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Walter Moore Says: Corporate Welfare For Convenience Store Owners?

7/22/10 9:39 PM

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Walter Moore Says

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Corporate Welfare For Convenience Store Owners? Search

powered by
The Philsopher Kings of Spring
Street are at it again, with another
brilliant scheme to rob Peter to
pay Paul: corporate welfare, 7-11 My Email Newsletter
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The plan is to take tax dollars
from families struggling to keep My Law Firm's Site
food on their tables and roofs LA Clean Sweep
over their heads, and give that Ron Kaye L.A.
money to the owners of Mayor Sam's Sister City
convenience stores to pay for Team Kevin James
remodeling. And when I say
LA Weekly News Blog
"give," I mean "give."
City of Los Angeles
Each owner would receive:
$75,000 for remodeling, Walter Moore
which the business owner Nearly 72,000
would not have to repay, people voted to
and which is misleadingly make me the
referred to as a "conditional Mayor of Los Angeles in March
loan;" 2009 -- second place. I'm a
business trial lawyer with
a free exterior lighting "make-over," the cost of which is unspecified, to Hamlin, Cody & Moore.
be paid from a $500,000 slush fund from funds collected by the DWP
View my complete profile
from you and me;
$10,000 for architectural and engineering grants; and
$10,000 for "technical assistance consultants [to] assist the FOLLOWERS
participating business owner in their [sic] transition to carrying fresh
Walter Moore
produce, to identify product placement that maximizes attractiveness of
health food options. . . . "
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And you, yes YOU, my inattentive, over-taxed, under-appreciated fellow citizen,
will pick up the tab for all of this. Welfare for 7-11's, courtesy of you. Plus, of
course, you would be the one funding all the overhead for the genius staff of the
CRA to administer this boondoggle.

City Council Members Perry, Cardenas and Wesson gave this idiocy the "green
light" in a committee. Reyes and Alarcon missed the vote; maybe they were
Invite your friends
setting up legal defense funds. The entire City Council was scheduled to vote on Page 1 of 3
Walter Moore Says: Corporate Welfare For Convenience Store Owners? 7/22/10 9:39 PM

it today, July 21, 2010, but I cannot tell from the online record whether the vote
was even held, much less how it turned out.
▼ July (27)
That this moronic concept even made it out of the CRA, however, tells you how
desperately we need to elect, to City Council, people who have actually lived in Will Federal Judge Find
Arizona Law
the real world. We need people who understand that it is wrong, wrong, wrong to Unconstitution...
tax struggling families to fund subsidies for business owners.
Good News: Rosendahl,
Parks, And Pension
If the owner of a convenience store wants investors for his business, let him sell Reform
an ownership interest or take out a loan. Don't force taxpayers to pick up the tab
for his capital improvements. Corporate Welfare For
Convenience Store
Will Trutanich EVER Stop
Asking For
Posted by Walter Moore at 9:36 PM Contributions?...
You Still Think Trutanich
Is Better Than Weiss?
1 comments: Cardenas And Hahn In
LAX Conflict Of Interest
Poster 1 said...
Daily News Wins "Caption
Walter, is this much better than what they are doing for Friday, 7/23? Of The Week" Award
ITEM NO. (6) - Motion Required
City Union Too Clever By
10-0914-S1 ( Half?
Video Of L.A. Clean
CD 13
Sweep Launch Party
DEPARTMENT and RESOLUTION relative to the issuance of tax- Failed "Political
Consultant" Tries To
exempt multi-family mortgage revenue notes for the Vendome Palms
Divide L.A....
Apartment Project. (Housing, Community and Economic Development
Committee report to be submitted in Council. If public hearing is not America's Overwhelming
Support For Arizona's
held in Committee, an opportunity for public comment will be provided.)
(Click on the above hyperlink or go to for background L.A. Clean Sweep Launch
Party Huge Success
Is Janice Hahn Clinically
Or, consider the implications of the City’s New Business Tax Brain-Dead?
Exemption ordinance. Solve Your iPhone
Problem With iGlove
Your last paragraph above applies to these businesses & developers Billionaire Broadsided:
also. Haven't there been articles, possibly on the MayorSam site, that Enter The Dragon
addressed the business ownerships by council members? The "conflict Do The Math: L.A. Clean
of interest" issues ( Sweep Could Work
Today Is "Be Kind To
e%3Ar%3A110$cid=california$t=document- Billionaires Day" In L.A.
frame.htm$an=JD_Ch222.$3.0#JD_Ch222.) may be relevant.
Regardless, doesn't everyone agree that these council people have to L.A. Clean Sweep: The
get the "red light" at the next city election?
Coach Boondoggle
July 22, 2010 12:36 PM
How The Other Half
Goes: LAWA VIP Porta
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Walter Moore Says: Corporate Welfare For Convenience Store Owners? 7/22/10 9:39 PM

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