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Michael Paulino

College of Southern Nevada

Praxis Core Exam Analysis
April 9, 2017

Praxis Core Exam Analysis

The Nevada Board of Education has agreed upon a set of core standards to which

hopeful teachers must meet before furthering their education. These criteria are referred to as

the Praxis Core Exam, and what follows is an analysis of my personal practice test scores. The

Praxis Core Exam must be passed in order to be accepted into Bachelor level education or

early childhood education programs at University of Nevada Reno, Nevada State College, and

University of Nevada Las Vegas. The minimum passing score for the math portion is 150, for

reading it is 156, and the writing section requires 162.

In preparation for the Praxis Core Exam, I accessed a free practice test online. This test

was separate from the required practice exam offered in this portfolio class. The amount of

questions offered in this version was limited to about one third of what is on the official Praxis

exam but it readied me to some degree on the expected criteria. In addition, I accessed and

briefly skimmed through the Praxis preparation booklets offered through Canvas.

The results of the official practice Praxis were mixed. I was delighted to see my score on

the multiple choice Writing portion was a 92%, which comforts me because that is one section I

need not stress. A 92%, according to the analysis, means I am very likely to pass. My Math

score of 75% was slightly better than I expected but indicates that I am on the borderline of
pass and fail. The Reading score was a disappointing 63% indicating there is improvement


In preparation for the official Praxis Core Exam, I am taking the next semester of school

off in order to focus on attaining the highest possible score for myself. I will purchase study

guides and dedicate much time to improving my abilities in geometry, statistics, probability,

structural relationships, and literal and critical comprehension. By taking the Praxis trial test, I

have opened my eyes to what is needed of me in order to succeed and achieve my decade long

goal of becoming an educator.