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April 15, 2017

I have had the pleasure of working with Carolyne Cohen for the past two years in my role as a San
Diego Unified School District, Central Office Resource Teacher in the Office of Language Acquisition.
Our relationship began when she approached me after attending a professional development on
English Language Development (ELD). She inquired about receiving some individual coaching on
Designated ELD instruction in her third grade classroom. I was struck by her motivation to improve
her practice, agency in seeking support and her dedication to her profession. Due to student
enrollment shifts, this year Carolyne is teaching second grade so she has experience in both upper
and lower primary grades.

Carolynes initial contact with me to improve her Designated ELD instruction has grown to include a
focus on Language instruction throughout the day in Integrated ELD as well. She realizes the
importance of language instruction with regard to access to grade level content. Carolyne is well
versed in the Common Core Standards as well as the ELD standards, and her study of the ELA/ELD
Framework has increased her understanding of how to integrate and implement these two sets of
standards. Her leadership skills in Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) have further extended
this emphasis on language development to a school wide focus. She extends support to other
teachers in service of supporting the academic achievement of all students.

During classroom walk-throughs, I observed excellent classroom management skills. The students
were engaged in grade level, appropriate work, well aware of the task at hand, and busy collaborating
with each other as they completed the project. Carolyne monitored their work and provided on the
spot feedback. She realizes the power of formative assessment to guide instruction. Her instruction
includes scaffolds to support access to the core content. Upon further inquiry, I learned that Carolyne
creates this inclusive climate to support her students with IEPs and specific learning needs including
autism, ADHD, and auditory/visual processing disorders. Carolyne values students primary language
and will often use Spanish to make connections for Spanish speaking English Learners. She has also
made an effort to learn basic skills in other languages to support newcomers. Carolyne integrates
technology throughout the day in service of supporting students with different learning styles. She is
the sites unofficial technology help desk supporting others as needed.

Carolyne is a life-long learner who is dedicated to her profession. She spends countless hours
outside the classroom to provide a quality education for all students with a clear focus on equity. As a
Fulton staff member she participates in all the school wide endeavors. The positive relationships she
has developed with her colleagues, parents, students, and community members are a testament to
her open, outgoing, friendly personality and dedication to her profession.

I highly recommend Carolyne for a full time teaching position. She is a credit to our profession and
would be an asset to any staff. If you need additional information, please contact me.

Sally Johnson
San Diego Unified School District Central Office
Office of Language Acquisition Resource Teacher