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'*'- The Anat Baniel Method""

for Lifelong V

MOV ];0
-- - ------- ~1P-_J

2-day workshop
10 Hours Live Instruction
4tround myself moving in ways
that I haven't moved in year, ,
- Irene H DVD
" he end of the workshop I am pain
free despite injuries and restrictive
back flexibility that evaporated with
the exercise, ,
-Joan P

In this Workshop Anat guides you through gentle and safe

movement lessons, theory and demonstrations that will
transform your life and . overcome aches and pains ' increase
strength, flexibility, and energy enhance mental clarity,
concentration, and creativity reverse the signs of aging
learn the 9 Essentials that will give you a stronger, better

ANAT BANIEL A clinical psychologist and dancer, she studied

and worked closely with Dr Feldenkrais for over 15 years. After
30 years of remarkable outcomes with thousands of people, from
world-class athletes and musicians to small children, Anat helps
people overcome physical and mental pain and limitation, move
powerfully into life and discover exciting new possibilities. Her
teaching is accessible, inspiring and life changing.

Anat Balliel Method

4330 Redwood Hwy. Ste 350
San Rafael, CA 94903

800386 144 1.415' 472' 6622, ",fo@anatballieimethodcom

anatballieimethod com I

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~ The Anat Baniel Method
'"' Access your Bram to Transform Your life

Move Into Life 2-day workshop

July 11 -12,2009
Disk 1 - Day 1 Movement Lesson 4: Hands Covering
Introduction by Anat Eyes - Moving the Eyes
Movement Lesson 1: Lying on the
Left Side Lengthening the Right Arm Disk 4 - Day 2
o Bonus Track 1 Demo 1 Outcomes, Feedback and Explanation
and Q&A Lecture: Whole Body Participation in
o Bonus Track 2 Demo 2 Movement
Movement Lesson S: On Back Tilting
Disk 2 - Day 1 KneeS and Pelvic Clock
Movement Lesson 2: On Back
Pressing Through the Foot to Disk 5 - Day 2
Lengthen the Arm Lecture: Essentials for Vitality,
o Bonus Track 1 Demo 1 Enthusiasm
o Bonus Track 2 Demo 2 Movement Lesson 6: Rolling to Sitting
o Bonus Track 3 Demo 3 from Lying Through the Side
Q&A and Lecture: Perception of o Bonus Track 1 Demo 1
Differences as the Basis for o Bonus Track 2 Demo 2
Intelligence o Bonus Track 3 Demo 3

Disk 3 - Day 1 Disk 6 - Day 2

Movement Lesson 3: Sitting in Chair Movement Lesson 7: From Sitting to
- Bending and lWisting the Spine Standing
o Bonus Track 1 Demo 1 o Bonus Track 1 Demo 1
o Bonus Track 2 Demo 2 o Bonus Track 2 The Origin of,
o Bonus Track 3 Demo 3 "Yes, yes, " or "Yes, no."
o Bonus Track 4 Demo 4 Exercise in Generating Enthusiasm as
Discussion of ABM at home a Skill (with reporting back)
programs closing Comments
Lecture: Essentials for Vitality,
Movement with Attention and
Anat Baniel Methods",
4330 Redwood HWy, Ste 350, San Rafael, CA 94903
800.386-1441 , 415 .472 -6622, info@anatbanielmethod .com
anatbanielmethod .com I Copyright 2010
Anat Baniel Method"" . All Rights reserved .
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~ The Anat Baniel Method
f'-. Access your Brain to Transform Your Life

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OR CALL 1.800.386-1441
Move Into life: TIle NIne EssentIals for Lifelong VItality.
Through Anal's bestselling book learn how to have a richer
experience of being alive and understand the science behind MOVE INTO
the miraculous mindlbody changes.
at's work is life changing and so is
WITH THE AN'" 8 """1[1. HOO
this boo ' -Jack Canfield

at Baniel has developed powerful,

practical strategies for building a better,
stronger bra ' ., -Michael Merzenlch

ABM offers Workshops. profeSSional trainings. private sessions and corporate events