence. Some of them
the influence of my in the form of karma or jna. have concluded that devotional service mixed with
The pure devotee is always prepared to execute the jna is pure bhakti, and some have concluded that
order of the Lord without personal consideration. devotional service mixed with karma is pure bhakti.
The tvija, the priests at the sacrifice, knew very They are so proud that if they hear the teachings of
well the distinction between karma and bhakti, r Caitanya-caritmta, they say, "Everyone can
and because they considered themselves under the make their own conclusion. What is the need for
influence of karma, fruitive activity, they begged accepting the conclusion of Caitanya-caritmta?"
the Lord's pardon. They knew that the Lord had Such people will never come in touch with sad-
been requested to come for some insignificant dharma because they have no genuine desire
reason. to know it. As a result of performing their own
rmad-Bhgavatam (BhgavataPura) Canto 5: The Creative Impetus concocted process of devotional service, they can
Chapter 3: abhadeva's Appearance in the Womb of Merudev, the Wife of never relish pure devotion.
King Nbhi Verses: 14 and 15. It is the duty of a sdhaka to give up personal
enjoyment for the sake of Krishna. Sense
The Duties Of A Sdhaka gratification is material enjoyment. Dovetailing
Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura one's desire for sense gratification in the service of
Krishna is known as renunciation of enjoyment.
As fortunate persons wish to follow the When one converts his desire for enjoyment
characteristics of the devotional service performed into accepting what is favorable for devotional
by sdhus, they similarly desire to know the service, thus giving up the spirit of enjoyment and
nature of their duty. Unfortunate, proud persons accepting everything as ka-prasda, it is called
act in just the opposite manner. As they search renunciation of enjoyment.
for paths that are different from the sdhus, they To reside in a holy place related to Krishna is
neglect the sdhus' determined conclusions and also an aspect of sdhana. If one resides in Sri
instead heed their own. They do not care to preach Dwarka, Sri Mathura, on the bank of the Ganges,
the teachings of Mahaprabhu, rather they preach or at any place of the Lords pastimes, he naturally
contradictory doctrines. They cannot imagine how remembers Krishna. What greater gain can there
much misfortune they are creating by this. Those be than this?
who are simple-hearted endeavor to properly At every stage of life one should accept only as
learn the teachings of the Lord from r Caitanya- much material necessities as are needed for the
caritmta. The Lord's teachings are our life and practice of devotional service. By desiring more
Issue no 61, Page 6 nitya bhgavata-sevay
than what is needed, bhakti will disappear. However, books, except those which lead to the advancement
if material necessities are not accepted according to of devotional service. One should only discuss those
one's need, then the practice of devotional service scriptures where devotional service is instructed
will also be hampered. and explained, such as the Vedas, smtis, Puras,
One should carefully respect r hari-vsara, Pacartra, and the writings of the mahjanas.
Ekda. By observing Ekda, the supporting Any books other than these can provide only
principles of devotional service are simultaneously useless arguments.
practiced. Thus the sdhana becomes continuous The necessity for food and clothing always
by giving up all enjoyment while observing remains both in household life or in renounced
Ekda once every fortnight. life. Therefore there is a need of generosity in such
All sinful reactions will be diminished if one dealings. According to the Padma Pura:
worships and meditates on the earth, banyan
trees, tulasi, cows, brhmaas, and Vaisnavas. In alabdhe v vinae vbhakycchdana-sdhane
this world, these objects are auspicious, hence by aviklava-matir bhtvharim eva dhiy smaret
serving them, one can please Krishna.
Therefore those who are aspiring for devotional "One who is taking shelter of the holy name should
service should first take shelter of r Guru, take remain undisturbed even if food and clothing are
initiation and instruction from him, and serve him. not easily obtained, or if they are obtained but then
They should also follow the behavior of the sdhus lost. Giving up all material attachments, he should
and learn devotional service through their teachings. take complete shelter of Lord Govinda."
In order to make one's life Kishna conscious, one The purport is that whether a sdhaka stays at
should reside in a sacred place related to Krishna home or in the forest, he will have to endeavor for
and give up sense gratification for the service of food and clothing. A householder should obtain his
Krishna. In one's ordinary dealings one should only food and clothing through agriculture, business,
accept the wealth that is necessary to favorably protecting the citizens, or by serving others. A
maintain Krishna's service. To practice devotional renunciate should obtain those items by begging.
service one should observe fast days like Ekda Whilst doing so, a devotee should not be agitated
and Janmam. One should respect banyan trees if food and clothing are not obtained or if they
which stay in this world which is one of the Lord's are obtained and then lost. At all times, he should
opulence. peacefully remember Krishna.
