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Gabrielle M.

8861 Red Hawk Court Sylvania, OH, 43650 (586) 612-6996


May 2013 University of Michigan Bachelor of Arts Elementary Education Ann Arbor, MI
G.P.A. 3.8 University Honors, Gamma Sigma Alpha Honor Society
Michigan Provisional Elementary Certificate
Endorsements: Language Arts and Integrated Science

September 15- Present Pleasant Ridge Elementary Teacher Saline, MI

3rd Grade
Implement district curriculum through multisensory instruction
Integrate technology into our everyday lessons and routines
o Google Classroom
o Kahoot
o SeeSaw
o Raz Kids
o Xtra Math
o Go Formative
o Google Drive
o Connect Ed
o Popplet
o Show Me
Use the assessment literacy practices to design/alter district summative and formative
Attend monthly assessment PD sessions to deepen my understanding of high quality feedback
and assessments
Research and design project based experiences aligned to the third grade science and social
studies standards
Utilize formative assessments daily to drive guided math groups during math workshop
Conduct reading and writing workshop that includes differentiation daily with conferences and
strategy groups
Promote positive behavior with a consistent classroom management system using a clip system
as well as Class Dojo
Model and facilitate student self assessment through goal setting and self reflection
Collaborate with our speech pathologist and teacher consultant to best meet the needs of
students on an IEP
Analyze pretest and posttest data in reading, math, and writing to purposefully meet the needs
of all students during whole group and small group instruction
Collaborate weekly with mentor and with another third grade teacher to discuss best practices
Teamed up with a first grade teacher to introduce Genius Hour to our first and third graders
Plan and organize lesson plans weekly aligned to district curriculum and Common Core
Standards using Microsoft Onenote
Take notes and keep tracking of writing and reading conferences as well as strategy groups
using the app Confer

August 13- June 15 Holmes Elementary Teacher Ypsilanti, MI

3rd Grade
Design multisensory and engaging lessons based on the diverse needs of my 28 students
Utilize formative assessments daily through the use of a show me what you know board
Communicate with parents daily and weekly through the use of phone calls, newsletters,
emails, and a classroom blog
Utilize a balanced literacy program for reading and writing that allows for modeling, guided
reading and writing groups, conferencing, independent reading and writing, and word study
Challenge each individual learner through conducting reading and writing conferences using
the CAF reading strategies
Differentiate math instruction through guided math groups and the math workshop model
Set student goals and track student data and growth through the use of student data folders
Administer Reading A-Z benchmark assessments four times throughout the year to guide
flexible reading groups
Incorporate technology and our Smart Board into my everyday instruction by involving the
students in whole group instruction
Provide differentiated behavioral plans for students in need of support
Daily give students access to our technology station during reading and math workshop
Promote and nurture a positive classroom environment by emphasizing mutual respect
Fundraised and earned a classroom Ipad for students to use for math and literacy workshop
Utilize pretest data to plan, enact, and reflect on curriculum units aligned to the Common Core
Align and supplement Everyday math curriculum with enrichment and remediation activities
Develop and uphold personal relationships with all 28 students
Manage reading and math workshop through effective and consistent classroom expectations
Employ research based best practices to ensure and deepen student learning
Organized and successfully directed a math curriculum night to promote parent involvement
Team up with the IEP and the third grade level team to support and maximize student success


Fall 15- Present Assessment Literacy Network School Team Leader Saline, MI
Coached a team of four teachers in assessment literate teaching practices
Continued to deepen my understanding of summative and formative assessment practices
Implemented assessment literate math units for all of the third grade EDM curriculum
Collaborated monthly with Washtenaw and Livingston County teachers to produce student
friendly targets and quality assessments
Provided our staff with an overview of the assessment literacy process through a staff meeting
Presented my use of formative assessments and feedback to other Washtenaw and Livingston
County teachers and administrators at the WISD

Winter 15 Math Curriculum Night Committee Member Saline, MI

Collaborated with other teachers in the building to create a presentation displaying our EDM
math curriculum
Helped present an overview of the third grade curriculum and standards to parents on math
Connected and coordinated with Mathnasium to attend PRs math night
Fall 14- June 15 Assessment Literacy Network School Team Leader Ypsilanti, MI
Deepened my understanding of summative and formative assessment practices
Collaborated with Washtenaw and Livingston County teachers to produce student friendly
targets and quality assessments
Teamed with another teacher to provide our staff with an overview of the assessment cycle
Winter 14- June 15 Holmes Elementary School Improvement Team Ypsilanti, MI
Strategize plans for increasing student achievement
Collaborate with school teacher leaders on school initiatives
Identify areas of need and set goals to improve instruction and achievement
February 14- Present Holmes Elementary Instruction Consultation Team Ypsilanti, MI
Collaborate and team with teachers to problem solve and find the best learning environment
for learners
Help teachers to find the instructional match for best learning for students
Set goals with teachers to maximize student achievement
June 13- Present Peace Lutheran School Board of Education Shelby Township, MI
Evaluate and develop school wide policies on educational and social issues to ensure fairness
Assess and interview candidates for open teaching positions in efforts to find the most
qualified and best fit candidate
Set targets to improve instruction, curriculum implementation, and parent communication