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Lesson Plan

Title: Parts of Speech Presentation and Live Mad Libs Activity

Grade: 3rd

Mr. Michael Paulino

Subject Area: English Language Arts Standards

Time Required: One Block Period (50 minutes)


Students will work in groups of five to find, define and present nouns, adverbs, verbs, pronouns, and
adjectives. They will also participate in a live action version of Mad Libs. Students will learn different
parts of speech and using them to complete sentences.

Learning outcomes
Students will reinforce previous knowledge of adverbs, verbs, adjectives, pronouns, and nouns while
working in groups and presenting to the class

Curriculum alignment

Materials needed

For teacher:
Mad Libs book with appropriate sentences highlighted
For students:
Five boxes of markers
40 blank sheets of paper
10 copies each of nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs with definitions
Classroom Arrangement:
Desks will be arranged so students can work in five pairs of five groups, leaving an open area
by the smartboard for students to present

Websites and APPS

If handouts are not printed yet, please refer to this website
( for the word lists and print accordingly.

Teacher will give a warm-up by writing appropriate words on the board and asking upon to students
to tell what the function is of each

Students will have one sheet of 8x10 paper each and a box of markers for each group
Four out of five of the students in each group will be a word that correlates with their part of
They will write legibly and large the word, definition and part of speech.
Students will present as groups, starting with the student presenting the part of speech and
then the rest of the group will present
The students will state the word, part of speech, definition, and why it is that part of speech
Once the groups have presented, they will take their seats
Teacher will then write on the smartboard one mad lib story with required parts of speech
written under the blanks.
Teacher will call on group correlating with part of speech required and ask them to fill in the
This activity will be continued until the class is over

A homework MadLib activity will be provided. It is a simple activity used to gauge the students
understanding of the parts of speech
Critical vocabulary-

This tree map will be introduced at the beginning of the following class. Teacher will call upon
students to assist in filling in the blanks. This tree map will be used as review of the previous days