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To: Constituents of Electoral Area D (Commodore Heights McLeese Lake)

From: Electoral Area D Director S. Forseth

Date: May 6th, 2017

Re: Post-Event Report 2017 North Central Local Government Association AGM/Convention

As is my practice, this report will outline my activities at the 2017 North Central Local Government Association
AGM/Convention (NCLGA) which was held in Terrace, BC this year. Full documents can be viewed at

Attending on behalf of the Cariboo Regional District were Chair Al Richmond and Directors Ted Armstrong, Jerry Bruce, John
Massier, Joan Sorley, Margo Wagner, Betty Anderson, in addition to myself

On Tuesday, May 2nd I attended a part of Northern Healthy Communities Forum 2017 put on by Northern Health. Then in
the afternoon, the Rural Roundtable was held where Electoral Area Directors discussed issues relevant to Electoral Areas
including the Water Sustainability Act, Relationship between an EA Director/First Nations and Resource Benefits to Rural
Areas. I want to thank the NCLGA Board for trying this out as I had suggested it late last year and I remain hopeful that it
will occur again. After a dinner with my Cariboo RD colleagues, I took in the last part of the Surviving City Hall session
where the topic of social media/elected officials was raised, not an easy subject but one worth discussing with former
Nelson City Councillor Donna Macdonald who was in elected office herself for 19 years

On Wednesday, May 3rd I participated in a all day tour of the Nass Valley within the Nisgaa Territory (about a hour north
of Terrace) with Chair Richmond, Director Sorley, Williams Lake City Councillors Jason Ryll/Laurie Walters and Quesnel City
Councillor Laurey-Anne Roodenburg. Very beautiful. Pictures would not do justice what I saw. I strongly recommend if you
get the opportunity, take the drive. It is well worth it! Then in the evening, I participated in the Opening Reception

On Thursday, May 4th I participated in a meeting with CN Rail along with Chair Richmond/Vice-Chair Massier and our CAO.
We met with them for 30 mins and I felt it was a very worthwhile opportunity to advance some of our concerns including
rail cars and ensuring our local VFDs are properly trained in dealing with any emergency situation that involves CN Rail in
the rural areas. CN Rail committed to working with CRD Staff to coordinate a VFD Training Session for VFDs in North,
Central and South Cariboo. Then UBCM President (and PG City Councillor) Murry Krause gave his UBCM update which
included work on the UBCM Provincial Election Platform and the Federal Budget. Next up: Outgoing NCLGA President (and
Quesnel City Councillor) Laurey-Anne Roodenburg gave her Presidents Report which included the work that took place in
the last 12 months including lobbying against buying Agriculture Land for growing of trees. Updates from the Muncipal
Finance Authority and Municipal Insurance Association were also provided to NCLGA Delegates

Afterwards the delegates need only just 1 hour to clear 26 resolutions. Only 1 did not pass which was from the District of
Hudsons Hope for allowing local governments to set their own term of office. I noted that it would potentially open a can
of worms as there would be no consistency, in addition to the fact that Victoria would likely not allow it. 1 Resolution from
the District of Vanderhoof required a Standing Vote as it was not clear by a show of hands that their resolution of
cessation of train whistles at train crossing passed. After the Standing Vote it was declared carried by a vote of 37-36. A
Late Resolution from the City of Williams Lake also passed in regards to forest health but not before it was amended to
speak to treatment of diseased trees rather than removal. I did speak against it as the resolutions tone was one where it
was , in my view, contrary to the Cariboo-Chilcotin Land Use Plan and given the William Title Case Decision of the Supreme
Court of Canada in 2014 it was not inclusive of all parties on the Land Base. Finally a Off the Floor resolution from the
Village of Valemount to support the City of Vernons call to remove GST from the provincial Carbon Tax was passed
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At lunch on Thursday, May 4th - delegates heard from outgoing MacLeod Lake Indian Band Chief Derek Orr about his
personal story of setbacks and how it lead to him being so successful in both his personal/political life. He is set to take a
business position soon. In the afternoon NCLGA Delegates heard from Dr. Jacqueline Holler, Associate Professor of
History and Coordinator, Womens and Gender Studies Program at UNBC about ending rape culture including playing of a
video entitled The Highway a student led project about the Highway of Tears. The video was very moving for me
personally. You can view the video yourself at As of this writing, the
video has had 26,069 views since its creation from January 23rd of this year which is impressive considering it was only
published some 4 months ago. We also received an update from the Northern Development Initiative Trust, presented by
NDIT CEO Joel McKay. Then later on a panel on EcoAsset Management Planning took place to discuss Asset Management
Planning from an environmental point of view. Finally I attended with my CRD colleagues/Williams Lake City Councillor
Laurie Walters the 2017 NCLGA Convention Banquet.

On Friday, May 5th I took in both the UBCM Presentation on Responsible Conduct which can be viewed at

Then, took in a Panel Presentation on Tourism, moderated by WL City Councillor (and 2nd NCLGA VP) Laurie Walters before
my flight back to Williams Lake forced me to leave the Convention early

Costs to attend:

$40 to leave my car from May 1st 5th at the WL Airport

Airfare/Hotel Charges unavailable at this time however it was cheaper than driving to the NCLGA Convention
however those were paid directly by the Cariboo Regional District.

Respectfully submitted,

Steve Forseth
Director Electoral Area D (Commodore Heights McLeese Lake)
Cariboo Regional District

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