The query of what is the nature of any <a href="http://tamilmp3songslyrics.

com" title="musical pleasure">musical pleasure</a> and what the <a href="http://tami" title="music conveys">music conveys</a> emotion is very old . Pythagoreans cared about the physical attributes of music, the Greek philosop her Aristoxenus mentioned in the fourth century BC that every one must look into the mind of the listener to know the nature of musical pleasure elicits. These were my thoughts coming while looking at <a href=" site .." title=" tamilmp3songslyrics"> site ..</a> Can music right or wrong , since people might be right or in their conduct ? Can any tone , any syllabi's of songs lyric be good or bad..? Probably , Yes ...! and It is happening at a great scale of digitization, we can not really address this questioning much but only enjoy the music . One cannot deny the fact the music does play an important role in our life after all most of music, <a href="" title="lyrics">lyric s</a>, songs created on this earth is contributed by humans. Humans take inspir ation from nature. Music by nature is an element of culture which needs no special effort to take i t myriad forms genre within the culture. It is sensation that itself it is to be respected and nurtured for creative energy it brings all of us . I was wondering after having look at the one of the world s largest site of Tamil Songs Lyrics mp3 downloads (<a href="" title=" songslyrics"></a>) The <a href="" title="Tamilmp3songs">Tamilmp3songs .com</a> has all building blocks of what music as a cultural element may possibl y be by nature in digital form. It has oldest , most popular ,<a href="" title="sm ash hits">smash hits</a>, new ,<a href="" title=" latest lyrics">latest lyrics</a>, songs, mp3 music having Techno-Electro to simp le, <a href="" title="single instrument">single in strument</a> based tamil songs compositions . Music developed composed and cultured from high techno musical instrument to sim ple instrument from flute etc., while writing this review I must mention it s real ly good online initiative taken by Soft Hands Software Company. They have create such a huge , free downloadable resource of <a href="http://tam" title="Tamil movies ">Tamil movies </a>, songs , mp3 and l yrics . Puneet Arora Ecologic Corporation , Chandigarh

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