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EDN550 Professional Experience Evaluation Form

Ross Wylie
Pre-Service Teacher:
Arnah Mallon
Mentor Teacher:
Armadale Senior High School
9 Science
Year/Subject Area:

A. Attendance B. Professionalism
Comments: Comments:
Ross has upheld professional standards throughout his
Ross has attended all required number of days and professional experience. He has taken on board all
completed the minimum number of lessons to feedback commendably and seeks to improve his practice
complete his professional experience. by engaging in professional discussions. Ross could
improve his time management skills in preparing lessons.

Suitability/Potential for Teaching

Ross is beginning to improve in areas of lesson planning, structure, time management, organisation, classroom and
behaviour management. Through consistent direction, Ross has understood the demanding requirements of the
teaching profession and the time it takes to carefully plan and deliver quality lessons.
Moving forward he will need to implement effective behaviour management skills to prevent low-key behaviours,
incorporate engaging lesson activities and science inquiry tasks to supplement theoretical lessons, vary his
presentation styles when teaching new concepts and establish consistent classroom routines and procedures.
Having a firm and fair presence in the classroom could help Ross with this. As he is keen and willing to improve his
practice, Ross has passed his first professional experience for unit EDN550. Pass/Fail

C. Completion of Class Lesson D. Ability to relate to Students &

Comments: Staff
Ross has completed four theoretical science lessons Comments:
and needs to improve on lesson timing and lesson Ross engages well with staff/colleagues. By learning all
structure. He will need to incorporate experiments student names and asking about students interests during
and more practical activities to successfully lessons will help him develop a rapport with them,
complete engaging lessons. preventing many low-key behaviours such as idle chatter
and call outs.

Mentor Teacher: Date:

EDN550 Professional Experience Information for Mentor Teachers 2016 23