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Dodd, Principal
Fulton K-8
7055 Skyline Drive
San Diego, CA 92114
619 -344 -3200

April 13, 2017
To whom it may concern:
I am writing in regards to Ms. Carolyne Cohen as she applies for a teaching position. I have
observed Ms. Cohen as a third and second grade teacher over the course of the last two school
Ms. Cohen has been able to apply effective teaching strategies and behavior management
techniques in a purposeful manner. In classes that include mainstreamed students with special
needs, she displays a teaching style of inclusivity and rigorous collaboration.
I have had the pleasure of observing Ms. Cohen teach on many occasions. There is always a high
level of student engagement in Ms. Cohens classroom. She models activities well, gives
students the tools to succeed through purposeful scaffolding and timely feedback, and incudes
technology at an impressive level throughout the day. Ms. Cohen knows when to pull
homogeneous or heterogeneous groups for small group work based on formative and summative
assessments. She collects data on a continuous basis to equip every child with the skills they
need to succeed. Her students show steady progress across all domains.
In addition to her strengths of planning instruction and designing learning experiences for all
students, Ms. Cohen conducts herself in a professional manner at all times. She fully participates
in other duties, such as morning supervision, operational staff meetings, and professional
development sessions. She goes above and beyond what many veteran teachers do, making the
effort to connect with students in a way that facilitates academic progress and achievement.
I highly recommend Ms. Carolyne Cohen as a full-time elementary school teacher. I would be
interested in supporting Ms. Cohen as she develops her teaching career. If you have any further
questions, I can be reached at 619-344-3200.
Thank you,

Emmitt Dodd, Principal

Fulton K-8
7055 Skyline Drive
San Diego, CA 92114
619 -344 -3200