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Single Degree of

by: Musli Nizam bin Yahya, Phd
The maximum velocity attained by the mass of a simple harmonic
oscillator is 10 cm/s, and the period of oscillation is 2 s. If the
mass is released with an initial displacement of 2 cm, find (a) the
amplitude, (b) initial velocity, (c) the maximum acceleration and
(c) the phase angle
A rigid block of mass M is mounted on four elastic support, as
shown in figure below. A mass m drop from a height l and
adheres to the rigid block without rebounding. If the spring
constant of each elastic support is k, find the natural frequency of
vibration of the system (a). without the mass and (b). with the
mass m. Also find the resulting motion of the system in case (b)
Harmonic Motion
by: Musli Nizam bin Yahya, Phd
The natural frequency of vibration of a person is found to be 5.2
Hz while standing on a horizontal floor. Assuming damping to be
negligible, determine the following
(a). if the weight of the person is 70 kg, determine the equivalent
stiffness of his body in the vertical direction
(b). if the floor subjected to a vertical harmonic vibration of
frequency 5.3 Hz and amplitude 0.1 m due to an unbalanced
rotating machine operating in the floor, determine the vertical
displacement of the person
In figure below, a periodic force F(t) = Fo cos wt is applied at a
point on the spring that is located at a distance of 25 percent of
its length from the fixed support. Assuming that c= 0. find the
steady state response of the mass m
a four cylinder engine is to be supported on three shock mounts,
as indicated in figure below. The engine block assembly as a
mass of 225 kg. If the unbalanced force generated by the engine
is given 900 sin 1000 (pi)t N, design the three shock mount (each
if stiffness k and viscous damping constant c) such that the
amplitude of vibration is less than 0.25 cm.
A single story building frame is modelled by a rigid floor of mass
m and columns of stiffness k, as shown in figure below. It is
proposed that a damper shown in the figure is attached to
absorb vibration due to a horizontal ground motion y(t) = Y cos
wt. Derive an expression for the damping constant of the damper
that absorbs maximum power.
If the ground in figure below is subjected to a horizontal harmonic
displacement with frequency w = 200 rad/s and amplitude x = 15
mm, find the amplitude of vibration of the floor (mass, m ).
Assume the mass of the floor as 2,000 kg and the stiffness of the
columns as 0.5 MN/m