These ten limbs of devotional service are the Ordinary householders lament if they lose their
preliminary activities for worshiping the Lord. wife, children, etc. But a practitioner of devotional
Without performing these ten limbs, attaining service should not lament for a long time. He should
devotional service and Krishna is very difficult. quickly give up lamentation and instead cultivate
And the following ten rules must be rejected, Krishna consciousness. A renunciate should not
otherwise one cannot be fixed in the practice of lament if he does not possess a quilt, a waterpot,
devotional service. or other basic items. Nor should he lament if these
One should not associate with persons who are things are stolen by man or animal. The practicing
averse to the Lord's service. Undoubtedly, one will Vaisnava should give up all urges like lamentation
have to meet such people in his ordinary dealings, and anger. Otherwise there will be obstacles in his
but one should not extend his dealings with them constant remembrance of Krishna. It is explained
once the work is finished. Those who have not in the Padma Pura:
had loving devotion to Krishna awakened in their
hearts are always proud of remaining under the okmardibhir bhvairkrnta yasya mnasam
shelter of jna and karma. Therefore, they are
called bhagavad-bahirmukha, averse to Kishna. katha tasya mukundasyasphrtti sambhvan bhavet
Those who worship many gods, those who are
Mayavadis and thirsty for impersonal jna, and "How can Mukunda, whose smile is beautiful
those atheists who defy Vedic literature are all like a pearl- white lotus flower, manifest in a
bhagavad-bahirmukha, averse to Krishna. mind that is overwhelmed with emotions such as
One should not accept a person whose faith in lamentation, sorrow, etc?"
pure devotional service has not developed as a
disciple. Otherwise the disciplic succession of pure r Bhaktyloka - The Six Faults and Qualities of Bhakti Six Qualities that
devotional service will be polluted. One should give Enhance Bhakti Tat-tat-karma-pravartana - Various activities favorable for
up the endeavor for starting big projects, because it devotional service Writings of rla Bhaktivinode hkura.
diminishes one's devotion to Krishna.
One should not read or explain various types of
nitya bhgavata-sevay Issue no 61, Page7
How Can One Achieve Devotional Service? souls constitutional propensity. The souls natural
Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakura propensity is devotional service.
Liberated souls are fully absorbed in the service of
Is it favourable to devotion to give up material their worshipable Lord in Vaikuntha. If one wishes
enjoyment (karma) and renunciation (jna)? to become liberated from his conditioned state, he
must not try to engage God in supplying him sense
Mahaprabhu instructed us to give up both objects for his pleasure, nor should he reject sense
material enjoyment and dry renunciation. Material objects simply to be renounced. Rather, he should
enjoyment is defined as accepting mundane accept those objects that are favorable for His
form, taste, smell, sound, and touch through our service and reject only those that are unfavorable.
eyes, tongue, nose, ears, and skin as pleasurable.
Although there is some apparent momentary How do we achieve devotional service?
happiness in material enjoyment, we later
discover that sense gratification comes with more Devotional service can be attained only in the
distress than happiness. Thats why renunciation association of devotees. A living entity becomes
is more glorious than enjoyment. Renunciation fortunate when his desire to wander throughout the
or detachment, is good, but if in the process of universe is extinguished. Then, when by the strength
detachment we also renounce the Supreme Lord, of the gurus mercy, his constitutional propensity is
then such renunciation is simply another form of revived, he attains the seed of devotional service.
material enjoyment. The conception of those who There is no difference between Krishnas mercy
consider the material world false or as worthless and the gurus mercy. The word prasda means the
as the stool of a crow is defective, because that Lords mercy. Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu states,
conception denies the omnipotent Lords energies. brahma bhramite kona bhgyavn jva, guru-
The material world is factual, although everything ka-prasde pya bhakti-lat-bja: According
in it is temporary. This is the conclusion of those to their karma, all living entities are wandering
who are thoroughly conversant with Vednta. throughout the entire universe. Some of them are
Just as material enjoyment does not allow one to elevated to the upper planetary systems, and some
understand the relationship between the Supreme descend to the lower planetary systems. Out of
Lord and the visible objects because he deceitfully many millions of such wandering living entities,
sees himself as the enjoyer, renunciation does one who is very fortunate gets an opportunity to
not give one the opportunity to understand that associate with a bona fide spiritual master. This is
everything in this world is meant for the Lords the grace of Krishna. By the mercy of both Krishna
service. Thus he disrespects objects related to the and the spiritual master, such a person receives
Supreme Lord. the seed of the creeper of devotional service.
Material objects are this worlds opulence. Objects (Caitanya-caritmta, Madhya 19.151)
that have form, taste, and so on, are the goal of the Devotional service is defined as a desire to serve
senses. The senses will never become averse to the Lord as His menial servant, for His pleasure
their objects; nor will they ever retire from pursuing alone. Serving for our pleasure is not devotion.
them. Although certain renunciants sometimes When the guru sows the seed of devotion in our
dress themselves as if they were controlling their heart, we have to nourish it with hearing and
external senses; their mind, the king of senses, chanting. I am a servant and my duty is to serve:
remains absorbed in material enjoyment even when we become established in this conviction,
without their knowledge. Moreover, if in order to we are gardeners. If after receiving the seed of
become renounced someone tries to destroy his bhakti from guruthe seed that Lord Krishna in
senses, which are the gateways through which the form of guru awarded us out of His causeless
he accepts material enjoyment, the affliction he mercywe fail to engage in Krishnas service but
suffers due to separation from his senses will hurt rather become indifferent, we will find ourselves
him immensely before he is able to attain true in trouble.
