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K_NGSLEY LTO OAT! SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENT TABLE OF SPECIFICATIONS ‘SUBJECT : Science LEVEL: Year 9 YEAR : 2016-2017 Mock Exam Il Paper 1 TOTAL RAW MARKS : 50 PAPER: 1 (QUESTIONS ‘CONTENT/TOPIC KNOWLEDGE & SKILLS FOCUS MARKS 7 1. Living things in their ‘+ Tounderstand the diagram of a food chain 8 environment + Tobeable to identify, animal, plant, primary consumer, produce, predator ‘on the + Tounderstand the relationship of prey and predator and the effect of t down: jeam/upstream of food chain z TL Structure oF atom * Tobe able to read the information of element (atomic number, mass number] from | 41 perio table ‘+ Tobe able to understand the position of an element in periodic table based on the symbol given + Tobe able to understand whatis noble gases + _ Tobe able to understand that oxygen makes up 21 % of gasin the ar 3 Ti, Plant structure * Tobe abie to identify the structure of plant and understand its particular function and | 6 process ‘+ Tobe able to identify the polien of flower that is pollinated by insect a WW. Photosynthesis ‘+ Tobe able to understand oxygen is produced from photosynthesis process 6 K_NGSLEY [ARETE OO V. Rate of reaction in "To be able to identify the factor that can affect photosynthesis photosynthesis ‘Tobe able to explain how to control the above factors in order to make a control Vi Factors in affecting variable photosynthesis Tobe able to identify the error in data analysis Vil, Circulatory system “Fo be able to Identify the type of blood vessel based on the given characteristic {diameter of vessel, thickness of vessel, oxygenated/deoxygenated blood, place ‘where transfusion takes place) Vil, Rate of reaction in “To be able to identify the factors that affect the rate of reaction based on the given chemistry raph and explain why is the answer chosen ‘Tobe able to predict the concentration that used based on the given graph and explain why is the answer chosen Tobe able to describe the relationship between the factor and the rate of reaction based on the reported data. Reproductive system ‘To be able to identify the type of cells To be able to explain what is fertilization ‘To be able to identify the location offer ‘Tobe able to identify the sequence of cells, zygote, embryo, fetus and baby larking scheme for Mock exam of Year 9 (SCIENCE) Question Answer Mark 1 a ‘Number oF organisms ns] eo] ‘Number of secondary consumer ‘Number of primary consumer Number of food chains : Producer, because it produces its own food. Predator Number of shrews will decrease ‘Number of marsh grass plants will increase =| =|fro ‘Symbol of element Name of element 18 ‘Argon 39.948 9 Fluorine e Oxygen 2 Felium 4 T ‘Hydrogen 3 2.6 ii Period 2, Group 6 OR Period 2, Group 16 ‘Helium and Argon OR He and Ar ‘Oxygen @ On eas vi Magnesium oxide Statement Section letter This is the stigma A This is where fertilisation occurs c This is where the pollen grains A land at pollination | This is where most pollen tube B growth occurs This & where a seed will c develop . Teas Spiky @ Pollen has barb a_i | Oxygen gas 7-| Light intensity, temperature of water, type of water plant, type of water it | The distance between light and beaker has to be same in all experiment/Temperature of water is measure before experiment stars/Use the same type of water planl/ Use the same type of water & [i [25 | No, because there are the results of tial 1, 2 and 3 are very different from each other in experiment of green light a ‘Name of blood ‘Diameter of the Thickness of the | vessel lumen inmm —_| vessel wall in mm. Vein 30.0 15 Capillary 0.006 0.007 Artery 250 20 bt | Anery Vein Capillaries, ir has the thinnest vessel wall among the three blood vessels a Teter A Te has highor rate of reaction/ It has steeper line! ithas produced more gas collected within a period of time compared to Experiment B b The concentration is 0.10 mol/dm*. ‘Because the total gas produced by experiment C is halves of experiment B © ‘Higher concentration of acid, higher rate of reaction @ viee-versa a Sperm . Egg cell © Fertilization is a process whereby the sperm and eggs are joined to produce a zygote a ‘Uterus Order ‘Name of stage Gametes Zygote Embryo Fetus Baby "~ Gametro 2 YG fo 3 ~embey» -O Fetue -© 4. Claw See Gu ie