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SET 2017 Analysis

S.No Section No. of Qs Good Score Difficulty Level*

1. English & Comprehension 30 23 - 25 ------------- -------------
2. Legal Reasoning 30 23 - 25 ------------- -------------
3. Logical Reasoning 30 22 - 24 ------------- -------------
4. Analytical Reasoning 30 20 - 22 ------------- -------------
5. General Knowledge 30 19 - 21 -------------
Easy Moderate Tough
Overall Score Range: 112 - 117

* The difficulty level of a section is assessed as a function of both the toughness of questions as well as deviation from
the expected pattern.

Sectional Analysis:
1. English & Comprehension :
There were 6 passages with 5 questions each. Majority of the questions were direct questions; around 2
questions from each paragraph were contextual vocabulary based. Though words were familiar, the options
required careful observation. The size of the passages was small like always. So, overall it is an easy section.

2. Legal Reasoning:

This section was comparatively easy. There was more emphasis on legal reasoning, however, there were around
10 fact-based questions without principles. Landmark judments were touched upon. However, ALP students who
are familiar with the concepts of contracts, torts, criminal and criminal law would have scored well.

3. Logical Reasoning:
The section had no major surprises. It was as student friendly as English was. With questions from
Assumptions/Conclusions, Strong & weak arguments, Syllogisms, Assertion-Reason, Cause & effect, it was overall
an easy section.

4. Analytical Reasoning:
As seen in previous years, this section had a few maths questions. In addition to the regular arrangement-based
puzzles, blood relations, coding/decoding & series, there were a couple of data interpretation questions based on
pie charts and bar charts. Students who did not get fazed by new types of questions would have done well.

5. General Knowledge:
Of all the sections, students found GK to be tough. There was a mix of Current Affairs and Static GK with a few
science questions too. Students felt some of the questions were tricky as they were not direct.
ALP cutoff prediction table

College BA LLB Cutoff BBA LLB Cutoff

SLS Pune ~104 - 108 ~105-109

SLS Noida ~105 - 109 ~101 - 105
SLS Hyderabad ~90 - 94 ~88 - 92

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This is a quick analysis based on the data from the memory of SET 2017 takers of ALP.The same will be updated and corrected as and when we receive more information.
SET 2017 Analysis

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This is a quick analysis based on the data from the memory of SET 2017 takers of ALP.The same will be updated and corrected as and when we receive more information.