renunciation. Hearing and chanting about the Lord is like water
Vaisnavas know that material objects are neither for the creeper of devotion. Persons who have taken
to be enjoyed nor to be rejected. Rather, they are complete shelter at the spiritual masters lotus feet
to be used to give pleasure to the Supreme Lord. are like gardeners. It is essential to nourish and
That is, they are ingredients for His service. safeguard the devotional creeper by faithfully
Remaining detached from material enjoyment and engaging in the Lords service. Otherwise, we will
accepting only what is required to keep body and face various difficulties.
soul together, devotees always act as the Lords Impediments on the devotional path are removed
menial servants. Karma and jna are not the by the strength of the gurus mercy. Once they are
Issue no 61, Page 8 nitya bhgavata-sevay
removed we will make quick progress. Therefore, in their individual paths, their engagement in
we should hear about the Lord from the spiritual devotional service is imperative. Whereas to
master and the saints and study the devotional attain perfection the path of bhakti which results
literature under their guidance. Hearing includes in spontaneous love of Godhead prema, there is
studying that literature. If we become distracted no need of yoga, jna and karma, or any other
from our gurus feet for even a moment, it is process. The scripture rmad-Bhgavatam.
inevitable that we will become degraded. Our (11.20.31) states that the cultivation of knowledge
only duty is to always serve the guru with love and renunciation are not conducive to the path of
devotion and to associate with saintly persons. bhakti, and that one who has left all other types of
AmtaV: Nectar of Instructions of Immoratality by Srila Bhaktisiddhnta religion and is solely surrendered unto Krishna is
Sarasvat Compiled by rpda Bhakti Mayukha Bhgavat Mahraja. Adapted the best of all saintly souls. From these instructions
and Published by varadsa Translated from Bengali by Bhumipatidsa. we understand that there is no question of bhakti
ever being dependent on anything extraneous. In
Pure Bhakti Is The fact, all other processes like yoga, jna and karma
Only Means To Perfection are able to offer the practitioner the desired results
only with the help of bhakti. Thus Bhakti-devi,
Srila Vishvanatha Chakravarti Thakura instead of being dependent on the other processes,
in turn lends her potency to them so that these other
Bhakti is the only means to attain complete processes are able to give the desired results. Bhakti-
perfection. To abandon this path and accept devi on her own can offer same results. Hence the
voluntary hardships in pursuit of empirical rmad-Bhgavatam (11.20.32-33) states,
knowledge is as futile as beating the empty husks "Everything that can be achieved by fruitive
of wheat. As the rmad-Bhgavatam (10.14.4) activities, penance, knowledge, detachment, mystic
describes in the following verse, one gains nothing yoga charity, religious duties, and all other means
from it but useless toil. of perfecting life is easily achieved by devotees
through loving service to Me."
reya-sti bhaktim udasya te vibho Besides, what is the use of acquiring such
kliyanti ye kevala-bodha-labdhaye results without bhakti? Therefore the Hari-bhakti-
tem asau kleala eva iyate sudhodaya (3.11-12) declares:
nnyad yath sthla-tuvaghtinm
bhagavad-bhakti-hnasya jti stra japas tapa
My dear Lord, devotional service unto You aprasyaiva dehasya maana loka-rajanam
is the best path for self-realization. If someone
gives up that path and engages in the cultivation A person's noble birth, studying the Vedas,
of speculative knowledge, he will simply undergo chanting mantras performing penances, and so
a troublesome process and will not achieve his on are an worthless if he is bereft of devotion, or
desired result. As a person who beats an empty bhakti, Just like the decorations of a dead body.
husk of wheat cannot get grain, one who simply Taken from Sri Madhurya-Kadambini by Srila Vishvanatha Cakravarti
speculates cannot achieve self-realization. His only Thakura. Translated by Sarvabhavana dasa.
gain is trouble.
The rmad-Bhgavatam (1.5.17) states, !! Sri Sri Nitai Gaurchandra Jayati !!
kovrtha pto' bhajat svadharmata that
if a man gives up his occupational duties to NBS Projects
serve the Supreme Lord, Hari, and in the process E-Magazines. E-books. Education
is a branch of
accidentally falls down before attaining perfection, International Society for Krishna Consciousness
then still there is no loss by his having abandoned Founder-crya: His Divine Grace
his occupational duties. Again the rmad- A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupda
Bhgavatam (10.14.5) describes that many yogis For subscriptions please visit
in the past tried to attain the Lord's lotus feet by our website:
their own endeavors; they offered the results of
yogic practices the Lord and, because of it, became Our heart felt thanks to Isha Prakash Das for helping as Copy
eligible to hear about transcendental glories. Editor, Vrajsevika Devi Dasi for her Sanskrit and Bengali Translations,
Rasa Manjari Devi Dasi for her assistance and Radhadyuti Das,
Hearing those transcendental topics an rendering Sudevi dasi for proof reading.
devotional service made them self-realized, and
thus achieved the supreme destination. Quotations from the books, letters, and lectures of
His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada
These scriptural evidences clearly indicate that for Bhaktivedanta Book Trust International.
the yogis, jns, and karmis to become successful All the paintings are copyrights of their respective artists.
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